United States of Tara (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 9 - Possibility - full transcript

Tara becomes upset when she learns that Max spoke to her therapist behind her back about her shadowy new alter, named Gimmie. Kate becomes upset with her boss, Gene, at work which leads to both Tara and Kate deciding to go on a road trip together to try to make up for lost time. But things turn bad when Tara and Kate get into an argument over Kate's promiscuity. 'T' emerges and runs off to go to the nearest tattoo parlor and Kate is forced to run after her before she makes a permanent mistake. Meanwhile, Max begins to investigate more into Tara's past but finds just more dead ends. Also, Marshall decides to take his friendship with Jason to the next level.

on United States of Tara...

What are we doing here?

We're in different places
in our lives.

- I just want to be an employee again.
- I'm not sure I can do that.

I got fucking fired
from my fucking work today.

Gene, can I have my job back?

Kate, I've given you
the after-school shift on Monday.

I hope to see you there.

I think he's nice.

- You're so cute. Come on.
- Thank you.

What do you think of these?
Do you think Dr. Pete can fix me?

You're a nice-lookin' woman.

I bet that commie doctor
fixed you up good.

- I think there may be a new alter.
- Tell me everything now.

It's animalistic. Pure id I guess.

Dr. Ocean says with the...

You and Dr. Ocean've been talkin'
about this?'bout me?

I'm gonna go meet Tara's
old roommate, Heidi.

One morning, Tara
comes back to the room

and she'd been knocked around.
His name is Trip Johanssen.

Wait till Tara's next session.
And we'll talk together about this.

Sous-titres: browncoat, grischka,
lafeelicita, salomon, valpi



Let's talk about the new alter.

Can I just say I think it's totally
weird that you guys talked about me

when I wasn't there. I know sometimes
Max and I come together, but,

aren't you supposed to be
my therapist?

Of course I am.

- That's my fault, I came over here.
- There was never any breach

- of confidentiality.
- Was it a crisis?

I mean,
was I a threat to myself or others?

I didn't know what it was.

I just wanted to get you
some support.

I don't feel supported.
I feel kind of sold-out.


What can I do,

right now?

Anyway you can help me
understand Gimme?

I believe

that Gimme holds
all your raw emotions.

It's Gimme's job to keep the truth
from coming to light.

I know the name of the guy.

You what?

I know the name of the guy
at boarding school.

You know what?
I'm sorry, I can't deal with this.

I wish you would stay.

It's up to you.

It's her session.

I met with your old roommate, Heidi.

- What?
- I met with Heidi.

The guy's a fucking Johanssen.

- I don't want to know!
- So of course, just no record

of anything that happened to you
at that school? His family's name

- is on every godamm building.
- It's a big fucking black hole, Max.

The month before and the month after.
There's nothing there.

Every shrink
who's ever looked inside my skull

has said there is a reason
I don't know.

Maybe I don't want to know
what that reason is.

I'm just trying to help.

It's like you've got all these
John Wayne movies

going on inside your head.

Like you're some cowboy
and you're gonna ride into town

on your big horse
and clean everything up.

You know what? I'm not your town.

So you're going on shift?

How'd you guess?

How psyched are you
you're off from school today?

Teacher work days
are second only to bomb scares.

That wasn't funny.

But you know what is?

Tomorrow night, I have 2 tickets

to my roommate Kurt's improv show.
It's great.

I mean they have no idea
what they're gonna say next.

Actually, I think I'm coming down
with something.

- Sorry.
- Oh really?

Last time you were sick,
you had a party.

When are you coming down
with it, do you think?

How should I know?

I think it's plague from the
chicken salad we serve here,

but it could also be
staph infection.

You know, from Gramble's coke nail.

Katie, way to hit me where I live.

- You should go home.
- Really?


Are you gonna doc me?

Of course not.

You were thinking about it.

I gotta to take Kimmy to some
gymnastics bullshit, pizza bullshit.

I'll be back after
to finish the project, though.

The project from Hell
that refuses to end.

It's cool mister.
I ain't mad at you.

Charmaine, you keep saying
"Spangly top,"

but I'm pretty sure T. doesn't have
anything spangly. She's not Celine Dion.

OK I'll take a look and
I'll leave it out for you. Bye.

- Hi Mrs Gregson.
- Hey, Jason. Good to see you.

- He's cute.
- What?

You sure he's in the... market?

Mum, that is so wildly helpful.
I really appreciate it.

You're looking up flights to Tokyo?

Yeah. Not that I'll ever be able
to afford it on my sweat shop salary.

How about this?
Bus ride to Omaha, 45 dollars.

- Get a free fold-up chair.
- You must be desperate.

- Something happened?
- Yeah.

I just kind of made
a bad decision at work, so

now I want
to crawl out of my fucking skin.

I just wish I could
get away like you do.

It's not as glamorous
as I make it look.

Seriously mum, don't ever just want
to get the fuck out?

- OK.
- OK what?

- Let's get the fuck out.
- Seriously?

- Where you wanna go?
- Tokyo?

- Closer.
- St Louis Galleria?

Green Hornet's leaving in 5.


Hey bitch cakes.


Bitch cakes?

Mum's trying to act all cool
because we're going on a road trip.

Does dad know?

He does now.

I know this is weird but Kate and I
really need to get out of town.

- Both of you together?
- I really need a night away.

Kate's got her cell
and I'll actually answer mine, OK?


I won't try to stop you.
Not that I could.

Could I?

Hey, check you out!

I gotta do some stuff, so...

- I'll be back later, OK?
- It's rather vague.

You're so cute.
You drive like a little old lady.


you never took me out to teach me.
I'd to do all my permit hours with dad.

and his, like, zen driving theories.

I took you out driving.


Buck took me out driving, remember?

He was teaching me
how to parallel park

and he backed
into Mr Hubbard's mailbox.

Dad was cool with us leaving, right?

He gets so worried about me.

I've been...

There's been a lot lately.


let's not stress.

You wanna just check in here?

We can play pong
in a shitty sports bar.

Thanks, Katie.

Where's your mother?

Flew the coop with Kate.

What are you dressed as?

I was just working out.


Since when?

I'm actually a very light sweater,
always have been but...

I just got back from
a very vigorous run.

Don't make that a habit, Marshall.

You're a cute kid, OK?
Skinny suits you.

That's a breathtaking view.
Tatoo parlor and a Chipotle.

That's perfect.

Maybe I can get a tatoo
in honor of girls' night.

Absolutely not, you're 15.

Yeah, but i could pass for 18.

- I'm an old soul.
- Oh, yeah?

What guy told you that?

What are you doing?

- I'm going swimming.
- I didn't bring my bathing suit.

Well, i guess you can
watch nova or something.

You need to focus
on your attributes.

Force yourself to take a compliment.

Or can I force people
to give them to me?

That's what I've learned these past
few weeks. Someone compliments me,

like Nick Hurley, environmental lawyer
with whom I have a date tonight,

thank you very much.

I take it, I say " I deserve
the good things people say about me."

This is gonna give me
some primo side boob action.

I went from
being a 6 in hotness to an 8.

Which is an Overland Park 11.
I need new rules,

higher standards, now.
I think I want to wait 3 dates

before I let a guy fuck me.
Is that inappropriate?

I don't know. Now I'm still working
through your whole

birthday nipple surprise.

Unless he gets me drunk,
then all bets are off.


What the fuck does that even mean?


- What's bullshit?
- That's the bullshit lady.

She comes out whenever
I smell bullshit. And I smell bullshit.

- It's a terrible lady voice.
- Well, you know what?

You know exactly what she means
when she says cowboy.

You take out the bad guys,

you write letters to the editor.

Remember the time the rasta guy
ran away with my backpack,

you chased him down, you went all
jason statham right there in the street?

Okay, see, you can't change that shit,
man. You can't.

It's just like this drink
you get all the time.

Gin & Tonic,
has Gin and Tonic in it,

you don't put Sprite
in a gin and tonic,

you fucking hillbilly.

Get out of here, all right,
and go fuckin' wrangle.

My name's Nordic.

Nordic? That's a cool name.


I used to hate it so much
when I was younger, but...

I guess now I'm just
kinda used to it.

Nordic Hellmuth.

So what do you do in Monte Carlo?

No, actually I'm from Quebec.

I'm just living in Monte Carlo
right now.

Few years ago I was in this really
fucked up thing with Lance Armstrong.

No kidding!

Yes, he's actually
pretty boring in real life.

I'm Nordic's mum, Rula Hellmuth.


- Bonjour, maman.
- Bonjour!

What's the buzz, party people?

Mike, this is Nordic,
and her mother, Rula?

- Hi Mike.
- I could've sworn you two were sisters.

Can I buy you ladies
a couple of drinks?

Well, no. Nordic is actually
deathly allergic,

- and I'm married, so...
- That's OK. Mike is married too.

You know what they say:
what happens at the pharm conference...

Who says that?
Seriously, I wanna know who says that!

No, I have a great wife, Rula, but

if my Cindy were here, she'd say that
being hit shouldn't stop a fellow

from enjoying a margarita with
an equally hapilly married lovely lady

- such as yourself. Isn't that right{\, Ted}?
- Totally.

Convention gave me
a buttload of drink tickets.

I'm pretty high up at Merck.

Why didn't you say that
to begin with?

So... I have some rum,
and some brandy.

I'll try the rum.

Marshall, right?

Gene Stuart, Kate's general manager.

- Barnabeez.
- I know.

- Hey, man.
- Hey.

I brought some beef broth for Kate,
and a Family Guy DVD.

She says she doesn't like it,
but she just needs to give it a chance.

May I bring the stuff inside?

Yeah, okay,
but she's not here right know.

Really? So she's out?

She's probably at the doctor
or something. That's OK.

I'll just set this stuff up now,
so when she comes back,

it'll be all ready.

Okay, well, we're just
gonna work on our project.

No worries. You guys
just do what you need to do,

and I'll be done in a second.

I'm such a freak about presentation.

Oh, my baby Kat.

I'll be honest with you, Rula,

my Cindy used to be
a bit of a downer,

but now, 100 mg of Ativan
and a Zoloft chaser,

she's doing awesome.

God, if she could
only drop like 40 pounds

and stop watching
Judge Joe Brown all the time.

I wonder where Nordic went?

Oh, they left a while ago.

I'll be back.

Johanssen Investments.
Hold please.

Johanssen Investments.

Hold please.

- Hi, may I help you?
- Is Trip Johanssen available?

- Do you have an appointment?
- Can I help you?

- Trip?
- I'm Charles Johanssen.

Trip works out
at the Chicago office.

Is there anything
I can help you with?

No. No, thank you.


was an awesome movie.

See? {\You know, }Just because it's a black and white
movie doesn't mean it's {\automatically } terrible.

No, I never said that.
You have this idea of me, and it's not.

No, I don't.

It's cool.

I get it. I know I haven't been
exposed to that much stuff.

I was never allowed to

go over to a friend's house 'cause
my parents were worried about {\*bad }influence.

And if I met a kid with cool baseball
cards that they were okay with,

we'd move.

It sucks.

There is a pirate ship in outer space
on your ceilling.

My mum painted it.

It's nice.

My mom wouldn't give a shit
about me.

I think it's fair to say
I win every crazy mother contest.

Fine, but I win every "my mother's
a fucking horrible person" contest.

To mother issues.

You're lucky, Marshall.

Your mum's there for you.

Look what she made you.

Hey, Nordic.

I just read in Us Weekly that Lance
is dating one of the Olsen twins.

Which must be total vindication
for Sheryl Crow.

I mean, that guy is just gonna fuck
everyone, isn't he?

Hey, I would.

I see you are.

One sec, Dev.


quit looking at me like that.

Did you {\actually }think this was gonna be
one of those

mother/daughter "let's get French
manicures" kinda getaways?

This is us, remember?

What are you doing?
You don't even like this guy.

And the bubbles in the hot tub
have crust on 'em.

You do this all the time.

Charmaine told me you were all over
that skinhead at the Sugar Shack...

That was T.

{\Mum, }I hate to break it to you,

but the same person
that is here right now

is the same person
that was at that Sugar Shack.

Welcome back.

I {\just }like to get out for a second,
and then get back in,

and it's like, it's hot again.

I just like when you stay in,
cause it's always hot.

- Mum, what the hell!
- What's crack-a-lacking! Pimp-a-limpin'?

- Aren't you a yummy bird!
- T.! Get outta here!

- Go skankzilla somewhere else!
- Come on!

No, no negotiating.

Get out of the fucking jacuzzi
right now or I'm gonna call dad.

Bitch ass, snitch ass!

Sprung from the custom paint job.
Vapor-blue. Yeah.

It's a splurge, you know.

{\But }I don't wanna look
like every other {\boring} dingo

driving a Camry to work,
you know.

I just personalized her licence plate
last week,

It's gonna say Drug-D-Ler.


I've been looking for you

T., come on.

I believe I've already
given my consent.

Go ahead, Luther.

Hurt me good, baby.

T., that's mum's body.

She's mentally disturbed.
Multiple personalities.

Sometimes, she thinks
she's my daughter.

Sometimes, she pretends to be a stuck up
Overland Park brat, and sometimes,

- she pretends to be a {\French} Canadian ho-bag
- That's mum's blood, mum's skin,

- who used to date Lance Armstrong.
- mum's teeth, mum's hair...

Just do it, Luther.

You sure?

You put that shit under a microscope,
you'll see that that's mum's DNA.

You're a visitor and you know it.



Is this on me?

No, not yet.

I think I'll pass.

So you don't want the dolphin fucking
the unicorn on your ass either?

No, thanks.

Hey, Jason.

Hey, M. Gregson.
How are you doin'?

I'll be honest with you,
it's been a weird day.

It's good to see you, though.

Thank you, sir.

No, no, come on.
Not that "Sir" stuff, huh?

- Bye.
- Night, pal.

How did you do that magic you did?

When is he gonna fuck the pie?

He's not gonna fuck the pie.

So why are we watching?

I don't know.

Pass the Neosporin.

Jeez, mum, matching tatoos.
What's next?

- Clip rings?
- No, thanks.

Oh, man.
Dad is gonna flip.

He's got one.



Everything okay here?

Mum ever call?

No, but...

I got a text from Kate
telling me to go fuck myself,

so I think everything's fine.


What've you been up to?

Jason came over, we watched a movie
for film lit,

hung out...

Oh, shit.


You got it bad, don't you?

I think that's
a distinct possibility.

Oh, son.

Nothing like love.

I know it's late. I just wanted to
say I'm sorry about today.

It was hard.

If you want me to stop digging,
I can do that. I'm done.

Have fun at the mall tomorrow.

Bye, love you.