Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 9 - Shelter from the Storm - full transcript

A hurricane forces Carrie and Al to seek refuge in a rundown precinct house and fend off a gang sent to free an elusive drug kingpin.

All right, one more shot. Here's to New York.
The only place that could turn a natural disaster into a party.
Here's to the hurricane blowing offshore
and leaving us the hell alone.
Drink, drink!
EMCEE: All right, everybody, final question.
Superman's father's name.
Trick question. Krypton dad or real dad?
Krypton! Oh! Whoa.
Perfect memory girl,
you have an unfair advantage. Not supposed to play, remember?
EMCEE: Pencils down, pencils down.
I'm not playing, I'm simply offering
emotional support to my team. I'm like a cheerleader.
I'm gonna keep my eye on you, then.
Well, why should that change? You've been doing it all night.
All right, the correct answer is Jor-El.
Ladder Company 70 nailed it!
All right!
All right, that means we got a tie
between Major Crimes and Ladder Company 70.
That means a bonus question will determine tonight's champion.
Buy me a victory drink after?
Hey, why don't you back up, beefcake?
Oh ho ho!
I know Kung furate, why don't you get back
on your side, man. Cops over here,
chutes and ladders over there, pal!
All right, all right. Listen, we played a song
before all 30 questions tonight. Okay.
Give us the song titles of the third, ninth,
and 17th songs we played.
Hey, can I get your number? Yes, you may.
Thank you.
6-4-6... Uh-huh.
5-5-5... Uh-huh.
0-1-7-1. 0-1-7-1.
It shouldn't take that long to type my number down.
I'm sending a message. Oh.
Will I like it?
It's a winner.
Yeah? Yeah.
I got it. We got it!
We got it! Got it!
Got it! I got it!
Whoo! (LAUGHS)
I don't see what the big deal is.
Looks fine out there.
Give it a few hours.
I just heard on the radio, could be worse than Sandy.
Category four maybe.
All right, well, we gotta stack these bags around these pylons
storm's coming up from the South.
Damn it!
I'm not gonna lie, I got a "Hunker down for the hurricane"
happy hour hangover.
Come by my lab.
I'll hook you up with a hangover cure
I picked up in Med school. Oh, thank you.
What do we got?
Body of a young girl. Right over here.
Girl's name is Sadie Kopinski.
19-year-old from Yonkers.
Some kind of ligature was used to strangle her.
Still haven't determined the source.
Unis are canvassing the beach for something
that would've left a pattern like that.
And she has a contusion on her left parietal bone.
Lack of defensive wounds suggests she was knocked out before she was strangled.
CSUs are trying to get what they can before the wind picks up.
Scene's a mess. I doubt they'll find much.
She's just a baby.
Hurricane Guin continues to pound its way
toward the tri-state area with no sign of letting up.
Boasting sustained winds over 90 miles per hour,
Guin promises to be the most powerful storm
to hit the city since Hurricane Sandy...
Hey, what are we looking at?
Oh, at my apartment.
Actually, uh, from the camera inside the ATM
across from my apartment.
What are you, spying on yourself?
No, I just, uh, didn't know if I closed my windows,
and with the storm coming, I ain't taking any chances.
That your neighbor? Yup.
She's smokin'. Yep.
No, no, no, wait. Go back.
No, that's not happening. (CHUCKLES)
Looks like my windows are closed, so crisis averted.
Spying on your neighbor again there, Jay?
What? No!
What do we have on our vic?
Sadie Kopinski, former student
at the Big Apple School of Beauty.
Dropped out earlier this year
after her second arrest for drug possession.
She lived with her parents, Ray and Fiona Kopinski
out in Yonkers, both of which
were on the graveyard shift at the time of Sadie's death.
No sign of forced entry or struggle at the home.
So my guess is, she wasn't killed there.
You got a timeline for her the night she was killed?
Street cam outside her parents' place
caught her leaving Sunday night at 6:30 P.M.
Where'd she go next?
According to her cell phone GPS, she was home all night.
Which we know isn't true.
Sadie left her cell phone at home before heading out.
What kind of 19-year-old leaves her cell phone at home?
Sadie's cell had one of those "Find My Phone" apps
installed by her parents, which they access regularly.
She probably leaves her phone at home
in case her parents try to check up on her.
Maybe she's up to old habits?
Not necessarily.
Just got Delina's autopsy report,
and it looks like her tox screen came back clean.
So Sadie wasn't currently using.
Anything else?
Delina did find traces of polyethylene resin
throughout her thoracic region.
It's a chemical compound
found in plastic bags, tubing, adhesive tape, and bottles.
Any of those things could've made contact with her body
after it was dumped at the beach.
See if you can run down any of Sadie's friends.
Carrie and I'll talk to her parents.
We're on it, boss.
Sadie had her problems, but...
Who would want to hurt my little girl?
I'm so sorry for your loss.
We're gonna do our best
to find whoever did this, okay?
FIONA: Ever since she was little, she loved makeup.
I'd let her do mine.
We'd sit around for hours.
She wanted to do makeup for Broadway shows,
but she was never able to stay sober long enough to.
I'm sorry.
You sure I can't get you anything?
Nah, I'm good.
Any idea where Sadie went last night?
No, we didn't even know that she'd left the house
till after we came home from work this morning.
Can you think of anyone who would want
to hurt your daughter?
She was turning her life around,
going to NA meetings.
Anything out of the ordinary?
I mean, coming out of rehab
must have been a tough adjustment.
Actually, there was a setback a few weeks ago.
What happened?
Sadie was arrested for petty theft,
but the charges were dropped.
Never went on her record.
Why were the charges dropped?
I don't know.
Sadie didn't want to talk about it.
We were just relieved. (SIGHS)
She had had so many tough breaks.
We didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth.
There it is, no wonder why it didn't show up at first.
Sadie's latest brush with the law
was erased from the C.I.I. database.
But you found it, Detective.
Sadie was arrested for stealing the purse of a Betty Wiggins,
but then the charges were withdrawn
by Betty's grandson, Robert. (WHISTLES)
Robert Wiggins.
As in Robert Wiggins?
Oh, my God. One and the same.
Who the hell are you talking about?
Robert Wiggins? Yeah.
Better known as R-Dubbs.
What is it? Who is it?
Drug dealer turned heavy-hitting music producer. RDub.
Multiple arrests for aggravated assault, drugs, firearm possession.
He even did a stretch up at Riker's.
So what do we think, that he got his grandmother to refuse to prosecute
so he could take care of it on his own?
That makes sense.
I mean, lyrically, RDub's all about street justice.
You think I'd kill a girl for robbing my grandma?
You've assaulted people over a hell of a lot less.
I would kill someone for robbing my grandmother,
so I ain't insulted by the inquiry.
What about a girl? Would you kill her?
I don't hit girls.
I got a business to run, which is what I was doing
night before last.
I was at a show in Philly.
Someplace called Low End Theory.
Someone there will remember me.
You better hope they do.
And don't even think about leaving town.
I wanted to press charges, but the detective on the case
convinced me it'd be a waste of my time.
He said there wasn't enough evidence against her.
Remember the name of this detective?
Uh... Frank something.
Frank Fleming.
She wanted to do makeup for Broadway shows...
He's not our killer.
He's not our killer. He's not?
I saw the initials "FF" on a ticket envelope
in Sadie's room. Frank Fleming.
You think he bought her the tickets?
I don't know, but he buried the case for some reason.
Listen, Delina's report said that Sadie
had a resin on her chest consistent with adhesive tape.
What if Sadie was wearing a wire?
You think Fleming tossed Sadie's case
in exchange for her working as a confidential informant?
That's kind of a leap.
I'm the queen of leaping to conclusions, you know that.
You're the queen of a few other things I can think of too.
I'm gonna take that as a compliment.
Let's bring Fleming in.
If he leveraged Sadie into doing his dirty work,
that could be how she got killed.
Lieutenant Al Burns. Frank Fleming.
Thanks for coming in, Frank.
Major Crimes. I musta hit the big time.
Yeah. Something like that.
If you're looking for me to consult on the case,
when it comes to narcotics, I'm the guy.
Actually, there is a case.
Sadie Kopinski.
(SNORTS) What about her?
That's what I want to know.
Tweaked-out C.I.
You pick her up?
Because she is into me for 10 grand
of buy money that I fronted her.
That's the least of your troubles, Detective.
Sadie's dead.
And you got a lot of explainin' to do, Frank.
I didn't know she was dead.
What'd you think happened when you lost track of her?
I figured she ditched the wire
and bolted with the money I gave her for the buy.
It wouldn't be the first time a C.I. took off
with a bag full of cash.
Did you even look for her?
I scoured the park where she was set to meet the dealer.
There was no sign of her, so I left.
And you got Sadie killed.
Back off, Lieutenant.
You have no idea how much...
Forget it.
It's okay, Frank.
What's okay?
We figured out
who gave these Broadway tickets to Sadie.
I thought maybe it was payment,
or you were bangin' her.
It wasn't like that.
No, it wasn't.
She mattered to you.
You two... Was it serious?
You wouldn't be the first good cop to fall for a troubled...
No, it wasn't anything like that.
She... She was a good kid.
When I wired her up,
I just thought we'd be getting another scumbag drug dealer off the streets.
I never thought it would end up like this.
Then you gotta help us nail her killer.
Who was the dealer she met up with?
All right, so, meet our prime suspect,
at least according to Frank Fleming, anyways,
a dealer named Bobby Ewers.
Now, Fleming sent over Sadie's C.I. file,
so it does look like she met up with Ewers a few days ago.
There's something you should know about Ewers, Carrie.
This guys works for one of the East Coast's nastiest crime syndicates.
It's run by Lorenzo Abrelli, aka The Shadow.
The Shadow? Mmm-hmm.
Now, we've got next to nothing on this guy on the database.
He's never been arrested. People haven't even seen him in years.
This guy is literally a ghost.
I mean, all I could find on him?
These low-res photos.
I know about this guy, Lorenzo.
He grew up in the Jersey foster-care system,
bounced from family to family,
probably because of his volatile temper.
When he was 12 years old, system lost track of him.
How'd that happen? A fire destroyed the foster home he was in,
left him with a nasty scar on his arm.
This boy walked out of the hospital.
Nobody's seen him since.
But now, he's got a wall of people surrounding him,
protecting him. All of them capable of murdering a C.I.
Whoa, hold on.
There's some activity on Sadie's credit card.
Looks like Ewers bought a train ticket to Toronto.
Leaves Penn Station in an hour.
And he's running up a tab at a bar across the street from the station.
Jeez, looks like he's buying a drink
for everybody in the house.
Generous guy.
Hey boss, we got a patrol car down the block from the bar.
All right, let's pick him up.
We're bringing the party here, boys.
We found your ditched car.
And guess what? There's blood in the trunk.
I'm betting once they run it,
they'll find out it belongs to Sadie.
I didn't kill her.
Oh, we are way past that, Bobby.
We have all the evidence we need to convict you.
Okay, maybe I freaked out
when I realized she was wearing a wire,
and I hit her,
but she was definitely alive.
I didn't know what to do, so I took her to the people I work for.
You brought an unconscious C.I.
to the headquarters of a major drug operation?
That's what my bosses said, too.
You mean Lorenzo's people.
I don't know who it was.
I work with a guy, Diego.
He told me to get lost for an hour while they cleaned up my mess.
Who exactly cleaned up your mess?
I don't know. By the time I came back,
Diego was gone, and the girl's body
was already in my trunk.
Where can we find Diego?
He texted me later that night.
Said he was booking it for Brazil.
Where'd you meet up with him?
Can't tell you that.
Not without some reciprocity.
You think this is a negotiation?
I want immunity and witness protection.
My bosses find out I ratted, I'm a dead man.
Here's my counteroffer.
Go screw yourself.
How can I make a deal with some scumbag
who knocks a girl out
and delivers her to where she got killed?
Look, I know he's a piece of shit, okay?
But he could lead us to Sadie's killer.
We need that address.
Well, I've been tracking Bobby's movements using his cell phone
from the night of Sadie's death.
Here's a list of the towers
that his cell phone pinged off of.
Looks like he started his evening
on the Upper East Side, then he hit Liberty park.
Where he met with Sadie. And after that?
And after that, he hit an industrial manufacturing neighborhood
in the South Bronx.
Mostly just a bunch of meat processing plants
and some other factories,
a coat factory and an industrial bakery, to be exact.
CSU's are trying to get what they can
before the wind picks up.
Scene's a mess. Doubt they'll find much.
Al, you may not have to make a deal.
At Sadie's crime scene, there was a wrapper.
Southview Bakery.
Come on, a crime syndicate working out of a bakery?
Do you have anything better?
No. So, Jay?
Have some unis meet us there in unmarked cars.
I have a feeling we're walking into a room
full of people who don't want to see us.
NEWSCASTER: With storm surges expected to be over 10 feet,
flooding and power outages are expected,
and Mayor de Blasio is asking that all non-essential personnel
please remain indoors.
Here we go.
We're going in on my signal.
Al, wait.
Stand by.
That's him. That's Lorenzo the Shadow.
That's him?
We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Freeze, police!
Let me see your hands! Don't move!
Okay, okay, my hands are up, just don't shoot.
Don't even think about it.
Get his gun.
You're making a mistake.
Wouldn't be the first, and it won't be the last.
Cuff him up. All right.
What's your name, big guy?
Ah, no I.D.
Oh. You gonna tell us your name,
or do we just call you The Shadow?
Or you could call him "Mr. Shadow,"
keep things formal.
My name is go f...
Don't say anything, Lorenzo.
Oh, Lorenzo.
See, now that wasn't so hard, was it?
Nice to meet you, Lorenzo.
You're dead. I'm sorry, boss.
They already called you The Shadow, I figured...
All right, shut up. Both of you.
Who are you?
I'm just a bean counter.
Lot of beans.
You don't know the half of it.
I'm sure we will, once we get you back
to Major Crimes, Steven Patchett.
Call me Stevie. Everyone does.
OFFICER: We're gonna transport these guys in.
Right behind you.
You need a new nickname.
You're not in the shadows anymore.
How about Lorenzo the Mute?
(CHUCKLES) Did you know 100 people in the United States
are killed every year by lightning strikes?
You a weatherman as well as being a criminal accountant?
You know, I resent that. I mean, would you call
the Yankees' accountant "Yankee Accountant?"
No, you would not. So, you know,
your characterization is as lazy as it is fallacious.
Even though, yes, my client is technically a criminal.
Strike that. Uh, alleged criminal.
You know, I have an office in West...
Shut up.
I don't care about your office in Westchester.
Just shut up.
Thank you. Sure.
I was gonna shoot him myself.
(GUNSHOTS) Get down!
Hey, Al.
AL: Jay, listen, we've been ambushed.
Some of Lorenzo's guys followed us and shot up the car.
(RECEPTION DROPPING) We're in the Bronx, but...
Whoa, whoa, Al, Al.
Uh, I didn't catch all that. Can you repeat it?
AL: I think we've lost 'em for now.
We gotta hole up somewhere. We're heading towards... (STATIC)
Hey, boss?
Carrie and Al were just ambushed.
Their car just got shot up.
What do you mean? Where, where are they?
I don't know. Somewhere in the Bronx.
Lost the signal before they could tell me exactly where they were.
Look, that narrows it down to, like, 60 square miles.
J-bones, what else?
I got nothing.
We have to find out where they are,
and we have to get them help.
All right. Come on.
Ah, come on. It's this frickin' storm.
The whole system's down because of it.
I can't even get a... Jay.
Just do whatever the hell you have to do
and find them, you got that?
Okay, so there are no phone signals
'cause the cell towers are overloaded.
Do we have coms with anybody up there?
No. It's a mess.
Can't get anything. They're all out on calls.
Maybe we should go. Go? And do what?
Wander around the Bronx with what, a frickin' megaphone?
We have to find their location.
Try to get through to any precincts,
see if there's been any reports of any shots fired.
Once we find out where they were ambushed, then we find them.
Yes, ma'am. All right.
51st has seen better days. Hey.
Good thing you remembered this place.
The engine's shot.
Hi, how may I help you? Carrie Wells, Major Crimes.
Richie Gardner, Probationary Officer.
You're a probey? How long you been on the job?
One week. Four days, actually.
Okay, well, welcome to the deep end.
We got a hurricane, a wanted criminal,
and a bunch of guys out there with guns
who are trying to find us so they can set Lorenzo free.
Where are the holding cells?
Uh, we only have the one.
Place is under renovation. It's in the bullpen.
Any guests tonight?
RICHIE: Just the guys you're checking in.
And here's the keys.
Lock the door, hunker down. Storm's coming.
Hey, you just ripped a $2,000 suit, you know,
that's the fourth violation. Shut up!
My statutory rights...
Ugh, this cut on my hand needs medical attention,
now you're legally required to provide that.
Okay, you know what? If you shut up,
I will provide you with medical attention.
(STAMMERING) No, no, no, wait,
you can't put me in the cell with him.
He's gonna try and kill me.
"Try" is actually optimistic on my part.
He is going to successfully kill me.
And then he'll likely kill the family I'll never have.
But maybe I could have that family
if you don't put me in there. You talk an awful lot.
Do you know that? Are you good?
All right, you know what? Listen.
Shut up. You talk too much,
way too much.
This is the part where you roll over
on the whole organization, huh?
I keep immaculate books.
Well, they're not actually books, per se,
'cause everything's on computers these days...
Oh, my God!
But I can give you a big, juicy collar.
I'm gonna need a first aid kit.
I'll check with Richie. Yeah.
You know what? To give me a big juicy collar,
I need a witness who's brave enough to testify at trial.
Are you gonna do that?
I swear to you. Anything you need.
Fine, you can stay out here with me.
If you shut up and stop annoying me.
Sit down. Don't talk.
My anatomy thanks you.
Who are you? (STAMMERS) Who are you?
Lieutenant Al Burns. One more time.
Who are you? Oh, I'm Francis Shadez.
Administrative assistant. I work here.
Okay, if you work here, can you help me find a first aid kit?
Sure, it's back here. I'll show you.
What, you don't trust me?
I don't trust anyone.
Shit. Here you go.
Ah, thank you. No cell phone reception.
Landlines are still down. I'll check again.
Oh, it hurts.
Any word? Not yet, no.
Working on Ewers's phone.
He's one of Lorenzo's top guys.
He's got all the cell numbers,
so we're gonna run a track and trace.
Find Lorenzo's troops before they find ours.
We better hurry. Storm's here.
Hold on. Oh, baby, oh, baby.
Cracked it!
Yes! Nice job. Okay.
Okay, okay.
All right, I'm entering phone numbers
of known Lorenzo associates,
see if they're on the move. ALICE: Yeah, go, go, go.
Oh, no. Oh, my God.
There's a dozen of 'em.
JAY LEE: And look where they're all headed.
161st and Grand Concourse. That's the 51st Precinct.
And that's where Carrie and Al would head for.
Jay, we gotta call 'em. We gotta warn 'em.
Yep. Already on it.
AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: We're sorry, your call can not be completed.
Come on. Please check the number and dial again.
Precinct landlines are down. There's no way to get through to 'em, boss.
(SIGHS) They're surrounded and they have no idea what's coming at them.
We're gonna be stuck here for a while.
I should check the breach points downstairs.
I'll come with you.
Richie. Keep an eye on him.
Check the landlines, and, um, if he annoys you,
just, you know, shoot him.
(CHUCKLES) She was, uh...
She was joking, by the way.
I know you're a little green, but, uh...
Cops are prone to bouts of jocularity.
You know, it, uh, helps relieve the stress of the job.
I'm not a kid, and I don't feel the stress of the job.
Come on, I can see it.
Hey, it's just two guys talking, right?
I mean, look at you.
You're shaking like a leaf.
You know what?
You will be better off in the cell.
Oh, come... Come on.
You... She said I could sit here.
Let's go. Ah.
RICHIE: They're loose!
The emergency lights should've kicked on by now.
This place must have backup power.
Al, I saw a fuse box on the way in now.
Maybe it's connected to the backup generator.
I'll go help Richie. Watch your ass.
That's what I got you for, right?
Move a muscle, it'll be the last breath...
Oh, sorry.
You're quite the badass.
I'll hold onto this.
You think I'm a badass?
Bingo, baby.
(ELECTRICITY POWERS ON) Come on, come on, come on.
What happened? They overpowered me.
I'm sorry. Which way did they go?
That way. All right.
You two stay here.
(WHISPERS) All right.
(SIGHS) Clear.
I'll take the stairs.
You take the hall.
Don't move. Okay, don't shoot.
Get out. Ow!
Ow, ow, ow.
Take it easy. Ow!
Okay, okay. All right.
Just... Ah!
Now what?
We wait for this storm to blow over,
then we all head downtown.
CARRIE: Damn it.
Lorenzo's boys are back in town.
Al, we got guys with guns headed this way.
How much ammo you got?
Four in this clip, one full.
I got one clip, it...
It's not gonna be enough.
Richie, we need ammo.
Well, ever since the construction started to happen,
it's been locked in the Captain's safe.
He's the only one that knows the code.
They're trying to break the front door down!
Let's get down there.
You stay here.
Remember how I always wanted to be more like
Butch Cassidy?
This isn't what I meant.
You know, I'm Butch Cassidy. You're the Sundance Kid.
Is this really a time to...
One clip left.
You guys need more ammo, right?
How'd you get into the Captain's safe?
Well, he and I shared some things.
This isn't for a Glock.
I'll take it. All right.
Okay. I'll check the back entrance.
I'll cover you. Go, go, go.
Don't move. Al.
What the hell are you doing here?
Figured you could use the help.
So you came through a hurricane?
Whoo! Hey, boys.
Hey, we came to the rescue. It's crazy out there.
It's crazy in here too, and I'm not sure we needed rescuing.
Could use your help, though.
Okay. All right.
Let's go.
MAN: Give us Lorenzo and we're gone!
Welcome to the party.
I think we can keep 'em pinned down from here.
I'm... I'm out.
Okay, listen to me.
Richie, is there a way out of here?
Some kind of obscure way they might not know about?
Uh, the... Down in the basement,
there's a door with a deadend alley.
Great. Okay, you and Richie
take Lorenzo and the accountant,
see if there's a way out through that alley.
We'll hold 'em off from here.
Okay. Go.
Ah! No!
Get up! Ah!
Please be gentle. This is my calculating hand.
Drop the gun, or he's dead.
I said drop it.
Drop it!
It's okay, Richie.
Let's go, keys!
(KEYS CLATTER) Pick 'em up, Stevie.
Let's go, get the keys!
Okay, okay, okay.
Come on, come on!
Get 'em off me.
The storm's almost over and this place is gonna be surrounded.
You're not gonna get outta here.
You bastard. (RICHIE GROANS)
You're my ticket outta here.
Put the cuffs on her.
You mean our ticket, don't ya?
Come on, put the cuffs on her.
Pretty badass for an accountant.
We gotta get Richie upstairs.
Let's finish this. You ready?
Born ready, boss.
Francis, stay back.
I'd like to stay with him,
if that's okay with you.
Just stay close, okay?
I will. All right.
Okay, okay.
Get him down on the floor.
He can rest. Ah.
Remain steady. You're gonna be okay. All right?
JOANNE: I know about this guy, Lorenzo.
A fire destroyed his foster home.
Left him with a nasty scar on his arm.
So, uh, Stevie.
How long you been Lorenzo's accountant for?
Uh... (BLOWS RASPBERRY) I don't know.
Maybe about a year or so?
I was on my way out, though.
I don't think he liked the way I did business.
Get down!
That's odd.
Seems like he was protecting you
when we got shot at in the car.
More like I was in his way or something.
So, uh, so, you think the judge will go easy on me
if you tell him I saved your life?
I don't think that's gonna happen, Lorenzo.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Excuse me? Smart.
Hiding in plain sight as the accountant.
Okay, are you sure you didn't take a blow to the head too?
As a boy, Lorenzo was...
Was involved in a fire.
His arm was badly burned.
And I imagine the scars
look a lot like what I just saw on your arm.
So, uh... If I'm Lorenzo... (CHUCKLES)
Then, like, why... Why didn't I kill you when I had the chance?
Too smart.
You're not gonna blow the cover you spent years building, are you?
Easier to shoot the guy you paid to pretend to be Lorenzo.
You're a hero, 'cause you saved me.
You cut a deal, agree to testify,
post bail, and then you disappear
into the shadows.
(LAUGHS) My God.
Pretty smart theory.
Course, you got nothing to hold me on.
Your belt.
You strangled Sadie with your belt.
The markings are the same as the studs,
and I bet forensics can prove it.
(INHALES DEEPLY) You are good.
You know...
I know about you.
The famous memory cop.
I know about you, too.
Lorenzo. Sad little boy.
Orphaned. Ignored.
A victim of the foster care system.
I feel sorry for that boy,
but I won't hesitate
to shoot the cold-blooded murderer
standing in front of me.
That's touching.
But you know, you should feel sorry for yourself.
You see, I'm good with numbers.
Like, how many bullets were in that gun,
and how many bullets went out.
I could have used one shot to kill that big moron,
but I used four.
I emptied it.
Pretty clever, pretending the gun is loaded.
Oh, but it's empty.
You know it.
And I know it.
I don't need bullets to take you out.
Let's see.
Oh! Oh!
I'm sorry, was that your calculating hand?
MAN: Hey, no joke. It's a true story.
Saw, like, ten guys, all myself.
I had nine bullets. It's weird.
Hey, you know, I... All right.
Hey, you feelin' all right there, kid?
You okay? Yeah, it's all good. Okay?
JAY LEE: So, you know, maybe
it's a good idea for you to talk to a counselor.
But you know, listen, you handled yourself
really well back there.
I knew you had my back, so...
Hey, Francis. Hey, tell me,
what do you think about my boy Jay here?
He's kind of a hero, isn't he?
You let him do all your talking for you?
No, I don't. Danny, uh...
Yeah. I got this, okay?
Oh. Oh, I bet you do.
Okay, yes, I... Yeah?
Okay, yes. Thank you very much.
Look, you were really cool under fire. Thank you.
Really, really, really standup job.
That was crazy. Gonna take your tie off.
A little better. CARRIE: Hey!
ALL: Hey!
I can't believe you brought us all out here and it's closed.
It's not closed. It's a little surprise.
It's closed to the public, but open to us.
Aw. That's sweet. Thank you.
(LAUGHS) What?
Uh... What is this?
That is a love meter. It can test your passion.
Oh, really? Well, no offense,
I could find other ways to, you know...
ALL: Oh! I'm sure you could!
JAY LEE: Right. AL: Wait.
Who's first? No, hold on a second.
Shots. Oh.
To say thank you, thank you, here.
Oh, my. You gotta do it all in one.
Oh, my God! (LAUGHS)
All right, to my partner, Al, who saves my ass
every time, and, um, you know,
occasionally I save his too.
I'll drink to that. (ALL LAUGH)
To Al. And to the rest of you,
thanks for being there for us.
Hey, we're there for each other, right?
AL: Always. Ah, all right, go!
Mmm! CARRIE: Oh, my God.
Oh, it all went down my front. Ah!
Hey, J-bones! Mmm?
Oh, gosh. It's you, baby.
What? You're first up, come on.
Oh, no, no, no. Let's go.
Come on! Jay, come on!
Why can't you have fun? Come on. Oh, okay.
Oh, my God, that's horrible.
Go ahead. Okay, um...
What do Iwhat do I do?
You grab it and you squeeze it.
Grab and squeeze it! Grab it and squeeze it!
CARRIE: That's it, go! Okay.
You are uncontrollable.
MAN: Oh, my God.
How much you pay the guy to rig the machine?
You know me so well.