Unforgotten (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Father Robert's revelations have lasting repercussions. Bella and Josh deliberate over how best to deal with their father and the search for Lizzie continues. Maureen is finally able to lay Jimmy to rest.

♪ All we do is hide away

♪ All we do is,
All we do is hide away

♪ All we do is lie in wait

♪ All we do is,
All we do is lie in wait

♪ I've been upside-down

♪ I don't wanna be
the right way round.

♪ Can't find paradise
on the ground ♪

Ah, Mrs Slater.
If you'd like to follow me...

Mr Slater? Yeah.

Er, both of us, we're her sons.

I wanted to tell you what's

Your mother's being released now

and has been bailed to return here
in a month. OK.

And so, has she been charged with
anything, or...?

No, not yet. Right. I see.

And, my father... Is-Is he...?
What's happening there?

Your father went before a
magistrate's court

a couple of hours ago and was then
transferred to East Bridge Prison.

He's being held in remand after
being charged with two murders.

No. Has he confessed?

All I can tell you, I'm afraid.

He... killed two people?

Like I said, that's all I know at
the moment.

So... I think what would be best

is if you just took your mum home.

All right, Mrs Slater?

Oh, Matthew, I've been so scared.

It's Les, Mum.

Um, the car's outside.

Mr Slater?

In cases like this,

it might be worth trying to find somewhere
quiet for a few days to take everyone.

Till the papers and TV
settle down a bit.

It's not... gonna be easy for you.

A witness saw a man's car
leaving at four in the morning.

He drove there in his own car?

He says he parked half a mile away
but, er...

Where is he now?

He just rang me from the police

But it's fine.

If they do link the fire to him,
he's not going to name anyone.

As long as we can look after his

He has a wife, two kids.

How much?

Two million.

And how much of that are you

Or he just gives them your name and
gets a reduced sentence.

I know people, Asil.

The only reason I didn't go to them
to deal with Fenwick

is cos I thought the police was
watching me.

But they're not watching me now.

You knew what I was
when you married me.

In fact, you liked it.

You should have called, Dad.
I would've come and picked you up.

No, it's all right.

Bus came almost immediately.

What did the police say?

Oh, they were very nice.

They said that... that, perhaps,
if I offered to pay it all back...

..then... I might escape a custodial

I might need a day or two.

Sort things out with Grace.

And the girls.

And the church.

Lots to sort out.

Excuse me, mate.

Sorry, but have you seen this woman
on the paper?

There's a number there as well,

Thanks. Thanks very much.

Cheers. Ta-ta. You're welcome.

Come on, mate.
We're both exhausted.

Let's go home and get some rest.

No, you can stop if you want to.
I'm staying.

Excuse me.

Have you seen this woman on your

You still say you didn't kill them,
but you know who did?


And are you gonna tell us?


I-I-I want to be moved to
a prison near my boy, Leslie.

And I want a doctor.

I-I don't feel, um...

I don't feel well.

Well, we can certainly look into all
that, Eric.

But first we need a name.


I'm sure you understand this.

It might look like you're just...
you're just making things up.

Just, um, toying with us.

Y-Y-You get me what I've asked

..and then I'll tell you.

What do you think?

I think I'm struggling very hard
not to punch him in the face.

You think it's bollocks?
Yeah. I think it's bollocks.

Except whatever name he gives us...
Which he won't.

It would be easy enough to discount
very quickly, so what's the point?

You said it.

He's yanking our chain.

Having a bit of fun.

He's had all this... this power for
the last 40 years,

this secret only he's known.

And now, now it's all gone.

Now all he's got to look forward to
is dying in some pissy prison cell

with East End Arthur to hold his

I just...

Last night, after we charged him, I
sat in my office and I...

Oh, I dunno.

It just felt wrong.

Of course it did.

We wanted him to admit it.

We wanted him to look us in the eye

and tell us that our work had made
it impossible for him to lie.

So we could go to Maureen Sullivan
and tell her that he'd confessed.

Unfortunately, people like Eric Slater...
don't give a toss about stuff like that.

Yeah, I think you're right.

But, let's, um, just call his bluff,

Then see what he says.

What do you think?

I reckon you're gonna do whatever
you want to do.

Um, we need to see the Governor,
please. Thank you.

ON TV: Police investigating
the James Sullivan murder case

have arrested and charged a man...

..with two counts of murder.
The arrests...

It's one of our rentals, but it's
vacant at the moment

and it's in the middle of nowhere.
I'll text you the address.

Bring Mum, obviously.

Oh, no.

She's in theatre.

They're doing an emergency


What is it? What-What caused it?

Is it connected in any way
to stress, or perhaps...?

They said not.

All right.

Can I wait with you?

If Mum comes out, I think you ought
to wait in the cafe.

Of course.

Excuse me. We're looking for a
missing person.

If you see her, can you give us a
call? Yeah. Sure.

Hey! I saw her yesterday.



Well... W-Was she OK?

Was she?

I'm really sorry, mate -
Just tell me.

She jumped.

What is it? Ah.




Does she know about us?


And, you know... she's always wanted
me to tell you about her.


How involved in... in her life were

How often did you... do you see her?

Once a week.

Sometimes twice.

For nearly four decades, you've
seen this woman twice a week?

My daughter, yes.

That's more than you saw us.


I wasn't as present for you as I
should have been.

I completely accept that.

At some level, I was also scared...

..that if I got too close you'd see
me, the real me...

..and that was wrong.

And I'll regret the choices I made
for the rest of my life.

Baby's fine. Oh, Mum!

Four pounds, one ounce.

Ah, Caroline's in recovery.

The baby's in the special care
unit. She'd like to see you. OK.

We should be so happy, Robert.

Our first grandchild.

Ah, so, er, we can get you into a

which is, um, half an hour from your
son's home.

It has a good
psychiatric department,

where we can get you properly

Make sure you're getting the right
help, if you co-operate with us now.

If you start asking for other stuff,
um, this dialogue ends.

The process continues to trial
and... trust me...

..on the evidence we have, you will
be convicted.

So, um, it is time to talk.

Do you wanna...?

Resuming interview with Eric Slater.

DCI Stuart, DS Khan, Duty
Solicitor Elise Hughes.

Time is... Er, it's 10:17.

It was Claire.

I'm sorry. Can you say that again?
Because I didn't hear you.

I said it was Claire, my wife.

It was Claire.

I met Claire at Hunter and Regis in

They-They made air conditioning

I worked in accounts and, um, she
was... she was in the typing pool.

I-I'd never been very good with the

But I always felt very relaxed
around her.

We found the same things funny.

Always had plenty to talk about and
one day, she just asked me out.

A bit unconventional, but I didn't

Our first date was at the Locarno,
in Queen's Park.

We kissed outside

and I bought us saveloy and chips
from a takeaway in Townmead Road.

Yeah, we courted for, er, a year or

and then got married, before we
moved to Dollis Hill.

That's where I got the job at, er,
Arlingham House

which was, er, which was round the

1971, er, that was.

Yes, she-she wanted kids

because, you know, we were neither
of us spring chickens.

Which, I did too, very much.

But there was a problem.

Which I think she always knew about
in her heart

and-and, er, hoped would changed.

And, er, I wanted it to change.

I wanted it to change, but it

I couldn't.

What problem?

I liked men.

I didn't want to.

I absolutely didn't want to.

Just how I was.

You liked men and women, or just...?

I loved my wife. I mean,
I still do. Very much.

And obviously, I was able to, er,
you know... We had two boys.

But, right from when I was a kid,

I just had this thing inside of me
that made me...

..want to be with men.
Men like Paul West?

I never wanted to hurt West.

He asked me to rough him up a bit.

Some men seem to like that.

And Jimmy? And Nicholas?

Well, Jimmy, he just wanted money.

Nicholas, I-I met in the pub.

And how did they die?

I-I would never have hurt Jimmy.

I loved him.

I'd never have hurt him.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I think we might need five minutes.

Five minutes. No more, please.

We're taking a short break in the

Time is... It's 10:41. Would you...?

You gotta hand it to the man.

He is smart as fuck.

If you're going to blame somebody

then choose a woman whose memory is
completely shot

and can't even deny it.

His face, though.


It was the same as in his house when
we asked him about Paul West.

And last night at the station, when
we said we were gonna charge him.

When he said it wasn't him.

And now I know why I felt so crap


Because I believed him.

You call the station.

We need to re-arrest Claire Slater.

Yeah, but, I-I-I thought the CPS
said that we could...?

Yeah, yeah. Which one of the sons
took her?

Um, er, I'm not sure.

I'll... I'll call their homes.


Mr Wilton?


Your wife was pulled out of the

A passerby jumped in.

She was unconscious when she came

and was taken immediately to St

I'm afraid that's all I know.


Have we got mobile numbers for the
sons? I dunno, maybe.

Why, are neither of them at the

No. I'm not sure they will be for a
few days.

I thought we were done with her

and I kind of told them they might
want to lie low for a week or so.

I'd-I'd stayed late, er, to-to see
him, er, Jimmy, again.

And, er, she must've just guessed.

I think she always knew when I was,
er, well...

This-This one time, she-she came to
find me.

And what you need to know... is she
wasn't well, mentally.

Er, we'd just had Leslie and ever
since she'd been, oh!

Well, phew, ve-very s... very sick.

And, of course, in those days, the

they just told you to
pull yourself together.

You know? So, she never, never got
any... any help.

And I never s... I never saw her
coming down.

It was dark.

Well, she-she saw us.

She-She hit him with, um, with a
hammer she'd found on a workbench.

Just once.

But I-I knew from the sound it made
that, uh...

Oh, and then she was screaming at

calling me...
all the names under the sun.

I was trying to get me hand over
her mouth to keep her quiet

and by the time I'd sorted her

Jimmy... Well, I-I think he
was dead before he hit the floor.

So, er, I locked the cellar.

Took Claire home.

Came back later.

Course I-I couldn't risk, er,
carrying him outside,

so, um, I buried him there...

..later that night.

Will you tell his mother, please,
that I said prayers?

I said prayers for him.

I-I, um, I looked after him.

Of course, I, I assumed that, um,
you know, er, we'd be caught.

He'd be found. But he... He never

And, oh, that night.

I vowed to stop all of that for

And we moved up to, er, Ely.

Yeah, to get away from London.

It worked. Mm.

Yes, it worked. Um...

Yeah, two years later, we had
little Matty

and it, it was all, er...

You know, but, it was the '70s.
There was no work.

And, erm, I ended up having
to get a job back in London,

two days a week in Camden.

And I started to stay out late

So, er, one night she left the kids
with a friend.

Came down to London, followed me,

..from work up to Hampstead

and found me with Nicholas in my

Of course, she went for him.

Pulled him out, punching.

Kicking and, er, then, he was
on the ground.

Blood everywhere.

She-She always said that it was him
who'd drawn it...

..the-the knife.

But she was, er, ill.

Very ill again aft-after-after

So, I, um, I pulled him back, back
into the car.

I want you to know

that I stood outside
police stations dozens of times.

Dozens of times after Jimmy.

And, um, what did she feel?

Well, when she got better, of

she was devastated by what she'd

But, you know, we had a little boy.

If we'd both gone to prison...

And after Nicholas Whitmore?

I-I drove my car into a tree two
weeks after Nicholas.

I wanted to die.

But actually, in the end,

I think, er, this... er, this, erm,
was a fairer punishment.

I'm sure Jimmy and Nicholas's
families, er... wouldn't agree.

I've already made calls, Joshie.

People who'll make that little
prick Asil shit out of his ears.

Dad, the police are coming.


The police are coming in to arrest
you in five minutes.

They've already pulled up down the

What do you mean, coming in to...?

Why are police coming to arrest me?

Because I told them about Fenwick.

Cos I think you've lost your way,
Dad. I think we all have.

And because I love you.

Goodnight, Mum.

I'm so sorry, Ray, I...

Don't you say another word.

Not one word.

It's me who should be apologising.

It's me.

DS KHAN: Uh-huh.



OK, cheers. Thanks.

Nobody has any idea where Claire or
her sons are.

They've disappeared.

Oh, Caz, he's gorgeous.

You can't call him Noah.


Hello. Ellie speaking.


Hi, Ellie. Erm, er, you don't know

My name's Thea.

I'm your half-sister.

And how bad is it?

I spoke to her GP earlier.

I mean, obviously we'd have to get
our own assessment done

but, yeah, it's, it's fairly

She first presented four years ago,

but the decline in the last few months
has been particularly rapid, apparently.


Well, you know what I'm going to

Could she properly remember what
she's been accused of?

Could she tell her solicitor her
side of things?

Could she challenge what witnesses
say in court?

And, if she can't do any of those
things, she's unfit to plead.

OK, so... Well, there are
a number of questions here.

I mean,
if he's worked all this out,

why would he not say it was her?

Assisting an offender carries a
maximum sentence of ten years.

Now, given his age he might get, I
don't know, eight. Out in four.

For double murder,
he's gonna die in prison. Yeah.

What's your gut feeling?
All of it is true.

To admit what he did, my feeling is

that was actually harder for him
than saying he killed them.

Which might sound unbelievable,
until you think that

for the first 30 years of his life
what he was, what he did was illegal

and, um, utterly disgusting
to 99% of the population.

I think that shame absolutely

Then why did he admit it, then?

Because, in the end, he knew that

his boys were gonna lose
their mother pretty soon, anyway.

Already had, to a degree.

So telling us what he did, I think
his reasoning was that

that meant at least they didn't lose

And is there any evidence to
corroborate his version?

I think we'll find evidence that he had
multiple homosexual relationships.

We might find, er, medical records

confirming she had some form of
postpartum psychosis.

Maybe even we'll be able to place
her at the hostel,

um, on the... on the night
Jimmy died.

And then, if we do, then, his
narrative is better than ours.

We've got a mobile number for
Matthew Slater's work.

No answer from him yet, but
his work have told us where he is.

Local police are on their way.
OK, thank you.

You really are an evil bitch,
aren't you?

You really are an evil bitch,

How could you have watched your
husband put a body in the ground

and not said anything? What body?
What are you talking about?

How could that ever have seemed
an acceptable thing to do?

Matthew, you're scaring me. Good!

I wonder if you feel as scared as
your grandson was yesterday?

Or as I did when I watched the news and
realised that this is who we are now.

Ooh! Sorry.

Oh, sorry. Uh...
No, no, I-I'll just...

♪ ..The unspeakable wrong... ♪

Hey. I've just walked in on your

Oh, right, with Annie.

What? I don't know, it was a little
old lady.

What? I don't know, it was a little
Yeah. She works at the Feathers.

Sorry about that. No, no, no.
It's fine, you know.

I shouldn't have barged in.
No, it's your house.

I shouldn't have barged in.
I should've knocked or...

Anyway, I'm bushed so, uh... Sure.
No problem... I'm gonna turn in.

Yeah. Night. Night, then.

That went well


You have absolutely no proof

my client was connected
to these events in any way.

And if either of you have kids, I
don't need to tell you

just how many reasons there could
be for Josh saying what he did

without any connection to the truth

Which is all well and good, Mr

but doesn't really answer my

Did you pay to have Gordon Fenwick
murdered, Sir Phillip?

If you have no further questions, I
think we'll be on our way.

They've got nothing to hold you
here, Sir Phillip. Let's go.


Er... I'm sorry?

Sir Philip.


I paid for Gordon Fenwick to be


Listen, um, last night...

Please. There's no need.

No, I just wanted to say that I'm
trying to look forward, Cass.

Cos life goes on, doesn't it?

And just live your life for you,

Just-Just do what makes you happy.


Please, please.

Hey there, Miss.

Hello, sweetheart.

How lovely to see you again.

Well, if you could
conclusively prove she did it,

then a judge and a jury could hear
the prosecution evidence,

despite her being unfit to plead.

Except they can't convict her.

No. But the court is at least
acknowledging the facts,

which might be better for Jimmy and
Nicholas's family.

And what happens to her? Well, she'd
just get the supervision order.

Which is what she'd get if it didn't
got to court.

Right, so she causes the death of
two people.

All the pain those two
families have been through.

And she sees out her days in a care

Do you recognise him, Claire?

No, I don't think so. Sorry.

You don't remember hurting him?

No, I don't. I'm trying.

It was in the cellar of Arlingham
House, July 1976.

You went to find your husband.

What? I don't know.

You remembered something?

Maybe I remember this boy...

Maybe. I don't know.

Do you, um, remember...

..being unwell, after your children
were born, Claire?

Maybe. I don't know.

Do you remember that your husband
liked men?


Was it to do with that?

You know what? I'm really not happy
with this.

We need to stop.

I'm so sorry if I hurt anyone.

If I could remember I'd tell you,
but I can't.

I'm sorry.

We can't thank you enough.

How is it I feel sorry for her?

Hi, Maureen.

Can I come in?


So, what I wanted to tell you,
Grace, was that actually Dad...


..he very much wanted to tell you
about me.

In fact, from the moment he found

when I was about 18 months old,

he desperately wanted to admit his
mistake to you.

But my mother, she...

Well, she was scared she would lose
me, somehow.

So she told him that if he ever did
tell you...

..he would never see me again.

So, he chose to live this terrible

..so he could be there
for you and for me.

And be the best father he could to
all of us.

But him not telling you...

..well, that came from a place of
love and decency.

And I just hope that, some day...

..you'll be able to forgive him for

Every time I turn a corner, I meet
someone from the old days.

Like a bloody school reunion.

And next week. How are you feeling
about the trial?

The next week's just a bit of
theatre, isn't it?

It's the last two months that have
really mattered.

Thinking time.

All I ever wanted...

..was for my children to be better
than me.

The start I had, the things I was
taught, things I did... back then.

Everything I've ever achieved

beneath the ambition and the
money and the vanity,

was all really to buy you your
escape... from me.

What I was.

I'm so proud of you.

Both of you.

Of what you did for me and what you

All your visits, Mr Slater.
Your mother's a very lucky woman.

No. No, I'm the lucky one.

Me again.

Does she ever mention me?

She can hardly speak now, Dad.

She-She doesn't... She doesn't know

Or Matt.

Matt sees her, does he?

I mean, I know he already knows

I'd always love to see him.

Tell him again.

I'm so sorry.

How comes you always walk in when
Baz has got his shorts off, Miss?

Timing, Curtis.

Good timing.

Lads, move please.

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