United States of Tara (2009–2011): Season 2, Episode 12 - From This Day Forward - full transcript

Charmaine's wedding day has arrived and she would like nothing more for the day to go off smoothly. Such is not to be however. Tara and Charmaine's parents arrive and her father is clearly suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. He is forgetful and mentions something odd to Tara about an absentee sibling. The wedding itself is a disaster when one of Tara's alters, Chicken, emerges just as the ceremony is about to begin. Kate meanwhile come to a decision about her rich boyfriend.

Max, I really appreciate
how welcoming you've been.

I know Neil's your buddy.

Well, you're a stand-up guy,
Nick, raising another guy's kid.

You might want
to hustle out of here.

Neil's about to stop by.

He knows about the wedding
being tomorrow?

I came to say goodbye.

With Charmaine getting married,

There's nothing left for me
here, lifewise.

I need to get you
out of this house.

It's really not that bad.

I want you to start looking
in the paper at condos.

Maybe it is that bad.

Lionel really hearts me.
We made out.

Who is Mimi?

Maybe a babysitter.

I wasn't your babysitter.
I run a foster home.

I don't want to ride a tricycle.

Oh, my God.

Chicken was Tara's nickname
when we were little kids.

Promise me not one word

To mom and dad
till Monday morning,

While I am dealing Nick
his bridal-suite blowjob.

Sync by honeybunny

♪ open up the sky ♪

♪ this mess is getting high ♪

♪ it's windy,
and our family needs a ride ♪

♪ I know we'll be just fine ♪

♪ when we learn
to love the ride ♪

♪ I know we'll be fine ♪

♪ when we learn
to love the ride ♪

♪ I know we'll be just fine ♪

♪ when we learn
to love the ride ♪

Oh, my God!
It's all happening!

Max, you did it!

Sometimes I do all right.

I mean, it is seriously
everything I dreamed of.

Yep. And mom and dad are
gonna show up any minute now.

I want them at my wedding.

And mom's gonna do that thing

Where she holds her arms open
like she's a warm person.

Max, could you do me a favor

And hot-glue-gun her lips
together for me, please?

And you're gonna let a man
who basically gave us away

Give you away.

You know what?

It's just a symbol, okay?

It doesn't mean anything to me.

Oh, it doesn't mean
anything to you

That we were
in motherfucking foster care?

I just feel like until
we get the truth out of them --

We got the truth.
We lived at Mimi's.

Uh, you're forgetting
the bigger question, Char --

What were we doing there
in the first place?

I don't know, Tara.
You know what?

Maybe today --

Maybe today I don't really care
about any of that.

Well, maybe today
I don't want to see mom and dad.

What are you saying?

Please, lady,

Just put on a simple frock
and sit there, okay?

You don't even have to smile.
Good, 'cause I don't want to.

Good! Don't!

Oh, God!

You see my point, right?

Oh, yeah.

Don't say you also see hers.

I'm only looking
at yours.

Feeling a little faint.
I just grayed out.

Keep blowing.

You know, I think it's nice
to reset the memory

Of blowing up balloons
as something less skeezy,

Like love.


You refer to your balloon-centered
prostitution empire?

That was not prostitution.

I never showed anyone
my boobs or my giney.


Oprah ruined

People bought you stuff
so they could boss you around.

If that was prostitution,

Then every wife on this street
would be a hooker,

Plus the stay-at-home dad

Who's married
to the lady chiropractor.

What does that say
about Zach getting you a condo?

Hey, moosh, got to do
what's right for me.

I got to start my own life.


Hey, any sight of them yet?


Because I hear dogs howling
in the surrounding blocks.

I want to hide.

Just do it.
I won't tell.

Pop out the last minute,
watch the thing, then bail.

Here they come.

Where you gonna hide?

Nowhere, I guess.

Maybe right here,
behind my face.

Hey, look at that --
your mom's driving.

Huh. That's weird.
Dad never lets her drive.

Prepare yourself for the world's
bullshittiest hello.



what took you guys so long?

Hey, Max, you ever heard
of the grunion run?

Grunion run? No.

Your father's
discovered the Internet.

He wants to go to California.

Get the gift, Frank.

San Luis Obispo.

Apparently, people go out
in the middle of the night

And grab them
with their bare hands.

Grab them
with their bare hands.

Frank, the gift.

I just had a long talk
with his doctor.

I'll fill you in later.

froggy alarm clock.

There is no Lily pad for you

At my new
top-floor penthouse suite.

I love the way that sounds.

penthouse suite, please."

Who are you talking to?


We're in the elevator,

And you're pressing the button
so I can watch it glow.

"top floor" and "penthouse"
are redundant.

means "top floor."


That is one of the many things
you can teach me

When you visit me
at my own place!

Oh, I will do more than visit.

We can eat dinner together...

Make bubble baths...

Sit on white furniture naked.

Hey, Kate,
do you want to --

Hi, dad.

This is Zach.



What, uh...
What's in the box?


Oh, this is for goodwill.

Just paring down
to a few essentials, you know.

I'm green like 'dat.

Okay. That's good.



When are you gonna tell them?

Right as I'm leaving.

Kind of like,

"hey, family,
I'm just not that into you!"

I wish I didn't have to boycott
the wedding today,

But it's unfair, Marshall.

Breeders take everything
for granted --

Marriage, babies...


You could wear leggings.

You wore leggings
in "macbeth."

The scottish play?

It's only unlucky
to say it in a theater.

MacBeth! MacBeth!

Okay, any straight person
who gets married

While the country still
considers gay marriage illegal

Is basically
a holocaust denier.

Hmm. That seems
a bit of a stretch.

A person who stands for nothing

Spends their whole life

Well, just so you know,
I'm tired.

I need to sit down sometimes.

What do you have
to be tired about, boy?

My mom went on a trip
to meet her molester,

And I didn't even get
a lousy t-shirt.

I want to hug it better.

Can I hug you?

Please just come to the wedding
and sit next to me.


I'll come to the wedding.

Without signs or bullhorns

Or anything close to a protest.

I will keep
my big, fat, gay mouth shut.

For you.

Thank you.


You've reached the parmeters.

Can't take your call right now,

So go ahead
and leave a brief message.

Hi, this is Tara -- Gregson.

I'm, uh, I'm calling
to apologize for...

Well, during our visit,
I know I was inappropriate,

And, uh...

But I-I-I have
so many questions,

And I was really hoping --

Dad, what are you --
God, I could have been --

Did you know that also
in San Luis of Pismo,

There's this place
called bubble gum alley?

A whole wall made up
of chewed-up chewing gum.

I mean, if you have --
if you have a computer,

We could Google it together.

Well, I'm -- I'm getting ready
for the wedding.

Is there something
you need, dad?

Oh, God.

Oh, it's all, uh...

It's all, uh...

I've made so many mistakes.

Too many mistakes.

I wish you girls could have had
your brother here

For Charmaine's graduation.

this is Charmaine's wedding.

Charmaine never graduated
from anything.

And we don't have
a brother.

From my first marriage.

But he wasn't well.

You aren't well.

Must be my sperm.

Eh, two out of three.
Who knows?

What are you
talking about, dad?

Gay boys in love.

Straight people in love.

Hey, Ted.


I'd lay off the cock-smoking
tonight, boys.


Eh, don't let her scare you.

A few Spears of fresh pineapple
clears it up.

Take it from me.

Now, I've got
ivories to tickle.

Oh, Zach,
this is my brother's...


Nice meeting you.

Making food
for the happy event?

happy for some people.

Harder for others to enjoy
when this country --

Lionel, please.

No, no, let him --
let him finish.

Nothing. I just...

I just think that Obama

Led the gay and lesbian
community astray, that's all.


I'm not sure about that.

Not that I voted for him.


You're a republican?

I liked Ron Paul.

But my real problem
is with the way

The gay community
is attempting to be heard.

Just tell me something

That no one on your side
seems willing to admit to.

Deep inside,
you actually believe

That marriage
is for pussies and dicks.

Well, I guess
I'd have to say yes.

I'm out, marsh.

Sext me
when the wedding is over.

Wow. Well,
Lionel's in quite a mood.

Ron Paul? Really?

Don't touch!

I just put on my body bling.

People expect me to have
some stupid pregnant glow.

Dad just said
the most fucked-up thing.

Yeah, yeah.

Dad hates indians -- whatever.
Dad's crazy.

No, no, I was in the bathroom,
and dad came in,

And, okay, he didn't exactly
make that much sense,

But he told me
we have a brother.

A brother?
Come on.


I mean, he said it
in a totally disjointed,

Early Alzheimer's,
dad-like way,

But he said, "you and your
sister have a half brother.

And I was married
before I met your mom."

well, let's see.

Dad also thinks
that Bob hope's still alive,

That Kate's name is Patricia,

And that I'm still
in community college.

Don't you think
he's a little confused?

Or maybe
he's having a lucid moment.


Do you know what today is?

Today is my bullet train
to a new life.

Nick sails, Tara.

I mean, they have a sailboat.

They're normal people.

And they're making room

In their normal-people
group photos...

...For me.

If my body doesn't bling,

If our dad doesn't
walk me down the aisle,

If my sister ditches -- okay? --
At the last second,

Then these normal people
will know...

That there is
something wrong with me.


And I will never
get the fuck out.

I want to come
to your wedding, Char-Char.

Can I be your flower girl?


My God. You've got
such a beautiful long neck.

Like a Modigliani.

I get that constantly.


Okay, can you do that harder
or not at all?

It's like there's a radio
in the other room,

But I can only hear it enough
to go crazy.

You're stressed being here
among all this, huh, sweetie?

Yeah, well, weddings blow,
as a rule of thumb.

It'll be wonderful to see you

Finally get
some of your boundaries up,

Get away from here.

I don't think I need
to get away from here, per se.

I'm just over this house
and its lack of pool, gym,

marble countertops.

Well, we're not getting you your
own place for the amenities.

I want to protect you.

I don't need protection.

You live with sick people.

Sick person.
And I love her.

Of course you want
to cover for her.

That's natural
in an abuse situation.

But your instincts are off.

My instincts?

I am not the one
comparing women

To massively distorted
modern paintings.

Kate, I'm -- and the other
thing that bothered me

Is you basically implied

That my brother isn't
good enough to get married.

And you keep
calling my mom crazy.

I am the only one
that can call my mom crazy.

You know what?

I think that I would like
to spend some time

With my fucked-up family

Sorry, dude.

This is just not the place
for a normal guy, like you.

Kate, I think
you're overreacting.

That sure happened fast.

Just give me one second,
nay nay.

Okay, fella, off you go.

I don't understand.

I don't, either.

Or the --
or the fish.

So if you could --

Tara, stop it.

I-I'll be with you
in -- in a minute.

Char, I-I need to talk to you
right now.

Not now, Nick.
Tara needs me.

If you could just give me
one minute, Charmaine.

Please, look, I need you

To be strong enough
to be my man, okay?

Just like our song says.

You need to do something
about her.

I would
if you would let go of my arm.

Nick, your fingers
are digging into my skin.

I mean, Jesus, how much
am I supposed to put up with?

I already agreed
to raise your baby.

Oh, just play along, everybody.

It's funny.

It's for Youtube.

you've made me
so happy, sweetie.

Thank you for marrying me.

Let's plow.

Come here, honey.

Good afternoon,
friends, loved ones.

Aren't all of God's children
so very precious?

Chicken, come here.

Come with me.
Come here.

Come over here.
Come on.

Max, maybe you could get her
some bubble wrap or something?

I think she needs something
to play with.

Bubble wrap?

We have gathered today...

...To witness the union
of Charmaine and Nick.

Over the past short while, I
have had the distinct pleasure

Of getting to know
this beautiful couple

As they have written their vows.

I've always said
that --

Um, father Matthew,
could you just...

Everyone...I'm sorry.

I'm, uh...

Those of you who know me

Know that I've always tried
to keep an eye out for signs --

Signs to help me
figure out right from wrong.

And, uh...

And when I met Charmaine,

She was just
such a boatload of signs,

I thought maybe it was just
the universe messing with me.

Anyway, but...Now I know
what those signs meant.

That...This marriage...

Doesn't want to happen.

Oh, God.

And it's not going to.

I'm sorry, Char.

Let's go.

Is that a yellow cake?

It looks like yellow.

Everybody loves yellow cake.

Wake up, Char-Char.

I said wake up.


Fucking chicken!

You fucking hurt me!

I didn't mean to.

I said
I'd never let you get hurt.

I'd do everything...

protect you.

I don't know
what happened, Char.

I don't.

but it's not my fault.

It's theirs.

Give me a couple
of these roses, too.

Everybody loves the roses.

We can't eat all of that.

Frank, we'll freeze.

We went to Lawrence yesterday
and met Mimi.

She told us
she was our foster mother.

We had a foster home.

We lived with her for...
I don't know how long in 1976.

I was 5, and Char was 4.

How could you leave us there?

That's enough.
My freezer's not that big.

I'm not so sure
about those dates.

God, mom,
I don't care about the dates.

What I really
want to know is...


I'll tell you why.

Okay. You and your sister
have a half brother.

I told her.

Yeah, he told me, but you also
said he was losing his mind.

I mean, I never know
what to believe anymore.

Okay, when I married
your father, I didn't know...

She didn't know. ...
That he already had a son.

And when you were girls,
the boy came to live with us.

His name was Bryce.

That's what I said
to you, Char.

I don't --

He had troubles.

His mother sent him to us.
He had nowhere to go.

He was a part of me.

Tara, when you told me
what was going on,

I didn't want it to be true.

And then your father told me
that he'd leave me

If he had to put the boy out.

And I --
well, I didn't know what to do.

Are you fucking kidding?

So I-I got you girls out.

I got you both out
to keep you safe

Until I found a place for him.

No, no. No.
This is not good enough.

This is not good enough!

I mean, you knew all this?

My whole life, you knew these
things that could have helped me

And you kept them from me?!

You should have
protected me, mom!

Is he alive?

Where does he live?

I've dated a lot of fucking guys
in this state.

We don't know where he is now.

It's the parents' job
to protect the children.

I tried to protect you
from him.

I'm sorry.

I hope you'll be able
to forgive me.

We're gonna go.

Get the cake?

Yeah. Yeah.

I don't want that
with all the frosting.

I got the cake, Frank.
Let's go.

I love you, mom.

Me too.

Hey, Char.


So, I, uh...

Heard you didn't get married.


Did Max call you?

Or did you hear it
from the town crier?

Um, no, it was --

It was an old-fashioned
newsboy, actually.

Yeah, he had the little cap on.

He said "xtre"
instead of "extra."


Look, I'll tell you what --
why don't you...

You know, put on
those black sweatpants I like

And let's go get a drink?

Those are yoga pants.
I don't wear sweatpants.

Okay, yoga butt,
put on your yoga pants

And let's down-dog it
to the cat five

And get shitty, all right?

Let's just drink away the pain

Like a couple old friends.

You know you want to.

Actually, I do.

But I shouldn't.

Okay, I'll get a drink,
and then you can get a...

A 7up?

A 7up -- all right.

Um, do -- do you want to...
Change out of that or...

Nah, fuck it.


All right, yeah.


You -- you just...
Look really, really...

Really pretty.

Thank you.

I'm proud of you.

For what?


I wish it'd been us
getting married today.

I'd stand up
in front of all these people

And I'd say,
"I love this woman!"

Then I'd look in your eyes
and I'd say,

"if you're Tara, I'll be Max.

"but if you're gimme,
I'll be gotcha.

"and if you're buck,
I'll be your bike.

If you're Alice,
I'll be your astronaut."

And I'd carry chicken
to the car,

Even though I knew she was
pretending to be asleep.

When did you become so perfect?

Since Shoshana put me
on a low dose of Prozac.

I wish
she could prescribe.

♪ to be the master of ♪

♪ and, darling ♪

♪ my dreams
could never come true ♪

♪ till you give me your love ♪

♪ but good things come
to those who wait ♪

♪ and you're
what I've waited for ♪

♪ for you are
all of everything ♪

♪ I'll need forevermore ♪

♪ I must have
all of everything ♪

Sync by honeybunny