Unforgotten (2015–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Episode #4.1 - full transcript


# I love you more and more... #

Yeah, put 'em on top
of the other one. Easy!

That's it.

Just there, mate.


3-0, mate. Oh, my days.

FA Cup, mate, who gives a toss?

You do, mate!




What is it?
Hold the work, Gav! Hold it.

# All we do is hide away

# All we do is
All we do is hide away

# All we do is lie in wait

# All we do is
All we do is lie in wait

# I've been upside down

# I don't wanna be
The right way round

# Can't find paradise
On the ground. #

No, the girls will do it.

'The girls?'
Why would I pay someone to pack

when I've got children
I can exploit?

Wow. Do they wanna do mine?

'I'm sure we can
come to some arrangement.'

Listen, I've gotta go.

Will I see you tonight?'

Dunno, got a feeling it's gonna be
a late one. I'll call you.

OK, love you.
'Love you, too.'

You ready?

Yeah, all good.


What time you in?

You want me to drive you?
Hm, no, thanks.

I need to be on my own
for half an hour.

Prepare myself. Calm myself.

Adam! The estate agent's
coming at ten. I want you up!

21 years old...

OK, well, I might as well
head back down now,

beat the afternoon traffic.

You're going back down? Yeah.
I've got the interview tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, of course. Sorry, sorry.

I mean,
I could try to reschedule...

No, no, no, it's not a problem,
I was just...

Right, I'm coming up
with a bucket of water!

So I asked her to clean one little
chimney, one tiny little chimney,

social services are involved.

I mean, it's not like
she was a little kid or anything,

this was when she was 12,
for crying out loud.

This is a joke, isn't it?
I get it. Very funny.

Hello, boss.
Hey, Murray, tell me.

The owner found the body
first thing,

round the side of that heap there.

We've marked and filmed the spot
where it was found.

Now, security is very good.

Lot of valuable metal on site,
so the owner doesn't think

it could've been dumped illicitly.

Out of hours, I mean.


Best guess is,
part of a regular drop,

maybe inside something?

And what are their records like?

Fully compliant.

I've asked for the last 48 hours
to get started.


Let's have a look.


Oh, hey, Sunny, how you doing?

Yeah, fine, thanks, Leanne.


So what do we think, age-wise,
20, 30?

It's hard to tell for sure
without teeth,

but, from the general condition
of the body, yeah,

a relatively young adult male.

Can you tell if the wounds
were pre or post-mortem?

I think post, no obvious
vital reaction around the wounds

to the naked eye, but I need
to take a closer look in the lab.

Also, this sort of mutilation
is usually done post-mortem,

to facilitate disposal
and obscure ID.

Any obvious cause of death?

No, not that I can see.

I need to get him back to the lab
and open him up.

All I can see externally that's odd
is this.

Looks kind of wrinkled.

And when I first saw it,
I wasn't sure what it was,

but it sort of looked familiar.

And after I took a temperature,
I realised exactly what it was.

This was my thermometer. It snapped
in two after I tried to insert it.

I was more careful with my spare
and got a reading.

The inside of the body is minus 15.


And those marks...

You know when you put
a piece of meat in the freezer

without wrapping it properly

and it develops
a kind of weird wrinkle pattern?

I think that's what we have here.


What a day, what a day.

Oh, that is definitely your colour.

Hey... that's for you.

Thank you, Chacha Ram.



You're late.

Oh, don't give me grief, mate,
I've got a monster hangover.


Ah, Ramjeet, my gorgeous boy.
How are you?

Very well, Mama, happy birthday.
How are you today?

Oh, not so bad. Yesterday,
not so good, but today, so-so...

Well, if I'd had as many 70ths as
you, I'd be pretty happy, you know.

All right, chuckles?

So, who thinks
they deserve a present?

Oh, you shouldn't have...


And are we sure about carpet?

It's warmer.

Makes it feel more welcoming.
More like you're at home.

Although maybe people don't wanna
feel like they're at home?

Maybe they wanna feel like
they're in a medical setting.

Well, we can't afford real wood.
And veneer looks pony, so...

Well, I'm just saying,
for the consulting rooms.

Give it a bloody rest, Geoff,
please... It's just a suggestion.

I mean,
I don't even wanna be here.

This is not even my idea, so...

It's hard enough as it is

without you spending money
we do not have.

Carpet it is.


Yeah. Yeah. Hang on.

Can you zip over to my brother's
office tomorrow after work? Why?

Just mortgage stuff.
Last few forms. Is there a problem?

Well, apparently, you've been
laundering money for the Ruskies...

Six OK?

Yep, that's cool.
We'll be there at six.

Yeah, and can you bring
that statement of earnings...


So, why the hell
would you screw a freezer door shut?

Right. Well, that looks very much
like blood to me.

And if it's his,
we might just have a shout

in finding out who he is
and maybe where he comes from.

They just won't budge, I'm so sorry.

As I say, they're very happy with
the first six months as sick leave,

and they're happy to go
half pay for another six,

but, er... they just won't allow
a medical retirement.

Which obviously still leaves you
three months shy

of your full 30 years.

And I'm as angry as you are.

Because I know five years ago,

they just would have waved this
through without a second thought.

Maybe, in five years, they will.

But... now?

You know what it's like, Cass.

They're still counting
every single penny.

And what was that figure again?
What does it equate to, exactly?

Erm... It's, er...


That I'd lose. Despite me not being
able to come back three months ago.

Which they say - they, not me -

is not the case.

And what the fuck do they know?


They're bean counters.

Never done a single day on the job
in their lives.

Meaning they have not one
single scintilla of an idea

what 30 years of -
sorry, 29 years and nine months -

of doing this job does to a person.

29 years and nine months
of having to mop up the...

..blood and the tears and the...

rage and the despair,
on a daily basis.

This judgement
does not recognise that, Sir.

This judgment does not
cut me any slack.

And, again, I'm, er...
I'm so sorry, Cass.

Yeah, well. Me too.

We'll need to go back to them.

What do you want me to say?
I dunno, I need to think.


Hey, Eugenia.
Hello, Elizabeth.

I'm going to head straight up.

Hello, Mum.




Mahler's fifth, fourth movement.

You can't really cut that short.

You never really
caught that particular bug, did you?

What bug's that?

I love music.
Proper music, I mean.

Nothing but classical is proper,
is it?

I know your father always
found that rather disappointing.

He would've loved
to have shared his passion with you.

Oh, well,
we found lots else to share.


Not really.

So, what have you planned today,

Oh, today, I'm going roller skating,

and tonight I thought I might
head into town and try a club (!)

Oh, we're in that sort of mood,
are we?

Today, I will be mainly lying in
bed, Elizabeth, wishing I was dead,

because everyone I ever loved,

liked, or enjoyed spending time
with, already is.


Well, thanks for that.

Well, if you will ask
such asinine questions.

OK. Er, enjoy your lunch,
I'll see you tomorrow.


This soup is cold.

I'll ask Eugenia to heat it up.

OK, I'm gonna get straight onto that
now, boss.

OK, no worries,
I'll head back with Murray.

So, this model was only
manufactured between 1998 and 2008,

discontinued 12 years ago.

Is that useful?

What, in terms of working out
how long he's been dead, you mean?

Well, coulda just stuck it
in this one last week.

Just pulled this out of
the back pocket of his tracksuit.

Oh, man, a Marathon!
What's a Marathon?

that's what they used to call them.

They used to call Snickers

Didn't they do a reboot of Marathon
last year, or...?

Did they?
This looks like paper, though,

wouldn't the reboot
have been plastic? Yeah, maybe.

When did they change it, originally,
I mean? God knows, ten years ago?


What did we do before Google,
how was life even worth living?

Yeah, there are three ways you make
money from a charity event, Jill.

There's before, on,
and after the night.

By far the most important of those
is after,

that's where the real money's made.

So, it would be great to get
some more lots for the auction,

but we've got less than a week to go
and I think our priority now

has to be
to get those last two tables sold.

And the richer the better, please.


OK, well, look...
Yeah, lovely to talk to you, too,

and thank you so much
for all your hard work so far.

Yeah, and I will see you Wednesday.

Yeah. OK. Bye-bye.



You've got to see this.


# And eyes and ears
And mouth and nose

# Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

# Knees and toes... #

I thought we were
practising spelling our names today.

Oh, my gosh!

# Heads, shoulders
Knees and toes... #

Go on.
You sing, Dad!


I can't stand here and sing,

I've got very important meetings
to go to,

I am a very important man.

I don't know. Erm...

I think we'd all like
to hear you sing and dance.


If this ends up on Facebook,
you're dead to me.

Come on.


# Heads, shoulders, knees and toes #

Touch your toes!

# Eyes... ears... mouth... nose... #

That's it.

# Heads, shoulders
Knees and toes... #

I'm so sorry.

What are you gonna do?
What can I do?

There's always projects, Cass,
jump on one of those.

Or take a job in admin or... I'm not
taking a job in fucking admin.

OK. Well, come back in with us,

And lose it again?

It was one man.

You think?

It was everything, Sunny.

It was Finch,
it was 30 years of doing this shit,

it was the Walker case,
what I did...

What we did.

And being away from it,
the questions fade.

Well, they don't go away,
but they fade.

I.... I don't know what to say,

Nope. Me neither.

How's John?
Yeah, good, thanks.

And the boys? Er, Adie's
driving me nuts but, yeah,

all good
in the broad scheme of things.

How's your dad?

I told you it was rapid onset?


Um, so, lots of memory issues,

but lots of anger, too,
and depression.

How aware do you think he is
of it all?

Oh, often very.

Which is where
the mood swings come from.

It's completely terrifying for him.

Oh, shit.

Cass, I'm really sorry.

I'd better head.

Ran into Jake earlier,
he told me about the case.

Fiver if you know
when Marathons changed to Snickers.


Way out, 1990.
Oh, wow. Where did my life go?

Yeah, the victim, erm, had
a Marathon wrapper in his pocket

we're checking it for DNA.

And Jake said you think
he'd been kept in a freezer?

Pretty sure now.

The lab's confirmed traces of blood
in a freezer found near the body.

What, and you're thinking
he'd been in there since the '90s?


Weird. Why would someone
keep a body for 30 years?

Do you know yet
how it got to the dump?

Murray's going through their records

and we're checking mispers
two years either side of 1990.

The victim had a Millwall tat
on his arm, which will help. Hm.

I gotta go.

It was lovely to see you.

Sorry I'm grumpy.

Well, luckily, I'm very nice,
so I forgive you.

When you find the right vehicle,
check to see what else they dumped.

Cos there might be a second freezer,
that has the rest of him in it.

Still got it.



Ah, of course.

The windowsill.

What is it with you
and the windowsill?

Reminds me where I came from, innit,

Reminds me of a day,
40 years ago, sitting here,

looking down, feeling half petrified
and half "fuck, yeah."

First time ever we showed 'em
we weren't the smiley, waggly-headed

It Ain't Half Hot, Mum twats
they wanted us to be.

Hm, it's good to be reminded of that
every once in a while...

..cos we both know it ain't over.

Nowhere near.

No, no, that's really helpful,
thanks. Thank you.

So, the serial number
on the freezer?

It links
to a purchase made in August 2001,

from a branch of Curry's in Croydon.

Please tell me you have a name?

I have a name. Mr Robert Fogerty.

Brilliant. Address?

Address no longer existing,

it was a block of flats
demolished seven years ago.

Sorry, did you just say Fogerty?


I was on the phone to the firm
that dumped the freezer.

They're a household clearance firm,

and they're actually
contracted by Haringey Council,

but the house they cleared,
the house the freezer came from,

was owned by a Mr Robert Fogerty.

Get in.

He died two months ago.


Hi, Claire.
Oh, hi, Dean.

Er, these need signing,
it's the Morrison contracts.

OK. And then these are the VAT
exemptions for the Belgian deal.

And then a man called Felix called?


No message, just asked
if you could call him asap.

He said you'd know what it
was about. Right, OK.

Erm, can you take that to the post
for me?



You're not meant to be here.

Yeah, I changed the interview
to next week.


Oh, my love.

That is very sweet of you,
thank you.

I'm so pleased to see you.

What a great day I've had.

They didn't...
Yeah, they did.


Cos of three lousy months?

Listen, I need to be at my dad's
in half an hour

so I'm gonna have a quick shower,

and then I'll tell you about it
on the way.

So, he lived here alone?

He'd been dead about six weeks,
so you can imagine the state of him.

House was disgusting, as well,
rubbish everywhere.

And do you know what he died of?
Heart attack, they think.

He weren't old.
Late 40s, apparently,

but the neighbours said
he drank from morning to night.

So, this is where it was.

It was still plugged in,
electricity still on,

it had this odd bracket on it,
so you couldn't open it.

OK. You didn't think it was...
unusually heavy?

I didn't really give it any thought,
to be honest.

The money was rubbish,
it always is for the Council.

It was a get in and get out job.

Plus, we knew it
was going to the dump anyway, so...

And there was definitely
no other freezer in the house? No.


And what about everything else,

the furniture, personal possessions?

That's at our warehouse,
waiting to get sorted. OK.

And no relatives took anything
before you came in?

There were no relatives.
No will, apparently, no nothing.


So, DC Collier here
will need to go through

everything that you removed
from the house.


Because the body that we found
in this freezer, sir, was not whole

and you might be storing
the rest of him.


Bottom line, I know, unequivocally,
I don't wanna go back.

I've already given the job
everything I have.

So, the only other option
is giving up the money.

And for what it's worth, I think we
could absolutely manage without it.

And if it was just you and me,
yeah, I think we could.

But I've no idea what my dad
might need in the next year or two.

So I think...

I actually have no choice.



DI Sunny Khan.

Oh, hi, Leanne.

How are you doing?
Yeah, all good. Good.


I've got 31 blokes here
who chose to get a Millwall tattoo.


I will never cease to be amazed
by the vagaries of human nature.

So, no obvious cause of death.
'Not with what I have.'

Nothing from toxicology either,

which would suggest
if there is anything to find,

it's gonna be with the head.

So, we need the rest of him.

I'll call you.
'OK. Bye.'


Well, I think they're perfectly
within their rights. Really?

Listen, they want and need
people to stay for 30 years,

so if they start making exceptions
for someone

who's just had enough...
"Just had enough"?

..tomorrow, some bloke comes along
and says,

"Oh, well, in that case,
can I finish six months earlier?"

I haven't "just had enough,"
I've been off sick.

Yeah, well,
that's another bloody con.

Another what?

I mean, you lot, you take a day off
if you break a... a thing...

What's that at the end of my...
A fingernail...

A fucking fingernail!
And who pays for it, eh? Us.

Bloody muggins taxpayers.

Your sick pay, your pensions.

Jesus Christ, I'd have died
to have had a pension like you get.

Which I have been paying into
for 30 years.

29 years and nine months,
I think you'll find.

We should be heading,
early start tomorrow.



Sorry about that,
it's not him, it's...

I know, it's fine, and I'm sure
you have it much worse than me.

No, he seems OK with me.

And, listen, obviously,
tonight wasn't the right time,

but when you get a moment,

I know he wants to talk to you
about his will.

His will? He keeps mentioning it,
it's making him stressed,

so how about I call you
and we get a date in the diary?

Sure, whatever.

Night, Jenny.

And then each month is basically
a montage of the photos

taken of us that month
in the last 11 years.

Molls, that is so lovely, thank you.
She's gonna love that.

Did you hear that, matey?

Have you sorted something out
for Mother's Day? Mother's Day?

Oh, my God, Sam, I have reminded
you a thousand times.

OK, come on, guys, we're late.

Well, if you're sure?
Cos there are any number of projects

I could assign you to. Your skills
would be invaluable and...

No, if I have to be here,
I might as well do what I do.

And I'm up to speed
on the Fogerty case

so I'll start straight away on that
if that's OK.

Sure. And I'll get occ health

to devise a structured return
timetable, ease you in. Whatever.

It's only three months, Cass.

It's a good thing to remind them of,
even if it does feel forced. Sorry?

Sunday. Mother's Day.

Oh. Yeah.

The messed up families
I see on a daily basis...

And not having known my own parents.

It's good to remind them
just how lucky they are.

Have a good day.

Morning, Pearl.
Morning, Fiona.

Elizabeth? Do you have five minutes?

I'm actually in a bit of a rush,
Eugenia, but...

Yeah, sure, what's up?

I'm thinking of leaving.


Right, er...

I'm sorry to hear that.
Do you mind if I ask why?

The work is... hard.

Your mother can be difficult,
I am sure you know this. Yes.

But it's a good job.

It's satisfying and worthwhile,
I hope,

and I'm lucky, I know this.

But I'm struggling with the money.

I've been working here
for three years,

and my pay has only gone up
by £1 an hour in that time.

Which is actually
more than inflation

and more than the going rate
for the job.

I'm sure.

All I can say is....
I struggle.

I'm not greedy, but...
rent goes up, heating bills go up,

and I am working as many hours
as I can possibly work, but...

..life is very hard for me
and my daughter,

very hard.

And I don't want to lose you.

Maybe we can speak
at the end of the week?

Please, I would appreciate that
very much.

OK, no problem.

And thank you for listening.

The problem is, Kai...
the repeated lying.

It benefits no-one.

And certainly not you.

Because if we lie
to the people closest to us,

it destroys trust, of course.

But, also,
it stops people knowing us.

Or being able to understand us.

And if you can't
understand someone...

..how can we ever begin to help them
when they're struggling?




Hi, boss.



So, what did you say to them?

What you told me to,
that you didn't want a fuss.

Yeah, more of a fuss than that.

That was like I went out
to get a cup of bleedin' tea.

You OK?


Just gonna keep my head down, Sunny.

Do the job, not get too involved.

It'll be fine.
It will.

So, Fogerty, where are we?

OK, erm, so we got one little
tickle on the intel system,

a PNC record for a drink drive
conviction from 1990.

1990? Marathon year, OK,

Exactly. Erm, it says there are
further details on the microfiche,

so I've made an application
to get them.

Good. Jake's on his way
to the house clearance company,

to go through everything
they took and didn't dump.


And, most importantly, we're pretty
sure we've identified the victim.

Mr Fogerty, I presume.



And that's its heart, there.

God, you never get blase

about seeing their hearts
for the first time, do you?

What number's this, then?

It's my third, her first.

Oh, congratulations.
Thank you.

My first day on this unit.
Well, we'll stick together.

And they said on your site
you could tell us the sex?

We can,
but not this early, I'm afraid.


Look at him, he's literally
gonna explode with impatience.

Well, at least he's in
the right place. God...

Just remind me of your age again,

Why do you need to know her age?

No, no, all good. Tell you what,
just wait ten seconds

and I'm gonna have a quick word
with my colleague.

You... Why d'you need to...


Can't get the staff these days.

We think his name was Matthew Kieran
Walsh, otherwise known as Matt.

He was 24 years old
when he disappeared,

he was an apprentice electrician.

This was one of several photos
given to the original investigation

by his girlfriend at the time,
a Karen Chambers.

If you compare the tattoo
to the one from the autopsy,

you can see this distinct
snake design.

It's pretty unique,

I've been on Millwall
tattoo websites

and I've not seen anything else
like it.

When did he go missing?

He was last seen
on 30th March 1990,

near Copsefield Park, West Hendon,

which is about a mile
from where he lived, actually.

Any good leads at the time?

I'm trying to locate
the original files,

all that's from the misper database.

And do we have any next of kin?

We're trying to find up-to-date
contact details right now.

I'll come straight down.

Well, it's not too late.
I mean, she's gonna hate it anyway.

She'll be OK as long as we sit her
next to your friends,

it's just mine
she'll be unbearably snobby to.


All I'm saying... All I'm saying...

..is this is meant to be
the happiest day of our life.

It will be.

And I just don't want that
evil old cow to spoil anything.

I have to invite her, babe,
she's my mum.

She won't spoil anything.

I promise, I won't let her.

You're a mystery to me sometimes,
Elizabeth Baildon.

I would've put her out to pasture
years ago.

Come on. Present list.


This just came through,
which is interesting...

The front page of the Fogerty
drink drive stop.

Oh, yeah.
So, first of all,

the time, date,
and where he was stopped.

11:37 at night, March 30th 1990,
on Colebridge Road,

which turns out
to be less than a mile away

from the location of the last known
sighting of Matthew Walsh,

which was walking down
Townmead Road, near Copsefield Park,

at 10:55.

So, less than a mile away
on exactly the same night.

OK. So, this is good, no?

Yeah, I think so,

cos here you've got Walsh,
spotted alive and well

just before 11,

and then you've got the guy
in whose house we find Walsh's body,

stopped in his car, just
down the road, 40 minutes later.

With, we might reasonably presume,
Walsh's body now in the car?

I think if you were a gambling man,
that's a strong possibility.

Now, that's all fine. That all fits.

What's curious is when
you read the traffic officer's notes

on the arrest.
What was the cop's name?

Alan Hamilton, so if you look
at his notes there,

you'll see that
when Fogerty was pulled over...

Oh, wow.

There were four other people
in the car with him.


Hi, is that Felix?

Hi, Felix, it's Dean. Dean Barton.

'Dean Barton, hey, mate, long time.
Thanks for getting back to me.'

Yeah, no problem, sorry it, er,
took a while,

I couldn't find your number

'No worries.'
So, what's up?

'Right, well, listen, Dean,
bottom line, I need a favour.'

Oh, yeah? What sort of favour?

'I've been let down
by a massive shipment.

'With its passage, I mean,
from Calais to here.

'And I was wondering
if you could possibly help me out.'

Yeah, I don't do that any more,
Felix. You know that.

It's 11 years now.

I don't have the contacts any more.

I'm just an ordinary businessman
these days.

So I'm not the guy.
Erm, you need someone else.

I mean, how much
are we even talking about?


Well, weirdly, I actually remember
this incident remarkably well.

Oh, OK.

Good. Why?

Well, cos it was so strange.

Nothing like this
had ever happened to me before

or, indeed, ever happened again.


Go on.

So, as it says here,
the car was speeding,

that's why we pulled it over

and when the driver got out,

I could smell alcohol
on his breath.

He didn't seem drunk,
but we did a test and he failed it,

so, obviously, I had to nick him,
which was when he started to cry.

And he was a big lad, tall.

But he was crying like a child,
like he was utterly broken-hearted.

It was upsetting, you know?

Because, well,
he seemed like a nice enough kid.

I mean, he'd been silly,
but as I said to him,

he'd get a couple of points
on his licence and a year ban,

but it wasn't the end of the world.

Which is when he told me.

He was driving back
from a party in Hendon.

A celebration party.

A celebration party for what?

Passing out.


He was a probationer
who'd just qualified,

and he was crying because he knew...

Well, he knew
he'd just fucked his entire career.

And the others, in the car.

Had they been at the same party?


That's why it's stayed in my head
all these years.

Because all five of them...

..were newly qualified coppers.