V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 9 - Heretic's Fork - full transcript

With the sniper under their control, Erica wants him to reveal the location of the hard drive with the names of the fifth columnists. Kyle is prepared to do whatever is necessary to get the information but Father Jack is somewhat reticent. Ryan tells Valerie the truth about himself. She is disbelieving and finds it incredible he has kept this from her all of this time. Tyler is told he's qualified for the live aboard program but is worried about his mom's reaction. Lisa drops in for a visit but has surprising advice for him when she sees Erica's reaction. Anna learns of Valerie's pregnancy and instructs their top doctors to find out how it happened. She also dispatches a V soldier, the first of its kind to set foot on Earth, to locate her. Chad undergoes his surgery but later approaches Father Jack for information about the fifth column.

Previously on V...

It is with great pleasure that
I announce our "' program.

Each of our 29 ships have selected

from every city in the world.

Three members of a
Fifth Column cell

were murdered. The next blood
that spills is gonna be theirs.

You think I'm gonna die?
We can heal you.

My girlfriend--she doesn't know
the truth about who I really am.

She's human and she's pregnant.
I think I should go.

I can't let you do that. Let's go.

Everything that we have
done to protect people,

and a human betrays us.

Why did you do it?
'Cause we can't win.

What do you mean, we can't win?

The visitors are too powerful...

and they will do whatever they
can to get what they want.

You killed four men yesterday.

What do the visitors
have to do with that?

They threatened my family.

They said they would kill
my wife and my little girl

if I didn't do what
they told me to do.

Why would I kill those guys?
I had nothing against them.

Please. Please.
You gotta believe me.

He's lying.

I'm not lying. I'm not. I swear.

I swear, father, I'm not lying.

What would you do? If it was your kid,
what would you do?

Who else is on your hit list?

Nobody. Nobody.

There was a computer at
that place in Queens.

The hard drive was missing.

It has names and addresses of
other Fifth Column people on it.

I need it, and I need to
know who knows about it.

I never saw a computer.
I swear. Uhh!

Lying son of a bitch.

I'm not... I'm not lying.

Please, father.
Please make him stop. Please.


It's okay. That's enough.


What's going on?

What did you do to
that doctor back there?

Ryan. Ryan! Stop it.

What's going on?

Val... I'm a visitor.

What? No. Yes.

No, you're not.

I'm sorry. This isn't how
I wanted to tell you,

but yes, I am.

No. We've known each
other ten years.

The ships just got here.

Some of us were sent
here ahead of the ships.

No. No, you grew up in Pittsburgh.
Y-you moved there--

That's not who I am.
Okay? That's just a cover.

I'm sorry. Okay, I'm so sorry.

Oh, my God. What does this mean?

I'm pregnant.

What about the baby? I know.
I know, Val.

Don't touch me! Val,
I need you to get into the car, okay?

The visitors know about us now.
They'll be looking for us.


They want our baby.

Good morning.

It's a special day
for the visitors.

Today we welcome you,

the very first group of humans

selected to participate in
our "Live Aboard" program.

As you get oriented
here on the ship,

you'll find yourselves

becoming more and more
immersed in our culture.

You'll experience our education

and be introduced to our
spiritual philosophies.

Our medical staff will
tend to each of you

to ensure that you
remain in optimal health.

A situation has arisen.

A human female came into
the New York healing center

late last night.

The doctor's holo-scan showed
she was carrying a baby--

half human, half V.

I hope your stay is filled
with much enlightenment.

And now...

enjoy your grand tour of
the New York mother ship.

Is the woman in our custody?

A man arrived shortly
after she did--

we presume the father.
He immolated the doctor

and escaped with
the pregnant human.

We dispatched two guards
from the healing center

to apprehend them.
I need them alive.

Have Joshua gather
the top physicians

from each of our 29 ships.

This is your top priority.
Find them.

Only take what you need.


Where are you going?

Call the police.

You can't call the police.
Now you can't call anybody.

The visitors are everywhere.

They've infiltrated the police,
the government,

every aspect of human life.
We don't know who we can trust.

How do I know I can trust you?

I'm not going anywhere.

They know about us and the baby.

If they find us, they will kill us.
You understand?


You're gonna be okay.
All right? It's okay.

Is that what you...

I don't want you looking.
Don't look.

Oh. What's the baby
gonna look like?

No, don't look. We have to go.

Where are we gonna go?

Somewhere where the
V's won't find us.

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Heretic's Fork
original air date on April 27, 2010

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You told me it wasn't possible yet,

but it's happened.

A human female is
carrying a visitor baby.

The existence of this baby puts.

puts our entire species at risk.

A hybrid can be born
with human emotions,


The Fifth Column could breed

an entire generation of
hybrids to fight against us.

It is a mongrel,

a threat to our survival.

Therefore, we must
accelerate all initiatives

of our "Live Aboard" program.

I want your ships to commence
extraction procedures

on your human
residents immediately.

Once you recover the
mother and the father,

bring them to Joshua.

Dissect them.

Find out how this
pregnancy came to be

and how we can stop it
from happening again.

And the baby?

Destroy it.

We've come too far to let
it interfere with our plans.

I want it out of me.

That's not an option.
You're too far along.


I don't believe you.

You're a visitor, too, aren't you?

I sorry.

How could you do this to me?

How could you not say something?

What were you thinking?

Sorry, but I did it
to protect you, okay,

and that's still our baby.
No, it's not our baby. It's a lie.

I-I don't-- I don't
even know what it is.

I know you're scared, okay,.
But we're running out of time.

When you were at
the healing center,

did they give you anything?

A vitamin shot.

They said it would
be good for the baby.


They said it would
be good for the baby.


They injected you with R-6.
It allows them to track you.

But don't worry.
It won't harm you or the baby.

R-6 masks itself in
humans as saline.

Now I've been working on a way

to try and block its
ability to transmit.

This shot raises the
ph levels in the body.

The acidity neutralizes
the tracking function.

But it could take up to
24 hours to take effect.

Do it. Then we gotta go.

You're gonna need a doctor
to monitor the baby--

a V doctor

you jump into this now...

You give up evything.

There's nothing more important
than this baby, Ryan.

Not anymore.

Erica, it's Ryan.

Did you find Val? Is she okay?

Yeah, she's with me,
but the V's are on to us.

I gotta get her out of town. Where?

There's a couple from the old
resistance--the Thompsons.

Back in the day, they helped
Fifth Column disappear.

When will you be back?

I won't.

I can't win this without you, Ryan.

I need to stay with Val
and the baby, Erica.

Okay, I lose them,
I've got nothing to fight for

now look, I know I told you to
keep Tyler in the dark about

this whole thing,
but maybe I was wrong about that.

Okay, I should have told Val
the truth from the beginning.

You can do this without me, Erica.

Okay, Jack has the comms device.
He knows how it works.

You need help on the mother ship,

you talk to Joshua.

He's your guy now, okay?

Get Val somewhere safe, okay?

Good luck.

You, too.

This is Chad Decker.

Welcome to a "Prime
Focus" special report.

A few days ago, to you that
the visitors had diagnosed me

with a life-threatening
brain aneurysm.

So today, I head up
to the mother ship

for the surgery that will
not only change my life,

but save it.

And you, my audience,
are coming with me.

Through our cameras,

you will experience
my healing firsthand,

from prep to surgery

to post-op procedures and beyond.

You will witness the
miracle of V medicine.

And maybe, just maybe,

if you or someone you love
is in need of medical care,

the visitors will
save your life, too.

And we're clear.
That was great, Chad.

Ty? You ho?

Hey, will you turn
that off, please?

I came home from
work to talk to you.

...Some crazy V news out of Eugene,

A group of V enthusiasts
have banded together

to try and raise funds to purchase
an abandoned church.

Y. I'm sorry that I lied to you,
but I love you.

I'm really trying here, Ty.

They want to open the Church of V,

hailing Anna the all mighty.

The Church of V?

Mom... Seriously?

People are looking for answers.

How is that weird?

Anna is not a God, Tyler.

But... Name one bad thing

the V's have done
since they got here.

You can't, can you?

It's more complicated than that.

How is helping people complicated?

Hey, listen. I really
have to talk to you.

I don't have time
for this now, mom.

Where are you going?

I'm meeting Lisa.


I would really like
to meet Lisa sometime,

besides a brief encounter
in her underwear.


Give me another chance.


We'll see.

Due to unforeseen circumstances,

it's critical that we advance
our plans for you and Tyler.

I'm gonna ask him to join
the "Live Aboard" program.

I expect him to
accept my invitation.

Of course. I won't let you down.

It's good Tyler trusts you.

He'll remain on the ship
until he's no longer needed.

And then what?

You good?

We've accelerated our
plans for the residents

on the "Live Aboard"
program as you requested.

How long until we can
realize our goals?

Our physicians are experimenting
on the humans as we speak.

They're moving as
quickly as possible.

The two guards I dispatched to
retrieve the hybrid's parents

were killed.

Release a soldier.

No soldier has ever
touched foot on earth.

If the humans were to become aware

of the level of destruction
they are capable of--

they won't

You'll follow him
every step of the way

and clean up his mess.

Nasty piece of business, this.

It's called a Heretic's Fork.

You ever heard of it, Barnes?

It's straps onto your chin,
just so.

And the inquisition found
it a very effective tool

in getting people to tell
them what they wanted to know.

What do you want to know?

My name's Kyle Hobbes.

You ever heard of me?

Well, they have-
your alien mates up there.

They set me up.


How could I know that?!

Oh, I think you know
lots of things, mate,

and I plan to learn all of them.

What are you doing?

Until we know for a fact
he's not who he says he is,

we treat him with decency.

Human decency's a
privilege, father.

He's lost his.

And when we prove to
you that he's lying,

you're gonna lose yours, too.

It's a call from the mother ship.

Tyler's shuttle has just arrived.

I thought you'd like to share
the good news with him.

S-so what's the news?

Your application for the
"Live Aboard" program

has been accepted.


That's... that's amazing.

Thank you.

What is it?

My mom.

She's not exactly going to...

embrace the idea.

Of course. She's worried about you.

Maybe Lisa can help
ease her fears...

Explain the "Live Aboard" to her,

tell her how wonderful it
is to live on the ship.

I'll stop by later.


Joshua just contacted
us from the mother ship.

Said the V's sent some kind
of soldier after Ryan and Val.

What kind of soldier? I don't know.

But it sounds bad.
They want the baby, Erica.

We need to warn Ryan.

Ryan took Val to some old friends,

help him get off the grid.
There's no way to contact him.

Well, we need to find him
before the soldier does.

The prints came back on the sniper.

Hobbes was right. He's ex-military,

trained killer.

I'm gonna go talk to his wife.

What good is that gonna do?

Well, I think that he
took the hard drive...

And if I can find it, maybe there's

a Fifth Column contact that
will help us find Ryan.

And if there isn't?

Well, there's not
another option, Jack.

Good to see you again, Ryan.

Been a long time.

Susan. Hello, Ryan.

Hate to drag you both in like this,

but the V's are tracking us.
We need your help.

This is my girlfriend Val. Hey.

Dr. Pearlman. Hi.

Don't worry, Val.
We'll get you somewhere safe.

Susan and I have a cabin
in the Adirondacks.

It's fully stocked,
everything you need--

food, water, weapons.

Your old life will be gone,

but you and the baby
will be safe now.

Now let's go.

Where do we stand with
finding the hybrid?

Something is interfering

with the R-6 signal from
the human mother's body.

We've had trouble finding it.

But the soldier has
finally found them.


Welcome back, Chad.

Your surgery was a success.

The aneurysm has been repaired.

How long have you been here?

I didn't want you to wake up alone.

Is there no family,
nobody you're close to?

My mom is passed.

My dad and I are
like oil and water.

I'm sorry.

No one should be alone
in this world, Chad.

I'll check in on you later.


Thank you...

Not just the healing,

for everything.

You're welcome.

I wish others perceived
our intentions as you do.

Did something happen
while I was in surgery?

There are humans who
wish to harm us.

If we can't stop them,

I'm afraid what it'll
mean for my people.

Or I can help you, Anna.

I could run a story on them,
make people aware.

This group has proven
difficult to locate, Chad.

It's part of the reason
they're so effective.

Just point me in the
right direction.

They're called the Fifth Column.

Can I help you?

Agent Evans, FBI.

I'm looking for your
husband Jeffrey.

Uh, he's not home.

Why? Is everything okay?

We're investigating the
murders of four men yesterday.

Your husband's name came
up in the investigation.


We believe that the murders

may have been related to
anti-visitor activity.

Have you or your husband ever
been threatened by the visitors?

No. Not at all.

I mean, in fact,
it's quite the opposite.

Our daughter was
paralyzed in an accident,

from the neck down.


Mommy? What is it,
summer? Mommy's busy.

Can I have a cookie? Just one.

Don't spoil your appetite, okay?

That was your daughter?

Can you believe it?

I mean, it's a miracle.

One month ago,
that child was suffering.

We were destroyed.

And then they came.

And the visitors healed her.

You have no idea how
much we owe them.

No, I think I do.

I think that's it.
I don't have any more questions.

Uh, would you mind if I used
your bathroom before I go?

Sure. Yeah,
it's right through there.


Mommy, can you help me?

What is it, honey?

Bloody thing's been wiped.

I pulled a few names,
a couple of partial addresses off it.

That's it? That's all that's on it?

Wait. "Thompson."

Ryan said something about
taking Val to the Thompsons.

Our friend is being
hunted by the V's.

I want the names and the addresses

on that hard drive now.

I will not cooperate
with terrorists.

Are you out of your mind?
We're not the terrorists.

You're Fifth Column.

You want to hurt the V,
and I won't let you.

Jeffrey, we are not the
dangerous ones here.

They are.

I went to your home.

I met your daughter.
I know what you went through.

My heart goes out to you.

Is that why you did it?

In exchange for saving her life,

did the visitors ask
you to kill for them?

They didn't have to ask.

Do you have any idea

what it's like to see
your daughter crippled

because some jackass
on a cell phone

was too busy dialing a number
to see her crossing the street?

Do you have any idea?

Do you know what it's like
to hear your own child cry?

I mean really cry.

Every human being at inow

turned their back on me,

but not them.

They saved my family,

and they gave my little
girl's life back to me.

I can't begin to understand
what you went through,

and I am sorry for that.

But you have innocent
bloo on your hands

because you are wrong.

I'm not wrong.

You--you name one bad thing that
they've done since they arrived.

Do it. Do it. You can't, can you?

You can't,

And people like you--

you're gonna--
you're gonna scare them away.

You're gonna force them to leave.

That's why you did it.

That's why you did it.

The V don't believe in fighting,

so people like me have
to do it for them.


Tell me where the Thompsons live.

Either tell me....


Or you're gonna tell him.

Time for all decent people to
leave the room now, father.

The Thompsons live on a
farm just outside Nyack.

We need to get on the road.
It's a long drive.


Take this, Val.
You stay here till I get back.

Stay here.


Come with me and do
everything I say.

Aah! Aah!



You all right?

Yeah, I'm good. Where's Val?

She's fine. She's in the truck.

What the hell was that thing?

It's a V soldier.

Where'd he go?

Where's Hobbes?.

I don't know. Go. Go, go, go

Come on.


Hobbes, come on!

So that soldier was
different than you.

I'm not a soldier.

Visitor soldiers are
bred for fighting.

I was bred for work.

When I was on the ship,

Joshua said Anna laid soldier eggs,
thousands of them.

Once they hatch and
she unleashes them...

How much time do we have
before that happens?

Not long enough.

Listen, we're in a dogfight,
but we can win this.


Take care, Ryan.

What are we gonna do with Barnes?

I know some people.
They'll take him off our hands.

And do what with him?

Disappear him into a
secret prison overseas.

He won't be a bother.

Unless somebody's
got a better idea...

Let's go. No.

Val, you have to go.

I know, and I will.

But you're not coming with us.


No. I'm not just gonna leave
you and leave you to go alone.

Who's gonna protect you?

The R-6 is blocked. The visitors
can't find us. We'll be safe.

No. Val, please don't do this.


I don't want to see
you again, Ryan,

because I don't forgive you.

I know you thought you were
protecting me and the baby.

But you were really
protecting yourself.


It always was for you.

Everything I ever did...

Was for you.



Hello, father.

I saw on television
you'd been healed.

How are you feeling?

No different, really.

Sometimes I wonder
if I was ever gonna

develop that aneurysm.

You think the visitors lied to you?

I think Anna's keeping
secrets from us,

and I need your help.

I can offer you spiritual guidance.

Outside of that-
that's not enough.

Anna's worried about

a group of resistance fighters
called the Fifth Column.

You ever heard of them?


Well, maybe one of
your parishioners has.

I'm worried about the
visitors, father.

I need to know I'm not alone.

If I hear anything,
I'll let you know.

I'd appreciate it.

What's the status with our soldier?

Why hasn't he returned
with the hybrid baby?

We've completely
lost the R-6 signal.

We can't locate them.

Keep looking.

Don't stop until
they've been found.

Mr. Decker is here to see you.

Send him in.

Hello, Chad.


How's the piece on your
healing coming along?

Great. We're just
finishing it up now.

Whatever you need.

I've started looking into
the group you told me about,

the Fifth Column.

I might have something for you.

I'll let you know as
soon as I find out more.

I look forward to it.


Hi, Mrs. Evans. Um, is Tyler home?

Uh, his bike wasn't out front.
I figured he was with you.

Can, I, um,
come in and wait for him?





So you and Tyler have been

spending a lot of time together.

Tyler's like no one I've ever met.

The way he sees things--

he really wants to make
the most of his life.

Well, it wasn't always that way.

I think the v's showed
him something new.

Being peace ambassadors--

it's given us both direction.

Like the "Live Aboard" program--

Tyler's really interested in it.


Uh, he wants to Live
Aboard the ship?

I didn't know he
was considering it.

What's wrong?

I'm sorry. I'm--I'm hearing
this for the first time,

and it's from my son's
girlfriend, and I'm...

I feel like he's slipping away from me,
and he doesn't know it,

and... I want him to be happy.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Evans.

It's not your fault.

It is.



Sorry I'm late.

Brought you flowers.


Tyler, can I talk
to you for a minute?

Yeah. What's up?

Uh, I've been thinking.

I don't know if it's the best idea

for you to join the
"Live Aboard" program.



I've been talking to your mom.

She really needs you, Ty.

That's nice, but, um...

I don't want to stay here.

I want to be with you.

I thought that's
at you wanted, too.

I should go.

What'd you say to her?


I'm moving up on that ship, mom.

There's nothing you can do about it,

I thought I made it very clear

how important it is to have
Tyler living on the ship.

It's not the best move for
us to make at this point.

His mother isn't
ready to let him go.

I feel I can be more
effective with Tyler

if I have her cooperation.

I trust your judgment.

Thank you, mother.

That's far enough.

Is this it?

No. First you're gonna tell me

everything you know about the V's,

and then...

You're gonna beg me to kill you.

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