Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Earth Portals - full transcript

The flying saucer. For decades it's been synonymous with UFO terror. But millions of reported encounters tell a very different story. From Cold War showdowns to telepathic terrors, join is as we track the rise of Black Triangles.

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The flying saucer:

for decades, it's been
synonymous with UFO terror.

But millions of reported encounters
in fact tell a very different story.

Slowly but surely, saucer
sightings have been on the decline.

Fear has taken a new shape.

Black triangles.

Reports say they can penetrate

the world's highest security
air space with ease.

And our most powerful weapons

have proven powerless against them.

I think it's rather obvious
that the United States Military

and government would keep it a secret.

I think the reason is simple: fear.

[narrator] What are black triangles?

Who is at the controls?

Is a new alien species
lurking in our skies?

And most importantly,

why are they here?

Join us as we track the rise

of the black triangles

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades

detailing every UFO accounts
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files ,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

Jacksonville, Florida, October 27, 1967.

Flight instructor Charlie Little
and three others

are flying at night
over the Atlantic coast

when they catch sight of
a bright light closing on their aircraft.

Fearing a mid-air collision,

Little descends to 6,500 feet.

But the maneuver appears to
only make matters worse,

as the pilot now finds his craft
pursued by six lights,

flying in perfect horizontal formation.

Little and his passengers

watch in terror as the lights
rush toward them.

They brace for impact,

but the fateful moment never comes.

Instead, the flyers find themselves
enveloped in a green light.

Outside, they see a massive triangular UFO

with sides measuring over 200 feet.

Seconds later, there is a blinding flash

and the triangle is gone.

The pilot can't believe

what he's just seen.

But on returning to Jacksonville,

Little is informed that a commercial pilot
flying over Washington, DC.

has just reported a UFO
matching the Jacksonville object.

What were these massive triangles?

How did one manage to penetrate the most
closely monitored air space on Earth?

And why was the public never
informed of the incursion?

If we were to let the public
know that we, meaning

America, the strongest military
in the world is no longer number one,

how many people would fear that?

How many would know that
now there is an enemy

that could beat us?

Twenty years after Jacksonville,

the triangles step out of the shadows
and reveal themselves to the world.

Unsealed case file:
the Belgian Wave.

Eupen, Belgium, November 29, 1989.

Two police officers
patrolling a country road,

spot a blinding light
coming from a nearby field.

Arriving on the scene, they are
astounded to see an enormous

black triangle hovering silently overhead.

Blazing lights emanate
from each of the three corners,

while a single blood-red beacon

blinks on and off at its heart.

The men look on in astonishment

as the UFO begins moving
silently toward the nearby town.

They immediately set out in pursuit.

Arriving in Eupen,

they are among dozens who watch spellbound

as it hangs motionless
above the town for over 30 minutes.

By the end of the night,

an estimated 1,500 people
will report a UFO encounter

in one of history's
biggest mass sightings.

But for Belgium, the Eupen incident
is only the beginning.

Over the next two years,

the nation will experience
an unending wave

of black triangle sightings that leave
authorities scrambling for answers.

On several occasions, F-16 fighters
are ordered to intercept the objects,

but each time they attempt
to lock onto the triangles

with their targeting systems,

they mysteriously malfunction,

only to switch back on after
the objects are out of range.

By the time the wave
comes to an end in 1991,

some 13,000 people
claim to have seen a UFO.

Skeptics declare the black triangles
to be American stealth aircraft

on routine maneuvers.

But the air force flatly
denies these allegations.

They knew the objects were there,

and yet they weren't ours.

So the big question is, whose were they?

[narrator] The Belgian UFO wave

remains one of the most extensively
documented series of encounters on record.

Were they really UFOs?

Or was the U.S. Military hiding something?

[narrator] According to many experts,

massive black triangles
have replaced flying saucers

as the dominant UFOs in our skies.

But other encounters
turn this theory upside down,

raising serious questions
as to whether these black triangles

really are from another world.

Fulda, West Germany, 1989.

Sergeant Clifford Stone
of the United States Army

is on duty in a guard tower

overlooking the closely monitored border

with the communist east.

Stone's job is to prevent
anyone from crossing

and to monitor enemy activity.

But today, the veteran soldier
receives a report

that a Soviet aircraft is speeding toward
them, dangerously close to the ground.

But as it comes into view,

Stone quickly realizes this is
unlike any enemy plane he's ever seen.

It's an enormous black triangle
speeding toward them.

The object comes to
a sudden stop directly above.

The underside reveals clusters
of multi-colored lights

near each corner, and a single flashing
red light at its heart.

He claims that the UFO he saw
was a large, triangle-shaped object

with a red pulsating light.

It's like right out of a UFO textbook.

Stone looks on in total astonishment

as the UFO looms silently over them.

A radio transmission reveals
that jet fighters on both sides

of the border are scrambling
to intercept the UFO.

Stone fears the intruders' appearance

may spark a dangerous confrontation

between east and west

that could quickly escalate
to all-out nuclear war.

But before they take to the air,
the triangle disappears into the night.

An investigation into the incident reveals

the triangle generated
high levels of radiation

so intense, they should have killed all
witnesses on both sides of the wire.

But despite some nausea,

none will suffer any lasting effects.

In the aftermath, Stone and his men
are told the UFO was in reality

the prototype of a new
Soviet attack aircraft.

Is it possible?

Or was the enemy aircraft story
a smokescreen

to conceal an even more explosive secret?

Unsealed case file: X-47B.

June 14, 2012, Washington, DC.

Dozens of commuters
report a triangular UFO

in the middle of the city,

but it isn't in the sky overhead.

It's being carried on the back
of an 18-wheel transport.

Everybody was scared because

all of a sudden they saw
this craft that was shrouded

with some type of covering
that looked exactly like a UFO.

[narrator] But it's soon revealed
the UFO isn't what it seems.

The U.S. Navy confirms
the aircraft is in fact

the new unmanned X-47B attack drone,

and it's unlike any that's come before.

It requires only a short runway
for takeoff and landing.

It can cruise at just under
the speed of sound

and has three times the range
of any current technology.

But many ufologists have expressed
grave concerns about the X-47.

They believe the aircraft
may be the product

of the biggest government
cover-up of all time.

When you look at the technology
like the Beltway UFO,

these ideas aren't just
going to come out of thin air.

There's another thought process,
though, that says that

this technology was not necessarily
from the human brain,

but given to us by an alien civilization.

[narrator] The appearance of the X-47

has given new life to a theory
long held by ufologists,

that generations of cutting-edge
U.S. Military aircraft

have been developed using alien technology
recovered from UFO crash sites.

Is it true?

Could this new killer drone be
the man-made product of alien technology?

But if it is,

why were witnesses in Washington, DC.,

so quick to assume the X-47 was a UFO?

Was it a simple case of mistaken identity?

Or was something else at work,

something hidden deep
in their subconscious,

brought to light by
the presence of the drone?

Over the past few decades,

the world has seen an alarming increase
in reports of black triangle UFOs

capable of penetrating Earth's
most closely guarded air space

and neutralizing
our most powerful weapons.

But this may not be
the only threat they pose.

Suffolk, England, December 27, 1980.

American Air Force Sergeant
James Penniston,

stationed at RAF Bentwaters
Woodbridge air base,

receives a report of strange flashing
lights in nearby Rendlesham forest.

Accompanied by airman John Burroughs,

Penniston sets out to investigate
what he fears to be a crashed aircraft.

They approach the lights,

only to watch as it rises
and moves off silently through the forest.

The patrol follows,
but each time they draw close,

the object backs away
in the opposite direction.

When the airmen at last get
close enough to see the object in detail,

they are shocked to discover a triangular
UFO with strange markings on its hull

resembling Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Fascinated, Penniston reaches out
and touches the object.

He senses something like an electrical
current running through his hand

and into his forearm.

Penniston reported that
he touched the surface of the craft

as his fingers ran over
some symbols that were on it.

And while he was doing this,

he felt like his mind was being flooded

with some sort of binary code,

which are numbers that are
often associated with computers.

[narrator] The triangle darts off

at what Penniston later describes
as impossible speed.

The airmen race back to headquarters
to report what they've seen.

Deputy commander Charles Halt
is highly skeptical of their story,

until two days later

when the mysterious lights reappear.

Colonel Halt threw together
a small team of men

and went out into the forest
to investigate.

Colonel Halt routinely carried
with him a hand-held tape recorder

on which it was his custom and practice
to record his observations and thoughts.

[narrator] Halt records
his encounter with the triangle.

His breathless account will become
one of the most compelling pieces

of UFO evidence in history.

[Halt] I see it, too.
It's coming this way.

It looks like an eye winking at you.

He's coming toward us now.

Now we're observing what appears to be
a beam coming down to the ground.

[narrator] Moments later, the UFO
darts off into the night sky

at great velocity, leaving the witnesses

in a state of disbelief.

What happened to James Penniston?

What implanted
those cryptic images in his mind?

And what reduced
a veteran airman like Charles Halt

to a state of barely controlled terror?

According to ufologists, many
who encounter black triangles

report bizarre psychological effects

and disturbing images
imprinted on their minds.

Many eyewitnesses,
like the airmen in Rendlesham forest,

will wrestle with these
for the rest of their lives.

What is behind this mental manipulation?

Are the aliens who pilot
black triangles telepathic?

And is this mind control a kind of weapon,

or is something else at work?

Aldergrove, British Columbia,
July 17, 1991.

Corina Saebels and a friend

spot a massive triangle-shaped
UFO in the night sky above her house.

Saebels' friend steps inside
their home for a moment,

but when he returns, he is shocked
to discover that Saebels has vanished.

He searches the house
and surrounding area,

only to find Saebels an hour later

in the very same place
where she disappeared.

Mysteriously, she has no idea
that she was gone

and is unable to account
for the missing time.

Saebels appears unharmed
by the experience,

but in the period
following her disappearance,

she senses this isn't
the first time she has disappeared,

and that it won't be the last.

Even more disturbing, she will soon learn
she isn't the only target under her roof.

A few weeks later, Saebels is
shocked to see an alien gray

creeping into her daughter's bedroom.

Racing in, she finds the child
unharmed with no sign of any intruder.

But soon after,

the young girl begins drawing pictures
of an alien she calls "the doctor".

The child's account unleashes a flood of
repressed abduction memories in Saebels,

including needles piercing her abdomen

and row after row of
alien fetuses stored in liquid.

At that moment, Saebels realizes

that she has been part of an experiment
to produce an alien-human hybrid.

Some experts believe this is
the secret purpose behind

decades of abduction
and medical experiments.

Why would you need to take humans,

put some type
of physical implant in there,

and do whatever genetic modification
they're trying to do?

My guess is they could
potentially make a life form

that they would like us to evolve into.

[narrator] Is this the secret
behind the black triangles?

Is their mission the creation
of a race of alien-human hybrids?

And are these intruders telepathic?

Many experts believe this is true.

But others have a different theory.

Reports of black triangle UFOs
are spreading fear across the world.

But recently, many experts have
started to question who or what

is controlling these terrifying objects,

and the answer points to a civilization
so advanced, it boggles the mind.

Scientists have labeled the moment
when our technology will become smarter

than humans as
a technological singularity.

Could triangle UFOs be the product
of an alien civilization's

technological singularity?

Many eyewitnesses claim
the astounding possibility

that some UFOs may be sentient.

Lone Pine, California, 1970.

Fay Clark, publisher of
Hiawatha books, and his wife

encounter what seems to be
a routine UFO sighting.

"My wife and I observed a UFO
resting on a small grove of aspen trees.

We had been attracted to the area
by a terrifically bright light

that was so intense

we were unable to look directly at it",

until incredibly, the UFO
began to mimic their physical reactions.

My wife and I realized

that it was matching the rhythm
of our respiration rates."

[heavy breathing]

The evidence that has come back
from hundreds of thousands

of contactee accounts

makes it pretty clear that
one of the chief activities

that they are engaging us on is genetics.

[narrator] Can it be possible?

Are black triangles actually some type
of advanced technological entity?

A new breed of aliens?

A type of artificial intelligence,
part machine, part organism,

roaming the Earth, analyzing
and manipulating the human population

as part of a hidden alien agenda?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.