Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Human Harvest - full transcript

Nearly three hundred million people worldwide claim to have been abducted by aliens. Many report being subjected to torturous medical experiments. Others return with unwelcome reminders of their ordeal. Are aliens creating human hybrids?

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[narrator] Nearly 300 million
people worldwide

claim to have been abducted by aliens.

But even more incredible is what
the victims say happens to them

while they are in alien hands.

Many report being subjected to
torturous medical experiments

involving the removal
of tissue, eggs, sperm and blood.

Others return with unwelcome
reminders of their ordeal.

There have been people that have
come forward with x-rays

or physical evidence of something
under the skin that defies explanation.

[narrator] Some female abductees even
claim to have become pregnant

during these abductions.

Are aliens creating human hybrids,

or are we becoming
a kind of domesticated animal

bred for a sinister alien purpose?

Join us as the shocking secrets behind
the imminent human harvest are unsealed.

[narrator] A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO accounts,
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

[narrator] Baia Do Sul, Brazil,

October 18, 1977.

Claudia Miro Paixao is asleep in her home

when she is suddenly aware
of a strange green light

shining through her window.

The air around her becomes warmer
as the light reaches her face.

Now fully awake,
Paixao watches in stunned disbelief

as the light turns ominously red,
and she sees a creature, like a man,

wearing what she describes
like diver's clothes,

holding a device like a pistol.

The creature fires,
causing her searing pain.

The beam holds her motionless,

while needle-like instruments
pierce her skin,

collecting a sample of her blood.

It's a truly terrifying encounter,

but far from the only
one of its kind in the area.

The incident was part of a wave of similar
attacks that struck Northern Brazil

from late 1977 to mid-1978.

Aliens invade homes.

UFOs blast mysterious beams of light
down on an unsuspecting populous.

Two victims die of severe burns
within 24 hours.

The attacks caused mass panic
throughout the region.

People are afraid to go outdoors.

Villagers remain awake
through the night,

banging pots and burning bonfires
to keep the menacing lights away.

The Brazilian military launches
an investigation into the attacks.

It combs the region
and makes over 200 UFO sightings

of its own over a four month period.

Alien crafts are seen diving

into the waters at the mouth
of the Amazon River.

Hundreds of people are interviewed
about their ordeals,

and all agree the extraterrestrials came
in search of one thing, human blood.

Not long after the threat
disappears in Brazil,

it reappears further North,

and this time,
the perpetrators take their plan

a terrifying step further.

Miami, January 3, 1979.

Filiberto Cardenas is driving

with three friends
when his car engine fails.

He gets out to check under the hood.

Suddenly, a massive UFO
appears over the car.

The passengers watch in horror

as it shines a blinding beam
of light at Cardenas,

pulling him inside.

The UFO then vanishes,
taking the terrified motorist with it.

Two hours later,
Cardenas is found by a police officer,

sixteen miles from the abduction sight.

But according to the victim,
he had traveled much farther.

Cardenas reports the craft was
manned by three human-like aliens

who flew him to a rocky stretch of coast,

which opened into an undersea tunnel.

The aliens spoke Spanish,

warning Cardenas of future wars

and disasters that will threaten humanity.

At the end of the tunnel,

the UFO arrived
at a massive underwater city.

There, Cardenas met another human abductee

who claimed to have been
living with the aliens for years.

Cardenas claims the aliens then conducted
a series of medical experiments on him.

A later physical examination reveals
over 100 needle marks on his body.

Not long after his abduction,

Cardenas begins to suffer
from a litany of strange afflictions.

His body experiences extreme
temperature changes,

causing him to sweat profusely,

and nothing can quench his endless thirst.

Worst of all,
he suffers terrifying memory loss

that leaves him wondering what is real

and what is the work
of his alien abductors.

[narrator] Millions around the world claim
to have been abducted by aliens.

And many of these victims have
a clear memory of blood samples

being forcibly taken from their bodies.

Some of these procedures,
however, are more invasive than others.

Mark Rowtly, of England,
is another victim of alien surgery.

Suddenly, out of the blue,

I woke up at 3:00 in the morning,
terrified, panic-stricken, paralyzed.

I knew exactly what was going on.

Three entities were in the room.

I could see all around the room,
I was completely coherent,

completely awake, just immobile.

I entered another dimension of fear.

What else I remember is some kind of thing
being drilled into my ear.

[Dr. Roger Leir] Many abductees will say
that they put something up their nose

with an instrument, they always describe
this cracking sound that they hear.

Well, if you look up the nasal cavity
at the base of the brain,

there's a bone called the Ethmoid,
and there's two thin little plates

those are called the Ethmoid plates,
and if you puncture one of those plates,

you're right at the base of the brain.

[narrator] But why are aliens trying
to access our brains?

What are they trying to extract?

According to some abduction accounts,

it isn't what's taken
that terrifies the victims.

It's what's left behind.

Alamogordo, New Mexico, 1975.

Sixteen-year-old Ted Davenport sets
out on a solo backpacking trip

in the nearby wilderness.

Feeling compelled to do so
by an indescribable force.

Along the way, he has a constant feeling
that he's being watched.

At night, he leaves his tent

and is astonished to see a group
of small humanoid beings.

He blacks out.

The next morning, he wakes up
beside the remains of his campfire

with a painful headache,

a lump on the side of his head
and no memory of the night before.

Five years later, he is in the Navy
when he is badly injured

and sent for emergency medical treatment.

An MRI reveals
a metallic implant in his brain.

Davenport claims to have been
abducted multiple times

since the implants discovery.

Doctors refuse to remove it,
despite many opportunities to do so.

Davenport claims that aliens
use the implants

to control not only his brain,

but the brains of the doctors
who treat him as well.

A further scan in 2001 reveals
the implant is still there.

Dr. Roger Leir is a surgeon
who has experience removing

alien implants left behind
in victims of alien abduction.

This mark is not in any
medical book on dermatology.

It looks as if someone took a tiny,
little teaspoon

and just scooped out a little bit of skin.

So, in two of the surgeries we did,

we actually removed the scooped part,

and we submitted
it for pathological analysis,

but underneath, we found a little,
grayish white ball

in both of the cases.

And so there was an implant
associated with the scoop mark.

[narrator] Are aliens placing implants
in people's brains?

Are they attempting to monitor
or copy all of our thoughts,

feelings and memories?

Or is it something else
they're searching for?

For all the recent advances
in computer technology,

the human brain remains the most powerful
information processor on the planet,

with a top calculation speed
of 100 trillion calculations per second.

Are they after the brain tissue itself,
to use as an organic microprocessor?

Could the earth be an intelligence farm
for beings from another world?

It's a chilling prospect,

but according to reports,

there is another far more precious element
being harvested from the human body,

one that could jeopardize
our species' very survival.

Some female abductees report being
subjected to terrifying

gynecological procedures,

emerging from the ordeal
mysteriously pregnant.

Worse still, after a few months gestation,
they claim they are abducted yet again,

after which the fetus
mysteriously disappears.

Is the child
some kind of alien-human hybrid?

Or is the subject being used
as a kind of surrogate

to gestate a fully-alien life form?

Victims are left searching for answers,

and an unfortunate few receive them
in the worst possible way.

A pregnancy may be interrupted

in the second or third trimester
of pre-pregnancy,

and the fetus is taken,

but later the individual was taken aboard

a craft and shown that individual
after being born,

and they look partially like the mother

and partially like, uh,
whoever it was that took them.

The hair is sparse, the heads are large.

[narrator] Are aliens implanting fetuses
in human females?

And if so, what is their purpose?

Are they simply experiments
to satisfy some scientific curiosity?

Some experts believe these pregnancies are
an attempt to produce alien-human hybrids,

capable of surviving
in Earth's atmosphere,

and possessing greater immunity
to the planet's many diseases.

It's all part of an insidious plan.

Another theory is the fact
that they are genetically

engineering humans.

That it could serve some purpose
in altering our genetic code,

or the way that we evolve as human beings.

My guess is they could potentially
make a life form

that they would like us to evolve into.

[narrator] Could aliens be trying
to hijack human DNA

to create a race of hybrids that will one
day take over the Earth?

[narrator] Mounting evidence suggests
that extraterrestrials

are harvesting human blood,

brain power, and even the product
of our reproductive systems

as part of a master plan
to create a new Earth

in a distinctly alien image.

But is it true?

Many believe the aliens
revealed their hand

during an extraordinary series of events
in the late 1970s.

Dulce, New Mexico,
March 24, 1978.

Cattle rancher Manuel Gomez finds the dead
carcass of an 11-month-old bull,

but the condition of the calf's body is
something he has never experienced before.

The animal's sex organs have been removed

with a precision beyond
modern capabilities.

Blood samples taken at the scene
are an unusual shade

of light pink and refuse to clot.

The remains are sent to a lab
in Los Alamos for autopsy.

The final police report notes that both
the liver and heart were mushy.

It concludes that a probable explanation
for the pinkish blood

is a control type of radiation
used to kill the animal.

Who would commit such a bizarre crime?

Are aliens studying
other mammals on Earth,

and if so, why?

Many early civilizations sacrificed cattle
to appease the gods.

Could humans have been feeding
an alien need for these animals

thousands of years ago?

The shocking answer
may lie in Ancient Egypt

and the reign of its
most controversial pharaoh.

Unsealed case file: Akhenaten.

He was Akhenaten,
husband of the legendary Queen Nefertiti.

Before him, ancient Egyptians
worshiped many gods and goddesses,

but Akhenaten replaced
them all with just one.

Aten, the sun god.

What's fascinating about Aten
is you have this powerful being

that comes out of seemingly nowhere,

replaces the pantheon
of the old gods of Egypt

and takes over and gives
his blessings to Akhenaten.

Why would he choose Akhenaten
and why would Akhenaten choose

to change an entire system of
belief, thousands of years old,

just in the blink of an eye?

[narrator] It was a radical break

with untold years of religious tradition,

but this isn't the only controversy
surrounding king Akhenaten.

[Tom Durant] There's some connection
between him and this deity.

And if we believe in the idea that Aten
was some sort of extraterrestrial being,

then perhaps Akhenaten
was actually offspring.

[narrator] Egyptian pharaohs were always
depicted in art in a similar way,

but Akhenaten looked
radically different.

His skull was elongated.

His body shape was unlike most
human depictions of the time.

Why did Akhenaten attempt to change
religious tradition during his reign,

and why did he look so different?

Akhenaten was the husband of
Nefertiti and the father of Tutankhamun,

but UFO theorists today call him
"The Alien King."

[narrator] Experts point to the striking
similarity between the ancient king

and modern descriptions of aliens.

Was Akhenaten an alien hybrid?

And was his reign an attempt
by aliens to take over

the human population in one fell swoop?

Some experts believe that if Akhenaten
was an alien hybrid,

then his son, the famed king Tutankhamun,

would have carried alien blood
in his veins as well,

and this has chilling implications
for the entire world.

That's because a recent study
has suggested that

up to half of all Western-European men can
trace their ancestry back to Tutankhamun,

confirming what many
ufologists consider to be

Egypt's hidden alien legacy.

[narrator] Mounting evidence suggests
that aliens may have been genetically

manipulating the human population
on a fundamental level

for thousands of years.

All the evidence shows
that the human race is being

interfered with by
an advanced civilization.

[narrator] But how long do they intend
to continue this chilling plan?

What is their ultimate goal?

The harvest phenomenon
is happening at a time

when the world's population is increasing
faster than ever before.

If current trends continue, by 2050,
it will reach 10 billion,

at which point many experts believe
life on earth will become unsustainable.

Some however, think this peak is exactly
what the aliens and their human

co-conspirators are waiting for.

If there's an, uh, object
plan for taking over our world,

it's happening from the inside out.

[narrator] Is it possible?
Is the secret human harvest

merely a precursor to an open slaughter
when the world reaches peak population?

Will extraterrestrials wipe
humanity off the face of the earth

and replace it with
a new hybrid life form?

Are there already hybrids among us,

designed to survive

and start again?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.