Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 13 - Paranoid Android - full transcript

The search for a wanted shooter triggers a flashback that conflicts with Carrie's memory; the Major Crimes team uncovers a nefarious conspiracy involving trained killers

MAN: (OVER RADIO) We have shots fired, 402 River Street.
Get the exits, exits, exits.
Let's go, go, go, go. Let's go.
AL: Remind me why we came in here.
'Cause you're a glory hound.
Even I remember coming in alone was your idea.
All right, two guards have already been shot.
Any ideas how to stop this guy
before this turns into a bloodbath?
No, not really.
(GRUNTS) Guess we found him.
All right, cover me. I'm heading upstairs.
Yeah, there you go, stealing my glory again. (CHUCKLES)
Be careful.
Turn around and drop your weapon!
Six in a row.
Way to go.
BOTH: Yeah! Yes!
Six in a row! Way to go!
Oh, my
Great work taking down that shooter, boss.
Two security guards he shot are gonna pull through. We got lucky.
No, we got Carrie Wells on our side.
How's she doing, by the way?
Let's all keep an eye on her today.
Absolutely. Of course.
All right, we need to figure out what just happened here.
An act of terrorism, disgruntled former employee,
someone making a political statement?
What do we know about this guy?
Eli Condon, 45, worked as columnist
in a small newspaper out in Westchester,
married, three kids.
According to the co-workers I talked with, he's the nicest guy in the office.
They're all totally shocked.
They sense anything off with him recently,
problems at home, at work?
No, there's nothing like that.
The guy has a clean record.
He doesn't even have a parking ticket.
Why the old power plant?
Been shut down for six months.
Anyone in his family work there or for that company?
There's nothing linking him to the power plant.
I can't even find any evidence
that Condon set foot on Roosevelt Island before today.
All right, well, then what the hell was he doing there?
History of mental illness, suffering from PTSD?
Guy shoots a gun like that,
he must have military experience, right?
He's got a clean bill of health.
Guy's got no service record.
It's looking like Eli Condon's a totally normal guy.
No, totally normal guys don't go on shooting rampages.
Something set Condon off.
Keep digging into him. Yeah, you got it.
Jay, work up a timeline of Condon's movements
leading up to the shooting.
We need to know if he was a lone wolf
or if others were involved.
Hey, Delina, I need to see the body.
Thought you were ordered to take the day off to meet with psych services.
Yeah, well, you know how I feel about psych services. (SIGHS)
Take a look.
Something bothering you?
Ever since I saw him today,
I keep getting this feeling that I've met him before,
but I know I haven't.
MAN: Six in a row!
Carrie, what is it?
Nothing. Can you talk to me about the autopsy?
Um, did you find anything unusual, out of the ordinary?
A small puncture on his shoulder.
Could have been from a needle.
Lab tests will tell me if there was anything in his system.
Listen, I...
I haven't thought about...
this carnival in years.
And then I see Eli at the power plant,
and suddenly it's popping into my head over and over,
and I don't know why except that
I feel like there's some kind of connection
between Eli and the carnival.
I just... I don't know what it is.
All right, relax.
Put yourself back at that carnival, all right?
If Eli Condon is there,
we'll find him together. We've done this before.
Focus and just tell me what you see.
MAN: Here we go. Come on, Carrie, you got this.
Come on, come on. Come on, come on.
I'm throwing balls at the milk bottle toss. MAN: Whoo!
Yes, yes!
I won six times.
Six in a row. Way to go!
Whoo! Yes, Carrie, yes!
The guys from the task force are there with me.
Do you see Eli Condon anywhere?
Where are you, Eli?
What is it?
I was at the carnival, but then it was gone,
and then I was someplace else...
Someplace I've never been,
but it felt like I was re-experiencing it,
like a memory, which doesn't make any sense.
Something's going on here.
You said something about a task force?
I don't want to talk about that.
Oh, I think we should. Has anyone talked to Eli's wife?
Well, let's start there.
MRS. CONDON: Your people have been here all day,
tearing the place apart,
treating Eli like he's some terrorist or something.
What am I supposed to tell my girls?
Mrs. Condon, we know this is difficult.
(GASPS) We're just trying to understand
how your husband could behave in a way
so unlike the incredible man you just told me about.
Was he upset lately?
Problems at home?
Eli never had a bad day.
He was always so...
cheerful and optimistic,
the gentlest person I knew.
Is it possible he was hiding something from you?
We didn't keep secrets.
Eli was happy.
He adores his kids, and...
We were about to celebrate our 10th anniversary with a trip to Italy.
A few weeks.
We were supposed to go on a biking tour.
Eli's been training every morning and night.
Just last night, I told him to cut it out
after he swiped a car and nearly got killed.
How bad was the accident?
He went over the handlebars. The helmet got the worst of it.
I forced him to go to the emergency room, and they ran some tests,
but everything checked out.
Eli left this morning
at the normal time, 8:15,
and texted from the office saying he was feeling better.
You had no idea he was going into the city?
None. He didn't like the city. He felt...
He went into Manhattan yesterday for a job interview.
Why would he get a job in the city if he didn't like it there?
(SCOFFS) You know what a suburban paper pays?
He was supposed to meet with a political news website,
Metropolis Report.
Eli said he'd be a fool to turn his nose at that kind of money.
You know who he met with?
No, but they canceled at the last minute.
Excuse me, I found this in your daughter's room.
Do you know where it came from?
Lulu has a lot of toys and stuffed animals. I...
I have no idea.
Do you think maybe your husband gave it to her?
He always brought her presents from his work trips.
Okay, so do you think maybe he could have
gotten it at a carnival?
A carnival upstate?
I... A carnival in Warrensburg, perhaps?
I told you, I don't know where it came from.
Well, maybe I can talk to your daughter. She might know.
Carrie, enough.
Thank you for your time, Mrs. Condon.
What was that about? Her husband shot two security guards,
shot at us, okay? He's the criminal, not the victim.
I was asking questions, which is my job.
You should try doing yours.
That woman doesn't know anything.
(SIGHS) What was that about a stuffed animal?
I... I don't know.
Somehow Eli is attached,
connected to this carnival and these images I keep having in my head.
Look, I have complete faith in your memory,
but I also know you obsess over things,
and I don't want to see that happen.
How many times do I have to tell you that I don't need you to protect me,
I don't want you to protect me? I'm fine.
Jay? Yup?
Any progress tracking Condon's movements today?
He did go to work like his wife said,
but then he got on the Metro North at 10:55 out of Scarsdale,
got into Grand Central at 11:40 a.m.
Shooting took place about an hour after he arrived.
Did you find any calls, emails
prompting him to head into the city?
No, nothing. Looks like he got here, headed straight for the power plant.
Not much to work with.
Anything on his job interview yesterday?
You mean alleged job interview, right?
No one at Metropolis Report knows anything about Eli Condon.
All right, his wife said it was canceled last-minute.
Did he get any calls around the time of the interview?
His only incoming call around that time was a robot-call.
So the job interview story was bogus?
What, having an affair?
Why lie to his wife,
and where would he have this romantic rendezvous?
Already ahead of you, boss. (KEYBOARD CLACKING)
Looks like he got a bottle of water and some breath mints
at a bodega down on East 49th Street as soon as he got into the city yesterday.
I did a facial recognition search on all the cameras in the immediate area,
and we got a positive match for Eli Condon.
11:32 yesterday morning, he enters the Ardmore building.
You get him coming out too?
Exits the building at 1:45 p.m.
The building doesn't exactly scream, "affair," does it?
So what was he doing in there for two hours?
I don't know, but get this.
Visitors log show no record of Eli.
There's only three names in that time period,
and they're all women.
We need to know who he was visiting.
Boss, that building's got hundreds of tenants.
Get his picture to every office in that building.
Someone in there has a connection to our shooter.
(SNAPS FINGERS) You got it.
(MUTTERING) Come on, come on.
Valerie, right?
Yeah, we met at the ski lodge
in Vermont a few years back. (CHUCKLES) Oh, come on.
You still work for Vogue?
October 24, 2001, you read an article in Maxim
that told you role-playing spices things up in the bedroom.
Well, things must have gotten pretty spicy that night
for me to remember it so perfectly.
Except that my name was Victoria
and I worked for The Atlantic.
You had a giggling fit every time I referred to your chosen name of Chet.
And then things got so weird,
you started sweating profusely and had a panic attack. Game over.
How's that for spicy?
Ah, poor Chet doesn't know what he missed.
So, Eli Condon.
Jay tracked him to the Ardmore building yesterday.
We're working on who he met with.
So far we don't have a contact for Eli in the building,
but the only call Eli got yesterday
was from a burner cell.
It lasted eight seconds.
So we got nothing.
We keep hitting roadblocks with this.
I mean, we're not getting anywhere. Maybe I should just...
Man up and talk to the people on the task force,
see if they remember anything about Eli.
Maybe they knew him. I don't know.
Now, listen,
I'm in the dark here.
Talk to me.
It was 2006.
I'd left Syracuse. I'd left you.
I wanted to leave it all behind.
I was done being a cop,
but this was different...
They recruited me because of my special abilities.
We were assigned with...
with tracking down a rogue NSA agent and taking him out.
He was leaking classified information to the wrong people.
No one could find him, but we did.
We found him, and we killed him...
And then it was over.
We disappeared back into our own lives,
weren't allowed to contact each other, but that was fine with me.
I wanted nothing to do with any of them.
Too many... Memories.
Let's you and me give this one more shot
before you reach out.
I did a little research on the Warrensburg Carnival from 2006.
Figured if I tell you a few details,
maybe it'll trigger something.
So, while at this carnival,
did you enjoy John Ormsbee's award-winning.
"Grateful Red" chili?
No, although I do love a terrible pun with my chili.
I'll bet you do.
All right, do you remember Estragon,
grand champion breeding heifer?
No, I don't... I don't recall a cow named Estragon.
Okay, well, those are the only two storylines
coming out of the carnival that the local paper saw fit to print.
There's no mention of your soft-ball-throwing exploits.
Well, there should have been. I was on fire.
BOTH: Yeah!
October 20, 2006 is going to send me over the edge.
I have to figure this out.
October 20, 2006?
You know, the, uh...
Warrensburg Carnival was on May 8th that year.
No, that's impossible.
Well, it's hard to believe,
but your memory's wrong.
Okay, Peter Roach, where are you?
(WHISPERING) Where are you?
"Special Agent Peter Roach,"
"killed in a training accident on January 21, 2013."
All right, Sam McQuaid.
"ATF, killed in the line of duty on February 18, 2013."
Peter and Sam died within a month of each other.
Emmet Grinwis.
Don't tell me you're dead too.
"Terminated from the FBI two years ago."
"Three stays in mental institutions."
"Last known address, Newburgh."
What is going on?
Brian Fenton.
What are you doing here so late?
Jay, you're just the guy I need.
"Brian Fenton, ATF. File sealed, Top secret clearance only."
Oh, so that's what you're doing so late at night.
You're breaking Federal Law.
I haven't broken any laws, at least... not yet.
No way. No, not this time, not happening.
That file says, "Stay away, Jay." No.
Something's going on here, and I need your help.
You're the only one I trust to do this.
You know what? Just do me a favor, okay?
Promise me you're gonna say nice things at my trial
after the Feds come drag me out of here, all right? Oh...
Oh, thank you. Oh, okay, right.
Hey, look at you,
in early doing paperwork like a big guy.
Yeah, I like it. It classes you up a bit.
It's just temporary till Sandra gets back.
We should know in a day or two.
Yeah, that's great, but I'm just saying, being the boss suits you.
I take it you're here for some other reason than to annoy me, right?
We tracked the rifle Eli used.
It's a military prototype.
It's supposed to be
the sniper rifle of the future.
DoD scrapped the program about five years ago.
How did Eli get his hands on it?
Weapon he used traces back to a pallet of guns stolen from Langley, 2009.
Langley, as in home of the CIA?
Get this, guns from the same pallet
used in the shootings of Congressman Hill about a year ago in New Mexico
and the killing of journalist Jeff Brooks in Virginia a few months before that.
The same prototype was used in three shootings?
Get me everything you can on these other cases.
All right.
Hey. Thanks for coming by.
I tried Carrie, but I couldn't get her.
Yeah, she's seeing an old colleague. What do you got?
So the tox results came in for Eli Condon.
Curious thing, he wasn't drunk or high in the usual sense of the word,
but there were traces of dextrolysergamide in his system.
Which is a good thing or a bad thing?
Dextrolysergamide is part of a group
of powerful antipsychotic drugs called psychotropics.
But we didn't find any history of mental illness,
and Eli wasn't taking any prescribed medications.
Right, but see, the thing about psychotropics is
they've been linked to mind manipulation
and mental control, so it's possible that...
Mind control?
I know it sounds crazy.
I'm just telling you what I found.
All right, can you tell me
when this drug was put into Eli's system?
Well, it's hard to give an exact time,
but I'd say within the last 36 hours.
So right around the time Eli went into the Ardmore building.
Thank you. You got it.
Excuse me. All right.
I'm Carrie Wells.
You're that memory cop.
Yeah, that's right.
You want to put the gun down?
I know why you're here...
to kill me.
Just like you killed Roach.
I didn't kill anybody.
I'm gonna put my gun away.
I just want to talk to you.
You remember that carnival we went to, all of us together?
There's something not right about that night.
I think about that carnival all the time.
You do?
(HESITATINGLY) It's kind of odd.
My past, the present
doesn't stick with me anymore,
but that carnival is clear as day.
What... what do you remember about the carnival, Emmet?
I remember me and you and Pete,
celebrating. Right.
Walking around,
had a few beers.
And then I impressed you all with my arm.
What do you mean?
The milk bottles.
I knocked them over.
No, I... I knocked them over.
Hell, no, (SCOFFS) you didn't knock them over.
You guys were cheering me on.
I couldn't have done it without you.
"Six in a row! Way to go!"
Sorry. You remembered wrong.
No. I don't
I don't ever remember things wrong.
Are you saying you threw all those strikes?
I knocked the milk bottles down. Where are you going?
To prove your memory wrong.
If you played the game, how did I wind up with this?
Hey, hey, boss, listen.
I looked into those shootings like you asked for.
Anything linking to Eli Condon?
Nothing definitive, right, but the MO's the same Two shooters.
Armando Lockett, Skip Camirand.
Neither man had any criminal record,
weapons training, mental illness, political activism, nothing.
Nothing pointing to a history of
or capacity for violence, whatsoever.
Both men...
Killed themselves after the shooting.
Sounds familiar.
ME reports showed some kind of weird drug in their system.
A dextro... Dextrolysergamide.
It's a mind control drug.
How do you know what?
It was in Eli's system too.
All right, come on, boss, seriously?
What, are we getting into some kind of conspiracy theory stuff here?
Killing of a political journalist,
shooting a... a congressman?
All right. Shooting up a closed power plant doesn't really track...
unless our shooter was just in the wrong spot?
You know what? Put together a list of potential targets
in the area of yesterday's shooting.
All right.
Hey, listen, I went to see Emmet, okay,
one of the guys on the task force.
Now, he had a memory of the carnival too.
Except that his... I told you I'd go with you.
I know, I know, but listen.
He remembers everything like I do of that carnival,
except that in his memory
he's the one who was throwing the softball, not me.
Now, this guy is loopy.
He barely remembered who I was, but the carnival is crystal clear in his mind.
It's bizarre. I don't know. Something is going on here.
We found two other shootings in the last year with a similar MO to Eli's.
All three men had traces of a psychotropic in their systems.
It's possible someone manipulated these shooters.
What are you saying?
Mind control drugs?
JAY LEE: Hey, Carrie.
That file you wanted to read about, that guy you used to work with, Brian Fenton?
You got in?
Okay, so this guy Brian Fenton's claiming
that he was in the ATF? Bogus.
For the past 35 years,
this guy's been in the scientific intelligence division of...
Of the CIA. JAY LEE: Yup, you got it.
In the early '80s he oversaw a Black Ops project called MJ Volt.
And it looks like it was a program
aimed at making American soldiers immune
to Soviet interrogation techniques
using mind control and memory manipulation,
also known as brainwashing.
Only researchers started to believe
that they could use the same techniques
to gain control over unsuspecting subjects.
So agents so covert they don't even know their own involvement?
Okay, "Started to believe"
is very different than actually accomplishing, okay?
Which this program never did, did they?
No, actually.
Project Volt didn't achieve anything other than losing a ton of dough.
Got shut down in 1986.
Jay, did you find anyone else
associated with this Project Volt?
Would you stop trying to connect dots that don't exist?
JAY LEE: Actually, Carrie,
I did find a list of professors and scientists
linked to the project, so, yeah.
Look, I just think we should consider the possibility
that someone rebooted this program
and made it operational,
and somehow you might be involved.
Oh, my God.
(SCOFFS) There is no way someone got into my head,
brainwashed me without me knowing it.
Will you please just look at the photos
and see if you recognize anyone?
If this project is active,
someone else might die.
You might be the one who could stop it.
I just said yes. Show me the photos.
Stop there.
Six in a row! Way to go!
Dr. Edward Wythe, Yale?
No, no.
That guy's not a doctor. He's a carny.
I mean, he's the guy who was
working the milk bottle toss at the carnival. It's...
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
If that's true,
Wythe might be who Eli went to see at the Ardmore building.
Well, I guess there's only one way to find out, isn't there?
AL: Building security says a man resembling Wythe
but using a different name
is renting an office here in the basement.
He's not here.
If this is from today,
then Wythe has activated another killer.
Hey, boss, I got a BOLO out on Wythe.
Got his picture circulating in every airport, train station, and bridge.
Great, but right now we need to focus on tracking down this possible shooter.
Oh, with no ID, no description, no potential target?
I mean, we're good, boss, but we can't find a ghost.
What about potential targets in town yesterday?
They sent Eli out to get someone.
Me and Denny looked into it,
but there wasn't anyone within five miles of that power plant.
DENNY: Hey, I think I found a link
between the shootings of Congressman Hill
and that journalist in Virginia. Jeff Brooks, right?
Killed in Virginia while investigating a story about a potential scandal
involving our government selling weapons to Syrian rebels.
I never heard of that. Yeah. Because it never came out.
The story got discredited after Brooks died,
and it never gained traction.
Then a few months later, a House Oversight Committee
opens an investigation.
And Congressman Hill was on that committee.
He chaired that committee.
So Wythe and his goons could be taking out anyone
looking into this arms scandal.
What happened to the inquiry?
Well, it went away after Congressman Hill had to retire due to his injuries.
However, two weeks ago,
there's a resolution proposed in the Senate
to establish a committee to investigate these same allegations.
Who proposed this resolution?
Senator Glass from Indiana.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Senator Alison Glass?
Her name came up in a search
of potential political targets in town yesterday.
That's right. She was giving a speech up in Harlem.
She still here?
Holy crap, boss,
she's set to appear at the new green energy building on Roosevelt Island.
Guys, that's across the street from yesterday's shooting.
Eli would have had the perfect vantage point from that power plant.
Senator Glass is our target.
So Eli got the location right, but the date wrong?
Eli's wife said he had a bike accident,
hit his head the day before the shooting.
Maybe it scrambled the program being uploaded into his brain.
Come on, Al.
That's a little far-fetched, no?
No more so than the rest of this. (SIGHS)
We need to cancel the senator's appearance
before somebody else gets a phone call that turns them into a killer.
You gonna take on a senator, boss?
You got that kind of pull?
I got friends in low places.
Let's do it.
I was, uh, surprised to get your call.
It's good to see you.
How's retirement treating you?
It's good. I got a lot of extra time, and I'm catching up on reading.
I'm thinking of learning French.
I'm growing a garden. Growing kale.
Kale? Sounds great. (SOFTLY) Yeah.
It's horrible. I'm losing my mind. (CHUCKLES)
I'm a cop.
Cops don't grow kale.
We're working on getting you re-instated.
Should get word in a day or two.
In the meantime, if you're interested,
I can use a little help... I'll do it.
HALEY: So you're asking me to cancel the senator's event,
which the media's gonna be all over,
for some crackpot conspiracy theory?
Yeah, I mean, I know it sounds out there,
but we have reason to believe
that the senator's life could be in danger.
There was a shooting at the factory next door to your event yesterday.
Come on, Haley. You're her Chief of Staff.
You need to be looking out for her.
It's pretty thin, Sandra,
and I hate to remind you, but you're not a cop anymore.
Oh, all right.
Well, I hate to remind you
that I know about the senator's trip to Park City last year
when she was supposed to be at... (CHUCKLES) Blackmail?
Really? Mmm-hmm.
Her life could be in danger.
Can you give me a name of the suspect,
a description, anything?
Right now, the killer could be anyone.
That's our MO, but we...
Find me a suspect, I'll reconsider.
All right.
Sandra struck out with the senator's people.
They didn't think it was a credible threat.
What do you got there?
Nothing. I'm going over security footage from the Ardmore building today.
If your theory is right
and Wythe activated a killer to go after the senator, well,
I thought if I go through the footage, I might see something
that'll be useful when we're at the event later today.
Yeah, you really think it's a good idea for you to go to the event?
I mean, with everything going on,
your connection to Eli...
Back off.
I'm quite capable of doing my job. You know me.
Come on. No, don't.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I know you're under a lot of stress.
Al, I have to tell you something. I have...
(BEEPS) Hello?
MAN: Six in a row. Way to go.
Got it. Thanks.
(BEEPS) What was that?
You know, you're right.
I don't think I should be at the senator's event today.
You were gonna tell me something?
I need a minute.
I got unis posted in every building near the event,
doubled up Senator Glass's security presence.
I'm heading down there.
Let me know if you find anything on Fenton or Wythe.
You got it, boss.
Where'd Carrie go?
JAY LEE: She was just there a few minutes ago.
Holy shit.
Zone six is clear. Hey.
Hey, restricted area.
Oh, not for me, Officer Sanford.
Okay, Detective. Yeah, thanks.
Anything to report? OFFICER: No, it's quiet.
Get an ID on the shooter yet?
CARRIE: (ON RADIO) Zone six is clear.
Where's zone six?
In the power plant.
AL: (OVER RADIO) Carrie, you there? Come in.
Hey, I already checked in there.
It's clear. Check the north side of the building.
Carrie, drop the gun.
It's me, Al.
Don't do this.
Six in a row. Way to go.
No! No! Listen to me.
Listen. Listen, Carrie! No!
You were never at a carnival.
That memory is not real.
They planted it in your mind. (GRUNTS)
I need you to remember what's real.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) You can do it.
I know you can.
You're stronger than whatever they did to you.
(GASPS) Come back. Come back to me.
Six in a row. Way to go!
Six... six... six in a row. Way to go!
Come back.
WYTHE: By rewiring their brains
through a combination of hypnosis, drugs,
and shock therapy,
I've been able to force these people to remember things
that they've never even experienced
and even more importantly, do whatever I like.
Six in a row. Way to go!
Do they know what's happening right now? Are we safe?
Well, I've conditioned them to believe
that they're spending their evening at a carnival.
They will have no recollection whatsoever of anything that goes on here tonight.
You're certain?
We'll go down if one of them remembers this.
I'm certain, and if they do, we can make more.
In a few hours, I will release them back to their lives
blissfully unaware that they have been weaponized here tonight.
When we have a mission,
I will call one of them back,
upload the target, and activate them with a simple phone call.
Why these people?
Well, you tell me, Fenton.
What do security guards, and lawyers,
stadium workers, police officers,
federal agents, journalists,
what do they all have in common?
Trust and familiarity.
Nobody will suspect them.
Take this beauty,
Carrie Wells, former detective.
She has a perfect memory.
Imagine the possibilities of a memory capacity so large.
Drugging people is one thing.
Controlling them is quite another.
Perhaps you need a further demonstration.
Six in a row. Way to go!
(CLAPS) Carrie,
There's a weapon on the table behind you.
Would you kill this man, Brian Fenton?
Call her off, Wythe.
Call her off!
Thank you, Carrie.
Have a seat. (CHUCKLES)
The perfect killer,
stripped of conscience and morality.
We will build an army so secret
that not even the soldiers will know they've enlisted.
(WHISPERS) Oh, my God.
The senator, did I... No, no, no.
You figured it out first.
(SOFTLY) Thank God. How did you find me?
I followed you.
How did you... I know my girl.
The second you got that phone call,
I knew something was wrong.
You didn't look like you anymore.
You're back.
MAN: (OVER RADIO) Lieutenant Burns, do you copy?
This is Lieutenant Burns.
The power plant is clear.
You can stand down.
All right, let's get out of here.
You know, we're still gonna have to track down Wythe and Fenton.
You gonna be up for it?
CARRIE: Is the Pope Catholic?
Had I known you were susceptible to mind control,
I would have tried it years ago.
Oh, yeah? Would you use it for good or for evil?
Ah... define evil.
Hey, Al? Hmm?
I'm sorry.
When I said I didn't need you to protect me, I...
I was just, I...
I do need you. I do.
I need you all the time.
The day you walked back into my life.
Technically, you walked back into mine,
my little apartment in Queens.
5:00 am, you were pounding on the door, boom, boom, boom.
It was a gentle knock.
And I said, "Hey, you don't have to break it down. I hear you."
Nice to see you too.
I love you.
Yeah, I know.
It scares you.
I don't care.
It's the truth.
I love you.
Always have, always will.
Wow, that's, um...
You know, I never thought I would be brave enough to go down this path again
or admit this, but I...
Al! Al?
Al, look at me! Al, I need you! Stay awake.
Okay, just... no! Keep your eyes open!
Al, no, come on. Come on!
Al! Get me an ambulance!
Al? Stay awake. Stay awake.
No, no, no, no, no.
Al, no, come on.
Oh, my God.