United States of Al (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Wisdom/Hikmat - full transcript

While heavily medicated from having his wisdom teeth removed, Al mistakenly insults Art, which forces Riley to choose sides; Lizzie tries to help Art, Riley and Al make peace.

Here you go, Hazelnut.

Thanks, Grampy.

- Maple syrup?
- Flying in.

Oh. Jam?

Flying in.

You sure you don't want a waffle?

No, thank you. I'm
having some mushed banana.

Oh, I used to eat that.

- Really?
- Yeah.

When I was four weeks old.


Your wisdom teeth still bothering you?

A little.

Want me to chew this up
and spit it in your mouth

like a baby bird?

You need to go to the dentist
and get those things pulled.

Oh, can I have your teeth?

- Why?
- For the tooth fairy.

Okay. What is she talking about?

When a kid loses their tooth,

they put it under their pillow

and the tooth fairy leaves them money.

And you believe this is real?

I believe money's real.

Wait a minute, you've been
playing us this whole time?

I'm not playing anyone.

I'm just a wittle girl who wants a PS5.

Why does the dentist need to know

if my mother has a
history of heart disease?

I don't think she does, but
now I'm worried about it.

Just put "no."

Have I ever had an adverse reaction

to a medical procedure?

Yeah, when you get the bill.

Uh, that's solid, you can use it.

What are you in for?

- Cleaning.
- Nice.

I've never had a cavity.


Not a brag, just the truth.

Thank you again for driving me, Mr. Art,

but I could've done it myself.

Oh, no.

With the drugs you'll be on,

you could get in the wrong
cab and wake up on a park bench

missing a kidney.

That happens?

Heard it on a podcast.

Pretty gruesome stuff.

I can't feel any of this.

It feels like someone else's face.

It's yours.

No, no, touch it.

See? It's weird.

Yeah, it was weird in the
parking lot, it's weird now.

We have to make one stop.

Riley wants me to pick up beer.

Oh, yes.

The prince needs his beer,

and his butler will get it for him.

What's that supposed to mean?

Eh, he treats you more like
a servant than a father.

But don't blame
yourself, it's your fault.

Wait, how's it my fault?

You have no authority in your home

because you allow your
children to walk all over you.

You saying I'm a bad father?

Yes, exactly, thank you.

You are a bad father.

I couldn't remember the word.

They don't walk all over me.

- Who?
- My kids.

Oh, what about them?

- Never mind.
- Mm.

Oh, my God, there are
teeth in my pocket.

Am I the tooth fairy?

Hey, sleepyhead.

How do you feel?

Back to 100%.


Just wondering, what'd
you say to my dad?

What are you talking about?

He's mad about something.


Said he wished the doctor
sewed your mouth shut.

Things do get a little
hazy after the waiting room.

You don't remember?


Which is odd, because I
have a very strong brain

thanks to the almonds
my mother gave me every morning.

Baby boy had his first blackout.

I can't believe I missed it.

I'd say tell me everything, but...

What happens in a blackout?

In my experience, you have a few beers,

then you blink and it's the next day,

and people are mad and you
might have a new tattoo.

And you get a text from a strange number

that just says, "Thanks."

God knows what I
might have said to your father.

How am I going to show my face to him?

Well, be a man.

Go face the music while I
watch from a safe distance.


Uh, what are you doing?

Baking a cake.

Good one.

I'm gonna have some applesauce.

My gums are a little sore.

Probably from all the
flapping they were doing.

You know what's so funny?

I don't remember
anything we talked about.

You done with this?

Yes, I am quite full. Thank you.

You don't remember what you said?

No, I do not.

Let me give you the highlights.
You called me a bad father.

That must be a mistake.

Well, it isn't.

And you said I let my
kids walk all over me.

I-I would never say anything like that.

- Well, you did.
- There's no way I meant it, Mr. Art.

Oh, you meant it.

You got a hit of truth serum in you,

and you said exactly what you think.

Mr. Art, I-I am so mortified.

I have nothing but the
utmost respect for you,

- and I would never...
- Save it.

This whole "respect your
elders" song and dance,

I'm not buying it.

Why are you smiling?

Sorry. I'm just happy it's not me.


Hello, Hazel.

You got those teeth for me?

Oh, right.

I need 'em by lights out.

What you doing?

- Hiding.
- Been there.

Know what's a great hiding spot?


Let's just say, there's a bag of Oreos

and a juice box under the bathroom sink.


I don't think I can fit in there.


Well, when my report card comes,

you know where to find me.

Why don't you take a painkiller?

No, I deserve this pain.

Don't feel bad.

Pissing off Dad is a rite of passage.

You're a Dugan now.


When it happens to me, I just
wait for Riley to screw up

and take the heat.

Oh, I want a brother.

Dinner is served.

Ribs and corn on the cob?

He just had dental surgery.

It's okay, I can lick it.

This is great, Grampy.

- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.

I enjoyed buying,
cooking it and serving it,

because I'm basically
just a butler around here.

Mr. Art, I-I...

I think this whole thing
is a misunderstanding.

- Mm-hmm.
- You are not a bad father.

You're just an American father,
raising American children

in a permissive Western culture.

Permissive, huh?

Yes, and i-it is just different
than what I am used to,

because we are taught to
serve and respect elders

without question.

Oh, I see, so it's not
me you disapprove of,

it's my culture.

You know what I do not disapprove of?

These ribs.

Maybe I don't want my
kids to be afraid of me.

I think it's good that we
all say whatever we think.

Sort of like you on the goofy juice.

- Dad.
- I mean, you're living in my house,

criticizing my country,

coming from a place
where they-they send kids

to work when they're eight.

Those parents are desperate.

That is what 40 years
of war does to a country.

Oh, I suppose that's
America's fault, too?

Don't answer that.

No, I want to hear it.

I want to hear the actual truth

out of this guy for once. Sorry, twice.

Fine. Yes. It is America's fault.

And China, Pakistan, Iran, Russia

for using my country as a game board.

Excuse me.

How can you talk to him like that?

Oh, sure, point out all my faults.

I have a bad temper.

You're embarrassing yourself.

See ya.

I don't think I was
supposed to hear any of that.

What are you doing?

Unburdening your father.

Man, you know he didn't mean it.

The worst insult to an Afghan man

is to invite him to your house

and then tell him he is a burden.

Thought the worst insult
was calling someone a pimp.

It is.

And a dog.

We have more than one insult.

It's a rich culture.

I can't stay here.


What are you doing?

I'm coming with you.

No, no, no, no, no. You can't do that.

Why not?

Because if it is a choice
between me and your family,

you should always choose your family.

You are family.

Besides, I'm older than you,
so you have to do as I say.

Mm, we don't know for
sure that you're older

because I don't know my birthday.

Well, you look like a 12-year-old

who had a growth spurt over the summer.

And you look like Superman

if his special power
was drinking too much.


Your culture is good at insults.

But thermal expansion
is not just affecting humans...

What you watching?

Documentary about climate change.

Can't find the remote?


Mind if I join you?


It's a free country, unlike Afghanistan.

Oh, good, you've moved on.

I mean, the guy tells
me how to be a parent.

He doesn't even have kids.

You're not a quarterback,

but you're always yelling
at the TV, "Throw it."

Well, Baker Mayfield
doesn't live with me.

And if he did, I'd show him

how to beat the freaking Steelers.

Ugh. Climate change.

Want to watch?

Oh, no, I get it. We're doomed.

Yeah, sorry, kiddo.

Add it to the list of
things I screwed up.

Yeah, I'm gonna wait for Mom outside.

Are you sure we don't
want to go to a motel?

Wow, I remember when you
could lean against a rock

and sleep standing up.

Now you want to hang out in a motel

like The Great Gatsby.

There is no way you read that book.

They made it into a book?

Come on, man, we finally
get to use our sweet gear.

We got headlamps, camp stove.

Oh, bro, look at this.
Look at this, look at this.

It's a cup. Where'd it go?

Oh, there it is again.

You cannot do that in a motel.

You absolutely could.

You and I have had fun roughing it

in way worse places than this.


And if it gets cold, we
can always build a sandali.

That's the spirit.

What's a sandali?

Oh, you put a pot of hot
coal under a low table

and cover it with a blanket,
then you get under the blanket.

It is the warmest thing in the world.

How do you not die of
carbon monoxide poisoning?

Sometimes you do, but it
is a very cozy way to go.

You guys are running away from home?

Are you ten?

How did you find us?

With my eyeballs,
you're across the street.

I can't live in your
father's house anymore.

So you decided to build a fort?

Should I even be here?
Are girls allowed?

This is a serious thing.

He insulted Al and his country.

Look, what Dad said is not cool,

but he is a very stubborn man,
and if you don't apologize,

we're gonna have another Uncle Charlie.

Uncle Charlie?

Dad and his brother had
a fight 15 years ago,

and they haven't spoken since.

Oh, what was the fight about?

How to pronounce "wheelbarrow."

Isn't it "wheelbarrel"?

That's how it started.

Just come in the house.

Send Dad out here to
apologize and we'll come in.

And give him his remote.

Al, aren't you the reasonable one?

Mr. Art doesn't want me there.

He doesn't want any of us there.

No. His respect for me
has collapsed like a cup.

I wish I lived with girls.

So, you're sure you
don't want to do a motel?

What are you doing out here?

Your brother's a piece of work.

Oh, drinking.

He sided with Al instead
of his own father.

Maybe I did screw him up.

Al's wrong.

Is he?

Ain't been wrong about nothing yet.

Kid's a damn genius.

Come on, nobody walks all over you.

You're a total hard-ass.

In high school, I hated you.

Eh, you're just saying
what I want to hear.

Come on, you're a great dad.

No, I failed you.

I'm the reason you are...

how you are.

I like who I am.

No, you don't.

Look at that hair.

Am I talking to my daughter
or a damn peacock?

Okay, I chose these colors myself.

Stop rubbing it in.

This reminds me of those nights on watch

where the choice was talk
to you or die of boredom.

Yeah, remember that time
we spent the whole night

listing all the foods we'd eaten?

Oh, yes. Apples, apricots...

Okay. We don't have to do it again.

Do you think your father
will ever forgive me?

Forgive you?

He was a total ass.

- Ah, don't say that about him.
- It's true.

It doesn't matter.

So, seriously, you think just

'cause he's the oldest
person in our house

he can never be wrong?

Well, even if he is,
you don't bring it up.

That makes no sense to me.

When you were in the Marines,

did you ever tell a general
he was wrong?


I politely noted we were
driving in the wrong direction.

Hmm. And what happened?

Uh, he couldn't hear me.
I said it really quietly.

You never had a fight with your dad?

No, I-I would never.

But I was also very young when he died.

That is why this is so hard.

Mr. Art is the closest
thing to a father I have.

Ugh. You and me both.

I feel awful for driving a wedge

- between a son and his father.
- Oh, stop.

I never thought I would
become a home-wrecker.

Mm, home-wrecker means
something completely different.

Don't ask me how I know.




- Dad. Dad, wake up.
- What? What?

- Lizzie got in a car crash.
- What?

- She's in the hospital.
- Is she okay?

I don't know. Come on.

Uh, Mr. Art, I hope you can forgi...

Not now.

I'll go back and find a nurse.


Hello, anybody work here?

- Mr. Art, again, I wanted to say...
- Can we not?

I have to.

This is all my fault.

If I had never opened my mouth,

we would never have been in a fight.

You would not be drinking.

She would not have left.

This all started with me.

Started long before you showed up.

Oh, Mr. Art,

you could not be further
away from a bad father.

I said what I said when I was on drugs.

Who cares?

It's the truth.

When Lizzie wanted to
move back home, I let her.

Maybe I should have
made her go to school.

And everything with Riley...

I mean, I pushed him into the Marines

since the day he was born.

He enlisted during a war,
and all I could think of was,

"Damn, that kid's brave."

I had no idea.

The years I spent with Riley,

I don't remember a single time
he blamed you for anything.

And when he talked about you,

he spoke with so much love and respect.

I also feel that way about you.

I know.

She's okay.

Just dislocated her
shoulder and banged her head.

Oh, thank God.

You guys made up?

All right, then,

here's your remote.

Son of a bitch.

When you apologize to me,
you get the batteries.

You never take a man's remote.

- You in pain?
- Yeah.

I was talking to her.

Two aspirin for you,
and two aspirin for you.

Thank you.


You know, the second you feel better,

I'm-a yell at you for being so stupid.


I mean, texting and driving?

You said you were gonna wait.

Oh, I am.

Here you go, Dad. Eat up.

Thanks, son.

Mom says it only works
with your own teeth.