Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - The Space Force - full transcript

Since the early 1960s, we've experimented with how to travel off planet Earth. Many experts believe America has operated a secret Space Force for decades, with ultra high-tech ships designed for missions beyond Earth's orbit.

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[narrator] Control outer space,

and you control the world.

Recent news reports suggest

that China, Russia, and the US
are caught in a new high-tech space race.

The next big war, if or when it comes,

is gonna be fought in two theaters:

cyberspace and outer space.

[narrator] But control
of cyberspace is child's play

compared to the domination of outer space.

And the race between superpowers,
as far as we know, is up for grabs.

Plans to mine the moon

for the experimental propulsion fuel
Helium-3 are already underway,

as are plans to create
weaponized satellites.

But insiders claim that
the US and other countries

have already been
secretly militarizing space for 50 years.

Join us as we investigate the secret
existence of a US space force.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

Since the early 1960s,

we've experimented with
how to travel off planet Earth.

We've been to the moon,
landed rovers on Mars,

and sent probes beyond
the edge of our solar system.

To establish
a permanent presence in space,

we developed
the International Space Station.

To service the space station
and resupply it with food,

experimental equipment, and astronauts,

the US successfully developed
the space shuttle.

But in 1986, something happened
that many will never forget.

January 28, 1986.

The space shuttle, Challenger,
is launched on a routine mission.

But 73 seconds into the flight,
something goes terribly wrong.

An O-ring seal on one
of its rocket boosters fails at liftoff.

This leads to a breach
of the shuttle's external gas tank.

The massive aerodynamic forces
acting on the shuttle

as it escapes Earth's atmosphere
expands the breach,

and the result is a catastrophic failure.

The Challenger disintegrates
off Florida's coast above Cape Canaveral.

Seven crew members die.

The Challenger accident
is a brutal reminder

of the hazards of space travel,

and makes many
in the aeronautical industry

rethink the way we travel into space.

The incident is also a defining blow

to a top-secret group
in the American space industry.

Less than two years after
the Challenger accident,

an article appears in the New York Times
that stuns many insiders.

So, in 1989,
the New York Times publishes an article

that says that we had a cadre
of 32 military-trained astronauts,

uh... and a multi-billion-dollar
budget going on

for a shuttle program
at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

It's crazy.

A secret cadre of 32 astronauts,

um, who were outside
of the normal NASA space program

had been axed.

And that associated with this,
various facilities,

effectively, an entire secret space port,
were also going to be mothballed.

[narrator] The article cites
the Challenger accident

as the key reason the military is getting
out of using manned space shuttles.

If we had a multi-billion-dollar
military space shuttle program

going on in Los Angeles and in Vandenberg,

and we didn't know about it,
nobody knew about this thing,

what else could our government
possibly have going on in space?

[narrator] Once again, the government
finds itself under suspicion.

They could have already had
a military space force up there.

We really don't know.

When we consider the story
about the cutting of 32 astronauts

from this covert program,

I think there's a temptation to think,

"Well, the program, in its entirety,
has been axed."

But in my experience
of cuts within government,

what actually happens is that a small part
of the program is, um, cut out

to satisfy the financiers.

So, could a space force exist? Absolutely.

Could we hide it? Could the government
hide that secret? Absolutely.

[narrator] If a space force exists,
when and why was it created?

Unsealed case file:
the Twining memo.

July 26, 1947.

Less than three weeks
after the famous UFO crash

in Roswell, New Mexico,

US President Harry Truman signs the
most important act of the 20th century,

the National Security Act.

It leads swiftly
to the creation of the CIA,

the National Security Council,
an independent Air Force,

and the Department of Defense.

Three weeks earlier, four-star general
Nathan Twining flies unannounced

to Kirtland Air Force base.

Many experts believe he arrives
to help cover up the Roswell UFO crash.

[Murillo] September 18, 1947,
CIA is born.

Five days later,
the Twining Memo comes out.

Nathan Twining wrote a memo

which, in many ways,
perhaps, set the scene

for what a lot of people claim
has followed.

And he said in his memo
that UFOs were real.

They are clearly
under intelligent control,

and they're often seen in close proximity

of highly sensitive
military establishments,

and particularly, nuclear facilities.

He said, "For that reason,
this subject must be studied carefully

and taken extremely seriously."

[Murillo] The Twining Memo says,
we need investigative technology.

But what do you do with
that technology if it's real?

What does it give you
the ability to do?

You have propulsion.
You have other technologies

like night vision and things like that.

So, what are you naturally gonna do
with that information?

You're gonna corral it.

You're gonna keep it from your enemies,
like the Russians, or whoever.

You're gonna get your
best scientists on it.

And you're gonna run with that technology,
and what's the next step?

You're gonna put it in a craft
and use it to go somewhere.

So, space force is born.

[narrator] General Twining may have seen
the Roswell crash with his own eyes.

But his reaction is to plan a way
for America itself to get into space.

Evidence may point to the existence
of a secret independent US space force.

But it's one thing to have a plan
and quite another to put it into action.

Unsealed case file:
the X-20 Dyna-Soar.

Starting in 1957,

The United States Air Force
started developing the X-20 Dyna-Soar.

What this was
was a defense space plane, so to speak,

that was gonna have
a variety of capabilities,

or at least that was the intent.

[narrator] The Air Force starts
the Dyna-Soar Program

a year before the creation of NASA.

And it has defense,
not exploration, on its mind.

The X-20 is allegedly developed
for a variety of military missions,

including satellite maintenance,
reconnaissance bombing,

space rescue, and as a saboteur
of enemy satellites.

When NASA is created, the new space agency
develops the Mercury space capsules

for exploration and ballistic re-entry.

But the design
of the Air Force's Dyna-Soar

is eerily similar
to the modern shuttle.

It can allegedly reach Earth orbit

at the speed
of an intercontinental ballistic missile,

and return to Earth
by gliding down under pilot control.

It can land at an airfield
instead of deploying a parachute

and splashing down in the ocean,
like NASA's capsules.

They spent to the tune
of 5 billion dollars in today's standards

to develop a craft that can fly in space,

potentially take out enemy satellites,

potentially strike other countries,

potentially do reconnaissance work.

Kind of a wide array
of defense capabilities.

[narrator] But the x-20 Dyna-Soar

is reportedly plagued
with design problems.

Uncertainty over the development
of its experimental booster rockets

which launches it into orbit
slows development to a halt.

After a comprehensive
program study in 1963,

Secretary of Defense
Robert McNamara says,

"The X-20 Dyna-Soar did not have
any real objectives for orbital flight."

[Greenewald] Unfortunately,
they really couldn't make the play.

They couldn't build it,
and the project was eventually scrubbed.

[narrator] The Air Force's decision
to halt the program

is a reversal of its previous policy.

But could a secret industry have continued
to develop the X-20 behind closed doors?

In 2001, a hacker from the UK

uncovers evidence that points to something
many thought did not exist.

Unsealed case file:
Non-terrestrial Officers.

Gary McKinnon was a computer hacker
that allegedly got into NASA computers

and discovered much more
than he bargained for.

[narrator] Between 2001 and 2002,
UK IT expert Gary McKinnon

allegedly gains illegal access

to over 50 US agency computer systems,

including the secret NASA database.

What he claims to have found
when he hacked into NASA computers

was a list of non-terrestrial
Air Force officers.

He claimed that he had
found pictures of craft.

He uncovered, according to him,

documentation that proved
that not only were aliens real,

not only was NASA scrubbing out
UFOs in their photos,

but also that there was
this secret space force

that existed that could
potentially travel to other planets

or that there were military personnel
that were currently in space.

He found what he thought
were ship names

but instead of being USS Enterprise,

it's USSS Enterprise.

United States Spaceship.

[narrator] Gary McKinnon alleges

that NASA is actively involved
in a massive cover-up.

Now, the names
of these supposed ships

are interesting in themselves,
because one of them

was apparently the USSS Hillenkoetter ,

and Hillenkoetter was one of the people

believed to be on the infamous
Majestic 12 Committee,

the super-secret body charged with
keeping UFOs secret from the public

and managing the whole UFO situation.

The problem remains.

What exactly did McKinnon really see
and what evidence is being covered up?

So, Gary McKinnon's hack
really led to the rise of this idea

that there is a secret space force,

maybe part of a wider shadow government.

I've even heard phrases such as
"a breakaway civilization" used for this.

[narrator] Many experts believe America
has operated

a secret space force for decades,

with ultra high-tech ships designed for a
wide array of space defense capabilities.

But what does one of its ships look like
and what is it really capable of?

Unsealed case file:
the X-37B.

April 2010.

The X-37B is launched.

At less than 30 feet long
and just 10 feet tall,

the craft is not unlike
a miniature space shuttle.

Information about its mission
is closely guarded.

Insiders speculate that
NASA and the US Air Force

have been secretly funding
the project for decades.

But the unmanned X-37B
is now being developed by DARPA,

the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency.

The CIA claims the X-37B
is performing secret reconnaissance,

while the Air Force alleges
that the X-37B's objectives

are testing reusable space technologies.

But many believe it is being used
for other reasons.

Is it possible that
the Dyna-Soar program

of the 1950s and 1960s
that never came to fruition

is now flying above our heads
with the label, the X-37B?

With today's defense requirements,
I wouldn't put it past them.

We're told that the X-37 is unmanned.

So, at this point, what they're testing,
they're not sending up anybody yet.

But it is possible that the X-37 could be
a small model of a much bigger craft

that essentially could
carry humans to space,

essentially could create a space force
that could fend off our enemies

from the safety of the cosmos.

[narrator] The X-37B shatters
all previous records for space flight.

In August 2014, it lands after
an incredible 627 days in space.

For two years, a plane operated by NASA
is traversing somewhere out there.

We have no idea what it's doing.

We have no idea what its mission is.

What happened in that two years?

There are some aspects
to the space program

that are not being publicly declared.

[narrator] What exactly
is the mission of the X-37B?

And are its capabilities limited
to the Earth's orbit?

Some experts believe the X-37B has
the capability to reach the moon

or even beyond,

leading to speculation that the US
may already be developing

secret off-world bases.

With the aura of secrecy
around the X-37B,

we can tell that it's one of the most

heavily classified
space missions that exists.

We have no idea what its mission is.

[narrator] But the level of secrecy
surrounding the X-37B

leads many to believe that
its mission may be rooted

in the origins of a secret space force.

The idea of a space force
may be a far-fetched idea

to really, kind of, comprehend,

but history shows us
this isn't a new idea at all.

In the late 1950s,
the Department of Defense

was designing what they
called Project Horizon,

which was a military outpost that
they were going to put on the moon.

[narrator] In 1959,
Project Horizon sets out

to develop a 12-person
outpost on the moon.

Its purpose, to serve as a base
to explore further into outer space.

Officially, Project Horizon
never materializes.

They wanted to do it
six decades ago.

Unfortunately, it just wasn't feasible.

Today may be a different story.

For years, many believed
that the United States government

is operating a secret space force with
capabilities beyond the Earth's orbits.

Until recently,
it has been difficult to prove.

But when retired Canadian defense minister
Paul Hellyer claims,

"There is a shadow government
functioning in outer space,"

it becomes difficult to ignore.

Paul Hellyer was the defense minister
for Canada many years.

In 2005, he came out
with a statement about UFOs

because he had seen one.
So, he was convinced they were real.

He has gone on the record as saying,

"Not only are UFOs extraterrestrial,
but there have been crashes.

Some vehicles have been recovered.

And the US government
does have a secret space force"

that he's actually concerned
might one day end up

taking hostile action
against extraterrestrials.

[narrator] Hellyer claims his concern
for the security of planet Earth

is the reason he has exposed
the existence of a secret space force.

No military planner
is gonna want to leave

any part of the battlefield undefended.

So, it stands to reason that,

as space is gonna be
an important part of any future war,

you have to dominate space.

So, you need a space force.

And that's probably
gonna be largely secret.

If you need to defend your planet,

put a base here, put a base there,
put a base here, and put a base there.

It's simple logistics to warfare.

Make sure you're protected
from the outside.

That way your enemy can't get in.

[narrator] If a space force does exist,

how far into the universe does it reach?

Who controls it?

And is it prepared to defend our world?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.