V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 6 - Pound of Flesh - full transcript

Anna believes she has found a way to identify fifth columnists: they are acquiring human emotions and can be screened for them. They start by checking everyone on board the mother ship. The Visitors announce that humans will be allowed to live aboard one of their 29 ships. Kyle Hobbes convinces Erica, Ryan and the others that they have to let Anna know they're there and that they are a threat. Ryan is increasingly concerned about Valerie's pregnancy which is advancing at a rapid pace. He has to decide whether to tell her what is going on but in the short term has to go on board the mother ship to get medicine or Valerie will not survive the pregnancy.

Previously on V:

- I'm pregnant.
- Imagine what would happen...

if Anna ever found out about this.
Your family, George.

The V's were responsible
for their deaths.

- We've developed a vitamin supplement.
Anna's tagging humans like animals.

- I received a message from the warehouse.
John May started the Fifth Column.

The first Visitors
to ever turn against the leadership.

We have to crush them.
Supply the FBI with a lead.

- Kyle Hobbes.
- He can train a resistance.

- Welcome to the war.
We need more soldiers. An army.

I'll make one.

No need for regrets
for mistakes made yesterday.

The past is gone.

No looming fate,
no uncontrollable destiny.

No hunger...

...no sickness...

...no fear, no death.

Nothing ahead, nothing behind.

Only stillness,
a sanctuary of peace and tranquility.

- Mia.
My bliss envelops you...

- Please.
... protects you.

Together we shall experience...

- Look at me.
... eternal joy...

...in a rapture of ecstasy and safety.

You will bask in my light...

...wrapped in the warmth
of my divine touch.

She's taking your minds and your lives
in return for lies.

No looking back.

No worries of what will come.

- Mia.
Just safe time.

I love you.

Knowing I am here.


Bask in the light.

Anna can steal you no longer.

The incident occurred yesterday
on the Sydney mother ship.

The Fifth Column is becoming
more active.

Captains from the Tokyo, Paris
and Mexico City ships...

have all reported isolated incidents.

The Fifth Column is immune to my bliss.

They've begun to feel human emotion.



If they find a way to unify,
they could become a real threat.

Get me Joshua.

It's time to eliminate them
before they grow any stronger.

Chad Decker, WNT...

...reporting live from the
Visitor Peace Ambassador Center...

...as we wait for Marcus...

...Anna's second in command,
to address the world.

- The crowd here...

I should be there. They need
Peace Ambassadors to help out.

Well, it's a school day.

They probably
have plenty of PAs down there.

If the Visitors needed you,
they'd call, right?

What am I talking about?
They wouldn't call.

They're from outer space.
They'd probably just beam you up.

Don't worry, Mom. We talked about this.
You have nothing to be afraid of.

Does this look like my scared face?

School comes first.

You can go to the ship after, okay?

Okay, Mom.

- Love you.
- I love you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for coming.

Later today, Anna will make
an announcement from the mother ships...

that will mark the beginning
of our live-aboard program.

In return for the gracious hospitality
the people of Earth have shown...

by allowing Visitors to live
amongst humans...

we are proud to announce a new era
in V-human relations.

People from around the world
have applied to this program...

through our Healing Centers.

Applied at the Healing Centers?

Anna will announce the people...
- It's gotta be connected to the R6.

Randomly chosen to live
aboard our ships along with us.

Randomly selected, my ass.

First the R6. Now this.

What the hell they up to?

- Thank you.
I don't know.

But Decker is their mouthpiece.

Let's get the guys set up out front.
We're back on live in 10.

Maybe we should ask him.

I can't keep Tyler away from that ship.
I'm gonna tell him the truth.

- It's the only way I can protect him.
- Tyler's on Anna's radar.

Any change in behavior
will call attention to him.

- Lf you tell him and doesn't believe you...
- He'll believe me.

If he believes you
then he'll sever all ties with the V's.

He'll stop going on to that ship.

And Anna will wanna know why.

He might also wanna join
the fight against them.

You ready to put your son into the war?

How do I keep him away from them?

I figure that out, I'll let you know.

A priest, a civvy, a lizard, and a fed.
If this is a joke, I'm not laughing.

- Where's your army?
- You bark, Hobbes, do you bite too?

Is that a request?

We have what we have. Make it work.

We have an army.

We're called the Fifth Column.

Maybe you should ring them,
remind them we're in a war.

We can't locate them.

We're scattered around the world
in different cities.

But I can assure you, Mr. Hobbes,
we're a sleeping giant.

Then we wake them up.

Your Fifth Column,
they keep their eyes on the ships?

- Yeah.
- Then use the ships to your advantage.

Anna's making an announcement today.
You make your own.

Okay. How?

You get on her ship, hijack her signal,
replace it with your own.

Tells your people you're here,
tells her you're here.

It's a call to arms. To make it count, you
have to bloody her nose while you're at it.

After the explosion, you're on the V's radar.
There's too much heat on you.

- You'll never get up there.
- No. But he can.

There's too much heat
on everybody right now.

It's a suicide mission.
I'm all for bloodying Anna's nose...

but we haven't
thought this through yet.

You paying me to sit on my hands
or man up and fight?

I'm sorry, Hobbes.
You'll have to think of a better plan.

Thanks again for seeing us
on such short notice.

I haven't been feeling well.

I was worried there was something wrong
with the baby.

Everything looks perfectly normal.

So I will let you get cleaned up.

Uh, the nurse will be in in a minute.
I just wanna run a few more tests. Ryan?


You can't keep canceling
her OB appointments.

You need to tell her the truth
before she finds out.

I tell her the truth about who I am,
I could lose her.

I love her, Leah.

Everything that I've ever done,
everything that I've fought for, is for her.

And besides, I'm not even sure if we should
be going through with this pregnancy.

Well, you need to decide. And quickly.

I don't like what I'm seeing in her lab work.
The growth is accelerated.

The ultrasound that I just showed her
in there was not her ultrasound.

That was a normal human fetus
at week six.

This is her real ultrasound.

This is your child.

The accelerated growth
is draining Val of phosphorus.

That's what's making her sick.
Visitors like us...

have high amounts of phosphorus
in our bodies.

Plenty for a child to live off of
if the mother-to-be were a Visitor.

- Can't we give her an infusion?
- She needs a denser concentrate.

Okay. So how do I get it?

Humans don't have the technology
to produce it.

The only place I know of to get it
is on the mother ship.

But without it,
she won't survive the pregnancy.

All right. Put an agent on it.

Agent Evans,
I think I may have a lead on Hobbes.

Actually looks real.
What are you doing here?

You asked me for a new plan,
I've got one.

- Sneak into the FBI? Get us thrown in jail?
- Going onto that ship. Without Ryan.

The feds' most wanted man
walked right into this playpen.

But they don't notice him.

- Because he smells and looks like them.
- Get to the point.

Now is the time to get on that ship
and embed that message.

Why are you in such a hurry
to get on the ship?

Those lizards set me up.

I wanna know why and how,
and hurt them real bad for it.

There is a tactical advantage
to embedding that message today...

and we need to jump on it.
- Ryan said it's too risky.

- I don't need Ryan. I'll do it.
- How?

Well, I got in here, didn't I?

I already told you this is a mistake.

I'm doing this with or without you.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Sneaking into the FBI is one thing.

Getting onto a V ship
is a whole another world.

- Is it?
- What are you gonna do...

when they start speaking
in our native tongue?

What happens when the core-temperature
scanner says you're a human?

Ryan, we don't know
when Anna's gonna broadcast again.

I think we should reconsider
going up now.


We won't go up.

I will.

I thought you said
this was a suicide mission.

It is. But it's the only way
I can stop Hobbes from going up.

They catch him,
we'll never get onto another ship...

and the Fifth Column's
gonna stay scattered.

Anna needs to be stopped...

and I'm the only one
that can get onto that ship.


A typical human would react strongly to
the devastation that you've just witnessed.

Based on your neurological readings,
your situational empathy...

is well within the normal range
for our species.

In short, you do not feel human emotion.

Use my results as a baseline.

Everyone on the ships will be tested.

Find out who's Fifth Column
and who isn't.

All right. So I'm getting on that ship.

It's gonna be dangerous,
so we all need to play our parts perfectly.

Here's how it lays out.

Erica, I need a name
from the V diplomatic list.

I need a V who's not in New York...

...and won't be coming back
to the ship any time soon.

Look for someone the same rank
and credentials I had.

My old uniform has to match it.

Hobbes, I need your contacts
to get me some forged papers.

And they gotta look good.

The scanner I go through doesn't just read
core temperature, it checks my prints.

They'll need to match the identity
of the V Erica finds.

Now, once I'm onboard,
I'll look like any other V.

And as a V, I can get where I need to go.

I hack into the ship's
communication system...

...embed our call to arms,
hightail it home.

This shouldn't take more than a few hours.
Soon as I'm down, I'll call in.

You don't hear from me by 4:00...

...you'll know there's been a problem.


Be careful, friend.


Georgie, if I don't make it back,
I want you to do something for me.

Go to Val.

Take her to that doctor.

Tell her the truth about me.

It's not how I want it to go,
but she needs to know. All right?

You just make it home.

Ryan knows what he's doing
going up on the ship.

He'll be okay.

He's not the only one I'm worried about.

Your son.

The Visitors are going to announce
their live-aboard program tonight.

You think Tyler is gonna
wanna live up there with them.

He loves the Visitors.

The Visitors took everything I had.

I don't want that to happen to you.

How are you gonna stop Tyler
from living with the V's?

By taking him to someone
he loves more.


what's up with the Fab Four, Hobbes?

You tell me.

First one's a case, George Sutton.

Worked as a chemical engineer.

Went crazy after his family were murdered.
Claimed aliens did it.

Maybe not so crazy, right?

The priest did two tours
as an Army chaplain.

Testified against two staff sergeants
in Baghdad...

...who broke the rules of engagement.
A Boy Scout.

And the fed?

Clean jacket, but her ex-partner is MIA.
Supposedly working with terrorists.

Whole lot of personal baggage
on her too.

It's all there.

The last one, Ryan Nichols.

He's a stockbroker.

Outside of a knocked-up girlfriend,
he's the cleanest of the bunch.

Maybe too clean.

If he's got dirt on him,
you have to find it yourself.

They've got something over you,
don't they?

Not for long.

Ty, wh...?


I know. We made great time.

Got here earlier than we expected.

- Hi. How you doing, bud?
- Good.

I put a new Show Stopper exhaust
on my bike.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I just got a new bike.

T750. Wanna go check it out?

- It's in the shop.
- Oh, yeah.


And be careful. That's a lot of jam.

What are you doing here, Erica?

We should talk.

Welcome to the mother ship.

This way, please.

Right hand, please.

Welcome back.

Welcome. Right hand, please.

Right hand, please.

Welcome back to the ship.
Next in line, please.

- Is there a problem?
- This visa is not working. It didn't clear.

Run it again.

It cleared. Right hand, please.

Welcome back to the ship, Jeff.

Next in line, please.

Right hand, please.

Next in line, please.

Right hand, please.


He failed.

His response measured
11-18 on the biometric level.

Just slightly above Anna's
baseline reading, but above.

There must be a mistake.

Phillip is one of
my most trusted advisors.

I'll test him again.


I've discovered
the test has a margin of error.

- How big?
- Based on the number of false positives...

I've extrapolated, roughly 2 percent.

If the results could be wrong,
his and others...

shouldn't we discontinue testing?
- No. Keep testing.

Hold all those who fail.

I'll deal with them personally.

V's, huh?

- Yeah. I'm a Peace Ambassador.
- Peace Ambassador?

Yeah. I pass out information and, uh...

help out at the PA Centers.
That kind of stuff. It's pretty cool.

Wow. Visitors, alien ships,
it's just so amazing, huh?

Yeah. You think a twin 750 is tough, Dad,
you should see their engine room.

- It is something else.
- Really?

I'm glad you wanted to see me.

I kind of missed having you around.

Yeah, me too.

- I'm sorry about everything, Dad.
- Sorry about what?

- Splitting you and Mom up.
- What?

- I know it was my fault.
- No, it wasn't.

Yes, it was.
If I didn't have my motorcycle accident...

No. No, no, no. That's...
That's not what happened.

It's not that simple.

Then what did happen, Dad?

Why don't you just tell me?

All you need to know...

is it's not your fault.


You're a good kid.

Thanks, Dad.

What are you doing with phosphorus?

My supervisor sent me for it.

Jeff Singer, ninth deck.

Come with me.

Members of our race are falling prey
to human emotion...

becoming immune to Anna's bliss.

This test measures your susceptibility
to this phenomenon.

Failure means death.

Anna's announcement
about the live-aboard program...

...is scheduled to begin
in less than an hour.

Chad Decker for WNT
from the Visitor Peace Ambassador Center.

- That was good.

Hey. Thank you.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

Hi. Thanks.

- Thank you.
- You're a popular man.

The V's are a hell of a story.

- Father?
- Jack. Landry. Yes, they are.

What can I do for you?

I've been watching your pieces
on the Healing Centers.

When you spoke about your aneurysm
on TV, you gave a lot of people hope.

Many of them who were afraid of the V's
aren't anymore, thanks to you.

Oh, what's there to be afraid of?

Well, speaking of miracles
You were diagnosed...

- What was it, a week ago?
- Yeah.

- Why have you waited so long to be healed?
- I'm beginning my treatments now.

We're telling the story in five parts
for sweeps.

How can I help you, Father?

My parishioners are concerned the V's
are doing something in their centers that...

That we're not being told about.

I'm just asking for you to make sure
that they are safe, Mr. Decker...

before you endorse those Healing Centers.
That's all I'm asking.

Good luck with sweeps.

Ryan, it's Erica. I haven't heard from you.
I'm getting worried. Please call me.

Do you wanna tell me
what's really going on?

Where's Tyler?

He's on the phone with his girlfriend.

We both know
that you didn't bring Tyler here for him.

And you wouldn't be here
if you didn't need something from me.

I need you to keep him.

Things are crazy in the city with work
and I'm barely home.

Well, work has always been busy.
It's never been a problem before. Why now?

You might have noticed the world
has turned upside down...

since the Visitors arrived.
I'm working triple time.

Please, Joe. He needs you.

I need you to do this.

What are you not telling me?


I'll take him.
I mean, of course I'll take him.

But you need to know that he thinks the...

That he's the reason why we split up.

And we can't let him carry that weight.

It's time that we told him the truth
about who he really is.

It's nice to meet you, Georgie.

Ryan's, uh, an old friend.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Come on in.

I haven't been able to reach him.
You haven't talked to him recently?

Uh, no, I've been trying as well.
He hasn't been answering.

He'd said he was gonna be working late.
I'm sure he's busy.

Yeah. No, I'm sure he'll call soon.

- Oh, sorry. This is such a mess.
- No, no, that's okay. That's okay.

You're, uh...

- Yeah.

We're not really telling people yet.
Ha, ha.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

- Do you have kids?
- Two.

Oh. Wow.

You know, just, uh... I'm...
I'm sorry to have bothered you.

- No.
- No, no, no. I have to go. You just, uh...

- Just tell Ryan I stopped by.
- Okay.



I've been thinking about what you said.

About your parishioners.

- I've got questions.
- I may not have the answers you need.

Then who does?


- Me?
- You have access to the ships. To Anna.

You want the truth?
That's the place to look. Not here.

You want me to go behind Anna's back
and do what?

Make sure the V's aren't doing anything
that'll harm us.

You gotta give me
something here, Father.

- A place to start.
- I already gave you a place to start.

I've got nothing else to give
except some frightened parishioners...

in a confessional with a hunch.

And you expect me to risk my entire career
on a hunch?

You already have a hunch
something's wrong, Chad.

You wouldn't be here if you didn't.

You won that race.
- No, Dad.

- Banty won that race.
- He did not win.

That was another time.

You went right past him
like 50 feet before the end.

- Evans.
- Work.

Ryan's not back yet.
Have you heard from him?

No, I haven't heard from anybody.

I'm worried.

What if he's hurt?

Or worse.

- I was thinking of going up there.
- Georgie, going up there now...

could make it worse. Stay put.

I'm headed back right now.
I'll meet you at the church.

Yeah, yeah, right.

You okay?

Let me guess.
You gotta go back for work.

Good guess. That okay?


Dad asked if, uh, I could stay with him.

I know you weren't thinking that,
but, uh...

Tyler, you wanna stay?

Yeah. Is that okay?


Promise me one thing.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Which leaves what?

- Nothing.
- Fine.

- I love you.
- Love you too, Mom.


He failed.

You're not from the ship.

- You're a Fifth Column, aren't you?
- No, I'm not.

Samuel followed you from the atrium
after you boarded the ship.

He saw you react to the baby.

He saw you take the phosphorus
and I saw you fail the test.


It's good to meet you.

This is Samuel. He's with us too.


- How many of us on these ships?
Not many.

And less soon,
now that Anna has started testing.

- How many on the ground?
- We're strong in numbers.

- But we're not organized.
- What are you doing up here?

I'm here to embed a message
in Anna's announcement.

- A call to arms.
Good. We're gonna need an army.

Anna's birthing soldiers.

How much time do we have?

Not very much, unless we can stop it.

You have to get off this ship.

Warn the other Fifth Column
on the ground.

- I've gotta embed that message.
- I'll do it. You go.

If they catch you here,
there'll be nothing I can do.

Those soldiers...

you need to stop them.

How will I contact you?

John May had a comms device.

Untraceable, outdated tech.
It was in Reedsville last time he used it.

- Find it.
- I will.

The phosphorus.

It's for a human woman.

- Yes.
- You have any idea what that means?

I do.

But I've got no choice.
She'll die without it.

Once you give it to her, Ryan...

there's no going back.


Morning, sweetheart.
I should be there.

They probably need
Peace Ambassadors to help out.

Well, Ty...

Where are we with Tyler?

He seems to have calmed
his mother's fears.

Yes, he has.

But he's still not here on the ship
with you.

There will always be obstacles
in your way.

It's not if you remove them, but how.

Get him.

- You haven't heard from Georgie at all?
- Not since this morning.

Damn it. I told him to meet me here.

Have you seen or talked to Georgie?

Yeah. He went up there. To the UFO.

What? When?

A couple hours ago.
He asked me to give him a weapon...

he could go through security with.
- You knew? You let him go up there alone?

What kind of person are you?

A realist.

A realist would know the only damn thing
Georgie can do is die up there.

- Why did you send him up there?
- A realist knows...

that Ryan is more important
to the cause than Georgie.

If Ryan was in trouble...

it was an acceptable risk to send Geor...
- That was not your call to make.

You need Ryan. He's a V.

He's got access to knowledge
Georgie doesn't.

Now, Georgie, like it or not,
is acceptable collateral.

You can't get used to that...

you've already lost.

Good evening.

It is with pleasure that I announce
the official commencement...

...of our live-aboard program.

Our guests will observe
the Visitor way of life...

...have full access to the best
of our technology...

...recreational activities,
and healing care.

Each of our 29 ships
have selected participants...

...from every city in the world.

People from all over this great planet
will soon receive official invitations.

The candidates will come
from all walks of life.

Housewives, plumbers...

...scientists, business people.

I hope those of you who have been chosen
will consider living amongst us...

- peace, always.

Welcome to the New York mother ship.

There are guided tours departing
from the Welcome Level.

Jeff Singer.

You, stop. Stop.

Jeff Singer. Hey, you...

- Georgie.
- Go be with your wife, Ryan.

She and your child will need you.

Long live the Fifth Column.

Long live the Fifth Column!

The Fifth Column embedded a message
in your live-aboard announcement.

- How?
- A human snuck away from a tour group.

Killed one of our guards.

He's in our custody.

We believe he had help.

We'll find out who he was working with
soon enough.

What did the message say?

John May lives.

Everything is falling into place.

The Fifth Column on the ground
has been in hiding for too long.

This will give them
the confidence to come out.

And when they do,
we'll be waiting for them.

With the launch
of the live-aboard program...

we'll win the hearts and minds
of the humans up here...

while we crush the Fifth Column
down there.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How are you feeling?

Ugh, I'm tired. I'm glad you're home,
though. I really missed you.

Mm. I missed you too.

Oh, a friend of yours stopped by today.
Georgie Sutton.

- Georgie?
- Yeah.

- What'd he say?
- Said he stopped by to say hi.

Said we made a nice family.

He was happy for us.

Said you'd have his number
if you wanted to call him.

Listen, I gotta go back to work.

How about I make you a nice cup of tea?

- Then I'll tuck you in.
- That sounds really nice.

Each of you has failed my test.

Your allegiance to me
has fallen under question.

This is your opportunity
to redeem yourselves.

There's your margin of error.

Those who just took their lives
have proven their devotion to me.

This test will cost countless others
their lives before we're done.

Skin them.

You should've never
let him get on that ship.

I made a judgment.

You're more valuable to the team
than he is and you know that.

- He was my friend.
- Hurting him won't change anything.

Georgie is stuck up there.

We're gonna need to put our heads together
to get him back, and we need him to do it.

- We'll get Georgie back, Ryan.
- Yeah.

Then I deal with you.


What are they gonna do to him?

They won't kill him.

- Not right away.
- So we have a window.

- Yeah, a short one.
- Getting back up on that ship...

it won't be easy. Not now.

You put my friend on that ship.

You better make damn sure
we get him back.

There's no more shuttles tonight.
We're going to have to wait until morning.

We can pray...

that Georgie's sacrifice
was not for nothing.

If I had been here, maybe Georgie
wouldn't have gone up on that ship.

No. You were where
you were supposed to be.

Driving away from that house tonight
without Tyler...

without my son...

What kind of mother
just leaves her child?

Tyler's on the V's radar. You did
what you had to do to protect your son.

That's what you did by leaving him.

At least he's safe, right?

He's safe.

Lisa. What are you doing here?

I missed you.

Come on in.