Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 22 - Antigravity - full transcript

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[narrator] Where do UFOs come from?

Distant galaxies, worm holes,

other planets in our own solar system,

or are they coming
from somewhere even closer?

Are they coming from Earth?

There are strange things
flying around in the skies.

Are they alien spacecraft?

Are they advanced military projects?

[narrator] Experts believe
governments around the world

may be secretly developing
advanced aircraft with alien technology.

Join us as we investigate
the existence of UFOs from Earth.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

[UFO whirs]

[narrator] Some UFO sightings
cannot be explained

and many of them occur
near military bases.

Is this a coincidence
or is there a connection?

Many ufologists believe
that government scientists

may be secretly developing
advanced aircraft

that do not look like
anything we have seen before.

If this is true,
where did the technology come from?

Did we develop it ourselves
or did we acquire it?

One of the great theories
in the UFO community

is that if an alien spacecraft
really did crash

in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947,

we now have that technology.

In other words, the government,
the military, the scientific community

all came together in secret

and derived all sorts of
scientific and technological breakthroughs

from the wreckage.

The theory of back engineering is,

if an alien spacecraft
were to crash here on Earth,

we as human scientists

would be able to go out,

actually take this technology
and figure out how it works.

It's been alleged that
the integrated circuit chip,

night-vision goggles,
lasers, Kevlar body armor,

all sorts of technology derives from
a crashed alien spacecraft at Roswell.

[Greenewald] We then take
our technology which isn't as advanced

and bring it up to that speed.

Bring it up to that level.

[narrator] Many experts believe

that if the government had
an alien spaceship fall in their lap,

they would jump at the chance
to understand its design

and keep the entire project a secret.

Of course they would try
to figure out how it worked.

And of course they would try to use that

to ensure that the United States

had that, that power, that technology.

It was like the military
caught on and thought,

"Maybe we can make these things fly.

Maybe instead of two wings and a tail,

we can make aircraft
that are flying saucers."

And so, through
the late 1940s and the 50s,

you saw on the drawing boards

of the United States Air Force
and the military,

these schematics
for flying-saucer type designs.

The incentive is huge.

Any nation on Earth
acquiring extraterrestrial technology

would self-evidently
be the dominant force on the planet

for the foreseeable future.

[narrator] Unsealed case file:
the Avrocar.

March 1958. Toronto, Canada.

Leading aerospace engineer John Frost
working for De Havilland, Canada

pitches a proof-of-concept test vehicle

called The Avrocar.

Originally conceived as a flying jeep,

it was expected to replace
the helicopter in battle.

[rotor sounds]

Over the years,
numerous patents have been granted,

for disc-shaped craft.

It's been a sort of holy grail

for aeronautical engineers
and--and inventors.

Can we get something like this to fly?

One thing that skeptics loved to point to
during the 1950s and 1960s

is the fact that the military could've
been testing flying-saucer type aircraft.

They point to one,
specifically the Avrocar,

which was very much
a metallic disc-shaped flying saucer.

[Pope] Sadly, when you look
at the footage of this,

what you see is--is this--this thing
just hovering a few feet above the ground,

wobbling around in a really unstable way.

Actually, a disc-shaped object
is surprisingly unstable.

[Greenewald] They couldn't figure out
how to make this craft stable enough

to actually have some kind of a flight
that was worthwhile.

They took it out of the hangar,
they tried to make it go up,

and it just simply didn't.

[narrator] It soon became apparent that
the original concept was flawed,

and the development
of the Avrocar was canceled.

Now, that might sound odd, I mean,
Frisbees seemed to go quite well.

Who knows, maybe that wobbly,
old film footage of the Avrocar

is--is just disinformation.

Maybe they got it to work, after all.

But if there are
other civilizations visiting us,

that are thousands,
if not millions of years ahead,

could we even understand their technology?

[Greenewald] The question is,
did American ingenuity

create a flying saucer that actually flew?

[Pope] And ask yourself if a jet fighter

crashed in, I don't know, 300 years ago,

could anyone really even
figure out what it was,

let alone rebuild one?

Many UFO enthusiasts
believe American aerospace scientists

have been working on developing
a top secret flying saucer

since the 1940s.

Publicly, attempts had failed,

but behind closed doors,

there are rumors
that they have successfully designed

one of the most
advanced vehicles ever known.

There are strange things
flying around in the skies.

Are they alien spacecraft?

Are they advanced military projects,

or are they military projects derived
from back-engineered alien technology?

[narrator] Unsealed case file:
the TR3.

[Greenewald] Now, allegedly,
even though there is no proof of it yet,

this is a triangle-shaped aircraft
developed by the military,

that can fly at great speeds

and pretty much perform
unlike any other piece of technology

that we currently have flying in the sky.

[Pope] Is there a mixture
of fact with fiction here? I don't know.

But this segues out of the UFO community

and into the aviation community.

And there is a genuine mystery here.

[narrator] It is rumored to be designed

by one of Lockheed Martin's
advanced development programs

at the infamous Skunkworks
in Palmdale, California.

Unconfirmed reports
say that TR3 is 600 feet across

and capable of 40G accelerations.

But what differentiates it
from conventional craft

is something called
electro-gravitic propulsion.

Electro-gravitics is a invention
by T. Townsend Brown,

where he really aimed
to try and figure out

a different type of propulsion.

[narrator] Brown is granted a UK patent
for a gravitator.

A device that he claims
can control gravity.

[Greenewald] What he was trying to do
was create an electrical field,

then alter the electrical field
around an object.

He called it electro-gravitic
where altering that electrical field

would allow a craft to travel
at a much faster speed

in a much different
and more efficient way.

If Brown did develop the gravitator,

the anti-gravity technology
could have changed the world.

This really would be
the holy grail of propulsion.

This again would take us
into the realms of science fiction.

So it's an area that a lot of people
are examining extremely seriously.

[narrator] If the TR3B does exist,

some experts believe it might explain

recent high profile UFO sightings.

You've got these black-triangle

flying craft in the sky.

You've got some photographs
floating around

uh, that really show
what essentially could be

a very stealth-aircraft like
piece of technology

that the United States
could be developing.

If this exists, could it be
that these things aren't alien,

but super-secret aviation projects

that the government will go to
any lengths to hide and cover up.

[Greenewald] It is possible that
they could've back-engineered

whatever crashed, and essentially
took that technology

that was alien at the time
and made it commonplace today.

[narrator] Recently,
Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre

developed a ground-breaking theory

about how we may be able to navigate
time and space.

Alcubierre's Warp Bubble theory

said that instead of traveling from
point A to point B in a straight line,

that what you can essentially do
is bend space and time.

[Pope] Now this is the idea
that in the early universe,

shortly after the Big Bang,

there was a period
of what's called inflation

that does seem to be faster than light.

So if that's the case,

maybe we could somehow construct something

that could work off those same principles.

Although you wouldn't
necessarily achieve speed of light,

by compressing what's in front of you
and expanding what's behind you,

the time that it would take to travel
from A to B is exponentially less.

[Pope] Imagine walking through an airport.

Well, you can walk at a certain speed.

But then imagine when you go
on one of those moving walkways,

you're going even faster
because the thing that you're on

is not stationary anymore.

That's kind of like the lay-person's
explanation for this warp bubble.

[narrator] But if scientists
have been able to merge

advanced physics theories with
the rear-engineered alien craft,

how have they kept it
a secret for so long?

You start seeing these mysterious
and unknown programs and budgets,

and then you try and do investigations
on it and they say, "Sorry,

it doesn't exist."

And then in the next year,
it's completely gone from the budget.

[Pope] It all muddies the waters.

So again, when you get into the world of
intelligence and counter-intelligence,

things get very murky,
and it's almost impossible

for anyone on the outside

to determine what's real and what isn't.

So I think that general public

and their knowledge about everything

is decades behind
what is actually going on.

[narrator] Some UFO experts believe
mysterious anti gravity technology

may have been reverse-engineered
from alien UFOs.

Although these top-secret space vehicles
have only scant details,

one aircraft allegedly
outperforms all the others.

Unsealed case file: the TAW 50.

The TAW 50 is rumored to be
a next generation aircraft

that takes over where the TR3 left off.

Now, this is supposedly
a hypersonic, anti-gravity space bomber.

I mean, this thing really does sound
like something out of Star Wars.

Anti-gravity, killer lasers,

capable of speeds apparently of mach 50.

[narrator] Mach 50 is approximately
38,000 miles per hour.

To escape Earth's gravity,

a spaceship needs to
only travel 25,000 miles per hour.

I think this would be orders of magnitude

above anything that even the most, uh,

forward thinking people in
the aviation community can imagine.

[narrator] Its advanced
electromagnetic power generation

allegedly uses toroidal fields
to push back against gravity.

Not unlike the propulsion methods
that many UFO eyewitnesses

have claimed to see.

Ufologists believe the TAW 50 is kept
at the top-secret base

south of Area 51, known as S4.

And alleged sightings have appeared

all across
the southern California deserts.

[Pope] If it were to be true,

I mean, we already have, uh,
the sorts of technology

that, really, you will see
in these sci-fi movies.

I mean, if we have this sort of thing,

stealth fighters and stealth bombers,

are--are almost
as meaningless as biplanes.

[narrator] Top-secret space vehicles

like the TAW 50 and the TR3
are extremely elusive.

But recent evidence supports

what many ufologists
have claimed for years.

In mid to late 1991,

mysterious and unexplained sonic booms
were heard throughout southern California.

It's not uncommon, but there was
no explanation for the sonic booms.

The shuttle wasn't coming in.

Now the important thing about this,
of course, is that you can bring to bare

the sort of technology that's used
when it comes to detecting earthquakes.

You can actually start to plot the trap

and what it transpired to be

was something was moving rapidly
across the skies.

The military claimed they weren't
testing anything, so the question was,

what exactly was creating
these sonic booms

that were heard
throughout southern California.

Now, was this a conventional aircraft
or was it alien technology?

Again, was this
extraterrestrial spacecraft

visiting the Earth,

or was it the US military
having put together something

based on recovered alien technology.

[narrator] To this day,
aerospace experts cannot explain

what was heard in
the southern California skies.

But the event ushered in a new era
for the UFO community.

[Pope] For the first time,
the UFO community began to use

more scientific tools

to try and track these things.

And a game of cat and mouse
plays itself out between ufologists

and between the intelligence community
and the military,

but of course, whatever these things are,

don't want to tell the rest of us

about what's really flying in our skies.

[narrator] But there is one space agency
that is open about its interest

in advanced propulsion technology.

So, NASA have made no secret of the fact

that the long term goal
must be a star mission.

Now, to achieve a star mission,

we can't do it with the sorts
of rockets that we have nowadays.

We need to get into
exotic propulsion systems.

We need faster-than-light travel.

[narrator] And to do that,
NASA will have to devise technology

that turns science fiction
into science fact.

Space time itself can be warped,

and we see this
in--in the real observable universe

around a very dense object like a star.

So if you can control that,

you have a warp drive.

A warp drive, if it was ever built,

would actually achieve
going from point A to point B

in a very reasonable amount of time.

Maybe not at the speed of light,

but something that you and I could travel

a vast distance that we couldn't today,
but we might tomorrow.

[narrator] Some evidence suggests

the government is developing
top-secret terrestrial spaceships.

But how the government maintains
such a high level of control and secrecy

over technological innovation
dates back to the 1950s.

The United States
is a nation of innovation

and thought and progress,
science and technology.

But occasionally,
people who have tried to invent things

have come up against
the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951.

[narrator] Over 5,000 American patents

have been refused,
classified and suppressed

under the Invention Secrecy Act.

The question is, "Why?"

All sorts of things may have applications

that the US Government
wouldn't want getting out,

for example, to the Soviets,
the Chinese or to terrorists.

But it makes you wonder, "What is it
that--that they're sitting on?"

Some of these things have been
buried away for decades.

What are they working on,
in secret, behind closed doors?

The Invention Secrecy Act is perhaps a way

in which advanced technology
has been sequestered

by the government, the military
and the intelligence community.

[narrator] Some experts believe
that the government may have more

than national security in mind.

They could've very well just
turned around and started creating it,

started developing it.

Taking Joe's idea from over here
and giving it to the scientists over here

so then they have free reign
to do whatever they want with it.

[Pope] Lasers, spaceships,

things that we can't even conceive of,
we may already have them.

But it just may be kept
from the media and the public.

[narrator] This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.