V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 7 - John May - full transcript

With Georgie a prisoner aboard the Visitors' mother ship, Erica and the others decide that they have to locate John May, the fifth columnist who founded the resistance but disappeared some 10 years ago when the aliens tried to retrieve and stop him. They visit the missing man's stepson James and learn something interesting. Ryan reveals what happened all those years ago. Lisa's visit with Tyler catches his dad Joe by surprise and he pushes Erica to tell him about the reason they broke up. Valerie is worried about her pregnancy when the baby starts kicking and discovers something interesting in their closet. Anna uses Chad to promote the live aboard program but he quickly realizes she is selecting people according to a specific profile.

Previously on V:

Dad asked if I could stay with him.

It's time that we told him the truth
about who he really is.

I think Tyler's ready.

But he's still not here
on the ship with you. Get him.

- I missed you.

I'm pregnant.

Tell her the truth before she finds out.

John May started the Fifth Column,
the first Visitors...

to turn against the leadership.

- Anna's birthing soldiers.
You need to stop them.

Visitors took everything I had.
I don't want that to happen to you.

- Georgie?
- Long live the Fifth Column.

After the polls have closed...

...Florida remains too close to call.

A winner should be declared soon after
a recount of nearly 6 million votes.

We now go live to presidential candidate
Al Gore who is about to make a statement.

L... I heard something outside.

And I think I saw a UFO.

There's no such thing as UFOs, buddy.
Go back to bed.

That's okay. Go on. I love you, James.

...full respect for the freely-expressed
will of the people.

Well, it's...
It's a tricky situation. There seems to be...

They're here for me.
Tell the others I'm going dark.

Did you really think Anna
wouldn't find out you turned against us?

How could you do this to your own kind?

Start a resistance?

These people are worth saving.


It's your human skin.

You've been wearing it too long,
you got confused. You're sick.

Bliss is a sickness.

It's mind control. Human emotion,
it's not sickness. It's beautiful.

Human emotion?

- You betrayed us for human emotion?
- Yeah.

You may as well kill me now...

because I will never stop hunting you.

One day you'll understand.

You can't escape, John May!

You can't escape!

Can someone please lay out for me
who the hell that guy is?

John May was the first V
to turn against Anna.

He started the Resistance.

I was with him
just before he disappeared.

- You knew him. Ryan, why didn't you say...?
- No one needed to know until now.

Look, the bottom line is
we are not leaving Georgie there to die.

He's on that ship because he tried
to save me. I gotta get back on that ship.

How? It'll be impossible now.

We'll do it. We'll figure it out.

How much does he know?

About who you are, where you are,
who your loved ones are?

I'm not saying he'll talk
because he's a coward.

I'm saying everyone has a breaking point.

- Everyone talks.
No. Not Georgie.

He'll hold on till we get him.

Which, as your compadre here
just spelled out, is impossible.

We may not be able to get back on that
ship, but there may be a way to save him.

- How?
- Joshua. The one who helped me...

embed the "John May lives" message.
He's Fifth Column.

He said there's a way to contact him,
some sort of comms device. It's encrypted.

The tech's outdated. The V's don't monitor
for it. If we can get our hands on it...

We can coordinate a rescue plan
with the Fifth Column aboard the ship.

First sensible thing anyone's said.
And it's the blond.

- Where's the device?
- Upstate. Town called Reedsville.

Belonged to John May.

But there's someone else.

His stepson.

He might be able to lead us
to that device.

- Great.
- Let's go.

The human managed to fight off
the effects of the memory chamber.

We've been unable to retrieve
any information...

about who helped him
embed the message in our broadcast.

He won't give names.

Impress upon him more strongly
that he has no choice in the matter.

I've already sent for the human pain expert
from the Tokyo ship.

Your pregnancy.

You should be resting.

There's no time. I need to make sure
the live-aboard program stays on track.

There are whispers
of an anti-V terrorist group.

Polls show people have grown apprehensive
about coming to live on the ship...

which will affect the success
of our live-aboard program.

Get Chad Decker.

I'll address the people directly.

I want those bodies on this ship.

Oh. Uh...


Hello. Ha, ha.

You are?

Lisa. Tyler's friend.

- Ah.
- It's nice to meet you, Mr. Evans.

Well, hi. Um...

Tyler's mom didn't mention anything
about you coming.

Did, uh, Tyler invite you?

Actually, no.
I just thought I'd check in on him.

Why does he need you to check in?

He didn't.
I just thought he could use the support.

It's just, um... This situation
has been a little hard, right?

I mean, since you left.

Have you had breakfast yet?

I'm sorry. Wait a minute. Um...

What did he say, exactly?

He hasn't said anything bad about you,
Mr. Evans.

So you guys, uh, met.

Don't worry, Dad. I slept on the couch.

- Hmm.
- I swear.

Um, Lisa showed up late last night
and kind of surprised me.

Yes, surprised me too.

Could you?

Come here. Please.

Um, listen, I know you wanted
to spend some time with me...

but is it okay if she hangs with us?


I really like her.

Of course.


This is Chad Decker for WNT,
bringing you an exclusive interview...

with the V high commander, Anna.
It's good to see you again.

Thank you, Chad. There have been rumors
about the messages sent from our ships...

during my announcement last night.

John May lives.

Can you tell us what that means?

I wish I could, Chad.

It appears it was merely a glitch
in our system...

an overlay of old code
from our language training program...

used to learn the English language.

What's of greater interest to me
are the things that are going right.

People are so excited
about the live-aboard program.

It will give us a chance
before we leave...

to reciprocate the hospitality
you have shown us.

Later today,
you will join me as I sit down...

with some of the invitees
to answer their questions.

I can assure you,
those joining us will be treated...

...with the utmost care and respect.

This is the last time we're going to ask.

What are the names
of your co-conspirators?

Oh, you want names?

Evelyn, my wife.

There's a name. We were two months shy
of our 12th anniversary.

Here's two more. Brian and Evan.

My two boys. Six and 8.

You freaks killed them too.

Our doctors will assure that you will receive
the best medical attention we can provide.

I'm Dr. Maita.

Let me explain to you
how the scours operate.

It's a curious little creature.

It likes to explore every inch
of the human body, from the inside.

Its preference
is to travel along the nerve lines.

The scour enters near the face
and exits via the soft tissue.

Usually through the reproductive organs.

And remember, we are of peace. Always.

After the John May message...

we anticipate Resistance members
will come out of hiding.

As sleeper agents embedded
in key positions, you need to be ready.

Each of you has one of these
in your possession.

If you notice any suspicious activity...

an assistance will be deployed
to your location.



I'll give you the names you want.

Pull over here.
This is John May's place.

- Does he know his stepfather was a V?
- No. May wanted to protect his family.

He told them nothing.

Just a second, guys.

- Yeah.
- You could have told me the girlfriend...

was part of the package.
- What are you talking about?

She's there? Lisa?

Yes, she showed up last night.

I mean, what is the deal with her?
She seems to know all our dirty laundry.

She's a Peace Ambassador with Tyler. Joe,
I'm sorry. I can't get into this right now.

I'm having a hard time with this.

He's been blaming himself, thinking
that he's the reason that we broke up...

because he went off
and crashed his bike.

And he... He needs to know the truth.

Move it. Godzilla's getting nervous.

Can we please not do this right now?

I have to go.

I will call you
the minute I get a chance, okay?

Lies catch up to people, Erica.
Sooner or later.

Tyler needs to know
that I'm not his father.

You okay?


I've never really told anyone this.

When Tyler was 14, he wrecked his bike.

Ruptured his spleen.

Joe and I went in to donate blood and...

There are supposed to be certain match-ups
in blood work...

between parents and their kids.
Ours didn't line up.

I'm not following.

They told us that Joe
wasn't Tyler's father.

The tests aren't
a hundred percent accurate, but...

Doctors don't know everything.

Joe never believed me.

If you don't have trust in a relationship,
you don't have anything.

What does Tyler know?

Sometimes you have to lie to people
to protect them.

Am I talking to the FBI agent
or the mother?


You're not supposed to be kicking yet,
are you?

Hey, honey.
Uh, sorry to bother you at work...

but, um, I was wondering if you knew
where you put Dr. Pearlman's card.

I felt the baby kicking.

Give me a call if you get a sec, okay?

Thank you.

- James May?
- Yep.

I'm Ryan Nichols.
I was a friend of your stepfather.

Is it okay if we come in? We need to talk.
A friend of ours is in trouble.

- James, who is it?
- Just some people that wanna talk to me.

Well, honey, invite them in.

Can I talk with you a few minutes
in private? It's urgent.

You know, why don't I go
put on a pot of coffee?


I might be able to help.

Hey, your friend's here.

Good to see you again.
It's been, what, a year now?

Uh, we were just about to sit down
and have dinner.

I haven't eaten yet. I'll join you.

James took red ribbon
at the science fair today.

Oh, yeah? Salt volcano?

Cartesian diver.

Cartesian diver. Good job, kiddo.

So how'd you two lose touch?

Our priorities shifted.

And what are your plans
while you're in town?

I just came with some old friends
to catch up a little.

They're coming by later, in fact.

They're eager to see John.

My family's not familiar
with the old gang.

Not at all?
- No.

Don't really dwell on the past.

There's too much richness in the present.

Our pals have already planned
to see you.

Counting on it.

You know how they are.

They won't leave
without at least saying hello.

Tell you what, why don't, uh,
we meet them out instead?

No need to subject Lillie and James
to a house full of guests on a school night.


Wouldn't wanna inconvenience
your family, now, would we?

I'm not interested in talking about
what my stepdad thought, okay?

So if you're just here to,
I don't know, find closure...

then I can tell you what I learned
a long time ago. You don't find any.

So, what did your friends wanna talk
to James about?

- A family matter.
- His stepfather?

I'm not sure.
Our buddy's pretty secretive.

You heard about the John May message
that went out from the V ships?

There's a lot of John Mays in the world.

Your stepfather started the Resistance
before anybody even knew they were here.

We're part of that Resistance now.

I thought the V's were friendly.

You guys are insane.

So how did you guys meet?

At a restaurant.

He was one table over
and he sort of caught my eye.

That sounds romantic.

So why now? What do you want?

John May had a comms device he used
to communicate with the Resistance.

We need that device
to contact an ally up there.

And, James, we're running out of time.

Okay. Maybe we can raise Mork
and Kal-El...

on the Kree Omni-Wave Projector.

Look, James, I know it's a lot
to wrap your head around.

You think?

Where did your stepdad keep his things?

Boxed up in a storage unit in town.

I got tired of looking
at his stuff everywhere.

Look, man, I'm sure you and my stepdad
were friends...

and you have your cult fantasy thing
about how swell of a guy John May was.

But you weren't the one he left
when he killed himself.


that suicide note was fake.
Have you lived here long?

No. I'm from L.A., so...

- Oh, yeah? Did you go to school out there?
- Mm-hm. UCLA.

- Great football. You like football?
- Oh, yeah.

- I love the Trojans.
- Me too.

The only problem is,
UCLA's team is the Bruins.

Yeah. I meant the Bruins.



Pretty girl like her.


Oh, my God.

Storage unit in town.

Let's move.

- Are you with us?
- Huh?

James, are you with us?
Yeah? Come on.

The name you gave us isn't real.

Alex Morgan isn't real.

Yes, she was.

She was my unborn daughter.

He's stronger than we anticipated.

He resisted the scours.

You're going about this the wrong way.

He can lead us to the Fifth Column.

We have to dig deeper than scours.

How long has she been like that for?

Why was she with me?

The V's planted her with you.
To watch and wait.

She wasn't human, mate.

So don't sweat it.

How well did you know my stepdad?

He meant a lot to me.

That's not an answer.

Yeah, been a lot of that today.

Let's slow down. Joshua said
it was here somewhere, right?

He said it was in Reedsville.
He didn't say it was here.

Found it.

What if it doesn't work?

We pray.

That Georgie dies quickly.

Hey, hey. Come on.
- Yeah?

He's been hiding something.
I don't trust this guy.

- That makes two of us.
- Just stop it. This is about Georgie.

Georgie, who's up there right now.

We can't afford mistrust, guys.

Make no mistake, we will save him.

We can't lose our way every time
we hit a roadblock. Get it together.

What the hell are you shooting at?

I don't know.

We better get out of here
before it wakes up.

- There it goes.
- It's that thing from the warehouse raid.

It's a Seeker.

Where is it?
I saw something flying over there.

Where the hell is it?

Does anybody see it?

Where is it?

Don't move.

How the hell did they find us?

Your girl with the Freddy Krueger claws,
she give you something, like a promise ring?

Uh, yeah. Uh...

She gave me the watch.

- Let's go.
Go, go, go.

- Come on.
Come on. Go.

Have you prepared what I asked for?

Yes. It's ready when you are.

If we've learned anything,
it's that emotion is weakness.

Love is the greatest flaw of humans...

and our best tool to break them.

He says he misses his family.

Let's show him his family.

Since we couldn't use your memories...

...we've decided
to show you someone else's.

Here are the memories of the V
who killed your family.

Get away from me! No! Get off of me!

Turn it off!

Keep playing it until he tells us
what we wanna know.

Turn it off!

Perfect. See?

- Pretty easy, right?

'M thirsty. I'm gonna get some sodas.

- Do you want one?
- Uh, yeah.

- Can I get you one? Sure.
- Please.

Listen, um...

my dad wants me to stay a few weeks.

And I'll still see you.

I mean, I really wanna see you...

and I know it sucks, but maybe
this will help me and him fix some stuff.


I overheard something,
but I don't think I should say anything.

What is it? Just tell me.

I can't. It's not my place.

Lisa, please, just...

It's okay.

I think your father's been lying to you.

About what?

I don't think he's really your dad.

Come on. That's...

That's ridiculous.

I overheard him talking to your mom.

I'm sorry.

- I knew I shouldn't have said anything.
Hey, guys. Here we go. Here you are.


What is it? What's wrong?

There's a weird mix-up going on here.

Lisa just said that she heard you
talking to Mom...

and you said something about you
not really being my dad, I...

I don't know. It's just... It's crazy. L...

Oh, Ty.

It's true?

It... It can't be. L...

This is me and...

And you.

It's, uh...

It's complicated.

Don't you look at her.

- You lied.
- Wait, wait, wait.

- What, is this why you left Mom?


I just... I couldn't trust her, Ty.

And what about me?

You left me too, Dad.

What, you feel duped
for raising somebody else's kid?

No. I love you, Ty.

Either way. Please trust that.

You need to go talk to your mom
about this.

Yeah, I will.


When I applied to be part of Live Aboard
at the Healing Center...

...I never thought I'd get picked and...

I never thought I'd get picked.

I've always thought of myself
as having bad luck, but this...

Why'd you think you had bad luck?

When I was 15, I had an appendectomy.

And complications left me unable
to have children.

I mean, I feel blessed
for everything that I have...

...but at family reunions,
my siblings all have big families.

Not a one under eight kids.

- Everyone in your family?
- Yes.

- Siblings all have big families.

Not a one under eight kids.

Not a one under eight kids.

Everyone in your family?

Yes, it's huge.


Joshua. Joshua, it's Ryan.

You found it. Good.

Yeah, hey, listen. We have a friend
that's up there. His name is Georgie Sutton.

He went looking for me, they caught him.

I haven't heard anything.

Yeah, well, he's up there.
I need you to find him.

I will.

Keep the comms device close.

So it's true what you said?

My stepdad faked that suicide note?




That man changed my life.

Yeah? Good for you.

He changed ours too.

Now, listen to me, James.

Your stepfather didn't abandon you.

He never would have left you
and your mother if he wasn't forced to.

How the hell would you know?

Because I'm the one
that forced him to leave.

What have you been doing this last year?

Looking for you.

No, I mean, what have you experienced
in your time here?

You never took a drive in the middle of
the night just to feel the wind in your face?

Or had a cold pint on a warm day?

Or saw a woman
who literally took your breath away?

No, see, I think you've been touched,
living among people.

Maybe not much, but there's a glimmer.

I can see it in your face.

You know, the humans,
they have an expression they use...

when they realize
what truly matters to them.

They say they've found their true north.

Well, I found mine here, Ryan...

with that woman and that boy.

What's that?

That's my suicide note.

Take a good look at that family in there,
Ryan, you tell me, am I gonna need it?

They're expecting you, John.

It's too late.

Ten years ago,
when I came to your house for dinner...

that was the day
that I killed John May.

You knew. And you didn't say anything.
You knew that John May is dead.

No, not just dead.

Dead at his hand.

Every single day, I wish I could go back
and undo what I did.

But I can't.

All I can say is,
your stepfather led the way.

I've taken risks
that you can't even imagine...

because of what he taught me.

This fight...

will be brutal beyond anything
you've ever seen...

and you too.

And John May
is our greatest weapon in it.

Anna ordered his death. Every single time
she sees the message "John May lives"...

it's like a dagger in her eye.

The Fifth Column exists because of him.

He existed because of you.

You and your mother, you taught him
what it's like to be human. He taught me.

So if nothing else, I just figured
that you should know the truth.

No more lies.


I feel really stupid
forgetting the combination.

No, it happens more than you'd think.

Uh, let's just see the model number here.

The reset code is 8-33-28-pound.

Okay, well, I'II, uh...
I'll just see myself out then.

You convinced a lot of people today
to come live aboard your ships.

People like these two.

This woman comes from a family
with unusually high fertility rates.

But she's got a bad luck streak,
can't have kids.

This guy, brilliant violin player,
but a total mess.

I looked into our other guests
from today's story.

Same deal.

All so full of potential,
but they're broken toys.

This type of person
is of great interest to you.

And the question is...


As sophisticated as humans are,
you don't see the true value in people.

You discard them.

I see their inner worth.

Every V, regardless of history, or luck,
or circumstance, receives my care.

I'm only showing humans
the same regard.


I'm not buying it.

I don't know exactly what all this means,
but I'm pretty sure it adds up to something.

And if I can get this far in half a day...

how far do you think
I could get in a month?

What do you want?

I'll tell you what I don't want.

I don't want to be ordinary.

If you were ordinary, Mr. Decker,
you wouldn't be here.

Which is exactly
why I'm gonna keep digging into this.

And eventually, I'll find enough
to run this story.

Or you could give me a bigger one.

I can protect you.

The question is,
can we keep helping each other?

I think that we'll be helping each other
for some time to come.


I'm here. How's he doing?

He's alive and he hasn't broken yet.

Can you move him?

Everyone's being watched
too closely right now.

The live-aboard program commences
in a few days.

I might be able to smuggle him
onto a shuttle.

Will he last that long?


They'll keep him at the edge of life.

Is he conscious?

Can he talk?

Go ahead.

Buddy, how you doing?

Been better.

You're off the ship. You're safe, right?

Yeah, I'm safe.

- We're all safe.

- We're gonna get you out of there, okay?
- No.

That's what they're waiting for.
That's what they want.

You come rescue me, you all get caught.

Georgie, listen to me, all right?
Just give us a few days.

Just hang on, all right?

I don't have a few more days, Ryan.

You know that.

Let me speak to Jack.

Georgie, please.

I need to speak to Jack, Ryan.

We're not leaving you up there, Georgie.

It's bigger than me now, Father.

No, Georgie.

Listen to me, okay? Hang on.

I'll see you around, Jack.

Are you sure?

I'm ready to see my family now.

God bless you, George Sutton.

God bless you.

Make sure they don't track it
back to you.

John May lives.

To Georgie.

Not in vain.

Hey, this is Val. Leave a message.

Hi, baby. It's me.

There's something I need to talk to you
about when I get home.

I'm not who you think I am.

I just feel you should know the truth.

No more lies.

No more secrets.

Just feel you should know the truth.


I always wondered why he left.

Deep down, maybe I even knew
it had to do with me.

It didn't, honey.

What did Dad tell you?

I know everything, Mom.

The tests are wrong.

The doctors were wrong. He is your dad.

I promise.

- Not according to him.
- I know.

How could you not tell me?


I was scared you wouldn't believe me.

And I thought if I just kept going, somebody
would tell me that it was a mistake.

Because it is. It's a mistake.

And I didn't... I never...

I thought that I could always trust you.

Baby, you can. Ty, you can.
I was coming home to tell you.

- Why should I believe you?
- Because it's true.

- How can I believe you?
- Please.

Please, Tyler. Please.

L... It's not true.

It's not.

It's not true.



John May lives
in the mouths of every New Yorker...

...interrupted by the
message "John May lives. "

George Sutton died.

The emotional trauma
must have been too intense for him.

We did not get any names.

John May lives.

Trite and untrue...

but even still, the message
the Fifth Column sent...

seems to have produced something
of a groundswell.

Let them have this one victory.

Because I'm about to deliver them...

...a thousand defeats.