V (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 10 - Hearts and Minds - full transcript

Joshua informs Ryan that Anna will be dispatching a shuttle full of trackers to locate and eliminate fifth columnists. He, Father Jack and Kyle decide to shoot it down before it lands. Not all is as it seems however and it's all part of Anna's plan to discredit the fifth column. There's more to the live aboard program that meets the eye. Chad is still carrying on his facade of concern about the Vs and sympathy for the fifth columnists. Father Jack lets something slip but he has a crisis of faith when he thinks they have taken innocent lives. Erica discovers something interesting about the remains in the wreckage. Anna make a dramatic - and manipulative - announcement.

Previously on V:

Today we welcome the very first group
of humans...

selected to participate in our
Live-Aboard program.

I'm moving up on that ship.
There's nothing you can do about it.

Members of our race are falling prey
to human emotion.

Everyone will be tested.

- Failed.
- The test has to be wrong.

I want you to investigate
the Fifth Column.

Intel says they were planning
a terrorist attack against the Visitors.

Anna's worried about a group
of Resistance fighters.

If I hear, I'll let you know.

I've looked into the group you told me
about. I might have something for you.

There it is. Hurry up!

We got 45 seconds to acquire target
or the battery's spent.

Do it.

- Something's not right.

- Jack, get back here.
- We gotta split now.

We don't have time for this.

God in heaven.

- Got someplace to be, Evans?
- No.

Just trying to figure out how
to schedule the...

Hello? FBI.

Hold on one second.
- Kelso here.

- FBI.
- Yeah?

- Are you serious?
- Hello?


Yeah, hold on.

Ryan, what's happening?

Cops are almost here.
We gotta get out before someone sees us.

No, there might be survivors.

You need to tell me
what you're seeing out there.

- Ryan?
- There are no survivors.

- No, Jack, they're gone.

- You can't do anything for them.
- Ryan, what's going on?

Ryan, talk to me, please.
What's going on?

There wasn't a V tracker team
on that shuttle.

- They were humans.
- What?

Jack, come on. We're going!

This is great.
I know.

Our shuttle was successfully shot down,
as you expected it would.

The human remains have been found.

There will be a strong public outcry.

Human law enforcement will take swift
and immediate action...

against those responsible
for this atrocity.

Fifth Column.

Ryan, it's Joshua.

What's going on, Joshua?

Since you stopped the soldier
that was sent after Val...

Anna knows the Fifth Column
is growing stronger.

I received word from other Fifth Column
on the ship...

she's sending a shuttle down filled
with trackers to locate those responsible.

- Trackers? When?
- Today.

Ryan, if those trackers hit the ground
and disperse...

it'll be impossible to locate them all.

I can't let them hit the ground. Have to
blow up that shuttle up before it lands.

No human technology can
knock one down.

But V technology could.

If I could acquire a missile...

could we alter it so it can breach
a V shuttle's defenses?

Only if V code was uploaded to
the Seeker electronics...

in the missile's computer chip.
- Get me that code.

You don't have much time.

You have to move fast.

You're dropping your right.

Yeah? I suppose you could do better.

I wouldn't wanna embarrass you.

Wait, wait, wait.
Are you backing down from a challenge?

I thought you were
Special Agent Erica Evans.

- Really?
- Yeah.



- Need any help with those gloves?
- I got it, thanks.

- Step aside, priest.
- Whoa.

Like Thorn Birds in here.

They let girls box here, eh?

Yeah. Women too, I've heard.

You know the sport?

I have four brothers.
I learned a thing or two about fighting.

- Who's your favorite boxer?
- Sugar Ray Leonard.

Lightning hands, fast on his feet,
good balance, never off his form.

You're bursting with opinions
this morning. Who's yours?



We need to get our hands
on a Stinger missile.

- Finally some fun here.
- What are you talking about?

Anna's sending a shuttle
with V trackers...

to hunt down those responsible for
stopping her soldier. That would be us.


They have heightened senses.
Like soldiers, but they blend in.

They could follow a scent,
work a crime scene, evaluate evidence.

- Why not send another soldier after us?
- She will.

But she'll send the trackers to identify
us, paint targets on our foreheads.

She'll send in the soldiers
to finish us off.

- When's this shuttle coming?
- Six o'clock.

But it's never gonna get here, because
we're gonna blow it out the sky.

What? You can't be serious.

We're talking about blowing up
a shuttle?

No, we're talking about blowing up
a V shuttle.

But you're right to be worried
on one count.

Strategically, we can't have Fifth Column
coming off like terrorists.

We need to control public blowback
if we do this.

There won't be any.

The last thing Anna wants
is a big media mess...

FBI crawling all over the wreckage.
Not with the V remains on the site.

All she's gonna do is say
there was a shuttle malfunction...

clean it up with no interference.

Are we considering this?
My son flies on those shuttles.

People fly on those shuttles.

How do we know no one innocent
will be hurt?

Joshua's confirmed there's gonna be V
trackers on those shuttles. No humans.

- What if it lands on a house or a school?
- I know the flight plan.

It's landing in a remote location.

Make no mistake, if that shuttle touches
the ground, we don't stand a chance.

Those trackers, they will find us.

You wanna risk your own life
over a fit of conscience, that's fine.

How about Tyler's?

Ryan, is your intel good?


Do it.

Finding peace, Father?

Some days easier than others.

Even for a priest?

For everyone, Chad.

I've been on the ship a lot
since the last time we talked.

Anna has the live-aboards eating out
of the palm of her hand.

And I know in my gut...

it's not safe for them
to be so trusting.

I wanna join the fight.

I was hoping you could point me to
the Fifth Column, like we talked about.

It's been quiet, I'm afraid,
among my parishioners.

Oh, that's too bad.

I could be very useful.

I'm behind the scenes with Anna.

I travel with her and Marcus.

I have unrestricted access
to and from the mothership.

I even travel in the V Only shuttles.

I overhear things.

You ride the V Only shuttles?

I'm back and forth in them
all the time.

I could be a big asset to
the Fifth Column.

Are you riding the shuttles today?

Yes. Most days, I do.

Maybe you should stay away
from the V Only shuttles today, Chad.

What do you mean by that?

Just some whisper among
the parishioners. It might not be safe.

I understand.

Thank you, Father.

I got you back!

It was so real. I just...

Are you all right?

She had a nightmare last night.

About what?

Here. I'll put her down for a nap.


It's no trouble.

You can tell me.

Um, in my dream...

I was being taken by doctors
down a dark corridor, here on the ship.

And there were glowing arrows
on the ceiling.

I'm new to Live-Aboard
and I'm scared.

I couldn't tell them to stop.

And then there were needles...

hundreds of them,
being poked into me.

All over.

I know it was just a dream,
but I can't shake it.

Can't shake what?

How real it felt.

You're all right.

It was just a nightmare.

You're safe up here.

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Chad.

I really enjoyed your report on
the Live-Aboard program.

- I just wanted to thank you.
- My pleasure. I'm glad you liked it.

I've been keeping my ear
to the ground...

looking for any information
on the Fifth Column.

What have you heard?

There are whispers of a threat...

to the shuttles transporting V's only

You've come a long way since
we've arrived, Chad.

Professionally, personally.

You understand that any threat to
my people is a threat to all of us.

It might be nothing.
I thought I should bring it up.

Where did you learn this?

You have to understand
how this works.

I can get you this information
because my sources trust me.

If I start naming names, that'll choke off
the flow of information.

I understand.

But there's no need, Chad.

We don't have any V Only shuttles
running today.

Mr. Decker.

Will you please excuse us
for a moment?

Actually, I was on my way out.

We haven't eliminated all Fifth Column
from the ship.

Someone leaked news of the trackers
we were to send on that shuttle today.

I will look into this.

In the meantime, I will tighten the flow
of information again.

In light of this threat, do you still want
to send down the trackers?

I have a better idea.

If the Fifth Column wants to take down
a shuttle, we'll let them.

I got that V code uploaded into
the missile electronics...

so assuming it does what
it's supposed to, we're all systems go.

Wait, guys. Ryan, are we sure
we really wanna do this?

- You double-checked intel with Joshua?
- Yeah.

- You're sure?
- I'm positive.

If we don't do this now,
it's gonna be too late.

We're running out of time.
Let's do this.

Do it.

Ryan, what's going on?

There wasn't a V-tracker team
on that shuttle.

They were humans.


My God. Oh, my God.

Pick up, baby.

Pick up, baby. Come on.

Please, God. Please, God.
Please, pick up.

- Hello?
- Are you okay?

Mom? Mom, what's wrong?

A V shuttle went down.

What? When? Just now?

The area just north of
Taconic State Parkway.

This possible terrorist attack
comes a mere three days...

...after the commencement
of the Live-Aboard program.

Stunned and shocked people...

- Lisa could've been on that shuttle.
- I'm sure she's okay.

How do you know, Mom?

I don't.
It, uh... It went down in a secluded area...

so, uh, why would
they send Peace Ambassadors there?

What if you're wrong
about who was on that shuttle?

How did this happen?

Ryan, we need answers.

I don't have any.

Joshua doesn't either.
Doing everything he can to figure it out.

- Figure it out?
- Maybe he set us up.

You didn't hear his voice
when I told him. He didn't set us up.

So, what? It was a mistake?

It was the wrong shuttle?

I asked you, Ryan.

I asked all of you.

We did everything we could have done.
The odds were slim to none...

No, no, no. I lived this in Iraq.
We won't use those excuses.

If we wage war against the V's,
if we strike preemptively...

there is zero margin of error for us.

Either we value life or we are the V's.

- No, it's not that simple.
- It is precisely that simple!

Where are you with this?

With you.

Well, you can't afford to be,
because we got other problems now.

We were all over that crime scene.
We were late getting out.

The cops were on top of us.

It wasn't a clean getaway.
We might've left evidence.

I won't do this anymore.

I'm out.

Floyd Patterson.

- What?
- My favorite boxer.

It's Floyd Patterson.

He got knocked down seven times
in one round against Johansson.

Seven times.

You know what he said?

"They said I was the fighter
who got knocked down the most...

but I also got up the most. "

So my question to you two is this:

Which do you wanna be?

The guy who gets knocked down...

or the guy who gets back up?

Lisa... Is Lisa okay?

I mean,
I saw the footage of the shuttle crashing...

and I thought if she was on it, I...
- Lisa's fine.

Nothing was gonna keep you
from her.

If she was gone, I...

I don't know what I'd do.

I'm doing Live-Aboard.

Lisa will be very pleased.

I'll let her know.

Don't worry.

Go home and pack.

Soon enough,
you'll be with her all the time.


- Where have you been?
- My son spends time on that ship.

I had to track him down,
make sure he wasn't on the shuttle.

- He's fine.
- Good.

Good, because I need every able body
on this thing.

Given our stance on terrorism,
this is an embarrassment.

The evidence indicates domestic.
Everything's pointing to Fifth Column.

What have we got?

Malik's working up a list of terrorists,
people with a grudge against Visitors.

We picked up good tread marks
where we believe the terrorists parked.

Not much else. The shuttle's engines
run on Blue Energy.

Highly explosive, so when they blew up,
they left little forensic evidence.

Now, the V on the boarding dock puts
the number between 15 and 20 people.

You've seen the remains.

We have to pull in a forensic
anthropologist to do the DNA work.

Could take weeks.

We shut down the highway immediately
after the crash...

here and here.

They would have had
to pass through this tollbooth.

The good news?

- Tollbooth has security cameras.
- Nice.

We matched the tread
to seven vehicle makes.

So once we pull footage,
we can cross-reference.

Let's get to work.

Erica, I can't reach Jack.
He wouldn't pick up.

We've got problems.
What did you drive on the mission?

- Jack's van. We covered the lettering.
- You drive through a tollbooth?

Yeah. We had to.

We stayed to check for survivors.

Our escape route was compromised.

You went through a tollbooth
with hidden cameras.

The footage is on a live feed
to an off-site location.

I'll text the address.

You and Hobbes better get there
and wipe the footage.

Make sure you get us that address,
all right?



Um, smooth.

One of the bones is smooth.

You all right? What's going on?

Bones crack when they're burned
in the flesh, Ryan.

But bones from a skeleton stay smooth
in a fire.

Why would there be a skeleton
on a tourist shuttle?

There wouldn't.

They wouldn't put a skeleton
with humans.

The other people...

Ryan, we didn't do this.

We didn't kill anyone. The people on
that shuttle were already dead.

Anna set us up?

You got photos of this?
Hard evidence?

Yeah, I'm staring at my monitor
right now. It's...

No, no, no. No.

It disappeared. Someone deleted it.


Who'd cover up something like that?

Malik, cover the office.

Rolling out to grab
that tollbooth footage.

On it.

The FBI just launched.

Get there and wipe that footage
before they do...

or this is gonna get pinned on us.
Get moving, now.

Just get in there and short the server
exactly like I showed you.

Do 20 paces, make a left.

Keep going straight down the hallway.

Bloody hell.

- "Bloody hell" what?
- FBI.

I got it. I'm here. I'm here.

You're about to get caught.

Ryan? Ryan?

Get the hell out of there.

Ryan, they're right on top of you.
Get going.


You were protecting me
by warning me about the shuttles.

- Trying to save my life.
- I was just passing on a rumor I heard.

I didn't know that would happen.

What exactly was
the Fifth Column's plan?

Why would they kill humans?

I don't know any circumstances
under which they could condone that.

Fifth Column knows
what they're doing.

I'm sure they know what's necessary.

And for me to be useful,
I have to do what's necessary too.

- Meaning?
- I have to report on this attack.

To keep my position with Anna

it can't seem like I'm sympathetic
to the cause. I have to come down hard.

What I'm saying is...

if you're Fifth Column,
things are about to get very bad for you.

Good thing I'm not Fifth Column.

Anna never saw it coming, you know.

She'd heard nothing about any threats.

Wait, you asked her?

Well, indirectly, of course.

The Fifth Column caught her
off guard.

Which, believe me, is hard to do.

We value life above all else.

Every single life.

The Fifth Column reacted exactly
as I suspected.

Shooting down that shuttle backfired.

Tonight, they will be introduced to
the world just as I planned it.

As terrorists.

Mother, you wanted to see me?

We value life above all else.

Every single life.

We value life above all else.

Every single life.

Which is more effective, Marcus?

I think they're all sufficient.


The second one.

It seems more sincere.

Your grasp of human emotion...

is impressive.

Thank you, Mother.


Are you all right?

My faith is shaken, Father.

Your faith in God?

My faith in myself.


Well, in times like this...

it's best to get back to basics.

Your core values.

I've made choices, Father.

Terrible choices
with people's lives on the line.

You mean when you were at war?

I'm not talking about the past.

If this is an issue of law, Jack...

then perhaps you need to
make a confession of a different type.

- Yeah?
Erica, it's Ryan.

- We're good. We wiped the footage.
- Good.

- Any luck?
- Yes, actually.

They got to the facility,
wiped the footage from after the attack.

Damn it.

Since they seemed like pros,
I figured they'd done a dry run.

I grabbed the footage from this morning.
Archives to a different server.

- We reviewed it there.
- Nice.

Any suspects?

One name rang the cherries.

Not exactly your typical terrorist.

These were taken near the attack site.

Your tire tracks are there too.
You wanna explain that?

Come on, Father.
At least give me your cover story.

- I'm sure you thought that through.
- I thought nothing through.

I've sat across from
a lot of suspects in that chair.

Some of them are remorseless, sure,
but not you.

I can read the guilt in your eyes,

I'm giving you a chance
to unburden yourself.

Answer him!
Do you think this is a game?

Would you mind bringing Malik in here
with those crime scene photos, please?

The V's loaded that shuttle
with dead bodies. They set us up.

We didn't kill anyone.
Look really scared.

We can hold you for 48 hours
without charging you.

Do you think your collar will
protect you in there?

Explain this.

Those tires aren't unique to my van.

Church bought a whole fleet.

There must be, I don't know,
thousands of vehicles with that tread.

Why were you at the tollbooth?

It's a state parkway.
I was going to see a parishioner.

I'm sure he'll be happy to confirm
your story.

I was consulting her on matters
of adultery.

Her name is confidential.

- Not to her husband.

You dragged me from my parish
because of a common tire impression...

and a picture of me traveling
on a public parkway?

I can't imagine you'd be wasting time
harassing a priest...

during an investigation
this high-profile.

So you better charge me...

or let me go.

Cut him loose.

There were glowing arrows on the ceiling.

Glowing arrows on the ceiling.

I was being taken by doctors
down a dark corridor.

Here on the ship.

I was scared,
but I couldn't tell them to stop.

I couldn't tell them to stop.

Hundreds of them,
being poked into me.

All over.

I know it was just a dream,
but I can't shake it.

I'm really glad you came by
to bring me to the ship.

That's not why I stopped by, Tyler.

I don't want you to move onto
the ship with me.

What? Why?

You're a nice guy, Tyler...

but I don't have the same feelings
for you as you do for me.

What are you talking about?

You've been just as into this
as I have.

My mother really likes you, Tyler.

I didn't wanna disappoint her.

So, what about us on the shuttle?

I mean, what was that?

I, uh, just wanted to see what it felt like.

That's all.

You can go.

We value life above all else.

Every single life.

I just wish we could have done something
to save the lives...

that were tragically taken today
by this unprovoked attack.

Perhaps our greatest flaw is
that we are too trusting.

There are those that don't
share our regard for life.

The Fifth Column seeks to destroy us.

Because we're from another place.

Because they think we don't
belong here.

Because we're different.

Get up to the ship.

Make sure it gets conveyed to Anna
that the FBI is doing everything we can.

Since our presence here is
causing such strife...

that humans have been caught
in the crossfire...

we've been forced to reconsider
being here at all.

I don't think I could bear another
tragedy like this.

We are of peace.

We are always of peace.

Anna? Anna, are you saying?

Kendrick needs to talk to you about
your involvement with Fifth Column.

He wants you in the war room, now.

I'm not going to let anything or
anyone else harm the Visitors, period.

I have orders from the highest level...

to form a task force to zero in
on Fifth Column.


I'm assigning you to head it up.

You'll have every means at
your disposal...

the full resources of this office...

and you'll be partnered
with Agent Malik.

Agent Malik from the FBI.

I'm here to see Marcus
about the shuttle crash.

It is an honor to see you again,
my queen.

Only two of the crime scene photos
were damning.

I deleted them
and destroyed the evidence...

before anything could be forwarded
to the forensic anthropologist.

Malik. Cover the office. I'm rolling out
to grab that tollbooth footage.

On it.

You've done superb work
under great pressure.

Permitting that missile to strike
the shuttle accomplished...

precisely what you had hoped.

The task force has been formed.

I am now free to serve our people
and hunt down Fifth Column...

with the full weight of the
United States government behind me.

We have seen a massive amount of
unprecedented sympathy for the V's...

...and an international outcry
against the Fifth Column...

...and this atrocity carried out
at their hands.

At this time, there's very...

Now that you're a prime suspect
in the bombing...

it's gonna be even more dangerous
for us to be seen with you.

Uh, we did this.

So you'd better have my back.

We're in this together, like it or not.


He rides a private V shuttle,
so I warned him.

Chad Decker?

He asked Anna about it
and that's how she found out.

He's a potential ally.
He doesn't know anything. Been careful.

I told you, you can't trust anyone.

He could have died on that shuttle.

This? You brought all this down
on our heads...

because you didn't wanna risk
that guy's life? One life?

I won't ever forget
what one life is worth.

If we're gonna win this war,
we can't go off the rails.

We can't lose sight of who we are.

Jack's right.

We can never be like them.

See, that's what Anna does.

She takes our emotions,
uses it against us.

We can't let her do that.

You know, you can call yourselves
freedom fighters.

You can call yourself rebels.

But make no mistake, kids.

We're terrorists now.

Are you willing to bear that cross
so that people can sleep well at night?

- Yeah.
- Why?

Because we're the only ones
willing to.


Hey, Padre.

Welcome back.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about going behind
your back, Mom.

What's the matter?

You were right.
You were right about everything.


She didn't care about me, Mom.

She just... She just was using me.

Did she say that?

Okay. Hey.

- How could I have been this stupid?
- No.

Why? Am I that much of an idiot?

Oh, no. Oh, sweetie, of course not.

You just cared about someone.


that wasn't worth it.

Oh, you never know why anyone
does what they do.


World leaders have been calling,
offering their condolences.

Vowing to help in our fight
against Fifth Column.

- They're concerned we might leave.
- Good.

- Fifth Column task force...

We'll use their fear to our advantage.

Just as we did the Americans today.

We know that what happened here today
will be remembered for years to come.

I'm sorry, Mother.

I've failed.

Tyler won't be coming to Live-Aboard.

I pushed too hard and he doesn't want
to see me anymore.

I did everything I could...

but I believe the pull of his mother
was too strong for him.

I understand.

We'll have to find a greater incentive
for him.

You were injured
in a Fifth Column attack.

Don't worry, daughter.

We'll get him back.

There is no greater incentive for
a human male than a damsel in distress.

Break her legs.