Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 7 - We Can Be Heroes - full transcript

Carrie and Al's investigation into young boy's kidnapping exposes a grudge harbored by a college classmate of the child's dad.

[dramatic music]

[kids laughing]

[kids screaming]

That was awesome. Can we do it again?

Oh, I need a break,
Mason. Aren't you dizzy?

I'm not tall enough to go on without you.

Aww. Hey, how about that one?

Come on, that's for babies, Ilsa.

- Oh...
- It's a bomb! Run!

[all screaming]

What's going on?

- Mommy!
- Daddy!

Mason, run! Run!

[kids laughing]

[kids chatter]


- All right, you guys ready?
- All: Ready!

All right. Wow.

Pretty tricky with all the masks.

And we changed other stuff
to, we got you Carrie!

Yeah, this is gonna be pretty
tough. I think I might be stumped.


Well, you switched your shoes
with tiger girl over here,

which is pretty tricky, but

you still have cotton candy on your dress.

- Right, Allie?
- Aw, you got me!


Gorilla, now you're a smart one

because you changed your T-shirt
inside out to hide the logo,

but I would recognize this

awesome haircut anywhere, Daniel.

Pirate is Nick.

Giraffe is Maddie.


How did you know all that?

Because I'm a sorceress. I'm a witch.

[kids cheering]

Oh, no!

[cheering continues]


You need some help?

Who wants a pizza?

Come on, get in line for pizza.

Whoo! Who doesn't love pizza?

- Whoo!
- Thank you, Sandra.

Yeah, thank you. You know, I had a feeling

your special powers might come in handy.

- Ah.
- Not to mention you're

a hell of a lot cheaper than both

the magician and the
guy with the snake, so...

- [laughs]
- My brilliant niece

only turns 11 once, right?

[phone rings]

Hey, Al.

[siren wails]

- Hey.
- Hey.

Kid's name is Mason Allen.

Parents have been notified.

Uniforms are scouring the
park, but so far, nothing.

One of the ride jockeys
saw something wedged

under the carousel, thought it was a bomb.

Turned out to be the operator's backpack,

but caused a stampede,
and when it was over,

Mason was gone.

Who was he with?

His nanny, Ilsa Ginya.

- Deep breath now.
- Ilsa, hi.

I'm Carrie Wells. I'm a detective.

I'm gonna help you find Mason, okay?

What can you tell me about what happened

right before you lost him?

I already told the officer.

I got knocked down when
people started running.

They said I got knocked
out. Now I can't find Mason.

- He's only seven years old!
- It's okay.

Please, you have to help me find him.

- Help me find him.
- It's okay.

Stay back!

[breathes deeply]

- It's okay, all right?
- We're gonna find him.

Thank you.

[dramatic music]

Oh, yeah, all right. I
appreciate it though. Thank you.

All right, so look. PD,
FD, EMS, whole alphabet soup

out looking, so far,
nothing. No sign of Mason.

I'm thinking if he was taken,

maybe it's a crime of opportunity.

Somebody just sees the
chaos of the bomb scare,

notices the kid running around, takes him?

Except, turns out, he's not just any kid.

- He's Kenneth Allen's kid.
- Am I supposed to know

- who that is or what?
- You're supposed to know

Kenneth and his wife
Gwen's company, Protech,

made a small fortune in
tactical protective wear.

They improved the old formula for Kevlar.

Oh, you know what, I did.
I did hear that apparently

the NFL's supposed to be using that

in their helmet's this year,
right, something like that?

Hey, just left the park. No sign of Mason.

Okay, check with the doorman,

see if anyone suspicious
has been hanging around.

- All right.
- [horn honks]

Mason loves Victorian Gardens.

We were just there last
weekend, the three of us.

Mr. Allen, I have to ask you,

can you think of anyone
who would want to hurt you?

I don't think so, no.

What about your employees?

Business? Domestic? Any
personnel issues lately?

We have over 250 people working for us.

I mean, there's always issues,

but why are we talking about this?

We need to be looking for Mason.

Mr. Allen, we have to
explore every possibility.


Is it possible someone
else, a business rival maybe,

would have a grudge against you?

Well, I'm successful.

Success pisses people off sometimes,

but I play fair.

We have a good company.


There's no one I can think of

who would do something like this.


And, no, to save you the
trouble, there's no one else.

Gwen and I are very much in love.

Believe me,

I wouldn't endanger my son's life

for one second by
keeping anything from you.

I appreciate that.

[melancholy music]

He likes to read, huh?

[sniffles] He gets that from me.

We love to just sit down and
snuggle up with a good book.

"Hansel and Gretel"?

That's "Grimm's Fairy Tales," his favorite.

Was he on his computer a lot?

Um, not a lot, no. Uh,
he doesn't go online.


Wait, you don't think that...

Listen, we don't... we don't
know anything right now.

I just have to ask the questions, okay?

Oh, my God. [cries]

How could this be happening?

[phone ringing]

- Okay.
- Okay, stay calm.

Keep him on the line as long as possible.

Who is this?

I have your son.

Please, please don't hurt him.

I'll call back with
further instructions.

No cops. No FBI.

I wanna speak to my son. I
wanna know that he's okay.

Follow my instructions.

I'll return him to
you safe and sound.

Blue watch and all.

Blue watch?

He was wearing that this morning.

We gave it to him for his birthday.

[dramatic music]

Establish a time frame.

Hey, boss, you got anything on the nanny?

Been with the family since Mason was born.

No record. She's overcome by all of this.

Had to be hospitalized. We're checking.

I don't like her for it.

All right.

- Hey.
- [sighs]

All right, we're set on the ransom.

You know they're asking
for a million bucks?

Not many people could swing that
kinda dough in under an hour.

Not too many people own a private island

- at Seychelles either.
- That's true.

Follow the plan, you'll get your son back.

The caller was very specific, no cops.

Mr. Allen, believe me,
we do this all the time.

You gotta trust us.

I'm sorry, it's just...

this is my son's life we're talking about.

I understand.

Look, it's simple. You're
making a transaction.

You give him what he wants.
He gives us what we want.

My son is not some business
transaction, Lieutenant.

I know it's impossible,

but you gotta try to take away the emotion

because that's what it is to him.


We'll be watching you,

making sure you and Mason are safe.

Walk me through it again.

You take these bags into your car,

he'll be calling you with
instructions for the drop-off.

We'll be listening.

We will follow you
wherever he tells you to go.

Whatever he asks for, you give him.

- [sighs]
- Okay?

- You ready?
- Yes.

[phone ringing]

- [phone beeps]
- Where are you?

- Anybody follow you?
- No.

Come to the platform above the pool.

You have five minutes.


[phone line clicks]
[disconnect tone beeping]

Oh, shit!

- Shit!
- [phone beeps]

Hello? Hello?

Hey, Dad is moving south
in park. I have eyes.

[walkie clicks]
- Headed towards the pool.

[indistinct chatter]

[phone ringing]

[phone beeps]

Nice work, you made it.

I want you to listen
to me very carefully.

Leave the bags under
the bench and step away.

Don't make a scene.
Just calmly walk away.

You've come this far.

I don't want your son to get hurt.

Allen? Are you there?

Are you listening to me?

Give me my boy, you son of a bitch.

- Where is my son?
- [both grunting]


Hey, hey, hey! You stay here!


Hey! Eastbound.

Blue jeans. Gray and blue shirt.

Damn it!

[walkie clicks] Hey.

Lost the suspect. Last seen near park exit.

He could be heading your way.

Keep an eye out.

Check with the doorman,
see if anyone suspicious

has been hanging around.

- [horn honks]
- All right.

That car.

Al, I saw it outside the Allen place.

[tires screech and horns blare]

Watch it!

- Hey!
- Hey!

Show me your hands, now!

Put the car in park.

Put it in park!

Get up.

- Where is he?
- I don't have him.

- Where is he!
- I don't have him.

I never had him.

I just was taking a lunch break in the park

when I heard all this screaming.

Something about a bomb.

It was crazy, you know. There
was cop cars, TV cameras,

people all over.

Then somebody walks away with a kid.

And you didn't try to stop him?

I thought he was taking
the kid to his parents.

How was I supposed to
know it was a kidnapping?

How did you find out it was?

The kid's picture was all over the news.

I saw him on TV and I
put two and two together.

Congrats on your brilliance.

Look, I didn't do anything wrong!

Lying to the police? Extortion?

You do realize you tried to cash
in on this kid's disappearance?

You're looking at serious time here, Sean.

You gotta help me out, man.

Help yourself out.

Tell me what you saw.

The kid was taken away by a
man? What'd the guy look like?

Like some guy, you know?

No, I don't know! Tell me more!

- Details!
- White guy! Baseball cap!

Yankees, maybe. Beard.

What else?

I di... I did notice
something. The kid, he...

he was kind of breathing heavy.

Like, breathing into his hands.

Like this. [sniffs]

His seizures.

Mason has seizure disorder?

We got it under control with medication.

He hasn't had one in years.

My God.

I mean, if he's having them again...

- Hey, do you have a minute?
- Sure.

All right, so it looks like that idiot

that you guys grabbed up in the park

was just looking for a payday.

- Okay.
- Now this, officially, could be

- a missing person's case.
- Right.

And we both know the stats on that one.

- I'm gonna find him.
- All right, well,

you just need to prepare yourself.

I said I'm gonna find him.

Hey, guys, another
ransom call just came in.

It's the Allen's home number.

Okay, stay calm,

and remember, we need proof of life.

[phone beeps]

- Hello.
- If you wanna see your son

alive you will listen
to me very carefully.

Okay, just tell me what you want.

2 million in cash.

I wanna speak to my son.

I wanna know that he's alive.

Your son is fine.

Put him on the phone.


Mason, it's Daddy. Are you okay?

I was a little sick,
but I'm better now.

Daddy, I wanna come home.
When're you gonna g...

Listen to me.

You're gonna receive a text message,

then you're gonna wire the money

into the account listed in the text.

When I receive the money,
I'll give you your son.

- Say good-bye, Mason.
- Bye, Daddy.

- [dial tone]
- Mason?

Signal was jammed. This
guy knows what he's doing.

Mason just said, "I was a little sick."

Does your son know the
name of his medication?

- Clonazepam. Yeah, he knows it.
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, but he doesn't have a prescription?

Jay, drugstore robberies
in the last 24 hours.

On it.

Looks like there were
two stores that got hit.

One in Queens. One out by Columbia.

Wait a minute.

[dramatic music]

That guy.

That's him, right there.

There was a picture on Mason's computer,

that guy was in the
background. Do you know him?

I've never seen him before.

The picture was of Mason at a
water park wearing green shorts.

He was running through the water.

When was that?

Uh, about three weeks ago.

Okay. Al.

Give us a second.

[whimpers softly]

Let her do the job.

That piece of shit was stalking Mason.

He's been planning this for weeks.

Waiting for the right
opportunity to grab him.

Hey, guys.

Security cameras outside
the Duane Reade on 106th

picked up a car driving away from the scene

at the time of the robbery.

Matches a brown 2002 Buick
LeSabre stolen yesterday

from 92nd and Riverside. New York plates.

Right front hubcap is missing.

- You put a BOLO out?
- Every eye in the city, boss.

Tracked the stolen Buick
to this neighborhood.

Neighbor confirmed suspect
matching the screen-grab

was spotted entering the building.

All right, let's hope Mason's with him.

- Standing by.
- Okay.


He's not here.


Someone took him.

[keys clacking]

Dead man is Jason Lutz. No record.

Mostly blue-collar jobs around the city.

Well, I don't know what
I'm gonna tell the parents.

I mean, "Oh, we had the right guy,

but then your son got
kidnapped from the kidnapper."

That sounds like what may have happened.

Lutz was squatting in
that apartment, by the way.

We have a last known address for Lutz?

Yup, living with his
mom in Queens, and as far

as I can tell, unemployed
for the past six months.

Which means he had a lot
of free times on his hands.

And was desperate for cash.
Jay, see if you can find

any links between Lutz and the Allens.

Neighbors heard a loud argument

coming from the apartment last night.

Makes sense. Inside looked
like a tornado hit it.

Whoever killed Lutz went at it with him.

Did we find anything
else in that apartment?

We got the boy's medicine bottle,

which unfortunately means
he no longer has his pills,

and a burner cell.

I'll take a look.

So we got two compound
depressed skull fractures,

- blunt force.
- Well, there was a broken table

right next to the body.

Well, that'll do it.

We got Le Fort and mandibular fractures,

multiple lacerations, hematomas.

Whoever did this must have
been pretty pissed off.

So now Lutz must have
put up a struggle, right?

- Mm-hmm.
- He must have fought back.

We got any blood from the other guy?

No, nothing yet, but check his out.

So I found a compound chemical on
Lutz's clothing called acephate.

Now, it's commonly used by greenskeepers,

you know, in ballparks, golf courses.

- Keeps the bugs away.
- Greenskeepers, huh?

Lutz was unemployed.

Why acephate? So what are we thinking?

Maybe the killer worked with the stuff,

got some on Lutz during the struggle?

Sounds like you answered your own question.

I did. Not gonna help him though.

[dramatic music]

- Hey, boss?
- Yeah?

Lutz was definitely tracking the Allens.

His burner pinged from several locations

around the city which match directly

with the Allens' whereabouts on those days.

Okay, it'd be nice to
know who he was calling.

We don't know who exactly,
but we do know he called

another burner phone and only that phone

for the three weeks leading
up to the kidnapping.

After that, nothing.

So whoever he was calling
was in on the plan.

And maybe was the guy who killed him.

But why go through the trouble
of planning a kidnapping

with someone only to kill the guy later?

What if Lutz and his killer

planned the kidnapping together, right?

Lutz's job is to track the
kid, but then the bomb scare

gives him a window of opportunity.

He decides to act without his partner.

That way he doesn't have
to split the ransom money.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, which really
pisses off the other guy.

So Lutz goes to ground in his apartment,

hides Mason from us and
from his former partner.

So if you're the man with the plan, right,

your former partner, he double-crosses you,

takes the kid, where's the
first place you're gonna look?

Where Lutz lived, at his mom's place.

Jason was always getting into trouble.

It was that public school he went to.

Mrs. Lutz, did anybody come by the house

in the days before your son was killed?

- Like who?
- Friends, girlfriend?

Anything like that?


Nobody unusual? Um...

Oh, wait, wait. There was someone.

Uh, this man, he was going door to door.

He said there was a rat
problem in the neighborhood.

I told him I didn't have
any rats, just roaches,

so I let him in and he
sprayed a little bit.

- Does that help?
- Sure, yeah.

Did... did... did he give you a name?

Oh, here. Um...

he left his card.

Ah, yes, that's it.


Now I can't find Mason!

- It's okay.
- Stay back.

[camera shutter clicks]

Mrs. Lutz, when did this
man come by your house?

Yesterday morning.

And he didn't tell you his name?

No. Uh, come to think of it,

he kept asking about my son.

He wanted to know where
he was living these days.

And I told him that Jason was staying

with a friend out in Maspeth.

Mrs. Lutz, do you mind if I keep this card?

- Huh? No.
- Thank you.

You've been very helpful.

Someone will show you out. Okay?

Right this way.

That bomb scare in the park,

I saw a guy.

He had this exact logo on his shirt.

- Queen of Hearts Exterminators.
- Yeah.

And Delina's report? Acephate.

An insecticide, Al.

Okay, so Jason Lutz got
four calls from a burner cell

in the hour before Mason was kidnapped.

- Didn't take any of 'em.
- The exterminator

must have got nervous
when he suspected Lutz

was scrapping the plan,
taking the kid on his own.

So he went to the park,
he didn't find them there,

then he goes to Jason's mom's house.

She gievs him Maspeth. He
must have known the place.


All right, looks like they got 15 employees

at the exterminator company.

- It's okay.
- Stay back.

Right there, him.

[keys clacking]

Name's Jim Garrett. Got
an address over in Queens.

- Hillside Ave.
- Let's go.

Another ransom call just came in.

This time for 3 million in cash

and a threat on the boy's
life if Allen doesn't pay up.

Well, Garrett already killed Lutz.

What's to stop him from killing Mason?

No sign of the boy?

- Who is this?
- I have your son.

Please don't hurt him.

I'll call back with
further instructions.

No cops. No FBI.

- I want to speak to my son.
- I want to know that he's okay.

- Al?
- Yeah?

This trophy, it belongs to Kenneth Allen.

He was in Allen's house.
I saw a bunch of these

behind his desk.

One was missing. This one.

Why would Garrett steal a worthless trophy?

Because it wasn't worthless to him.

[walkie clicks] We got
eyes on the suspect.

He's near the building.
[walkie clicks]

Hey, put the camera on those garages.

[camera beeps]

Signs of life in the garage, in the garage.

Police! Freeze! I got him. Go.

Go, go, go!


[dog barking]


[dog continues barking]

Jim Garrett, you're under arrest.

- I was just gonna walk my dog.
- Okay, first of all,

that thing is not a dog, all right?

What is that? A wolverine?

You have no grounds to arrest me.

We'll start with cruelty to animals.

We'll work our way up to kidnapping

when we get downtown.

We checked the entire apartment building,

the surrounding area, nothing.

- No sign of Mason.
- All right, keep looking.

- She just went in.
- All right.

- What do we know about Garrett?
- Recently divorced.

Fallen on some pretty
rough financial times.

Actually, never really had
good financial times either.

- How recently divorced?
- Finalized a year ago.

- Could have set him off.
- Looks like his wife

was the only good thing going for the guy,

uh, but when Garrett's life went south,

she headed out west.

Been trying to reach her but no luck.

Apparently she's out in Moab, Utah,

living in a yurt.

Criminal record?

From what I can see, guy's clean.

No, not really.

I mean, we still have a strong
case for burglary, right?

He must have broken into
the Allens to get that award.

Family is on their way in.

Jason Lutz.

- If you say so.
- What?

- You've never seen him before?
- No.

That's really quite interesting

because he was found murdered
and I think you killed him.

[scoffs and laughs]

You're... you're throwing
some pretty wild accusations

at me here, okay?

I... I... I murdered someone?

I... I... I kidnapped a little boy?

That's right.



You know, I... I saw the...

the kid on Channel 2.

Phew. A nice looking boy.

- Hope they find him.
- I'm gonna find him.

Would you make it quick
so I can get out of here?

[both chuckle]

Yeah, that's not how it's gonna work, Jim.

You know, I, um...

I understand that this is
a big case for you people.

- I get it.
- Yeah.

But you brought me down
here without any proof.

I haven't done anything wrong.

What kind of police work is that?

You've got the wrong guy.

Oh, my God.

Do you know him?

That's Jim!

Jim Garrett.

We were in grad school
together for a while.

There a story in that?

Jim couldn't hack it. Dropped out.

When's the last time you saw him?

I haven't seen him.

Not once in 25 years.


he knows Allen.

They were in school together.

What's your relationship to Kenneth Allen?

Ken Allen? Well...


Whoo! Oh, there's a blast from the past.


Uh, well, uh, Ken Allen... well, you know,

we were... we were... we
were... we were good friends.

I haven't seen him in a while.

So you weren't aware that
his son is the missing boy?

Oh, no. Uh... [sighs]

No. Wow, no.

Well, Ken, he must be...

he must be really
suffering right now.

[sighs] Well, funny.

In a way, I can understand his pain.

How's that?

I, uh...

I know how much it hurts to...

have something taken away from you.


Which is why you took
something away from him, right?

I had nothing to do with it.

I'm talking about the trophy.

The Prometheus science trophy.

Awarded to Hudson
University's most brilliant

science and engineering student.

[chuckles] Oh, that?

I mean, I bet you thought
you should have won it, right?


Ken was, you know, a great guy,

but, well, he was always just a bit dim

when it came to the science.

If I'm being honest, he was always

a couple of steps behind
when we worked together.

I had to, you know, carry
the ball, so to speak.

That's ridiculous. He's delusional.

- But you two did work together?
- Yes.

I mean, nothing
groundbreaking. I was in my 20s.

We were just scratching
the surface back then.

And then you became Kenneth Allen,

CEO of one of the biggest
chemical corporations

in New York, and he became
Jim Garrett... exterminator.

- And that's my fault?
- Not saying that.

I'm just trying to understand
what makes this guy tick.

It was the discoveries
I made after grad school

that put me on the map, not
some Bunsen burner experiments

in a college lab. He's insane.

What were you doing in his house?

Well, they had a bit of a bug problem,

and, you know, they called
the pest control company.

I happen to work there, so when I saw

their request for services,
I thought I'd step in

and rid them of their worries.

So, what? You just, uh...

do your work and then stash the trophy,

walk out with it on... on your way out?

Thought it would look good
on my living room table.

You do know burglary is a crime?

Actually, it's not burglary
unless you enter the home

with the intent to commit a felony therein.

"Therein"? Wow!

What are you? A damn lawyer?

You work for a bug company.

You're a smart guy, huh, Jim?

The best you're gonna
get on me is petty theft.

I'll do a little community
service, I'll be fine.

Now, how about you let me go home?

The only place you're going is to jail.

I know you murdered Jason Lutz.

I know you kidnapped Mason.

Well, you're right about one thing.

I am a pretty smart guy.

I figure any lawyer worth his salt...

will have no problem getting me off.

It's probably pretty
difficult to get a conviction

when you already have a prime suspect.

Especially one who happens to be dead,

like, uh, what's his name?

Uh... Lutz.


Juries, when they get confused,

"Boop boop!" [laughs]

If there's a human side to you at all,

I want you to hear me.

That little boy needs
medication or he's going to die.

Tell me where he is.

I don't know where he is.

But, speaking hypothetically,
wherever he is,

exposed to the elements, no food or water,

I don't... I don't see little
Mason surviving much longer.

It's a shame that his clever father

couldn't devise some way to save him.

- You can't be serious.
- I'm completely serious.

Put Kenneth Allen in the
room with Jim Garrett.

That's extremely unorthodox, even for you,

not to mention it's illegal.

Look, he can stonewall me
all day, and he's right.

What do we have?

I mean, the closest thing we've got

is that he lied about Lutz
because he left his card

at Lutz's mother's house.

And there's the theft of the trophy.

Yeah, but that's all it is, petty theft.

This entire case against him

is circumstantial and he knows it.

This guy is a criminal. He's guilty.

I know he's guilty but Mason is gonna die!

- He needs his medica...
- She's right.

If Jim Garrett can see
his old friend face to face

in the flesh, he might make a mistake.

All right.

I will bring it up to Allen,
but if this goes south,

I'm pulling him out.

Sure you know what you're doing?


But it's the only chance we got.

[ominous music]

Well, hello, Ken.

Been a while.

Yes. Long time.


Yeah, too long.

How's the family?

You know how they are.

Oh, yeah. [sighs]

Sorry to hear about your boy.

Must be quite a shock. Hmm.

Must... hurt really bad.


Surprises me though,

to be honest, that...

someone of your success,

big-time innovator like yourself

would have time to care

about such things as family.

He's all I care about.

You've changed.

How so?

Hmm? Oh, well, you know,

you used to be so, uh, forward thinking,

driven to make it, change the world,

all that stuff.


people can change.

I suppose you think I've changed.

[chuckles] I don't know.

I remember we had, uh,
a few laughs in college,

but it's been a while.

Oh, yes, we did. [chuckles]

We had some good times, Ken. We... we did.

Remember Mr. Harrison's class?

You remember that? When I...

When I rigged the... the titration lab?

[laughs] He was...

he was not expecting HCL. [laughs]

I still remember the look on his face.

But you kept a secret though.

- You didn't turn me in.
- We were lab partners.

We were supposed to
look out for each other.

That's right.

We were supposed to
look out for each other.


Like when you...

took credit for all of our work.

I don't know what you're talking about.


Thief of fire.

Does it ring a bell, Ken?


You stole my ideas

and you pawned them off as your own.

What ideas?

No, tell me.

Tell me.


You know just as well as I do, Ken.

No, I don't.

I... I... I wanna know.

Tell me, what... what did...
what did you contribute?

Formulas? Equations?

You are still a pompous ass, Ken.

You were then, you are now,
even with your son's life

hanging in the balance.

- Carrie, no, I want him out.
- No, not yet.

- I want him out.
- Not yet, not yet.

You didn't take the risks that I did.

You sit there accusing
me of stealing from you?

Ken, you haven't changed a bit.

Neither have you.

You're still the same scared, little man.

You took what was mine!

You are pathetic!

You were afraid of the dark!

You wouldn't even get your feet wet!

- Do you remember that?
- [both grunting]

- Tell me!
- [gasps]

- Go, go, go.
- You took it!

You... you tell me where my son is!

Tell me!

You tell me where my son is!

Oh, my God. I'm sorry.
Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

It's okay, honey. You're
just trying to help.

- Yeah, and I made it worse.
- No, you did great.

Now listen. You... you
said something in there,

that he was afraid of the dark,

afraid to get his feet wet.

What did you mean?

Well, a lot of what we were doing...

Working with combustible materials,

highly flammable compounds,
testing ignition points...

You couldn't always use the school labs.

So you two would go somewhere?

Yeah, we looked for abandoned buildings,

warehouses, places where
people couldn't hear us,

people wouldn't bother us.

We finally found a
spot, but you had to walk

through abandoned sewage tunnels.

And there was water in the tunnels?

Yeah, and Jim was afraid to step in it.

It became kind of a joke.

Jim was afraid to get his feet wet.

Said the water was swimming with bacteria.

Can you tell us where that was?

Some factory. I don't
remember where exactly.

No sign of the boy?

Listen, we're gonna
keep working on Garrett.

We will find your son, I promise you.

- Please.
- Can you come with me, please?

Al, I know where it is.

Brook Glassworks, building 23.

Jim Garrett took a picture with his wife

posing out front of that building.

He must have told her that
that's where him and Allen

did all the work that
Allen took credit for.

I'll stay with Garrett.
He's already rattled.

He might give us something
else. You go, but listen to me.

When you get down there,
I'll be in your ear.

No place I'd rather have you.

Go get the boy.

[dramatic music]

[indistinct chatter]

Building is not safe.

That's why I gotta get in there.

We have to shore it up. We need an hour.

I don't have an hour.




Oh, boy.



I'm a police officer!

Can you hear me?

- Al?
- I'm right with you.

What do you see?

A lot of tunnels.

Carrie, what is it? Do you see something?

- Jelly beans.
- What?

Jelly beans, Al.

I saw them at Lutz's apartment.

[walkie clicks] Mason's?

Lutz must have given them to him.

He likes to read, huh?

"Hansel and Gretel"?

"Grimm's Fairy Tales." That's his favorite.

Oh, way to go, Mason.


Remember "Hansel and
Gretel"? Trail of breadcrumbs?

Well, Mason's leaving his own trail.

Carrie, you there? [walkie static]

Carrie, I'm losing you.

[walkie static] Carrie?



It's okay. It's okay.


Listen to me. I'm a...
I'm a police officer,

and I'm here to help you.

The other man said he
was a police officer too,

but he was bad.

Well, I'm not bad Mason.

You know, I have your
mom and your dad outside,

and they're waiting for
you and they miss you.

Now listen to me. I
want you to step forward

and jump into my arms and I'm gonna

take you right to them, okay?

- I'm scared.
- I need you to trust me.

I need you to be brave.

I don't want to go.

You like superheroes, right, Mason?

Yeah, a lot.

Listen, you know, they
get scared too sometimes.

- They do?
- Yeah.

Because being brave,
it's really, really hard.

You know what makes me brave, Mason?

My badge.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Now I'm gonna give it to you,

and it's gonna make you brave.

[wood crumbling]

Here you go.

I want you to jump to me and
we can be heroes together.

You can do this.

I need you to jump to me.

Okay. Go! Go!

[indistinct chatter]


- Mom!
- [gasps]

Oh, my God! Oh!

Oh! Oh!

- Okay.
- Oh, baby.


- Oh, thank you.
- You're welcome.

- My sweet boy.
- Oh, sweetie, you got him?

- My sweet boy.
- Right this way, please.

[walkie clicks] Carrie, you there?

Yeah, Al! I thought you'd given up on me.

[walkie clicks] Never.

I heard Mason's safe. Great work.

Well, it really helped
having your voice in my ear.

- Need anything?
- Oh, I don't know.

A foot rub and a tub of tequila?

Done and done.

- Carrie.
- Yeah?

Family wants to talk to you.



I don't know how we can ever thank you.

Well, Mason did most of the work.

Can I talk to the police lady?

- Sure.
- Please.

Hey, how you feeling?

Good. Maybe a little tired.

Well, I'm not surprised.
You went through a lot.

What you did with the jelly beans,

that was really smart.

Thank you for saving my life.

Well, it's part of my job.

The best part of my job. You know that?

Maybe when I grow up, I can be
a police officer just like you.

I think you'd make a great
police officer, Mason.

You call me when you're ready, okay?


Hey, thank you.

Why are you thanking me?

[gentle music]

[indistinct chatter]