Unsolved Mysteries (2020-…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Something in the Sky - full transcript

Over 300 residents of western Michigan report seeing unearthly lights on the night of March 8th, 1994. Decades later the event remains unexplained.

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[cassette tape rattling]

[phone ringing on recording]

[dispatch on recording]
Central Dispatch.

[Jack Bushong] Yeah, this is,
um, the National Weather Service of Muskegon.

I was calling to make sure

that the person that called me
was not a hoax.

[dispatch] He
was one of our dispatchers.

We've been chasing lights down…
all over down that way.

- [Jack] What do they look like?
- I don't know.

We got a report of

something going through the air
with lights on it horizontally.

Three to four lights…

going at a high rate of speed
up and down and all over the sky.

[Jack] What did
I see that night?

What did I see going
72,000 miles per hour at least?

[eerie humming]

[Jack] This is tough
for a scientist to admit,

and so I'm just
gonna have to say…

the way they acted,
even though intelligent,

they didn't act human.

[mysterious music playing]

[Jack] When I was a kid,
people made fun of me.

They used to say,
"It could only happen to Jack."

I was like the
epitome of coincidences.

And strange ones.

I grew up in Muskegon,
which is in West Michigan,

and it's a beautiful area.

You got the four seasons.

So this was my childhood
home right here.

I can remember standing right out front
being three and four years old,

being very curious
about the world.

You know, even as far back
as I can remember,

I was very interested
in astronomy and science,

and then, of
course, weather too.

I started learning
how to read weather maps

at about five, six years old.

My parents lived
on Lake Michigan.

I could see the storms
rolling across Lake Michigan.

And that's how I learned
that I wanted to be a meteorologist

ever since I was six years old.

On March 8th, 1994,
I was 29 going on 30.

I had been at the
Muskegon National Weather Service

for three years at that point.

I was the 4:00 p.m.
to 12:00 a.m. shift,

and I was alone on duty for the night,
which is not unusual.

Temperatures were
around 20 degrees.

It was a light wind,
and we had very good visibility.

Probably easily 80 miles.

I wasn't expecting that there was gonna be
anything going on that night

because there was nothing
going on weather-wise.

It was a very fair,
clear, cold night.

[expectant music playing softly]

[Cindy Pravda] That night
it was very clear.

I was in the kitchen
talking to my friend Edna.

And we had a corded
phone at the time.

And I like to pace
when I'm on the phone.

My husband was in the basement
watching TV downstairs on the couch.

[eerie humming]

[faint warbling]

It was about nine
o'clock at night.

[eerie music playing]

And I walked to
my kitchen window.

That's when I saw the lights.

And the glow of the light
that was outside,

it was so bright

that I thought
that it was a huge full moon.

I did a double take.

No, I saw four lights.
"That can't be a full moon."

So I said, "Edna, I think
there's a UFO in my backyard."

The lights were
in a straight line.

[eerie music continues]

They were stationary.

They were just above our tree line
in our pasture.

The one to the far left

moved slowly
across the tree line.

Then slowly came back
into formation again.

And the other one to the far right,
would be to the west,

was starting to slowly move.

Then it was gone.
It was just gone in a flash.

So then I'm left with three.

I never saw a ship or ships.

The lights were so bright,
I could never see beyond them.

I watched them totally
for about a half hour.

I wish I had a camera back then.

We didn't have cell phones
that could take a picture.

What surprised me most
was there was no sound from the UFO.

My horse was out in the field,

and she was grazing
and nodding off.

She didn't even know
they were above her head.

[Holly Graves]
Not a sound.

That's the thing
that stands out the most to me.

Dead silent.

In 1994, I was married,

my daughter was ten,

and my son was 14.

My husband Daryl and I had retired to bed,
and the kids were in the living room.

Joey started screaming.

Just, you know, "You gotta see this.
Come in here. You gotta see this."

Our whole living room
was like a spotlight.

It was so bright.

[phone line ringing]

[dispatch on recording] 911.

[Holly] Um,
we were just wondering.

Have you heard anything about these lights
that are flickering up here?

It's like a group.

It looks like a string of Christmas lights
that's way up in the sky.

- [kids clamoring on recording]
- [dispatch] No, ma'am.

[Holly] And we
wondered if you'd heard about it.

[dispatch] Not a thing.

[Holly] You might
wanna have someone take a look.

It's different.
I've never seen anything like this.

I don't know. It's strange,
but it's right out east, southeast.

It's way up.

You can hear my kids screaming
in the background on the 911 tape.

So my husband, Daryl, said,
"Let's go outside."

And this thing is
roughly 300 feet.

It was right across the street,

and it wasn't doing anything

but going as slow
as it possibly could.

It was not like a plane.

It was not like a blimp.

It was not like
anything I've ever seen.

It was, I said, of a
chrome material.

It was a cylinder shape.

And they were going
around in a circle.

Saw no windows,
anything like that.

And it had lights
coming out of the bottom.

[Holly on recording]
It's just like a circle

of a lot of different
lights flickering.

I said to Daryl,
"What is that?"


he said, "Holly,
it's a UFO."

[sinister music playing]

[Holly] We stood
out there for about,

I wanna say 15, 20 minutes
before Officer Velthouse got there.

[siren blaring faintly]

[Jeffrey Velthouse]
I was in my patrol vehicle

when I received a 911 call

to respond to the residence
of Holly Graves and her family.

My thought on
UFOs was "skeptical."

I was trying to think of
any kind of explainable situation

that was going on,

whether it was somebody shining lights
or maybe something was on fire.

I was met outside
by Holly Graves and her husband.

I saw two lights,

and they were both moving
in a southwest direction.

They were consistent with the flight
maybe of an aircraft of some sort.

They were that high in the sky.

The lights went
from white to green,

and they were
fairly close together.

- [eerie music playing]
- [Jeffrey] As I watched them,

the one light
caught my attention,

and it moved from the other light
in a quick manner,

and then kept going southwest.

That was noticeable to me.

Different than any normal aircraft
that I've seen.

[Holly] And Officer Velthouse
and my husband

stood in the front yard
for another ten minutes or so.

And then Officer Velthouse left.

At that point, I
heard Daryl scream.

He said it just, bam,
broke up into five…

before it disappeared.

[ominous music playing]

[Jeffrey] As I was
trying to follow the lights,

we were getting more calls

through Ottawa
County Central Dispatch.

[radio tuning]

[dispatch on recording] 911.

[caller 1] There's four or five
lights, and they're all flashing right in a row

from the top
all the way down to the bottom.

- [dispatch] Uh-huh.
- [caller 1] It took off real fast.

[caller 2] There was four
lights, and they were blinking back and forth.

And there's no way…
I mean, a plane is not that wide.

And then it started…
And then it went down to three lights.

And then it started to turn around.
Like, I mean, it was a circular motion.

Then it started going up and down,
and then it went to two lights

and did the same thing.

And now it's one,
and it's spinning in a circle.

They're just
kinda hanging there.

They came up as a group,
then they kind of split.

[intriguing music playing]

[Jeffrey] I contacted
the Ottawa County central dispatcher

to try and locate
a radar service

to determine what it was
that people were reporting.

And he, in turn,
contacted the Muskegon Weather Service.

[phone ringing]

[Jack on recording] Weather
Service. Muskegon.

[Jack] Around
10:00 p.m. that night,

I got a phone call
from the Ottawa County 911 Dispatch.

[dispatch] Hi, Muskegon.
This is Ottawa County 911 calling.

[Jack] Yeah, how you doing?

[dispatch] Good. You guys
have access to a radar there, don't ya?

- [Jack] Yes, we do.
- You do.

You getting anything weird down
in the Southern Ottawa County area?

The reason I ask is
we're getting a whole bunch of calls

of some strange lights

in the Southern Ottawa,
Northern Allegan County

right near Holland City area.

- [Jack] Strange lights?
- Yeah.

We've had about 60 UFO calls.

[Jack] Oh
jeez! Okay.

[dispatch] I'm sitting
here going, "No, come on."

"There's gotta be
something more to this."

[Jack] Yeah.

When he said something about UFOs
are being seen across the skies,

I thought, "Oh boy."

You know, a
lot of people are drinking out tonight.

But I was not going to say,
just blow them off and say,

"No, I can't see
something like that."

I was gonna take a look.
I was actually interested myself.

As a radar operator,
we had to learn…

not just learning how to look
at atmospheric phenomena on the radar

but how the radar
actually works,

and what can
actually fool the radar.

So we're rigorously trained

because we're putting out
severe weather warnings

and tornado warnings
based on what we see with the radar.

[Jack on recording] I'm looking
at it in the vertical now,

and there's a large
return down there.

It's up about maybe…

Oh, now it disappeared,
but it was up about 6,000 feet.

It could have been a plane,
but it was pretty big. Wait a minute.

And I assumed it was an aircraft
at about 6,000 feet,

which was not unusual.

It was moving at around
100 miles an hour,

which again was not unusual.

Now to find an aircraft
in the dark like this

would be like being in the basement,
and you have a flashlight,

and you're looking for that fly
that's flying around,

and you only have
that focused beam.

And once, you might
be able to catch it,

might be able to follow it,
but a lot of times, you could lose it.

[Jack] Oh,
it moved. Let's see.

There's something big down there.
Wait a minute. That's really strange.

Yeah, right down
near South Haven.

Okay, it's moving
towards the west-southwest,

and it looks like a big blob.

[dispatch] Yeah, that's the
way it was explained to us.

Hmm. This is weird.

[Jack] Looks
like it's steady right now.

For a brief moment
of about 15 seconds,

it just stopped and hovered,
which is highly unusual.

So, right away,
I knew something was not right.

Either it was…

At that point, I thought,

"Okay, it could be a blimp,
a balloon, or something like that."

But to be flying at night
in the dead of winter

was highly unusual too.

[Jack on recording]
It's gone up.

I'm getting it now at, um,
at about 12,000 feet.


You know, after that,
it seemed like everything just went crazy.

[Jack] Oh
my God! What is this?

[dispatch] They were going
together and coming apart.

[Jack] Yeah, they're…
Well, it's… There's three.

They're separated by about…
Looks like about 5,000 feet in height.


[Jack] They're
very strong returns.

I mean, they're spiking,
so there's something pretty solid.

It's not precipitation or anything,
especially up at that height.

In all aspects,

the objects looked
like an aircraft.

It just did not
act like an aircraft.

We know it was solid.

It was smooth.

It seemed extremely reflective.

Very high-polished metal.

We can detect that

by the amount of energy
coming back in the echo.

[siren blaring]

[dispatch] An officer in Holland
City just sent me a message.

He says, you know,
"Can you identify anything further?"

He says, "Looks
like three to four of 'em."

[Jack] I'm seeing three,
but they look like a triangle on my scope.

[dispatch] This is strange,
yeah, 'cause the officer says it's, uh,

"Green and red lights."
It does not look like an airplane.

They come together,
and then they separate.

And they just
keep doing this all the time.

[Jack] These are huge
returns. I've never seen anything like this.

Not even when I'm doing storms.
These aren't storms. They're like…

They're just poppin' up
all over the place.

[Jack] The northernmost one
would jump 20 miles, hover.

The other two
would jump 20 miles

and then make
that triangular formation again

and then would hover there
for a few seconds.

I can't think of
anything in nature

that would play
follow-the-leader like that.

It was almost as if it
wanted to be seen.

I was spooked. I
was creeped out.

I was nervous.
I was shaking.

[Jack] These are all up
around between 7,000 and 12,000 feet.

Wow, this is strange.

[Jack] Okay, they look like they're
all moving toward the south, towards Chicago.

They're about
over the center of Lake Michigan.

Three of them in a triangle
just off the coast of Berrien County.

[eerie music playing]

[Jack] Once it got to that one area
in Southern Lake Michigan, it stopped,

it hovered, it stayed
there for a while.

I watched them
for two, three hours,

and they were met up by dozens and dozens
of other objects that I could see.

They were doing
incredible feats,

like going from lower,
say at four-or-five thousand feet,

to going as high as 55,000 feet

within a matter of seconds,

which none of our
military aircraft can do at all.

At one point,

I saw it move 20 miles
out over Lake Michigan

in less than a second.

So it's moving at
72,000 miles an hour.

At that speed, you could fly
from New York to LA in about two minutes.

And there's just no technology I know of
that can go that fast.

I know it wasn't swamp gas

because the weather radar, uh,

would actually not be able
to see swamp gas.

I knew that they were not
a super-refraction of the radar beam

or a bounce-back of the radar
back down to the earth

because of their movements
and their speeds.

But also because

by raising the radar antenna
to the many degrees that I did up,

that eliminates
all super-refraction possibilities.

Later on, I found out that
that was the only clear area of no ice.

It was absolutely the
northernmost point that you could get

without going into
solid sheets of ice.

So they were out
over open water.

It was a rendezvous point

for other objects from…
coming in from other directions.

[dispatch] All right, well, if
we get any more, we'll let you know also.

[Jack] Please
do. Thanks a lot, then.

- [dispatch] Okay. Thank you. Bye.
- Uh-huh. Bye-bye.

Once I got off the phone
with the 911 dispatcher,

I called my wife and told her
all about what I had seen.

And I said, "Can you go out
and take a look to the southern sky

and see if you
see anything?"

It was late at night.
It was the dead of winter.

She actually was too afraid to go out.
She was creeped out.

Said, "I'm not going
out there by myself."

I did stay over
and watch it a little bit more.

And one by one, they would disappear
until they all just kind of faded away.

[door opens and closes]

The next shift that
came in after me,

he didn't really get
excited like I was.

Really didn't know what to think of it
because he hadn't seen the whole thing.

Driving home that night,
everything was going through my mind.

And I couldn't
believe what I had seen.

[intriguing music playing]

My whole idea, as a scientist,

of what's out there,

it was, like, just a huge change
in the way I had to think.

That there's more out there
than we all know.

[phone ringing]

[Michael Walsh] Probably around
8:00 in the morning,

we started getting direct calls,
which were coming in to me.

And these were citizens
who saw something strange

and wanted to report it.

- [mysterious music playing]
- [phone line ringing]

[Michael] So I got the idea

of calling the dispatch operator
in Ottawa County, 911,

and saying, "How long would it take
to get a copy of these calls?"

And he said,
"I'll have it for you in an hour."

So I picked it up.

And this is back in 1994.

Popped it in the
cassette device,

and it knocks your socks off.

[dispatch] 911.

[caller 1] This
is a non-emergency,

so feel free to cut me off
if something comes in.

And I feel kind of silly calling,
but is there any Air Force airplanes

or helicopters flying around
in Allegan or Ottawa County tonight?

[caller 2] I don't know if you
guys do anything on UFOs at all.

[caller 3] It's not a real
emergency. We're calling about them UFOs we saw.

- [dispatch] Mmm-hmm.
- [caller 3] They're out there.

They ain't airplanes.

[Michael] These people saw something
that either frightened or amazed them.

You can hear, uh,
the sincerity in their voices.

You can hear the amazement.

I think that's very compelling.

But also, there was
the 911 dispatch recording

with the National Weather Service
radar operator.

He alone and the
dispatcher set this apart

from so much
other UFO stuff that I've seen.

I listened to five or ten minutes of it,
and I called the news desk and said,

"We got a major story."

I got back to the newsroom,
batted out a story,

and got it on the wire.

[intriguing music playing]

When the event
happened on March 8th,

I had no idea it was recorded.

The tape was immediately
given to my boss

and to my boss's boss.

And that's when
just everything broke loose.

[intriguing music continues]

Residents in places like Grand Haven,
Holland, and other lakeshore towns

reported seeing the
strange phenomenon in the night sky.

This was definitely brighter
than anything I've ever seen before.

Flashing green lights,
and once in a while,

you'd see, like, a red.

About ten seconds. It just went…
[imitates whooshing]

Were they watching us?

Were they taking
samples of the atmosphere, you know?

What were they doing?

[William Konkolesky]
The March 8th, 1994 sighting

of UFOs in Southwestern Michigan

is really one of the
big cases historically.

Not just for Michigan,
but for UFOs, period.

[reporter on video]
Meet the Mutual UFO Network or MUFON,

international investigators
of strange sights in the skies.

They're trying to find just what's
haunting the Great Lakes state.

[William] MUFON is the world's largest
civilian UFO research organization.

We've been around
for over 50 years.

And we have over 4,000 members
in over 40 countries.

We take UFO reports
that people, uh, send in to us.

We can identify usually between 80% to 95%
of what comes in to us every year.

And the ones
that we can't identify

are the interesting ones
that keep us going.

Michigan is one of those states
where we just happen to have

more UFO sightings reported to us
than many of the other states.

We're always in the top ten.

But this UFO
event in March of '94,

we're talking over
300 witnesses to UFOs

in a single night.

This was not just
on the west side of the state.

Michigan's got 82 counties,

and 42 counties had UFO sightings
that night of March 8th.

[on video]
MUFON officials say

this is the hottest UFO case
in the country right now.

Not only because
of the mass sightings

but the fact that these objects
have actually been tracked on radar.

You can't say nothing
happened that night.

It's scientific.

Here is an instrument
recording something that is undeniable.

[Virginia Tilly]
I learned about the sighting

when a friend
from Flint, Michigan called me.

I called the
headquarters of MUFON,

and I was put in charge
of investigating this case.

I got in the car as quickly as I could,
driving to Holland.

I interviewed 20 or 30 people

who were direct witnesses.

They put us all
in separate rooms

and had us all draw pictures

and write our story.

[reporter on video] How'd you know
it was something unusual?

I saw the bottom.

It was metal. It
had lights on it.

[Michael] I've had nationwide
stories before, but nothing like this.

This went worldwide.

The reaction was immediate.

For two weeks now, the big question
in much of Western Michigan has been,

"Oh my God,
what is this?"

After the event,

I was contacted by dozens of people
from throughout the state.

I had calls I remember
from two pilots.

Both from major airlines

who were coming in over to O'Hare
over Lake Michigan.

And both of them
separately verified

this very bright,
cylindrical object

going in front of them
across Lake Michigan.

And then just disappearing
at a phenomenal rate of speed.

Both of them
did not want their names used,

did not want
their carriers used,

because there was
so much prejudice, perhaps.

I think there had been a stigma

attached to people
who claim to have seen UFOs

because it may suggest
that they're mentally ill.

You're silly, you're
drunk, you're crazy.

[Jack] Soon after
the event occurred,

I walked into
the weather office,

and the guys had
taken paper plates,

stacked and stapled
like flying saucers.

And they put about 50 of them
hanging from the ceiling on strings.

Just put my hands on my face
and thought, "Oh no."

When it came to this event,

I knew people
might not believe me,

and what I had seen
might sound crazy.

I did not want to be thought of

as somebody, especially as a scientist,
as somebody with a mental illness.

The National Weather Service,

they did not want to be known as
"the UFO reporting center."

So they tried
to make it go away in a hurry.

[reporter on video] Meteorologists
with the National Weather Service

said a temperature inversion,

a layer of warm air a few thousand feet
above the Earth's surface,

could have been the culprit
for the strange returns on radar.

Something called
"ground clutter."

[Jack] Well, at this point, I was told
not to talk or give interviews to anybody.

I was very anxious 'cause I worked
my entire life for that job.

If I had disobeyed an order

and talked to
the press about it,

I have no doubt in my mind
that they would have tried to fire me

or actually ruin
the future of my career, yeah.

My supervisor Leo
had to toe the line.

And in fact when I talked to him later
about what this was doing to my career,

Leo was the one that said,
"Jack, you gotta get out of Michigan."

I knew I had to hurry up
and get a job to wherever I could

based solely because
of this UFO event.

But I was depressed to have to leave
such good friends, childhood friends,

and my family.

That was the impact
on my career, yes.

[somber music playing]

[Jack] I almost put it behind me

because I didn't think we were gonna
ever be able to learn anymore.

But I did want vindication for this
because there were jokes.

What I saw,
this was a life-altering event.

It's something
you just don't forget.

How much brain space
this occupied in 30 years, uh,

it was enough to where
I gave myself headaches thinking about it.

Literally headaches
trying to just really focus

and try to figure it out
'cause it's such a mystery.

[intriguing music playing]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[pilot laughing on radio]
Whoa! Got it! Whoo-hoo!

[reporter on video]
Today a highly-anticipated report

from the US
Intelligence Community

zeroes in on unidentified
aerial phenomenon, or UAPs,

commonly known as UFOs.

[reporter] This report had lots
of input from the military.

It was released by the Office of
the Director of National Intelligence.

They did find more
than 140 reports

dating back to 2004,

where investigators
could not find an explanation.

Pilots said they saw objects that moved
at exceptional speed and agility.

[pilot on video] My gosh!

They're all going against the wind.
The wind's 120 knots to the west.

We have people like Navy pilots, former
CIA directors coming forward and saying,

"Yeah, there are things
that we don't really understand."

[reporter] One
incident in Puerto Rico,

where an object
was tracked buzzing an airport,

then flying into the water,
popping back out

before appearing to split into two
and disappearing.

[Andre Carson] This is a
technology that we don't completely understand.

And it seems to be
defying our understanding of physics.

The larger question is,
"Is this alien life?" remains unanswered.

[Jack] After all these years,

it seems like
the US government and the military

is finally taking
UFO sightings more seriously.

And that's made me
re-examine my own UFO experience.

I've been dreaming about this
for 27 years.

What I'm hoping
to get out of the eyewitnesses

is to get more
information out of them

and actually see
exactly where they were

so that I can tie together
what I was seeing

with other people on the ground,
with the radar.

When you have both radar confirmation
and ground-based eyeball confirmation,

that's the proof
that there was a tornado on the ground.

And so why not for UFOs?

- Virginia?
- [Virginia] Oh, Jack!

- Jack Bushong. Nice to meet you.
- For real. It's so nice to meet you.

I have so many
questions that I know I…

[Jack] I knew of Virginia Tilly.

She did a thorough job
of finding these witnesses on the ground,

but, of course,
she didn't have a really good,

detailed account
of what I saw on the radar.

I know you've been investigating this
the whole time.

Believe it or not, I
tried to reach you.

- Oh, you did?
- I did.

- I tried actually several different times.
- Really?

And I was always told
you weren't available,

or you weren't
allowed to speak to me.

- No men in black came? [laughing]
- No men in black. Oh jeez.

[Jack] None of those.

There are very few, if any,

that have the kind of documentation
that goes with this case.

This one, I feel, is much
bigger than any of the others that I've...

No kidding! The
absolute top one?

- Really?
- I would think so.

There's a lot of gaps
I'd like to see filled up.

I'm really interested
in this couple you were talking about

that had a vantage point
from Lake Michigan

around the time
when I was seeing it on radar.

This was one of the most unusual things
I've ever heard.

- March 8th of '94.
- [Jack] Okay.

[Virginia] Young couple
that were camping out that night.

An ice-cold night,
right on the lake.

After midnight,
the wife woke up.

There was a tall tower of water.

They said it looked
like a huge waterfall.

Went up almost as high as what looked like
the heights of the sky.

- At least 20 feet wide.
- Okay.

It was lit behind
and from above.

And they're looking off
towards the Chicago area,

towards the southwest.

They both were so frightened,

they grabbed a couple of quick things
that were laying with them,

and they ran up the stairs
as fast as they could go.

So what you're telling me completely
correlates with what I saw on radar

from eleven o'clock
through well after midnight.

I was watching them
till two in the morning on radar.

In the same place,

I have them at 6,000
feet at that point.

- It must've been a pretty tall waterfall.
- Okay. You're right.

That's incredible.

A lot of these UFO events
occur around great big bodies of water.

- The Great Lakes seems to be a hot spot.
- A very…

- [Jack] Freshwater here.
- I've heard that so many times.

The Great Lakes is the largest
fresh water area on the entire planet.

It's almost as if
they were looking for open water,

and they found it right here.

And, uh, so there
has to be a connection.

[Holly] I always
wanted to meet him.

You know, being
"the radar guy."

He said, "I
saw what I saw."

So they see that
we're not crazy.

You know, what we saw was real.

[Jeffrey] The 1994 sighting has
affected me in a popularity kind of way.

And a lot of the inquiries, too,
are sincere.

But if the recording
from the radar operator did not exist,

it would affect me
differently, I believe.

It would be more adverse, probably,
or more unbelievable to people.

[Holly] We saw it
out in the east sky.

We could see, you know, the…
I guess you would call it metallic…

- We could see that, yes.
- You could see that?

I saw something
that I'd never seen before.

The interesting thing to me
about the two lights was

one of them broke away from the other
at a noticeably high speed.

[Jack] When I was seeing the objects
between South Haven and Benton Harbor

and yet the witnesses,
the police officer was in Holland,

they couldn't tell
how far away or how high up.

I could though.

I could see exactly
how far away they were

and how high up they were.

And it matched perfectly
with what they were seeing.

Now I'm 100% sure
we were seeing the same thing.

There's no doubt about it.

The strangest
thing I saw that night

was when I was using the beam of my radar
to track the one object,

and then it split
into several objects.

And they began to make triangles,
and different rotating patterns,

and also even rotating

in the way that they were
going from horizontal to vertical.

But the one thing
that was very odd

was each triangle
was lined up perfectly

down the beam of the radar.

If it was in any other position,

I wouldn't have been able
to see it all in one beam.

There was no way
something could do that

unless it knew
where the radar was.

To get that,
you have to be pretty intelligent.

It almost made me wonder,

are they communicating,
you know, this way?

[ominous music playing]

[Jack] I just keep having to say,
"What did I see that night?"

"What did I see
going 72,000 miles per hour, at least,

you know, in a second?"

- [mysterious music playing]
- [Jack] What was it?

What do you think
you saw that night?

It was a UFO.

I know that.

What do you think
you saw that night?

I… It's a tough
question to answer

because, um, you don't
wanna look like a kook, you know.

But I've checked off
everything I could think of.

But it looked like an
extreme technology

that seems like
it's hundreds of years, uh, advanced.

More advanced than what we have.

[eerie music playing]

[Michael] Nobody can
conclusively say these are

any kind of
extraterrestrial craft.

Now, on the other hand,

I look up at the universe,

and I see the night sky.

And I have a feeling we're not alone
in the vastness of this universe.

It's been almost 30 years,

and it's so gratifying to me
that I was a piece of that evening.

[tranquil music playing]

[Holly] When I look through here,
it takes me back almost 30 years.

My children were small.

It's a UFO. [chuckles]

I'm glad my
babies got to see it.

The two best things
that ever happened in my life

were my children.

And this night ranks right under
that, you know?

It's even making me emotional here,
and I don't want to be emotional.

I hope everybody in the world
can see what we saw that night.

[William] When we
get UFO reports in,

it's understood that
we're only getting a small portion

of the group of people
who may have seen something.

We've only received
a very small amount

of the stories
that have happened that night.

There are a lot more.

And I would encourage people
to tell their story.

This is a good time
to do it. Why not?

- [mysterious music playing]
- [William] It's time we talk about it.

[Jack] I'm hoping that there's gonna be
some witnesses that will try to contact me

and give me their story
about that March 8, 1994, event.

Unless we finally figure out what this is
and there's hard proof about it,

I am not going to give up
this obsession of mine

to try to figure it out.

I can see doing this
the rest of my life.

[mysterious music playing]