V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 4 - It's Only the Beginning - full transcript

The Visitors continue to try and win favor with the population, this time by announcing that they will share their medical knowledge. Not only are they sharing advanced medical scanning ...

It's a day of high emotion,

as we open our doors to a nation

from beyond our imaginations.

The captains of all 29 ships
are present.

The Visitors didn't just get here.
They've been here for years.

There's others out there like me.
We'll help.

There were hundreds of images
being captured by the damn jackets.

- Why don't they just annihilate us?
- They need us for something.

We want to provide
complete medical services

to all.

John May started the 5th Column...

The first group of V
to ever turn against the leadership.

The 5th column says "Hello".

- Georgie, this is Erica.
- I brought a friend.


Tyler's the one. You should use him.

You're doing an excellent job.

Thank you, mother.


I feel like I've been doing
a lot of talking.

Sorry about that.

No, it's okay. We're grateful. You know
so much more about the Vs than we do.

Been doing this a long time.

They came after me when
I first found out about them.

I got away. My family didn't.

Jack told me.

I'm sorry.

How do you know so much about them?

Been doing this even longer
than Georgie.

We all know why we're here.

We need to hit them back
for what they did to us.

We don't have enough people
to hit anyone back.

We don't need a lot of people.

We just need
to get our hands on a V.

Then what?

Then we cut it open

and we show the world
what's underneath.

If we do that, they got
no choice but to retaliate.

That's just a war we can't win.

They'd wipe us out.

Georgie, no one's backing down,

but we must be smart
about how we fight.

You didn't answer
my question before.

How do you know so much
about the Vs?

You got nothing
to worry about with Ryan.

He saved my ass at the warehouse.

If it wasn't for him,
I'd be dead right now.


Why didn't you just tell them
that you're a V?

It's a priest and an FBI agent.
You can't trust them?

What is wrong with you?

I better not ever hear you talk
about skinning a V again.

His name was Dale Maddox,
a sleeper agent

we had installed
in the New York FBI office.

And you're telling me
he was murdered aboard my ship?

In the medical bay.

We've never had a murder
any of our ships.

Who would do such a thing?

There are rumors of traitors

5th column.

We can't afford any kind
of dissonance among our people.

Assemble a team immediately
and find out who did this.

Hi, sweetheart.

You working?

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Can you give me two minutes?

Than the Visitors
high commander, Anna.

You have some exciting news
to share with us today.

We do, Chad. We're announcing
a new program that will spread

the miracles of our healing centers
to countless people.

Do you know when she'll be back?

Well, is there another doctor
I can see?

No, it's all right.
Yeah, thanks anyway.

- You all right?
- I feel like crap.

There's that nasty bug
that's going around.

No, it's these meds.
They're making me so tired.

I'm trying to get 'em changed, but
Dr. Soder's out of town till next week.

- Maybe I should just stop taking them.
- No.

You can't just stop
taking heart medication.

I know.

I'll be fine.

I've just got
a couple of clients today.


- You need anything, let me know, okay?
- I will.

- Love you.
- I love you.

Which brings me
to today's announcement.

Our physicians are able to treat
a number of human ailments,

but preventative medicine
is also important.

We've developed an injection...
Call it a vitamin supplement

designed to strengthen
the immune system.

Not just strengthen it, I'm told,
but supercharge it.

To help fight off numerous forms
of cancer, other diseases

even stave off the effects of aging.

All true.

We'll be offering
the injections around the clock

at our healing centers
in the days to come.

Any chance you're gonna cure
the common cold for us?

Your flu shots will have to suffice.

I'm afraid even we haven't cracked
the common cold.

I guess even the Vs
have their limitations.

Anna, thank you so much
for being with us.


It's been, like,
way more than two minutes.


I'm all yours.

It's about
the girl you met last night...

Half-naked girl
in my son's room Lisa.

Sorry... I'm sorry. Do you...

I'm not gonna get it. I wanna hear.

It's work. You should take it.
It's fine.

Will you hold on for a second?
'Cause i will get rid of 'em.

It's Ryan.

I'm gonna need to call you back.

What? No, this can't wait.

No, mom, seriously, it's fine.

- We'll talk about it later.
- We can...

We need to meet... Right now.

This thing that Anna's calling
a vitamin injection...

- She's lying.
- How do you know?

A couple years ago,
I took out a cell of V scientists.

They were working on an injection.

They tried to mass produce
and distribute it among humans.

If you're gonna put something harmful
into a vitamin, why do you go on TV,

make such a big deal about it?

Anna wouldn't make an announcement
like this if it wasn't big.

I know what I'm talking about.
They've reactivated this plan.

So they're gonna what...
Take us out one shot at a time?

No, this is part of something
that's just much bigger.

I know the names of the Vs that
were involved the last time.

Some of them survived. Maybe

you can run 'em through the FBI,
see who's stilling out there.

This isn't getting us anywhere.

Is that all of them?

Try Peter Combs.

He was a lab assistant,
pretty low level.

That's him.

Professor of chemistry?
Not low level anymore.

- This Peter Combs' a V?
- He's a V.

We track him down
and find out what he's up to.

Let's just take him out?

Taking out one V
is not gonna get us anywhere.

If we follow him, he'll lead us
to a bigger part of the puzzle.

Seriously, that's the plan?

Follow him?

That's the plan.

I can't talk to my mom anymore.

I've tried telling her
about this girl I met...

She won't give me two seconds.

She doesn't trust me.
She just keeps on telling me,

"Stay away from the Vs."

And you don't know how to tell her
that the Vs are important to you?

She doesn't want to hear it.

I joined the peace ambassadors.

If my mom knew,
she would go ballistic.

She thinks the Vs are evil.

And how do you see them?

The world's broken.

They're fixing it.

All we do is, we get in their way.

They got these healing centers.

The things they can do...

Have you been down there
to the healing centers?

No. Not yet.


I just...

I've been tempted myself
to check them out.

I hear you have to wait months

If you really wanna go,
I might be able to help.

I kinda know someone.

That's really sweet of you, Tyler.

I might actually
take you up on that.

I hear they're curing blindness,

helping handicapped people walk,

all these great things, and...

My mom will never know because
she won't even talk to one.

You know, I shouldn't even care.

I'm gonna be 18 in a month, and then
I won't have to deal with any of this.

Your mom doesn't stop being a mom
because you're 18.

I feel like she stopped
being by mom a long time ago.

I thought it might take longer,

but I think Tyler's ready.


Bring him up to the ship.

Tell him I wanna meet him.

Team L?zards

?Aka?, Anna's?Son, kaiser66

Season 1 Episode 4
[It's Only The Beginning]

Thank you again for doing this
report on our healing centers.

It's not like I had
much of a choice.

Anna wouldn't do the interview
with me unless I did this.

That's amazing.

And that's why we want you
to share our story with the world.

This is Tyler. You know what to do.

- Still can't get a hold of him?
- He's mad at me.

You wanna talk about it?

I do not.


It's Ryan. We're set.

Class is out in 15 minutes.

When Combs heads to his car,
we got him covered.

I'm on the ground floor,
Georgie's upstairs.

I'm checking in with Georgie now.

You've interviewed
all of the medical staff?

Extensively. We couldn't find anyone
who could shed any light on the murder.

How many of your staff
were on duty that day?

14, maybe 15.

Gather them.

- They've already been questioned.
- I understand that.

Gather them anyway.

- You have to get off the ship.
- I'm not running.

- The Column needs you.
- You'll carry on, so will the others.

You cannot be sacrificed
no matter what.

I won't let it happen.


I'm gonna cut you open.

And show the world what you are.

Get the car.

You need to put pressure
on that wound.

What the hell happened?

He just started shooting at me.

We need to get him some help.
I'm gonna take care of Combs.

- What happened?
- I don't know yet.

- You got him?
- I got him.

- I'll take care of him. Just be safe.
- You, too.

You thought you were
gonna get away this time.

You can't stop us, filthy traitor!

You're a Visitor.

What the hell is going on?

You and I want the same thing.

We both want to know
what Combs was doing.

- Now i got nothing. You just shot him.
- He was gonna kill you.

We're on the same side, Erica.

that I've told you is true.

Except that you're a Visitor.

Never said I wasn't.

Sirens are getting close.

What's it gonna be?

Hi. A friend of mine called
and made an appointment for me.

The diagnostic scan
provides an image

of every system in your body
on a cellular scale.

A level of detail our medical technology
can't even begin to fathom.

I'm all set.

For anyone who's had
an M.R.I. or a C.A.T. scan,

This scan is...

Well, i gotta say,
it's kinda pleasant.

Okay, cut.

Check that back for me,
will you, Gary? Thank you.

Getting everything you need,
Mr. Decker?

Could use a little more freedom
to walk around,

talk to some of the patients...

I understand.

Tight schedule, I'm afraid.

Maybe next time.

How does a priest know
the way around a bullet wound?

Army chaplain. Two tours in Iraq.

You and the blonde
are full of surprises.

You went after that V
in the garage, didn't you?

I did what was right
if we want to win this thing.

You got lucky.
The bullet went through.

Yeah, I feel lucky.

All right...

This is gonna hurt.

Pretty soon, you're gonna need
to decide what you are...

A priest or a soldier.

We're not gonna get anywhere until
you get your question out, so...


- What happened to Combs?
- Suicide pill.

Leaves no real evidence behind,
nothing but ash.

All Vs carry one. Next.

He called you a traitor.

Are there other Vs like you,
fighting against Anna?

They're called the 5th Column.

Good to know.


This just looks like paperwork.

He would get all of his supplies
from his department, right?


So what's his connection to
the Lyndhurst shipping company?

Let's go check it out.

The murdered sleeper agent
was a valuable asset.

Had he been debriefed, he would have
provided us with invaluable information.

Someone prevented that
from happening.

Would you please join the rest?

You are a part of
the medical staff, aren't you?

Unless the guilty party steps
forward to take responsibility,

I'm gonna need to choose one of you

to set an example.

The innocent will suffer.

Last chance.

Long live the 5th Column.

As lead medical officer,
you will carry out the sentence.

Skin him.

Am i in trouble with your mom?

Why would you be in trouble?

I don't know.

When you called and said
she wanted to meet me,

If it was my mom, I'd be in trouble.

Mine's not like that.

You guys are so much more
evolved than we are.

Oh, my God. That's Anna.

- Do you know her or...
- Yeah. That's my mom.

Come on.

Lisa's told me all about you.

She, didn't tell me,
a lot about you.

But i already know
a lot about you, so...

I'd like to take some time
to get to know Tyler.

Is that all right with you?


Don't worry.

She doesn't bite.

See you later.

Excuse me.

Can I talk to you for a second?

Thank you.

I'm so lost.

I was looking for 5700 Gibbs, and...

You know,
that address is right over!

- How's Georgie?
- He'll be fine.

- What are you doing?
- Protocol 9.

Tells everybody in the building
to evacuate immediately.

They'll meet at a rally point
off site until further notice.

Should buy us some time
while we're in there.

There you go.

All right. Let's move.

Lisa's happiness has always been
the highest priority for me.

Right now you seem
to be a big part of her life.

She's quite taken with you.

Me too. I mean, you know, with her.

Good. I'm glad.
I wanted to make sure you felt the same.

It's universal instinct for mothers
to be protective of their young.

Lisa mentioned you
liked motorcycles.

Yeah, I'm kind of hooked
on machines.


I think you'll enjoy this.

This is the propulsion system
we use on each of our 29 ships.


is the engine room.

You've gotta be kidding me.

No human has ever seen this before.

You are the first, Tyler.

I thought you'd like it.

How could you do this?

How could you sacrifice yourself?
You had to be protected.

You're one of Anna's closest advisors,
the best hope for the column.

- I can't move my body.
- I gave you something.

- I can't do this.
- She suspects you.

That's why she's making you do it.
You have to.

Joshua, do it.

My death will be meaningless
if you're found out.

Come on.

You gotta see this.

- R6?
- What the hell is R6?

What they're putting in
their vitamin shot.

They're experimenting on people.

Is that the vitamin shot?

- It's the flu vaccine.
- What, human vaccine?

They're not mixing their drug
into the vitamin shot.

They're mixing it
into our flu vaccine.

Shipment leaves tomorrow.

They did everything from here...
Tested it on humans,

Packaged it
to look like the flu shot.

When this shipment mingles
with the real shots,

No one could tell the difference.

And no government agency's gonna
be worrying about a flu vaccine

when they've got a V
vitamin to evaluate.

Which, in all likelihood,
is nothing more than a vitamin shot.

They know exactly how to play us.

The media bombards us with stories
of epidemics, pandemics,

so we run out.
We get a shot to protect ourselves.

That's what the Vs are counting on.
Our predictability,

Our human nature.

It's very calculated, isn't it?

Everything that Anna
does is calculated.

So what, we stop doing
what makes us human?

All I'm saying is the more
predictable we are,

the more vulnerable we are.

I'm gonna keep this as evidence.

The rest we destroy.

The diagnostic scan
detected your heart condition.

And it is a condition we can heal.

Oh, my God. That's wonderful.
I was just looking for a change in meds.

But the thing is, Ms. Stevens,

the diagnostic also
turned up something else.

Something else?

- They came back.
- They figured it out.

- Go. I'll be there.
- Where are you going?

Every V security
system has a fail-safe.

Hurry. Come on!
They're coming! Let's go!

Mr. Decker.


May we have a word before you go?

I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure
i heard you right.

You think I'm gonna die?

Had you not come here,
almost certainly.

In approximately six months,

you will develop
a basilar artery aneurysm.

But we can heal you,
prevent it from developing.

You wouldn't be offended
if i got a second opinion, would you?

Your technology won't be able
to detect this until it's too late.

I know this kind of news
is difficult, Mr. Decker.

But the science
is incredibly accurate.

Would you like a printout
of your medical history?

I didn't give it you.

We analyze in four dimensions...
the fourth being time.

Medically we can determine
what's going to happen

or what's already happened.

Any trauma your body sustained
over the years,

there's a biological marker
of it stored in every cell.

We just extrapolate the data.

Chicken pox at age 8,
bronchitis at 14,

a broken femur, 26.

Appendicitis at 31

and migraines your whole life.

As I said, Chad,
incredibly accurate.

But the good news is,
we can heal you.

The bad news is

there is a long waiting list.

Though I suppose
if you're open to it,

we could work something out.

It may not be anything more than
a hiccup to Anna, but tonight

we landed a punch.

Yeah, we did.

Speaking of punches, Father,
you got a hell of a right hook.

That V didn't see it coming.

- You guys gonna be okay getting home?
- We'll manage.

We made a difference tonight.

Our plan is beginning to take hold.

Lisa was right. Tyler is the one.

What is it?

The warehouse containing
all of the R6 compound has been lost.


In an explosion.
It's all been destroyed.

It was sabotage.

We received a message from
the warehouse moments before.

Word has spread quickly.
Every ship has heard.

There was already a growing concern,
but now there is real fear.

Then we'll have to manage
their fear.

Remind everyone that even
a mid talk of the 5th Column...

of John May...

They have me.

No need for regrets for mistakes
made yesterday.

The past is gone.

No looming fate,

no uncontrollable destiny.

No hunger. No sickness.

No fear.

No death.

Nothing ahead.

Nothing behind.

Just stillness...



The pain you felt,

the pain that you may have
caused others...

it's behind you.

No looking back.

No fear of what will come.

Just the pulse of time,



Bask in my light.

Take comfort knowing i am here.

You will never be alone.

What was that?

A gift from my mother.

We call it bliss.

Sweetheart, I'm home.

I'm in here.

You all right?

- How you feeling?
- Okay.

I got some news today.

What's wrong?

I didn't believe it,
so i had to confirm it.

I wasn't tired 'cause of my meds.

I'm pregnant.

We're gonna have a baby!

Pretty soon you need
to decide what you are...

A priest or a soldier.

Father Travis?

Father Travis?

Who are you? How'd you get in here?

The door was open.

I need to talk.

I'm sorry. It's late.

You're gonna have to leave.

I'm desperate.

I'm here tomorrow.

We can talk tomorrow.

What is it that you need? Are you...


"Can't believe you were invited
up to the v ship!"

Is everything okay, Tyler?

Everything's fine.

Beautiful, isn't it?

It must be awesome seeing space
from one of these ships.

Maybe one day you will.

What you've seen today, Tyler...

Is only the beginning.