V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 5 - Welcome to the War - full transcript

Having successfully torched the warehouse containing the the Visitor's supply of R6, the Visitor security officer has already attacked Father Jack and is now after Erica. She also decides ...

Previously on V:

My name
is Anna. We are of peace. Always.

Nothing can take away
from the excitement...

as we open our doors to a nation
from beyond our imagination.

They're calling themselves the Visitors.

The Visitors didn't just get here.
They've been here for years.

They disguised their appearance by cloning
human flesh over their own reptilian skin.

They'll take over
unless we can stop them.

My partner was one of them.

Anyone could be a Visitor.

- They are animals.
- No, not all of them.

There's others like me.
They're called the Fifth Column. We'll help.

It's really important to me that you don't
get involved with the Visitors.

I joined the Peace Ambassadors.
If my mom knew, she'd go ballistic.

Tyler's the one. We should use him.

- You're doing an excellent job.
- Thank you, Mother.

Bring him up to the ship.

Tell him I wanna meet him.

There were hundreds of images
being captured by the damn jackets.

- Why don't they just annihilate us?
- They need us for something.

We want to provide
complete medical services to all.

Mr. Decker,
may we have a word before you go?

You think I'm gonna die?

- The good news is we can heal you.
- We've developed a vitamin supplement.

R6 is what they're putting
in their vitamin shot.

This is part of something bigger.

Keep this as evidence.
The rest, we destroy.

The warehouse containing
all of the R6 compound has been lost.

We have to stop this. Now.

I got some news today. I'm pregnant.

Who are you? How did you get in here?

Sir, remain conscious.

We'll take care of you.

Breathe, sir. Keep breathing.


Where am I?
It's okay, Jack.

You're at the V Healing Center.
You're in good hands.

Hey, this is Brandon. Leave a message.

It's Tyler's mom.
He's not answering my calls.

I know he's on the V ship.
I've been calling all night.

Call me back.




Nice try. Stings like hell,
but my heart's on the other side.

I bet that stings like hell too.

Wow, someone's hungry.

- Guess you're eating for two now, right?
- More like 10.

This is my third omelet.

I don't think my appetite's normal.

I'm only six weeks.

Most women tend to lose their appetites
in the first trimester.

You really gotta go easy, okay?

- This isn't your average pregnancy.
- What do you mean?

I'm talking about your heart condition.

Yeah, sweetheart,
we really need to be careful with that.

- Oh!
- What? What is it?

I think I just felt the baby move.

- How is that possible?
- Let me see.

I don't feel anything.
Let's get you to sit down.

I want you to sit down and slow down.

Hardly had time to get used to this...

but I'm sure everything's gonna be fine,

All right? Just relax.

You're right.

Anyway, the OB
will explain everything next week.

Next week? That was fast.

Yeah, I was nervous
so I had the appointment pushed up.

All our questions will be answered then.

- Yeah.
It's Erica.

I've just been attacked.
They have my son.

This is the guard from the V warehouse
we torched.

Well, he was.

I been trying to call Jack.
You heard from him?

No. But Georgie's looking.

How do we know that they're not out there
right now, searching for him?

He acted alone. Everything
he ever knew about us ends here.

- How do you know?
- Because I know Anna.

We infiltrated a warehouse he was
guarding, blew it up right under his nose.

Make a mistake,
you clean it up before you report to her.

And he figured that he would suffer
a better fate at my hand than hers?

He was wrong.

What are you doing?

My son is on that ship,
and I'm going to get him back.

You can't go storming up
to the ship, Erica.

Ryan, that bastard came
and tried to kill me.

Now, my son is up there with them.
Don't tell me what I can't do.

We make the wrong move here, Erica,
your son will have no one to come home to.

I'm trying to help.

You wanna help?

Lose the body.

His mother keeps calling.

She's worried about him.

Keep him here
till we find what we need.

He can only have one family:


Yes, Mother.

I'm not saying this again.
I need to see my son. I'm no longer asking.

Agent Evans.

I need to see my son.


This way, please.

Tyler, come on. We're leaving.

No, Mom. I'm not.

Look, I know I was out all night
and I should've called you.

And I'm really sorry...

but I don't want to go home.

Not right now.

Ty, I need you to come home now.

Why? I'm safe.

I'm fine.

What is it?
Because you don't trust the V's?

I still don't understand
what your problem is with them.

My only problem is that you stayed out
all night and you didn't call.

I was worried.
Something could have happened to you.

What, you think just because you're 17,
I don't worry anymore?

Look, I'm not a kid anymore,
and you gotta stop treating me like one.

Don't worry, I'm fine.

I'll be home for dinner.


Your son is still onboard our ship.

He refused to come down,
so you were speaking to a hologram of him.

Don't worry, Agent Evans.

As long as your son is a guest on our ship,
you have nothing to fear.

This is Chad Decker
with a Prime Focus special report.

An apparent attack
on a Lyndhurst shipping warehouse...

...has destroyed
most of New York City's flu vaccines.

The FBI has no suspects at this time...

...but rumors are swirling
it may have been a terrorist attack.

There are even some anti-V activists
claiming the Visitors were involved.

We'll have more details as they become
available to us throughout the day.

We have nothing to worry about.

Our fail-safe incinerated everything inside,
there's nothing left to lead them back to us.

Even your mouthpiece, Chad Decker,
can't hurt us.

I'll handle him.

Where do we stand
with our own investigation?

No leads.

Our surveillance was erased before
the Fifth Column sent their message...

and destroyed our warehouse
full of R6.

Find who did this
and supply the FBI with a lead.

Deliver a villain and a hero emerges.

The resistance is growing.

If the Fifth Column is in our midst,
there may be others on ships worldwide.

We have to crush them
before they become a greater threat.

To do that we need more soldiers.
An army.

You only brought a few on these ships.

The fleet you sent for is still on its way.

You'll get your army.


I'll make one.

I need to get on that ship
and get my son.

You do that and he's dead.

Anna knows that you're an FBI agent.

There is no way she is gonna risk
a diplomatic incident by hurting Tyler.

There is nothing
that we can do about it right now.

You need to go to work...

and stay as close to that
warehouse investigation as you can.

Make sure it doesn't lead back to us.

Any word from Jack?

- Georgie's still looking for him.
- What are you gonna do?

I'll take a sample of that R6 that we got
from the warehouse to a V doctor I know.

See if we can figure out
what's in that flu vaccine.

Find Jack, okay?



Long time, Dr. Pearlman.


What are you doing here?

I need your help.

What's this?
- R6.

The V's are putting that
into the human flu vaccine.

Thought you'd help me find out why.

That's not the only reason I'm here.

My girlfriend, Val...

She's pregnant.

Are you sure?

They told us that we could not procreate
with humans.

This is the first I've ever heard
of this happening.


I guess nature and fate, they find a way.

She has this heart condition though...

and I don't even know
if she can handle a regular pregnancy...

let alone something like this.

Does she know the truth about you?

I'm afraid what it will do to her,
and us, if she ever found out.

Imagine what would happen
if Anna ever found out about this.

You, your girlfriend, your child...

will never be safe.

The captains of the 29 ships
are sending their best soldiers to us.

They're to report to you for a full medical
examination before I meet them.

As you wish.

Where do we stand with the R6?

The doses that we hid
in the human flu vaccines...

were destroyed by the explosion.

We still have plenty of R6
in our Healing Centers.

Continue to administer it
to the humans there.

Many of them are too afraid
to go into the Healing Centers.

- They don't trust us yet.
- Then we'll get them to trust us.


By using somebody they already do.

Good news, Chad.

Your CT scan showed no sign
of a basilar artery aneurysm.

Well, the V scan says
that I'm going to develop one.

All I can tell you is that the most advanced
human technology...

doesn't indicate that there's a problem.

Well, what if they're right?

If I do develop one?

Well, unfortunately
that type of aneurysm is inoperable.

So there wouldn't be anything
we could do for you anyway.

So I should let the V's heal me?

Chad, as a doctor, I can only recommend
what I know to be medically possible.

And as a friend?

We don't know what the long-term effects
of the healing methods are.

So you can either trust our medicine
or theirs.

Excuse me.

Yes? Can I help you?

Yeah. I'm looking for Father Jack.

You're thinking of joining the parish?

No. Not exactly.

Listen, I need to find him.

It's important.

I'm afraid there's been an accident.

Jack was stabbed late last evening.


- Who?
- We don't know yet.

But it's a miracle he's alive.

- Okay, what hospital is he in?
- Not a hospital.

The V Healing Center.

I took him where I know
he would be saved.

Any news on the warehouse explosion?

CSU found nothing.

Whatever hit that place burned so hot
there was nothing left to analyze.


What does Malik have to do
with the warehouse explosion?

As head of the Visitor Joint Task Force,
she's been brought into the investigation.

- The Visitors offered to assist us.

They got an alien K-9 unit
we're not aware of?

Apparently they have a device
that can show us who did this.

Agent Evans.

Nice to see you again.

I'm sorry about this morning.

So am I.

Tyler is doing fine.

And with respect to the warehouse...

I want to assure you
that whoever committed this heinous act...

we will catch them.

Our technology can measure
ordinance fragmentation...

chemical composition
and projected blast pattern.

Together it calculates and creates
a simulation of the explosion.

There's your explosive.

C-4 plastic compound, magnesium fuse,
600-foot blast radius.

Now that I told you the how,
would you like to know the who?


Those are prints.

We got a match. Prints belong to...

Kyle Hobbes.

Who's Kyle Hobbes?

He's a mercenary...

at the head of pretty much every law
enforcement agency's most-wanted list.

Yeah, former British SAS.
Improvised weapons expert.

Guerilla warfare, black ops.

He's the guy countries would send in to
train rebels when they needed an uprising.

Well, that was before he became a gun
for hire, whoever would pay him most.

No one's had anything solid
to pin on him, till now.

This pans out, it's a big win for us.

I'll report back to Anna.

This will please her
to know she's helped you.

All right, listen up everybody.

Hobbes is in New York.

Run all informants,
work with known-associates lists.

We finally got something
to pin on this guy. Let's bring him in.

So, what's this guy got to do with us?

On paper, we don't stand a chance
against the Visitors.

We are overpowered, outnumbered,
and under-equipped.

Hobbes can train us,
teach us how to think.

Recruiting him for the resistance?

I know how crazy this sounds, Ryan.
Believe me.

I have spent my entire career
ridding the world of people like Hobbes.

I'm scared.

My son is up there on that ship.
I am helpless to protect him.

Okay, say we do this, right?

How do we even find him?

- Dale.
- Your old partner.

He spent seven years
with the FBI Counter Terrorist Division.

He was meticulous.
They have his hard drive.

If there is any information about Hobbes,
that is where it will be.

- You're sure about this?
- What if he isn't just some patsy?

What if Anna chose him for a reason?

- Because he's dangerous to her.
- Yeah.

He has access to weapons.

He can train a resistance.

That is exactly why we need him.

The FBI took the bait.

They're looking for Kyle Hobbes.

He will no longer be a problem for us.

Where are we with finding the Fifth Column
who are truly responsible?

Our people are looking into it.

We will find them.


And then I'll eviscerate them.

If we cross this line, Erica, and
we get into bed with a guy like Hobbes...

there is no turning back.

She has my son.

If I have to cross a line
to blow that bitch out of the sky, I will.

That's fugu.

Japanese blowfish.

I know.

It has a deadly poison in its liver.
If not cut properly it means instant death.

Maybe that's what makes it so delicious.

Try it.

Wow. That's amazing.

Sit. Enjoy.

Thanks for joining me.

I saw your piece
on the warehouse explosion.

Why did you mention rumors
of my people being involved?

Because they're part of the story.

- I was doing my job. I am a reporter.
- Mm.

And yet you haven't aired your story
on our Healing Centers.

It's very important to me.

And so are you.

I know about the aneurysm, Chad.

I also know you haven't signed up
for treatment with us.

And I'm concerned.

Thank you. But I feel fine.

That's today. What about tomorrow?

I'm not sure I believe
you can diagnose the future.

This is real.

Why won't you let me help you?

Maybe because you always want
something from me.

And you don't want something from me?

Run the piece on the Healing Centers.

And what if I don't?

I can only imagine how scary it must be
living in fear of sudden death.

And helpless to do anything about it.


It is delicious.

Jack, hey.

Welcome back.

It's okay.

You're healed.


No. Something's wrong with me.


They injected me with R6. I ca...

I can feel it inside me.



It's okay. It's me.

Georgie. How'd you find me?

Father Travis said he brought you here
for your own good.

- Where's everyone else?
- I'll explain later.

Now get dressed.
We need to get out of here.


You find anything on Hobbes?

You'll be the first to know.


Hey, Kyle.

What are you smiling about?

That she didn't come alone.

Who are you?

Your only chance for a future.

How'd you find me?

My old partner kept files
on people like you.

He also didn't like to share them
with the FBI.

- Well, who'd he share them with?
- The same people who set you up.

Set me up? How?

Your prints on the bomb
that torched the Lyndhurst warehouse.

If I had anything to do with that,
they wouldn't have my prints.

And since I didn't, they don't.

- They do.
- Prove it.

Or the three of us play
Who's Got The Best Aim.

Trust me, not a game you wanna play.


Paul. It's Erica.

I'm following up a lead
from Dale's hard drive.

A tip on the location for Hobbes.

40 Ellridge. He's there now.

- On my way.
- I'll meet you there.

Any minute now the FBI SWAT team
will come through that door.

You can either come with us
or leave with them.

Make up your mind.

Move it.

Move, move, move.

We only came here for help.

My kind of help costs,
and you're living on a fed's salary.

That sounds like a raw deal for me.

We can get you money.

We can also get you something
more valuable.

- What?
- The people who framed you.

Aren't you curious?

You have one minute.

Your choice.


All clear.

Back room clear.

Where is he?
Just missed him. Cigar's still lit.

There's another door. Escape route.

- Where's Hobbes?
- Gone.

Somebody tipped him off.

Did you find what we're looking for?

There's just so much.

What does it all mean?

They don't seem to serve any purpose.

Human memories contain emotion,
not just information.

That's why they can be difficult
to interpret.

Why aren't our memories like that?

Our species is designed for efficiency.

We're not burdened by emotional imprints
like humans.

What do you think? Do you like it?

Yeah, let's just keep this quiet.

We have what we need.

Tyler must calm her fears.

Loosen her bond on him.

And he will be free from her.

And you, my daughter,
will be free to fulfill your destiny.

- That was amazing.
- We call it a Memory Chamber.

But it felt like I was really there.

We tapped into your cerebral cortex...

allowing you to re-live your memories
in vivid detail.

It affected you.

I saw my family a long time ago.

You know what I saw?

I saw a mother afraid of losing her son.

Go home.

Tell her it's okay to let you go.

Not to be afraid.

You're becoming a man,
starting your own life.

That doesn't mean she'll lose you
like she did your father.


- Hey.
- Hi.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

- You?
- Yeah. Thank you, Georgie.

This is Hobbes.

He's ex-military. Gun for hire.

Weapons expert.

He can get us weapons.
He can teach us to fight.

He's a known terrorist.
- He's only loyal to money.

- Ha, ha, that makes him predictable.
- Someone comes and pays him more?

Anna is fighting dirty.

We wanna win this war,
we can't bring knives to a gun fight.

You're forgetting one thing.

I haven't said yes yet.

Have you looked in the sky lately?

They're here to annihilate us.

Unless you got deep pockets,
I'm not interested in your cause.

This isn't just a cause for us.

It's his way of life, it's my faith.

Revenge for a family slaughtered.

Her son.

We all have a stake in this.
Don't think you don't.

Go ahead. Walk away.

They still have your prints on that bomb.

And you're trying to hire me,
a known fugitive, to do your bidding.


You have as much to lose now as I do.

So last time, show me the money
or show me the door.

You're right.

Like it or not,
we're all in this together now.

So how about I show you the truth?

The V's are nothing but lies.

They look like you.

They sound like you.

But we are not like you.

So you are telling me...


I'm one of them.

But I am not with them.

And they're the ones that framed you.

Aren't you the least bit pissed off
and curious why?

Welcome to the war.

Hey, Mom. It's Ty.

I'm on my way home from the ship now.

I'll see you at dinner, okay?



Georgie told me what happened.

I got the guy who stabbed you.

He's a pair of lizard skin boots now.

- How's Tyler?
- Okay.

He's coming home for dinner.

That's good.

How are you?

I'm fine.

You lying to me, Father?

I feel like something's changed
inside of me.

We're all changing.

I just made a deal with the devil...

I broke every oath
that I have sworn to protect.

I don't know what I'm thinking.

You're thinking
about protecting your son.

The ones you love.


It's good to see a friend.

You too.

So, what did you find out?

Examination of the R6
using human technology...

revealed nothing
more than a simple saline shot.

But when I used our equipment,
I found something quite different.

R6 has a molecular compound
that embeds itself in human DNA.

It interacts with the human genome...

then emits a wavelength of sorts
like a transmission.

So she's tagging humans
like animals in the wild?

You tell anybody about this?

No. And neither should you.

Not until we know the truth.

How are the candidates
for the next phase of the R6 plan looking?

I think Anna will be pleased.

I'm Chad Decker, reporting live...

...from the Manhattan
Visitor Healing Center.

Miracle cures? Wonder drugs?

Tonight, Prime Focus
takes you inside the V Healing Centers...

...where science fiction
is becoming science fact for those in need.

For those like me.

During my visit here, for this report...

...the V doctors diagnosed me
with a lethal brain aneurysm.

They're telling me they have a cure...

...and I'm gonna take it.

Prime Focus will take its cameras
behind the curtains...

...as I am healed by the Visitor doctors,
giving all of you a first-hand look...

...at their miracle cures.

What is it?

Mr. Decker just made sure
we take very good care of him.

Kyle Hobbes escaped the FBI.

We suspect he was tipped off.

Fifth Column?


He can help them
build an army against us.

It's time to build our own.

You have been selected from the best
among the 29 ships.

Our army will begin with one of you.

The very survival of our species
will depend on one of you.

Your queen commands it.


- Ty?

Thank God you're home.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Are you?

Do you have any idea
what you put me through today?

Yes, and I'm sorry.

- But I need to tell you something.
- Okay.

No, just listen to me for once, Mom.


You're not gonna lose me.

I'm not Dad.

I am always gonna be here for you.

Just because I'm growing up...

it doesn't mean we gotta grow apart.

How can I expect you
to understand my choices...

if I can't be completely honest
with you?

About what?

The Visitors.

- I need to talk to you about the Visitors.
- No.

There's something I have to tell you.
It's very...

I joined the Peace Ambassadors.

You don't have
to be afraid of the V's anymore.

I'm not afraid of the Visitors, Ty.

I'm just afraid of losing you.

You won't.

Trust me.

I do trust you.

No more secrets
about the Visitors, okay?

Don't worry, Mom.
The Visitors, they don't have any secrets.



- Everything okay?
- Something's not right.

What do you mean?

I've been eating nonstop all day long
and I've had weird cravings.

Something's not right.

I never told you this,
but I always wanted kids.

And then I met you. And you told me
that it wasn't a possibility for you.

I realized that if there was anything
in the world that I wanted...

more than being a mom,
it was to be with you.

- Val...
- No, let me finish.

It's a miracle, this baby, Ryan.

It happened for a reason.

I know it did.

It's done.

My army is to be born.

Now my eggs need nourishment.