Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 5 - A Moveable Feast - full transcript

Carrie and Al must find the connection between a murdered coast guard officer, a celebrity chef who threw him out of his restaurant and a missing block of C-4 before the explosives are used.

Yo, Duke. (knocking on door)
Turn down the TV.
Your paper's here.
(cartoon sound effects play over TV)
It's Heather.
Hey, Stevie.
Hey, kid. Where's your old man?
I coloring.
That's nice.
(siren wailing)
WOMAN: Carrie.
Hello. How's the Gramercy Park round table
doing this afternoon? Doing well.
(overlapping chatter) Doing well, Carrie.
All right.
Yeah. Great day. Mm-hmm.
What's going on here? Barry?
You look like you swallowed a canary.
I swallowed a swallow once.
WOMAN: Oh. Get it?
I do get it.
And I also get exactly what is going on
right here, right now.
You want to test my supersonic, unbeatable
memory skills again, don't you?
(all agreeing) Fine.
Give me a date.
Nope. Not this time, Carrie.
Nah, it's too easy.
What about your birthdays?
No. We've been there, we've done that.
We got something harder for you this time.
Oh, all right. What, anniversaries?
What did we have for lunch, Carrie? (laughter)
You guys have the same thing for lunch every day.
This isn't hard.
We're waiting.
Oh... here we go.
Here we go.
Phyllis, toasted pumpernickel
with honey turkey.
Abner, whitefish salad on a roll.
Gerta, you had...
brisket from Morty's with slaw on the side.
Florence, PB and J with the crusts cut off.
Harold had his chicken cutlet.
And Barry had his perennial favorite,
chopped liver on rye,
one new pickle on the side.
Gotcha. What?
I ordered two pickles today.
(laughter) Oh. We got her.
We got her.
But you didn't eat the second one, did you, Barry?
You're taking that home to Doris.
Come on, you know I'm right.
(Carrie whoops)
(phone rings) Thank you very much,
ladies and gentlemen. I'll be here all week.
Yeah. Well... we're gonna get you
one of these days, Carrie Wells.
Don't hold your breath.
Especially you, Florence.
(laughter) Hey, Al.
On my way.
Victim's Duke Callahan, Coast Guard.
Shouldn't the local PD be handling this?
You'd think, but because of his security clearance
and his training in explosives,
Coast Guard wanted us to work the case.
Wallet's still here,
does not look like a robbery.
Building manager found Callahan's kid
in the living room. Ex-wife's on her way.
Time of death was only about two hours ago.
Single gunshot wound to the back of the head.
Not your...
typical pissed off lover or neighbor.
This... was efficient.
Execution style.
Wouldn't really give it style points.
CARRIE: What about the little boy?
Did he see anything?
AL: He's only three;
he's too young to tell us anything.
I don't think Stevie saw anything.
I didn't either.
It blows my mind.
In this building.
Duke... Single dad... loved the kid...
never bitched.
Except when his rent got raised.
Hey... Stevie.
Hi, Stevie.
What's that?
I coloring.
You coloring?
What's that there? What you got?
A doggy. A doggy?
Wow... that's, um... Another one.
Where did he get this?
He's been playing with it since I got here.
What's the big deal?
Hey, Stevie.
Hey, guess what I saw outside.
An ice cream truck.
You want to go get one? Come on, then.
Yeah. Oh... that'll be fun.
Come on.
I need you to get out of here now.
What's going on? Just do it.
Take them out of here right now.
I thought Stevie was playing with Play-Doh;
it's a block of C-4 explosive.
This whole place could be wired to blow.
Everyone, shut down your phones.
Shut down your radios.
We found C-4, we got to clear this building. Now.
(indistinct shouting)
It was so scary. I understand...
Building's clear.
It's just a single brick of C-4.
So far all we got on Callahan,
he's a Coast Guard gunner's mate.
Divorced for a year, they share custody of the kid.
Why's this guy sitting on a brick of explosives?
I don't know. Maybe your sweet single dad's
a homegrown terrorist who got himself killed.
Not every extremist bangs out a manifesto.
WOMAN: Stevie, Stevie.
This the mom?
Yeah, Callahan's ex-wife,
coming to pick up the kid.
Check her alibi. And let's canvass the building.
Everyone with access to that laundry room.
Are you okay?
I just... I can't believe he's gone.
I know this is hard, Debbie, but I-I need your help, okay?
Was anything bothering Duke lately?
I don't... I don't think so.
I mean, he worked way too hard,
but that's it.
What about enemies, anyone who might want to hurt him?
Duke hung out with a couple of thugs when-when he was a kid
in the Bronx, but
he joined the Guard right out of high school.
He... He helped people.
Why did you two get divorced?
Um, Duke and me had... we had our problems.
But... he gave me a-a great settlement.
He bankrupted himself just-just to give Stevie everything.
I mean, he was even scraping together
to send him...
to send him to a private preschool.
He sounds like a good man, Debbie,
which is why I'm confused.
See, we found a brick of C-4
explosive in your ex-husband's apartment.
And now I'm wondering...
Maybe all the financial burden, maybe he got into debt,
owed the wrong people. No.
He hated anything hanging over his head.
Why would he bring explosives home?
I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.
(short sob)
Agent Charles Sewell, Lieutenant Burns.
This is my partner, Detective Wells.
Detective Wells,
nice to meet you. Carrie. Likewise.
May 19, 2012.
May 19, 2012 was a Saturday.
Temperature was a high of 75
in Manhattan. Al and I had just closed
the Jennings serial killer case.
We went out to lunch celebrate.
Al had a rib eye, medium rare.
It was the first day I read about you two
in the New York papers.
Okay, what do you got for us?
Well, Coasties stick together,
so no one would talk about Callahan.
But I did find a gunnery officer that
got a little chatty
when I threatened him with a court-martial.
Follow me.
You know, my favorite uncle was a Coastie.
Bought a 21-foot Liberator when he retired.
Twin Mercs, Two-Sixties.
Nice. Must've turned like she was on rails.
Those are beauties. You like boats?
That depends on who's operating them.
So, Callahan's security clearance
granted him access to this area right here.
At ease. This is Senior Chief Holliman.
Tell 'em what you reported.
Gunner's Mate Callahan signed out the C-4.
But he didn't have authorization,
but he works for me,
I know him... Save the excuses for a JAG at your disciplinary hearing.
I'm sorry, Agent Sewell, he said it was for a training exercise.
But there wasn't one, was there?
Dismissed, Senior Chief Holliman.
Coast Guard Investigative Services
will make sure this never happens again, but...
I got to say, this is surprising
from a straight arrow like Callahan.
No blots on his service record?
Spotless. He never did this
before, as far as we can tell.
Just checked out these two bricks of C-4.
Two bricks?
We only recovered one brick at the scene.
Which mean Callahan's killer could have the other one.
It's a small amount, but
properly placed, it could take down a building.
Callahan's killer could be running around with that
second brick of C-4, but Homeland Security's
not picking up any
terrorist chatter. In any event,
I got my old FBI office mate scouring the unfiltered intel.
Nice contact. Mm.
I set her up with her husband.
Listen, there's no prints of value
in Callahan's apartment. There's no angry
girlfriend, no conflicts that we
know of. Okay, so I'm Callahan.
Great guy, no scrapes, clean record. Right.
Why am I checking out C-4 and lying about it?
Remember a couple years ago--
those ATF guys-- they pinched C-4
to clear trees to build
pools and patios in their backyards?
Well, if we're lucky, Callahan just wanted to go for a swim.
Jay, what'd you find on Callahan's finances?
Well, most of his
paycheck went straight to child support.
But check this. He deposited
$4,200 in cash a few days ago and then
turned right around and paid off his kid's preschool tuition.
Well, he could've sold the C-4 for a quick buck
and the deal went south. Here's what I got
on his credit cards. Last transaction
was at Metro West Parking Garage in Chelsea
at 9:48 p.m. on Monday.
I have been to some amazing
five-star restaurants in that area.
Men take me out sometimes.
Zoom in there for a sec, Jay.
CARRIE: Stevie didn't see anything?
HEATHER: Me either.
That cocktail napkin...
Callahan was at Lantini's restaurant.
MURRAY: Lantini's?
Marco and Giuliana Lantini are Steel Chefs.
What was Callahan doing
at a restaurant with a year-long wait list?
He doesn't strike me as the $20 martini type.
50 bucks for mushroom pasta? (laughs)
They're not "mushrooms," they're "truffles."
And come on, Al.
You've never been happy unless you grill it
and slap it on a bun.
I like the sound of that.
Yeah, I'll bet you do.
May I have the name on your reservation?
Hey, I have an audition
to be one of you guys.
Do you do ride-alongs?
You seen this man?
Oh, no.
Is he pressing charges?
Charges? For what?
Look, could you just leave me out of this?
Acting's hard,
but getting a job in a place like this is impossible.
How about we take you on that ride-along...
in handcuffs?
Okay, okay.
That guy was at the bar two nights ago.
I turned away for a second and he barged into the kitchen.
Next thing I know, Chef Marco had a fit
and threw him out.
We'd like to ask
Mr. Lantini a few questions.
Sorry, he's not here.
How about Mrs. Lantini?
Was she working that night?
No. No, no, no, no.
And she's at a book signing
in Connecticut today.
So I really can't help you.
You sure?
'Cause that sounds like obstruction to me.
Okay. (exhales)
Marco just left for a party at Chelsea Piers.
It was pier number, um...
Here it is.
Pier 60.
And me without my party dress.
Let's go, Cinderella.
All right.
Jay says there's nothing
that ties Callahan to Lantini.
No phone records, e-mails, nothing.
So what's their connection?
And I don't see any event out here.
We just missed it.
What are you doing?
STEVIE: I coloring.
CARRIE: You coloring?
SEWELL: Just checked out these two bricks of C-4.
CARRIE: We only recovered one from the scene.
Al, call Harbor.
Have them turn that boat around. Now!
(crowd gasping, screaming)
AL: Lieutenant Al Burns. Be advised,
we got a charter boat explosion at Chelsea Piers.
Notify Harbor, Coast Guard, FDNY.
MAN: Nick, get away from the railing!
Send buses!
We got people in the water out here.
We're good. All right.
Get that small boat in there as close as you can.
I want every piece of evidence. Bag it and tag it.
I don't care if it's floating trash.
You're lucky you work on land.
I got evidence already going under.
See, your problem is you've got
most of your divers over there at eight o'clock,
by that floating deck chair,
and most of your evidence
is here, at 11 o'clock.
Half of which
went under when rescue boats churned up wakes
getting survivors out of the water.
Better than advertised.
All right, guys.
Move it starboard 100 yards.
MAN (over radio): 100 yards. Roger that.
We have a visual.
What'd you find, Jay?
Okay, Al, we got an 85-foot party charter:
eight crew, ten guests. All chefs.
They were celebrating a joint restaurant venture,
uh, "Gourmet Food Bazaar."
Cooking some feast for each other.
You had Paula Sherwood, Lonnie Hamilton,
Pablo Vaye... Big-name chefs,
you get the idea.
All right. Thanks, guys.
So, a few injuries
and amazingly only one fatality.
Ataru Yamato.
What about Marco Lantini?
One of the survivors.
Picked up by a fire boat, taken to the paramedics.
All right, Callahan steals C-4,
gets into a throwdown with Lantini
and now this yacht blows up.
Callahan's dead, so how does he blow up the yacht?
A timer?
There's too many variables. There's no guarantee
when the boat would get underway
or whether the target would even be on board.
It's got to be something more
like a triggered detonator.
So maybe an accomplice tripped the C-4
after he killed Callahan?
There's a big chunk of the stern going under there.
Damn it.
These flood currents are sweeping away our evidence, huh?
What's a leg like you know about flood currents?
I used to go fishing on Lake Ontario.
Yeah? I did my ice rescues up there. Yeah.
That's some serious ice. That's some serious ice.
There goes the rest of it. I got to let it go.
It's too dangerous.
Pull the divers.
Copy that. Pulling divers.
That evidence just went down the drain.
And our only link to that C-4 is Marco Lantini.
JAY: This Lantini guy's back at work a few hours
after they fish him out of the Hudson.
A little weird, right? Yeah,
that's really weird. The Lantinis
have a restaurant in Vegas,
villa on the Riviera,
Bermuda estate, so forth, so on and so on.
We are in the wrong business, buddy.
We need to learn how to cook. (laughs)
Before Marco Lantini hit it big, guess what--
he spent his entire youth in and out
of Spofford Juvenile Detention Center.
In Hunts Point? Yeah.
You know Callahan grew up a few
neighborhoods away from there?
Lantini and Callahan, they could go way back.
Maybe to hanging out on the stoop,
knocking back a few cold ones.
Lantini hires his old pal to do some dirty work
with the C-4. Carrie and Al
should hear this.
AL: Thanks, Murray.
MAN: Let's go. Come on. WOMAN: Wait.
MAN 2: All right, everybody. We're rolling.
Quiet on the set. Take one.
And... action.
I really can't express
how sad we are over the loss of our
dear friend, Ataru Yamato.
We dedicate this episode to him.
By cooking a dish he always enjoyed here at the restaurant.
¶ I'm comin' up ¶
¶ So you better get this party started ¶
¶ I'm... ¶
He doesn't look shaken up by the explosion.
Or by Yamato's death. GIULIANA: This...
was the first song that we ever danced to.
And... Mmm. Ooh.
I fell in love with him right away.
She fell in love with my ossobuco. (laughs)
DIRECTOR: And... cut.
(indistinct chatter)
Hey, Detectives. I got all your messages.
Uh, I want to help you any way I can. Wow.
You just... You bounced back real fast.
Bit of a workaholic, according to my wife.
I'm also pretty damn lucky.
I'm from Salerno.
We're kind of stubborn. Testa dura.
You ever seen this man?
That guy. Yeah, yeah. I tossed him out
of my kitchen just a couple of days ago.
You know, these people, they see you on TV,
they stroll in off the street,
they treat you like they're family.
Hey, Giules. Come here.
You ever see this guy before? Um... no,
I'm sorry. I haven't. Mr. Lantini,
we believe the explosion was intentional,
a bomb. And this man was involved. A bomb?
You're kidding. I-I thought a gas line blew or something.
CARRIE: Can you think of any reason why...
someone might want to blow you up?
No. I mean, I'm a chef.
You know, you work in enough kitchens,
you piss enough people off,
but, uh, no, blow up a boat? No.
You sure? Maybe somebody from the old days?
My husband's past is behind him.
How far?
AL: The "tourist" you tossed out
specialized in explosives.
We don't think he was working alone.
And he was murdered a day before the bombing.
That guy is dead?
Where were you Tuesday afternoon?
Are you kidding me? You think I did it?
Damn it. Hey, I was a victim on that boat,
okay? Marco. Marco.
Detectives, it's impossible.
We were at our home food division.
20 sales reps can confirm it.
Callahan came into your restaurant,
the boat you were on blew up,
Yamato is dead,
and, help me out here, Marco, you're the common denominator.
I told you everything I know, okay?
Except Yamato was my friend.
DIRECTOR: Next segment's up. Beer-battered shrimp.
It could've just as easily been me who was killed.
Yeah. We'll be in touch.
So, the Lantinis' sales reps said the couple was hawking
their frozen ravioli when Callahan was murdered.
So their alibi checks out.
Any bad blood between him and Yamato?
Money problems? Mmm...
Hard to tell. Yamato's got shell companies within shell companies
and investors from here to Tokyo.
Guy sold a lot of raw fish.
Hey, so I checked into insurance fraud.
Nothing. And so far
I can't find a thing that points to the crew
or other chefs as targets.
Really? Not even that, uh, Pablo what's-his-face?
That annoying barbecue guy?
Pablo Vaye. Mmm. Handsome
and he knows his way around a brisket. And, no,
there's nothing pointing to him. So, besides Lantini,
any links between Callahan and the rest of the people on the boat?
Not even a thin thread.
But if we had any doubts
Callahan was tied to that bombing,
they're gone.
That the kid's picture? Mm-hmm. We uploaded it
to the server. Jay?
And now here's how it looked on the light box.
Carrie was right.
Callahan had the boat schematic.
We find out where he planted the bomb,
maybe we find our target.
So, we haul in the wreckage and then reconstruct the boat.
Hell of a jigsaw puzzle.
CARRIE: I always loved doing jigsaw puzzles
face down.
She memorizes the pieces. It's scary.
I was going to say "amazing."
He was gonna say "amazing."
So, the reconstruction can tell us more
about the bomb and hopefully our bomber. (phone ringing)
WEBSTER: I just sent you a photo
of something I pulled from Chef Yamato's body.
That's a bolt.
You want to see it first?
No, I'm good, but that bolt's trajectory
should help us pinpoint the bomb's location and force.
Exactly... to the man with the sexy voice.
The bolt penetrated the gluteus medius, but
the sad irony is, it landed in his stomach.
All right, thanks, Jo.
You know, I've seen that bolt before
right... here.
She wasn't kidding about the jigsaw puzzles.
That's the engine cover.
The bolt came from below.
Which would mean the source
of the explosion was the engine room.
'Cause if the bomb exploded
anywhere else aboard, the bolt would have melted
in the slow-burning fire.
But that bolt was blown clean off and stripped.
The bomber hid the explosives under the engine cover.
I've seen the schematics.
Yamato was cooking in the galley, directly above it.
So, he could have been the target.
Whoever did this knew boats, tried to make it look like
an accidental engine fire. AL: Callahan knew boats,
but he was dead before the yacht exploded.
Doesn't mean Lantini didn't hire him
to get the C-4 and build the bomb, but
why would our chef board a boat he knew would explode?
Doesn't add up.
It does if Callahan told him where to stay safe.
It was a small charge. That's why only one brick
of C-4 was used. It is a perfect alibi.
We'll test the engine cover for RDX residue.
Chromatography can confirm it was C-4 that was used.
I'll let you know what I get.
I like the cut of his jib.
You're just saying random words now.
Jay, what'd you find on Yamato?
Macheted through his finances.
Turns out Yamato was in the hole
to the tune of $4 million
to his main investor, Oguri Holdings.
I know those guys.
They were indicted on RICO charges in the '90s.
It's a front for the Yakuza.
Yakuza? Man, I didn't know the sushi business was so rough.
Maybe rough enough for Yamato to get blown up
for not paying back his debts.
Detective Carrie Wells, Mr. Shiomi.
CFO, Oguri Holdings.
I'm here to help, Detectives, but if this is
about the boat explosion, you're wasting your time.
I can assure you my firm has been
a fully legitimate operation for ten years.
Chef Yamato's passing brings me nothing but sadness.
AL: Yeah.
It's tragic to lose four million bucks.
We lent Yamato capital, but he was about to pay us back.
Not according to his books.
What was the money for?
I apologize, but our investors require confidentiality.
AL: You won't have time for your investors
with our forensic accountants poring over
your fully legitimate operation.
It wasn't announced yet.
Chef Yamato just won a bid to open
his restaurant at the new Triumph Tower.
It was very competitive.
HOST: It was pier number...
We're done here.
Thank you for your time.
What was that about?
He's telling the truth.
The bid was competitive.
I think the Lantinis are the next bidders in line
for that Triumph Tower space.
I saw the security badges
for that building at their restaurant.
So, maybe Marco Lantini knocked Yamato off the top of the pile?
Great. Got it.
Eliot's friend at Leasing and Permits came through.
Carrie was right.
Marco and Giuliana Lantini are next in line
for the Triumph Tower.
Hey, great to see you.
We're here to see Marco Lantini.
Oh. Missed him again.
If this is you acting, I can see
why you're still working in a restaurant.
Okay, okay.
When Marco works late or has a fight with Giuliana,
he sleeps upstairs. Upstairs, where?
He's got a pied-à-terre on the second floor right over there.
Mr. Lantini?
It's clear.
So, we got two chefs murdered.
Could this whole thing be about the Triumph Tower contract?
The third chef in line
could have wanted Yamato and Lantini out of the way.
Oh, that would be Pablo Vaye, that annoying barbecue guy.
I'll get on it.
Yeah. Jo.
Hello. Well,
Chef Lantini was a powerful man.
The assailant had to penetrate Marco's substantial
Chef killed by his own kitchen knife.
Missing from that block right over there.
So, there's no sign of forced entry.
Maybe Marco and Giuliana
get into a fight, she goes psycho on him.
Do we really like her for this?
Marco outweighed Giuliana by a hundred pounds, easy.
It would be virtually impossible for
any woman to take down this guy,
in my professional opinion.
The assailant plunged
the knife into the diaphragm, yanked it up,
and punctured the left ventricle of the heart
to cause maximum damage.
I think I remember that move.
Right? That, uh,
stalker case up in Ditmas Park, right?
The killer in that one had military training. Same might be
true here.
Good luck.
I don't know.
Giuliana's got "motive" stamped all over her.
She could have hired a hit man.
She gets rid of her husband,
scores her the entire food empire,
right? Plus, she also inherits
the Triumph Tower space ahead of Pablo Vaye.
Let's say Giuliana contracted Callahan to blow up the boat.
And let's say the deal went bad.
Maybe Callahan showed up at the restaurant,
tried to extort more money
from her. That'd make her sweat.
Maybe she hires
one of Marco's old pals to bump off Callahan
and go through with the bombing.
Maybe Giuliana's hit man
blew up the wrong chef and came here to finish the job.
I can't even get out of the building
to make funeral arrangements with the paparazzi out there.
I'm sorry, Detectives. Would you like some tea?
We're good.
We know this is a tough day.
Please, find who did this.
Doing everything we can, all hands.
That includes having
to ask you some hard questions, Mrs. Lantini.
You and your husband were having problems.
Can you tell us what was going on? He had a temper?
We work in a high-pressure environment.
We're passionate.
So, our marriage could be a roller coaster.
Were we saints?
No, but... we were best friends.
We wanted things to work.
We were, um... We were going to Rome.
I was hoping that it would...
I'm sorry, Detectives. Do we have to do this now?
Mrs. Lantini, we can't ignore the fact
that you're about to inherit a fortune.
You don't think that I killed my husband?
We know you have nothing to hide.
I'm sorry. I was nowhere near the restaurant last night.
I was here working with my assistant.
We have a security camera if you'd like to check it.
MURRAY: I'm sorry, but there's also
a $5 million life insurance policy?
That's nothing.
If I have to be crass,
my husband was worth far more alive than dead.
We were a brand.
The Lantinis, the happy cooking couple.
We needed each other.
In our line of work,
we see people's needs get pretty twisted.
My life-- what is it without Marco?
Now, unless you're going to arrest me,
I'll be upstairs, and my assistant will show you out.
She's not telling us everything. No.
I want you and Jay digging into her.
(phone ringing)
Murray. This way, please.
Yeah, okay. Got it.
Coast Guard's pulled up more debris,
and Carrie said she'll meet you at the warehouse.
SEWELL: Check this out.
I may know how he got the bomb on board.
Okay, what do you guys see?
Blast pattern of shrapnel. Metal.
This is the top of the engine room ceiling.
CARRIE: There are shards of metal embedded in it.
Looks like the bomber hid the explosives in some kind of
metal case.
Good thinking, Carrie.
Oh. Thanks, Chuck.
So, someone working with Giuliana Lantini
could have hidden the explosives in a catering cart?
Hmm, those are heavy metal. This looks like
aluminum, tin, something cheap.
Well, we got bread crumbs going in every direction.
We got to follow them all.
Nice job... Chuck.
JAY: I've been talking
to people all day who make food.
I haven't had a second for lunch. I'm starving.
I'll get your favorite tuna sandwich from the machine.
What do you have on the Triumph Tower?
Well, the third chef in line for the space
just withdrew his bid today.
He didn't want all the bad P.R.
Doesn't look like your annoying barbecue guy's our killer, huh? No.
And we're still interviewing everybody from the building
that night-- residents, diners.
But it's looking like business as usual there.
Hey, guys. Check this out. The Coast Guard just dug up
the menu cards from the yacht party.
The meal had timed courses.
Yamato wasn't supposed to be cooking when the bomb went off.
That was Lantini's slot.
The two chefs switched courses.
So Lantini was definitely the target.
Have Eliot pull strings.
We need a warrant. Okay.
Giuliana Lantini?
Bedrooms are clear.
(tea kettle whistling)
You hear that? Yeah.
(whistling stops)
We just missed her.
She's gone.
Hey, Carrie, Al. I got the security footage
from Giuliana Lantini's building.
Take a look.
Freeze it.
I just want you to know, I-I want
to help you any way I can.
His shoes.
Bit of a workaholic, according to my wife.
I'm also pretty damn lucky.
He's a chef at the Lantinis' restaurant.
I saw him arguing with Giuliana.
Maybe they were having an affair?
You thinking a lovers' quarrel?
She did seem like she was hiding something.
Let it roll.
(woman screaming)
Lieutenant Al Burns. Be advised,
we got a charter boat explosion at Chelsea Piers.
Notify Harbor, Coast Guard, FDNY.
Send buses!
We got people in the water out here.
MAN: Nick, get away from the railing!
Are they okay?
CARRIE: He was there.
That backpack. I saw the same backpack
at the pier the day the yacht exploded.
He put his cell phone into it.
The remote trigger; he's our bomber.
JAY: Let me check Lantini's employees.
(keyboard clicking)
CARRIE: That's him.
JAY: Full name's Robert Singh.
Sous chef at Lantini's.
Married, no kids.
Served in the Coast Guard,
dishonorable discharge for psych.
CARRIE: Coast Guard,
that's how he knows Callahan. All right,
they're on the run. Put it over the air.
Check airports, train stations, tolls.
Text us his address and send a radio car.
You got it.
Gita Singh?
Where's your husband, Robert?
Check the house. What's going on?
We're on scene. We have a warrant. Where is Robert?
He's with the woman he left me for.
If you find him,
tell him I'm tossing his crap.
What did he do? We think he's connected
to three homicides tied to a bombing.
What?! You think Robert...?
Wait, does this have to do with
that yacht in the harbor with his boss?
Tell us what you know about it.
Nothing. But there was this
friend of Robert's that came by.
This man? Robert's Coast Guard friend...
he was supposed to leave a,
a package on the workbench.
I brought him back here.
And he looked out back, but he freaked out.
Those ATF guys used C-4 to clear trees
for pools and patios... right?
Look around you.
Not a tree or a stump.
Singh must've lied to Callahan
about why he needed the C-4.
Callahan thought he was giving him the explosive
for some harmless yard work.
He saw something was off, got spooked.
Mrs. Singh, please, think hard.
Was there anything else?
Yeah, uh, he took something off
the workbench and ran out.
It was crazy, I called the neighborhood watch...
AL: What did he take?
I'm not sure. I-It looked like some blueprints.
Schematics. You didn't think to
call the police after the yacht explosion?
Well, I read about it
but never thought, never even considered...
(deeply inhales)
But then... I didn't know
Robert was in love with Giuliana Lantini.
HOST: Okay, Marco just left
for a party at Chelsea Piers.
Your husband knew Giuliana
before she was famous, didn't he?
They have a history,
they worked at the same diner.
They both can go to hell.
My uncle had these on his boat-- they're waterproof.
Does your husband have a boat?
Yeah. I mean, I haven't been on it in like ten years;
I get seasick.
Where does he keep it?
I'm not sure.
Some place here on Staten Island.
Okay, there are like a dozen marinas.
Does he have records, receipts?
Any paperwork connected to the boat
that might tell us where he keeps it?
Uh... We're good.
We're good. Thank you, Mrs. Singh.
The sticker on that waterproof notebook
has the same logo on it
as a metal box I saw sinking in the wreckage.
The box Singh used to get that bomb on board.
Island Point Marina.
Callahan went to the restaurant to confront Singh.
Singh hears about it, he goes to Callahan,
shoots him, takes the C-4.
If Singh is on his boat,
my bet is, Giuliana's on it, too.
Giuliana has a home in Bermuda;
they're heading there.
Detective. House is clear.
Stay here, secure the location.
Jay, send Sewell and backup
to Island Point Marina.
We're in the right place.
GIULIANA: Robert, please.
Please don't do this. Just let me go.
Police! Don't move! Help me!
He's got a gun on him. Please, help me!
Coast Guard's here. There's no way out, Singh.
Let's go. Stay back! Robert!
Drop the gun!
ROBERT: Move back! Robert, please.
Please, don't do this. Just let me go.
Stay back, I said!
All right, I said, move back, or I swear,
I will kill her!
Come on.
Don't make me do this! (gasps)
Let's go! Keep moving! Let's go!
I can't get a clear shot.
(Giuliana yelling) Don't make me do it!
Just let us go, all right? Just let us go.
Back up! Back up! Back up!
I'm putting my gun away, okay?
I just want to talk to you.
No, you're liars.
You're liars like Giuliana.
I told you to back off!
You've known Giuliana since...
way back in the day when you both had nothing.
You loved her.
Since you guys worked
at that diner together,
the one with the little blue booths.
You know... you know who she really is.
I do remember. (whimpering)
She chose Marco, the rich one.
(Giuliana whimpers)
And she's doing it again.
She was gonna go to Rome with him to forget about me.
She's never gonna forget about you.
Look at her.
She's still the same Giuliana you knew
back in the diner all those years ago.
You don't want to hurt her.
Let her go. Let her go.
Please, just let her go.
Oh! (grunts)
AL: You all right?
I got her; go after Singh.
Robert Singh,
you're under arrest for the murders of
Marco Lantini and Ataru Yamato.
(reporters clamoring)
Sir, did you kill Marco Lantini?
WOMAN: Anything else you can tell us?
Oh... Hello, Eliot.
The press needs to know if order has been restored
to the gastronomic universe.
How's Giuliana?
Okay, considering the circumstances.
Well, she's not going to
keep that mob off her for long.
Price of fame.
Speaking of which...
I have a press conference.
(Carrie laughs)
Great work out there.
Hey, Al, what do you say we head up for some
deep sea fishing sometime?
There's lots of room on the boat for three.
That sounds nice.
You know? Two strapping men,
the open sea, sunshine, me in a tiny bikini...
I'm in on the fishing, but we got to get back.
Later, Chuck. Bye, Chuck.
Do I detect a little jealousy, Al?
Jealousy? Yeah.
I don't get jealous.
Uh, excuse me. October 19, 2001,
you nearly rearranged that guy's face...
at Smokin' Joe's Bar in Syracuse.
Remember that? The handsy French professor?
No. No. No. That guy who tried to play
the "no" game with me.
Oh... Oh, that guy... (inhales)
I may have overreacted.
It was kind of hot, though.
You've always been overly protective of me, still are.
Always will be.
Aw... Buy you a drink?
Only if you admit that you're jealous.
(sighs) A little bit.
(whoops) Mission accomplished.
You can buy me a drink.
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