Unforgotten (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

With Sara's revelation about her past to her husband sending shock waves through their domestic bliss, she fights to make him understand.

♪ All we do is hide away

♪ All we do is, all we do is hide away

♪ All we do is lie and wait

♪ All we do is,
all we do is lie and wait

♪ I've been upside down

♪ I don't wanna be the right way round

♪ Can't find paradise on the ground ♪

- Hi.
- Hey.

- I thought you'd be asleep.
- No, Flo had a nightmare.

Oh, no. Is she all right now?

Fine, yeah. I think she's just
feeling a bit unsettled.

Yeah, sorry about that,

the brief came in
just as I was leaving and...

Well, your clerk said that
you weren't in the office?

Well, I went to The Oaks to have
some supper while I worked.

What was it like, Col?

The city in the '80s.

Was it really as brutal
as everyone says?

Why don't you just ask me
outright, Simon?

Did it screw me up so much
I could have killed someone?

Did it?

No, it didn't.

I know I've messed up here,
hugely, but, please...


Can I never have to answer
that question again?

- Hello.
- Hi.

I went for a drive.

To... think how I could explain
to you...

...what happened to me.
- What happened to you?

So someone did this to you, did they?

You had nothing to do
with this decision?

Of course I had something to do with it.

What I wanted to explain was,
at that point in my life,

I believed, wrongly, obviously...

...that I had no other choices.

Since when does becoming

a prostitute end up
a woman's only choice in life?

What has to have gone wrong

for that to be the best option
available to you?

I mean, you weren't a kid, Sara.

This was 1989, so you were 21!

And I... I know you lost your parents,

and I know school hadn't worked out
for you and I know life had been tough.

But this?

So, please... Please explain to me,
what happened in your life

that made having sex with men
for money your only option?

I don't know.

I just...

I'd lost my way.

And this man, the one that died.

I was abroad when he died,
Hass, it wasn't me.


It was when I was in Italy.

You've heard me talk about
Italy a million times, it was then.

And you can prove that,
can you, the specific dates?

To you or the police?

To the police.

I don't know, I think so.

I think I have photos,
but I'd need to check.

But if I can't, Hass,

I swear on our children's lives,

whatever happened to him, it wasn't me.

I'm going to sleep
in the spare room tonight.

- Please, Hassan...
- We never speak to anyone else

about this, Sara.
It never leaves our house.

Please. Ever.

You've... You've broken my heart,
my love.

You've broken my heart.

Thank you for coming with me.

It helped, having you there.

You know, um, my kids,
they're not much younger than you,

and, erm, their dad, he died,
when they were little.

And I know it's different,
because you've only just learnt about...

But if you ever wanted to compare notes,

over a beer,
I think they'd be very happy to.

You know there's something
not right with me, don't you?

And with my "wiring".

So this is, what I'm saying is, erm,
I'd like a beer,

but I never really get asked, so, erm...

I might be shit at it.

Well, luckily they're both
very good at "beer",

so I'm sure they could
show you the ropes.

Shall I text you with some dates?

Yeah. Yeah. I'd like that.


Er, thanks again.

- Hope you feel better.
- Thanks, sweetheart.

- Bye, Mum.
- Bye.

- Yousef?
- I'm late!

And we haven't been able to
locate any details of your movements

between your last contact with David
and when you reported him missing,

so, er, is it possible that
you could just, you know,

jot something down for us?

You want me to remember what I
was doing for 48 hours, 27 years ago?

Tragically, I'm sure those few days
are ingrained in your memory.

Yeah, I'll do my best.

Thank you, Tessa. Speak to you soon.


Okay. So what about Colin?

I presume that a place like
the Maudsley is secure?

Well, it'd have secure units,
but it's not a prison,

so I'd imagine if you wanted to get out,
you could.

To kill a man.

Fran's talking to the hospital today,

checking up on what records
they have of her.

And any joy with Sinead Quinn?

Not yet. We do know that
she was released from Holloway Prison

under the Good Friday Agreement, but...

- Yeah.
...that's about it so far.


- Marion?
- Hmm?

Zoe was supposed to be here
for an 11:30 chemo?

Oh, do you want me to call her parents?

Er, no, it's fine, I'll do it.

Mr Osborne left us in late March, 1990,

following an incident here,
on the evening of March the 16th, 1990.

An allegation was made by a temp,
by the name of,

er, Maria Gonzalez,

that at some point during
a bonus celebration party,

a serious sexual assault was
perpetrated by Mr Osborne,

on Ms Gonzalez,
in an office lavatory cubicle.

What sexual assault?

Er, she said he raped her.

Sorry, we've done a full sweep
of Mr Osborne's criminal history

and there's no record
of any rape allegation.

Well, no, there wouldn't be.

It was handled internally.

For various reasons,
it was never reported to the police.

- I'm sorry.
- Are you dumb, bruv?

Leave him alone.

Hey, Yousef? Come on, what's up?

So you are not under arrest,
and you're free to end this interview

whenever you like.

So, can I ask you, Sara,
what services you offered?

Just normal.

Just straight sex?


Which is what your friend
Samir Khan said.

However, we do now know that, er,

David Walker's sexual tastes
were not that normal.

That he both liked to hurt
and be hurt by women.

University College Hospital,
less than a couple of 100 yards

from your old King's Cross flat.

Do you remember attending UCH A&E

on the 16th of February, 1990?

The evening of the same day, in fact,

that you sent your address
to David Walker's pager.


Well, the hospital records show

that you presented
with a suspected dislocated jaw.

You don't recall sustaining
this rather serious injury?

Not really, it was
an occupational hazard.

Well, indeed.

And we we're wondering whether it was
David Walker that inflicted this injury.

I don't remember him.

And the next time he turned up,

- he got even more violent with you...
- No.

- And in self-defence...
- No, I don't remember this man, and...

When he was murdered,
I was living in Italy.

So you say you left the UK
in March, Sara,

and you went to Europe for nine months?

I don't "say it", I did.

Where did you stay?

Hostels, pensions. I moved around.

- Was that on your own?
- Yeah.

- Did you work?
- Yeah, in bars and clubs.

- So, you have no payslips or...
- It was cash in hand.

And did you make any friends
who could vouch for you?

I made friends, yeah, er,
the sort you do on holiday, but...

None I could remember 30 years later.


We just need some proof, Sara,
that you...

I've already said, check...

Passport records or however you do it.

We're in the process of
doing that, but it's not that easy,

so anything else you can give us
will be enormously helpful.

Okay, thank you for your time.


Sorry, one thing.

Just upping sticks like that,
and heading off abroad for nine months,

that's quite a big deal, isn't it?

Anything in particular prompt that move?

It wasn't any one thing
if that's what you're implying.

It was my life.

I knew if I'd stayed any longer
I would have died.

And I wanted to live.

We'll be in touch.

Well, the parents thought she was here,
so when I called,

they then looked in her room
and they found her diary.

Were you drinking with her
two nights ago, Marion?

Absolutely not.

I mean, I was in the pub,
but I went there on my own.

But you told her to leave,
that she was underage,

- and it was completely inappropriate?
- Yes, I did.

Well, then, can you explain
why it says in her diary

that you bought her a Malibu and orange.

- I bought her one drink.
- Oh...

And then I let her sit with me for
two minutes and then I left.

Okay, well, I need to speak
to my line manager,

actually I think you need to go home.

- What?
- How can you not get

that this has completely
overstepped the boundaries?

- Nicola, please...
- She's a 17-year-old kid

with a very weakened immune system.

And you're meant to be caring for her,
not getting her drunk.

- Nicola...
- Look, your judgement's gone.

I'm so sorry. I... I...

I'm not in a very good place
at home at the moment,

there's a few things in my
personal life that are going wrong.

Can you please just let me
speak to the parents?

Nope, you're going absolutely
nowhere near the parents,

they're on their way over here now.
I can tell you they're not happy.

- Go home, Marion.
- Did she... Did she say anything,

in her diary, about where she was going?

No, and she's not answering her phone.
No one has any idea where she is.

And it was a woman
who made the allegation?

Yes, why?

Because Colin Osborne's gay.


Well, I'm gonna try and track her down

and I've got the name of the lawyer
from Klein Egerton

who handled it at the time,
and I think he's still alive.

- We'll speak to you later.
- Okay, Guv.

So maybe it was this
that actually prompted his breakdown.

The timing seems a bit
coincidental, doesn't it?

Although, how it connects
to David Walker...

If it even does.

If it even does. Yeah.

You took your time, fam.

Whatever it is, bruv,
it can't be that bad.

Mate, I'm telling you.

Yeah, except you ain't.

You got to swear, Mus,
you never tell anyone.

Not Ollie, not Piot, no one.

I promise, man, it's cool.

S'up? This is Zoe,
leave a voicemail.

Marion? You okay?

I'm in trouble, Tony.

- Where are you?
- Borough Market.

Okay, stay there, I'm coming now.

We need more.

We need to buy furniture
and stuff, five ain't enough.

I told your boyfriend, no more.

I'll tell them about the car.

Go ahead, tell them, you're not
getting another fucking cent out of me.

- Boss?
- Jake.

So, I just had a phone call
off the woman that researched

- the society photos of David Walker?
- Right.

This is the woman from the local
Conservative Party office?

Yeah, name of Mandy Halcross.

It turns out she's worked there
for years, in one capacity or another,

but her very first job there
was in 1989,

her mum ran the canteen

and she used to help out
during the summer holidays.


So she was 12 years old
in the summer of '89.

And she's never told anyone this before,

as she said she's always
felt too ashamed,

but she just told me that during
that five-week holiday period,

on two separate occasions,

David Walker sexually assaulted her.

- Boss, you there?
- Yeah, I'm here.

How credible did you feel she was?


There were no witnesses,
there'll be no forensic,

er, the suspect's dead, so all
I've got to go on here is instinct.

And I believed her.

It's nearly 30 years
since this happened to her,

I'm the first person
she's ever told, and...

It still ripped her apart
when she did.

There are no newspapers involved,
there's no conspiracy websites,

she has absolutely nothing to gain
by telling me what she did.

So, yeah, I believed her. 100%.

Get everyone together
for a full briefing,

we'll be back in half an hour.


I don't know the man
that they're asking about.

And of course
I would never have hurt anyone.

I mean, I know you know that.

But the thing is the police
have found out some other stuff

about some people
that I hung about with

in the '80s that I shouldn't have.

What people?

I lived in a flat... I shared a flat.

I shared... I shared a bed with a woman

called Sinead Quinn, who, er...

She was a... A Republican.

What do you mean a Republican?

An Irish Republican...



- I was fucked-up, Tony...
- When was this?

Er, it was in the late '80s or so...

This is... This is Enniskillen,

- this is the Baltic Exchange!
- I know.

- How long were you with her for?
- No more than a year.

- A year?
- No, I never met...

- I never saw any of...
- But you slept with someone

who thinks that blowing up
kids is an acceptable way to...

Yeah, but like I said
I was messed-up, Tony.

Oh, yeah, we know
you were messed-up, Marion,

we've known that for years!

What no one's ever had
the remotest idea of is why?

Jesus Christ!

How two sisters from exactly
the same upbringing...

Yeah, I was wondering
how long it would take

before you brought my sister in to this.

No, I'm not bringing
your sister into this.

Oh, God, if you think
she's so marvellous, Tony,

why didn't you just marry her?

I mean, you've clearly always
wanted to fuck her.

Do you know? I have no idea who you are.


Oh, that's it. Walk away, off you go.


You know what, Marion?

I'm beginning to think you could
have done anything!

If he abused a kid, I don't give a toss
what happened to him in the past.

In fact, if he was abused as a kid,
it makes it almost worse,

he'd know...
He'd know how appalling it was.

Except he would have been
a very messed-up human being himself.


Yeah, sorry, don't buy that.

What do you mean you
"don't buy that"?

That's just a fact,
that's not my opinion.

That's a f...

Oh, for God's sake, come on, move! Move!

What's up, bruv?

Oh, my days, Jamal,
you'll never guess what.


Well, he told me not to say
anything, but...


Seriously, what do you
mean you don't buy it?

You really wanna get into this?

A person who's been
sexually abused as a child

will be a very damaged...

Yes, and?

Doesn't give them the right to go
and abuse other kids, does it?

No, of course it doesn't give them
the bloody right,

I'm not talking about
trying to justify it,

I'm talking about
trying to understand...

Yeah, understanding paedophiles, nice.

No. No, no. Whoa.
No, no, hang on, hang on.

When a kid who's been abused goes off
the rails and does something awful,

we don't just dismiss them
as monsters, do we?

Er, no, because they're children.

Right, right, so when does that
kid suddenly stop being deserving

of some understanding?

Is it on their 10th birthday?
Or their 12th? Or their 14th?

- How about when they're an adult?
- Er, no.

That's when we let them
take proper responsibility.

And we punish them
and we protect society from them.

Why the hell does it also mean

we suddenly just stop
trying to understand them,

so maybe they don't do it again?

Because most abuse victims
don't go and abuse others,

and the ones that do, choose to. That
is definitely beyond my understanding.

Are we done?

So, as of today, we are now splitting
the investigation into two strands.

The first will follow our
existing line of enquiry,

that one of our persons of interest
murdered David Walker

because of some connection
around the time of his death.

Sara Mahmoud's as a prostitute,

we're looking at a possible
IRA motive with Marion Kelsey.

And his wife remains of interest,
that's for obvious reasons.

And then Colin Osborne, the only person
so far that we've conclusively proved

actually met David Walker.

Murray, I want you to focus
all your attention now

on finding the Klein Egerton
temp, Maria Gonzalez.

And, Fran, we really need to
speak to Sinead Quinn.

And any news yet on Colin and
Sara's alibis for May the eighth?

- Still waiting on both, I'm afraid.
- Okay, we keep on that.

And then we move
into very different territory.

We already know that David Walker
had a lot of secrets,

and now it seems
we've just found another.

So, myself, Jake and DI Khan are
starting a second line of inquiry,

to investigate
if David Walker was murdered

not because he was going to expose
what happened to him

30 years before his death, and not
because of any of these reasons,

but maybe as retribution for
sexual abuse he committed himself.

Now, two of these, at least,

Colin Osborne and Sara Mahmoud,
have dysfunction in their lives

very consistent with a childhood trauma.

Now, all of them seem to have had
some sort of connection

with David Walker,
in the months before he died.

I think we have to consider
the possibility

that one and maybe all of them,

were victims of David Walker as children

and then years later
took their revenge.

So I want to interrogate every single
aspect of David Walker's adult life,

from when he left school
to when he died.


Thank you.

I assume you're going to speak
to the wife first?

Why don't I do her?

You start chasing down his past.


But obviously she can't read anything
because you've got a password on it?

Oh, Jesus, Col.

I kept meaning to, I just...

I forgot. I'm sorry.

Right, well. What is on there then
that we need to be worried about?


You texted me after I told you
about the police interviewing me...

Oh, you are joking me! Jesus! Colin!

I know, I know.

Okay. Look, she's a smack addict,

so chances are,

ten minutes after she nicked it,
she'd sold it for 20 quid.

Chances are we will be fine.

- Okay?
- Daddy Simon!

I think it's all gonna
be absolutely fine.



I'm not sure. I guess he must
have heard us last night.

And then told someone, who told someone.

I think the school might know, as well.

So we will have to tell the other two.

My colleague, DI Khan,
is speaking to Mrs Halcross again

right now, but from the conversation
we've already had with her,

we're fairly confident that
we're talking about

the indecent assault of a child
under 13.

Oh. If this true, I promise you,

I knew nothing,
absolutely nothing about it.

Which is why I know you'll
want to help us as much as you can.

You don't need to use that.

You know the voice we use to
make them think we're their friend.

I'll tell you what I know
because I'm a decent person,

not because I think you like me.

When we first met, you mentioned
that David did some voluntary work?

What sort of stuff exactly?

He worked at our local hospital.

Erm... At a nearby reform school.

He did stuff for a local
children's charity.

I'm going to need an exact list, please.

The names of the institutions,
and dates.

And the timeline I asked for,

detailing your movements
in the days before his death.

Jason, Jason, no!

He was in tears afterwards.

Er... Good.

Incredibly apologetic.

But I just think he's got enough
crap to deal with right now.

- Assaulting a police officer...
- It wasn't an assault.

Is an incredibly serious offence, Guv.

No, it was an accident.
He was highly emotional.

I don't care whether it was
an accident or not, it's just...

I'm fine.

Well, let's just hope he doesn't go on
to do something more serious, eh?

I'll see you tomorrow.


Grub's up.

What is it?

You're drying up. What is it you want?

Just thought it might make you smile.

'Cause you haven't, in a while.

- That's rubbish, I smile loads.
- Do you?

Well, I would, if you two
didn't spend half your lives

trying to drive me 'round
the bloody bend.

We don't do it deliberately.

I'm sorry, Gem. It's just...

Work's hard and I'm tired.

You want us to stay at Mum's
this weekend, to give you some time off?


Not at all.

We thought
we should tell you the truth

before you heard it
from anyone else, and...

I'm going to speak to the school
tomorrow, let them know what's happened.

What are my friends gonna say? Hmm?

Maybe it might be an idea
for you to take a few days off,

till things blow over.

Do you know the way I deal with it, Ali?

I just see that woman
as a different person.

Sara Alazi was not your mum.

Sara Mahmoud is who she is...

Your lovely mum, my lovely wife.

They're gonna rip the piss out of me.

Ali, there is no need to
swear, all right?

- It's disgusting. It's disgusting.
- Sweetheart. Please. I'm sorry.

- Get off me!
- Ali, stop it!

Get off me!

- What the hell have you done?
- Don't blame me!

You were the one that told everyone.

She was the one
who did it in the first place.

- "She"? Who the hell's "She"?
- Leave me alone.

That's our mother
you're talking about...

Ahmed! Shush! Calm down.

- So where is he now?
- Egham.

They moved there from Winchester.

But you've not been there.

Not yet.

So you are planning to go there?


And what you planning on saying
when you go to Egham?

With his wife there, who's...

...probably never knew
anything about it, either.

I'll wait till he goes outside
on his own.

Right. What, and follow him?

Okay, and then what? Shoestring?

I'll introduce myself.

Mmm... Mmm...

So, talk me through that.

"Hi. Hi, I'm Martin.

"You had sex with my wife 20 years ago.
Just wondered if we could chat?"

It's probably borderline illegal
what you're doing anyway,

and I can't imagine for one second
it's gonna make you feel better.

I mean, he's...

...rich and hilarious and super smart.

Does that make you feel better?

Or he's a horrible runty little goblin
with halitosis.

Does that?

Or he's ordinary. Like you,

Like me. Just walking...

Don't make a joke about
this please, with Adam.

What do you mean, make a... Make a joke?

You do that sometimes,
and you find everything's funny...

I absolutely do not, that is...

Hey, guys.

- Hi.
- Hi.

What happened to your face?

Oh, it's... I, er...
It's a work thing, it's...

Granddad, have you been
beating Mum again?

Not yet, but give it a few days,
she's a cheeky little sod.

Right, beer, and you can make
an old man very happy,

and tell me about your girlfriend.

I have to put
my child first, Tess.

I know you'll understand that.

He'd never hurt Becca, he loves her.

I'm not really talking
about physical violence.

No, no, no, no, Paul.

She's 15...


How can you even begin to suggest...

Well, you clearly had no idea
what sort of person your husband was.

Why should it be
any different with Jason?

Because I'm his mother.

And he's his father's son.

I'm sorry, I really am.

But Becca is my only concern right now.

I'll call you, er...

We'll be staying at my sister's for now.

I just need a little time, Tess,

to work out what's best for us all.

I do love you.



Sara, are you there?

If you can hear me, Sara,

I just want you to know
we're all here for you,

if you want to talk, any of you.

Well, yes. There were some rumours.

About how Mr Walker was
with some of the kids on the ward.

Personally, I never
saw anything, of course.

Of course.

Yeah. Quinn. Yeah, that's right.

Er, she was released as part
of the Good Friday Agreement.

And we are looking for any kind
of address, er, after December, '99.

That'll be great.

It was a kid's charity
and Walker was a volunteer,

who I did have suspicions about.

But, obviously, I didn't know
anything for sure,

or I would have reported it.


- How was your mum?
- Irritating.

Any word from Zoe?

Yeah. Yeah.
She's texted her parents, she's fine.

But, er, she's two days now
without any care, so...

And what about us?

I don't know. That's up to you,
I suppose. If you can forgive me.

No, Maz, it isn't up to me.

'Cause ever since I've known you,

there's been this great,
big wall around you

that's always stopped me getting past
a certain point.

And the simple fact is,

that if you want us to survive,

you've got to take it down.

Mr Osborne.

Mr Osborne.

- Mr Osborne.
- I'm sorry?

Your daughter's school just called,

apparently you were meant to be there
to pick her up an hour ago.

Oh, my God! I'm sorry, excuse me, sorry.

Thank you.

Oh, I'm so, so sorry.

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Come on. Come here. Let's go.

Yes, I was at that reform school,

and yes, we all knew
what David Walker was,


We were kids who'd broken the law.

Who was ever going to
believe a word we said?

The truth is, a lot of them
didn't mind anyway.

'Cause if they got friendly with him,

did what he wanted,

they'd get invited to the gatherings.

The gatherings?

Sinead Quinn?

You're a hard woman to find.

DC Fran Lingley.

I wonder if you could spare me
five minutes of your time.

He just got his days mixed up.

All I would say is if you felt
a family session could help,

to talk about

time management and stuff...

Yeah, absolutely. No, great idea.

Do you need to get that?

Yeah, sorry, that's probably him,
on his way back home with Flora.

No problem, I'll let you get off,
and tell him not to worry,

we've all been there.

Great, thank you, Janet. Speak tomorrow.

Okay, great. Bye.

- Col...
- Is that Simon?

Who's that?

It's Tyler, how you doing?

What do you want?

Straight to the point, I like that.

Well, since you ask,
what we want is 20 grand.

Or we tell Social Services
about your husband

being interviewed in connection
with a murder.

Our witness,
an Ellen Harriet Price,

told us that a number of these
"gatherings" took place

between 1981 and 1983

and they were held at a house in
Brentford, and Walker was a regular,

as were a number of other men
from various, er, walks of life.

But, most importantly,

they were also regularly attended
by children from local care homes,

local borstals, and from the streets.

Now these vulnerable kids were
plied with drink, and often drugs,

and then, on a number of occasions,
sexually assaulted.

Now, I think we need to consider
the possibility that one of these people

was taken to this house,
assaulted by Walker,

and then eight or nine years later,
they've come across him again

and they've decided to take revenge.

The question is which?

The IRA wouldn't have
touched her with a shitty stick.


She was just a messed-up middle-class
kid wanting to piss off Mummy and Daddy.

In fact, her commitment to the cause

was pretty accurately demonstrated
when the police knocked on her door

about me, a few years later.

Did you ever see her with this man?


But she showed me a photo of him once.


- This man? You're sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.

In what context?

She said he worked for the Tories,
had connections with Thatcher?

She thought he was a potential target.

A target?

We weren't interested, too small time,

but, aye, she wanted us to kill him.

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March 2017

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