Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Mystery Elements - full transcript

Experts have long believed the universe to be riddled with mysterious portals - shortcuts through space that allow travelers to span vast distances in the blink of an eye. From mighty volcanoes to secret underground civilizations.

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[narrator] Experts have long believed

the universe to be riddled
with mysterious portals,

shortcuts through space
that allow travelers

to span vast distances
in the blink of an eye.

Most believe these lie scattered
throughout the cosmos,

but others cite evidence

pointing to the existence of portals
right here on Earth,

thresholds that were
first crossed long ago,

but not by us.

Aliens may have been

secretly passing through
these portals for untold millennia,

and they may be coming to Earth

not only from deep space,
but from other dimensions as well,

maybe even another universe.

Do mysterious portals exist here on Earth,

and are these doorways
the true secret behind

the UFO presence in our skies?

From mighty volcanoes to secret
underground civilizations,

join us as we seek out these Earth portals
and attempt to unravel their secrets

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

The Cascades,

Northern California, 1992.

Ufologist Brian Wallenstein

is driving through one of America's
most picturesque mountain ranges.

Before him lies Mount Shasta,

a mountain the area's original
inhabitants have long believed

to be home to a heavenly spirit
known as Skell.

It was Skell who came
to the aid of the ancients

in a fiery battle against Llao,

the spirit of the underworld.

Glancing up at the night sky,
Wallenstein notices

a triangular formation of stars
that seems too perfect to occur naturally.

It's moving slowly,
and two of the lights begin to pulse,

and the space between the three
begins to ripple and oscillate.

Wallenstein would later
describe the phenomenon

as, "Something trying to come out
of a fluid state into a solid state."

It's at this moment
the UFO expert realizes

he is looking at the genuine article.

But then, out of nowhere,
the object makes a sharp turn

toward nearby Mount Shasta,
an active volcano.

It speeds toward the rock face,
and its certain destruction.

But the impact never comes.

Instead, Wallenstein watches
in awe as the craft disappears

into a kind of portal that has opened up
on the side of the mountain.

Stopping the car, Wallenstein
and his companions watch

as eight more objects disappear
into the mountain over a three-hour span.

The ufologist is convinced
that what he saw were alien craft,

crossing a portal through time and space.

It's a shocking theory
but one that raises many questions,

perhaps first and foremost,

how long has this doorway existed?

A hotspot is a particular location

where UFO sightings
and alien encounters are prevalent.

[narrator] The Cascades is, in fact, among
the world's most active UFO hotspots,

with a long history of sightings,
including one that would bring

a significant addition
to the English language.

Unsealed case file:
the flying saucer.

June 24, 1947.

Mount Rainier, Washington.

Pilot Kenneth Arnold is flying

a search-and-rescue mission
over the Cascades

when he spots nine convex-shaped UFOs

flying in impossibly tight
formation at supersonic speed.

Arnold later explains
his encounter to the press,

describing the objects as flying

"like a saucer would
if you skipped it across the water."

The image captures the imagination
of a reporter for The Chicago Sun,

and the term "flying saucer"
enters the modern lexicon.

Since then, UFO sightings in the Cascades
have continued at a steady pace,

and many believe
the Mount Shasta portal to be the source.

Over the years,
some experts have questioned

the Government's lack of action
on this phenomenon.

Other conspiracy theorists,
however, believe officials

have quietly had their finger on the pulse
of Mount Shasta for decades.

Not far from Mount Shasta
is the Hat Creek Radio Observatory.

Built in the 1950's,
the facility is operated by

the Search for
Extra Terrestrial Intelligence,

better known as SETI,

whose goal is the discovery
of intelligent life

beyond the confines of planet Earth.

The Hat Creek array scans distant stars
for radio-wave patterns

that might indicate the presence
of an alien civilization.

But many experts have raised
serious questions about

the facility's close proximity
to such a unique cosmic phenomenon.

[Dr. Roger Lier] Why in the world
would an advanced civilization

be using a radio wave?

Why would SETI be looking for radio waves

from a civilization that could be

thousands or millions of years
older than we are?

[narrator] Is it a mere coincidence,

or is Hat Creek's real purpose
to monitor alien traffic

passing in and out of the nearby portal?

And is this the only threshold
of its kind here on Earth?

[narrator] Reports suggest the existence
of a mysterious portal

on the slopes of Mount Shasta
in the Pacific Northwest,

one that may be providing UFOs
access to our planet.

And if local legends are true,

this may have been going on for hundreds
and perhaps even thousands of years.

But Mount Shasta may not be
the only such portal here on Earth.

Other accounts point
to a similar threshold

in the most isolated region of our planet.

Unsealed case file:
Operation Highjump.

Antarctica. December 1946.

Admiral Richard Byrd leads
a multinational task force

on an eight-month expedition
to the South Pole.

Its code name, Operation Highjump.

Publicly, the mission's objective
is to establish a research station

and test the fleet's ability
to operate in polar conditions.

But many consider
Highjump's real goal to be

the destruction of a hidden Nazi base.

It's a strategic ploy
to stay one step ahead

of the world's newest superpower,
the Soviet Union.

But Admiral Byrd is about to discover

that another unexpected force
has beaten the allies to the punch.

Approaching Antarctica,

the fleet is allegedly surprised
by enormous UFOs

rising from the depths
of the Southern Ocean.

A battle ensues, during which the aliens
down a number of allied aircraft,

and sink at least one ship
before vanishing.

The attack appears to be
a warning not to proceed any further.

But Byrd refuses to bend
to the aliens' will.

Undaunted, he orders the fleet to sail on.

Arriving at the reported
location of the Nazi base,

Byrd and his task force
are stunned to find

the gaping entrance
to a seemingly endless cave.

Byrd orders a squadron of aircraft
to scout the area.

It isn't long before
their worst fears are realized.

[Bill Birnes] This was
a wide-enough entrance

where the planes flew in,
in fighter formation.

They were attacked by flying saucers.

Most of them were shot down.

Byrd was actually captured,
and he was told, "We will let you go

if you go back to your leaders
and you say you found nothing."

[narrator] Returning home,
Byrd makes no mention

of any battles or alien encounters.

But he does offer a cryptic warning.

[narrator reading]

There is no official record
of the alleged top-secret incident.

What did admiral Byrd's forces encounter
deep below the surface of Antarctica?

Was it a secret alien base,
as many suggest?

Or could it have been a portal,

one the visitors were ready
to defend with their lives?

And what became of the extraterrestrials
at the bottom of the world?

In the years following Operation Highjump,

UFO sightings on the continent dwindle,

suggesting that if there was
a portal below the surface,

it may have fallen into disuse.

It will be nearly two decades

before events once again
suggest the door is open.

Unsealed case file:
the Antarctic Wave.

By the mid-1960s,

a number of nations have established
permanent bases on Antarctica.

Installations are equipped
with the latest technology

to study the region's climate
and environment.

July 1965.

At 7:15 pm, on July 2nd,

five members of Britain's Base B
on Deception Island

spot a strange light in the distance,

zigzagging across the sky.

For 20 minutes, they watch in amazement

as it changes from green to red to yellow,

slowing at times to a standstill

before suddenly accelerating
to resume its haphazard pattern.

July 3rd.

Personnel at the nearby Chilean base

catch sight of an object
matching the description

of the UFO seen the night before.

Again, the object is too far away
to be seen in any detail.

But just 20 minutes later,

no fewer than 17 people at
the Argentinean base on Deception Island

experience a much closer encounter,

the details of which are later
made public by the nation's navy.

The witnesses describe...

[narrator reading]

Who they were and why they appeared
with such frequency

over the farthest-flung corner
of planet Earth

could be explained
by the existence of a portal.

[narrator] Mounting evidence has revealed

that Earth may be home
to one or more mysterious portals

and that aliens may be using
these interstellar pathways

to visit our planet.

But how common are these portals,

and is their presence here an accident?

Unsealed case file: El Popo.

Central Mexico.

Popocatepetl is a highly active volcano

that looms over the countryside
40 miles Southeast of Mexico City.

El Popo, as it's known to the locals,

regularly spews a deadly mix of ash,
lava, and superheated rock.

But these days, a major eruption
isn't the only thing they have to fear.

May 30, 2013.

Amateur video captures
remarkable footage of a UFO

flying dangerously close to El Popo.

It slows as it approaches, only to execute
an impossibly sharp turn

and plunge at lightning speed
into the smoking crater,

never to emerge.

It's just the latest
in a series of reported sightings

around the mountain
dating back to the previous year.

The frequency of these incidents

leads one of Latin America's
largest media companies

to establish a 24-hour watch
on the mountain.

In November, its cameras capture
astonishing footage of a UFO

once again plunging
into the fires of El Popo.

Why would UFOs plunge
to their certain destruction

in the heart of an active volcano?

Could there be a portal
hidden deep within El Popo?

El Popo stands at approximately
19.47 degrees North of the equator,

a fact that seems trivial until compared
with some of Earth's planetary neighbors.

Mars, its landscape is eerily empty today,

but it wasn't always like this.

Billions of years ago,
the red planet was geologically active.

In fact, it was once home
to the mightiest volcano

the Solar System has ever seen.

Olympus Mons stands
nearly 90,000 feet high,

three times the height
of Earth's tallest peak, Mount Everest,

and its enormous base covers
an area the size of Arizona.

As impressive as these statistics are,

the mountain's dimensions
are not its most remarkable feature.

Seen on a map, Olympus Mons encompasses
the 19th parallel of North latitude,

the same as El Popo.

Some 350 million miles farther out
lies the gas giant Jupiter,

the largest planet in our solar system.

Its trademark feature
is the Great Red Spot,

a massive, swirling storm,
big enough to envelop two Earths.

Like El Popo and Olympus Mons,

it too encompasses one of the planet's
19th degrees of latitude,

In this case, South of the equator.

Three violent geographic features
occupying the 19th parallel

on three separate worlds
billions of miles apart.

Is this merely coincidence?

Or could these features
have been designed?

Did an alien civilization construct them

as camouflage
for an interstellar portal hidden within?

The connection between the three
doesn't end with the 19th parallel.

Over the past two centuries,
more than 150 volcanic eruptions

are reported to have been accompanied
by spectacular displays of lightning.

On Jupiter, the Great Red Spot
regularly sees massive lightning strikes

thousands of times more powerful
than anything here on Earth.

UFOs have long been suspected

to disguise themselves
as atmospheric anomalies.

Could these lightning strikes be UFOs

darting in and out
of interstellar portals?

And do El Popo, Olympus Mons,
and the Great Red Spot

represent a massive alien construction
project in our solar system?

Mounting evidence suggests
that aliens have been constructing

a series of mysterious portals
throughout the Solar System,

including here on planet Earth.

It's technology that seems beyond
the scope of human comprehension.

But today, scientists are,
in fact, well on their way

to unlocking the secrets
behind these doorways

to the other side of the universe.

[Greenewald] As 21st-century technology
evolves, and new bright minds

are pushing the envelope of what
we understand as the human race,

they're making discoveries
that 30, 40 years ago,

the smartest people that we hold
in the highest regard

in the scientific community,
we're proving them wrong.

[narrator] Recently, spacecraft
from both NASA

and the European Space Agency

have detected what some scientists believe
to be the first hard evidence of portals.

Their instruments have revealed
a constantly reoccurring series

of cross points in Earth's backyard

where the planet's magnetic field
connects with that of the Sun.

These x-points create
a 93-million-mile conduit

through which a flood of charged particles
rush into the planet's upper atmosphere.

Using its THEMIS spacecraft,

in conjunction with
a European cluster probe,

NASA found the x-points may open and close

dozens of times during a 24-hour period.

How will aliens respond when they realize

we are close to possessing
this advanced technology?

Will they welcome us
as fellow travelers among the stars?

Or will they stop at nothing
to keep this ability for themselves?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.