Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 18 - Countdown to Disclosure - full transcript

For decades, UFO researchers have demanded that the government reveals what is knows about UFOs. Who will make the announcement? When will they do it? And what will it mean for the very bedrock institutions of society?

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[narrator] For decades,

a dedicated global network
of UFO investigators

has been lobbying world leaders

for the release
of all top secret files on UFOs

and the presence of aliens here on earth.

Today, many are seeing signs

that full disclosure may be
just around the corner.

It may be that this generation

will be the first to answer
that great and profound question,

are we alone or not in the universe?

[narrator] What are the signs?

When will it happen?

And what will it mean
for the future of the human race?

Join us as we reveal shocking new evidence

that world governments are preparing
to disclose proof of alien life

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

Phoenix, Arizona, March 13, 1997.

Residents of the desert capital
watch in wonder

as a dazzling array of lights
appears in the evening sky.

They're far away to the north,

and seem to hang motionless in the air.

But to those closer to the phenomenon,

the lights are hardly still.

Near the Nevada border,

onlookers report a massive,
v-shaped UFO lined with lights

racing south across the sky.

Thousands watch
as it crosses a 300-mile stretch

from Phoenix to Tucson.

Dozens of eyewitnesses capture
compelling footage of the object.

The next morning,
the Phoenix lights are a front-page story

receiving national coverage.

The event is a cause for excitement.

[Greenewald] A UFO event of this magnitude
is incredibly rare.

Usually UFO sightings are seen

in not so populated areas,

a couple witnesses, maybe four,
maybe five, and that's about it.

But when you're talking about hundreds
in a huge city like Phoenix,

that's incredibly rare.

The second rare point to this

is the fact that it was shot
by multiple cameras from multiple angles.

Generally, you only have
one visual piece of evidence to analyze.

With the case of the Phoenix lights,

you have multiple angles,
multiple cameras, multiple witnesses.

That was all real.

[narrator] At last,
there has been a mass sighting

of an object with no earthly explanation
producing thousands of credible accounts

and dozens of pieces
of matching video evidence.

Many are optimistic
that this is the moment

the world will finally accept
that UFOs are real.

But the USAF identified
the second group of lights

as flares dropped
during a training exercise

by jets flying out
of Barry Goldwater range

in southwest Arizona.

How can the government
flatly deny evidence

from so many witnesses?

Just a few years earlier,

another mass sighting,
this time in Europe,

promised to bring the moment of disclosure
another step closer.

Unsealed case file:
the Belgian wave.

Eupen, Belgium. November 29, 1989.

Two police officers patrolling
a country road as night falls

spot a nearby field
lit by a light so bright

they later claim
they could have read a newspaper by it.

Arriving at the scene,
they are shocked to see

an enormous triangular UFO
hovering overhead.

On its underside are lights
at each of the three tips

and a single red flashing beacon
at its heart.

The UFO begins floating silently
toward Eupen

with the police in pursuit.

[police siren blaring]

There, it hovers above the astonished town
for over 30 minutes.

By the end of the night,
an estimated 1,500 people,

including at least 13 police officers,

report a UFO encounter

in one of history's
biggest mass sightings.

But for Belgium, it's only the beginning.

For the next two years,

the nation experiences
an unending wave of UFO sightings

that leave experts baffled.

The unidentified craft
fall into one of two categories.

The triangle, like that seen at Eupen,

and a second massive craft
dubbed the inverted aircraft carrier.

By the time the wave
comes to an end in 1991,

some 13,000 people
claim to have seen a UFO.

Skeptics will claim the objects
to be American stealth aircraft

on routine maneuvers.

But the US Air Force denies
any of its aircraft

were operating in the area at the time.

The Phoenix lights and the Belgian wave

represent two moments
where world authorities

could have ended the truth embargo
once and for all.

The question is...

why didn't they?

What do they have to fear?

Many experts believe
that world authorities

are on the brink of disclosing
everything they know about UFOs.

But few in the public are aware

that the US government has in fact

admitted to their existence
on two occasions in the past.

Incidents that would ultimately bring down
a virtually impenetrable veil of secrecy.

Roswell, New Mexico. July 2, 1947.

Residents of this desert town
spot a blazing disk-shaped object

plummeting from the sky
at impossible speed.

Seconds later, it vanishes
beyond the line of trees

northwest of town.

The next morning,

a ranch worker discovers
a trail of metallic debris

not far from where the flying disc
disappeared the night before.

He collects some of the strange material,

and brings it
to the local sheriff's office.

The sheriff quickly notifies officials
at Roswell Army Air Force base

that there has been
some kind of air crash,

and the base sends an investigator
to examine the wreckage.

A day later,

the base commander
makes an historic announcement.

The army stepped right up and admitted

that there was a crash
of a flying saucer at Roswell,

and that they retrieved
that actual disc itself.

[male news reporter] July 8, 1947,
the army air force has announced

that a flying disc has been found
and is now in the possession of the army.

[narrator] The announcement
is a bombshell.

America has recovered an alien spacecraft.

The story quickly becomes
international news.

The military appears caught off guard
by the intense scrutiny

and scrambles to divert
the world's attention.

Shortly after the military said
that they had a captured flying saucer,

they completely rebutted their own story

and said that it was nothing more
than a weather balloon.

But there was a problem

that they have yet to address
even over six decades later.

There were witnesses, one of which said
that there were bodies that were seen

at Roswell Army Air Field.

[narrator] According to reports,
there was much more to Roswell

than what appeared in the press.

Many eyewitnesses that night
set out for the crash site to investigate,

only to find it cordoned off
by military roadblocks.

The troops standing guard

had a chilling message
for any who approached.

They said, "Can't you get this
through your head?

You never saw anything,
you were not there,

you don't know anything."

And he said, "We can just take you out
in the middle of this desert

and no one will ever find your bodies."

He said, "You'll be nothing but bones,

and nobody will ever know
what happened to you."

[narrator] In the end, the denial works,

and the public furor
over Roswell subsides.

But just a few years later,
an even bigger UFO incident

will see the government
on the hot seat once again.

Unsealed case file:
the Washington flap.

Washington, DC, 1952.

The Cold War is heating up,

and the sky over the US Capitol

is the most heavily guarded airspace
in the world.

But on the night of July 12,

an air traffic controller
at Washington National Airport

detects seven
unidentified objects on radar

to the southwest of the city.

A colleague makes visual contact
with one of the objects,

describing it as a bright orange light.

Shortly after, a pilot taxiing for takeoff

radios the tower to report
six fast-moving lights in the sky nearby.

Just then, the lights dart off

in the direction
of the White House and Capitol.

One witness reports
their movements to be...


Fighter jets scramble
and set off in pursuit.

But before they can intercept,
the UFOs vanish from the sky,

though it isn't the last Washington
will see of the mysterious lights.

Wave after wave will menace the area
for the next three weeks

before disappearing once and for all.

A terrified city looks to the government
for answers.

Little did the people know,

the American military was already
engaged in Project Stork,

a large-scale investigation
into the nation's UFO sightings

to establish some discernible pattern
in their appearance.

The study finds that
the yearly number of UFO reports

is rising at an alarming rate.

Backed into a corner
by the Washington flap,

officials make a stunning announcement.

It does not contain any pattern of purpose

or of consistency that we can relate to
any conceivable threat

to the United States.

[narrator] It's a statement
that implicitly confirms

the existence of UFOs,

but denies any specific knowledge
of their nature or origin.

Today, many experts believe
the government was attempting

to both quell public fears,
and, at the same time,

protect a top-secret weapons program
based on technology recovered at Roswell.

This technology would make America
the most powerful nation on the planet.

It would be another 40 years

before the world would come
this close to disclosure again.

Many ufologists believe
that world authorities

are on the verge
of disclosing everything they know

about extraterrestrial life.

The United States hinted at its existence
in the 1950s,

but the world would have to wait
another 40 years

for a nation to hand over its alien files

for all to see.

Somerset, England. March 30, 1993.

A police officer accompanying
a group of scouts on an outing

spots a bizarre aircraft
he describes as...


Soon after,
the Ministry of Defense UFO hotline

is flooded with calls
from across the country.

In charge, at the time, is Nick Pope.

This was a wave of sightings
throughout the United Kingdom

that took place over a period
of around six hours.

There were several dozen witnesses,

including numerous police officers
and air force personnel.

An air force officer
with eight years' experience

described to me an object

which he said was quite unlike
anything that he had seen

in his entire air force career.

[narrator] It's an enormous
triangular UFO,

shining a narrow beam of light
down to the ground,

as though searching for something.

The giant craft
moved slowly toward the base

before suddenly deactivating its beam

and darting off
at an incredible rate of speed.

When I interviewed the witness
the morning after this sighting,

his voice was still shaking.

[narrator] The Ministry of Defense

has always been skeptical
about the existence of UFOs,

but the sheer number of witnesses
to the Cosford Incident

leaves the ministry with no choice
but to admit that...


Cosford sparks
an unprecedented public campaign

for the release of everything
the government knows

about the possible presence of aliens
in the nation's skies.

In 1998, Prime Minister Tony Blair
holds a closed-door meeting

on the risks of revealing
sensitive UFO information.

He is told the ministry
remains open-minded

to the existence of alien life-forms.

The British government's attitude
toward UFOs is changing,

and would culminate

with the most sweeping
act of disclosure to date.

Unsealed case file:
the British X-files.

The U.K.'s Ministry of Defense

began documenting
the nation's UFO sightings in the 1950s.

But all of this potentially
explosive information

would remain under lock and key.

But in the year 2000,

the British government passes
the Freedom of Information Act

granting public access to nearly 60 years
of the nation's X-files.

Upon their release, the millions of pages

exposed decades of systematic
government misinformation on UFOs.

There are also documents that show
how, consistently, over the years,

the Ministry of Defense tried to downplay
the extent of the UFO phenomenon

and discredit any media outlets

that ran serious stories about UFOs

and portray anyone who investigated UFOs
as cranks.

[narrator] Among the documents
are stunning accounts of UFOs

directly endangering hundreds of lives,

including a terrifying incident in 1995

in which a Boeing 737
approaching Manchester airport

nearly collided with a UFO.

But of all the details to emerge,

perhaps none is more alarming

than the number of sightings
over RAF Woodbridge.

[Pope] There are lots of rumors

that there were nuclear weapons
at Woodbridge.

I think the number-one issue here
is technology.

UFOs are interested in our missile sites,

our nuclear weapons program,
our military bases.

The number-one issue is defense.

[narrator] Britain's X-files
are a shocking indictment

of the government's willingness
to mislead the public

and only underscores
the need for full disclosure,

and that moment
might be just around the corner.

Mounting evidence suggests
that world authorities

are on the brink
of disclosing everything they know

about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

In fact, events are currently in motion

that could bring this announcement
at any moment.

August 16, 2012.

A flying saucer appears in the sky
over the planet Mars,

racing toward the surface.

But it's not a UFO.

It's NASA's Curiosity rover.

Her mission... to search
the surface of Mars for signs of life.

Recently, these efforts produced
solid evidence

that liquid water existed on Mars.

For ufologists, this discovery
had vast implications.

We know from here on earth

that water is an essential element
to creating life.

Knowing that water existed on Mars

at some point in liquid form,

it just opens the possibilities
of there being life on Mars.

All the evidence points to the fact

that Mars could've very well
supported life in the past

and maybe supports alien life
to this very day.

[narrator] Many experts believe
that with the discovery of water on Mars,

finding life cannot be far off.

And if NASA is allowed to go public
with this information, they are convinced

that even more profound revelations
will soon follow,

ending decades of speculation
about the existence of alien life

once and for all.

But many experts urge caution.

They warn that full disclosure
may turn out to be

a double-edged sword.

[Murillo] Why might the revelation
of life on Mars cause panic on Earth?

Many people will want to feel
like we're the only game in town,

or they're the only game in town.

Any change to that paradigm

of us being the center of the universe
is very upsetting to some people.

It might be a religion, it might be
a government, what have you.

And when those powers are threatened,

they tend to fight back,
and fight for their control.

[narrator] This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.