Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 11 - About Face - full transcript

A homeless man's accidental death exposes a kidnapping and murder that lead Carrie and Al to investigate a construction company's ties to a multi-state crime spree.

BOTH: ¶ Glory, glory, Man United
¶ Glory, glory, Man United
¶ Glory, glory, Man United
¶ The Reds go marching on
¶ And on and on and on and on and on ¶
Our lads are gonna run all over
those Liverpool slags today!
Unless Rooney walks round the pitch
like a child lost in a shopping center.
Go away. Go away you tosspot!
Hey, stop it, or I'm gonna throw you out!
Holy sh...
Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Break it up!
What is going on here?
Just a friendly disagreement.
Okay, I can't have you two psychos
tearing up my town,
so what's the disagreement about?
Just, you know, who had the best game ever...
Wayne Rooney or Old Twinkle Toes Van Persie.
Hey! At least it is a valid and important argument.
Ah, you wouldn't get it. I get it, okay?
Okay? I am a football fan myself,
so maybe I can help you guys figure it out.
On September 2, 2012, Van Persie had a hat trick
in a 3-2 win. Right on!
But Wayne Rooney also had a hat trick
against Arsenal, August 28, 2011.
He added two more that year, April 2nd and September 10th.
'Cause he's the best. Not so fast.
Van Persie's World Cup header against Spain
on June 13, 2014, at the 43-minute mark
was possibly the greatest goal I have ever seen.
How the hell do you know all this?
Well, I told you, I'm a footy fan,
plus I'm a medical miracle, and I kind of remember everything.
Who's the best player, then?
Simple. Lionel Messi.
Oh! What?
Come on, let's get out of here. Go on!
(CHUCKLES) I see those gentlemen took a liking to you.
Ah, well, you know, I attract a certain type.
They're passionate.
Their passion distracted the driver enough
that he ran into a guy when he wandered into the street...
Steve Hickson, 38,
been in and out of mental-health facilities.
He's currently homeless.
Right now he's on his way to Bellevue.
What are we doing here, Al? There's no crime.
We are here because Steve Hickson was wearing this.
Jacket belongs to David Walton, Dr. David Walton.
Ring any bells?
World-famous plastic surgeon
and currently New York's most high-profile missing person
for the last three months.
Walton was wearing this Jacket when he disappeared.
Hot lead in a cold case.
So this Dr. Walton, he wasn't just one
of those run-of-the-mill boob-job guys
that advertise on the subway. He was cutting edge.
He's a pioneer in facial reconstruction,
skin-grafting technology,
basically everything from celebrity makeovers
to burn victims.
No ransom note. No signs of foul play.
Detectives didn't think it was a kidnapping.
Apparently Walton was quite the ladies' man.
They think he ran off with a mistress.
Probably resurface on a tropical island
sipping one of those drinks with an umbrella in it.
Island living, maybe Dr. Walton decides
he doesn't need his fancy jacket.
Let's hope that's the case.
What about Steve Hickson, the guy who was hit?
Any connection between the two of them?
Uh, doesn't look like it.
Hickson's medical file's thick,
but he's never had a cosmetic procedure done.
What about a personal relationship between the two?
Well, Walton's wife said she didn't recognize Hickson,
but she and the doctor have only been together for a few years.
She said it's possible he knew Hickson before their marriage,
even sent us some old photos to look through,
but facial recognition hasn't made any matches yet to Hickson.
Their passion distracted the driver enough
that he ran into a guy when he wandered into the street.
You know, Al, there was a guy,
a homeless guy who was wearing those exact same shoes.
Ostrich skin. Guy's got good taste.
AL: Let's find this guy.
Jay, get out there and help Denny.
You got it, boss.
Bro, we got the guy's height, his eye color,
his approximate weight all because Carrie saw some guy
wearing ostrich shoes at the crime scene.
Denny, you've been here for what, three months,
and you're still a fanboy? DENNY: What?
Okay, Carrie says our guy is 6 foot, 200 pounds,
green eyes, wearing a denim jacket.
Bro, it's incredible. I just...
Hey, let me ask you a question, Jay Bones.
Yeah. You ever, uh...
I don't know, you ever consider plastic surgery?
No. Why do you ask?
I mean, no reason.
Well, I mean, actually, I, uh...
Go ahead, spit it out. What?
Calf implants.
Are you serious?
On you? I don't know.
I feel like, I feel like I need a little bit more volume,
you know? Like...
I mean, you can't tell in these jeans, obviously.
No, I can tell. Definitely.
Oh, okay.
(LAUGHS) I get it, Jay the joker. All right.
You are joking, right?
Denny, I think you need to put your current calves to work right now.
We got a runner!
JAY: Police, damn it! Freeze!
Later, cop!
Hello, criminal!
Man you need to work on your "got ya" lines.
What are you talking about? That was classic.
It was pretty weak. You see that?
You know, shut up man!
Come on.
AL: Mel Davies.
Thanks for the reading material.
B&E bust two years back,
some petty theft four years ago,
and now you're wearing the shoes of a man
who's been missing for months.
Interesting. (SCOFFS) Not really.
They keep my feet warm.
Maybe you don't see it like I do.
What I see is a respected surgeon
walking through a bad neighborhood
with some nice threads and probably a fat wallet.
You come up and offer, not so gently,
to take that wallet,
but the doctor doesn't want to give it to you, so it gets violent.
Before you know it, the doctor needs a doctor.
That's crazy.
No, what's crazy is running
if you don't have anything to hide.
It's like you said, man. I'm an ex-con.
I mean, it says right there.
I got two parole violations already.
Last thing I need is a third strike.
I mean, I see the police coming looking for me,
of course my first thought is,
"I got to get the hell out of Dodge."
Mel, we're not looking to fix you up,
but we need to know how you got these
and how Hickson got that fancy jacket.
Well, if I tell you, can I go?
If you don't, three-time loser. You're going away.
Steve found them
in this Dumpster near where I stay.
Write down exactly where it was.
Is Steve gonna be okay?
Banged up, but he's gonna make it.
All right, listen, this is the last time
we use "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to divvy up duties, okay?
You're right. Next time I'll just order you to do it.
Oh, you know, "Rock, Paper, Scissors" is fine, you know.
That's what I thought. That too.
We got some nice threads here. We got a baby-blue button-down shirt.
Slacks... 36-inch waist.
These are what's left of the clothes.
Walton was wearing when he disappeared, but that was three months ago.
Why are they showing up now?
I mean, these Dumpsters get emptied once a week, right?
So that must have been dumped recently.
Makes sense...
Remote area, not a lot of foot traffic.
So why is that door open?
David Walton?
Our missing-persons case just became a homicide.
DELINA: There's significant bruising on both wrists,
but these injuries occurred before death,
no signs that this body was moved postmortem.
My guess is Dr. Walton was killed
exactly where you guys found him.
Cause of death was a .38-caliber bullet
through the left side of the temple,
creating a large exit wound on the right side of the skull.
Time of death,
definitely within the last 72 hours.
Hmm. Last 72 hours?
You sure about that? Of course I'm sure.
Are we having our first fight, Jay?
No. No... Uh, no, absolutely not.
What Jay means is that the timeline doesn't really add up.
David Walton, he disappeared three months ago.
Why wait to kill him now?
Well, that sounds like a question for a good detective.
I bet you'll find the answer.
I'm sure I will. No, I mean we will.
All right, yeah, come on. I mean all of us.
You did a good job. Thanks, Delina. Thank you.
You got a little tongue-tied back there, didn't you?
What do you mean?
Me? Oh, no, nothing.
I don't know. I wasn't tongue-tied.
All right, fine.
Hey, look, I'm just yanking your chain.
No, 'cause... 'cause I wasn't, all right?
Okay. Okay, maybe I was a little...
You're doing it again.
Do you think she noticed?
(CHUCKLES) Oh, man.
Brother, you're in deep.
We got anything from CSU?
Right. Uh, nothing conclusive on the prints,
no DNA samples. Not a single camera in the area caught anything.
Well, it looks like somebody knows a perfect dumps spot when they find one.
Well, there's no forensic evidence that ties him to the scene.
If he did go into that abandoned building,
CSU would've known.
But they found this.
This was in the room with the body.
It was in a pile of trash. Looks pretty new, right?
Yeah, but there's no telling whether it was dumped before, during,
or after the murder.
Chernov Construction?
It's a construction company in Queens.
I made a call over there. Boss's name is Gregory Chernov.
Ah, anything on him?
No. Guy's squeaky clean.
Apparently hands out dozens of these things
to clients, investors, workers.
It's kind of like his calling card.
I highly doubt Carrie will be satisfied with that answer.
I'm so sorry, detectives.
I wish I could be of more help, but I have no idea
how the notepad ended up at a crime scene.
Client, associate?
It could be anybody.
I mean, I got a zillion of these things. (CHUCKLES)
Saw an infomercial about how people use them
to help remember stuff.
You mind?
This one has a mind like a sieve.
Can't remember a thing.
Ah, you can take as many as you want.
I ordered in bulk, saved 200 bucks.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm pretty slammed.
We, uh, we're behind on two different projects,
and we break ground on a new work site on Wednesday.
Plus, I'm bidding on three more.
(COUGHS) Of course, all of this has got to happen during ragweed season.
Ah, these allergies are killing me.
Not to mention my damn celiac.
I had a muffin a couple of days ago.
(GROANS) You can imagine what happened.
Do you have employee files that I could take a look at?
Uh, yeah, I do.
Um, here are the most recent ones.
There's the whole bunch.
Man, that's, um...
Steve Hickson, 38,
been in and out of mental-health facilities,
currently homeless.
Hey, this guy, this guy, Evan Charney...
What's his story?
Evan, yeah, he's a great guy.
Been working for me six months.
What, you think he's mixed up in anything?
You know where I can find him?
I might want to talk to him.
Uh, yeah. He's, uh...
Let's see here.
Yeah, I got him working out in Queens today.
See, I told you they were useful.
Thanks. Thanks.
Thank you, gentlemen.
That was surprisingly gracious of you.
Well, you know, if I gave every construction worker
in New York City that wolf-whistled at me a hard time,
well, there would be no construction getting done, now, would there?
New York thanks you. (CHUCKLES)
(SHOUTING) So what can I do you for, detectives?
Oh, well, you could lower your voice, for a start.
Sorry. Occupational hazard.
15 years as an explosive tech
kind of blew out my eardrums.
Safety first, demolition day.
One of you guys goes up in smoke, I'm on the hook.
MAN: Hey, boss.
Boss, we got a problem with this detonator.
The problem is with you, not the detonator.
I told you, you got to get a J-hook igniter,
you want that detcord to blow, right?
There you go. Now get out of here.
Grown-ups are talking.
So how can I help you? Evan Charney.
Who? Evan Charney.
Oh, you just missed him. He had to go.
Had some personal call. Had to head out early.
You know where he lives?
Uh, Brooklyn, I think, someplace.
There's the whole bunch.
Man, that's, um...
5012, Bedford Avenue, apartment 1A, Bed-Stuy.
Uh, sure. Yeah, that, that sounds about right.
Denny and Jay aren't far from there.
I'll let them know. All right.
Hey, I'm sorry about my boys.
Oh, no, it's okay. I'm, you know... I'm flattered.
What? I'm flattered!
Oh, yeah, yeah. I mean, can you blame them. Look at you.
Thank you!
You too! Nice seeing you!
They're on it.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, come on, man.
I'm doing the knock-and-notice this time.
Uh, no, because you knocked the last time
and the time before that, so...
Yes, because a few weeks ago, you got to kick in a door, okay?
Kicking in a door is worth, like, seven knocks!
It's a solid six.
That's true. No, you're right. All right, thank you.
Yeah, okay. (KNOCKS ON DOOR)
Evan Charney! Police! We got a few questions for you!
You know that door's open, right?
Somebody beat us here.
Yeah, and they left in a hurry.
You ready? Go.
JAY: Denny! Yo.
I think we found Evan. (SIGHS)
This was no robbery gone wrong.
Well, yeah, we figured that when we found
the $65,000 cash in the closet.
Hey, boss.
Just spoke to the landlord, and get this.
Evan had a roommate, Jordan Scott, 35.
I pulled up his file, boss, and it is thick.
Wow. Jordan Scott's been busy, huh?
Armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon,
attempted murder.
Now, it turns out, before Evan left the work site,
he got a call from Jordan's cell phone.
And get this.
Jordan owns a .38...
Same caliber gun used to kill Evan.
And that's the same caliber used to kill our dead doctor,
David Walton.
Good job, boys.
Congratulations, Jordan Scott.
You might be our first legitimate suspect.
Oh, there's more, Cap.
Come with us to the basement.
What the hell is this?
Hey, check it, Denny.
Jordan and Evan definitely kidnapped Dr. Walton.
Prints lifted off the chains were 100% match for the doctor,
and it looks like they were holding him
in that apartment for the past three months.
Yeah, but what beef do these guys have with a doctor?
There's no ransom. There's no demands.
Why, why keep a guy alive for three months and suddenly kill him?
I don't know, but it's obvious
they didn't want anybody to find him.
I mean, I guess that explains why Evan was at the crime scene
where the homeless guy got hit by a cab, right?
He must have been there before the accident,
just looking for Walton's jacket to get it back.
Once we got hold of the jacket,
Jordan and Evan must have known
that it was only a matter of time till we got to them.
Yeah, I still don't understand,
why keep Walton alive for so long?
What ties do Jordan and Evan have
with a fancy plastic surgeon?
Well, let's find out.
I hope you don't have any plans for dinner tonight.
Oh, not anymore, no.
Jay, we had pizza last night.
Pizza's great every night, bro.
Hey, boss, you wanted to see me?
I do. Are you familiar
with Major Crimes policy 34.5 B?
It's on the tip of my tongue, boss...
There is no Major Crimes policy 34.5 B.
However, there is a policy about billing four pizzas.
Two pepperoni, one sausage, one anchovy, to Major Crimes.
Boss, look, I...
You just decided to forge my signature to authorize expenses.
You nailed the R, but the "S" s are no good.
You got to try harder next time.
So, um, where are we with that roommate, Jordan Scott?
Right now Jay's running Evan and Jordan
through all our databases, but that's it.
Blood, bodies, handcuffs,
what the hell went on over there?
Boss, we find the link between Jordan, Evan,
and Dr. Walton, we got our answer.
You get on that.
And, uh, look, I'm sorry again...
Garlic and mozzarella, for next time.
That is classic.
JAY: So I looked through Dr. Walton's patient records,
and guess who got an irregular mole removed by the good doctor
18 months ago.
Jordan Scott. You got it, boss.
Well, that's a start. It still doesn't give us
motive for homicide and kidnapping.
What else do we have on Jordan and Evan,
besides the fact they shared a place together?
Glad you asked.
So I traced the $65,000 in the closet
to a bank robbery in Atlanta,
and it wasn't their first job together.
Looks like they had quite a little operation going.
In the last five years, Jordan and Evan traveled
to six different cities together,
and it looks like Jordan was the mastermind.
His MO was getting Evan to infiltrate a company
and pose as an employee.
Evan would act as the inside guy,
feeding security codes and procedures to Jordan.
Mom-and-pop store,
pharmacy, real-estate office,
and finally a bank, they're upping their game, huh?
Chernov Construction must have been their next mark.
Okay, but what does kidnapping a plastic surgeon
have to do with construction? We're missing something.
Hold on. Why don't we just ask Jordan himself?
His cell phone just pinged off of a tower in Queens.
What's the address?
No address, but we got a three-block radius
around Roosevelt and 87th.
Wasn't Evan's construction site around Roosevelt and 86th?
Yes, it was.
Jordan can't go back to his apartment.
I'll bet he's camping out there.
All right.
CLINT: Problem is with you, not the detonator.
I told you, you got to get a J-hook igniter,
you want that detcord to blow.
Jordan knew we were coming.
The cell phone ping was a plant.
We'd be buried under that rubble if it wasn't for you.
I guess I owe you one.
Jordan never worked in construction, right?
But he knew how to rig the explosives.
How do you explain that? Jay!
Was there anything on Jordan's phone
that linked to Chernov Construction?
Nothing yet. Still got to run through all these numbers.
15 years as an explosive tech kind of blew out my eardrums.
This one...
That's the construction foreman's phone number, Clint.
Now, Jordan called him at least four times last week.
Maybe he knows what Jordan's up to?
Get a home address on this guy.
Roger that, boss.
WOMAN: Baby! You forgot your lunch.
Yeah, just a second.
Hey, so what do you think she made for you?
How you doing, Clint?
Jordan Scott.
I don't know who that is.
Really? We got Jordan calling you four times.
So what?
So we'd like to know what you're doing hanging out
with a guy we think killed one of your workers...
Evan Charney. Evan's dead?
That's right, and Jordan just tried to blow me up
at one of your construction sites.
Did you help him rig that?
What, are you crazy? I wouldn't do something that reckless!
Although... Although what?
Jordan, Jordan was asking me demolition-related questions.
That you answered. Yeah, why not?
Teaching people to blow shit up,
is that something you do on a regular basis?
Come on, man, guys always want to hear stuff like that.
So what were you and Jordan up to?
Nothing, okay? Evan just put me in touch with the guy, okay?
I've only talked to him over the phone.
What were the calls about?
Look, Jordan, he throws odd jobs my way, okay?
Look, I got alimony payments to make,
and the dough was good, so I did it.
Odd jobs like what, construction work?
No, man.
It was more like waste management, okay?
AL: So Jordan calls, says he'll give you $10,000
to dispose of this dead body, and you do it?
I told you I'm strapped for cash.
You recognize the body when you buried it?
No, it was wrapped up in trash bags.
And you didn't look? Hell, no.
The less I know, the better.
That's the first smart thing you've said all day.
Delina, we have enough to ID the body?
This body's badly decomposed,
but dental records could provide a match.
I can tell by the hand that this is a male,
and maybe this ring could help us ID.
I ordered in bulk, saved 200 bucks.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm pretty slammed.
We, uh, we're behind on two different projects.
St. Michaels College, class of '95.
Chernov had a diploma in his office,
St. Michael's College, class of '95.
So this victim and Chernov were maybe classmates?
That college is in Aberdeen. There's not that many graduates living here.
Dr. Walton, he wasn't just one of those run-of-the-mill,
boob-job guys that advertise on the subway.
He was cutting edge. He's a pioneer in facial reconstruction.
Let's see here.
Yeah, I got him working out in Queens today.
I know this is gonna sound crazy,
but what if we were talking to Jordan Scott yesterday?
Oh, come on, that's crazy.
Jordan could never make himself look that much like Chernov.
You're right, Jordan couldn't,
but a world-class plastic surgeon could.
Okay, so how does this all work?
Because they don't look the same to me.
Not on the surface, but here, take a closer look.
What's important is the basic facial bone structure, right?
There are 14 critical match points,
and based on occipital definition
and hyoid definition,
Jordan and Chernov are actually quite similar.
Now, it would be one hell of a surgery,
but it could definitely be done.
What would somebody need to create kind of a makeshift OR
to pull off an operation like this?
You would need a high-tech surgical field kit
and a doctor who knows what he's doing
and can operate under less-than-optimal conditions.
Which is why Dr. Walton was a perfect fit, right?
He assisted in trauma units in the first Gulf War,
so operating in Jordan's apartment, no big deal.
Infection would be the main problem,
but if they kept Dr. Walton alive long enough
to supervise the recovery,
then I'd say, with a little bit of luck,
they could actually pull this off.
I'm sorry. I could have sworn that you just said to me
that a man had his face reconstructed
to look like another man.
I know it's out there, but we have to move fast on this.
Chernov, I mean Jordan,
hasn't been seen since yesterday.
You know the phrase "start at the beginning"?
Do me a favor, start before that.
Right, so about a year and a half ago, Jordan Scott
goes to see Dr. David Walton for a minor procedure.
He's inspired to read up about him.
He finds out Walton has pioneered
a surgical procedure that can completely change
the structure and look of a patient's face.
Sometime between then and three months ago,
Jordan hatches a plan
where looking like Gregory Chernov
is essential.
Lieutenant, do you have any idea how crazy this sounds?
You're telling me that a man walked
into a doctor's office and said,
"Please make me look like someone else."
Besides, Dr. Walton would never agree
to risky surgery like this.
Which is why Jordan and Evan had to kidnap him
and force him to do the surgery.
"Force him to do the surgery"?
So then they what, kept him alive in the apartment
so he could treat Jordan?
Procedure like that, it takes time to heal.
Jordan needed Walton to oversee his recovery,
make sure he was okay.
Then he killed him.
And nobody noticed the difference
between the real Chernov and the fake Chernov?
Al, come on.
This surgery couldn't have gone perfect, right?
It didn't have to go perfect.
Jordan, other than when we interviewed him,
worked from home after the surgery. He didn't talk to anyone.
Gregory Chernov ran a construction company.
Why would anyone go through all the trouble
to impersonate him?
We figure that out,
we solve the case.
Hey, Wells, do you know much about this plastic-surgery stuff?
What are you trying to say, Denny?
I mean, obviously, you've never thought about it yourself.
You can't enhance perfection, but I don't know, I've been thinking.
Thinking about getting a little work done?
I mean, am I crazy?
Tell me I'm crazy, please.
No, I hear they're doing incredible things
with calf augmentation these days.
(LAUGHS) Okay, I get it.
Jay told you. It's very funny.
(SIGHS) You got anything?
I mean, Jordan's long gone.
What I can tell from, from Chernov's current work files,
there's nothing in here that would justify
that type of plan, you know?
Those pills.
These allergies are killing me.
Not to mention my damn celiac.
I had a muffin a couple of days ago.
You can imagine what happened.
Oh, these are just allergy medications.
When Al and I were here,
there were three bottles on the table, okay?
Not two.
One of them was marked Ca-DTPA.
I'm betting it wasn't for allergies.
JAY: Carrie's right again.
Ca-DTPA isn't allergy medication.
It's an antidote to radiation exposure.
Radiation exposure?
High-volume radiation exposure.
If Jordan's taking the antidote,
it's a good bet he's been in contact
with radioactive material.
And if you're trying to get your hands
on radioactive materials, now, there's a reason to concoct
some crazy-ass plan to reconstruct your face, right?
But what I don't get is, why transform yourself
into a guy who works in construction?
Mmm. I'm betting there's more to Chernov than we know.
What's that?
I created a program with a binary algorithm
to cross-reference the data from the documents
that Carrie and Denny recovered from Chernov's office
with all of Chernov's construction holdings.
Okay, and?
Anyways, what that means is,
it looks like Gregory Chernov has a storage facility
that he's kept off the books,
200 square feet, phone lines and everything.
Construction guys don't keep flophouses.
Chernov was hiding something in there.
Jordan could be there right now, boss.
So could the radioactive material.
All right, call ESU, download all of this to Homeland.
If this is as bad as I think, they need to know.
You got it.
You're all clear.
Nobody's here, and no radiation detected so far.
Roger that.
You found RPGs?
Cases of them from the former Soviet Army.
Could be Chernov is an extremist maybe?
Or he's a capitalist, right?
I mean, it's a construction company.
It's the perfect front for importing and exporting weapons.
That's why Jordan would take over.
Chernov's identity.
It also explains how he came into contact with radioactive material.
If we're lucky, that material is still inside.
It looks like Jordan was camping out here.
He had a desk, a cot, even a phone line.
No sign of any radioactive devices,
but my tech did pick up some low-level Geiger readings.
So something was in there, and now it's gone?
You know, Jordan can't be working alone.
Run down all the phone calls he made from this facility.
All right, you got it.
Congratulations, Lieutenant.
For what?
Very smart looping Homeland in.
I just got a call from my contact.
Seems like you and Carrie inadvertently discovered
the identity of The Broker.
The Broker?
Yeah, apparently, The Broker
is a elusive, high-powered figure
in the international military black market.
Homeland's been trying to verify this guy's identity for years.
That's why Jordan needed a new identity.
Whatever he's doing with this radioactive material,
he's doing it as Chernov.
Right, but what I don't get is,
if Chernov is about to make a ton of cash
by moving radioactive material,
why would Jordan go through the trouble to impersonate him, right?
Just wait till Chernov makes the deal,
go in, grab him, grab the dough.
Unless Chernov wasn't making the deal.
Maybe he never had the radioactive material.
Maybe Jordan did,
and he needed Chernov to move it. (CELL PHONE BEEPS)
Jay, you said Jordan and Evan
pulled jobs in six different cities in the last five years.
Could any of those have given them access
to weapons-grade radioactive material?
I'm on it, boss.
Let's just say Jordan and Evan got their hands on this stuff.
What the hell would they do with it on their own?
They're not in the business of moving WMDs,
and anyone who is
wouldn't trust those two to make a deal.
That's why they need someone with credibility in the black market.
Right. To make the deal face-to-face.
Ugh. Excuse the pun. (CELL PHONE RINGING)
Which is where Dr. Walton comes in.
Al, you're not gonna believe this.
A year ago, Jordan and Evan pulled this scam
at a university out in Arizona.
Now, they went in as campus security guards,
took down a medical research lab,
probably looking for antibiotics or something.
Turns out that lab was at the forefront of research
into, get this, radioactive isotopes
for cancer research.
Radioactive, like what goes in a bomb radioactive?
So hold on.
I talked to my FBI guy. He owes me a favor.
He said the Bureau kept quiet
'cause it didn't want to cause panic, but the university
reported a pound and a half
of fissionable cobalt-70
went unaccounted for after the theft.
Now, that's not enough for a bomb,
but it sure as hell gets you off to a good start.
Any idea what it's worth?
JAY: Uh...
Estimated black-market value is around $4 million.
Thanks, Jay.
We've been trying to figure out why somebody would go
through the trouble of getting a new face.
How does $4 million sound?
All right, cool. Thank you.
Hey. Hey, Jay Bones.
What are you doing here, man? I wasn't about to miss the action
and let you guys have all the fun.
So, uh, what is going on here?
I just talked to Russo.
They're saying Homeland's hearing a bunch of chatter
about a multimillion-dollar sale of cobalt-70.
They're saying it's happening in the city, and that it is imminent.
I mean imminent with a capital I, bro.
Holy smokes. Okay, all right, all right.
So, if this construction guy Chernov was The Broker,
he's still just the middleman, right?
The deal's not done until he passes the stuff off
to the people who plan to use it.
So have you guys got anything on this?
Honestly nothing.
We got, we got Jordan's phone records
from inside this place, but it's nothing exciting.
The guy's just lazing around,
ordering takeout twice a day from the same bakery.
A bakery? Yeah, uh, Syrena Bakery.
It's a little, local sandwich shop.
Actually, it's pretty good.
Jordan's got celiac disease.
So? So, if a guy can't eat bread,
what's he doing ordering sandwiches twice a day?
I don't know. Maybe Evan was making the orders.
Can't be him, 'cause Evan was working construction
and living in his apartment till yesterday.
Bro, I hate to rain on your theory, but come on.
Maybe the place makes a mean salad.
Maybe he was ordering that.
I know that place too, Denny.
It ain't exactly a salad kind of joint.
You know what? I'm gonna look into this Syrena place.
Why is Jay here?
Oh, well, he's my partner.
Would you ask Starsky the same question about Hutch?
A, you need to update your reference,
and, B, Jordan just made a withdrawal,
ATM, $200, Grand Central Station.
You don't think he's actually gonna make the drop, do you?
No, I think he knows that we're onto him,
and the withdrawal was just a diversion.
Hey, boss.
I think I got something on the sandwich joint
that Jordan was ordering from.
The owners of Syrena Bakery
are two brothers, Kareem and Malik Hakimi.
Check that. Oh.
Egyptian expatriates
with ties to several terrorist watch list groups?
What if Jordan wasn't ordering food,
he was arranging the drop?
Hey, Denny.
Traffic cam down the block caught Jordan
going into the bakery a few minutes ago.
He was carrying a high-tech briefcase.
Deal's going down now, man. We need to get in there.
Okay, Carrie and Al have things under control, okay?
Cobalt-70 is extremely unstable stuff.
It could level the entire block if we go in shooting.
What are we supposed to do, wait for the transaction
to go down and pick everyone up on their way out?
Jay, if these are smart guys, they're coming out with force.
We're gonna be outgunned. Where's our backup?
They're a couple minutes out.
See, this could be over by then.
Listen, we need to get closer,
and we need to draw Jordan out, you understand?
Denny, you got to trust me.
Carrie and Al have a plan.
What is their plan?
They're going to get a sandwich.
Ah, Mr. Chernov.
So nice to see you again.
We were getting worried you'd made other plans.
Oh, sorry I'm late.
Thanks for meeting me in person.
Get Mr. Chernov some water.
You don't sound so good. No, it's just allergies.
Let's get down to business.
I take it that's the package.
Can we see it? (SCOFFS)
You first.
MAN: $4 million...
Just as we agreed.
Allah Hu Akbar.
It's beautiful.
Your methods are unusual, but we cannot complain about the results.
Thank you. I'll be on my way.
CARRIE: Tell me right now!
Wait here.
I'm gonna ask you one more time, who is she?
There's nobody else, baby, only you.
I know what you're up to with that little slut.
Chrissy Thomas and I work together, that's it!
Is that why she calls at 2:00 a.m.?
Is it? Is that why Barbara saw you at the coffee shop
with your tongue down her throat?
AL: Come on.
Excuse me, I think you should take this outside.
Ah, you thought I wouldn't create a public disturbance.
How did that work out for you?
I need to do my makeup! Move!
I am sorry about this. My girlfriend gets a little...
Don't apologize for me! Nuts sometimes.
I am not nuts! Still can't help loving her.
Love her outside, or I call the police.
You know what? That is a really, really good.
I'm gonna call the police myself,
because cheating is a crime!
Hello, I would like to report a domestic disturbance
at Syrena Bakery.
Damn it, I need to leave.
Everything okay, Mr. Chernov?
You don't look so good.
12 East... I told you to leave!
Don't move!
You know what will happen if I drop this suitcase?
Everyone in here dies.
(GUN COCKS) Drop your gun. Drop it!
Jordan Scott, you are under arrest.
You might want to get some work done on that nose,
you know, if you're into that kind of thing.
Nice job role-playing in there.
(CHUCKLES) You still can't get over the fact
that I dated Chrissy Thomas back then.
That's absolutely untrue.
I was simply giving you a real name to work with.
Oh, no kidding?
Well, I'm not the one with the perfect memory,
but that sure sounded like the fight
we had about her back then.
You're as wrong now as you were on August 24, 2001.
For the millionth time... Yeah?
I dated her before you.
How can you hold that against me?
I'm not holding it against you.
I'm perfectly capable of getting over things.
In fact, I'm over it. Over it! Oh, I'm impressed.
Thank you. (CHUCKLES)
I wonder what happened to Chrissy.
Boy, she was great.
You know, you can play it cool all you want, Al Burns,
but here's the truth.
You revealed your true feelings back in there.
Yeah, you're right, by saving the city from disaster.
No, you told Kareem that you love me!
Oh, come on. I was just role-playing.
Really, role-playing? So you didn't mean it?
I meant it when I said you're totally nuts.
I am nuts, but you love it.
Yeah, I kind of do.