V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 8 - We Can't Win - full transcript

Chad and Anna are in Geneva, Switzerland for the U.N. Energy Summit, where Anna is going to present a gift of technology to the world. Meanwhile, Erica learns that the V Task Force is investigating The Fifth Column, and Valerie goes on the run, knowing something is different about her baby and not sure she can trust Ryan.

Previously on V:

Your father's been lying.
I don't think he's really your dad.

They disguise their appearance
by cloning human flesh.

I want you to confirm
you see skull bone.

John May started the Fifth Column.
He was the first V to turn against Anna.

This will give the Fifth Column
confidence to come out.

There's something I need to talk about.
I'm not who you think I am.

What do you want?
- I don't want to be ordinary.

If you were, you wouldn't be here.

George Sutton died.
We did not get any names.

My army is to be born.

Anna. How did you get in here?

Before I arrived on this planet,
you read the news.

Now you are the news.

You can have everything, Chad.

But first I need to know...

can I trust you?

Let go.

Once again, we look to the future...

...as delegates from around the world...

...convene in Geneva today
for the annual World Progress Forum.

This high-level meeting of the minds
brings together...

...some of the world's most powerful
men and women to explore solutions...

...for international problems
outside the political realm.

But all eyes are on
Visitor High Commander Anna...

...who has unexpectedly shown up,
amidst opposition...

...hoping to present their advanced
technology known as "Blue Energy"...

...as a gift at today's
roundtable discussion in Geneva.

Ty, I got you bagels. Zabar's.

- You're up early.
- Well, I never went to sleep.

Tyler, I know that you're angry,
but I need to talk to you.

What your father told you isn't true.

I thought it was my fault
that you two broke up...

because of my stupid bike accident.

I didn't know that you felt that way.
If I had, I would have told you.

Yeah, but you didn't.

Ty, there was never anyone else.
Joe is your father. We are...

We are a family.

What else haven't you told me, Mom?

Nothing. There's nothing else.

- Where are you going?
- To the ship.

Where people are honest with me.

- Val.
I saw the passports.

And the fake names.
I don't know who you are.

Last night, I was coming home
to tell you the truth.

- About everything.
- Whose baby is this, Ryan?

- Val, that is our baby.
- I saw the ultrasounds.

I'm only six weeks pregnant.
This can't be my baby. It's too big.

Just tell me where you are. I'm coming
to get you. What I have to tell you...

- ... I have to tell you face to face.
- You had your chance.

This is Val, leave a message.

Come on in.
- Anything?

She just called. She hung up
before I could explain to her.

She's scared. If she goes
to her regular OB or even to a hospital...

Any human doctor will see
there's something about that baby.

Yeah, but I've called everybody.
Her mother, friends, no one's seen her.

Well, then we'd better find her,
before it's too late.

What do we have?
Three victims. Carl Bryant...

Tom Maslon...

Juan Solano.

Solano and Bryant don't have any priors,
but Maslon was red-flagged...

on our terrorist watchlist
a few years ago for arms dealing.

Slashed carotids and windpipes
so no one would hear.

Picked them off one by one.
Really fast.

- The killer knew what he was doing.
- Mm-hm.

There's a fourth guy. Witness outside
saw somebody stumble out.

Said he looked terrified,
so it's probably not our killer.

All three of the vics share this mark.

Recognize that mark, Evans?

No. Any idea what it means?

Check this out.

They were planning a terrorist attack
against the Visitors.

My intel says they call themselves
the Fifth Column.

This must be one of their cells.

The Fifth Column?

Anti-Visitor terrorist group
we've been tracking.

There's been increased chatter
since that rallying cry...

appeared on the bottom
of the mother ship two nights ago.

I could use your terrorism expertise,

Kendrick wants us to investigate
the Fifth Column.

Prints came back on our missing guy.

Alex Caruso.
High school computer-science teacher.

Apparently, he's an amateur.

Looks like you got your first lead.

Find Caruso before the killer does.
Get us to the Fifth Column.

You were right
about the "John May lives" message.

The Fifth Column are coming out of
hiding, as you expected they would.

They're being met with swift
and exacting punishment.


Hope you slept well.
We have a big day ahead of us.

I'm looking forward to it.
I've never covered this event before.

Now you have a front-row seat.

You'll get to see
progress being made firsthand.

From what I've heard...

this forum tends to be more about
political posturing than progress.

Perhaps. But I plan to change that.

- Ryan, something's happened.

What is it?

My girlfriend is missing.

She's human, and she's pregnant.

- How is that even possible?
- It wasn't supposed to be.

She doesn't know the truth
about who I really am, or the V's.

I just thought by lying to her
I could keep her safe...

It's cost you. I know.
Every time I try to protect Tyler...

it just pushes him closer and closer
to the Visitors.

We won't lose them.

We can't.

Your girl's got a baby lizard
in her terrarium?

- No, hey.

- Ryan, Ryan, Ryan.

- Not today, Hobbes.

- Okay, bad joke.
Let him go.

Does anyone else know, Ryan?

Yeah, Georgie knew. That's why
he went up on the ship, to save me.

So I wouldn't lose my family to the V's
like he did.

This morning, three members of a Fifth
Column cell were murdered in Queens.

Was this our fault?
The message we sent?

We told people to come out of hiding,
now they're dead.

- No, this is a war, they were soldiers.
- No, Hobbes, they were regular people.

And, yeah, this could be our fault.
We have to stop them.

One of the killers took the hard drive
of one of the computers.

There could be addresses
and names on it.

- They'll be sitting ducks.

This one guy got away. Alex Caruso.

He'll know who to warn.

- How do we find him?
- He didn't go home, didn't go to work.

His father is at River Heights
Veterans Hospital, dying of cancer.

I figure Alex checked with him,
he won't talk to FBI.

If he's on his deathbed,
maybe he'll open up to a priest.

- You gonna be able to handle this?
- Take care of Val. We got it.


First the V's got Georgie,
now they kill these guys.

We have to stop the killing.
We need to find Alex Caruso.

The next blood that spills
is gonna be theirs.


This is for you.

Bet you don't have those
on your planet.


Before your mother left for Geneva...

she asked me to finish
administering the empathy tests.

I'm down to you.

Whatever my mother wishes.

You must clear the streets!

You must clear the streets!

Come on!
Anyone remaining in the streets...

You failed.

There must be a mistake.

It's my assignment with Tyler.

I'm supposed to make him fall in love
with me. It must've distorted the results.


you've known me my entire life.

The test has to be wrong.

Your mother's directive was clear.

Immolate anyone who fails.
No exceptions.

what is the meaning of this visit?

Nice to see you again,
High Commander.

Likewise, Mr. Secretary General.
May I introduce Chad Decker?

I'm familiar with Mr. Decker.

Thanks to you, so is the entire world.

It's a pleasure to meet you,
Mr. Secretary General.

Your presence is welcome here,
of course, but I hope you understand...

the privilege of making a presentation
to this forum is for invited guests only.

I was hoping you could stand by my side
as I present Blue Energy technology...

that could offer answers to some of
your world's most pressing concerns.

Many here are very excited
to see the gifts you have to present...

yet there are others who reasonably
wish to observe certain protocol.

You understand, of course.

May I ask what camp you're in,
Mr. Chima?

I'm sure the Secretary General
remains objective.

Thank you for your understanding.


You must have known
there would be opposition.

I welcome opposition.
It can only strengthen one's agenda.

Agenda? I thought this was a gift.

Good afternoon, Mr. Caruso.

My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength of my heart...

and my portion forever. Psalms.

God provides comfort during struggle.

But so does family.

Is there someone I can call for you,
Victor, that could bring you comfort?


First Ranger Battalion.


Two tours in Iraq. Army chaplain.

I'm not just a priest, Victor.

And I've learned to trust nobody.

Come closer, Father.

Come closer.

My son, Alex, he told me the truth
about the Visitors.

Some of his friends told him
about the Fifth Column.

He's in trouble, isn't he?

Victor, look at me.

You can tell me. Where is he, Victor?

Can you help him, Father?

You have my word.
I will do everything in my power.


Alex Caruso?

Anybody hit?

The guy's a lousy shot.
No wonder the V's are winning.


No, no. No, no, no. Alex! Alex!

Look, your father told us
where to find you, Alex.

My name's Jack. I'm a priest.

We're here to help. We're Fifth Column.
You can trust us.

That boy's got 30 seconds
to get his wits about him.

No, no, he's just scared, Hobbes.
Jack, stop.

Alex, don't shoot.
I know you're scared.

Erica, don't be stupid.

you were just a schoolteacher.

Well, yesterday I was just an FBI agent,
and a mom.

But because of the Visitors,
our worlds have turned upside down.

We are here to help.

Alex, you gotta put the gun down.

Alex, come out. Please.

It's okay. I promise.

- Okay. Okay. It's okay.

How do I know you're not Visitors?

If we were Visitors,
you'd be dead by now.

It's okay.

Just put the gun down, Alex.

It's okay.

Come on. Come on.

Hey, it's okay. Look at me, it's okay.

The Visitors killed all my friends.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

I know.

Secretary General.

A word?

It's never just a word with journalists,
Mr. Decker.

Two minutes. Off the record.

Off the record from the press?
Or from Anna?

- I don't work for Anna.
- But would you be here without her?

Give us a moment.

You're right.
I am here because of Anna.

I've spent a lot of time covering her,
and from what I've seen...

you're the first person
who's openly opposed her. Why?

There are consequences
for Anna's so-called gifts.

Take the Healing Centers.

The financial drain on
our health-care industry is immeasurable.

Thousands of jobs are being lost.

And as for any technology
she may offer...

It could put technology companies
out of business?

You're saying that the bottom line
is more important than helping people.

I'm saying it's the same thing.

We have reports coming in...

...with breaking news out of Timbal...

...where a massive monsoon struck
this tiny island nation two hours ago.

Destruction of the island's power grid
and transportation infrastructure...

...has hampered
international rescue efforts...

...as thousands are unaccounted for,
many feared dead.


No. An opportunity.

What are world leaders doing
about this crisis?

At the moment,
they're trying to coordinate a response.

But it could take a full day
to get help to the island.

While they play politics,
we'll take action.

Dispatch rescue shuttles to Timbal.

Bring them Blue Energy.

- Tyler, what are you doing here?
- You didn't answer my calls.

I needed to see you.

Now's not a good time.

What's wrong?

Everything's different.

Now that I know
that my mom and dad lied to me.

It's like you're the only person
I can count on anymore.

I don't know, I just...

I really need to be away
from home right now.

Me too.

This is what I call getting away.

- Did you find Val?
- I'm still looking.

I need you to put a trace
on her cell phone for me.

I know I'm asking you to break the law,
but I just...

- Could you do that for me?
- It's getting to be a habit of mine lately.

Yeah, I'll do it.
I'll call when I have something.


My friend, Juan,
told me about the Fifth Column.

We thought we could help.

That message on the bottom of the ship
gave us hope.

Tell us what happened, Alex.

We set up a meeting with other
Fifth Column to get weapons.

But instead a V showed up.

And now everyone's dead.

This meet, how'd you set it?

There's a website where we
dump photos encoded with messages.

The V's hacked your code.

There was a hard drive stolen
from the scene.

Did it have names and addresses
of other Fifth Column in your group?

Yeah, there was a list of contacts.

Fifth Column we could reach out to
if we got in trouble.

The V has that hard drive.

He's going to pick them off one by one
unless we stop him.

There's only one surefire way to do that
before he kills anyone else.

- We bring him to us.
- How?

- Use him as bait.
What? No. No.

We use their website
to send out an SOS.

The V will intercept the message
and come calling.

And then we kill him.

There are 29 ships hovering over
our heads and we don't know why.

If we do this, we take the V alive.
Finally get some answers.

I told his father I would keep him safe.

It's up to you, Alex.
You've lost friends, so have we...

but if we don't stop them,
more people are going to die.

Lisa failed the test. Her death
would be a great victory for us.

Or a great loss. What if she is turning?
What if her feelings for Tyler are real?

If they are, she could be a great asset
for us against Anna.

If you're wrong,
we lose the chance to destroy an enemy.

I've known Lisa her whole life.
She seems human.

She's changing.
She's changing like we did.

How do you know
you're not being manipulated?

What if this is a trap
to test where your loyalty lies?

We can never trust her.

Anna's right.

I need to start my own life.

What are you talking about?

I've been thinking.
What if I joined Live Aboard?

And live up here?

Look, I know it's a big step.

But ever since I was a kid...

I always knew that something amazing
would happen to me.

Like the chance to live on a spaceship?

No. I'm talking about you.

Are you okay with this?


- Any word on that phone trace?
- Not yet. No word of Val?

- No, I've been looking everywhere.
- Okay.

Figured I'd check in on you,
see if I can do something right today.

We're using the teacher as bait
to lure out the V.

Any idea how he'll operate?

Yeah, he'll wanna make
his moves up close.

Knives. No guns.

All your tech, you don't have guns?

Shoot one of our weapons through a guy,
people are gonna start asking questions.

Blades are simple, untraceable
and effective.

That's what he'll use. It's how I did it.


- Evans.
- What's the latest on Caruso?

The N.Y.P.D. Reported
shots fired on the rooftop...

...of his dad's midtown apartment.

I checked it out. Nothing.

Well, you better find him quick.
There's more.


why'd you guys join Fifth Column?

We had to. Erica to protect her son...

me to protect my congregation
and my faith.

What about you?

My father fought in Vietnam,
my grandpa World War II.

I wanted to make a difference
like they did.

You are.

My dad warned me
I wasn't cut out for this.

He was right.

No. Stick to the plan, Alex,
and everything's gonna be okay.

Just stick to the plan.


There have been six more murders.

London, Tokyo, Los Angeles
and Sydney.

All Fifth Column.

This incredible intervention in Timbal
is being called a miracle...

with Anna being hailed a savior.

Thanks to High Commander Anna's gift
of Blue Energy...

Timbal's power grids
and infrastructure have been restored.

Hospitals are back up and running...

and V shuttles continue to land
with emergency supplies.

As a result, leaders here
at the World Progress Forum...

have made a stunning reversal of their
decision from earlier this morning...

to refuse Anna's presentation.

I made a promise when I arrived.

To share our technology...

and to leave your planet better
than we found it.

What is it she's doing
with those two things?

Clean, sustainable energy.

No pollution, no infrastructure needed.
Just power.

The same power that runs our ships.

Blue Energy is the answer
to your world's most pressing concerns.

And to the people of Timbal,
it was an answer to crisis.

Our needs are simple
and our desire to help is great.

Mr. Chima...

do you care to comment
on what Anna's done?

The High Commander
has done an amazing and selfless thing.

She should be commended.

It's obvious
we have a lot to learn from you.

This is something we
definitely have to take into consideration.

Secretary General...

any further comment on today's
events? Off the record, of course.

Anna came here
under the guise of diplomacy...

but played politics with tragedy.

She used the people of Timbal
to gain public and political clout.

The question is, if they're just visitors,
why does she need that clout?

Thank you so much.

The V will be at the meet in less
than an hour. Let's go over the plan.

The codes are embedded in
photos. Anything where there's five.

Five fingers, five dogs,
could be anything.

It should only be us
at the meet, and the V.

After hours, no security, no guards.
Dance floor's all ours.

You'll have my sweet voice in your ear
the whole time, kid.

You're gonna be okay, Alex.

Sorry, Padre. Ran out of holy water.

Alex, Jack will drop you
in the center here...

...and then he'll duck out
behind the concession stands.

I'll post up half a click south.

We'll be with you the whole time.
Hobbes will tell us all when the V arrives.

- He'll come right up to you.
- Before he does, we get the drop.

We take the Visitor alive, he comes
home with us, and we get answers.

We good?

Yeah, we're good.


- I got a trace on Val's cell.
- Where is she?

Welcome to the Visitor Healing Center.

A doctor will be here shortly
to look at your baby.

Everything will be just fine.


your mother's shuttle
will be arriving shortly.

She's asked to see you
when she arrives.

You have to go.


I'll see you tomorrow?

Goodbye, Tyler.


Let me know when my mother arrives.

Deep breaths, Alex.

Listen to them, Alex.
We're all gonna walk out of here alive.


Bloody hell.

Alex, listen to me very carefully,
okay, kid?

Change of plans.
Ryan was wrong. The guy's got a gun.

The V's not coming to us,
he's already here in sniper position.

- Don't panic. Stay right where you are.
- Now? He's in position now?

Alex, listen to Hobbes. Don't move.

Alex. Freeze.
Where is he?

He doesn't have a clean shot,
Alex. I can walk you out of there.

Now listen to me. Do what I say.
Take one step to your right.

That's it. And another.

Now right.

I can see him. He's gonna kill me.

Alex, don't move.
Just do what I tell you.

Okay? Now I need you to step right.

Now hang on.

Alex, I know that you're scared.
You are not in the line of fire.

Just listen to them. Listen to them.

Alex, don't move.
Just do what I tell you, okay?

Alex, wait, no!

No, no, no.

- Where is he?
- Hundred yards north.

White building, second floor.
I'll cover you.

Okay. No, no, no, Alex,
just look at me, everything's okay.

No, no, no, look at me.


Sniper's on the move.

We gotta get this guy, Hobbes.
If I move, he spots me.

If he spots me,
Father Jack's a sitting duck.

Get behind that building and take him.

No, no, no, Alex.
Look at me, look at me.

Stay with me. Stay with me, okay?

Don't... No, no, no.

No. No.

This is the Lamb of God
who takes away his sins of the world.

Have mercy on us.

Stay still.

You okay?

Are you?


Get him in the van. Get out of here.
I gotta call this in.


Oh, my God.

He's not a Visitor.

He's human.

I've asked a lot of you with Tyler.

You've handled it well.

The future of our species
depends on your leadership.

Your judgment.

This soldier's egg is weak.

But it can still teach us something.

Our cause, our survival,
outweighs any sacrifice.

There is no room for human emotion.

For weakness of any kind.

Joshua said
you passed the empathy test.

I never doubted you.

You're the world's savior tonight.

You took a tragedy and used it
to your own advantage today.

That's why you invited me
to the forum.

You knew they wouldn't let you
present your technology.

But what would've happened if there
hadn't been a monsoon in Timbal?

Then Myanmar, Darfur, Sri Lanka.

There's tragedy every day
all over your world.

So many opportunities to help.

They think you're a god.

And who does that make you?

A believer.

Can I tell you what I believe?

You're not just visitors.
You're here to stay.

But are you here for our benefit,
or yours?

I didn't do this for me.
I did it for that little girl.

If you can do that kind of good,
I wanna be part of it.

I wanna help.

I need people I can trust...

and who trust me.

Do you trust me, Chad?



Because one day I'll ask a favor
from you, and you'll comply.

This is just a vitamin shot
to boost your immune system.

- It's good for you and the baby.
- Thanks for seeing me so quickly.

Let's take a look at your baby.

What is it?

Nothing too serious.

I'd like to see my baby.
I need to see my child.

You should sit.

- I think I should go.
- I'm sorry, Dr. Stevens...

but I can't let you do that...

Let's go.

Trust me.

Why are we giving the humans
Blue Energy?

Because once they're dependent on it,
we can turn it off.

Alex was right.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.

I'll tell his father. I owe him that.

Everything that we have done
to fight the V's, to protect people...

and a human betrays us.

Well, maybe he can give us
some insight into why.

Rise and shine, sweetheart.
You got questions to answer.

What's your name?

Oh. You're not going anywhere. Talk.

I can't tell you anything.

Why did you do it?

Tell me why.

Because we can't win.