Upstairs Downstairs (2010–2012): Season 2, Episode 4 - All the Things You Are - full transcript

After Caspar Landry turns up to her charity lunch Lady Agnes visits his factory, and, when the hired mannequin fails to show, ends up modelling his stockings for an advertising campaign, to the annoyance of Sir Hallam. To impress Beryl, Harry enters the Belgravia servants boxing competition. However, the organizer is more taken by young Johnny's fighting skills, and the boy progresses to the amateur welterweight finals, but walks out after the promoter makes a pass at him. Harry takes his place and wins the title and the admiration of Beryl. Hallam brawls with Landry, who has come to watch the fight, and forbids his wife from seeing him. He is, however, more than happy to share a long kiss with her sister.


Happy Birthday. Here's your card.

MRS THACKERAY: Happy Birthday, Johnny.

- I made this myself.
- Oh, thanks.

Here, what's this?

Come on.


From the Ministry of Labour.

Telling me that...

Telling him to make himself available.

- Available for what?
- Military training.

BERYL: "All men between the ages of
20 and 21."

You have to train over the summer.

It doesn't say when.

You're going to be
a soldier boy, Johnny.

That means I'll get my own
uniform and everything.

Well, I don't expect they'll send you
off to fight in your combinations.

Signed by the Minister of Labour.

Uh, PP somebody.


#Jolly good luck to the girl
who loves a soldier #

Lady Manning's chauffeur got his letter
last Thursday.

So maybe they're doing it alphabetical.

The curse of war, Mrs Thackeray.

Everyone uprooted without their say.


#Jolly good luck to a girl
who loves a soldier

# Girls, have you been there? #

- Want me to help you with that?
- I can manage.

What's the matter?
Don't like me acting like a gentleman?

Ah, is that what you were doing?
It must have passed me by.

Every time I try being friendly...

Friends? Is that what
you're after, is it?

I was wondering, maybe tonight

you would like to come to the pictures.

Well, we're supposed to be going out
for Johnny's birthday.

Anyway, I'm not looking to take up
with a chauffeur.

Too grand, are you?

I just want more than what I've got.

We wouldn't suit each other.

Two hundred more children arrive
in Harwich next week

and the costs continue to rise.

I've organised another charity event.

A coffee morning for
the dowagers of Belgravia.

Oh, Mrs Fuller will be delighted
when I tell her.

- Good evening, Hallam.
- Evening.

MR AMANJIT: I will be having tea
with her and Lotte tomorrow.

Darling, I've received this,
The Pevensey Ball.

It's addressed to Persie, you and me.

I'm afraid Blanche is not included.

What do you think we should do?

We must refuse them, surely.

Hallam? Are you listening?

Hitler has made a pact with Mussolini.

We're facing a whole new enemy
and there's nothing I can do about it.

Dear Lord.

The war will spread down
through the Mediterranean.

Greece and the Balkans will be
utterly defenceless.

I'm afraid our social standing
is not uppermost in my mind tonight.

No, no, of course not.

Talk to me if it helps.

Please. I want to hear.

I must go and change.

I'm not really in the mood
to discuss it.

Here we are, then. Ports for the ladies.

- Lemonades for Johnny, Eunice and I.
- JOHNNY: Cheers.

Do you want a seat beside me?

Thank you, no. I'm content to stand.

Oh, go on. We can all shuffle up.

Sit on the end.

- Happy birthday, Johnny.
- Happy birthday.

Happy birthday.

Big adventure for you soon, young man.

All the boys will be leaving 165.

He's not going anywhere.

- He's nice-looking.
- So's a chocolate angel cake.

I wouldn't take up with one, would I?

ARTHUR: Here we are,
ladies and gentlemen,

the sporting event of the year
in Kensington and Chelsea.

The Belgravia Servants'
Boxing Championship.

This country needs good fighters.

You could walk out of Wilson's Gym
a proper hero.


Our first contender.
Name down here, son.

What you smiling for?

I thought you'd be too high and mighty
for this lark.

I like a fellow with ambition,
that's all.


- Spargo. You wanted to see me.
- Yes, sir.

I wanted to ask your permission...

The gym round the corner
has this boxing league for servants.

I wondered if I might take
my evening off on Thursday.

You're thinking of entering the ring?

Yes, sir.

I'm very busy at the Foreign Office.
It's not exactly convenient.

Let me speak to her ladyship.

Thank you very much, sir.

The Egyptians performed stick fighting
as tribute to their pharaoh.

To ward off his enemies.

I beg your pardon?

He'd be representing 165.
You'd be the pharaoh.

Doesn't that appeal to you?

I told Spargo I'd discuss it with you.

We should agree.
It won't make very much difference.

And, no doubt, if we refuse we'll be
pursued by some servants' welfare group.

Do the Girls' Friendly Society
look after chauffeurs?

Perhaps we could dine together
this week.

Just the two of us.

I'll book Kettner's, shall I?

You have so much on your mind

and I'd really like to
share it with you.

Oh, blast. I'm sorry, darling,
I've overlooked some papers.

It'll keep until the morning, surely.

Go to sleep.

I'll wait up.

I'll be another hour yet.


Good grief. I just came to find my book.

Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you.

May I?

How are you? I haven't seen you in days.

- I'm perfectly fine.
- Are you sure?

I broke a nail on that blasted bath tap.

Other than that I've nothing much
to complain about.

I want...

We all want you to spend
more time with us.

You want to be my saviour.

The world's going to hell,
but as long as you can save poor Persie.

Don't tease me.

Your coffee, sir.

Pritchard, go to bed.

Thank you, sir.

I'll wait up, sir.

Come on, move. Combination one, two,
one, two. That's it.

Keep the hands up. Move, move it, move.


HARRY: Club champion. Bermondsey.

ARTHUR: Under 16's.

That would make you what now?


Again, come on.

Take a look at these lads.

You're old enough to be a father
to most of them.

- I've kept myself in shape.
- I daresay.

But you'll be going up against men
who've twice your energy and speed.

The poster said open to everyone.

Then I'm for 165 Eaton Place.

It's so good of you to raise money
for the kinder transport.

How nice to see so many faces.

Darling Agnes,
I love you for even trying.

But there's half the number here
that we expected.

And those that have come
are only here to gossip at my expense.

Now, who is that?

That American. Landry.

LADY AGNES: He does a lot of
charitable work.

Don't stare.
He'll think we're talking about him.

Well, we are.

And don't turn away quite so obviously.

Agnes, dear. Whatever's the matter?

If I didn't know you better
I'd say you were sweet on him.

Oh, stop it. Come along,
I'll introduce you.

You're very generous.

Mr Landry?

Would you like me to try
darning them, my lady?

I rather think they're beyond that.


- Lady Agnes?
- Mr Landry?

Sorry. I'm not accustomed to
knocking on ladies' bedrooms.

I just wanted to leave you
a little offering.

They're on the doorknob.

LADY AGNES: Mr Landry.

Lady Agnes.

Please tell me,
do you usually go to parties

with a pair of nylon stockings
in your pocket?

A sample.

- I'm sorry?
- My latest venture.

I thought you were in pharmaceuticals.
Is it hosiery now?

Science in the service of beauty,
Lady Agnes.

You are modelling the latest
Landry brand.

Most comfortable,
but I think it would be better

if you didn't scrutinise them
quite so hard.

Yes, of course.

It pleases me to see Lotte
so well and happy.

She's becoming a fine young lady.

And fine young ladies need very fine
scones and strawberry jam.

I'll speak to him.

We wish to order.

There's a table in the back parlour.

I'd be obliged if you would move.

That table suits us perfectly.

I'm afraid that table has been reserved
for someone else.

If it's reserved there ought
to have been a sign.

You do not wish us to sit together
in plain view.

I've told you already,
the back parlour is fine.

I think it would be better
if we went elsewhere.

The menu here is not to my liking.

Did I see you in the park today?


I thought it was you.

Bit odd you didn't stop to say hello.

Poor Hallam. You never know
what to say to me when we're alone.

I was just walking home
from the Foreign Office.

I happened to be passing
the stables and...

It's all right.

I liked it that you came.

Right, big smile now.

I'm so sorry our excursion
has been cut short.

Next time...

I don't think there can be a next time.

I have duties.

But you'll come and visit Lotte?

I embarrassed you today.

No, no, no. You're quite wrong.

I saw that you were uncomfortable
and wanted to spare you.

I'm most proud for us
to be seen together.

What you have done for us all...

You've been an inspiration.

I do not wish to cause you further pain.

We have worked hard to rescue
these poor children from prejudice.

You should draw strength
from their plight.


Goodbye, Mrs Fuller.

Come on, darling, let's go.

Good girl.

TEDDY: Oi, get him a chair, will you?

He's gonna need to sit down
between rounds.

You're a cocky little
so-and-so, ain't you?.



Come on. Hit him.

Dr Mottershead...

I didn't want to miss out
on this deliciously barbaric spectacle.

Come on then, grandad.
Give us your best shot, eh?

Come on, Harry. Show your stuff.

Hands up, hands up. One, two.

Go on, Harry, hit him. Go on.

Spargo! Come on,
keep your guard up, man.

You're gonna have to be quicker.

- Right, that's enough.
- No!

Harry, get up.

- That's it. You're done.
- It's all over.

You all right? You all right?

Spargo. You have power in those fists,

but you need more pace.
He could read you.

Dr Mottershead.
I didn't know you fancied boxing.

Ancient art.
Although the people of the Nile

took a two-foot bronze sword
into the ring.

It might be worth considering.

All right, lads, we're done for tonight.
Let's be having you all.

You should stick to driving a car, mate.


Go. Out! Go outside!

The cheek of him. He had it coming, him!

I'm not a complete no-hoper, you know.

I used to be a junior boxing champion.

Why did you give it up?

My dad came back sick from the war,

couldn't work because of his lungs
so I had to get a job

as a grocer's boy
just to keep my family.

So, no time for boxing.

What's this?

It's a powder compact.

You can't go driving them round
with your face in that state.

I wanted to ask about the lad.

He thinks you've got talent.
Wants you to go in the ring.

You fought before?

In borstal I did, yeah.
It's what you do to get on.

I'd help you. Train you, if you want.

I don't know...

We'd be a great team.

And we split the money between us,
half each. What do you think?

You'll be for King and Country soon.
Why not make a start?


New order from Bentall's.
Then at 2:00 I've a model coming over

to take pictures for the advertising.

Mr Landry...

Lady Agnes Holland.

It's not a social call.

Quite the most durable stockings
I've ever owned.

(BELL RINGING) I'll take half a dozen.

The role of women is about to change.

They'll need clothes that will
free them. Nylons are in the vanguard.

You're fighting a cause, then?

Me? No. I'm a businessman.
I'm just riding the wave.

But I like to think
I listen to women's needs.

- And what are those?
- To be more than a companion.

To make your own way.

This is a fascinating place.

Jews, Russians.

Lenin held political meetings in Hoxton
church, right around the corner.

The East End is a haven.

And you provide them work?

I don't pretend to be a philanthropist,
Lady Agnes.

- Mr Landry.
- But I love it here.


Salt beef. Give it a try.

Well, you've certainly shown
me some new experiences.

My first Landry nylons. Divine.
And my first salt beef sandwich.

Looks utterly delicious.

May I have a knife?


Mr Landry? There is problem
with the photographs.

Ah, excuse me. What's the matter?

The model did not turn up here.

Did you telephone the agency?

They couldn't reach her.

Photographer is waiting,
a whole crew for make-up.

How would you feel about
lending me your face?

I'm sorry? What for?

To put in 200 hosiery stores.

Is that quite proper?

No such word in my vocabulary.

Don't mind, do you?
Rearranging your veg.

Don't mix up my packets
and my perishables.

BERYL: What's going on?

We're making a punch bag.

- Boxing training.
- Oh, you idiot.

- Not me. Johnny.
- What?

I'm going to train him.
We've got big ambitions.

You look divine.

The question is
do I make you want to buy stockings?

Hello. How was your day?

We've made progress, I think.

The Admiralty are finally waking up
to the threat from Mussolini.

Italy in the war could mean
a whole new front.

Stanhope is coming to dinner.

It's essential that we get
our message home to him.

I'm sorry, this must be very boring.

No. I like listening.

When you talk like that
it makes me feel safe.

Good evening, Aunt.

I must make a telephone call, excuse me.

Hallam really is a rock.

No doubt he's gratified
he has someone to support him.


Of course.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Lean forward just a
bit more.

I've a table booked at Kettner's.

Shame to let the image go to waste.

It's too crowded in there.
Let's get some air.

I've never seen Kettner's so busy.

- See how everyone stares?
- At me or the nylons?

Oh, the nylons, definitely.


Our rumba. What a shame we missed it.

Oh, I think there's
enough light, don't you?

BERYL: #Jolly good luck to the girl
who loves a soldier

# Girls, have you been there?

# You know we military men

#Always do our duty everywhere

#Jolly good luck to the girl
who loves a soldier... #


- Thank you, Pritchard.
- Very good, my lady.


Hallam, I must tell you about my day.

Something truly extraordinary happened.

Darling, I've organised a dinner
for the Admiralty.

Will you speak to Mrs Thackeray
about the menu?

Come on! You've got to work harder.

Show them lot at Cadogan Place
what you're made of!

And again.

Come here, come on.

Use your feet and your body now.

Good and again. Nice! Slick.

That's it.

Hold your feet, hold your feet.
And flurry, go.

Can we talk through some strategy
before tonight?

You're a keen one.

(SIGHS) I just want to do well.

Are you worried about the fight?

You'll do great.
Your technique's getting better.

Any day they're gonna knock on my door

and take me off to be a soldier.

I thought you were looking forward
to all that.

I am.

I was. It's just...

I won't be fighting for £5.

I'll be fighting for my life.

You're scared.



We'll talk it through before supper

I'll make sure you're ready
for anything. All right?

Modelling nylons. Good Lord!

It was a perfectly respectable affair.

Does Hallam know?

I haven't quite found the moment
to tell him.

But it's unlikely he's going to
pop into the hosiery department.

Agnes, I'm the last person
to throw stones,

but do you really think
deceiving him is wise?

But he might not like the idea.

Might? He'll hate it, no question.


(WHISPERING) Oh, dear. This is agony.

We must get you to your room.

- But the luncheon...
- I will assume the role of butler.

I'm bound to observe my filial duties.

I willingly invited her
to live in my home.

I just had no idea that she and Agnes
would become such firm friends.

I'll be the spanner, shall I?

Prise them apart.

Dr Mottershead. May I intrude?

Yes, of course.

Your Royal Highness.
What a pleasure you should join us.

Hallam tells me that you've become
a boxing enthusiast.

Give me a man stripped to the waist
in prime condition

and I can think of no better use for him

than to see him knocked around a ring.

Hmm. As it happens,
I, too, am an amateur enthusiast.

A moment's rest.

And then I must get back.

It's all in hand, Mr Pritchard.

No need to be embarrassed.
Napoleon had the same.

Couldn't mount his horse at Waterloo.

How very flattering to mention me
in the same breath.

Yes, nice. Go on, sharp, that's it.

Sharp. Yes, that's it.

Your Royal Highness. What an honour.

Oh, please. Don't trouble yourself.
We'll just sit here.

Sometimes it's a welcome relief
to go out without causing a stir.

I know just what you mean.




One, two, three...

- Well?
- Indeed.

...five, six, seven...

Here he is! Champion welterweight
of the Servants Boxing League.

He won it?

He did better than that.
He wiped the floor with him!

First round. Fifteen seconds.

Poor old Adolf doesn't know
what he's up against.

We showed that lot from
Cadogan Place again!

- Oh. I wish I'd been there, Johnny.
- So do I.

Their cook's a right pinched
little woman.

Always going on about her counter space.

You said you liked a man with ambition.
How's this? Training the champ.

All right.

All right what?

All right, The Lady Vanishes.
All right, two tickets in the stalls.

And all right, some butterscotch.

So now, it was agreed that tonight

I would have a little
sommelier rehearsal.

The Admiralty dinner is in two days.

Time enough to turn me into
a worthy understudy.

Mr Amanjit, this really is most kind.

To tell you the truth,
I'm glad of this opportunity.

I understand.

There's nothing worse than being made
to feel you have no value.


So then, between us we will
make a very fine butler.

Your expertise combined with my labour.

This could be the start of
a whole new campaign.

Aristocracy endorsing our products.

I'm glad to think I've been
of some little service.

No, you don't understand.
I want you again.

Lady Agnes Holland, the face of Landry.

There's a second shoot on the coast,
tomorrow noon.

I'm not sure my husband
would be thrilled.

Haven't you discussed it?

It might be as well to.
We've extended the campaign.


Didn't you think for a second
how it might affect me?

- Your face in a billboard campaign?
- Hallam, please...

This is a time of national crisis
and I have crucial issues to attend to.

The whole diplomatic service will be
gossiping about my wife

and this idiotic spectacle!

Plenty of people are doing it.

Allowing their faces to be
used for advertising.

And I thought I might donate
all the money to Blanche's fundraising.

I suppose this was all his idea.

"The Hangover King."

You've only known him for five minutes,

yet here you are cavorting around,
selling yourself on his behalf.

I've found something I enjoy.

Couldn't you at least try to be
pleased for me?

- Did you know about this?
- Yes, I did.

And you never thought to tell me?

Hallam, it's not my place to interfere
in your life.

It hadn't seemed to bother you
until this moment.

Can you bear it just for a moment
to listen to a little bit of my advice?

I know what it's like to lose a love.

What you and Agnes have is precious,
but she is drifting away from you

and you have to do something
to get her back.

The photographer's ready for you.

I can see why he's not exactly thrilled.

You have a lot of new admirers,
that's all.

A husband should be proud.

Englishmen tend not to see it that way.

You are a puzzle, Mr Landry.


More at ease at a place like this
than in a luxury hotel.

My father arrived
at Ellis Island penniless.

And yet here you are,
making nylons for duchesses.

- Quite some journey.

Any man can achieve what he wants.

What do you want from life?

I'm not sure.

I thought I knew.

I miss the sea.

It makes me feel like a girl again.

The fog's rolling in.

You can smell it in the air, can't you?

How about swimming?
I can buy us some bathing suits.

Well, gentlemen.
You have caused quite a stir.

Mr Cardew at Cadogan Place has been
in a sulk for days.


You're a formidable pair.

And now you have a chance
for further glory, if you wish.

Salmon again?

Lady Agnes' orders.
The Navy are all bound to eat fish.

- What?
- He's had an invitation...

- An invitation to box again.
- Where from?

From His Royal Highness,
the Duke of Kent.

He sponsors the Amateur League.

British Amateur Championships
at Alexandra Palace!

Oh, aren't men unbearable?

Look, you and me,
we might have to wait a while.

I thought you wanted to take me
out tonight.

Well, can't we postpone it?
This lad needs a lot of work.

He's worried about becoming a soldier.

I promised I would support him
when I can.

- They say the same.
- What?

Your watch, the carriage clock.

They say the same.

There's no point in looking
at them both.

She's forgotten.

Mr Amanjit, there will be one less place
at the table tonight.

The hostess, alas, will not be present.

Give me half an hour.

I'm sorry?

Those old bores from the Admiralty,

they won't know one woman
in a silk gown from another.


The Holland residence.

Excuse me a moment.

Who is it?

It's Lady Agnes. Calling from the coast.

I'll take it.

LADY AGNES: Persie, I may be a
little late. The roads are fogged in.

Can you ask Hallam if he can delay?
Hopefully I won't be too long.

The plans have changed.

What do you mean?

Hallam says you don't need to be here.

There's still no word from Agnes?

MR AMANJIT: Please come.

I thought my role in life
was to be a hostess.

Now it seems I no longer
fulfil that function.

Don't be downhearted.

Let's make a night of it.

The Coastguard says the fog
is getting worse.

We can stay here at the hotel.
I'll see if they have rooms.

If that's proper.

There's no such word in my book.

STANHOPE: Ciano's an aristocrat,
not a Fascist.

He thinks political power means
getting a good restaurant table.

BLANCHE: The Pact of Steel
is real though, surely?

Between them these countries will drive
a stake through the heart of Europe.

I'm afraid I don't share your concerns.

Italy is not
a serious military presence.

5,000 miles of coastline.

Hitler will use her
as a gateway to the Balkans.

Even so...

The Pact will make the war
spread southwards.

Libya. Egypt.

But those countries are not our concern.

We can't be expected
to plan our defences

based on what will happen
half way around the world.

Let's confine ourselves
to European problems.

Mr Amanjit, what is your opinion?

How will the colonies and India fare?

I'm not about to plan
British foreign policy

around what a servant thinks.

What Stanhope said was foolish!

The war could spill into
every continent.

It's not easy to bite your tongue
when you witness stupidity.

A butler hears nothing.

I don't understand.

How do you allow yourself
to be robbed of your opinions?

I am a servant,
but before that I'm a man.

Then you have no place downstairs.

# Hello, hello
Who's your lady friend?

# Who's the little girlie by your side?

# I've seen you with a girl or two

# Oh, oh, oh, I am surprised at you

# Hello, hello
Stop your little game

# Don't you think your ways
you ought to mend?

# That wasn't the girl I saw you with
at Brighton... #

- What are you doing?
- I'm taking you home.

- But I thought...
- Agnes, please forgive me.

It was my mistake.
A woman's reputation is sacred.

It's certainly not for me to dally with.

You think Hallam's right.

You think our acquaintance
has all been a terrible mistake.

I hold you in too much regard to see you
throw your reputation away.

Mr Amanjit, I'm truly sorry
for the way you were treated tonight.

You owe me no apology, Dr Mottershead.

We're both outsiders, you and I.

I suppose there is some comfort,
perhaps in knowing we are not alone.

And just look what two misfits
can achieve together.

Mr Amanjit, you dropped something.

SIR HALLAM: You missed the dinner.

I thought you didn't mind.

You weren't concerned for my welfare.

Just concerned there was a gap
at your table tonight.

You're infatuated with him.

Don't be absurd. He's a friend.

Friend or not,
I forbid you to see him again.

What could you possibly gain
from this... alliance?

He's the sort of man
who wouldn't forbid me anything.

He's a tradesman.
Agnes wouldn't seriously...

I don't believe anything
has actually happened between them.

It's just infatuation, I suppose.

I'm never there.

And he seems to lead her on
one long adventure.

Is it simply an adventure?

What do you mean?

Dear chap, it's my duty
to say the things

you don't really want to hear.

Yours has always been
the perfect marriage

and it pains me to see cracks appearing.

You must reach out to her.
She's drifting away from you.

You're the second person
to tell me that in as many days.

Then it's time you started
to believe it.

Go and kiss your children goodnight.

And ask yourself
if your life isn't very rich with Agnes.

I'll see you for the boxing, tonight.

We need to hurry
if we're going to catch the bus.

Hold on one moment. I'm coming, too.

I'm not missing this.

Mr Amanjit,
shall we perhaps sit together?

Enjoy an evening, as men.

Let me see...


Good luck tonight.

I didn't start with this
for Johnny, you know.

No. I know.


John. I have come to wish you luck.

That's very kind of you,
Your Royal Highness.

You're Holland's chap?

- Yes, sir.
- Delighted to have you here.

We're all very excited.
Chop, chop, chop!

Oh, do excuse us.


Yes, sir.

There's quite a crowd out there,
to cheer you on.

All my house have come, sir.

Eunice, Beryl and Mr Pritchard. And...

Well, everyone.

You're quite the star with the Lords
and Ladies, too, I'll bet.

Don't let them down.

I'll do my best to entertain them.

Will you?


Yes, of course, sir.

Some of the lads are quite obliging.

Glad to know you are, too.

Johnny Proude.

Let's see you entertain, then.

You show me what you can do.


- What's going on?
- You know what's going on!

Apparently I'm here to put on a show.

Johnny, what's this about?

Your fight's on any moment! Johnny!



What's he doing here?

Sir Hallam, Lady Agnes.
What a pleasure to see you.

Leave us alone, Landry.

You've done quite enough damage
to my family's reputation already.

Hallam, please.

You've been selling my wife.

You expect me to welcome you
as a friend when you've debased her?

You think Lady Agnes feels debased?

Maybe you don't know her
quite as well as you think.

LADY AGNES: For God's sake, stop it!


Is that what you had in mind all along?

A battle for your honour?
Relieve the boredom?

What I had in mind was you
acting like a gentleman,

not some jealous adolescent!

And don't follow!

MAN: Go on, son. That's it.

Ladies and gentlemen,

for the next bout

the British Amateur welterweight final!


To my left, Micky Flanagan!

To my right his opponent...

MAN: Johnny Proude replaced by
Harry Spargo.

His opponent,

Harry Spargo!



What's he doing? Where's Johnny?



One, two,

three, four, five...


...nine, ten!

The winner of the
British Amateur welterweight final.

From 165

Eaton Place,

Harold Spargo!

Shh, go to sleep. Sleep now, darling.


Johnny, what happened to you?

There was a man at the Palace.
I hit him.

They're gonna send me back to borstal.

- What?
- He offered me money.

To do stuff.
One of those nancy boys, you know.

What's to smile about?

I think he'll want to keep that quiet.

Come on.

Will that hurt?

What do you mean?

When I kiss you.

Hallam telephoned one or two editors.

Managed to square things
with the papers.

Brawling in a public place.
Not fitting. Not proper.

I can never see you again.

There are things that are dearer to you.
I know. I understand.

And I admire you more than ever.

Goodbye, Agnes.

Goodbye, Caspar.

It's your fault.

You've encouraged her.

You won't admit to yourself
that she's changed.

Ever since you came here
my marriage has suffered.

How convenient to have
someone else to blame.

I'd be obliged if you would
move out as soon as possible.

Agnes not here?

She's gone to see Landry.

You insisted?

She's stronger than I am.