Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 12 - Bad Company - full transcript

Capt. Russo is a supect in the murder of an informant, leading Carrie and Al into a cat-and-mouse game with a corrupt former cop.

Can't get a bite to save my life.
That's 'cause you're using the wrong lure.
You need a black tail jib. (CHUCKLES)
That's why you're not catching anything.
What's your excuse?
Fishing with you.
You're bad luck. Yeah.
I'm out of here. All right.
See you tomorrow. All right.
Hey, honey.
Boys okay?
I'm gonna give it another 20 minutes.
I don't wanna come home empty-handed.
All right. Love you too.
Oh, yeah. Oh, come on.
You know you want it.
You're in over your head, cop.
Trust me, you don't wanna do this.
As a matter of fact, we do.
You asked for it.
Vinnie, you got two tattoos on your right bicep,
one of your dog, Apahnee, the other of your daughter, Chloe.
Cyclops, you got a dragon on your back
which you recently augmented with a naked Khaleesi riding it.
And you, Artie,
you have the date 10/21/93 on your left forearm,
the exact date you passed the CPA exam.
Oh, speaking of, did you bring the authorization
for the extension for filing your tax return? Thank you.
Although I'm probably in a whole new tax bracket,
thanks to the fact that you guys keep challenging my perfect memory...
(CELL PHONE RINGING) And losing. Pay up.
(ALL GROAN) All right.
I'm out in the middle of nowhere.
It's gonna take me an hour to get there.
I took the train. I...
You know what? I'll be there in 20 minutes.
Put your money away, boys.
I thought of another way you can pay me.
Thank you, Artie.
Thanks, guys. BIKER: You got it.
Any time, babe.
Uh, Carrie, helmet, please. Thank you.
You okay?
Victim's Shane Barton.
Got a rap sheet, small stuff,
theft, couple of burglaries.
Shot in the back.
You didn't answer my question.
I knew him.
Former CI, used to run around with some bad people.
Shane had turned his life around.
Married, couple of sons.
I haven't seen him in, I don't know, six years.
Before I found you again,
Shane helped me close a few cases.
He was a good guy.
So he was a good guy with a lot of bad enemies, right?
That's why he left.
Tired of looking over his shoulder.
Moved his family to Michigan.
CARRIE: What is she doing here?
Give me a minute.
I'm here because a former CI has been killed,
and that's it.
You know that's not it.
This has Tendler written all over it.
Shane Barton helped us with a lot of cases other than Tendler.
But none you and I...
Al, Tendler is in prison, all right?
And you need to seriously consider the possibility
that Shane came back to continue some of his bad habits.
You don't believe that. (CELL PHONE RINGS)
Russo. Yeah, good. Thank you.
Shane and his family have been staying
a few blocks away from here at his mother-in-law's house.
So, the local police will go over, they'll inform her...
No, I need to tell Laura myself.
Lieutenant Al Burns.
Shane is fishing, but he'll be home...
(CRYING) No. God, no!
We'd been back for two months.
I told him to call you,
but he didn't wanna bother you.
Why'd you guys come back?
Shane said he needed to come back.
Said he'd go alone, but I didn't want him on his own.
Was he in trouble?
He had been working for the last year as a forklift operator.
He wasn't getting into trouble.
Was there anything out of the ordinary the last couple of weeks?
As a matter of fact, yeah.
Who took these, Laura?
They were on the table when I came home from work.
I showed them to Shane, and he got a look,
worried and then mad.
And I asked him what was going on,
and he told me not to worry,
and then he ran out the door.
He said it was fine.
if there's anything I can do for you, for the boys...
You look like hell.
I just came from Shane's wife and kids.
I'm going back later.
I'm having a radio car sit on the house for now,
and I may have something.
These were taken outside of Shane's house
and left inside.
So, whoever killed him was following him first.
So, by leaving these, some asshole was letting him know
that he could get to his family.
Yeah, they were trying to scare him,
and when they couldn't, they killed him.
I saw you talking to Sandra.
Al, I know something's going on.
I can't.
We don't keep secrets from each other.
Well, let's see, Car.
There's the fact that you got married
and didn't tell me about that, so.
I'm serious.
Give me a bit more time.
Just trust me for now.
You talk to Al? Oh, yeah.
He's getting Shane Barton's widow
and her two kids in protective custody.
How'd he sound?
Ah, we gotta get whoever did this.
I'm with you, partner.
And to that end, let me introduce you to this gem, Sammy Gavlak.
Low-level hood, independent contractor,
but he runs with some rough people.
Yeah, I recognize some of these faces.
So, I just got off the phone with Staten Island DA.
Turns out, Gavlak's being brought up on RICO charges
that could put him away for life.
Trial starts next week.
Let me guess, Shane Barton was gonna testify against him.
That sounds like motive for murder.
All right, look, we'll see if we got a 20 on this guy.
I'll call Al, see if he can check out Gavlak.
All right.
(WOMAN SCREAMS) MAN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Let's give the guy a minute.
No. No, we don't have a minute.
Ready? You're first.
Freeze! Police.
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Where the hell is he?
Where's who? Who?
The guy you're in here with, that's who.
WOMAN: There's no one here.
We could hear you in the hall.
We could hear you down the street.
I'm just relaxing.
Who's gonna fix my door? Hmm?
You can't go in there.
Hey. Okay.
Okay, you got me.
Sammy Gavlak? Yeah, in the flesh.
You're under arrest for the murder of Shane Barton.
I love you.
I love you too, pumpkin pie.
All right, come on, you two.
You know, Sammy, until we barged in,
you were having a pretty good week.
I mean, you get to bang a beautiful woman like Monique,
and the main witness against you conveniently dies.
I didn't kill the guy,
but if you find out who did, do me a favor,
send him a fruit basket from me.
Your RICO trial swung in your favor
with Shane gone, I'll give you that.
But our forensics people
tracked the photos of Shane's boys to you.
You just replaced a RICO trial
with a murder rap, dumb-ass.
Uniforms will be in to book you in a minute.
Whoa, wait. Okay.
I took the pictures.
I dropped them off,
just sending a friendly message
to stay away, but that's it.
And you say the guy got shot this morning?
I was with a friend.
Someone else.
Now, don't tell Monique. She'll kill me.
Name and number, Romeo.
Hey, listen, did you see anything
suspicious when you were at Shane's?
There was this jacked-up SUV.
It was green, parked a couple doors up.
See anybody inside?
Nah, the windows were tinted,
but it had these, like, floodlights on the top.
That help?
You know, it might.
You're under arrest for witness intimidation, for now.
Murder is still on the table.
And my guess,
Monique is gonna be pissed
when she finds out about Ariana.
You wanted to see me?
Yeah, so Sammy Gavlak's alibi panned out,
and I have some news about Tendler.
He was released last week.
What the hell? I know.
The parole board was supposed to let me know.
They contacted my old office. I just now found out.
I'm gonna talk to him now.
No, no, no, I checked.
Tendler's living in an apartment in Ossining.
He's on electronic home supervision.
Come on, the guy still has friends on the force.
It would take one phone call to disable that thing.
Just stop. Stop it.
I'm not happy that Tendler got out either, all right?
If the truth comes out, we both have a lot to lose.
You've got more to lose.
So you wanna talk about it? Let's talk about it.
Yup, I'm the one who planted the coke
in Tendler's car, and you are...
I'm not trying to whitewash what I did.
It doesn't matter. Tendler was out of control.
You know, the witness who saw him taking that payoff wound up dead.
We couldn't prove it the right way then.
Let me prove it this time.
Hey, guys. I think we got something.
Sorry, you want me to come back later, Boss?
No. Lieutenant Burns and I, we're done.
Okay, we got some surveillance footage coming in
from an ATM two blocks from where Shane Barton was murdered.
SUV matches the description that Sammy Gavlak gave us.
I think we're about to see who killed Shane.
All right. WOMAN: Sandra, these came for you.
JAY LEE: All right, looks like we're almost there.
You're right. That's the same car Sammy described.
I don't think I got enough for facial recognition,
so does he look familiar to anybody?
Nope. Hey.
I got ballistics on the bullet that killed Shane.
Apparently, it's linked to six unsolved murders
right here in the city.
Talked to my guys at Organized Crime. They're thinking hitman.
He operates in the darknet,
that little nasty side of the Internet where all...
We know what the darknet is, Denny.
Go, go, go.
Okay, right, so his handle is EZ2517.
All right, I'll start running that, see what I...
I know what it means.
Ezekiel, chapter 25 verse 17.
Chapter 25, verse 17.
"I will carry out great vengeance and punish them in my wrath."
Didn't know you were a biblical scholar.
More of a Tarantino scholar.
The scene where Sam Jackson gives the speech
right before he blows Frank Whaley away from Pulp Fiction.
All right, so how do we find this Ezekiel?
We don't. It was smart that you looped in Organized Crime.
If it's a hitman,
we should let them run with the case.
This is our case, Sandra.
Yeah, but it's my call.
My office now, please.
What are you thinking?
Grab your computer. Meet me at the bar.
The only way to catch someone like Ezekiel is to hire him.
Where are we going with this, Carrie?
Oh, Jay, I have a horrible husband.
He's so mean to me.
He's abusive, but he's very, very rich,
and I want to inherit his money.
I want him dead.
But you just can't reach out to a hitman, Carrie.
He's gonna reach out to me.
All you gotta do is get me onto one of those forums
where people talk about wanting to murder their spouses.
So that means we're gonna hit the darknet again.
Do it, come on.
Holy smokes, I can't believe there's that many people.
All right, so what's your name gonna be?
Beatrix. Beatrix.
Write in that I hate my husband
and that I'm writing out of desperation,
and that money is no object
and write in that I live in Manhattan.
Say that he's abusive, and then put in some
Tarantino reference from Kill Bill 2, The Bride.
Oh, that's good. Like a revenge thing, right?
Yeah, yeah, that's good.
Okay. All right.
Al, this is Detective Shanna Coates.
Internal Affairs. That didn't take long.
Is it that obvious?
I'm just here because of Barton's former connection
to the NYPD as a confidential informant.
He was connected to prosecutions in the city,
so we're just looking into every angle.
Not trying to jam anybody up.
Let me translate.
She's here to jam someone up.
Captain Russo said I could expect everyone's full cooperation.
Tell your team I'll be speaking with them individually.
Right this way.
(COMPUTER BEEPS) Oh, here we go.
CARRIE: All right, look at that.
He made a Tarantino reference.
He'd have said Django.
Do I know my hitmen or what?
All right, look at this. He wants to meet. 1:00 p.m.
"Bring $10,000 to discuss further."
Ms. Beatrix, you have just made a date with a hitman.
You her?
How do we do this?
We don't do anything.
If I decide to do this, I'm gonna need another 90 grand.
I love Earl.
It's just the cheating and the lying and the abuse.
I mean, what am I supposed to do?
How many second chances can I give him before I have to kill him?
That's up to you. Just give me the money and...
Wait a second. How do I know you're not just gonna take my money
and I'll never see you again?
I guarantee you, you don't give it to me, you definitely won't.
Wow, you're good at this.
Kind of reminds me of, um, you know,
the negotiation between Bridget and Colonel Landa.
You know, Colonel Landa from Inglourious Basterds.
Guess you're not a Tarantino fan, huh?
Victim's Shane Barton.
Got a rap sheet, small stuff.
CARRIE: Jay, Denny, let that guy go.
I got eyes on the target.
Nice to meet you, Ezekiel.
Get your hands up. You're under arrest.
Is this from Ezekiel's apartment?
AKA Gibson Rowan.
Toss me that bag for a second.
Looks like we're almost there.
WOMAN: Sandra, these came for you.
You okay?
(LAUGHS) But I will be.
All right.
Al, Falls and McGuinness, CPA.
Russo had papers from the same firm.
Last time I checked, hitmen don't generally report their income.
Which raises the question, what was it doing in Rowan's apartment?
You need to talk to me.
I want to know what's going on.
We're partners.
Not here.
Buy me a drink.
AL: Clay Tendler.
He was a detective when I was at the 117.
Russo was the commanding officer.
His too.
The guy was dirty.
He was on the payroll of more than one bad guy,
but I couldn't prove it.
One day, a civilian reported seeing.
Tendler taking a payoff from a drug dealer.
Two nights later, the guy dies when his apartment burns down.
Russo decided that's it.
I had just made a coke bust.
She took a kilo from that,
put it in the trunk of Tendler's civilian car,
and called a spot inspection
of the employee parking lot.
So Tendler went away, all right,
for possession with intent to distribute,
until he was released on parole.
What does all of this have to do with Shane Barton's murder?
I talked to the DA who confirmed that
Shane had come back to come clean
about everything he knew.
Maybe, he knew about Russo
framing Tendler.
He was gonna give sealed testimony
in front of a closed grand jury.
You think Sandra Russo,
a decorated police officer, our captain,
murdered Shane Barton to cover a lie that she told?
This is... That's a lot to swallow, Al.
We have to follow the evidence,
and the evidence right now
points to her as the prime suspect.
I can tell you've got something.
JAY LEE: Yeah.
You are not gonna believe this.
Look, now, I spent the whole day on Gibson Rowan's computer.
He definitely did Barton's murder.
Were you able to find out who paid him to do it?
Boss, it was Russo.
The whole conversation was sent from her home computer.
Are you absolutely positive?
I checked it three times.
Okay, Jay.
Thanks. Yeah.
I was just checking with Organized Crime
to see where they are with their Barton case.
Actually, we've made a break in that case.
I thought I was very clear...
I followed a lead.
We think we've got the person who hired Ezekiel.
Great. You plan on telling me who that is?
Sandra Russo,
you're under arrest for the murder of Shane Barton.
I'm telling you, there's no way she did it.
Sandra is a lot of things.
She's not a criminal.
I mean, you gotta admit the evidence here
does not look good for her.
Okay, I got some news.
You're not gonna like it.
They found a letter jammed in the back of Russo's closet.
I just sent it to your computer from the evidence room.
Oh, I... I'm sorry about the quality.
I guess I must have rushed when I scanned it or something.
Somebody was blackmailing Russo.
Yeah, that somebody was Shane Barton.
All right, everyone, listen up.
I appreciate what a shock Captain Russo's arrest
must be for all of you.
Oh, man.
In case it's not clear, from this moment on,
none of you are working the Barton murder,
including having any contact with Captain Russo.
I'll also be needing your statements
regarding Captain Russo's behavior,
both present and past.
Please pass it along to Lieutenant Burns
when he gets back from Booking.
I'm gonna make it easy for you. Mine's short and sweet.
There's no way she did this.
So, yeah, I think I'm done.
No, Detective Padilla, you're not.
Needless to say, you're not to discuss
your proposed testimony amongst yourselves,
and you're not to go see Russo in Rikers.
Am I clear?
Why do you even need our statements?
It seems like you've already made up your mind.
Detective Wells.
We haven't had the pleasure,
but your reputation precedes you.
I'm well aware of your history of disobeying orders.
Trust me, you don't wanna disobey mine.
REPORTER 1: There he is. REPORTER 2: Excuse me.
Clay, do you feel vindicated now that they let you out?
I've always maintained my innocence,
and the unfortunate arrest of.
Captain Sandra Russo only bolsters that.
I just met with the Police Commission,
and I assured them that I will cooperate in any way I can
with the investigation.
I spent years in prison for something that I didn't...
I used to hear stories about guys released from prison
after 20 years for something that they didn't do,
and to be honest, I didn't care.
I figured they had to do something to get there,
but I was wrong.
So in addition to trying to clear my name,
I'm going to look at other questionable convictions
and bring a cop's perspective
to cases where injustice may have been done.
I'm also going to...
I'm also going to reach out to anyone
who I may have wronged over the years.
Try to make things right.
Anyhow, thanks for coming.
God bless you.
Lieutenant Burns, have a seat.
I see you've made yourself at home.
You're looking at Jay?
He's a Boy Scout.
I'm just trying to familiarize myself with the unit.
We're focused on Russo.
I've been hearing that she has a history of corruption,
and, as you know, 1PP has a zero-tolerance policy
when it comes to corruption.
Maybe they should investigate themselves.
We've gotten off on the wrong foot.
Major Crimes is gonna need a new captain.
I can't think of anyone better suited for the job than you.
You're offering me Russo's job?
but once the dust settles on the Barton murder,
job's yours.
As long as I help you put her away.
As long as you cooperate with the investigation.
The original evidence report on the coke I seized in the bust.
After I gave Russo the kilo to frame Tendler,
I filed another report.
Because he was a bad guy. Because I was stupid.
Your commanding officer told you to turn over some drugs
that you had seized. That's it.
Is this the only copy of the evidence report?
Yeah, I voided it before it got in the system.
TENDLER: Hey, look there.
Son of a bitch.
Al, let me handle this.
No way. No, you look at me.
If you start something, we're not gonna get Sandra out of jail.
Now, let me handle this.
Hey, how you doing? Carrie Wells.
I know who you are.
Al Burns' partner, that freaky memory lady.
You should watch the company you keep.
You should watch the bars you go into.
This is a cop bar, and you're not a cop.
Not yet, but once my record's cleared,
I'm putting in my papers for reinstatement.
Who knows, in a different universe, you and I...
In a different universe, I'd still be looking to put your ass away.
So here's the thing,
this little game that you've been playing,
cat and mouse.
I'm the cat.
Wow, it's a good thing I'm sitting down right now.
That speech got me a little revved up.
Well, I'm glad I caught your attention.
You keep thinking that you're the cat
when you go home tonight to your building
at 714 West 20th Street, apartment 2-A.
You know where I live.
I know what you wear to bed, or don't.
The next time you're in the neighborhood,
you should, uh, stop by.
And get arrested for breaking and entering?
Nice try, Detective, but I've already been set up once.
But maybe I'll see you again.
You can count on it.
AL: He knows where you live? He followed you home.
I'm fine. For now.
I'm not giving him the chance to hurt you.
I can take care of myself, Al. I know you can,
but he's not gonna stop until...
Until what? Until you shoot him? Until you kill him?
You need to get a grip.
She's gonna be in here any second, and then you're done.
All right.
Look, Coates is gonna play this by the book.
She's got her suspect.
She's not giving us a warrant to search Tendler's place,
and forget about bringing him in here for questioning.
You know, that temper of yours
is gonna get you into a lot of trouble.
Let's take another walk outside, okay?
No, I was thinking about the car, but just...
Al, hey, you want a drink? Sit down.
Where's your partner?
I know you have her doing your talking for you right now, so...
Next time you wanna mess with someone,
you mess with me.
Oh, I hope that was worth it, burns,
'cause I gotta figure, you just made me 2 million bucks.
When you're done hiding behind your lawyers
and your scumbag friends, you know where to find me.
You're always a lot of fun at a party, Al.
JAY LEE: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Al, I don't know if you wanna be around here right now.
Hey, listen Boss,
Coates heard you punched Tendler.
And I'm saying she's a little bit...
I'm perfectly capable of expressing myself, Detective.
Let's take this in my office.
That's not your office.
And right here is good.
I'm gonna take your behavior as a "No" to my earlier offer.
I'm not gonna help you take down Russo,
so yeah, it's a "No."
I know you think it was Tendler,
who you just punched, unprovoked,
in front of a dozen witnesses.
You're suspended, three days.
I'll raise you.
I quit.
Al, what are you doing?
Accepted. Your gun.
Hey, come on now...
Stay out of this, both of you.
And you, go screw yourself.
DENNY: I'm sorry, Boss. I hate seeing you like this.
Come on, I'm fine. Do you guys miss me?
By the way, someone please tell Al
he's gonna end up in here with me
unless he cuts this shit out.
We're gonna get you outta here. Really?
You got, like, a pick? Got a file in a cake?
I didn't do it.
We never thought that.
Never doubted it.
Well, you're either really good liars or really bad cops
'cause someone did a great job of setting me up.
Give us something, Boss.
Anything that can help us take down Tendler.
He kept everything.
If he got a gun off you,
drugs, jewelry, he held on to it.
DENNY: A pack rat?
That's pretty stupid for a crooked cop.
No. He holds on to everything, so he has leverage
to set up anybody who gets in his way.
Means he's probably still got it somewhere, right?
I heard just north of the city.
Where north?
That's all I got.
JAY LEE: Okay, that's a start.
We find that stash, we might be able to find something
that links him to Shane Barton's murder,
and we get you outta here.
Hey. Hey.
You find anything on where Tendler
stashed all the stuff he's taken?
Not much yet.
I mean, he's been living in an apartment since he got out of jail.
Small, nothing fancy.
It's south of Peekskill in Ossining.
But once my record's cleared,
I'm putting in my papers for reinstatement.
Tendler had a matchbook from a bar in Peekskill.
It was full, so he was there recently.
Look sharp.
I'm used to conversations stopping when I walk in the room.
Never liked it.
Press release just came out
regarding Burns leaving the force.
There may be an investigation into his past as well.
What? Destroying one good cop wasn't enough for you?
No one is to have any contact with Al Burns
until the investigations into Burns and Russo are complete.
Unless you'd like to join him in early retirement.
So where are you going?
To join Al in early retirement.
That's what I thought. Have fun.
That's gotta hurt.
Sorry about that, Al.
AL: Uncuff me, Tendler.
As usual, I'm one step ahead.
Yeah? If you were one step ahead,
you wouldn't have spent the last eight years in prison.
It happened so fast, Officer.
I heard someone breaking in, and out of fear for my life,
I grabbed a baseball bat.
I struck the suspect who pulled a gun on me.
We wrestled for the gun and...
Drop your weapon.
Thank God, Lieutenant.
I was just about to call you.
You need to keep your partner on a leash.
I told you to leave it alone, but you couldn't.
You are officially under arrest.
You happy?
Do I look happy?
No, not really.
What are you doing? My job.
Your job? That's a laugh.
Hey, could both of you just shut up for a second?
Hey, why don't you tell her you were just about to kill me?
You ever heard about "Stand your ground"?
I was well within my rights.
Oh, stand your ground, you don't even know the law...
I know the law better than you do.
Hey. Hey, you can't go back there.
You don't have a warrant. I don't want you back there.
You're right, I don't have a warrant,
but this is a search incident to arrest,
so I thought I'd take a look around,
make sure there are no other suspects.
AL: Get back here. I'm not done with you, Tendler.
They found a letter jammed in the back of Russo's closet.
I'm sorry about the quality.
I guess I must have rushed when I scanned it.
You're fine, and you are headed for Central Booking.
You're under arrest.
I've been thinking. I've decided not to press charges.
I'm not the kind of guy that locks up other cops,
and I'm confident that Lieutenant Burns has learnt his lesson.
As long as he's willing to apologize.
Not a chance.
Seems like a generous offer to me, Al.
I'm sorry.
Water under the bridge,
and thank you for coming to my aid today.
AL: After you.
The whole "Raging cop" thing is getting tired.
Find anything?
I did. I took this off Tendler's printer.
An ass-kissing letter
from Tendler to his parole officer?
The lines,
they match the lines on the paper
that was found in Sandra's apartment.
Tendler planted it.
So why aren't we arresting him right now?
Because all the shit he stole is still out there, so...
Right, and we find that,
we also take down whoever he's been working with.
You don't happen to have any idea
where Tendler's keeping everything?
Don't you think I would have told you if I did?
But I have a feeling
that we're gonna find out real soon.
You seem pretty confident.
I left him a message.
You know, I gotta admit, when you first told me
the only way to get Tendler was for me to quit the force,
it seemed like a crazy idea, even coming from you.
You know, it got us into Tendler's place,
and like you said, with Coates around,
you weren't gonna get a warrant,
but an ex-cop doesn't need a warrant.
Now all we gotta do is get Tendler to take the bait
and free Russo.
Well, that's gonna be a piece of cake.
There he is.
Freeze, Tendler!
Detective Wells, this is a surprise.
Ah, what can I say? I'm full of surprises.
Get down.
Cover me.
Okay, so wait, Al quitting, right, that's part of a plan too?
Internal Affairs wasn't gonna let a cop investigate.
I can't believe you didn't tell us, Carrie.
I'm sorry.
I didn't want to get you guys in any deeper
than you needed to be, that's all.
Excuse me for a second.
This is huge. We've got Tendler dead to rights on the murder.
And with all the contraband in there,
it ought to keep us busy for months,
looking for new cases against him and his partners.
All worked out, then, huh?
Where's Burns?
I'd like to talk to him about his vigilante act.
Oh, come on. You can't be serious.
You're still gunning for him?
Actually, I wanted to see if he wanted this back.
You mind if I give him this?
It was really nice working with you, Detective Wells.
I hope you don't take this the wrong way,
but I'm definitely hoping our paths never cross again.
Oh, that's fine by me,
but if you ever want a friend in Internal Affairs,
you know where I am.
Take care. Thank you.
They're just processing you out.
Should be a couple of minutes.
Thank you.
And thank everyone for not giving up on me.
You can tell 'em yourself tomorrow at the office.
IA knows I framed Tendler.
How'd they find out?
I told them.
When they came to tell me about Tendler and to release me,
I just told 'em.
But I left you out of it.
It ends here with me,
where it started, and that's it.
I'm tired, Al.
I've been living with this every day since I did it.
So have I.
You feel guilty?
Oh, hell, yeah.
Well, you should. You screwed up. You listened to me.
You want to balance your books with the universe?
Just stay a cop.
¶ Mmm
¶ Company.
Is this the part where you throw it into the ocean
and say you don't want to do this anymore?
I can't deny it's crossing my mind.
Evidence report?
AL: Uh-huh.
What are you going to do with that?
I don't know.
Do you remember what you said to me
when you asked me to come back and be a cop again?
You're the one with the memory.
I said that this memory of mine,
this gift, this curse, whatever it is,
made it impossible for me to do this job
and keep my sanity.
I said that I couldn't do it, and you said...
That you're a cop, whether you like it or not.
And so are you.
You help a lot of people, Al.
Besides, you don't have a choice.
You have to come back.
Oh, really? How do you figure?
Because I can't live without you,
and you can't live without me.
¶ I can hear them say
¶ Bad company
¶ And I won't deny
¶ Bad, bad company
¶ Till the day I die
¶ Oh, yeah
¶ Till the day I die
¶ Ooh ooh ooh ¶