Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 2 - The Combination - full transcript

Carrie and Al investigate the death of a boxer, when he is beaten to death. The clues suggest that the victim hadn't tried to defend himself or fight back against his attacker.

You should try one.

Oh, my gosh, look!

That's that boxer,
Johnny D'Amato!

Someone, call 911!

Somebody help him! Johnny!
Call 911!

25 bucks is a steal.

I mean, look at the set list.

You get "Nobody Weird Like Me,"
"Subway to Venus,".

"Hollywood," "Higher Ground,"
"Out in L.A."

I mean, come on, it's a piece
of Chili Pepper history.

Recorded in town
over at the 7 Club.

No. It wasn't.

I was at that show.

Saturday, July 21, 1990.

First time I wore Doc Martens.

And the set list was,

"Pretty Little Ditty,"
"Out in L.A.,."

"Higher Ground,"
"Knock Me Down," "Backwoods,."

"Nobody Weird Like Me""
and the encore was

a particularly awesome
cover of "Dr. Funkenstein."

That is nothing more
than a mix tape,

not worth more than a dollar.

You calling me a fraud?


Oh, either that, or you're
a total amateur. You choose.

Hey, Al. On my way.


What's going on?

Vic's Johnny D'Amato.

The boxer?

Yeah. Are you a fan?

Ladies and gentleman,

Johnny D'Amato,
aka "The Face..."

Yeah. I-I just sat a
few rows away from him

recently at the Pacquiao fight.

You were at that fight? Yeah.

With who?

Uh, Frank... Francis.

Oh, Francis. Yeah.

Mr. Secret Service Guy.

Mr. Secret Service Guy, yep.

For someone who
protects the president,

he seems to be spending
a lot of time in New York.

Well, you know,
New York has a lot of...

secrets that need servicing.

Uh-huh. Hey, guys.

So, Johnny was the guest of
honor at the festival this year.

He was supposed to sign
autographs at 2:00 p.m.,

right after
the grand procession.

But instead,
he showed up at 2:15...

looking like this.
What about a canvass?

Um, UNI's did an initial sweep
before we got here.

They didn't find anything.

So, Johnny dropped here,

but this isn't
where he was attacked?

Any idea where
the primary crime scene is?

Nope. CSU couldn't
track the blood trail

much further than a few yards.

Too much foot traffic
from the festival.

Anything else?

The last thing I have

is from Johnny's driver,
Moses Perriman.

Mr. Perriman says he picked up
Johnny at his loft on Church,

and then dropped him
at the corner of

Broadway and Walker
at 1300 hours.

That's at least
ten blocks from here.

Driver know where
Johnny was headed?

No, but as far as I can tell,

Moses was the last person
to see him alive.

And, yeah, I got Jay
to follow up with him.

All right, pull all the security
footage from this area.

Maybe we'll get lucky.

He sure was a hero
to these folks.

Not if they saw his last fight.

Word on the street is,
Johnny threw it.

That would piss off
a lot of people.

So, if Carrie's right

and Johnny threw the fight,

who do we think
that would piss off?


We're talking, managers,

promoters, gamblers,
all of them.

So, let's get
a list together and...

Holy crap, Al.
That's Andre Kade.

The rapper. You know...

"I know I'm no psychic, but
I know that you like it..."

Okay, stop that.

He's also Johnny's manager,

which puts him
at the top of our list.

Listen, I'm sorry
about the weapons ban.

Ah, E-dawg, you know
I hate having Mr. Parker

have to give up his gun.

Yeah, I can't allow it
in Major Crimes.

I'm sorry, AK.

No, you're gonna be sorry
if it goes missing.

That Beretta 92FS is worth
more than you make in a year.

Luckily, I married rich.

AK, this is.

Lieutenant Al Burns.

AK has donated $100,000

to find Johnny's killer.

That's right.
Consider it a bounty.

Dead or alive kind of deal?

No. I mean, whatever helps.

Johnny was important to me.

AK's been his manager
for two years.

No, I've been a fan
for even longer.

That kid didn't know
what he had or how to market it.

He was losing millions,
so I reached out.

Who was handling him before?


I mean, he was.

Well, him and that
crusty trainer of his, Casey.

Any idea who'd want Johnny dead

or why anyone
would want to kill him?

AK doesn't know anything.
I've asked him already.

Well, Johnny was a good guy.

People respected him.

He was a killer in the ring,
but he had a code.

That code include
throwing $10 million bouts?

I heard about that,
but I don't believe it.

Johnny was a true warrior.

All he cared about
was the fight.

No way he dumped it.

Do you need anything
else from me?

No. Thank you, AK.

Where were you this afternoon?

I would've thought
you'd be there

for Johnny at the festival.

Well, I had business in Vegas
over the weekend.

I came over here as soon as
my plane touched down.

All right, so if we're done
with the questions.

You need anything, bro,

call me on my cell.


We go sailing sometimes.

Those are some
very interesting circles

you're spinning in, Eliot.

Don't waste your time
being envious of me.

I got the Boxing Commission,
the Italian-American Society

and the world's largest
hip-hop mogul on my ass,

and I haven't had
my afternoon cappuccino.

Find the guy who wanted
this kid killed.

Please and thank you.

Oh, what a shame.

I used to love to
watch him move.

You were a fan, too?

Oh, I've been a devotee of
the sweet science for years.

I used to moonlight
as the on-call doctor

for the Golden Gloves when I
was a resident at Beth Israel.

Joe Frazier once
sent me flowers

for resetting his nose
in the middle of a match.

I still miss it.

How does a world champion boxer
end up like this?

I don't know.


Cause of death
was asphyxiation.

He choked on his own blood.

It's pretty straightforward.

The X-rays are useless...

too many breaks
to figure anything out.

I know you want an I.D.
on the weapon,

but right now, all I can
say is he was hit with


How's that for being specific?

Not very.

I'm considering,

because most of the bruising
has a circular shape,

that maybe he was hit
with the end of a metal pipe.


I really won't know for sure
until I boil his head.

Oh, I know it sounds awful
when you say it out loud,

but it's what I got to do.

Oh. Right after my protein bar.

I'm on a new program.

I finally spoke to
Johnny's mother, Maria.

She was getting ready
for the festival

when some uniforms
broke the news.

She's hysterical.

Says she has no idea who
would do this to her son.

She know anything about Johnny
throwing his last fight?

No. She never saw his fights,

never wanted to know
anything about them.

And as a mother, I get it.

Does he have any other family?

Seems there's a father who's
been out of the picture

for years, lives in Honolulu.

But there is an
older brother, Bobby.

She know where Bobby might be?
She didn't.

I checked his apartment
and he wasn't there.

Apparently, he works as a day
laborer around the city.

She doesn't know which
site he's working today.

Track him down,
we got to talk to him. Yeah.

So, Eliot knows AK?

Sailing buddies.

Wow. Mm.

Okay, anyways,

I was doing a little research
into Johnny D'Amato,

because I'm more of
a Mixed Martial Arts guy.

AK may not believe
that Johnny took a dive,

but he is in the minority.

Check it out.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr...

they're all saying
the same thing:

something was up
with that fight.

Now, take a look

at round three.

See, Johnny just
drops his gloves.

I mean, come on, who does that?

Sure doesn't look like
the Johnny D'Amato

I'm used to seeing.

Was he as good as they say?
Oh, yeah.

He was like the Italian-
American Sugar Ray Leonard.

Oh, you mean, the lightweight?

Lightweight? Jay,

as a New Yorker,
as a sports fan,

you need to appreciate.

Sugar Ray Leonard is a legend.

Well, do you appreciate
Anderson "The Spider" Silva?

Or Fedor Emelianenko?

No. Oh, get out of here.

And they were the greatest
fighters of all time

in my sport, so we're even.

No, we're not even.

Boxing is an art.

That stuff you watch
is a blood sport.

See, you say that
like it's a bad thing.

So, if Johnny took a dive,
why'd he do it?

Maybe someone ordered him to.

Like somebody owned him.

Could be.

Check with Organized Crime.

See if you can find a
financial link to anybody

who may have had Johnny
under their thumb.

Go back as far as you have to.

No problem.

You know who'd be
really pissed off

if Johnny actually
threw that fight?

His trainer, Casey McGraw.

Makes sense.

In addition to
a couple of battery raps

he had as a teenager,
look what he did to fighters

who didn't give
a hundred percent.

He broke one guy's arm,

cracked five ribs
on somebody else.

I don't even get why
anybody would train with him.

He was the best.

Fighters thought
he was worth the risk.

But you got to wonder
what Casey would do

if one of his greatest fighters
took a dive.

Everybody loved Johnny.

Nobody wanted to kill him.

Besides that,
I got nothing to say.

Ah, come on.

Casey, we got so much
to talk about.

Yeah? Like what?

Well, I don't know.

Like Jack Dempsey,

the "Manassa Mauler."

1920, he was the man.

83 fights,

65 wins, 11 draws,

six losses, one no contest.

And I'm always up for chatting
about Sugar Ray Robinson,

the original
pound-for-pound king.

Look, we just need

a minute of your time.

For Johnny.

Take a break!

All right,
you've seen my sheet.

Cops aren't my favorite people.

I got five minutes.
What do you want to know?

What happened to your hand?

I, uh, split a knuckle.

Part of the job.

Where were you about 1:00 p.m.?

At home.

Can anybody confirm that?

My cat.

All right, what's this about?

You think I had
something to do with

what happened to Johnny?

Whoever killed Johnny killed me.

Johnny was the best.

He was my best.

Casey, you hear
what people are saying

about Johnny's last fight?

There's no way he threw it.

I saw those knockdowns, Casey.

It-it didn't look good.

Well, he was distracted
that morning, uh...

riled up, but...
not in a good way.

He say what was bothering him?

No. Johnny... kept it
to himself.

He kept quiet most of the time.

He... just kept it inside,
you know?

But there's no way
he took a dive.

It's not how I trained him.

He-he wouldn't do that.

Not to me.

You were like
a father to him, huh?

I mean, you took care of him
after his father left.

Yeah, him and his brother both.

I mean, they were like
all the kids around here.

But Johnny, he was...

he was different from the rest.

I mean, I knew he had
that special sauce.

And that face.

Oh, forget about it.

He was a star.

I want to show you something.

Okay, just look at this.

You see that? Yeah.

Johnny was quick as a rabbit.

That's what he was known for,
"the combination."

There's not many people

can finish a combination
with the same hand.

Right hook, left uppercut,
left cross.

That's not bad.

You want to, uh,
pop your hips at the end.

You'd be surprised
the difference it makes.

Yeah? Yeah.



This one's got
the special sauce, too, huh?

Yeah. She's saucy, all right.


Hey, Al.

I've been doing
a little research,

and as a New Yorker
and a sports fan,

I feel obligated to tell you
that your boy,

Sugar Ray Leonard,
lost three times in his career.

What's your point, Jay? Oh,
I'm just saying, you know...

How many losses
does your guy Silva have?

Well, that's not
really relevant, is it? Six.

You're not the only one around
here knows how to do research.

Okay, so anyways, this is
what I wanted to show you.

Johnny had some
unusual connections.

You see this lady?

She's been in
tons of photos with Johnny

over the years;
her name is Dafina Dervishi.


As in Agim and Edon Dervishi?

Afraid so.

So we're talking Albanian mob.

Yep. And that's not all.

I checked with NCIC;

it turns out, Johnny filed
individual restraining orders

against four members
of the Dervishi family

just three weeks ago. Why?

Doesn't say.

It's just a standard

"stay 1,500 feet
the hell away from me" kind.

Anyways, let me introduce
you to the family.

Agim, Edon, Megi and Dafina.

Agim's married to Dafina.

Edon is Agim's brother.

And Megi is married to Edon.

Now, I know they don't look it,

but... these folks
are scary as hell.

Way to show off
with Casey back there,

pulling out
all the boxing stats.

Okay, I was not showing off.

I was engaging
a possible suspect.

Besides, I've always
loved boxing.

Where do you think I got
my sexy right hook?

Oh, the one you used on me?

I wouldn't describe it
as "sexy."

December, 2001,
Syracuse Christmas party.

I believe we were dating,

and you were hitting
on the bartender.

Oh, I was not hitting on her.

I was engaging
a confidential informant.

She was a slut.
What is going on here?

I don't know.

The cops. This is perfect.

Thank you, God.
Come on. Come on.

Frank, keep rolling,
keep rolling, keep rolling.

Hey, hey, hey. Shut that off.

Hey, you're not my executive producer.
No, I am not.

I'm the guy who could
lock you up for obstructing.

Shut that off!


We were just about to
blow out the candles.

What are you doing?

We're here about the murder
of Johnny D'Amato.

Sure, I knew Johnny;
we all grew up together.

You didn't just
know him though, right?

You subsidized him
before he went pro.

We found a lot of money flowing

from your bank accounts
into Johnny's.

Yeah, I've been helping
Johnny's poor ass out

ever since high school.

Me and my girls,
we all have a cut of him.

It's like a syndicate.

You know, like what they have
with horses,

and, uh, other studs?

Like, you owned him?

No, nobody owned Johnny.
We forgave a debt.

It was like
we were proud of him.

So what were
the restraining orders about?

Our show,
Staten Island Syndicate Wives.

He was pissed off that
we kept taping him... whatever.

We were exciting enough
without him, anyway.

Besides, Johnny was
kind of a jerk.

You loved him,
but he was a jerk.

Which is it?


Johnny was a home-wrecker.

He was stepping out
with my slut-bag

sister-in-law over there.

My brother-in-law, Edon,
is such an idiot.

I told him
he shouldn't marry her.

Anyone who goes shopping

at the Outlet Collection
at Jersey Gardens,

gonna be cheap
in more ways than one.

Megi was cheating with Johnny?

You know this for a fact?

I know she was
cheating with somebody.

She had the hots for Johnny
ever since high school.

It was bound to happen

I mean, I love her,

but she's a putane,
which means...

He knows what that means.

Did Edon know about
this theory of yours?

So, you think I let the cat
out of the bag, huh?

That I just set my own
brother-in-law up for murder?

There's no way that I would
even be talking to you

if I didn't know for a fact

that Scorsese over there has
been filming us 24 hours a day,

all week.

And you can
check the tape, so...

You have to pay for Johnny!

All right, relax.


Bobby D'Amato!

It was them. Johnny's
dead because of them!

They killed Johnny.

All they wanted was
for Johnny to be famous.

But if he hadn't been famous,
he'd still be alive.

Johnny's dead because of them!


put the bat down.

They took my brother.

You don't want your mother
to bury two sons

in one week, right?

Put it down.

We've been looking
for you, Bobby.

Where you been?

I don't know. Nowhere.

I can't believe he's gone.

I can't believe it.

What makes you think

they're involved
in Johnny's death?

Because Johnny told me
he was afraid of them.

Did he say why?

They're connected,
you know that, right?

They're mobbed up

from-from some country...
I don't even know where.

Albania. It's north of Greece.


These people, they knew

that Johnny was
gonna make it big,

so they wanted to get him
under their wing.

Taking him out,
paying for stuff.

I wanted to tell him
to stay away,

but what am I gonna do,
you know?

Tell my brother
not to live his dream?

Any specific threats?

Yeah, a couple of months ago.

I don't know what it was about,

but Johnny told me
they wanted him

to do something
that he didn't want to do.

He said he didn't
want me involved.

He said he wanted to...
protect me.

My baby brother.

If only I'd been there today.

I shouldn't have gone to work.

I... I needed the money.

Like, ever since
my old man left,

I swore to my mother that
I would take care of Johnny,

I would look out for him.

What am I supposed to say?

How do I face her?


Please, you got to find
who did this.

Let's get you a ride home.

Hey, guys.

Okay, so here's the deal.

I'm getting you all that
Syndicate footage ASAP,

just like you asked, because
I'm all about helping the NYPD.

That's great.

Can I just say

that what happened here,
with the guns

and you and the Albanians
and the guy...

it was amazing.

You both were amazing.

Real American hero-type stuff.

I just got three words
for you to think about:

Major Crimes NYC.

On TV. On cable.

That's seven words.

Nine, actually.

You don't want to be

Cable famous?


You're already famous
in my eyes.

Guess that's a no.

Well, you know where I am
if you change your mind.

You're missing out.

We can make a lot of money.

The depths of the cracks
would indicate to me

that Johnny was
punched to death.

Which is weird. He's a boxer,

and there are no
defensive wounds.

His blood alcohol came
back at .13 percent,

there were no drugs
in his body,

so he was conscious at
the time of the attack.

And the alcohol might have
slowed him down, but not enough.

Yeah, yeah. And look.

You see those scratches
around the area of the impact?

That would be consistent...

With a heavy ring.

Johnny was really worked over.

The fact that his lower teeth
were knocked out, to me, says...


The temporal bone, shattered.

That could indicate
a right hook.

And these cracks

are very deep,
and that could mean...

Straight left cross.


You see that?

Johnny was quick as a rabbit.

That's what he was known for,
"the combination."

Right hook,
left uppercut, left cross.

Johnny was killed
by his own combination.

No, no, no.
I'm not stirring nothing!

This is my family
you're talking about.

What do you think
I'm supposed to say?!

Gimme. Gimme.

Hey, you.

You tell her

that if she's gonna keep
spreading lies as often

as she spreads her legs...

...that I'm gonna come
over there and end her.

All right, thank you.


Murray's on her way over
to Gleason's.

I don't like that
split knuckle,

and I don't like his
weak-ass cat alibi.

What's up?

Not my IQ,
since I started watching

the Staten Island
Syndicate Wives footage.

I've gotten to know the real
Dervishis pretty darn well.

Come on,

you look like a thug, Edon.

Dinner tonight's, like, fancy.

Hey, get that thing
out of my face.

You make me look like a girl.

I don't make you
look like a girl.

I try to make you
look presentable.

Hey, I am presentable.

Oh. Is that what that whore
down at the bar tells you?

Cuckoo. That you're

You're crazy!
Like some kind of bitch...

Okay. What about their alibis?

Airtight. Want to see
what the family was up to

around Johnny's time of death?

Hey, this is my bedroom.

This is where I sleep
with my wife.

You're dead, idiot!


I actually looked that up.

You don't want to know
what he's saying, trust me.

You're kidding me with this.

I know, but, you know,
once I started watching it,

I really couldn't stop.

Like the day Agim
got a pedicure.

You got to see it;
it's... pretty funny.

Baby, baby. Come sit down.

What the...? Eh.

Make it quick;
I have a sandwich.

Baby, you are gonna love it.

You deserve to be pampered.

You are my... mm.
You're such a sweet... mm.

Don't forget his toes,
too, please.

Not the toes, baby.

They're disgusting.

Wait, Jay, stop.
Right there. Go back.

That girl... tighten up on her.

There's not many people
can throw a combo

finishing with the same hand.

There was a photo of her
in Casey's office.

Does he have
a granddaughter, a niece,

anything like that?

Yep. A granddaughter,
Anna McGraw.

What's she doing
in this footage?

Well, hold on,

there's more of her.


It's a big man
with a little stick.

Hey, you talking
about my husband?!


Huh? Say it again.

This must've been

before Johnny's
restraining order kicked in.

You know, his mom said
he wasn't seeing anybody.

Well, she was wrong.

They're in a relationship,
all right.

But I can tell you
something else:

the way he's touching her,
I think she's pregnant.

D-Do you have
an address for her?

Yep. 251 Walker Street.

Okay, that is one block
from where Johnny's driver

dropped him off.

That's where Johnny stopped
before the festival.

Maybe Casey was there, found out
about the relationship,

about the pregnancy.

Casey's a pretty
traditional guy.

She just graduated
from college.

I'm guessing he didn't
like the situation.

Sounds like motive to me.

No. I saw Casey's face.

How he felt about Johnny.

I'm not buying it. All right.


you got eyes on Casey?



We're gonna need you
to bring him in.

Sorry, Al.

Casey's not going anywhere.

He's dead.

Not really sure
what this was about

if it wasn't personal.

There's no sign
of a forced entry.

No struggle.

The safe was left untouched.

So this was an execution.

Connected to Johnny's murder?

You know how I feel
about coincidences.

Yeah, you're not a fan.


Get me a list
of everybody who's been

in and out of the building
in the last 24 hours.

You got it.


Thank you for coming down.

What's happening?

Why is everybody dying?

I know this is hard.

Losing your grandfather...

and losing Johnny.

You knew about me and Johnny?


is there anybody you know...

who would want
to hurt your grandfather?


Everybody loved him.

He was like a father to half
the kids in the neighborhood.


had such a good heart.

What about Johnny?


I mean, I-I don't
know other fighters.

I never saw that
side of him, the...

the killer they said he was
in the ring.

With me... he was gentle.

He was the father of your child.

But I lost the baby.

Six weeks ago.


Sorry to hear that.

But when I told him,
he was so sweet.

He said it made him...
understand what was important.

He was gonna quit boxing.

Open a gym with my grandfather.

They were celebrating

that morning.

Right before Johnny died.

We were gonna tell
my grandfather

that we were together.

And that we were
gonna get married.

We were gonna try again.

To start a family.

So that's why Johnny
was so distracted

during his last fight.

He just found out
Anna lost the baby.

Poor girl. Yeah.

So, if Johnny was quitting and
going into business with Casey,

that may give us the link
between the two crimes.

Mm. Well, I followed up
with Bobby's alibi.

Time card shows

he was clocked in
over at Mari-Tan Construction

in Long Island City
for his entire shift.

Okay. Hmm.

And ballistics came back
on the slug Webster pulled

from Casey's chest.

It was a nine millimeter.

It came from a Beretta 92FS.

You know who packs
a Beretta 92FS?

AK's bodyguard, Mr. Parker.

Johnny tell you
he was quitting boxing

and going into business
with Casey?

He did. And you didn't think

to mention that
back at Major Crimes? No.

Johnny wanted to quit
the pro circuit

every five minutes.

He called it a circus.

He didn't care about the money.

You weren't
very fond of Casey, were you?

You did an interview last year,
March 3, for ESPN.

You were quoted as saying,

"Casey was like an old mule
who needed to be

put out to pasture."

Good memory.

I stand by that. Well, then,

you should be
happy to hear that he's dead;

shot right through the heart.

Whoa. Uh, not that way.

Not retire permanently.


Last month, you set up
a $40 million fight

for Johnny in Vegas.

Johnny going into business
with Casey

would've messed that up.

We're supposed to believe
you were cool with that?

I've got a lot on my plate.

So if you could
get to the point.

Here's the point:
we think you had.

Mr. Parker kill Johnny.

Then you had him kill Casey.
You were in Vegas yesterday,

but we checked
your plane's manifest.

Mr. Parker wasn't on it.

He never left the city.

I think we're done here.

I gave you my time
out of respect for Eliot,

but now...
you can talk to my lawyer.


We'll leave.

Right after you give me
the Beretta

on your right hip.

I'm not giving up Bonnie.

Don't worry, Mr. Parker.

Bonnie's not going anywhere
without a warrant.

You named your gun "Bonnie."

That's cute.

He was stepping out
with my slut-bag sister-in-law.

Can I ask you a question?

What's it like to kiss
a girl with a lip ring?

A diamond one, no less.

You're the one who's been having
an affair with Megi, aren't you?

That's her in your ad.

I don't care how famous you are

or how many guns with fancy
names your Mr. Parker has.

What do you think's gonna happen

when an Albanian mobster
finds out

you're sleeping with his wife?

It would be really bad
for you if that got out.

This one's not too good
at keeping secrets.

Aw, thanks.


Gold plated?

Eliot's not gonna like you
taking Mr. Parker's only gun.

Now, that's not his
only gun, is it?

He also has a
registered Desert Eagle

50 caliber, don't you?

Let me guess,

you call that one
"Clyde," right?

Yeah, Murray.


So, that gentleman over there

was Dumpster diving for dinner,

and he found this.

We know whose blood this is?

Not yet.

The lab's putting a rush on it.

After we got the call,
CSU came out,

luminoled the area,
and they found blood

on these pallets.

I thought you guys might
want to take a look.


You know, these pallets...
they haven't moved since

we were here yesterday, Al.

Look at the way they're set up.

Just like a hiding
place, right?

What if he was hiding there
the whole time?

Could've used
our arrival at the scene

as a diversion.

And then walked
right out of here.


Johnny's brother was here.

He said he wasn't
anywhere near the festival.

But he lied; I saw him.

Hey, Bobby!

We need to talk to you
for a minute, okay?


I need a 10-85 at
Mari-Tan Construction.

39th and Vernon.

Al! Al!

Behind you!

Take it from me, that's
gonna hurt for a while.

You popped your
hips on that one.

We found Johnny's blood
all over your toolbox.

And his championship ring.

He gives you his
championship ring, and you...

kill him with it.

I got to say, you impressed me.

The stunt you pulled
at the Dervishis',

where you showed up
and accused them

on camera, and then...

you get a co-worker
to punch your time card for you,

so your alibi is golden.

I mean,
you're a smart guy, Bobby.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Johnny was supporting you,
wasn't he?

Which is... which is
what a brother should do.

But it's weird, because
we looked into his financials,

and about a month ago,

the checks he was
sending you... they stopped.

He was cutting you off,
wasn't he?


Yeah, I begged him.

I told him I just needed
a little more time

to get on my feet.

But he said no.

You begged you brother for help,
and he said no?

Look, that's why
I went to the festival...

to-to talk with him.

But he wouldn't listen.

So I hit him.

And he didn't
hit you back, did he?

No, no.

And I'm thinking, "What?"

What, I'm-I'm not good enough?"

Like, my baby brother thinks

that I'm some kind of schmuck
that he doesn't even

need to put his hands up?
Like I'm nothing?

So you hit him again and again
to get him to hit you back,

to get him to fight. Right?

I-I don't know. I guess so.

I didn't mean to kill him.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to.

That might not do it.
Doesn't matter.

He was drunk, they're fighting.

Most he gets is manslaughter
for the brother.

And Johnny's a fighter.
Bobby may walk on self-defense.

Which is why we need
to get him for the trainer.

Carrie have enough?

She will.

You know who I met?


Your brother's trainer, Casey.

I-I didn't like him.

What did you think of Casey?

You know, I wanted
to train with Casey.

See, I was there first.

I was sweeping up that gym
when I was ten years old.


And what then?
He-he meets Johnny and...?

Yeah. Casey saw Johnny...

it's like I never existed.

And the two of them
just cut you out?


I mean, Casey wouldn't
even let me into the gym

to watch my brother box.

You know those gyms
that-that Johnny and Casey

were gonna build together?

So, I asked my brother,
"C-Can I help out?

Can I get a piece
of something "".

And before he can
even answer me,

Casey's there saying,
"No. No, no, no.

It-it's time to cut him off "".

That I was a parasite.

He called you a parasite?

Johnny was your brother,
he was your blood.

Casey was the parasite.

That's right. And he took my
brother right out from under me.

All of this is Casey's fault.

He's the reason you guys
weren't close anymore.

And I'll tell you something,
if I had a Beretta,

I would've walked up and shot
him through the heart, too.

That's right,
that's why I killed him.

He took everything from me.


I never meant to hurt Johnny.

I never meant to hurt Johnny.

I believe you.

I do.


Confession whisperer.

That was nicely done.

Especially like the way you

played the empathy card
with Bobby, drew him out.

Well, that's my version
of a rope-a-dope.

It's a boxing term, Eliot.

Stick to sailing.

Speaking of which,
just to prove

that there's no hard feelings,
AK doubled the money

that he intended
to use for the reward

and he donated it
to the local Boys and Girls Club

in Johnny and Casey's names.

Aw, well, I am sure you will be
at that photo op.

He also donated a case
of his new vodka, Vodka Kade,

to Major Crimes.

Now, that is thoughtful,
because I could use

a drink right now.

I mean, of course, you know,
I couldn't accept it.

It's in your trunk, isn't it?

No, no. Not his style.

It's at his Hamptons house.

Oh. To which, by the way...

uh... oh, that's right,

neither of you
are ever invited again.

So... are you actually dating.

Mr. Secret Service Guy now?

Define "dating."

Was it five dates?

Define "date."

You know what, you're right.

None of my business.

Next time,

I'm the one
taking you to a fight.

Why wait?

Let's do it right now.

Right here. Right here?

Right now. Let's do it.


Oh, finally get my rematch, huh?

Let's go.

Yeah. I'm ready for
that right hook this time.

Put them up. Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on.
Come on, right here.

Come on.

Why are you
dancing around like that?

What's wrong with you?
You got to bob and weave.

Show me, come on.
"Bob and weave"?

Put your hands up;
this is a fight.

You know we're just
sparring, right?