United States of Tara (2009–2011): Season 1, Episode 12 - Miracle - full transcript

Tara and Max are both frustrated by the treatment by Dr. Holden she is undergoing and the inability to access her repressed memories. Max is ready to call it quits and Tara decides the time has come to ask her one-time boyfriend, Trip Johanssen, for a face to face meeting. Max is convinced that Tara was raped by Trip during her time in high school, but during their meeting with Johanssen and his wife, 'T' emerges to explain it all to them. 'T' was present when it all happened, but she presents other issues however that leaves more questions than answers. Meanwhile, Charmaine reassesses her relationship with her new boyfriend, Nick, in light of her feelings. Also, Kate learns that her sexual harassment complaint against Gene does have a consequence when Gene confronts her and reveals his dangerous obsession with her. Marshall tries to decide on a way to move on forward with his life and decides to make peace with his mother.

on United States of Tara...

Do you even get
what mom's alters do?

Ruin my fucking life?

Marsh, man, I am...
I am so sorry.

That wasn't me.
I would never...

And maybe you can get him to fuck you,
but he is gonna marry a girl,

and he's never gonna love you
the same way that you love him.

Remember me when
you win your Oscar, okay?

What the hell is that?

I saw it on your fridge,
and I couldn't resist.

Kitty, we fell in love.

You know, you might have
grounds for sexual harassment.

You should call H.R.

Sometimes the strongest thing {\you can do }
is ask for help.

I {\wanna} commend you
for making your way here.

{\We're just }Lucky my sister
was able to watch the kids.

Is this what normal people are like,
what dinner's supposed to feel like?

She's not gonna bring that new guy over
and sleep with him in our bed, is she?

I brought jiffy pop!

It's not just fucking,
and you know it.

What can Tara expect from this?

My program provides a two week
protected environment

where patients can {\really }dig in.

{\You }Can't Get better until
you know what happened to you.

At boarding school, she had sex with
a guy she didn't want to{\ have sex with}.

His name is Trip Johanssen.

If my alters won't tell me what
happened, then I wanna find him myself.

- I wanna find Trip Johanssen.
- I miss you.

Sous-titres: browncoat, grischka,
lafeelicita, salomon.


So, I wanna go over
a few more things

before we meet
Mr. Johanssen tomorrow.

Are you gonna have us do
more of that role playing?

Because, you know, frankly,
I suck at the role playing.

He does.

I do.

As you know, I do have
my misgivings about this...

considering where you are
in your treatment. But...

Tara, you seem very clear
that this is what you want.

It is.

I'll do everything I can
to facilitate it

and to keep you safe.


I think I'm okay.
I actually feel kind of calm.

I'm not expecting any kind
of apology or anything.

Can I at least shove some of that

shitty cafeteria Stroganoff
down this guy's fucking throat?

All right.
Probably not being helpful.

No, it's okay. You have every reason
to wanna face Trip, Max, but

remember, just because he's open
to a meeting and talking,

doesn't mean
that his feelings won't change

once we get into the room.

And yours, too, Tara.

I know.

I'm not looking for a miracle.

And I heard you yesterday
when you said

even if it goes well,
it might be disappointing.

But I just...

I wanna get better.

Not knowing has gotta be worse

than anything that can
happen in that room. Right?

Yeah, right.


Oh, my god, it's so weird.
It's like candy.

What are you guys doing?

Nick got us this miracle fruit.

It's like this fucked up
berry that changes your mouth

so everything tastes sweet.

Well, keep it down, okay?

I'm calling your mom
at the hospital.

How is she?

It's pretty intense.
There's a lot goin'on.

Any messages?

Yeah, tell her I say hi.


- You okay?
- Yeah.

So you're just never
gonna talk to mom?

And say what?

Dude, you need to figure
that shit out.

Anyway, I gotta go.

I have a meeting at the
Barnabeez headquarters tomorrow.

Hopefully, they write me a big,
fat check so I can get a Vespa.

- I gotta make this call.
- Good night.

Bad text?

No text.

Girl thing?

Guy thing.

Oh, right.

Here, try the hot sauce.

Tastes like clover honey
or something.

His name's Jason.

Some really heavy stuff
went down, but...

I'm still...

still trying to figure out
if it was just in my head

like a movie or something.


Look, it's...

It's pretty common
at your age... Trust me.

I mean, someday, probably
sooner than you think,

you'll be with someone
and it'll be...

completely authentic.

Like this thing
I have with your aunt...

Crazy real, you know?

More pickle.

It's good, right?

Still smells like a pickle, but...

It doesn't taste like a pickle...

I swear.

Still does not taste good.

So... Katy.



We're gonna go ahead and advise
you to drop your case.


But I already told you that Gene...

Mr. Stuart

was a huge prevert.

That's plausible.

But you have to understand
that Barnabeez

is a very, very large corporation.

With the addition of Barnabeez
to go in select restaurants

and the Barnabeez Island shacks
in Wyoming and Nebraska,

we've become the largest
full-service seafood franchise

in the country.


Hold on one sec.

I have some proof

that there was misconduct with Gene.


as you say.


Sorry, it's a little grainy.

That is one of Gene's inventions.

Now if...

the two of you would...

maybe give me some money,

compensate me,

I won't show anyone the picture.

Kate, by...

showing us this photo,

you're only proving that
you were a willing participant

in your relations with Gene.

Well, I did participate, but...

that doesn't mean
that everything's cool.

He was my boss, you know?

And you seem like a young
lady who knows what she's doing.

You guys have creepy eyes.
You suck.

Don't ask.

Not even here.

They were complete assholes!


I'm 15. I should know by now
that the world is just...

complete and total fucking bullshit.

I hate everybody.


Petula's at Starbucks.

Jason just came in
with Denise Embry.

What do you mean with?

With. With her.

Just like you said would happen.

God, you must be so happy.

Why aren't you jumping
up and down right now?

I mean, you were right
about everything.

That mom was just trying
to protect me...

Why are you telling me?

Dr. Holden's comin' about 10:00.

I guess Trip and his wife
are there already.

Are you ready?

Thought I was.

You don't have to do this.
It's your choice.

You choose not to...

It's just as strong as doin'it.

I don't know!

Okay, that's it.
We're callin'it off.

No, just wait.


Okay, I'm gonna get Dr. H.
Keep your ass right there.



Aunt Charmaine drove me.

She's in the car
psyching herself up.

She says she can't handle seeing
a hospital so soon after the whole...

Dr. Pete ordeal.

What are you...

God, Mom...

Thought this place
cost a lotta money.

Shouldn't they have
more chairs for people?

You should write a letter
and get a refund

or a better room or something.

I could help you if you want.

I'm an excellent
scathing letter writer.

Thanks, Marshy.

You came 200 miles.

It was necessary.

I forgive you, mom.

And I love you.

So Tara, this is...
This is Trip and his wife Judi.


Good to see you again.


Hello. Hello.

Well, there's some cookies
in these containers.

Lemon and lavender in this guy,
chocolate chippers in the other, and,

there is a sun tea
in case anyone's thirsty.

We're fine, thanks.

I'll have a cookie.

I looked up D.I.D.
on the internet.

It's so difficult.

Okay, so...

Tara's gonna talk about

the impact of this event
and ask questions.

Trip, you'll have a chance
to respond to Tara's questions

and speak your own truth as well.

{\Well, }I guess Dr. Holden told you

I don't remember anything
about what happened.

I've sort of stitched
pieces together,

but I don't know if they're true.

There's so many holes
I need help with and,

apparently I was very drunk.

So was I.

And I'll tell ya anything
I can remember.

It's so cold in here, huh?

- You came in.
- Well...

Come on, of course.

I felt bad thinking about you
in here with all the crazies.

- They're not so bad.
- No, it's a wonderful asylum.

Boy... Christie Brinkley's
made some bad choices, huh?

Do you like Nick?

- Fake uncle Nick?
- My boyfriend Nick.

Do you like him better than Neil?

It's like apples
and oranges, you know?

I mean, to use literary tropes...

Neil is a holy fool,

and Nick...

Nick is like

Deus ex machina.

God's gift... Right?

Sort of.

'Scuse me, may I help you guys
with something?

No, no, my sister's meeting
with her rapist,

so we're just, you know,
hangin' out.

He was kind of beautiful.

He looked like
a retarded Mark Harmon.

You know, you're picky
because you're young.

No, Tanya, it's hopeless.
They're not gonna compensate me.

And I'm still gonna have to work
at the fucking chocolate starfish.

Oh, really?

Because I got fired.

Let me call you back.

How did you get in here?

How long have you been in here?

Long enough to see that
a once sweet girl has become...

very jaded.

Shut up.

You got fired?

It was worth it.

I'd lose anything to be with you.


I'm in love with you, Katy.

Sure, I've had feelings
for other girls at Barnabeez before.

We both know I'm...

no angel, but...

You're the one.

No, I'm not.

Yes, you are.

From the moment
you walked in with that...

silly blue streak in your hair,

I knew I would never be the same...

As a manager or a man.

Wow indeed.

I knew you only went to H.R.
to try and get my attention.

It was dramatic, but it worked,

as desperate acts so often do.

So what's next for us?

Do we tell everyone or...

- run away together?
- Run away?

Being apart is not an option.
Am I right?

I know I can't live without you.

This is really intense.

I'm just gonna go
to the kitchen to...

just get some water.

- Can you grab me another Sierra Mist?
- Yeah. Sure.

So it must have been a Saturday.

The 12th of May.

I went home the next day
for my grandmother's birthday.

When I got back, my girlfriend...

confronted me, but...

I denied it.

Your girlfriend Heidi.

Other than you guys
being roommates, I...

You know,
I didn't know you very well.

You were very quiet.

Didn't really party with the group.

I wasn't the party type either
in school.

This is hard.

I'm glad you called,

'cause it's been troubling me.

I even have sleep problems.
I mean, Judi can tell you.

I've been carrying it
for a long time.

You're tired, huh?

You took advantage of my wife.

She split into pieces.
Now you can't catch a nap?

We're gonna take a time out here.

It's tough to sit in {\the same}a room
with that {\mother}fucker.

He just went right on with his life.

And here you are,
all messed up in mine.

No, it's not like that.
It's not like that.

If the situation was reversed,
I'd drive over his face with a truck.

Think you can go back in there
without killing anybody?

Maybe. Yes.

Let's go.

Sex tips for the frumpy housewives.

What does it say?
Is it gross?

It says position a pillow under his back
to elevate him comfortably

and provide more
stimulation to your...

I don't wanna hear
about anyone's vagina.

Especially not
a coupon-clipping mom vagina.

Well, I wonder if Alice
reads this magazine.

You know, Alice is actually
more well-read than you think.

She's learning french right now
so she can be more like Jackie Onassis.

I can't believe how normal you are.

I can't believe you're so damaged
you think I'm normal.

I let the situation get outta hand.

Like you said, I took advantage.

If I could go back...

It sure as hell
wouldn't have happened.

Well, I think this is
a good place to finish up.

Thanks for meeting with me.

- We thought it was important.
- Yeah, we did.

I'm glad you called.
I'm not...{\ I'm not...}

- You know, I'm not glad. I mean...{\ I mean...}
- They know what you mean, sweetie.

See ya, T.


I'm sorry?

You just called her T.

Was that too familiar?
I'm... Pardon me.

I mean...

- What do you call yourself?
- I don't understand.

No, you don't, bitch!
She can't tell you.

'Cause that was my night,
not Tara's.

And it wasn't just
your hubby either.

Fucked his buddy Mike too.

That guy's dick was huge!

But don't take it too hard, Trip.

You fucked like a jackhammer.

Jesus Christ.

This is B.S.
T.'s just trying to act all cool.

If all the girls in Tara
woulda let me out that night,

I woulda pulled your balls
out your butthole!

Max, take Buck, just...

Buck's gone! Nobody's taking me
anywhere, you fuckin' fuckers.

Okay, I don't know what's going on,
but I think we've done our part.

What's the big deal, sweetheart?

Yeah, I fucked 'em.
Then they fucked each other.


Come on, honey, let's go.

Up here.

So the fact that...

- T. was out before this incident...
- Oh, I was out, baby!

Tara was already a multiple.

So what happened with Trip
wasn't what made Tara split.

You're cute.

- I wish you were a gyno.
- Shut up, T.

This isn't uncommon.

The idea
at the boarding school incident

was actually a re-traumatization.

Makes good sense, Max.

She's hot.

- I'm not a lezzo, but I'd suck her box.
- That's enough!

T. is just impossible.

I must apologize for her.
What you must think of us.

T.'s trying to say something,
but she can't come back out.

No, T. No, you can't.

And Tara...


I don't know where
Tara's gone off to.

So Tara's not inside listening.

I don't know where
Tara's gone off to.

Just as well.

I'm here with Max, Tara.

And we want you to know
that you're safe.

Yeah, nothing bad
is gonna happen to you.

I told you, there's no Tara.

I think there is, and she's stronger
than you think, Alice.

No, she isn't. She's weak,
and she needs me.

That you would suggest...

That you would dare to suggest

that you know her

better than I do.


I wanna go home.

Oh, my god.
Hi, you guys.

You look skinny.

In a... totally good way.

Thanks for bringing him.

Of course.

- You're reading good housekeeping?
- Yeah, just learned to hem slacks.

Are you okay?

How'd it go?

It was...

It was a lotta things.

Let's get your suitcase.

We're going home?

Going home.

She got time off for good behavior.

So {\Mom}, when do I get to see that portrait
you made of me in art therapy?

How about when you tell me
why you hijacked my car?

- Want some more parmesan, Mom?
- No, thanks, honey. I'm good.

- I'll have at it.
- May I get anyone some tea?

You hate parmesan.

She just said "May I".

What are we doin'?

Get your coats.


Mom, you suck.

Yeah, you do.

Is this that miracle fruit?

You wanna try it?

Messes with your taste buds
for an hour.

Just do it.

Not that exciting.

No, you have to bite it and
roll it around in your mouth.

Okay, now taste this.

- Tastes like a chocolate shake.
- I know! It's weird, right?



I'm up.

Kate, I'm gonna show you
how to make this ball your bitch.

Here it goes.

Oh, my...

The kids are getting
pretty good at this.

Yeah, they...

learned from Buck.

You know...

It could get worse
before it gets better.

I know.

- There ya go.
- All right.

How does he do it?

Basically just...

fuck it straight up the center.

Not bad.