Unsolved Mysteries (2020-…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Body in Bags - full transcript

A beloved father is brutally mutilated but his presumed killer, a woman he knew from high school, escapes without a trace.

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[phone line ringing]

[operator] 911,
what's your emergency?

Hi. Uh, this is Deirdre
with Hancock County ODOT.

- [operator] Mmm-hmm.
- And our guys are out mowing on 75…

[operator] Mmm-hmm.

[Deirdre] …and came
across a weird-looking sleeping bag.

And there's something in it
that's tied up.

The spot where they found
this sleeping bag,

it's a row of pine trees
along Interstate 75.

I walked up and
picked the bag up

and realized that
it was something heavy in the bag.

The size of the bag,

we thought maybe it was somebody's dog
that they had put in the bag.

And then the only other
thought process that we had was,

"What if it's a
child in there?"

We figured we better call patrol.
We didn't want to open it up.

[police siren wailing]

The Ohio State
Trooper showed up.

And then he opened the bag up
and looked in there.

He did a double-take.
He's like, "I just… I gotta look again."

And he's like,
"That's definitely a foot in there."

[Diane Scala-Burnett]
The remains consisted of

the lower portion of the body.

I had attached
legs and buttocks,

but everything
from the umbilicus up was gone.

It had been severed.

The person that did this,

what are they thinking
when they are separating

a human body into pieces?

What's going through their mind?

Humans are capable
of very… vile acts.

[mysterious music playing]

[reflective music playing]

[Elton D. Carter, Sr.] This is where
my son David's funeral service was held.

This auditorium
was absolutely packed.

Standing room only.

Uh, people lining the walls, all…
all in the aisle way.

It was really, really overwhelming
to see that many people.

To think that David touched
that many people.

- [projector whirring]
- [David on video] What up, everybody?

It's your boy Dave Carter
from Lavish Habits Unlimited.

I have things I wanna accomplish today,
tomorrow, five years down the line,

ten years down the line,
and I have confidence in myself.

Once I accomplish my goals,
I move on to the next.

[indistinct chatter
and laughter on video]

[Elton] David was 39
when he was killed.

- [man on video] What up, son?
- [woman laughing on video]

[Elton] He was a fun-loving person.
Serious but fun-loving.

Tall, handsome, athletic.

David was my best friend.

David was the person I would call
for any advice.

He took pride in
everything that he did.

David worked very, very hard.

He had a full-time job
at a manufacturing plant,

and on the side,
he started his own clothing line

called Lavish Habits Unlimited.

When David and I met,
we were nine years old.

David was a best friend to me.

He was someone
that I could trust,

but we definitely always kept it
a platonic relationship.

We had a boundary there.

David always, you know, wanted to
grow up and have a family, and be married.

He was always a
very stand-up guy.

And once he became a father,
it upped a level.

[Elton] Everything was
geared around his son.

He was a very
involved father with DJ.

The relationship with me and my dad,
I'd say we were like best friends.

We were always doing
something together.

Our bond was just something
that you just couldn't break.

I knew I liked David
when I first seen him.

He was funny. He
just made me laugh.

We just started going out
and having a good time.

I was 19.

He must have just turned 20.

When DJ was born,

David was excited.

I don't even think
he got a good look at DJ

before he ran out in the hallway
just screaming, "I got a boy!"

David and I were off and on
from 2000 to 2014,

but we remained close
as co-parents for DJ.

After that,
David had lots of female friends.


He definitely had his share
of relationships and girlfriends.

Then in the middle
of March 2018,

David walked up with this young lady
that I had never seen before.

He came up, he introduced her.

"This is my
friend Tammy."

Tammy and David had went
to high school together.

They reconnected
at a mutual friend's birthday party,

which eventually turned
into a relationship.

Tammy worked for
the Detroit Medical Center.

Also Tammy was a travel agent,

and she did tell me
that she had twins.

She had a son and a daughter
who were 18 at the time.

[Angela] Tammy and
I met in high school.

David, Tammy, and I
were all in the same graduating class.

Her personality in high school
was very bubbly.

At that time,
she was pretty solid as a friend.

But after high school,
a lot of us, um, went our separate ways.

Around March 2018, uh,

I found out that David and Tammy
were dating, and it was a brow-raiser.

But, you know, as friends,
we want the best for each other.

And if David was happy,
you know, I was happy for him.

They were spending
a lot of time together,

like being with her, like, every day.
As if you thought, like, "Okay."

"Maybe this is probably the one that
my dad is going to be with and marry."

I can say that David seemed happy.
I believe they had fun.

I believe they had a good time within
the six months they had been together.

But she was very
obsessive over David.

[Elton] I don't try
to get too involved

with my children's
affairs of the heart.

But when we did have a gathering,
she would…

watch David.

You know, if
he was talking to somebody else…

- [sinister music playing]
- …she would keep an eye on him.

[Tasia] Every day.
Every day we saw David, we saw Tammy.

She wasn't far behind.

I didn't care for Tammy
from the moment I met her.

Everybody thought,
"Oh, you're the crazy little sister."

You know, "You
don't like nobody."

And I'm like,
"Well, that very well may be,

but I know I
don't like her."

[Samia] On September 30th,
it was just our average normal Sunday.

DJ was preparing to go to his dad's
house for the evening.

And then I got a text message
from David saying,

"I don't feel good.
I'm not sure what's wrong."

"And I don't think
that DJ should come over here tonight."

[DJ] I tried to text him myself.

Got replies back from my dad,
saying he was sick, and, like, very sick

to where, like,
he didn't want anybody around him.

DJ said, "Well, I have some stuff
at my dad's apartment I need to get."

And I said, "Okay."

When I pulled up
to my dad's house,

I seen Tammy
taking out the garbage.

I say, you know, "Hey."
You know, whatever. She seen me.

And she ran to the apartment door.
Like, ran.

[menacing music playing]

And when I got to my dad's house,
the door was locked.

You'd have thought since she saw me,
she'd have left it unlocked.

But I had a key.

So I went in, and she came up to me first,
like, "Hey, DJ, what's going on?"

So I asked her, "Hey, have you seen
my charger to my phone?"

She said, "No.
Haven't seen it."

And I noticed my dad's bedroom door
was closed, which was odd.

And then she closes
his bathroom door as well.

Thought that was kind of weird.

I say, "Since I'm at my dad's house,
let me just say 'What's up?' to him."

You know, stuff
like that. And, um…

She's talking like, "Nah, he's not here.
He went out for a walk."

Thought in my head,
like, "That's pretty weird. Who's…"

You know, "He's sick. It's cold outside.
Who goes for a walk?"

Um, didn't make any sense.

But I have to make it
to my grandmother's house.

[menacing music continues]

And I just left.

[Roger Davis]
I've known David for 19 years.

We met at a plant working together
for ten, 12 hours a day,

and we became real close.

Last time I seen Dave was, uh,
that Thursday.

We had to work
Sunday, but Dave…

Dave didn't come to work Sunday.

That was just out of the ordinary for Dave
to miss double time.

When Tuesday came around,
Dave hadn't been to work in three days.

I was like, "No.
Something ain't right."

[Tasia] On
Tuesday, I got a call.

Roger said, "This is his third day
not coming to work."

"So, can you go by his apartment
just to see if he is okay?"

So I called his phone.

Went straight to voice mail.

Then I called David's
girlfriend, Tammy.

I said, "Hey,
is David okay?"

She said, "I
haven't talked to him since Sunday."

So Derek, my husband, and I
went over to David's apartment.

We see David's car
is in the parking lot.

We get to the door, knock on the door.
Nobody's coming to the door.

So, I went to grab
the door handle,

and you can open the door.

[ominous music playing]

So I start freaking out like,
"Why is it open?"

"He always locked
this apartment up."

At that point, I
knew that something wasn't right.

So I called my dad,

and I called Samia,
DJ's mom as well.

Tasia said, "Dad, I got a phone call
from David's job."

"One of his coworkers said that

he hasn't been
to work in three or four days."

And I'm like, "What?"

[Samia] We all
got to the apartment.

I was looking around,
and I was thinking,

"David would never leave
his apartment like this."

Like, "He would never ball his sheets up
and just stick them in a closet."

[Tasia] We get to David's room,

and the bed isn't made.

My brother is a neat freak.

David would never leave
without making the bed.

So I look under the bed.

And there's a
big, huge red stain,

and I could tell that
the bed had been moved

to cover the stain
because it's carpet.

And the indentation
from the bed sitting so long,

you could tell that
it had been moved.

[Samia] And I pulled up
the comforter off the bed,

and that's when
I seen what appeared to be…


[dark music playing]

And at the top of the mattress,
there was a hole.

I walked around.

There was a hole in the bottom
left-hand corner of the closet door.

Being a soldier,
I knew it was a bullet hole.

I realized that,
"Okay. Something's wrong here."

I told everybody,
"Everybody out."

[Tasia] We went to Melvindale Police
and filed a missing person's report.

We're searching, calling hospitals.
I'm calling morgues.

[reporter] This afternoon,
Michigan State Police investigators

were searching for clues
near Outer Drive and Allen Road.

[Elton] Melvindale Police
taped off the apartment.

They had a front
loader out there.

They were actively going
through the dumpster, you know,

checking garbage bags
and stuff like that.

In the meantime,

you know, we were just waiting
for a word from if anybody found him.

[Tasia] And I got on Facebook.

"If anybody's seen David,
y'all please let me know."

When David Carter didn't show up
for work earlier this week,

his family sounded the alarm.

Police department and the family
are looking for any help they can get

from anybody
who knows him…

[Tasia] On that Tuesday night,

after we saw the stain
and the bullet hole,

I called Tammy and I said,

"Tammy, I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Where is my brother?"

And she said, "Tasia, I don't know
what you're talking about."

"I haven't seen
him since Sunday."

And she showed no concern
as to me telling her that he was missing.

I said, "Okay. If I find out
you had something to do with my brother

and me not being able to find him,
we're gonna have a whole problem."

Tammy was at work.

She just went about her day
just like it was a normal day.

She was on social
media a few times.

She basically
was just living her normal life.

It was unbelievable to me

for a person that had been with him
almost every day for six months

for her not to leave work,
and show up with us, and help find David.

[Samia] She was nowhere to be found.
You're his girlfriend.

You don't seem to be
as worried as everybody else.

[dark music playing]

[reporter 1] An ODOT employee
discovered a sleeping bag along the side of I-75…

[reporter 2] The
Hancock County coroner

has ruled the human remains
found on I-75 a homicide.

[reporter 3] They
suspect the victim

might have been on
the side of the highway for a few days.

Investigators are reviewing
missing person reports.

[Diane] Grass mowers from ODOT,

Ohio Department
of Transportation,

had found a sleeping
bag in the weeds

by the berm of
the road off of I-75.

Inside the sleeping bag

was the dismembered
lower half of the body.

All I had was a
lower torso and legs.

It looked to me like this male

was either Black or biracial.

His inseam measured 36 inches.

That's a pretty tall person.

During the autopsy,

we found a very characteristic tattoo
on the left upper leg.

It was a tattoo of a pit bull
with red eyes.

That's unusual.

So we sent that photograph
up to Melvindale, Michigan,

which is where there
was a missing person.

[Elton] The Chief of Police of Melvindale
called me and asked me to come down

because he had some
questions to ask me.

It was a tattoo that he was
very, very interested in.

I told him he had
the tattoo of a pit bull on his leg.

And I asked the chief, I said,

"You found him?"
And he said, "Yeah."

[somber music playing]

For me, being a soldier,

death is something
that's part of life.

It's inevitable.

It's just I…

never thought it would happen
to a family member in this manner.

[softly] Tough. Tough.

Really, really tough.

[Derrick] I assisted Mr. Carter
over to the police department.

I'll never forget.

It was just so…
so many emotions.

So I'm driving back
from the police station.

[voice breaking]
I don't wanna see Tasia's face.

My husband's driving, and he pulls up,
and I see it all over his face.

You know, I see it, like,
all over his face,

and he gets out, and he just grabbed me,
and he just said, "Boo, he gone."

I had no… words.

Like, I really felt like
I had been gut-punched.

My concern was,
um… his mother.

All of the things that I've been through,
I've done, that's nothing.

I can't think of
anything that…

was harder than telling her
that it was our son.

She just broke down.

It was like everything
drained out of her.

Nothing I could do…

but hold her.

[quietly] That's, uh…

That's all I could do.

[DJ] I asked my uncle, like,
"What happened?"

You know, 'cause I wanted to know.
He wouldn't tell me at first.

I'm like, "What

"You have to tell me. It's my
dad." You know?

And, um…

He said, "Yeah, they
found your dad, but…

they found
him chopped up."

"His body parts
chopped up."

I just walked away
and did not want to look at nobody.

I'm literally, like,
on the side of the car,

slouched down,
sitting on the grass,

crying, full of
anger and sadness.

My father was a person that I looked up to
ever since I was born.

I had never felt so numb.

[voice breaking]
The friend and the sister in me…

wanted to get to
the bottom of it.

Who did this to you?

[DJ] I'm pointing all
my arrows at Tammy

because, "You're
the last person that saw him."

[dark music playing]

I'm like, "Okay."

"Tammy is the key.
She knows what happened."

[Tasia] A few weeks before David
was murdered, he asked my female cousin,

"Hey, you wanna
go to the movies?"

So they went to see the movie.
My cousin drove.

When they returned
back to David's apartment,

all four of David's
tires were slashed.

David was like,
"Oh, my God."

I believe that he knew then
that Tammy had did it,

that Tammy had
slashed his tires,

because she must have been mad
that he took my cousin to the movies

and didn't take
her to the movies.

Like, who… who does that?

Angry female. That's
how I chalked it up.

"Okay. She's mad.
She's that type of person."

When a person is jealous,

and when a person is selfish,

there is no measure

for what they'll do.

[crowd cheering]

[Samia] On the Friday night
before David disappeared,

the whole family
was at DJ's football game.

That was the last
time I saw David

and the last time
his sister saw him.

Last time his son saw him.

[Tasia] David and Tammy were already at
the game when me and my husband arrived.

David was watching the game.

[David] Oh!
Yeah! Good hit!

David was laughing
and joking with us

and hollering at the game
at the same time.

We were throwing popcorn
and just having a good time at that game.

David and Tammy had came
to the game together,

but weren't
together at the game.

[Tasia] I asked my brother,
"Are y'all okay?"

"Why's she not
coming down?"

He was like,
"She'll be all right."

I just thought maybe they got
into an argument. They wasn't talking.

[Samia] I took a moment
and gazed around the stands,

and Tammy was
looking dead in my face,

like, straightaway
in my face, and…

it just looked like I
had saw the devil.

It stuck with me to this day.
I can still see the look on her face.

I believe my brother David
broke it off with Tammy.

I believe that night
after the football game,

whatever they were going through,
that that was the last straw for him.

And he was just like, "You know what?
I can't do this anymore."

And she couldn't take it.

I believe she was jealous
of David's relationship with everyone,

with me, with his son,
you know, with our parents.

I believe she was just ultimately
jealous of anybody he had contact with.

But I never, never thought
Tammy would be capable of murder.


[Roger] I think he was
trying to figure out how to leave.

It was taking him time
to totally pull away,

but that's 'cause she was so…
so possessive.

She knew that Dave wanted to break up,
and it sparked a madness about her

that's just, "If I can't have him,
can't nobody else have him."

[Tasia] I told the police
to look into Tammy,

but the police didn't tell us anything
about what they were doing

or what they had found.

[somber music playing]

A few days after we got the news
about David,

my nephew had his football game.

[DJ] Head coach asked me,
"Do you need time away from football?"

I told him, I said,
"No, because…

I'm not walking
away from that."

"That's not something that my father
would want me to do."

The night of the
game, it was rocking.

Everyone showed me love.

Family and friends, they all
sat next to each other in the stands.

It's like… It's
like the whole stands were family.

There's a quote
that my dad taught me, it was,

"Whatever happens,
just keep on going no matter what."

So before that game,
I told myself that, "I'm going to play."

"I'm gonna play for him."

[crowd cheering]

[DJ] It's so crazy to say that…
it wasn't me playing.


[laughs] I really felt like
it was him in me that was doing moves

that I didn't really knew
that I had in me, you know?

- [reflective music playing]
- [crowd cheering]

[Tasia] During DJ's football game,
my dad called me.

And my dad said, "Well, you know,
I need to tell you something."`

And he was like, "They got her."
And I'm like, "They got who?"

And he was like,
"They arrested Tammy."

[suspenseful music playing]

[DJ] To find out that
Tammy was arrested that night,

it lifted everyone up.

Like, it brought joy.

We just couldn't believe it.
Like, "Oh, my God! They got her."

"We got some justice."

Everybody's full of
tears and just happy.

[suspenseful music continues]

[DJ] A couple days later,
she was released.

[reporter] The person of interest
taken into custody on Friday has been released.

That according to Melvindale Police,
confirming that information late tonight.

Their investigation
is still ongoing.

[Andrew Battersby] Tammy Williams was
brought to Melvindale PD for questioning.

There were some
interviews conducted.

She was released
pending more investigation.

[tense music playing]

I'm limited on
what I can discuss

because I don't want it
to hinder our investigation.

But what I can tell you is that

they didn't have enough at that time
to hold her and charge her with a crime.

[Elton] Having to
let her go, to me,

I mean, that was
like a kick in the stomach.

[Tasia] They can only hold her
for 72 hours.

They have to locate
the rest of his remains

because they need
a cause of death.

[dark music playing]

[reporter] New developments
tonight in the murder of a Melvindale father.

More of his remains were
discovered along I-75 south of Findlay.

[Diane] They had found another body part
off of the same Interstate 75

that the first set was found.

They proceeded to send the second
set up to us,

which was in a little black duffel bag
with red straps.

And in the bag, uh,
there was a human head.

It was wrapped in the small grocery bags
with the handles.

And one of the grocery bags
was tied under his chin.

[dark music continues]

We got the third call that they had found
the rest of the remains

in a little
multicolored suitcase.

Big, bright flowers on it.

And inside the suitcase,
there was a comforter.

And inside the comforter,
there was the third set of remains.

It had upper torso, two arms,
two hands, all the fingers.

You could put the
whole body together now.

He had a gunshot
wound right here

below the earlobe
and sort of toward the back.

The wound went this way.

Exit was at the top of the head.

He had a single gunshot wound.

Very close range.
Almost near contact.

Now I had a cause of death.

There was no evidence
of defense wounds,

no evidence of a struggle,

no other evidence
of injury anywhere.

You have a tall man, 190 pounds,
and he puts up no fight?

Did he not see the gun coming?

Was he asleep?

Was he incapacitated somehow?

I don't know.

Interestingly enough,

he had an antihistamine
in his bloodstream.

That makes you sleepy.

I believe, for him, it
was a quick death.

[Tasia] I think that
on September 29th,

my brother went to bed.

Tammy had an extra key
to my brother's apartment,

and I believe that she
went in while my brother was asleep…

and shot him in the head.

[Elton] There were texts
sent from his phone

to make people think
that it was him texting,

but it was her.

I assumed the texts…

In the beginning,
I assumed they were from him,

because I wouldn't have any other reason
to think that they weren't.

But when I went back
and really read the text,

how the text was worded,

it wasn't how he would have
worded that text.

After he died,

I think the person
responsible for the death

was faced with a huge problem.

"How do I get rid
of a 190-pound, 6'4" man?"

"I can't carry him
down the stairs."

The lower part of the remains alone
weighed 73 pounds.

I think the dismemberment, in this case,
was more logistical to move the body.

He had been separated by cuts.

Nothing like a saw.

These were, in my opinion,

probably nothing more
than your average kitchen knife.

But it took some time.

You cannot separate a body
into three parts

in a very short period of time
with instruments like this.

[dark music playing]

[Tasia] The fact that she could not only
shoot her boyfriend in the head,

but cut up his body,

purchase the items that his body
was ultimately found in,

and then drive to
scatter them along I-75…

and then wake up and go to work
for the rest of the week?

That tells me that
she's a psychopath.

We're just waiting on word
for them to go pick up Tammy.

We have the memorial October 27.

Thanksgiving comes.
Christmas comes.

And it wasn't until January 2019

that we found out that October 2018
Tammy had fled Michigan.

[reporter] Williams has
been on the run since October.

Tamera Renee Williams,

and police say she murdered and
dismembered her boyfriend in Melvindale.

[Elton] Tamera, if you're out there,
turn yourself in, baby.

Can't keep running.

And now a hunt is on so intense
they've brought on the US Marshals.

US Marshals get
cases assigned to us

basically for people
committing heinous and serious crimes

and that are usually on the run
for that crime.

And we go out and locate them
and bring them to justice.

This case was extremely brutal
because of the nature of it.

This person was found
in multiple pieces,

and it takes a special individual
to do that to somebody.

This was calculated.
This was planned.

This was thought out.

Tammy is accused with homicide,

dismemberment, tampering with evidence,
and felony firearm.

[chuckles] We're talking
about a dangerous woman.

The weapon that was used
has not been recovered.

So she's probably
armed and dangerous.

I learned quite a bit about Tammy Williams
during my investigation.

On October 16th, 2018,
she was seen in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

According to
credit card receipts,

made a couple of cash withdrawals
from an ATM.

Had dinner.

I can tell you we have her on camera
at the restaurant.

And then after her meal,
she sat there for quite some time,

and had some
drinks, and everything.

She went outside,
loaded on a rickshaw,

and had the rickshaw
take her back to a hotel.

She then woke up the next morning,
the morning of the 17th,

went to the train
station in Ann Arbor.

Took an Amtrak train
from Ann Arbor to Chicago,

loads on a train there
to Penn Station, New York,

and checks into a hotel
called the Neptune Hotel.

Nobody's looking for
Tammy at this point.

When she checked into the hotel,

she checked in in
her name with her driver's license,

stayed the night there,

and got up the next
morning, October 18th.

She was seen on camera
leaving the hotel,

and that's the last
time she was seen.

Tammy Williams is a Black female, 5'5",
approximately 180 to 200 pounds.

She's currently 42 years old.

[Tasia] On Facebook
and on Instagram,

Tammy was always, like,
the master of disguise.

One day she had long hair.
One day she had short hair.

One day it was blond.
One day it was brunette.

[Andrew] She could
have short braids.

She could be wearing wigs.

The one thing that's common on
her, though,

is she has a huge rose tattoo
on her left shoulder

that basically goes from the elbow
all the way up over the shoulder.

That rose bouquet
is gonna stand out.

It's very distinctive,

and it'd be pretty difficult to miss,
cover up, or remove.

But on top of that,
let's just say hypothetically,

she got it covered.

That means there's a tattoo artist
out there somewhere

that covered
that bunch of roses.

If Tammy was working a job right now…
She was a travel agent.

She could have booked your trip
to wherever.

She could be
working at a hospital.

She could have taken
your blood yesterday.

Let's be honest.
She's not afraid of blood.

It's been a while since
I've spoke to any members of her family,

but every time I have, it's,
"No idea. Haven't heard from her."

"Haven't talked to her."

And I personally
don't believe that.

Somebody is
helping her financially

and also providing her with a roof,
a place to stay.

She just did not disappear.

Throughout my interviews
with many different people,

they've all said,

"She's always been one of those girls
that needs to have a guy in her life."

And that scares me

that this woman is still free
after committing this crime,

and she could
hurt somebody else.

[DJ] I've thought about that
plenty of times,

of going to my dad's bedroom
that Sunday night.

Maybe I should've went in there,

but maybe it was probably a good decision
to not go in there, because…

I don't know, something in me
was just saying, "Don't go in there."

Something probably could've happened to me
if I had went in my dad's room.

[reporter 1] The hunt is
on as the US Marshals put all hands on deck

in this worldwide fugitive hunt.

[reporter 2] Tammy could
be in a new relationship at this point.

[man] Maybe she's dating another
guy. You know, he could be at risk.

[reporter 3] Family
members of the young father

are still praying Tamera will be found
to face charges.

[suspenseful music playing]

- [projector whirring]
- [somber music playing]

[Elton] At my
son David's funeral,

many people spoke about him.

It was really touching.

[David on video]
Life stay's full of happiness,

and sometimes
life is full of shit.

[Elton on video]
Yes, it is. Uh-huh.

[Elton] And everybody was talking
about David, and how they knew him,

and giving my wife Marie and I

their condolences,
and hugging us.

[voice breaking]
Marie, she… Oh, wow.

…quite naturally
cried through the whole thing.

And I felt helpless…

trying to console her.

[Tasia] I always say,
"Tammy didn't just kill my brother."

She killed my mother too,

because our mother
was diagnosed with cancer

six days prior to
Tammy murdering David.

She was so heartbroken
after he was murdered,

so she stopped going
to her cancer treatment,

and my mom passed away.

[somber music continues]

[Samia] There is not a day

that goes by that I
do not think of David.

I look at DJ.

I start thinking about all the things
that he's accomplished,

all the things that
he's doing, and I say,

"Man, if his dad was here,
he'd be so proud."

[DJ] As of right now,

I'm at Eastern Michigan University
playing football,

and I'm majoring in
business management.

I've taken over
my dad's clothing business.

I'm doing okay…

but there are thoughts
that get to my head

that almost make me
want to break down sometimes.

Like, "Wow."

"I don't have a
father no more."

If I had a few minutes
with my dad right now,

I would ask him,
"Is he proud of me of where I'm at?"

And I'd tell him that I love him for
sure, and I miss him.

[Tasia] When David left us,
it was like a black hole.

Like nothing or no one
has been able to fill it.

You never know how much light
somebody brings into a room

until it's no longer there.

So it's been dark.

[people singing on video]
♪ How old are you… ♪

[Tasia] I miss the
jokes and the laughs.

[voice breaking] I miss our talks,
our fights.

I just miss him.
I miss everything about him.

[sinister music playing]

I have faith that somehow, some way,
somebody's gonna see Tammy,

and she's gonna be caught.

It's not gonna bring David back,

but it will at least allow us to

let him rest in peace.

[dramatic music playing]

I'm Buffalo Jim.
It's another Friday night, brother.

[man 1] Somebody
decided to get rid of Buffalo.

[woman 1] This is the room
my father was found dead in.

[man 1] They got him
into a vulnerable situation.

We thought it was a setup.

You never know
what's gonna happen.

[man 2] Do you
believe in Bigfoot?

Do you believe in UFOs?

I was like, "Wow!"

[man 3] Hey, Josh.

[woman 2] For them to say,
"Josh just got up,

and said he was going to the bathroom,
and never came back."

It doesn't make any sense to me.

There's more to it
than what they're saying.

[woman 3] I think Josh had secrets
just like everybody else has secrets.

I wish that whoever knew those secrets
would come forward.

[dramatic music playing]

[mysterious music playing]