V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 11 - Fruition - full transcript

In the aftermath of the downed shuttle, Anna continues to manipulate human emotions and arranges for one of the Vs to be badly beaten and then left in alley. She announces that they no ...

Previously on V:

The Visitors framed you.

Prints on the bomb that torched
the Lyndhurst warehouse.

You the least bit curious why?

It's critical we advance our plans for Tyler.

- He'll remain until he's no longer needed.
- And then what?

Lisa's changing.

If her feelings for Tyler are real,
she could be a great asset against Anna.

- I don't want you to move with me.
- You can go.

- He doesn't want to see me anymore.
- We'll find a greater incentive for him.

Break her legs.

Help! I need some help over here!

We've got an assault on a female Visitor.

She was leaving
the Peace Ambassador Center.

Two men jumped her, told her:

"Fifth Column doesn't want you here.
Leave or we kill all of you. "

Subtle. Suspects?

Not yet, but lucky for us
she got a good look at her attackers.

A sketch artist is on his way down
right now.

Oh, my God.

I know her.

It's my son's girlfriend.

- Did you know she's a V?
- No.

Does he?

I don't know.


Mrs. Evans.

Oh, God. Oh, sweetheart.

Lisa, I'm so sorry.

I don't understand.

Why would someone do this to me?

I don't know.

I'm gonna find out.

The men who hurt you...

did you recognize them from anywhere?

Break her legs.



Hey. It's gonna be okay.

Hey. I'm so sorry, sweetheart.

It's okay.

It's time to go down
to the Healing Center, Joshua.

My daughter needs her mother's comfort.

They still haven't healed Lisa's injuries.

- I'll do so when I arrive.
- No.

Heal her legs so she can walk.

But keep the gash and the bruises
on her face until she returns to the ship.

I want the whole world to see what the
Fifth Column has done to my daughter.

A picture's worth a thousand words.

In breaking news, on the story
we've been following all morning...

...the FBI has released sketches
of two men...

...suspected in the assault on the Visitor.

Authorities are asking for public help...

...in identifying the men
who left her for dead.

Anybody with any information
regarding these...

Hey, Decker, you see this?

At this time, the Visitors have released
no information...

...on the victim or her condition.

All we've been told is...

...that High Commander Anna
will address the American people...

...following the alleged assault against
her kind this morning.

- This the first you're hearing of this?
- Yeah.

Thought you were the voice of the V's.

What happened, Anna fire you?

Looks like we're gonna have
a full house this morning.

Morning mass doesn't start
for another hour.

There was an attack on
one of the Visitors last night.

They're praying for the V's soul.

Our parishioners spend more time praying
for the Visitors' souls than their own.

If that's troubling you, speak to them.
They're looking to connect.

Will they listen, Father Travis?

They've become so dependent
on the Visitors.

Jack, don't let your own concerns
blind you...

to the needs of your parishioners.

They found room in their hearts
for the Visitors.

You try to find room in your heart as well.


We pulled some mug shots based on the
description Lisa gave our sketch artist.

One of them is our old friend Hobbes.



I have some mug shots to show you.


Are these the men who attacked you?

It's okay. Take your time.

Look carefully.


Lisa, are you sure?




What have they done to my daughter?


You're gonna be okay.

You're safe now.

Most people have embraced us...

welcomed us.

It's astonishing to me the Fifth Column
could cause so much pain...

terrorize so many people.

There are some twisted people
in our world.


the majority of humans are kind,

This is why I never wanted to make
Lisa's identity public.

I worried she would become a target.
This is exactly what I was afraid of.

Lisa identified two men.

Have you ever seen either of
these men before?


Lisa was on her way to see your son
when this happened. Does Tyler know?

Yes. I called and told him.

He's very upset.

Lisa's grown very fond of him.

He's lucky he wasn't with her
when this happened.

Yes, he is. He's very lucky.

As a mother, I'm sure you can imagine
how I feel right now.

As a mother, I know...

that if someone tried to hurt my son...

there's nothing I wouldn't do
to stop them.

Then I'm sure you'll do
whatever you can to find who did this...

before they hurt someone else's child.

I will.

You can count on it.

Erica says Lisa identified you
as one of her attackers.

Your face is all over the news, which is
the last thing we need right now.

- It's no picnic for me either, mate.
- It's the second time V's framed you...

for something you didn't do.
- Anything you wanna tell us?

I got no idea what the Visitors
want from me, okay?

But I think it might have something
to do with this other guy.

- His name's Parker.
- Why him?

Four weeks ago, before the Visitors
framed me for the first time...

someone hired me to kill him.

Our suspects in this morning's attack...

are Lawrence Parker and Kyle Hobbes.

Lawrence Parker is a weapons engineer,
did time as a CIA analyst in Beijing.

He works for Dorset System Labs.

Parker went missing four weeks ago.

He has access to top-secret intelligence.

You talked to Dorset. Did he take any
of his research with him?

Dorset Labs says no.

No. Hobbes is the key.

He wouldn't be involved in an assault
that doesn't match his m. o.

I suggest it's all part of a larger plan
that he has.

And I suggest we find Kyle Hobbes.

Hold on.

We've been looking for Hobbes
for weeks, no luck.

Lawrence Parker is a civilian.
He's a weak link.

We go for Parker, we find him,
we get a shot at Hobbes.

Evans, you better be right.

We focus on Parker. And move it.

- Do you know any more about Lisa?

- Wouldn't let me in the Healing Center.
- I do. She's gonna be okay.

L... I should've told you
that she was a Visitor. L...

Yeah, you kind of skipped that part.

You're gonna find the people
who did this, right?

I will do everything that I can.

Hey. You wanna see her?

Tyler, I didn't want you
to see me like this.

I needed to see you.

I needed to know that you were okay.

Agent Evans.

I believe we have some friends
in common.

Fifth Column.

We've spoken on the comms device.


It's nice to see your face.

- Is it safe to talk?
For a moment.

Listen to me carefully.

The two men Lisa identified as
her assailants are innocent.

Anna did this to her.

Anna did this to her own daughter?


I don't know.

But the two men she identified
have answers.

You need to find them before Anna does.

I didn't mean the things
that I said to you yesterday...

about not wanting to see you.

I do.

Then why did you say them?

I was confused...

and scared.

I've never had feelings like this
for someone before.

Neither have I.

My son is in love with her daughter.
Is he in danger?

At first, Tyler was just an assignment.

But now I believe that her feelings
for him are real.

I don't think that she'd hurt him.

Lisa, it's time.

Marcus. Hey.

- What's going on? I can't reach Anna.
- I'm sorry.

- She's been indisposed.
- Indisposed?

A Visitor being attacked
is a delicate story.

You're gonna need my help
to control it.

Thank you, Mr. Decker,
but we already have it under control.

Don't look at the cameras.
Don't make eye contact with anyone.

Why not?

The less you give them,
the more they want.

- Anna.
- Why are we cutting Mr. Decker off?

- Bring him back when the time is right.
- Hey, Anna.


I come to you today with a heavy heart.

A terrible hate crime has been committed
against one of my people.

Members of a terrorist group,
the Fifth Column...

have brutally assaulted a member
of my family.

My own daughter, Lisa.

Despite our best efforts...

to demonstrate our care and concern
for the human race...

to improve life on your planet...

...to share our resources and technology...

...asking for nothing in return...

...there are those among you
who wish to harm us.

In the wake of yesterday's
shuttle disaster...

...and this assault on my daughter...

...my people no longer feel safe here.

And so I have come to a decision.

We are leaving.

Anna's lying. They're never leaving.

- Then why make the announcement?
- Oh, it's theater.

The boo-hoo,
the attack on the princess.

She's putting on a show.

Hobbes is right.

Anna could've healed Lisa's wounds,
but she left them for the world to see.

Question is, why?

- What is her interest in you and Parker?
- I don't know.

Well, we need to find out.

Joshua said that Anna is the one
who beat Lisa.

Slashed her face. She broke her legs.

- Wait, Anna did that?
- Yes.

- How could she do that to her daughter?
- She's not human. She's a Visitor.

Nothing that she won't do
to get what she wants.

Whatever Parker knows
is important enough to Anna...

that she would hurt her own child
to engage our sympathies.

- And also get the FBI to help find him.

We want answers, we find Parker.

Or we could ask your son.

I mean,
you said they have a thing going.

Maybe the lizard princess told him
something that could help us.


I will not bring Tyler into this.
I will not use him.

Reconsider this, Erica.

I kept the truth from Val
and look where it's got me.

Anna's already using Tyler in this war.

Bringing him in may be the way
to protect him.

You saw what she did to her kid.

If she's capable of that,
imagine what she could do to your son.

Use your contacts to find Parker.
Ryan and Jack will follow up on your leads.

You're public enemy number one,

Got cojones showing your face here.

Frame me once, shame on you.
Frame me twice, shame on me.

Four weeks ago, someone hired me
to kill Parker.

My employer didn't check out.

Fake name, fake social.
Didn't pass the smell test.

Figured something wasn't kosher.

You're right. Tried to track down
the guy who hired you, but I couldn't.

I was luckier with Parker.

Been holed up in a Chinatown
walk-up since he went missing.

Find out what he was working on
at Dorset Systems?

No. No luck.

Well, whatever it is, the Visitors,
the FBI, they want it bad.

And now they're framing us
for the assault of Anna's kid.

What are you gonna do?
Get my hands on it before they do.

- Hey.
- Took my contacts longer than I thought.

But finally they got the 411 on Parker.

- Where?

Apartment across
from the Jade Kitchen on Pell.

Apartment 3.
- Good work.

Ah, my pleasure.

Mr. Decker.

I need to see Anna right now.
Why isn't she returning my calls?

I'm sorry, Chad. But dealing
with the attack of her daughter...

and coordinating withdrawal
has left her little time for anything else.

You're not really leaving.
I don't believe that.

Unfortunately, we have no choice.
The Fifth Column is too much of a threat.

- Well, maybe I can help.
I wish you could...

but you're just a journalist.

You're underestimating my influence,

My audience listens to me.

I could reach out to them, I could have
them put pressure on our government...

to go after the Fifth Column
and help keep you here.

Your job is to report the news,
Mr. Decker...

not to editorialize.

Speaking out on the air could
cost you that job.

Are you really willing to take that risk?

As you predicted, Mr. Decker
is concerned about our leaving.

Good. I need him to be desperate.

To be convincing.

He's always done as you asked.
Why does he need convincing?

It's not Chad who needs convincing.
It's his audience.

And only he can speak to them.

His fear of losing us will fuel his passion.

That passion will generate
a public outcry...

and we'll get what we want.

Tell the captain of the Shanghai ship
to leave, immediately.

Just minutes ago,
the first ship left Shanghai, China...

the first in Anna's
planned week-long withdrawal...

and shutdown of all V services...

sending waves of protest and outcry
across the world.

London. Moscow. Rio.

People everywhere reacting to the fact
that, when they leave...

the Visitors will take with them
their many gifts to humanity.

It is my job
to report the news objectively.

However, today I can't sit back
and pretend I don't have an opinion...

because I do.

The V's saved my life.

We, the people, must fix this.

If you care about your future...

...the health of your children...

...a world made safe and peaceful
by technology, now is the time.

Let your voice be heard.

Show the world how much
Anna means to you.

Show our elected officials...

that you want Anna and the Visitors
to stay.

Hobbes says Parker's bunking
in that walk-up.

Keep your eyes out for him.

Ryan, you've been different since Val left.

I remember John May saying
emotion was a good thing...

it was worth fighting for.

But I don't think he was right anymore.

Val has changed me.

She allowed me to see the beauty
in humanity.

It was her love that enabled me
to fight off Anna's bliss.

Without her,
I just don't think I can do it anymore.

None of us knows if we can.

But with faith, we can.

And with faith, we do.

That's all you can do, Ryan.
That's all any of us can do.

- Hey.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah.

That's Parker.

I'm gonna go check it out.

- Cover front and back in case he bolts.

Be careful, okay?

Dr. Parker? FBI.

Look, I know you're scared.

I wanna help you.


I'm Erica.

Whatever the Visitors are saying I did,
I'm innocent.

I believe you, but if you're innocent,
why are you running?

Because whoever's after me found me.

Someone broke into my hard drive
and stole all my research.

I need to find a better place to hide.

You disappeared four weeks ago.

Someone came after me. I thought
it was related to the work I was doing.

- Think it could have been the V's?
- Must have some reason to frame you.

- Why would they be interested in me?
- What were you doing for Dorset?

Myself and a few colleagues
run an online think tank.

- And?
- We worked on an organic compound...

to reduce carbon emissions,
slow down global warming.

But it didn't work.
We had some problematic side effects.

- What were the side effects?
- Algae. It infected marine life.

Caused a virus on the skin of fish,
turtles, other amphibians.

We abandoned the project.

- What about reptiles? Lizards?
- Possibly.

Was the virus deadly?

- Potentially, yes. That's why we stopped.
- Okay.

Dr. Parker, this is really important.

How much of this compound exists?
Do you have the formula?

Yes, but I only worked on
one component of the project.

We worked separately.

If our work was compromised,
it'd be useless without us.

My research is gone.
Whoever took the hard drive has it.

- Yeah?
- Get out of there, Erica. The FBI's here.

Okay. You and Ryan leave now. Go.

I'll figure it out.

Larry, I need to know the names
of the people you were working with...

your think tank.
- All right.

Thank you, Larry.

I am going to do everything in my power
to help you, and I'm sorry.

This is gonna hurt a little bit.

- Evans.

I was about to call for backup.
What are you doing here?

Tip from the restaurant across the street,
said Parker's been in this place for weeks.

- What are you doing?
- Got the same tip.

Nice work, Evans.


Parker, you're under arrest for
the attempted murder...

of the Visitor known as Lisa.

Just got off the phone with Washington.
The Visitors aren't going anywhere.

The government offered our help
in stopping Fifth Column.

They will share their technology with us
and we will share our intel on terrorists.

I don't think that's a good idea. Do you?

Doesn't matter what I think.
This goes all the way to the president.

I have been instructed
to form a joint task force.

We will work together with the Visitors
to eradicate Fifth Column.

Also, effective immediately,
any suspects with chargeable cases...

will be remanded to the V's
for questioning...

starting with our friend
Mr. Parker there.

I just ran a search on all the scientists
in Parker's think tank.

- All of them were reported missing.
- Anna's got to them.

Parker's the missing piece.
She's about to get to him too.

She can't.

We lose Parker, we lose our only chance
to recover his research.

And whatever the Visitors
are afraid of.

We still have a shot.

Lisa is on her way down
to identify Parker.

- Maybe I can get through to her.
- Erica, are you sure about this?

Manipulating Lisa, using her,
might put you on Anna's radar.

It could put Tyler at risk.

If she's going to use my son, then
I'm sure as hell gonna use her daughter.

They're here.

Anna. Marcus.

May I speak with Lisa for a moment?

Confronting one's attacker
can be very unsettling.

I would like to prep her first.

Of course. Thank you.

This way.

I want you to have this.

What's this for?

I want you to take it
into the lineup with you.


Holding onto something that makes you
feel safe gives you strength.

Trust me.


Listen to me very carefully.

This man's fate and a whole lot more...

relies upon your telling the truth
about who hurt you.

You cannot condemn
an innocent man.

You need to be 100 percent sure.

Mrs. Evans...

what I said about those two men...

It's time, my daughter.


Lisa, remember, you can see them,
they can't see you.


Take your time.
And remember what we talked about.

I'm here.

There's nothing to fear anymore.

It's him.


Are you sure?


Thank you, Agent Evans. You have
no idea how much this means to me.

Of course.

What will you do with him?

Question him about his collaborators.

He'll lead us to his accomplice,
Kyle Hobbes, and other Fifth Column.

I want you to know I'm going to make
stopping the Fifth Column my top priority.

Then I'm sure we'll cross paths
again soon.

I'm not going anywhere, Anna.

As of this evening, neither am I.

It's Kyle Hobbes.

you've been looking for me.

But surprise, surprise, looks like I found
what you're really looking for.

I've got Parker's research.

Question is, how much is it worth to you?

Protests turning to celebration tonight
as New York City residents rejoice...

...in Anna's decision to stay.

Many citing that heartfelt public appeal
by reporter Chad Decker...

...as being a key element in
driving public sentiments.


- I've been trying to reach you all day.
- I'm sorry, Chad.

I've had other things on my mind today
besides Chad Decker.

Your report created quite an uproar.

Thanks to you, we're staying.

You shut me out purposefully today
to get me to make a plea.

To push public opinion to rally for you
to stay, didn't you?

My only interest is the protection
of my people.

Thankfully, your government agreed
to help ensure their safety.

I was hoping maybe you could
help me too.


I need to stop the Fifth Column.

You can start by giving me the name
of your source.

The one that tipped you off
about the shuttle crash.

That would be a breach of my ethics
as a journalist.

You've crossed that line once today.

Crossing it a second time shouldn't
be that difficult.

I'm only looking out for what's best
for both of us.

Something's off with you.

- That worries me.
- Yeah?

Since when do you worry about
anyone but yourself?

Well, my only worry is that you stay
focused on your game.

Anything less could get us killed.

I'm on my game.

You stay on yours.


When special-ops soldiers go to war...

they don't carry any family mementos.
No photos. Nothing.

You know why?

Because they can be taken from you
and used against you.

The V's hit you where it hurt.

You fell in love...

and now she's gone.

And that pain you're feeling,
those human emotions...

they will use them against you.

In war...

emotions can get you killed.

Bury them.

Leave your feelings for her behind.

Burn any trace of them out of your heart.

The eggs are about to hatch.

My army will be born soon.

You did an excellent job today
with the FBI and with Tyler.

As head of the Fifth Column Task Force...

Tyler's mother is our most important
asset against the Fifth Column.

I will keep her close.

Make her believe, like Tyler,
that my feelings for her are real.


If my mother's eggs are allowed
to hatch...

those soldiers will destroy
the Fifth Column, won't they?

Yes, they will.

Authorities announced the arrest
of a suspect...

...in the assault on
High Commander Anna's daughter.

The suspect, Lawrence Parker,
was taken into custody in Chinatown...

...by the Fifth Column Task Force,
led by Agent Erica Evans of the FBI.

Parker, a weapons designer for
Dorset Systems Labs in Westchester...

...disappeared weeks ago
and emerged just this morning...

...as one of two suspects.
- You're a hero.

The suspect in the assault on...
- So I've heard.

I meant to me.

That guy, Parker...

you caught him and you put him away.

That means a lot.

Thanks, Mom.

And I just wanna make sure...

that you're okay with me dating a V.

It's a little weird. Not gonna lie.

I'll deal.

- Ha, ha. Thanks.
- Mm-hm.

Ty, wait.

I was wrong about the Visitors.

You were right.

I'd like to get to know Lisa better
and Anna too...

if that's okay with you.

Yeah, that's okay.

I'd like that.

The fleet from our planet will enter
this solar system soon.

It won't be long until
they'll be within human radar range.

Piggyback our software into their
law enforcement and military computers.

Disable their radar
so they can't detect our ships.

They'll see what we want them to see,
nothing more.

Fear of the Fifth Column is spreading
like wildfire throughout the 29 ships.

I've never seen such worry in them.

They just need their queen
to assuage their fears.

Take comfort, knowing I am here.

There is nothing to fear.

We will remain among humans...

...but the Fifth Column
will never harm you.

The past is gone.

No looming fate.

No uncontrollable destiny.

No fear.

No looking back.

Bask in my light.

Take comfort, knowing I am here...

...protecting you from harm.

You are not alone.

You will never be alone.

Gutsy move, showing your face
in public, Mr. Hobbes.

What's to stop me from killing you?

Because I've got Parker's research.

And you wouldn't be here if that didn't
frighten the hell out of you.

Where is it?

It's not here. Somewhere safe.

Unless, of course,
I don't get what I want.

I want that research.

And you can have it, chief.

And all for the low, low price
of everything the Visitors have on me.

A clean slate.

And one hell of a big pile of dollars.