V (2009–2011): Season 2, Episode 10 - Mother's Day - full transcript

Anna is focused on having Lisa breed with Tyler to ensure the evolution of the Visitors, while Erica and Diana enlist Lisa to stage a coup against Anna and remove her from power before humanity is destroyed. Erica and the Fifth Column join Lisa in the attempted coup, which has devastating results. Also in the episode, Marc Singer, who played freedom fighter Mike Donovan on the original "V" series, guest stars as Lars Tremont, a member of a top secret organization of high-ranking military and government leaders from around the globe who have long suspected that the Visitors are very much not here in peace.

Previously on "V"...

What is your purpose
for seeing me?

Your loyalty to our species.

If Lisa fails me,
this Queen egg will save us.

You gonna be okay
with this assignment?

- I know you two are friends.
- That's why you asked for me, isn't it?

Their invasion ships aren't on
the way. They're already here.

Having control over humans
through bliss...

I can stop any resistance.

Blissing one human nearly killed you.
Are you sure this is wise?

Why is that traitor here?

We are surrounded by an invasion fleet.
We are out of options.

- This is my grandmother.
- We're going to overthrow Anna.

What the hell are you doing here?

No one understands
what it feels like

to have the weight of an entire
species on your shoulders...

Every decision,

every hard choice.

No one except you.

You understand.

To survive,
you must show no mercy,

be void of any humanity...

Just like me.

I am nothing like you.

Yes, you are, Erica.

You're exactly like me.

- Oh.
- What are you doing?

What, another nightmare
about the Visitors?


And what the future
will look like

when Anna is gone.

Well, let's take the bitch down
and find out.

My breeding plans
are reaching fruition.

Lisa is fertile.

And tonight,
she and Tyler will mate.

We have still not learned
how to extract the human soul.

When Lisa's children are born,
how will you control them?


She will provide the secret
to blissing humans.

Blissing one human
nearly killed you.

Don't question me, Marcus.

I am your Queen.


Leave us.


What is it? What's wrong?

I had a dream last night.

Something terrible
happened to you.

Please don't ever leave me,

I promise.

I'll never abandon you
like your father did.

Diana called?

Yeah. She said it was
an emergency.

She wouldn't give me
any more information

- till we were all together.
- Okay.

Diana, we're all here.

I have received news from Marcus

that my daughter's plans
have moved along faster

than we initially believed.

We cannot wait a moment longer
to remove her from power.

But we just started planning.
We're not ready yet.

- We need more time.
- Unfortunately,

time is not a luxury
that we can afford, Chad.

We need Lisa.

Where is she?

- She's on her way now.
- We must act immediately.

It's your call. You're
the leader. What do you think?


This involves all of us.
It is all of our calls.

We've come too far
to turn back now.

All my life,
I turned to the sky to see God.

Now I look at the sky,
I see 29 ships.

Beyond them, hundreds more.

I want to look to the sky
and see God again.

I'm with you.

You know that ship better
than anyone.

You wanna redeem yourself?
Get up there.

Break Diana out of her cell.

We're gonna need all the help
we can get.

We're on.

You do your part, Erica.
I'll do mine.


like Diana requested.

Even our trackers can't
trace a scent through this.

An immolation gun,
like you requested.

Did you get Tyler off the ship?

He's okay.
Now I wanna know the plan,

and why you wouldn't tell me until now.

I didn't want you to have
too long to think about it.

In order for our plan to work, we need a way
to get your mother away from her security.

That's where you come in.
We're gonna fake a kidnapping.

Once my mother discovers
I'm missing,

she'll stop at nothing
to find me.

When the time is right,
we want her to find you.


We need to eliminate her.

Ever since the failed
assassination attempt,

her security won't let anyone
get close enough to kill her.

Except the one person
she would expect least.


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In breaking news,
WNT has just learned

that Visitor High Commander
Anna's daughter Lisa

has been kidnapped

and is being held for ransom

by the terrorist group,
the Fifth Column.

Their demands are unprecedented.

We've just received this video.

High Commander Anna,

the Fifth Column
has your daughter.

Our demands are simple...

Your life in exchange for hers.

It's you we want dead, Anna.

Trade yourself,
or we will kill your daughter.

How did this happen?

She was seeing to some peace
ambassador duties at the center.

Find Lisa.
Send out our best tracker.

Ready my shuttle immediately.

My Queen, you must not
go down to earth.

You cannot risk your life.

Lisa is the future Queen,

the key to our breeding plan,

and the perpetuity
of our species.

Marcus is right.

The Fifth Column
has forced my hand.

You are willing to give up
your life for Lisa's?


And I won't have to,
because you'll make sure

that tracker finds her
before it comes to that.

Anna, I am so sorry about this.

There is nothing worse than
when your child is in danger.

I promise you we will
get Lisa back safely.

Thank you.

Does the FBI have any leads
my daughter's whereabouts?

Fifth Column's instructed us
to bring you to Jack Landry.

If you agree to meet with him,
he'll give you the location

where you're expected to trade
yourself for your daughter.

Something, of course,
we can never allow to happen.

No. We want to use
a body double.

That'll keep you safe.

The Fifth Column said
they would kill Lisa

if I didn't meet
their exact demands.

If they were to suspect
it wasn't me,

- wouldn't I be putting her at risk?
- There is not a mother on earth

who wouldn't sacrifice her life
for the life of her child's.

I wouldn't trade Tyler's safety
for anything.

But our priority
is to keep you safe.

And we can't let you go in there.
I'll give you a minute.

Tell the FBI I will meet
with Jack Landry.

Anna's off the ship.

She took the bait
and went after Lisa.

How's my daughter doing?

She's safe.

As soon as this is over,
the two of you will be reunited.

It's good to be back
on the same side with you.

Diana's cell is this way.
We have to hurry.

Jack Landry?

I'm Anna.

I know who you are.

As I know who you are.

You've been very outspoken
against my people since our arrival.

It's preaching like yours
that has led to this.

I would never intend

for an innocent girl like Lisa
to get hurt,

but I stand by every word
I've spoken against you.

Even though it's cost you
your collar?

Everything you believed in.

The church took away my collar,

not God.

So God is telling you to do
the Fifth Column's bidding?

Answer me.

I answer only to Him, not you.

And with his help,

you daughter's life can be saved.

So what are the instructions?

I was told you are to
turn yourself over in one hour

at the location written
inside this envelope.

Leave your security behind
and go alone.

Once you arrive...

The Fifth Column
will contact me

and inform me
where they're holding Lisa.

Thanks for your help.

And this God
you have so much faith in...

I hope someday to meet Him.

They may have covered up
Lisa's scent,

but not the human scent
on this envelope.

It will lead us to her.
Whoever's behind this will pay.

My Queen.

The tracker traced the human
scent from the envelope.

We have located Lisa.
She's alone.

Her captors must've fled
before we got there.

Shall we bring her back
to the ship?

No. Leave her there for now.

As you all know,

a terrible thing has happened
to my daughter.

I have been asked to give
my life for hers.

I stand here today

not as the leader of my people

but as a mother.

If Visitors value anything,
it is life,

above all else.

I cannot let any harm
befall my daughter.

No matter what happens,

my only wish is that
you welcome her into your hearts

as you welcomed me.

Leak the location where
the FBI is holding Lisa.

Make sure Chad Decker's there.

I want the whole world
to see what happens.

Yes, my Queen.

Your mother will be here shortly.

Now the moment you get
the chance, you take the shot.

No hesitation, okay?

Now once it's done,
we'll let Ryan know

that it's safe for Diana
to reach out to her followers.



You can do this.

We are now live
outside the warehouse

where, apparently,

Visitor High Commander
Anna's daughter Lisa

is being held
by Fifth Column terrorists

for ransom.

What do we know?

Another anonymous tip
claiming Lisa's inside.

Anna won't use a body double

and she won't let S.W.A.T. go in.

She's afraid if she doesn't
adhere exactly

- to Fifth Column demands, they'll kill Lisa.
- Great. That ties our hands here.

Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.

Are you sure you wanna do this?

Yes. Thank you.

Lisa is the only one inside.
You're safe to go in.

In a shocking
and unprecedented moment,

Visitor High Commander Anna

is about to enter this warehouse

to willingly give her own life
in order to rescue her daughter.


- Are you injured?
- I'm fine.

Who did this to you?

I don't know.
They had masks.

I thought they were
gonna kill me.

Then they heard the tracker
and ran off.

Nobody does this to me.

I'm gonna find out
who's responsible,

and they will be punished.

Lisa, I cannot tell you
how worried I was about you.

This human skin...

I never realized
how much it affected me.

Or maybe...

I didn't want to admit
the grasp emotion had on me


Until what, Mother?

Until I thought
I might lose you.

I feel,
now that you're safe...

This emotion.

I know now...
It cannot be bad.

Lisa, I was wrong about so much.

If humans
could teach me this...

this feeling I have
for you...

My daughter,
then everything must change.

Humans and Visitors
living side by side...

In peace.

I know I've never
told you this before,

but I want you to know...

I love you.

There, there. It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

My God. She didn't do it.

It is a miraculous moment here

with Lisa back safe
in her mother Anna's arms.

From where I'm standing,
it doesn't appear as though

the Visitor High Commander
has been harmed in any way.

- Erica. We have Diana.
- Get off the ship.

Lisa didn't go
through with it. Anna is alive.

She's heading back to the ship now. Go.

Lisa didn't kill Anna.
They're headed back here now.

We have to abandon the mission,
get you back to your cell.


I'm not going back down there.

We have no choice.

Anna will kill you if she finds
you out of your cell.

I am the rightful Queen,

and I will not allow my daughter
to destroy our species.

Gather my people.

Lisa appears to have
some minor contusions

but does not seem to be
in any pain.

Quite the contrary,
she seems relieved,

glad to be back
in her mother's safekeeping.

Thank you, agent Evans,
for everything you've done.

All that matters is that
you have your daughter back.

We're gonna see
if we can get a word

- from the High Commander now. Anna!
- Are you hurt?

I'm sorry.
I couldn't do it.

All of that preparation...

Humanity in the balance,

and that is your answer?

You don't understand.
I think my mother's changed.

She wants us to live together
in peace.


She's lying to you, Lisa.

I saw it in her eyes.
We can trust her.

What if you're wrong?

She is merciless.

Mo more merciless
than you've shown you can be.

Hello, my children.

It is your mother... Diana.

For fifteen years, I have dreamed

of being reconnected
with my children again.

You have been lied to...


My daughter had me imprisoned
because she thought

she had a better plan
for our species.

She has proven ill-equipped
to be your Queen.

The human soul is a gift.

We must embrace the soul,

embrace humanity.

Together, humans and Visitors
can live side by side in peace.

Your rightful Queen has returned
to lead you on a new beginning.

From this moment on...

Did you think
you could outmaneuver me?


You taught me
everything you know,

but you never learned
half of what I know.

You've just...doomed us all.

Now that's how you kill
your mother.

I imprisoned this woman,
my mother,

to protect you.

She was weak...

Stained with human emotion.

She wanted to dilute
our species...

Subvert us to the humans.

No matter what the obstacles,

I will never allow that
to happen.

I am your Queen.

And I will protect you.

But if anyone defies my will...

They will meet the same fate
as my mother.

Take her away.

- I'll deal with her later.
- Mother... please.

Now kneel.


You have to get off the ship
while you still can.

I've run before,
but not this time.

I am not leaving the ship
without my daughter.


What are you doing in my room?


We have to get out of here
right now, okay?

Before Anna finds out
that I'm here. All right?

Get out.

Okay, Amy...

Amy... I'm your father.

I'm not gonna fight you.

A father who abandoned me,
left me to suffer in pain?

No, that's not true.
That's not true at all.

Listen... Anna's just
been twisting things.

Sweetheart, everything
that I've ever done

was only to protect you
after your mother had died.

No. Anna is my mother.

And you...
you left me here to die.

I will never let you hurt me
or Anna ever again.

Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Ty?!

Pick up, pick up.
Come on, Ty. Pick up.

Hey, Mom.

- Ty, where are you?
- I'm on the ship.

I just got back from
a, uh, shuttle flight.

- I need you to get off the ship now.
- Mom, what are you talking about?

I have kept things from you
about the Visitors,

but it is time that you knew
the truth about everything.

They were right.
We've got a problem.

Erica knows everything.

Tyler, get off the ship.


Mom, if what you're saying
is true, then...

- I have to hear it from Lisa myself.
- No.

I love you.

Tyler! Ty!

Worldwide leaders
are flocking to support

the Visitor High Commander Anna
in the wake

of today's kidnapping
of her daughter Lisa.

Anna's selfless decision
to risk her own life

in order to save her daughter's

is being met
with universal praise.

I have won the love and respect

of humanity the world over.

It's time to see
our breeding plan to completion.

But Lisa has betrayed you.

She cannot be trusted
to mate with Tyler.

Lisa will not be birthing
the next generation

of our species.

Fully preserved Queen egg.

When is she due to hatch?

Put skin on my new daughter.

Make sure she looks
exactly like Lisa.

We got here,
and Hobbes was gone.

Everything was cleared out.

Why would he just disappear?

I've been trying to call him.
He's not answering his cell.

Keep trying.

I told Tyler everything.


About the Visitors.

He's still on the ship...

And it's my fault.

Okay, wait, Erica.
Just try not to panic, okay?

We've all misstepped.


Not you.

You are the only one...

who held strong
to what you believe in.

It's not too late for you.

I've let my anger blind me.

I became someone just like her.

Never again.

No word from Ryan either.

What the hell is going on
on that ship?

Your life
in exchange for hers.

My Queen...

There is something
I must confess.

I watched you fall prey
to human emotion...

and fell victim
to Diana's manipulations.

I betrayed you.
And for that, I deserve one fate.



You acted on what you believed
was the best for our species.

But I've learned
something new, Marcus.

Human emotion can be useful.

It's how I stopped Lisa
from killing me.

If I can wield it like a weapon,

use it to manipulate the humans,

I'll be more powerful
than ever before.

My only regret is I cannot
give you the names

of my co-conspirators.

I interfaced only with Diana.
She made sure of that.

There may be a way.

Our techs have been working
on this message since it aired.

The way the voice was disguised,

it's not possible
to unscramble it...

With human technology.

It's you we want dead,

Trade yourself,
or we will kill your daughter.

That's Chad Decker's voice.

Bring him to me.

And, Marcus...

Don't ever betray me again.

Is she ready?


Let me see her.

Hello, Mother.

Has she watched
all of Lisa's memories?

Just what she needs for tonight.

Tyler will not know
the difference.

Go to him, my daughter.

Yes, Mother.

She's perfect.


I missed you.

We need to talk.

What's wrong?

I know this sounds insane,
but... I heard from someone

that you guys don't really
look like us underneath,

and... and... and that you're
actually here to hurt humans,

not... not to help us.
I know it sounds crazy. It's...

It is crazy, Tyler.

You've certainly
looked better, dear.

there's just some people

you can't trust.

Welcome to your new home.

Thankfully, your grandmother
won't be needing it any longer.

Why don't you just kill me?

I wasn't lying when I said
not all human emotion is bad.

This one's called vengeance.

I wanna see you suffer.

Enjoy the show.

Tyler, I'm really worried.

Please call me
after you talk to Lisa.


Please! No!

Now just untie one hand,
and it'll be a fair fight.

You're here because
of what you know.

You had to poke your head around.

You wanted to know
everything about the Visitors.

Well, now... you're gonna have
to deal with the consequences.

Who are you?

I'm Lars Tremont,

leader of Project Ares.

Chad Decker?


Anna would like to see you.


Where are we?

About a mile beneath Manhattan.

This place could withstand
any nuclear fallout, or, say,

the impact of a mother ship
being blown out of the sky.

Project Ares is
a cabal of high-ranking

military and government leaders
from around the world

who've long suspected
that the V's are not of peace.

We also know, as do you,

that they've been here
a lot longer

than anyone has imagined.





How long have you
been tracking me?

Long enough to know
that we can trust you.

This, agent Evans,

is humanity's last best hope...
for a future.

Attempting to bliss humanity
will surely kill you.

Then I will die, but not
before I fulfill my promise

to my subjects and show them

that humanity cannot
nor will not ever defeat us.

You feel only peace.

Sense only peace.

Only my bliss can comfort you.

Please, my Queen, please stop.
This will kill you.

Only my bliss can save you.


My bliss.

Mother, stop.

I can do it for you.

You sense only peace.

What's going on?

- Something's happening to people.
- Where?


You feel only comfort.

Only calm.

Only love.

I am your sole protector
and your keeper.

Only my bliss.

I am all you need.

You really are a miracle,
my child.


Wake up.

Wake up!

Did I do good, Mother?


Yes, you did.