Unnatural History (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Fountain of Truth - full transcript

Henry's Godfather leaves Henry a trunk containing artifacts which leads him to uncover a secret discovery made by Ponce de Leon.

I thought we were studying for
the Euro quiz before school.

Jasper had to stop for candy.

It's protein.

These bars are the key
to my new bulk up diet.

I eat one of those every
forty-two minutes and follow

an extreme crunch and curl
routine, coach says that I will

be a Varsity basketball god.

Or a sick to your stomach.

Protein comes from real food.

Like turkey legs or trout.

Definitely not
rocky road s'mores.

Yes, but turkey legs and trout
do not come in a convenient

pre-packaged 12 pack.

Okay, every forty-two
minutes starting now.

I suppose you making the
team means we have to

go to the games?

Starting with our annual
pre-season tournament

against the Eagles.

It's a huge cross-town rivalry
- it's the best out of three.

You guys are now officially
in the posse of the jock.

Actually - that's a jock.

With quite a posse and
that's still a candy bar.

Come on guys,
this is the last school

sport I got a chance with.

I've already at
failed at football

and baseball and soccer.

Then there was that ridiculous
attempt at curling.

I thought you were very
good with that brush.

I didn't know being an athlete
was so important to you.

Does this body look like
it wants to be a jock?

It's my dad, I mean he's
always wanted to be one of

those parents cheering from
the sidelines and crying

at the Olympics.

I mean really how does it look
for the dean's son to be so

completely inept
at school sports?

The whole school is inept at
school sports; the Tornado's

haven't even had
a winning season.

Well that's good right; if the
team is so bad then Jasper

won't stand out so much.

Oh I'll stand out because
I will own the court.

My new 42-minute diet is
going to guarantee my success.

Oh hey Henry, I am going to
need to borrow you for a

couple of hours this morning
- off campus meeting.

But I have a Euro quiz.

Well I will arrange for
you to make it up tomorrow.

It's important.

Can I be needed in
the meeting too?

Just him, but I will see you
at the first tournament game.

Go Tornados.

Dean Bartlett, boys, I
presume you won't be late.

I would like to get this over
with as soon as possible.

Nice breakfast Jasper.

We will see you there Julian.

Come on, I'll
explain in the car.

Wait, why are you and
professor darkness going to an

off campus meeting together?

Guess I am about to find out.

Good luck with the quiz.

Good luck with him.




We are here for the reading of
the last will and testament of

Dr. Dante Morneau.

This is a family matter; I
don't see how that concerns

anyone but me.

As beneficiaries Dr. Ortese
and Mr. Griffin are legally

permitted to be here.

But I am the sole heir
of my father's estate.

Yes Julian, he left you
everything he owned; his home

and all its contents, all
financial accounts, all motor

vehicles including the tug
boat kept moored in the

Aleutians and the
flatbed truck in Panama.

Fine, sell them both.


I spent a month on that
tug boat with Dante.

I never set foot on it.

Dr. Ortese, as partners with
Dante Morneau you published

several research
papers together.

All proceeds from these
works are now solely yours.

And we were also working on a
book several years ago together.

A book that was never
published, so I believe that

all of my father's notes on it
are property of the estate...

which is now mine.

Are we done?

I believe Henry was
included in the will.

Yes, I was asked to collect
some items for

him with instructions.

To my godson Henry Griffin.

We have shared many adventures
together and I hope to spend

the rest of our lives sharing
more, but upon my untimely

death I will entrust with some
things of mine that I know you

will take care of.

Keep them private; they are
between you and me Henry,

no one else.

I am eternally proud
to be your godfather.

That's all he said?

Not enough paternal
outpouring for you?

I meant there were no
other instructions?

That's all that's
here in the will.

Why am I not surprised; my
father is dead and he is still

keeping secrets with you.

It's probably just his booty.

I beg your pardon?

It's what I used to call the
souvenirs he brought back from

his trips; you know,
like pirate booty.

No, I don't know.

My dearest Henry: If you are
reading this it means I am no

longer with you and that you
are now the keeper of my most

important secret, something
dangerous that must never fall

into the wrong hands and there
are those who will want to

take it from you.

I cannot even take the chance
of explaining what it truly is

in this letter lest anyone
else get a hold of it.

So follow my words carefully.

First learn, then protect.

I know this is puzzling but
when you are open to discovery

the answer will be left.

I trust you above all others
because you never leave

anything incomplete.


Sync by honeybunny

A plant?

Someone almost burned down the
doom rooms to steal shrubbery.

Dante's letter is
what was important.

I didn't even
finish reading it.

What else was in the box?

Knowing Dante there could have
been a false bottom or maybe

something important woven in
the rattan sides - a message

in the design of
the...I do not know.

All that was left was this.

Hm, P2003, that's random.

Henry, this wasn't your fault.

Look at all the stuff you
saved in the warehouse.

But I lost the one thing
that was important.

You didn't lose it -
someone stole it from you.

Someone who knew I would never
let Dante's box out of my

sight, unless they
literally set fire to me.

And tampered with the
extinguisher and added oil

to that bucket of water.

Professor darkness.

You really think Julian
Morneau would go this far?

Julian has always been jealous
of you because Dante treated

you more like a son than him.

And plus you did say he gave
you the stink eye when dad

handed you that box yesterday.

Stink eye?

You know...

Looked like a meer cat about
to be eaten by a hyena.

Henry you have to tell them
who did this;

that it wasn't an accident...

An accidental fire, I know - we
have been inspecting the damage.

Someone was using open flames
and disposed of let's say a

lemon verbena peace candle
they might have used for

mediation, into the trash
can and nearly burned down

thousands of years of
uncatalogued history.

I know; it was my fault.

I can't believe I did
something so stupid.

I can't believe you did
something so brave.

Most people would
have just run.

But not Henry Griffin; he
reached right into those

flames and prevented a
national catastrophe.

He could get some sort of
presidential medal for this.

Whoa, whoa, okay.

Let's just call it an
unfortunate intern incident

and leave it at that.

I'm good with that.

Whoever thought it was a good
idea to connect a high school

to a museum anyway?

I believe it was
president Truman.

Try not to set anything else
on fire while I file the report.

All right let's go.

Why didn't you tell him
Jilian Morneau did it?

Because there's no proof.

Dante said there are those who
would try to take it from me.

Julian isn't the only one
who knew I had the box.

There was Dr. Ortese.

And a lawyer and everyone else
who saw you carry it down here.

And dad.


Okay don't tell
him I said that.

He is going to be disappointed
enough when he sees

me play basketball.

[beep] Snack time.


Dante said he trusted me above
all others to keep it safe.

Henry you were set up.

I know; I am just trying
to figure out by who.

Mm - vanilla bean
with a hint of nutmeg.

Maybe, I just mix whatever
comes in the box with water.

Oh, don't forget to cheer and
do the tornado spin

during halftime.

Uh-uh, players only.

Hurry the game has
already started.



She's right; the game
has already started.

I know and we're late.

Not the basketball
game; Dante's game.

Dante loved puzzles
and riddles.

He even said he left me a very
puzzling message in his letter.

I need to figure out what his
letter was trying to tell me.

And you think if you decipher
the secret it will help you

find out who stole the box.

First learn then protect it.

It's the only lead I have.


Ladies and gentlemen, let's
give a warm Tornado's welcome

to the Eagles for our annual
pre-season tournament.

Go Tornados.



Look at the Eagles soar.

That's another two
points on the board.


At least you have a lead.

It's not even the first quarter
and we are getting crushed.


We are down by ten, there are
only 20 seconds left and even

the parents are leaving.

Why won't the coach
put Jasper in.

Pecking order.

In the wild junior members of
the tribe are forced to take a

backseat while the ones with
seniority take the lead.



Ow, my ankle...

O'Herlihy is down.

Looks like his ankle.

Shooting foul, #54 Eagles.

Give it up for your team
captain ladies and gentlemen.


Get in there Bartlett,

yeah come on.

All right Jasper!

Number 13, Jasper Bartlett!

Then there is the moment when
the young male gets his chance

to rise to the occasion
earning his rightful

place in the order.


Go Jasper!




[crowd reaction]

Or not.

Game one goes to the Eagles.

Join us tomorrow for game two
and a possible game three.

Go Tornados!

Alright Jasper!
Way to go guys!

Have a muffin.

Here you go, good job.

Here take a muffin.

Good game.

Way to go Jasper!

Take one.


One, two, three, Eagles.

Oooh...Poor Hunter!

It's okay.


Does it hurt?

You played
a really good game.


Maybe Jasper can help us with
the letter; his is more brain

than brawn anyway.

Well Jasper really gives it
all he's got doesn't he?

A lesser man would have been
too afraid of failure to take

a shot like that.

Speaking of not being afraid,
your uncle told me about your

doom room heroics today.

Dante would have been really
proud of you for keeping

everything save down there.

I tried.

And Henry, let me know if
you have any problems with

Professor Morneau; he can be
quite combustible when it

comes to his father.

Encyclopedia; I haven't
seen one of those since the

pre-laptop era.

What can I say; I am just
an old school kind of guy.

Well discovery awaits.

Felix, I didn't know you
were such a hoops fan.

Don't know the first thing.

I just come to watch
one of my interns.

What did he say?

That professor Morneau
is combustible.

Even Dr. Ortese
thinks he did it.

And what did Uncle Brian say?

It's written right
here on the cover.

World Look Encyclopedia
Discovery awaits.

Dante said when I am
open to discovery the

answer will be left.

There is something here
in Dante's handwriting.


There is no page 438!

He said he trusted me above
all others because I never

leave anything incomplete.

Yeah, unlike me; one lousy shot
and I couldn't even make that.

Some replacement I
turned out to be.

Jasper, you bounced the ball,
you shot it at the basket and

you didn't trip.

You also just told me
what the next clue means.

Okay, I am officially clueless.

When Dante said I never leave
anything incomplete, he

wasn't complimenting me; he
was telling me what to do.

When Jasper called
himself replacement

I knew what Dante meant.

There is an encyclopedia out
there missing its P and he

wants me to replace it.

Well why are you so
sure it's in his office?

Dante respected books; he
would never take one from

anybody, especially
part of a set.

Unless it was his set.

Wait, I thought we were
going to Dante's office.

We are.

Oh no.

Oh no?

We are going in the hard way.

Julian convinced the museum
board to give him Dante's space.

We can't let anyone see us
going in or her may find out.

You know this didn't exactly
go so well for us the last

time we tried it.

We solved Dante's murder.

In a very life endangering way.

So where do we go now?


Oh man, I think
I pulled a hamstring the

last time we did this.

Embrace the thrill Jasper.

Don't worry
about me, I got this.

You might need a little help.

That was easier than
my thighs remembered.

That's because you are the
kind of guy who gives

it all he's got.

Oh no, my dad did
not say that to you.

How did you know?

Because I heard it at every
little league game,

every pop Warner Saturday.

Really gave it all you got Jas.

That's sweet; he
was proud of you.

Clearly you don't speak parent.

That's code for my kid is the
biggest dork on the field.

I think you are overreacting.


I think I am muscle building.

No more dork-dom - I am
getting stronger

every 42 minutes.

True power lies not within
strength but in knowledge.


Let me guess...Buddha?

Not Buddha.

Actually an encyclopedia
salesman Dante and I sat next

to on an all-day
bus ride to Mumbai.

Dante back ordered ten year's
worth just to stop the guy

from talking.

How do we even know the right
set of encyclopedias is in here?

Because in Dante's letter he
said he trusted me,

above all others.

Well that's you.

And those are the others.


The set isn't missing a book.

Wait, look at the year.

You are right; the set is from
2003 but this P is from 1994.

Is that another clue?

A swap.

The P Dante left for me
in the box is from 2003.

So what if you put the right
P back where it belongs?

Can we stop talking about P,
I am nervous enough as it's.

Please don't be anything dead!

Wow, you don't see
that every day.

You okay professor?

I was just trying to
find the right key.

It's Julian; we're
the ones who are dead.

Quick take it.

Close the bookshelf
and let's go.


Talk about important secrets;
this stuff looks real.

These things could
be worth a fortune.

Dante said the secret was
dangerous, not priceless.

I think this armor
is our next clue.

Yeah you are probably right.

I mean this sword looks
hundreds of years old.

This is hundreds of years
old - 500 to be exact.

See this; this is a Spanish
coat of arms with initials and

a date in Roman
numerals PDL 1521.


Hey what if that's what
the P book is about?

Henry already looked; there
is no page 438 in the P book.


There was no page 438 in the
first P book but what about

the one I swapped it for?

That's the same sword and
shield we just found.

So who is the dude with the
puffy pants holding them?

One of the most famous
conquistadors of all time.

PDL, Ponce de Leon.

I think we just closer to
solving Dante's secret.

Goodbye Henry.

Ponce de Leon led an
expedition to the new world.

In search for gold
for the Spanish crown.

But that wasn't
his real mission.

How do you know; that
was not on the euro Quiz?

Sometimes legends can tell you
more than facts, especially

when Dante tells them.

Let me see those pictures.

This is us on the
island of Bimini.

Dante said that Ponce de Leon
was sent there on a secret

mission by the king of Spain
himself to find something more

valuable than gold; something
that could change

the course of the world.

[knock on door]


For dinner - you know, to eat.

Sure / Yeah / Yeah.

Ah, ten minutes. And
Maggie, I got rice and beans,

only we are out of hot sauce.

Thanks Mr. B, I'm good.


I'll get it; you guys
finish your homework.

You know most teenagers hide
normal stuff from their

parents like, I don't know;
detention slips, bad grade,

junk food - not priceless
conquistador armor.

We have to get this
stuff out of here.

I really don't think we are
going to be able to slip this

past your dad before
taquitos are done.

What was the secret mission?

Ponce de Leon was on a quest
to find something so valuable

and illusive, something that
men had killed and died over

for thousands of years.

The fountain of youth.

They sell that on infomercials.

Yeah, it's supposed to keep
your skin all dewy and

wrinkle free...

...or so I have heard.

But Ponce de Leon was after
the real one; the one that

gave you eternal life.

Oh come on!

We have heard this story
since we were kids.

It's not true; it can't be.

Nothing can make
you live forever.

It's just a myth.

What if it's not?

What if Dante's secret
was immortality?

Bartlett I need to see
your nephew and your son!

What's he doing here?

The armor; we can't let
him know we have it!

Julian please!

Henry, where is he?

He went out.

To the store.

For hot sauce.

He knew I really wanted some.

Can someone tell me what is
going on; he was just here?

He, uh...

Julian if you can't
tell me what you are looking

for I am going to have
to ask you to leave.

Yeah I already told
you, he went out.

He just likes to
use the window.


Does this have something to do
with the box Henry received

this morning?

You will have to ask your
nephew when he gets home.

Professor, since you are here
maybe you could help us better

understand the pelican
skeletal structure.

We have a bio test tomorrow.

See the bone at the
distal end of the...

Carpal metacarpals.

Does that have one
phalanx or two?

Because we have been at each
other's throats for

hours about that.

One phalanx.

And I believe this is yours?


That was close!


Jasper look out!

I can't hold on any longer.

[grunts, effort]


Julian would have heard
me fall a mile away.

Not to mention the fact that
you would have been impaled

when he came back to find you.

I didn't know you could
handle all that weight.

I know right; it's like one of
those mothers who lifts cars

to save their babies.

Forty-two minute man.

That was too close!

Professor Morneau was
not fooling around.

He must have stolen that box
and read his father's letter

and now he knows we
are on the clue trail.

Okay guys, taquitos.

We can't let these
out of our sight.

It was a great
dinner; thanks dad.

As usual Uncle B.

Why don't you let us finish
cleaning up and go relax?

Great, I can catch
the Nationals game.


Because we were going
to study down here.

But the big screen.

My father doesn't like me in
boys' bedrooms after dark.

Oh, right, of course.

Well I will just
throw in a load of laundry

so you have a fresh...

I can take care of that.

You don't want to
touch my uniform in

its current condition.

Is there anything else
you want me to wash?

Who are you and what have
you done with my son?

[laughs] That's a good one.

You don't want to miss
the opening pitch.


Okay, so what's the deal
with the mini-me sword?

It's a blade release
mechanism on the handle.

So you are a macho Spanish
conquistador in the middle of

a life or death battle and you
think that's going to do more

for you than a three
foot steel shaft?

A sword can only win one
battle at a time; what if this

unlocks the secret
to winning them all?

It's a key?

It's another puzzle.

Dante said once I had
all the pieces I would

have a clear picture.

Look right here, above
the coat of arms.

I saw this before.

There's a narrow slit.

What if this...

...fits in here?

[mechanism unlocking sounds]


It's the plan from Dante's box
and if my basic understanding

of the Peruvian dialect is
correct 'Puquio Mozo'

means fountain of youth.

Wait a minute.

So the fountain of youth isn't
some kind of magical hot tub;

it's a plant that
gives you eternal life?

I know the one person
who can help us find out.

How about the head of the
division of explorers,

Dante's former partner.

Dr. Ortese?

He mentioned some kind of
research that Julian

didn't want him to have.

Maybe it was about this.

Okay, so Dr. Ortese
is our strategy play.

This is war.

The enemy of my
enemy is my frenemy?

We will go so Ortese
before school tomorrow.

No wait, I got a
morning game; it's the

Eagles versus the Tornados.

We are going to suck them up and
spit them out and I think the...

Okay, okay, after the game.

Okay, we are so going to
see Ortese after the game.




Congratulations to
our very own Tornados.

Join us for game three.

That was like Christmas
and my birthday

and a perfect SAT score.

We blew the Eagles
out of the sky.

We are one and one.

Did you see me score?

I took air.

You are a regular
glaucomys volans.

That better
be something awesome.

It's a flying squirrel.


Tor-na-dos, Tor-na-dos,
Tor-na-dos, Tor-na-dos!


Yeah we're category five.


You know like a tornado.

Tornados are hot!



Jasper you were like
super-di-duper today!

Super di duper?

Who says that with
a straight face?

Every forty-two minutes.


Oh, isn't she adorable?

Your ankle seems to be better.

Yeah, better than new.

Oh coach was right; I feel
like a god on this diet.

What you got in
there Jasper; a body?


Actually what we have in that
bag is the personal armor of

the great conquistador Ponce
de Leon, captain of the

Spanish Armada, and royal
servant of Ferdinand,

King of Aragon.

But you guys know all that
from the Euro quiz, right?




You are like the
jock whisperer.

I speak cheerleader.

Big words really
confuse them and reset

their minds back to blank.

Speaking of blank I think
Jasper is taking this jock

thing way too far.

I liked him better
a little wimpy.

Tor-no-dos, tor-na-dos...

Jasper, it's time to go.

No, no, but we won.

We never win, we
never...bye guys bye.



You are right; these things
you found belong to

Ponce de Leon himself and you
discovered all this from the

letter that Dante left you?

Dante loved puzzles,
secrets inside secrets.

He always said that real
history was written in

between the lines.

Quite an historical
detective Henry.

How about his plant, is it
really the fountain of youth?

Dante and I were researching
the Ponce de Leon

legend for a book.

It led us to the remnants of a
tribe of fierce warriors off

the island of Bimini.

It was said that their success
in battle was attributed to a

mythical berry called the

'Puquio Mozo'

The fountain of youth.

Yes, but not in the
traditional sense.

It did not grant you eternal
life; merely strength in battle.

Kind of like a super
food or a supplement.

It gave these warriors
strength over others so they

couldn't be defeated, earning
them the title of the immortals.

So they didn't
really live forever.

Not in any magical way.

Dante theorized
that it must have been some

sort of organic stimulant.

Like a drug?

Possible, but we could never
find a plant

to actually prove it.

But what if Dante did?

There was a plant just like
that in the box that was

stolen from me; the same exact
one that's on the shield.

[flying buzzing]

This thing won't
leave me alone!

Jasper, quit it with the macho.

I hate flies, okay.

It is troubling.

I know; do you have any idea
how many diseases they carry?

I meant it's troubling that
your plant has

been stolen from you.

Oh, how dangerous is it?

No one knows, but I am afraid
of what might happen if the

wrong man has it.

Or the wrong Morneau...

If it was Julian I can guess
where he might have kept it.

So now that we have learned
it's time to protect.


Why are we doing
something this risky.

You said Julian Morneau
just inherited this house;

what if he catches
us sneaking in?

We're not sneaking
into his house.

Well we're not exactly
ringing the doorbell.

We're sneaking
into his greenhouse.


Well, it's not breaking and
entering if the door is

already unlocked, right?

Let's just find the plant and
get out of here; this gives me

the creeps, all
this dead stuff.

I guess no one is taking
of it since Dante died?

What was that?

What; did you see
something outside?


That's just Dante's tropical
humidifying system.

He developed to simulate the
exact temperature and moisture

levels of the rain forest.

Now I could have sworn
I saw something outside.

Just keep looking
for the plant.

I just got a headache
and I want to go.

Dr. Ortese said to look
thoroughly, it could be hidden.

Okay but this stuff is really
starting to make me gag.

My head really hurts.

Oh wait...

[coughing, gasping]

If the humidifier is working
why is everything dead?


This isn't water?
It's poison.





What happened in there;
what was that stuff?



We need to get it off of you.

No, we are good; we
just need to breathe.

I wouldn't call you good,
sneaking around my office,

my property and now this!

Could have been
killed in there.

Isn't that what you
wanted all along?

Henry, he saved us.

What are you doing; setting up
some kind of a booby trap for

me, maybe one of your little
games or secrets you kept

with my father?

Somebody locked us in there
and turned on the poison.

Do you think we would have
done that to ourselves?

I don't trust anything
about you Griffin.

You are here for something,
just like you stole something

from my father's office.

You are the one who stole the
box from me in the doom rooms.

Somebody took what
my father gave you?

Oh don't pretend
you don't know.

Dr. Ortese told us everything.

You're involved with Felix
Ortese; what did he tell you?

Enough to know that I cannot
trust you either,

just like Dante couldn't.

Then you are a fool and you
deserve what you get;

all of you.

I will see this through, I am
not about to let you die of

pesticide poisoning -
it's all over your skin.


That was just cruel
and gratuitous.

You're the one who
said he saved our lives.

And enjoyed every freezing
minute of watching us squirm.

Do you know I found
it invigorating.

You sure you're going to
be okay to play basketball?

I still have a headache.

I'm fine; I don't think
I got as much pesticide

as you guys did.

I am starving though.
It's only been 36 minutes.

We'll meet with Dr. Ortese
like we planned and then

we'll see you at the game.

Oh shoot I'm late...

I gotta go, gotta kill,
kill, kill, tor-na-dos.

Come on

Please tell me basketball
season will be over soon.

I'll get you some more hot
tea then we got to get back

to the doom rooms.

We are late for Dr. Ortese.


[buzzing fly]

Close the door, the flies
- don't let them out.

What are you..?

A swarm of killer flies!

Killer flies?

I think you are exaggerating.

I managed to catch these two.

Two flies?

All this drama over
two little flies?

I told you!

He's right; it's like the
flies that attacked Jasper.

Oh, kind of cool and kind
of gross at the same time.

That's one.

There were two.


Look, I killed at least a
dozen of them before I trapped

those two for study.

There must be some insane
domestic hybrid that stowed

away in come crate or laid
larvae in some unknown object.

Oh man, and we are supposed to
be the front line of

defense for when something
like that happens?

They could be poisonous
for all we know.

I could be dying from some
exotic incurable

disease right now.

Or they could be perfectly
normal house flies who just

proved a very old
legend was true.


What is that?

A tribe of aggressive warrior
flies compliments the

'Puquio Mozo' berry.

It must have fallen off the
plant when it was stolen and

the flies have been
feeding on it ever since.

What plant; who stole it?

Has Dr. Ortese been
here looking for us?

I haven't seen him.

But Dr. Ortese insisted that
we come back and tell him what

we found at Julian's house.

Why wouldn't he show up?

Well either something happened
to him...

...he never expected us to
come back.

You think he was the one
who tried to kill us

in the greenhouse?

What kind of extracurricular
are you guys signed up for?

I know which one Ortese's
intern is signed up for and

I bet he's at the
basketball game.

Wait a minute; don't
leave me alone with that!


You're good.


Ortese is here but I don't
think he's seen us.


Another basket for...

Great game huh?

They never play like this.

Fouls every five seconds but
we are up by 8 points;

we might just win the
tournament this year.


Where's Jasper?

Locker room, busted a lace
before the game even started.

Here he comes now.

Go Jasper.


Looks like Dr. Ortese wasn't
expecting Jasper to play.

Tor-na-dos, Tor-na-dos!

Somebody's got
something to hide.


Look Jasper's going in.


Not expecting to see us here?

I'm late for an appointment.

Selling the 'Puquio Mozo'
to the highest bidder?

Julian didn't steal
it from me, you did.

You don't understand.


I trusted the wrong person.

You are the one Dante
was warning me about.

It was Julian, not me.

Jasper, give it all you got!



[commotion, yelling]

What do you want huh?


What is wrong with him?

The water!

It must be full of berry juice.

It is a drug.

And Dr. Ortese is experimenting
with it on the team.

Make sure nobody
drinks anymore.

I have to stop him before
he gets away with the plant.


Felix you are
not making any sense.

You don't know what you
are dealing with Julian.

I don't have it.

You took it; no one else knows
how valuable that plant is.

Dante did.

That's why he did not want
either one of you to have it.

Just tell me where it's and how
much of it you put in the water.

Water; what are
you talking about?

I didn't do anything.

I stole the plant from you but
then Julian took it from me.

He is the one you can't trust.

But you sent us
into the greenhouse.

I needed to scare you off.

That poison would not have
killed you; I just needed to

buy some time and if Julian
was to blame then maybe I had

a chance of getting
the plant back.

But now it's too late;
he sold us both out.

If neither one of you has it
then somebody else does and

they are using it on the team.

It's one of the most powerful
and addictive organic steroids

ever discovered.

Who in their right mind
would ever give it to a kid?

In the wrong dose it could
sent them into cardiac arrest.


He has already had
too much of it.

Who else had access to the plant
after you stole it from me?

No one, it was locked
securely in my office.

Well somebody got in; a
janitor an assistant,

an intern?

Which one of your
interns is on the team?


My intern isn't on the team.



Everybody calm down.

Please calm down.

I told them not to drink the
water but I think it's too late.

Where is Shelly?

Shelly, the cheerleader Shelly?

She is Ortese's intern;
we have to find her.


Over here, over here.

Listen carefully.

These kids have been given a
potentially lethal organic

steroid that could sent
them into shock or worse.

We need a sedative to counteract
their adrenalin, okay?

You're going down Bartlett!

We were killing them until
you started that fight.

You started a
fight, category one...

Category five. Category one
isn't even a thunderstorm.

Quit being so smart.

Quit being so dumb!


Where is the plant Shelly?

You stole it from Dr.
Ortese and juiced the team.

I don't know what
you're talking...

Quit playing dumb;

we know what you did.

Look at them.

Everybody calm down!

They were the worst team in
the league; they were never

going to win without help.

Just tell me how much of the
berry you put in the water?

It's not in the water.

Forty-two minutes,
I got to eat now.

No, I've got to eat.

No, I've got to eat.

Give me those weapons!

I've got to eat!

I've got to eat.

No don't eat them, they are
full of steroids;

they could kill you.

They can also make you girls
think you are ugly and your

dad think you are a dork.

You speak jock.

Yeah, also a little bit of
insecure teenage boy

and a little bit of sumo


I could lift a car off a baby!


Or sleep like a baby.

I suppose you can tell me
what this is all about?

Shelly Wagner, captain
of the cheer team.

She admitted to stealing the
plant and Dr. Ortese's notes

about it in order
to juice the team.

But she is so anti-smart.

She is a national
merit scholar;

scored over 2200 on her SATs.

She's a brainiac?

Let me guess; AP bio, Spanish?

[inaudible] on both; she was
planning on majoring

in sports medicine.

The cheerleader was a
brilliant intern capable of

following complex scientific
notations in Spanish?

Sometimes people aren't
always what they seem.

Well rotten is rotten no
matter how smart you are.

Henry, I can let you keep the
letter but I am going to have

to turn the plant
in as evidence.

No, you can't.


Dante didn't trust
anyone else with this.

Just one berry in the wrong
hands can start an entire crop.

Would you be willing to accept
that kind of responsibility?

Keeping that plant is an
enormous responsibility for

someone your age Henry.

Respecting my father's wishes
is of utmost importance to me.

I am more than happy to
help him keep it safe.

Judging by the events of the
last few days I would guess

you'd welcome the assistance.

Well I think Dante would like
knowing you two have finally

agreed on something.



Don't think we are going to be
friends now just because you

know I am smart.

Don't worry; I just wanted to
know if you're not dumb,

why would you pretend
to be and why would you

do that to the team?

One dream; that's
all I ever had.

A cheerleader at Notre Dame -
I had the grades, I had the

scores but I didn't have a
national championship and

I was never going to get one
with this lame team.

I had to make them win
or I was going to lose.

But that still doesn't
explain why you pretended

not to be smart.

Cute guys don't
date smart girls.

No, dumb guys don't
date smart girls.

And maybe you are not
so smart after all.

I'm really, really strong.

I swear I am just really tired,
you know or really hungry.

Give me that!


How about some
real food tonight?

Turkey legs and trout?

With hot sauce.


No. Dad, don't say it.

Please, I...I heard those
words at every game, every

match - I never want
to hear them again.

Well I am sorry; I am never
going to stop saying them.

I am proud of you.


You gave it all you got
and I am proud of you.

That's what that means?

You could have saved me a lot
of time if you just finished

the sentence...


I knew what you meant.

See you at home Uncle B.

See you.


How did you get down here?

I have an office in the
museum now, remember?

Your boss is intimidated
by authority.

Well Dante taught me that when
faced with an intimidating

obstacle it's better to collect
your thoughts and your fears.

Although my father may have
shared many things with you,

I was still his only son.

Why didn't you talk to
him for so many years?

Some secrets are still my own.

So about the plants; as you
admitted to your uncle,

it's too big a
responsibility for you.

You're right.

So you will let me take
it for safekeeping?

Actually I had another idea.

I read the rest of Dante's
letter; he said that if the

secret of the fountain of
youth was ever revealed the

temptation would be too great
for others and they would

try to abuse it.

And by others you
thought he meant me;

that I'd betray him?

Now you know that isn't true.

I am not really sure what I
have learned about you Julian.

But Dante trusted me to
protect this; not you and

I know that you wanted
to make sure that we

respected his wishes.

You just made a
big mistake Henry.

That plant could have been an
enormous scientific discovery.

My father would have wanted
it studied, not destroyed.

It's too late now.

It's gone, forever.

Science will get this Dante
- when the right people are

ready for it.

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