Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 23 - UFO Metals - full transcript

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[narrator] What are UFOs?
Where do they come from?

And when did governments
begin to study them?

In 1947, a series of
American UFO sightings

triggers an unprecedented analysis
of the UFO phenomenon.

But their internal investigation
reveals the unthinkable.

Join us as we investigate
how the fledgling 1947 U.S. Air Force

comes to the stunning conclusion
that UFOs are from another world.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden from the public
for decades detailing every UFO account

are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

In the years right after World War II,

UFO sightings are still considered
rare and unusual events.

But the UFO phenomenon is about
to descend on to the world stage.

Many government experts
consider the unusual aircraft

are not aliens from another world

but Soviet spies or Nazis
testing allied defenses

and gathering intelligence
for an impending war.

In the mid to late '40s,

when you have these unknown craft
that are appearing over the United States,

there wasn't necessarily an immediate fear
that this was aliens attacking us,

but we were just out of World War II.

There was a lot of fear
that this could be Nazi technology

that survived the war

and they were doing
some kind of second push.

Public attitudes
about all of this were strange.

We were in that odd post war era.

Everything was kind of in flux.

The Nazis, the Japanese had been defeated.

But this new enemy, our former ally,
the Soviet Union had emerged.

The Second World War
had transitioned into The Cold War.

It was a time of great uncertainty,
great confusion.

[narrator] After Hiroshima,

America's secret weapon
is no longer a secret.

But no one knows if the Soviet Union
also has atomic weapons.

Or if escaped Nazis harbor the technology.

It was a period
of unprecedented confusion,

uncertainty and nerves.

We knew that Nazis had escaped Germany.

They could've very well have created
some base somewhere else

with this technology
and started to attack us.

[narrator] Unsealed case file:
the Kenneth Arnold sighting.

June 24, 1947. Mt. Rainer, Washington.

In June 1947,

just before the infamous Roswell incident,

a light aircraft pilot
called Kenneth Arnold,

had a sighting which would
change the world.

While he was flying over
the Cascade mountains

in Washington state,

he saw nine strange objects
flying in formation

at a speed he estimated
to be 1,200 miles an hour.

[narrator] Arnold claims
the objects are delta shaped craft

and vary their angle and speed
in a manner impossible for 1947.

He describes the saucers moving
at a speed that would kill a normal pilot.

And initially concludes the objects are
either remote controlled and man made

or not of this world.

He was a pilot.

He was aware of what was supposed
to be in the sky and what was not.

[Pope] This was significantly
ahead of any technology

that was flying at the time.

and this strange delta shaped craft
were like nothing he'd ever seen before.

And of course he was a pilot.
So, a very good witness.

His story has been really known
in the field of ufology

as that first case,

that first unknown interaction
between an actual pilot

seeing craft outside of his window
that lacked any explanation whatsoever.

When he was asked later,
how these thing moved,

not only did he describe the speed,

but he went on to talk about
a sort of a jerky movement.

And he said it was like a stone would be

or like a saucer would be
if you skipped it over the water.

Before 1947, the public really
didn't have anything to call UFOs.

There was really no label for all of this.

[narrator] But a newspaper catches on
to Arnold's saucer description

and the term flying saucer
enters the modern lexicon.

It tapped into something.

It captured the public imagination.

Uh, the story was syndicated
around the world,

and suddenly, flying saucer fever
swept the world.

A new term had been born.

And this really was the beginning
of the flying saucer age.

[Greenewald] In 1947, at the dawn of
modern day ufology,

where flying saucers were being seen
all around the United States,

the government created
the United States Air Force.

Now, the United States Air Force
pretty much took the lead,

in trying to figure out what UFOs were.

Just one week after the Air Force

officially separates from the army,

it creates Project Sign,

which becomes the first organization
in the world

to try and understand the UFO problem
from a scientific perspective.

The Project Sign investigated
numerous reports,

brought in scientists to say,
"What are we dealing with here?"

There wasn't one or two sightings
at this point.

They were being reported throughout
the United States at a very high rate.

So they knew the phenomenon was real.

They had to figure out what it was.

[narrator] The fledgling U.S. Air Force,

initially considers many UFO sightings
might be foreign enemy technology.

When these craft were
appearing above America,

we had no idea if the Soviets decided,

"Well, hey, you know what, maybe,
Hitler had a point to rule the world.

And even though he failed and we got him,
let's turn our sights to America

and lets control those guys."

[narrator] But as UFO sightings increase,

so does the government's fear
of what UFOs might actually be.

Just as the United States grabbed
a whole bunch of Nazi scientists

in Operation Paperclip,

and started putting together
secret projects of their own,

well, maybe the Soviets got some too.

So, could some of these flying saucers be

Soviet aircraft or even missiles?

[narrator] In 1947, UFO researchers
from the United States Air Force,

struggle to explain a wave of sightings
across the country.

Until a series of sightings at
an important U.S. Air Force base,

has the government on high alert.

Unsealed case file:
the Muroc Air Force Base incident.

July 7, 1947. Southern California.

Shortly after, Kenneth Arnold's
flying saucer sighting,

shortly after the Roswell incident,

came a series of strange sightings
at Muroc Air Force base.

Now known as Edwards Air Force base
in California.

[narrator] At 10 A.M. on July 7th, a pilot
observes an unknown spherical object,

flying east at about 10,000 feet.

On July 8th, four military personnel
observe two circular objects

flying at approximately 300 miles per hour

spiral towards the horizon.

Some of the craft were described as
simply light spheres or orbs in the sky,

while others were the more common
flying saucer UFOs.

[narrator] Later that evening,
a P-51 pilot

twice attempts to intercept
a flat silver disk of a quote,

"light reflecting nature".

Pilot of a jet aircraft
who actually chased a UFO,

unsuccessfully for a while.

The speeds and maneuvers were described

as too great for him
to even catch this thing.

Even the commanding officer
had a sighting.

[narrator] UFO sightings
have suddenly become an alarming trend

within the military community.

It's one thing for a civilian
or even a civilian pilot

to see flying saucers
and describe them as such,

but when the military themselves
start seeing the same phenomena,

or seeing it over military installations,
that's a problem.

When people who have huge experience
in judging heights and speeds,

when they say these are disc-shaped craft,

when they talk about
strange rotational motions,

the military sits up and takes notice.

These sightings were hugely significant.

[narrator] Many inside the Air Force,
start to suspect that the unknown craft

maybe top secret American technology.

[Pope] The United States Air Force,
went through with the presumption that

they must be dealing with some sort of
U.S. domestic military program.

That people investigating all of this
just hadn't been briefed into.

[narrator] But internal inquires
turn up nothing.

Now eventually, that theory was discarded

because after a certain
degree of investigation,

all the branches of government
were brought into this

and they said,
"No, we don't have anything like that."

[narrator] Still, without answers,

Project Sign recruits a number
of aeronautical experts.

Among them, Alfred Loading.

One of the scientists that Project Sign
brought on board was Alfred Loading.

His expertise would be instrumental
to try and figure out

what the UFO phenomenon was.

Alfred Loading was an aeronautical
engineer who had done pioneering work

on disc-shaped and delta-shaped aircraft.

Loading was succonded onto this
because of his expertise

and asked, "What is it
that we are dealing with here?"

Loading and his colleagues are considered

some of the greatest technological minds
America has to offer.

These people were aeronautical engineers.

These people were aviation specialists.

These people were physicists.

They, better than anyone
on the face of the planet

had an idea of what the level
of aviation technology was.

So, when they looked at the UFO reports,

they said,"Look, the speeds,
the maneuverability here, the rotation,

the strange way in which
these things move,

we can't do that."

[narrator] For the leading
scientists of the day,

it becomes a process of elimination.

This isn't German technology
back engineered.

This isn't Soviet stuff.
This isn't U.S. domestic.

This is above and beyond that.

These scientists said, "We simply
don't have that technology.

If it's not ours,
it must be somebody else."

Increasingly and sensationally,

parts of U.S. Government started
to think the unthinkable.

[narrator] In the summer of 1947,

a wave of UFO sightings forces
the government to investigate

what is being witnessed in the skies
all across the country.

Could it be technology created
by hostile governments

or something even more disturbing?

Unsealed case file:
the Chiles-Whitted incident.

July 24, 1948. Montgomery, Alabama.

Chief pilot Clarence Chiles
and Co-pilot John Whitted,

are flying a DC-3 passenger plane
on a routine night flight

when Chiles spots an object
rapidly approaching in the sky.

When the pilot saw this craft,
he knew it shouldn't be there,

and it also did not look like anything
that he could really easily recognize.

He ends up tapping his co-pilot
on the shoulder,

telling him to take a look,

and then they see this craft travel
at a incredible rate of speed

from a fairly far distance
to nearly right in front of them.

[narrator] The pilots describe
the craft as cigar shaped

with glowing windows on the side.

This thing was closing fast.

They almost literally braced for impact,

took evasive action
and this object passed rapidly

along the side of the aircraft.

This is a classic case
of trained aviation personnel,

pilots, seeing these things and saying,

"This was literally
like nothing on Earth."

[narrator] The near miss is taken
seriously by the U.S. Government.

I think the military knew that
this was a very reliable case.

They knew that the witnesses
were very reliable themselves.

The case truly showed how dangerous
this phenomenon could be.

The pilots knew that they
had to take evasive action

to not collide with
this unidentified craft.

When you are looking at
highly trained pilots

with nothing to gain,

and arguably everything to lose
by coming out with this sort of thing,

in terms of credibility,
this is about as good as it gets.

[Greenewald] I think the military knew
as the commercial flights

were going to increase
in the coming years and decades,

The problem had to be solved.

It didn't matter if the UFO
was alien or not.

The fact that it was there,
that a physical craft was there,

that could potentially
cause that collision,

bring down an airliner,

that's a problem that needs to be fixed.

[narrator] But according to aeronautics
engineer and Project Sign investigator,

Alfred Loading, the problem is something
the Air Force finds hard to accept.

It was Loading, who was one
of the first people, to actually ask,

"Could we be dealing with here,
not with domestic U.S. technology,

not with Soviet technology,
but with extra-terrestrials?"

And he became one of the first people

to really consider what was,
in later years, dubbed

"The extra-terrestrial hypothesis".

The cases that they were investigating,
the UFOs, the craft

were performing maneuvers that
we essentially couldn't do at the time.

And so, they really had
no other explanation for it.

[Pope] This near miss put,
in people's minds for the first time,

the idea that we are dealing here
with not just lights or shapes in the sky,

but structured craft with occupants.

These craft are now showing
that they can go anywhere

and everywhere that they want.

That there's absolutely
no limitation to it.

[narrator] To this day, the Chiles-Whitted
case remains unidentified.

Later, when people involved
in Project Blue Book,

like Captain Ruppelt,
looked back and said,

"What are the most compelling cases
that we have on our files?"

This near miss is pretty much
at the top of the pile.

[narrator] The Chiles-Whitted incident
leads some experts to consider

an unimaginable possibility.

If it isn't us, could it be that some of
this is extra-terrestrial in technology?

Are we being visited?

After a wave of sightings in the 1940s,

the U.S. government's
UFO investigative body, Project Sign,

is tasked with finding an explanation,

Project Sign investigated
numerous reports,

brought in scientists to say
what are we dealing with here.

And finally, they produced an assessment,
an intelligence assessment

known as estimate of the situation.

Now this was a document that essentially
outlined their conclusions.

It put forward the explanation

that the UFO phenomenon
truly was connected

to aliens and extra-terrestrials.

[narrator] To this day, the report has
allegedly been seen by only a select few.

Nobody can find it.
It mysteriously just simply vanished.

Freedom of Information Act requests
have been filed all over the place.

And the document just doesn't exist.

It was suppressed, it was hidden,
maybe it was shredded.

This was dynamite.

[narrator] It marks the beginning
of a decades long denial

of the UFO phenomenon.

This was essentially the dawn
of the military denial phase.

It's like one arm would say,
"Hey, this is true."

The other arm would say,
"No, no, it's not true."

It really was a tug of war
between believers and skeptics.

Not in the public, but within government.

Within the small ranks of those people

charged with investigating
this phenomenon.

So, this document,
I think is probably, if it exists,

the most important piece of evidence
that would come out of this era.

This was nothing short of those
people within the U.S. government

charged with investigating UFOs saying,

"We have investigated,
and we are being visited."

It would be like
the chairman of the joint chiefs

saying, "You know what?
All this talk about UFOs, it's real.

We're being visited.
We are not alone."

Can you imagine the public reaction?

[narrator] This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.