Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Alien Plunder - full transcript

Everyday, UFOs are spotted in skies all over the world. But of all the planets in the known galaxy, why have they come to Earth? Are aliens here to seize Earth's riches? And how far does their mission go?

Every day, ufos are spotted
in skies all over the world.

But of all the planets
in the known galaxy,

Why have they come to earth?
What do the aliens want?

Many would like to believe
they are here to make peaceful

Contact, but some experts
are convinced they have come

On a much darker mission.
Earth is rich in natural

Resources, such as water,
and minerals.

If that's what brought europeans
to the americas, it may also be

What attracts an alien race.
Are aliens here to seize

Earth's riches?
And how far does

Their mission go?
Join us as we investigate

A possible alien plot to plunder
the earth's natural resources,

On "Unsealed:
Alien Files."

A global effort has begun.
Secret Files, hidden

From the public for decades,
detailing every ufo account,

Are now available to the public.
We are about to uncover

The truth behind
these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

"Unsealed: Alien Files,"
exposing the biggest secret

On planet earth.
The jiuquan satellite launch

Center, in mongolia,
June 16, 2012.

The chinese space agency
launches its first woman

Astronaut into orbit.
But the earth's orbit is,

By now, a well-worn path.
So, china has announced much

Bigger ambitions for its space
program, intending to launch

A manned mission to the moon
by the year 2020.

Some space experts believe
the nation intends to establish

Permanent mining operations
on earth's natural satellite.

But many in the ufo community
fear that when the chinese land,

They will quickly find others
have already claimed the moon's

Riches for their own.

>> we choose to go to the moon
in this decade, and do the other

Things, not because they are
easy, but because they are hard.

>> 1961.
President john f. Kennedy

Declares america's intention
to send a man to the moon.

On the surface, it's a bold
political move to keep pace with

The soviet union in the space
race, but according to some,

Behind closed doors, the united
states was quietly engaged

In a second race,
with another rival,

One infinitely more powerful
than the soviets.

>> from the early 1950s, uh,
national security people

In the United States...

>> but why would
extraterrestrials establish

A base on a small, lifeless
world, with the earth so close?

The moon is bursting with
unguarded mineral riches

For the taking, but locked
within its rocks and sand

Is an invisible substance
that could soon change life

On earth, forever.

Helium-3 is a byproduct
of the massive nuclear fusion

Reaction that we know
as the burning of the sun.

The invisible substance is
released into space, where it is

Scattered by solar winds across
our planetary neighborhood.

The earth's atmosphere prevents
helium-3 from reaching

Its surface, but the moon
has no atmosphere.

For billions of years,
its surface has been bombarded

By a constant stream
of helium-3.

Many scientists believe
the mysterious substance could

One day be used in nuclear
fusion reactors to produce

Virtually limitless amounts of
clean energy, unlike the fission

Reactors of today.
They also believe fusion

Reactors, fuelled by helium-3,
will one day power our journeys

To the stars.
The question is,

Have extraterrestrials already
perfected this interstellar

And if they have, does that make

The moon a prime location
for an alien mine?

Unsealed case file:
The missing moon tapes.

The apollo 11 mission that
fulfilled kennedy's dream was

Captured on video, and broadcast
across the world.

But for two minutes,
that transmission failed.

>> during, uh, neil armstrong's
transmission back to earth

There is a missing two minutes
in that, and people have

Speculated as to what is
in those two minutes.

Now, there have been some
unofficial, uh, radio

Communications that have been
circulating saying that

They saw two ufos flying
over a crater, and along with

Other structures that they saw
on the moon.

>> nasa blamed the transmission
on an overheated camera.

Nasa engineers made back-up
copies of the mission tapes.

But in a 2009 report, the agency
admitted that, mysteriously,

They never saw the back-up tapes

Did neil armstrong and buzz
aldrin catch a glimpse

Of an alien mine?
Are extraterrestrials using

The moon as an interstellar
fuelling station?

And will our eventual return to
the moon spark an interplanetary

War for control of its helium-3?

Many experts fear that
aliens have come to earth

To plunder its natural

Evidence has revealed they may
be mining the moon for helium-3

To fuel their interstellar

But according to other reports,
their quest for power

Doesn't stop at the moon.
Karnes city, texas, 1971.

The night shift is underway,
deep inside conoco's open pit

Uranium mine.
Suddenly, a blinding light

Appears over the pits,
accompanied by a high-pitched

Hissing noise.
Minutes pass, and the light dims

Enough for witnesses to make out
its source,

A massive ufo.

It rises slowly,
and then speeds out of sight.

At first, no one believes the 6
eyewitnesses, but, soon after,

It is discovered that
all of the uranium ore

Within a 250-foot radius
of the sighting has

Been transformed into a white,
chalky substance, and robbed

Of its radioactive properties.
Why did the karnes city ufo

Target a uranium mine?
What did the white light do

To the uranium deposits to
neutralize their radioactivity?

Was it absorbed for fuel?
The karnes city incident is not

The first time aliens have taken
interest in earth's radioactive

4 years earlier,

Another incident would strike
at the very heart

Of america's national security.

Unsealed case file:
The malmstrom missile incident.

1967, malmstrom air force base,

The installation is home
to a fleet of intercontinental

Ballistic missiles.
It's part of america's

Nuclear defense against
the soviet union.

The weapons are armed, and ready
to launch at a moment's notice.

Captain robert salas was on duty
the morning of March 16th.

He gave his eyewitness account
of the events of that day

At the 2013 citizen hearing
on disclosure.

>> we were on duty, uh,
inside the oscar launch control

Center, a concrete capsule,
located about...

>> two guards see a shooting
star moving in a bizarre zigzag

Pattern across the sky.
Seconds later, another appears.

The two men watch in disbelief
as the stars begin speeding

Toward the base.
Alarmed, they contact

Captain salas.
What they see next

Makes their blood run cold.

Salas's mind is racing.
What is the craft hovering

Above the base?
Is it a new soviet weapon?

Just then, he witnesses
the seemingly impossible.

Salas fears the worst.
Is this happening at other

Missile bases?
Is america now defenseless?

But then, just as suddenly
as the ufo appeared,

It disappears into the distance.
The ensuing military

Investigation will raise
more questions than answers.

A declassified report
on the incident states that

"rumors of unidentified
flying objects around the area

Were disproven."
an assertion refuted by salas.

But it also states "there were
no unusual discrepancies in

The missile control circuits."
according to the report,

The system shut down
"for no reason whatsoever."

How could 10 of the deadliest
weapons in the world

Be deactivated
for no apparent reason?

Salas believes the danger
is real, and, very possibly,

Beyond our control.

What brought ufos
to an american nuclear missile

Base, and later, a texas
uranium mine, where it sapped

The minerals' radioactivity?
Are the two events connected?

Did extraterrestrials discover
the power of uranium

At Malmstrom, only to later
devise a means of using it

For their own purposes?
Have the earth's uranium

Deposits become a ready source
of energy for ufos?

And, what else do they want?

Evidence has revealed
that aliens may be here

To plunder our most precious
natural resources.

The earth is rich in oxygen, and
liquid water, scarcely occurring

Elsewhere in the solar system,
or the rest of the known

But the earth is home to

Something even more rare.
According to some experts,

It may, in fact, be the most
precious resource in the galaxy.

Frank drake is a radio

Astronomer, scanning the galaxy
for signals that might indicate

An intelligent civilization.
He devises an equation,

To estimate the number of
civilizations existing

Throughout the milky way galaxy.
The equation takes into account

7 factors, including the number
of stars that have planets,

The number of planets that
support intelligent life, and,

Chillingly, the length of time
an intelligent civilization

Lasts before it is destroyed
by natural causes,

Or destroys itself.

It's known as
"drake's equation."

In 1980, renowned astronomer
carl sagan used

Drake's equation to estimate
there may be as few as 10

Technologically advanced
civilizations in the milky way,

At any given time.
Given the estimated 300 billion

Star systems in the milky way,
spread out over 100,000

Light years, that would make
intelligent life, by far,

The scarcest natural resource
in the galaxy, and, perhaps,

Even the universe.

Civilizations cannot survive
without a collective

Intelligence that is constantly
growing and evolving.

Is it possible that aliens have
come to earth to harvest human

Intelligence, to add
to their own?

Unsealed case file:
Ted davenport.

Alamogordo, new mexico, 1975.
16-year-old ted davenport

Sets out on an ill-advised
solo backpacking trip

Into the mountains.
He feels compelled to do so

By an indescribable force.
Along the way, davenport has

A constant feeling that
he is being watched.

At night, he feels compelled
to leave his tent.

Outside, he is astonished to see
a group of small,

Humanoid beings.
He then blacks out.

The next morning, davenport
awakens beside his smoldering

Campfire, with no recollection
of the night before.

He has a painful headache
and an odd knot on his skull,

Next to his left ear, but
is otherwise in good condition.

5 years later,
davenport is in the navy.

He is badly injured on duty,
and sent for emergency medical

An mri reveals a strange

Metallic implant in his brain.
Davenport claims to have been

Abducted multiple times since
the implant's discovery.

Doctors will refuse
to remove it, despite

Many opportunities to do so.
Davenport claims that aliens use

The implant to control not only
his brain, but the brains

Of the doctors who treat him,
as well.

A further scan in 2001 reveals
the implant still present.

Ted davenport is just one of
hundreds of reported abductees

Who claim to have had their
brains operated on by aliens.

And some surgeries are more
invasive than others.

>> many abductees will say that
they put something up the nose

With an instrument, and they
always describe this cracking

Sound that they hear.
Uh, well, if you look up

The nasal cavity to the base
of the brain, and you--there's

A bone called the ethmoid.
And there's two thin,

Little plates--
those are called the ethmoid

Plates, and if you puncture
one of those plates, you're

Right at the base of the brain.
>> why are aliens placing

Implants in human brains?
Are they attempting to

Scan our brains to study what
we know, to add to their body

Of knowledge?
Or are they here for samples

Of the brain itself,
to be integrated into

Their own physiology?
And could there be something

Even more sinister at work?
Every year, thousands go missing

Without a trace.
Could some be victims

Of alien abduction?
And if so,

What is their fate?
Are their brains being harvested

To ensure the survival
of an alien race?

Is the earth an intelligence
farm for beings

From another world?

Are aliens harvesting human

And if they are, how long has

This been happening?
>> you rise, and you fall.

You know, this civilization
seems to be about 12,000 years

old, but there are older
civilizations, uh,

that have left things behind.
You have to consider

the possibility that, uh,
this is not the first time

we've been on this planet.
Many experts believe that

aliens helped plant the seeds
of our current civilization.

Is it possible they did so
in order to harvest humans

in the future?
And is the present downfall

of planet earth a warning sign
that it's about to happen

This is "Unsealed: Alien Files,"

exposing the biggest secret
on planet earth.

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