Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - UFOs Down Under - full transcript

Aborigines have the oldest continuous culture on Earth. Rock paintings and ancient legends suggest that aliens have been communicating with Australian Aborigines for 70,000 years. What are the Sky Being's relationship with these people?

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The modern UFO phenomenon was

born in the late 1940s in

the desert lands of
the southwest United States.

But there is evidence that aliens

first arrived on earth eons earlier

half a world away.

The Australian outback is one of

the most inhospitable places on earth.

It's been home to
the Australian Aborigines

for 70,000 years,

and archeological evidence suggests

they weren't alone.

Aboriginal legends and

rock paintings have led many

experts to believe that aliens

have been communicating with

Australia's indigenous people
for 70,000 years,

and that the two cultures
have an ongoing relationship.

But over the past two centuries,

others have intruded
on this sacred land,

and some experts believe

this may have set catastrophic forces

in motion that will bring about

the end of the world as we know it.

Have aliens invaded Australia's outback?

And if so,

what is their ultimate goal?

From ancient legends to ghostly spacemen

and underground alien bases,

join us as we investigate

the mystery of UFOs Down Under

on Unsealed Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden from
the public for decades

detailing every UFO account are now

available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth

behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government

doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest
secret on planet earth.

South Australia, 1988.

Faye Knowles and her three sons

are driving across
the vast Nullarbor Plain,

a barren expanse

on Australia's south coast.

In the early morning of January 28th,

the travelers see

a strange light ahead.

Catching up with it,
they observe a small craft

hovering over the road

moving back and forth.

The Knowles cautiously pass by

the strange object and continue on their way.

But the UFO isn't

about to let them by so easily.

Unsealed case file,

the Nullarbor Plain incident.

Looking in the rearview mirror,

the family watches in terror

as it begins to pursue them.

The craft catches up to the car

and lands on the roof.

The family is helpless as their car

is lifted off the
ground and dropped down,

bursting one of its tires.

Fearing for their lives,

they take cover in some
nearby bushes until the UFO disappears.

Authorities later speculate
that the mother of three

simply lost control of their
car during a meteorite shower.

But evidence found on the automobile

tells a different story.

It's covered with dents and traces of
a black sooty substance

are found on its surfaces.

The Knowles encounter
is just one of hundreds

of reported alien abduction incidents

in Australia's vast wilderness.

And the mystery doesn't end there.

It is alleged that the victims
of these abductions

are almost all European in descent

and not the continent's original inhabitants,
the Australian Aborigines.

They represent the world's
oldest continuous culture,

dating back 70,000 years.

According to their legends,

the world and all of its inhabitants
were created by

a pantheon of gods and goddesses

during an era they call the Dreamtime.

Just north of the Nullarbor Plain is Uluru,

otherwise known as Ayers Rock.

It rises 2,800 feet above

the surrounding desert.

It is a place of great spiritual importance

for the Aborigines

and some ufologists believe

it is where extraterrestrials first

landed on earth millennia ago

to create the human race.

I think the earliest

representation of things that

don't appear to be from this earth

are from these cave paintings.

They go back 40,000 years.

We have these notions

written into the oral traditions

of the Aboriginals of Australia.

NARRATOR: Were the beings depicted

in these ancient rock paintings

really alien visitors to planet earth?

And were they friends to the Aborigines?

Certain aspects of their culture offer some

tantalizing clues.

The ancient Aborigines
are considered to be

the world's first astronomers.

And some of their ancient
initiation rites bear an uncanny

resemblance to modern accounts
of alien abductions.

In one key legend, sky beings abduct

an ancient Aboriginal man,

exchanged internal organs with him,

and implanted him with

sacred stones that allowed him
to communicate with them.

He was then returned to earth

as the first tribal shaman.

Did aliens grant Australian Aboriginese

a special power

and then cultivate the
relationship for millennia?

The Aborigines believe that aliens
don't abduct

members of their community

because they have an ongoing relationship,

one that shares the outback's most
precious commodity, water.

But some experts believe

when the Australian Aborigines were

thrown off their land to make

way for experiments with
the ultimate weapon,

alien interference stepped up.

Australia's outback is a
hotspot for alien abductions.

But allegedly UFOs only target

people of European descent,

leaving the indigenous
Aboriginal population alone.

Are aliens really roaming the outback?

And if they are,

what is their ultimate goal?

Since its inception, Australia

has been part of the British
Commonwealth of Nations.

In the early days of the Cold War,

the outback presented Britain
with a vast, unpopulated area

in which to test its
burgeoning nuclear arsenal.

Ground zero for this program

is the Woomera Test Range

at the eastern end

of the Nullarbor Plain.

Woomera in Australia is

sometimes called the Australian Area 51,

or simply Area 53

because Area 51 is in Nevada,

Area 52 is in Dugway, Utah,

so Area 53 is in Woomera, Australia.

It is a highly classified,

top secret testing area.

NARRATOR: Between 1959 and 1963,

Britain conducts more than 40

top secret nuclear tests in the area.

The Woomera program forces the relocation

of the local Aboriginal population.

Those who remain or return to

the area without authorization

will unwittingly absorb

the radiation left behind

and suffer its terrible effects

for decades to come.

And according to reports,

it wasn't long before the Woomera site

began attracting the Aborigines'
ancient benefactors.

July 15, 1960.

A Woomera security officer spots

a strange white light traveling

across the evening sky.

As it draws closer, the light takes on

a reddish hue, leaving the man

to believe it is a balloon
that has caught fire.

At the same time, miles away,

another security officer catches sight

of the same object.

The UFO passes unchallenged

and disappears into the night.

An investigation is launched

into how any aircraft could have

penetrated Australia's

most restricted airspace.

Theories from stray weather balloons

to St. Elmo's fire to even a prank

by base staff are put forward,

only to be summarily dismissed.

In the end, the UFO's identity

and purpose remain a mystery.

The incident is just one of many

that occur over the Woomera Test Range
during the 1960s.

But nothing could prepare base personnel

for the shocking events

of May 1964.

Unsealed case file,
the Woomera spacemen.

Cumbria, England, May 23, 1964.

Half a world away from Woomera,

firefighter Jim Templeton

is on a day trip with his

five-year-old daughter Elizabeth.

The two stop near
the village of Burgh-by-Sands

where Templeton decides
to take a few snapshots.

Looking at the photos, Templeton

is shocked to see what appears

to be an astronaut in full

spacewalk gear looming in

the background behind his daughter.

He has no recollection
of any such figure from that day.

Templeton takes the photo
to a local newspaper,

and within hours,

the image is appearing in

publications all over the world,

including Australia.

May 24. A day after the
Templeton's encounter,

Woomera Test Range is

set to launch Britain's most
controversial piece of military technology.

Woomera was the test facility

running trials with the Blue Streak,

which was Great Britain's

first intercontinental ballistic missile.

NARRATOR: It was originally
designed in

the 1950s to carry a nuclear payload,

but by 1964, the Blue Streak missile
has been repurposed

as a launch vehicle
for Europe's newly minted space program.

But just as the missile
is about to launch,

something extraordinary happens.

There was ostensibly a video

of two white-garbed, quote, unquote,

spacemen running across the launch pad,

the launch area, of this British missile.

NARRATOR: The two mysterious figures

disappear without a trace,

leaving Woomera personnel baffled.

But in the weeks that follow,

the world media notices

some chilling connections.

When the Templeton photo

began to be publicized,

immediately press people saw
the similarities between the two creatures

in the way they were dressed.

Templeton himself said

that the creatures that were

described in the video looked

exactly like the creature that

was in the photograph,

the middle photograph of his daughter.

NARRATOR: The resemblance is uncanny.

But this is only the beginning.

Not long after, another

disturbing connection between

the two incidents is drawn

when it's revealed that the
Blue Streak's assembly plant

is located in Cumbria, not far

from where the Templeton
photograph was taken.

The news leaves some
concerned that both the assembly plant

and the Woomera Test Range

are being watched by aliens

with an alarming interest in

the latest earth technology.

What was so odd about

the quote, unquote Woomera spacemen

is why were these creatures,

assuming they were actually there, interrupting
a highly classified missile test launch?

NARRATOR: Were aliens keeping an eye on

Britain's military capability?

And if they were, what did they

intend to do with this knowledge?

The Australian outback

has been a hotbed of
alleged alien activity

for thousands of years,

much of it centered around
the Woomera Test Range.

But Woomera isn't

the interior's only off-limits outpost.

Deeper still is another secret base,

one that might hold
the secret behind the alleged

alien presence Down Under.

September 15, 1991.

The space shuttle Discovery captures

stunning video evidence of a UFO

speeding across the skies

of central Australia

at an estimated 54,000 miles per hour.

Any in-flight maneuvers at
this velocity would generate

g-forces far beyond
the realm of human endurance.

The flight path of this and
many other UFOs

have been traced back to one of

the world's most secret
installations, jointly run

by the Australian and American militaries.

Its original name was the Joint Defense
Space Research Facility.

Today it's better known as Pine Gap.

The base was established in 1970

as a satellite tracking station,

but many experts believe

this is a false front to cover up

the installation's real purpose.

According to reports,

the isolated outpost is in fact

home to continuing American experiments

with alien technology retrieved

from alleged UFO crashes,

including the infamous incident

at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Situated deep in the heart of the outback,

Pine Gap presents the perfect
location for just

such an installation.

But for the residents
of nearby Alice Springs,

Pine Gap has been

an unwelcome addition to the area.

November 1st, 1996.
Two women are driving through

the desert at night just north

of Pine Gap when they spot

a bright blue glow
in a group of trees.

Suddenly, the light rises

and begins moving toward them.

The women later describe it as huge,

the size of a semi-trailer,

with a flat base and a rounded top.

The UFO begins following them,
hovering above the car.

The women are sure they are
being watched

and are relieved when the object

breaks off its pursuit in

the direction of Pine Gap.

It's just one of dozens

of disturbing UFO encounters

reported in the area

since the base's arrival

and it raises a disturbing question,

are the Pine Gap UFOs

products of reverse engineered

alien technology, or are they fully

extraterrestrial in nature?

Many experts believe the answer lies

deep inside the installation.

The base is reported to include

nine extensive underground levels

extending some five miles

down into the earth
and built to withstand

as many as three simultaneous

nuclear weapon strikes.

Other evidence points to a 1,400-mile-long
underground link

to a submarine station

on the continent's northwest coast.

There are even claims

that an underground teleportation device

connects Pine Gap with its
American counterpart,

Area 51 in Nevada.

Could the Pine Gap
facility be home to technology

far beyond anything known today?

Was this achieved with alien help?

And the most pressing question of all,

what is the base's purpose?

Unsealed case file,
the lifeboat theory.

In the 1950s, Philip Baxter,

head of the Australian atomic energy commission,
made a radical proposal.

Baxter sought to stock Australia
with nuclear weapons,

imagining it as a kind of lifeboat

for the British, American,

and Australian elites in the event

of a global catastrophe.

Publicly, Baxter's plan was
quickly dismissed,

but the extreme secrecy surrounding

Pine Gap has left some experts
convinced that his plan

may in fact have been
carried out there

and any alien rumors are just

an elaborate smokescreen

to conceal its true purpose.

If you're gonna have secret locations,

if you're gonna have locations
where your government,

your military, your top leaders

are gonna be hidden and protected

underground in bunkers,

deep, deep bunkers, you don't want
to tell the enemy where they are.

But there is another chilling

possibility to consider.

If Pine Gap really is
a post-apocalyptic

lifeboat for the world's elite,

could it actually have been constructed

with an alien agenda?

Over the last few decades,

Australia's vast, desolate outback

has seen a sharp increase in UFO activity.

Top secret installations at Woomera

and Pine Gap have gained

a sinister reputation as land

where aliens are rumored to tread.

And according to some experts,

Pine Gap may in fact be

a kind of underground lifeboat

engineered to ride out some
future catastrophe.

The question is, what form

will this apocalypse take?

The answer may lie in the ancient tales

at the heart of Aboriginal culture.

Aboriginal prophecy handed down

over the generations tells of
the coming of the end times as

we enter another dimension.

According to one prominent tribal elder,

the human race will face tidal waves and

earthquakes as punishment for

failing to see the land as our mother.

Another traditional prophecy

speaks of a black rain

that will fall across the world.

Today, black rain is a term used

to describe the deadly
radioactive fallout

that will blanket the world
in the hours

following a global nuclear war

and end virtually all life

on the surface of planet earth.

Did aliens foretell the end of

the world to the Australian Aborigines?

And if the underground
facility at Pine Gap

is a kind of lifeboat,

who will be invited to emerge from

the ruins of a doomsday scenario

and start again?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret on planet earth.

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