Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 8 - Breathing Space - full transcript

Carrie and Delina work undercover together to try to find a mission to Mars trainee's killer.

The trash goes in the incinerator.
Then the steam is converted to electricity.
Helps power New York City. Pretty cool, right?
Yeah. Real cool, Dad.
Look, "Take your daughter to work" day wasn't my idea.
(HORN HONKS) I'll be right back. Don't touch anything.
Have a great day. Thanks.
CARRIE: Hey. Oh, morning, Carrie!
Quad latte coming right up. Yes.
How are you, Deedie? How did you do on your exam?
B-plus. That memory thing you taught me really helped.
I'll never be able to get those formulas out of my brain.
Welcome to my world.
Large skinny mocha, please.
Excuse me, but I couldn't help noticing your eyes.
They're so... Luminous?
That's exactly what I was going to say.
Look at us, on the same page already.
Well, a man who notices a woman's eyes...
You must be a real romantic.
We're a dying breed.
How about I take you to dinner?
That sounds so nice.
Will Cindy be joining us?
Cindy, your wife,
who you married two months ago to this very day?
Oh, I'm divorced now.
Wow, that was fast.
You should probably take your wedding ring off, then.
I, uh...
In fact, I remember your wedding was in the boathouse in Central Park,
overlooking the swans, because swans mate for life,
the symbolism of which was apparently lost on you.
(LAUGHS) I'm sorry.
I had no idea you were Cindy's friend.
Oh! Look, I was just,
you know, talking to you.
I was just checking my market value for Cindy.
You were making sure you were still attractive to Cindy by hitting on me?
Wow, what a thoughtful husband.
Cindy is a lucky, lucky girl.
Exactly. This was completely innocent.
Maybe don't tell her.
Maybe stop hitting on people when you're married, okay?
I won't. I will.
Keep the change.
You're not really going to tell Cindy, are you?
Oh, I've never met Cindy. What?
It's really sad. I read the Sunday Times wedding announcements every week,
and, you know, I remember everything.
Cindy and Larry Carlin of Montauk.
Can't get any of the sappy details out of my head.
Thank you. No, no, no. It's on Larry.
Larry's a generous guy, isn't he? He sure is.
Okay, so our Jane Doe is Dr. Norah Al-Bayati, age 33,
the only child of Iraqi refugees.
Cause of death? We don't know yet.
Delina's still working on it.
What do we know about her?
She got a full scholarship to MIT at 16 years old.
Got her PhD by the time she was 24.
Worked in the public and private sector...
in R&D for aerospace companies,
as a consultant for military contracts,
lead researcher at Hudson University,
where she also taught aeronautical engineering.
Wow, impressive. High achiever.
Which makes it that much weirder. I'm not following.
In the week leading up to her death,
she had no phone calls, no emails, nothing.
And that wasn't the first time that it happened.
This disappearance act happened several times in the past six months.
An overachiever randomly and periodically falls off the grid.
Maybe Norah was leading a double life.
Mr. and Mrs. Al-Bayati, we're very sorry for your loss.
And thank you for agreeing to let us
take a look at your daughter's place.
Of course. Oh, I'm sorry...
Sit, please. Thank you.
So I understand your daughter was a very talented engineer.
Oh, yes, ever since she was a child.
Planes, helicopters... Anything that went up in the air.
MOTHER: Norah got a scar on her forehead
when she jumped off the couch when she was four. (CHUCKLES)
It broke her heart when she realized that she couldn't fly.
Can you tell me about what your daughter was up to these past few weeks...
Anything out of the ordinary?
Well, it's hard to know.
Norah worked on projects that she couldn't talk about.
She had signed papers, nondisclosure agreements.
Yeah, she took them very seriously. Yeah.
(CAT MEOWS) Oh, my God, her cat.
We'll have to take her. (CRYING)
Norah was very excited
about the project that she was working on.
She couldn't say anything about it,
but she told us that it was the opportunity of a lifetime.
Uh, she said that she would be gone weeks,
maybe months, if everything worked out.
She have a boyfriend? Was she romantically involved with anyone?
Norah was very private about her personal life,
uh, as most children are with their parents.
But there was that man who came by.
He was looking for Norah.
He came around a couple months ago.
Yes, yes, he was drunk. I remember him.
He was very upset. He said that Norah was ruining his life,
and when I asked Norah about it,
she said not to worry,
that he was another professor just jealous over her work.
Did you get a name?
No. No, but he was in his 40s.
He was maybe overweight, had a beard.
And he had a white stripe in his hair.
Yes, like a skunk.
Okay, so we're looking for a Professor Gordon Dawes.
Overweight aerospace professor who looks like a skunk.
Can't be too many of those.
Uh, Professor Dawes?
Yeah, right there, man. Thanks.
Office hours are at 3:00.
Dawes? Police. We need to talk to you.
I did go by her parents' place.
How come?
Well, I was up for tenure, again,
and I didn't get it, again.
Aerospace positions are difficult to come by.
Norah was on the selection committee, and I was upset.
Why, she didn't vote for you?
As a matter of fact, no, she didn't.
I shouldn't have gone by. I was drunk.
It's one of many regrets I have in my life.
You care to share any other regrets?
(LAUGHS) How much time you got?
I was... (SIGHS) Devastated about what happened to Norah.
She was a good friend.
Even though she rejected your tenure?
Sounds like she had some kind of pull on you.
There was nothing going on with Norah.
Seems like you wish there had been.
Well... (SCOFFS)
She wasn't into guys.
You know, not that I would've had a chance with her, anyway.
She was...
She was way out of my league.
Any idea who was in her league?
(SIGHS) Well, yeah, there was this one woman
who, um, pursued her like a pro...
Uh, wine, flowers, weekend getaway.
Any idea who this suitor was?
Oh, no, I prefer not to know who my competition is.
We'll need to know what you've been up to these past few days.
You think you can get that to us?
Oh, well, that won't be difficult.
You know, if I'm not here, I'm at Rudy's Tavern on 112th and Lexington.
They can tell you.
It's the longest relationship I've had.
Hey, Delina. Hey.
So what have we got?
Based on rigor, she died probably about 72 hours ago,
which means sometime Friday afternoon,
but the cause of death is what got me beat.
What do you mean?
Well, she has a contusion on the back of her head here,
but it's not serious enough to be the cause of death.
She was naked when she was found
but no signs of sexual assault.
No gunshot wounds, no lacerations,
no injection points, nothing.
So we have no idea what killed her?
Tox screens will be back tomorrow.
Maybe that'll give us something.
As soon as they come in, you call me, okay? All right.
All right, what have you found?
So off of that tip we got from Professor Dawes,
I looked into all the deliveries that Norah received
while she was at Hudson University, and most recently,
she got a large package from a place called Stalwart Vineyards.
At first, I didn't think too much of it
but then did some digging,
and guess who owns Stalwart Vineyards.
Who? Joyce Chen.
Wait, Joyce Chen, the billionaire who created VistaView?
The very same. Guess what else I found.
Ran Norah's credit cards...
And that weekend getaway the professor was talking about
was to Joyce's Napa Valley vineyard retreat,
on her private jet.
Wow. Dawes had no idea how out of his league Norah was.
And being in a relationship with Joyce
might not have been a good thing for Norah.
Joyce had a pretty bad reputation for some nasty breakups.
You know the model Christina Rodriguez?
Well, apparently, they dated, and when Christina left her,
she got into this really bad car accident...
The circumstances of which, very suspicious.
I think I know just the person to pay Joyce a visit.
Kick. (GRUNTS)
Carrie Wells.
You spoke to my partner, Al Burns, on the phone.
Yeah, I'll give you five minutes.
Then I got a call with Abu Dhabi.
What was your relationship with Norah Al-Bayati?
Sure. I don't have one.
Really? 'Cause I heard you took her away
for a romantic weekend at your vineyard.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, she's not my type.
I'm more into models, not nerds.
And... Maybe cops.
You were interested in her, weren't you?
I was trying to persuade her to join my aerospace R&D team.
And how did that work out for you?
She turned me down, but Norah and I parted ways amicably.
You don't strike me as the kind of woman
who takes "no" amicably.
Norah will come around.
(WHISPERS) I tend to get what I want in the end.
So do I, and what I want
is to know who murdered Norah Al-Bayati.
Wait, Norah's dead?
Yeah, you seem all broken up about it.
I could pretend to be,
but my real emotion is relief.
She's not working for somebody else. Wow.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Nice left hook.
So, uh, she actually, you know...
(CLICKS TONGUE) Hit on you?
No, I never said she hit on me, okay?
I said it was more of a... vibe.
I don't know, it was just a... Ooh.
Okay, you, back to the case.
You're like a teenager. Focus, talk to me.
Right, okay, right. So, uh... (CHUCKLES)
Friday afternoon, Joyce had a presentation
for over 200 employees in Hartford,
so she doesn't look good for Norah's murder.
(INHALES SHARPLY) This came for you.
"A beautiful red for a beautiful red."
Oh, boy. "Hope to have a taste myself."
(LAUGHING) Oh, man!
So, if there were any lingering doubt, Carrie,
Joyce Chen totally wants you.
Or she totally wants to not go to jail.
Or she totally wants me! Back to the case.
Right, Joyce's alibi checks out.
Bringing us back to square one.
Not necessarily.
When I was talking to Joyce, she said...
She was relieved that Norah was dead,
which is horrible, I know,
and she said it was because she didn't want Norah
working for one of her competitors.
What if Norah was already working
for one of her competitors?
Who have we got?
Well, how about these guys?
Let me introduce you to Meredith Hubert, Avra Feld, and Phineas Capitan.
Now, for the past decade, these four have been
neck and neck in a technology race,
and they've been playing dirty...
Corporate espionage, poaching talent from each other's teams.
What kinds of projects have they been competing on?
Well, most recently, they've been competing
to create a pressurized suit that would allow someone
to free-fall at supersonic speeds from the edge of space.
And the winner was...
Avra Feld's SkyDive.
MOTHER: Norah worked on projects that she couldn't talk about.
Norah had a cap with that same logo on it in her apartment.
She was working for Avra Feld.
And if Feld thought Norah was jumping ship to Joyce's crew,
he may have killed to protect his secrets.
Let's go talk to Avra Feld.
AL: Thanks for talking to us, Mr. Feld.
We just want to ask you a few questions about Norah Al-Bayati.
Norah Al-who?
It seems she might have worked for you.
I've got thousands of people that work for me.
I can't keep track of them all. (CHUCKLES)
I was named Forbes' Most Influential Businessman
last year, if you happen to recall.
I do happen to recall. And it was Forbes' Most Influential Techies,
and you were number two underneath Joyce Chen.
If you're looking for a list of my employees,
you can talk to my secretary.
No, we know your employees sign NDAs,
so chances are, if Norah worked here,
your secretary would have no record of that.
Then we're done here, detectives.
MOTHER: Norah worked on projects that she couldn't talk about.
She had signed papers, nondisclosure agreements.
Oh, my God, the cat.
Oh, my God.
You're planning some kind of mission to Mars,
specifically to the volcano Arsia Mons,
and Norah was helping you.
That's an interesting theory,
except the technology to go to Mars is years away.
That's what you want your competitors to believe,
but Norah's parents told us
that she was excited about a project at work,
that it was going to take her away for a few months.
You know what I think? I think she was helping you fast-track the technology,
and she was training to go on the mission.
This is absurd.
When Joyce started showing interest in Norah,
maybe you killed her to protect your little secret.
Maybe one of my competitors is trying to set me up to take the blame here.
Either way, you can direct all future questions
to my lawyer, Clay Hibbard at Berkowitz and Etz.
Great. We're so sorry to have bothered you.
You know what, though, I think this is going to make
an awesome story for the press,
and the thing is, I love to be in the press.
It's true. She does. I do. I really do.
You don't have anything.
An insider tip from a well-known cop
is gonna open Pandora's box for you.
So either you start helping us,
or I'm going to call the press and share my "theories."
(SIGHS) Okay.
I am planning a mission to Mars, and...
Norah was gonna go.
So Carrie and I had to twist his arm,
but Mr. Feld finally told us about his plans.
It seems he's got a secret training facility
in a warehouse in Yonkers
that simulates the conditions on Mars.
Mars. You gotta be kidding.
Right now, he has seven candidates.
They've been participating in a series of lockdowns
to prepare for an eventual mission.
Norah was one of the seven.
Well, then, that explains her mysterious time off the grid.
Mmm-hmm, they were locked in last week, got out Friday,
had a furlough over the weekend,
and started a new lockdown at 6:00 this morning.
Boy, you two really got Mr. Feld to talk.
I'm hoping you did this by the book.
Always. "By the book" is Carrie's middle name. Mmm-hmm.
So are the candidates in this facility monitored?
Is there a camera? Only on the outside.
Jay's going through the footage,
trying to find any signs of Norah's movements.
Talk to me. So I got those test results back.
Norah's cause of death...
Carbon dioxide poisoning.
She suffocated on CO2? Exactly.
This is going to sound like something out of a sci-fi film, okay,
but just bear with me. Okay.
Avra Feld, that big tech guy we've been talking to...
He has a secret Mars simulation facility.
I kind of bullied him into telling me.
And guess what the atmosphere of Mars consists of mostly.
Carbon... BOTH: Dioxide.
Exactly. Now you said she died last Friday. Yeah.
That facility was on lockdown.
No one coming in, no one going out,
which means if she was murdered,
someone on the inside did it.
And that narrows down our list of suspects.
Yes, it does.
CARRIE: Norah never left your facility, at least not alive.
Which means Norah's killer is one of the six other candidates.
But now that they've started,
I can't interrupt the lockdown.
The candidates have already begun isolation
for the next training period.
It would compromise the entire... You know what I think?
I think that you don't want anyone in your facility
digging around that might expose your secrets.
That's assuming that your theory
has any connection to reality.
You know what does have a connection to reality?
Me talking to Joyce Chen about your reusable rocket.
Nice try. Everyone who's anyone is trying to develop a reusable rocket.
Not everybody's doing it using a nuclear thermal rocket
with a compact fission reactor core
using 93% enriched uranium-235 fuel.
How the hell do you know that?
You're not the only one with secrets, Mr. Feld.
You should know Joyce Chen is a little smitten with my partner here.
More than a little smitten. She sent me a box of wine.
She's quite the ladies' lady.
She sent her a box of wine.
Do you know what that means? Know what that means?
I'll bet she wants to talk to my partne r about your formulas.
That's corporate espionage.
It would only be corporate espionage
if we had signed one of your
ironclad nondisclosure agreements when we came to your office, but...
Since we didn't, if Carrie mentioned it to her,
it would just be, I don't know...
Pillow talk.
What do you want?
I want to go in. Undercover.
What? What?
What? It's the best way.
If we pull those candidates out, they lawyer up.
Your secrets are exposed, right?
Now, if I go in as a candidate,
I can dig around, find out who the killer is.
It's very Agatha Christie.
Okay, these people have been in training for months.
What do you think, huh?
You think you can just walk in there and join the team?
Yeah, I know I can. I'm kind of a genius.
It's a long story. He can fill you in.
Listen, you don't have a choice.
Either I go in, or we shut you down.
I'll figure something out.
Aw, thank you. We'll be in touch.
All right.
You can't be serious about going undercover in there.
We'd be locked in with a killer.
That's exactly how I like it.
I need you to convince Russo.
Why am I always doing your dirty work?
'Cause I love it when you talk dirty.
Don't be cute.
How'd you pull all that stuff out?
Uranium-235 fuel, fission?
I saw a diagram on his desk.
Wow. Why so surprised?
I remember crazy stuff all the time.
It just sounds so...
Say it again.
Compact fission reactor core
with a 93% enriched uranium-235 fuel.
God, I love it when you talk dirty.
All right, listen, if we pull everyone out,
you know, they'll lawyer up
and our investigation will be stonewalled.
But if we go in there undercover,
we can find the crime scene, interact with the candidates,
figure out access, motives.
Yeah, but don't you think the candidates are gonna be
suspicious of two random people
just joining the lockdown?
Well, yeah, if we go in as fellow candidates,
but we could go in as scientists.
If we could tell them that Feld sent us in
to assess the training or something like that.
So running tests and observing people.
Like maybe a psychologist and a medical expert?
You know, Carrie could be a psychologist.
Yeah, I mean, obviously, she could memorize enough
to pass as a psychologist,
but, um... (CHUCKLES)
There's no way I could pass as a doctor, so...
No, Delina. Delina should go.
Yeah. Delina has been through Quantico training and med school.
But Carrie and I are a team.
No, this is perfect.
You continue with your investigation
of the candidates' backgrounds,
and you get your wish.
Your girl Carrie's going to Mars.
(CLAPS) Not bedtime yet!
But I'm tired.
I've seen you up way later than this, okay?
Remember last Thursday at the club?
No, because I blacked out. And how can you compare partying at a club
to learning all of this stuff?
Oh, come on, we get to pretend to be other people,
go to Mars, and catch a killer.
This is way more fun than a club.
All right. Refocus.
Focus. Drink your coffee. Got it.
We have six candidates who were in lockdown with Norah last week.
First one, Simon Sheffield, aerospace engineer.
He replaced Norah in the food chain.
With her out, he's in, which makes him...
Our prime suspect. Exactly.
CARRIE: Okay, Mike Wilcox, mechanical engineer.
And this one is...
DELINA: Kristina Payne, the other engineer.
See? You're not tired. You're awesome.
Biologist Beth Leners.
Erica Campbell, Air Force-trained engineer,
and her counterpart, Navy-trained Randy Reynolds.
All right.
Behind one of these doors is a killer.
And we're gonna catch 'em.
CARRIE: I promise you, I'll be careful.
I don't like this, Carrie.
You can't even take your gun with you.
Well, that's because there's nowhere to hide a gun
in my super-sexy, skintight Mars jumpsuit.
I'm kidding.
There's no super-sexy, skintight Mars jumpsuit.
But if I take a gun in there, Al, and someone finds it,
they'll make me as a cop.
I'm not loving this plan.
24 hours and I'm pulling you out of there.
Admit it, you want to be in zero gravity with me.
Number seven on my bucket list.
Number seven? What's number one?
I'll tell you when you're out of there,
safe and alive.
I promise you, I am not gonna get killed
until I know what number one on your bucket list is.
Part of the simulation is to have periods
of total isolation from the outside world.
We're cut off for 24 hours, got it.
Somebody falls and breaks a leg or gets sick,
you've got to count on your team to see you through it.
Well, I got that covered. I'm a doctor.
That's the Greenhouse Room where they cultivate food.
Here's the Atmosphere Room.
This is the Cold Room.
To simulate the Martian climate,
we keep it super-cooled at a temperature
of -100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Well, at 100 below, our body temperature
will reach 65 degrees in under three minutes.
Game over. Exactly.
Cold enough for ya'? That's cold.
You guys joining the party?
They're here to observe.
Evaluate. Assess. We're here to assess.
Since this next phase will be even more stressful,
I've decided that in-person evaluations and counseling
will be necessary.
Meet Dr. Bergs and Dr. Smith.
You'll have plenty of time to get to know each other.
Now as you know, Norah didn't show up yesterday,
and I am sorry to inform you
she will not be continuing with the program.
WOMAN: Oh, no. Wait, why?
That's terrible.
Better to lose her now than discover later
she couldn't hack it.
Dr. Smith, I'll show you to your pod.
Erica, show Dr. Bergs to hers.
This was Norah's room. Now it's all yours.
Need I remind you, Dr. Smith,
once we go to lockdown, if anything goes wrong,
you're on your own.
Good luck.
Thanks, man. Yeah, no problem.
So, just check the nitrogen output levels
in the Cold Room at 19:00 hours?
I owe you one.
COMPUTER: Lockdown initiating.
Hey. (GASPS)
What? God, you gave me a fright.
It's good to know this pod is as small as mine.
This was her room. Norah's.
This place is so...
(SIGHS) Cut off.
So what do we do now?
Now we look around and see if this place
will give up any of its secrets.
It's coming from the Cold Room!
You can't go in there without a suit. You'll freeze!
Get us suits. Get us suits! Now!
He's dead.
By the angle of his fall and the crack in his mask,
I can tell he was hit from behind.
He was murdered.
Someone is picking off the members of this team,
one by one.
We gotta get this lockdown lifted
and get everybody out of here.
No, we can't.
We've still got 24 hours.
We have to get everybody out of here!
Delina, if we don't catch the killer in 24 hours, we'll get them all out.
We'll do it more traditionally.
Until then, we're locked in.
So we keep our cover, and we tell everyone
that Simon's death was an accident.
There's been an accident.
Simon Sheffield is dead.
What? No, that's impossible. (ALL EXCLAIMING)
Okay, wait, wait, everybody, just hold on a second.
It seems like he didn't fasten his suit correctly
in the Cold Room, and, uh...
Yeah, he...
He died of severe hypothermia.
If any of you would like grief counseling,
I'm available one-on-one, or...
Mike? Beth?
We could talk now, as a group?
No takers? Okay, wow, tough bunch.
(SIGHS) All right, guys,
well, know that I'm here, and...
go about your business.
Randy, you okay?
Fine, Doc.
So what goes on in here?
Close the door. Sure.
This room is airtight, which lets us play around
with the Martian atmosphere in here.
95.3% carbon dioxide doesn't sound that playful.
Which is why we need this.
It converts CO2 to oxygen.
First, we replicate Mars' atmosphere.
CARRIE: I'm not a chemical engineer or anything,
but if that doesn't turn this CO2 into oxygen,
aren't we both gonna die?
Normally we wear suits when we flood the room with CO2,
but I bet you like to live on the edge.
Let's get some oxygen in here.
Let's do that.
You got a pretty good set of lungs on you, Doc.
Thank you.
Yours aren't so bad yourself.
So it's a small space in here,
all you guys locked up together.
Anybody hooking up?
Is that an invitation?
'Cause I know the no-fraternization policy.
Grounds for dismissal.
You spend a lot of time in Norah's pod?
I wasn't in her pod. Really?
Because I found a stone just like...
Just like the one on your bracelet in her room.
I was in there looking for her notebook,
where she wrote down her ideas,
and I thought that if I could just read it,
then maybe I could get an advantage.
Why? What was in it?
I don't know. I never found it.
I swear, please, just don't tell Feld.
I'm here for counseling and support, that's all.
That's all.
To evaluate, so, uh,
you know, if you want to talk, about anything, I'm here.
Hey. (GASPS)
(WHISPERING) God, you gotta quit sneaking up on me like that.
(WHISPERING) I'm sorry. What are you reading?
I found Norah's journal.
It was hidden in a secret panel.
It's a lot of calculations and numbers,
but I want you to listen to this, okay?
"Noticed Mike's tremor again.
"Shaking, especially in his hands.
"Neurological condition?"
And here, from Friday, the day she was killed,
"Need to talk to Mike about my concerns."
(WHISPERS) So if Mike had a neurological condition,
then he would be disqualified from the mission.
Exactly right, and if Norah figured it out,
maybe he killed her to keep his secret.
Wait a second.
Mike inspected the Atmosphere Room on Friday,
the day she was killed.
I saw his initials on the sign-in sheet.
Okay. So let's say she walks in and he's in there, right?
(QUIETER) Okay, let's say she walks in and he's in there.
She asks him about his condition,
he flies off the handle, and then he kills her.
Yes. But why would he kill Simon?
That's something Mike's going to have to answer for us.
Where is he now?
He said he's training in the pool.
I think it's time I gave Mike his psychological evaluation.
He's not moving.
MIKE: Thanks, man. Yeah, no problem.
So just check the nitrogen output levels
in the Cold Room at 19:00 hours?
I owe you one.
Simon wasn't the target.
Mike is.
Come on, Mike. (COUGHING)
Breathe, Mike.
(COUGHING) What happened?
Look at me. Look at me.
I need you to tell us what happened.
I was working on the ventilation endurance.
Right. My suit filled with water.
I went for the surface, but I must have blacked out.
Thank you, by the way.
You move fast for a shrink.
Mike, you can't hide this anymore, okay?
You can't.
It's dangerous to you, it's dangerous to the mission,
and now I need you to talk to me.
Okay. I started getting the shakes a couple weeks ago.
Okay. Did anybody else on the team notice?
Norah picked up on it.
We... She was worried about me, so we talked.
When was the last time you saw Norah before she left?
Um, Thursday night.
I remember I was feeling really sick,
so bad that I asked if she could help me out,
take my inspection shift.
She fudged the log to cover for me.
She signed it with my initials.
All right, listen to me.
I want you to go wait over there.
Dr. Berg is going to join you.
Don't go anywhere without her, okay?
We want to make sure you're all right.
What is going on? Mike's not the suspect.
He's the target! What?
I heard him talking to Simon.
Mike was supposed to be in the Cold Room.
He asked Simon to cover for him. Okay.
Whoever killed Simon was after Mike.
We gotta think this through.
Okay, so let's say Norah goes in
and does an inspection of the Atmosphere Room, right?
And she finds something, and she goes to Mike with it.
Right, and whatever it is that she told Mike
is what got her killed.
Right, and Mike knows what she knows,
but he's still alive, which means his life is in danger,
and now so is ours.
Okay. Okay. Stay with him.
Don't let him out of your sight, and be careful.
All right, but where you going?
I'm going to go find whatever it is that Norah found.
All right.
All right.
(WHISPERING) Talk to me, room.
What happened?
Oh, hey.
What are you doing in here?
Oh, nothing. I was just trying to...
get a lay of the land, you know, figure out...
What do these readings mean over here?
Those are related to our oxygen conversion tests,
making sure we are successfully converting CO2 to oxygen,
and then those numbers indicate the duration of the tests.
Oh, that's quite a range between numbers.
How long is a normal test?
Varies, but on average, 10 to 20 minutes?
Do you ever experience any kind of problems
when the conversions run longer?
(LAUGHS) As the data analyst,
I can assure you, the system has performed impeccably,
no matter the length of test, but if you're concerned,
we can always just test them ourselves.
Great, yeah. I'd love to see it, thanks.
I'll just let the CO2 run for a bit,
and then we'll turn the oxygen converters on.
They're gonna work just fine.
Sounds great.
So... So what happens if,
I don't know, they found out that the converter
couldn't work for a sustained period of time?
I mean, that would...
Well, that would certainly delay or even cancel out
the possibility of a mission to Mars, right?
Well, yeah, if the problem was serious.
But I'm not following.
You murdered Norah.
You murdered Simon,
and you tried to kill Mike
so that they didn't find out
that your CO2 converter does not work.
This is all Norah's fault.
She was the only friend I had in here.
We were going to be the first women on Mars.
But she betrayed me.
I told her I just needed time to fix the problem!
She didn't get that. She didn't get the mission.
It's bigger than all of us!
I had to make a choice.
Come on, come on.
Let's get some oxygen in here.
Open the door! Open the door! Open the door!
(GASPING) I'm okay, I'm okay.
COMPUTER: Termination sequence commenced.
Two minutes until site termination.
What the hell is that? Feld's so paranoid.
He rigged this place with a self-destruct system.
DELINA: Erica must have set it off.
Get everybody out of here now.
I'm not... I'll be right behind you. Go!
Come on, come on, come on! Go, out, come on, let's go!
COMPUTER: There are now 90 seconds until site termination.
There are now 30 seconds until site termination.
Erica, come on!
COMPUTER: There are now ten seconds until site termination.
I committed to dying on Mars
the second I joined this program!
Nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four,
three, two, one.
Whoa, no, whoa, wait a minute. It was crazy.
No, it was unbelievable. Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You let the countdown get all the way down to one,
and you're still inside.
Well, I didn't let that happen, that's what happened,
and we barely made it out of there,
but I'm here, and I'm safe.
And all the trainees are fine? They're perfect.
See, this is what I don't get, though.
Why did she do it?
So here's how it went down, okay?
Norah finds out the atmosphere scrubber isn't working properly, right?
So she goes to Erica with her concerns.
Now Erica isn't about to let
a small breathable air problem get in her way
on her space on the Mars mission.
So you know what she does?
She kills Norah in the Atmosphere Room
and dumps her body down the trash chute.
That's insane. But you know what?
You did a great job, Delina.
Thank you, Jay.
You and Carrie make a pretty kickass team.
You should... you should ride along more often.
See, I don't know about that,
'cause the thing about dead people is,
they don't try to kill you.
Oh, can I get some of your red?
Yeah, you can taste some of my red.
Welcome back. You okay?
They said all I have to do is breathe some fresh air for a while,
and I'll be fine.
What about Feld?
Well, considering he just blew 300 million bucks
and five years of work, I'd say not bad.
So? Tell me.
Tell you what?
Are there really little green men on Mars or not?
I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.
is number one on your bucket list?
Wouldn't you like to know?
Come on, tell me.
Go ahead, take a guess.
All right.
Catching a down-and-out from Eli Manning in the end zone.
Nope. That's number four.
What's number one?
Number one.
Does it have anything to do with those twins in Barbados?
No way.
That's nine.
I know what it is.
Oh, you do, do you?
It involves me.
I know what it is. It's that...
No, no, no, no. Don't say it.
Won't happen. Well, can I whisper it?
No! I can whisper it!
If I whisper it, it'll still happen.
I'm telling you, it doesn't matter.
You don't know. If I don't know what it is,
then you have nothing to worry about.
Let me whisper it to you. Okay.
That way, if I'm right, it'll still happen.
(LAUGHS) That's it, isn't it?
I'm gonna drink some of your red.
That's it, that's it! Cheers.
Cheers. (LAUGHS)