Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Alien Origins - full transcript

What are UFOs? Are they spacecraft? Do they travel vast distances to reach planet Earth? From mysterious planets at the edge of the Solar System, to epic journeys beyond the boundaries of time and space.

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What are UFOs?

Are they space craft,
or vessels of a different kind

from a place beyond imagination?

Do they travel vast distances
to reach planet Earth?

And do they come in peace,
or to conquer?

Many who have encountered

whether during an abduction
or maybe a sighting,

feel that whatever entities
are visiting Earth are violent in nature.

[narrator] From mysterious planets
at the edge of the solar system

to epic journeys beyond
the boundaries of time and space.

Join us as the secret origins
of alien visitors are unsealed.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account,
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

The English Channel, April 23, 2007.

A small passenger plane is in flight

from the English seaside city
of Southampton

to the island of Alderney.

Pilot Ray Boyer is shocked
to see a massive craft

hovering in the distance,
giving off an intense glow.

Drawing closer, Boyer is shocked
to see a second identical object

appear behind the first.

There is no doubt in his mind
that the objects are not of this Earth.

Passengers on the aircraft
see them as well.

After 15 breathless minutes,

the plane descends to its destination,

and the UFOs disappear behind
a ceiling of clouds.

Boyer immediately reports the encounter

to the British Civil Aviation Authority.

He later learns the UFOs were
seen by a second aircraft,

and two witnesses on the ground.

A forensic examination of the area's
radar records is inconclusive.

Where the UFOs came from,
and where they went

remain a mystery.

How could two giant UFOs

penetrate some of the busiest
air space in the world

without warning,
and then disappear without a trace?

The universe.

It's made up of over
100 billion far-flung galaxies.

We live in the Milky Way galaxy,

which alone contains
up to 400 billion stars.

The nearest star
to our own solar system

is called Proxima Centauri,

and it's 4.2 light-years away,

which means
that even at the speed of light,

it would take over four years
to travel from there to our planet.

Are spacecraft traveling across
endless reaches of interstellar space

just to explore the Earth,

or do they originate
much closer to home?

For decades,
NASA has captured images

of strange,
unexplained objects hovering in space.

And over the past 20 years,
the two Voyager spacecraft

have been blazing
a new celestial frontier,

sending back pictures and data

from the outer reaches
of our solar system.

Launched in 1977, Voyager 1
has traveled over 12 billion miles,

passing beyond the realm
of the planets,

and through the Kuiper Belt,

a vast ring of over
100,000 planetoids

and smaller bodies,

any one of which could
be home to an alien base.

Beyond the Kuiper Belt
is the Oort Cloud,

comprised of trillions of icy bodies,

which sometimes fall
toward the sun as comets.

Recently, scientists
at the University of Louisiana

claim to have located
a mysterious object

four times larger than Jupiter
lurking beyond the Oort Cloud,

the gravity of which they believe

is responsible for launching comets
on their journey toward the sun.

But what is this mysterious world?

Rumors of a phantom planet
in the outer rim of our solar system

date back to 1846,
and the discovery of the planet Neptune.

Astronomers later detected
slight deviations in its orbit,

and that of the planet Uranus,

that hinted at the presence
of another world

somewhere in the outer darkness,

tugging at them with its gravity.

It would become known as Planet X.

In 1930, Pluto was discovered,

and for decades,
many believed the mystery of Planet X

had at last been solved.

But in 1978,
scientists determined Pluto was too small

to affect the orbits
of Uranus and Neptune.

In 2009,
the International Astronomical Union

demoted Pluto
to the status of a dwarf planet,

and so the search for Planet X continues.

Could this gigantic cosmic body

at the outer edge of explored
space be the legendary Planet X?

And is it a launch pad for UFOs
we see here on Earth?

Or must we follow Voyager 1,

that just passed out of our solar system,
and look even deeper

into the vastness of interstellar space?

Millions of people around the world
have reported encounters with UFOs.

But if aliens exist,
where are they coming from?

Unsealed case file:
Betty and Barney Hill.

New Hampshire, September 19, 1961.

Betty and Barney Hill are driving along

through the New England countryside

when they find themselves pursued
by a mysterious craft.

What happens next will change
the course of history.

A light lands on the road with
what looks like small creatures

standing near,
then the Hills suddenly realize

they have arrived in their own driveway,

and they cannot account
for the missing time.

But the details of what happened
inside the alien craft

are only revealed years later
under hypnosis.

Searching their subconscious memories,
the couple provides

a detailed description
of their abductors,

a race the world has
come to know as the Grays.

The Gray race of aliens is
really the most common depiction

of aliens that you see,
not only in pop culture,

but also with those abductees

who have experienced
these alien encounters.

The Grays are said to be about
three to four feet tall,

large, bulbous head, big dark,
black almond-shaped eyes, gray skin,

very kind of spindly bodies, very thin.

[narrator] The couple claims
they were subjected

to terrifying medical experiments,
and Betty Hill remembers something else.

She recalls being shown
a star map by an alien being

who attempts to explain
where they came from.

Years later, an amateur
astronomer takes the Hill map

and attempts to align the seemingly
random series of points

to known stars in the night sky.

The results are astonishing.

The map traces the alien journey
to its point of origin,

Zeta Reticuli, a double star system,
39 light-years from Earth.

The findings are published in
Astronomy magazine,

and spark
a heated debate among experts.

Is Zeta Reticuli the home
of the alien Grays?

And if so, how long did the journey take,

and when did they first arrive?

Recently, researchers at
the University of Edinburgh

created a computer model

to determine that a fleet
of interstellar craft,

traveling at only a tenth
the speed of light,

could explore the entire Milky Way galaxy
in less time than the age of the Earth.

Could an alien civilization,

billions of years older than our own,
have already departed for Earth?

Unsealed case file:
The Dulce Incident.

Dulce, New Mexico, August 1979.

Phil Schneider is an Army
engineer working with the unit

assigned to construct
a series of tunnels

to the southwest of the Archuleta Mesa.

The mesa has long been rumored
to house the secret military installation

known as Dulce Base
within its jagged walls.

Early on, the project hits
a series of snags

when the drilling equipment
repeatedly breaks down

in otherwise normal conditions.

Schneider becomes concerned when

a large detachment of heavily armed
Green Beret special forces personnel

is assigned to oversee the dig.

Sensing something terrible
is about to happen,

he arms himself
with a 9-millimeter pistol.

The unit finally succeeds
in penetrating deep into the earth.

Schneider is sent to investigate,
accompanied by a Green Beret.

I was lowered down the basket
of one of these holes.

At the bottom, he is shocked

to see a seven-foot alien Gray,
and beyond it,

a host of others conducting operations
in an underground base.

The engineer immediately opens fire.

I killed two of them, yes,
they're mortal and they do die.

However, next thing I know,
this blue beam hit me,

and just literally
opened me up like a fish.

[narrator] The lightning-like beam
takes off two of Schneider's fingers,

and inflicts terrible burns.

A Green Beret pulls him to safety.

A battle ensues,
allegedly claiming the lives

of over 60 American soldiers.

Even more shocking is what
Schneider learns in the days to follow.

The government knew all about it.

They had been encamped there
for as best as believed possible,

about 400 or 500 years.

[narrator] Could it be that alien races
have embedded themselves

in our mountain ranges and possibly
even within the Earth's core

for centuries?

Do UFOs really travel
vast distances of space?

Or is it possible these
extraterrestrials have discovered

some kind of intergalactic shortcut?

Recent NASA images
have revealed strange objects

that may be massive planet-sized UFOs

plunging through the surface of the sun,

only to later burst back into space.

Some experts believe
extraterrestrials are using the sun

as a kind of refueling station
for their UFOs.

At the sun's heart,
intense pressure forces hydrogen atoms

to fuse together,
creating nuclear fusion.

One of the by-products
of nuclear fusion is helium 3.

Could UFOs be penetrating
the sun to collect helium 3?

Or are they seeking something else?

Other pictures taken by NASA's
SoHo Solar Observatory spacecraft

reveal a massive hole
in the surface of the sun.

And some believe this opening
may be where these sun-diving UFOs

are disappearing.

They are convinced the hole is, in fact,

an interstellar portal
ending at a similar portal

in a star somewhere else in the galaxy.

Through these stellar portals,

UFOs can travel vast,
interstellar distances

in the blink of an eye.

And with an estimated 400 billion stars

in the Milky Way galaxy alone,

the possible destinations
are virtually limitless.

But cascading through
intergalactic wormholes

may not be the aliens'
only means of travel.

Unsealed case file:
The Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Ipswich, England, December 26, 1980.

American airmen stationed

at the twin RAF Bentwaters
and RAF Woodbridge Airbases

see strange lights emanating
from nearby Rendlesham Forest.

John Burroughs and Jim Penniston,

together with some
other military personnel,

sought permission
to go out into the forest

to investigate what they initially
thought was a crashed aircraft.

When Burroughs and Penniston
approached the site,

they found in a small clearing

not a crashed aircraft but a landed UFO.

[narrator] The security team gets close
enough to make note

of strange markings on the hull
that resembled Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The men quickly returned to base
to report what they have found.

But when another patrol is dispatched,

they find nothing more
than three indentations in the ground

where the UFO once stood,
possibly left by the craft's landing gear.

A Geiger counter picks up
heightened levels of radiation

in the small depressions.

Britain's Ministry of Defense
launches an extensive investigation.

Its interviews with
Burroughs and Penniston

reveal something astonishing.

Though they were only
in the presence of the strange craft

for a few moments,
their watches revealed

that a full 45 minutes had passed.

It's a phenomenon ufologists
call "missing time".

A lot of abductees report missing time,

in which something
that shouldn't take as long

as it should in their life had happened,

three times, four times as long.

It's a very common trait.

Many experts believe that missing time

is a by-product
of a UFO's means of travel.

Not hurtling through space,
but rather through time itself.

We know the three dimensions
that you and I talk,

walk and interact in,

but the fourth dimension
being time itself.

The space time continuum
is the overlap of space and time

in one continuous scientific theory.

What that means is that space and time

are completely indistinguishable
from each other.

[narrator] Is it possible
that in approaching the UFO,

the two men
stepped into a space-time continuum

generated by the UFO
on its journey to Earth?

A famous missing time incident in Chile

offers more compelling evidence
of the missing time effect.

Unsealed case file:
The Chilean Time Warp.

Pampas Lluscuma, Chile, April, 1977.

A military border patrol takes shelter
for the night in a horse stable.

Around 4:00 A.M.,
they are stunned to see

a strange light descend
from the sky not far away.

As they prepare to investigate,

a second UFO suddenly appears nearby.

Corporal Armando Garrido
approaches the second object,

only to vanish into its light.

The patrol searches frantically
for their missing comrade.

Fifteen minutes later,
they hear a loud thump,

and are amazed
to discover the missing corporal

lying on the ground
a short distance away.

He's alive, but forever changed.

Garrido is astonished when
he realizes his digital watch

displays a date five days
in the future, and he's sporting

a week's growth of beard on his face.

How had five days passed

when only 15 minutes had passed
for his fellow soldiers?

Was Corporal Garrido abducted
by aliens and transported through

a time portal similar
to that experienced by the soldiers

at Rendlesham Forest?

And could time travel explain
how the massive channel UFOs

appeared out of nowhere
and disappeared without a trace?

Despite decades of investigation,

ufologists are still struggling

to understand where extraterrestrials
come from and why they are here.

Some experts believe they originate from

an as-yet-unidentified planet

in the far reaches of our solar system.

Others believe they have
traveled vast distances

across interstellar space
or through interdimensional portals,

but there is another
disturbing possibility,

one that transcends all of these
seemingly limitless boundaries.

A recent study at Washington
University used a computer program

to predict what humans will look like

after the next
100,000 years of evolution.

It predicted that humans
will develop wide eyes,

and greatly expanded craniums,

bearing an uncanny resemblance
to the alien Grays

as described by Betty Hill
and thousands of others.

Who'd be most interested in keeping
humans from destroying themselves?

Well, the answer is simple.

It's other human beings,
but other human beings from the future.

[narrator] Could aliens, in fact,
be humans from the distant future

who have traveled back in time?

And if so, are Grays just
another branch on our family tree?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.