Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 1 - New Hundred - full transcript

The Secret Service enlists Carrie and Al's help when a murder investigation leads them to uncover a counterfeiting ring run by an assassin. Boris Kodjoe guest stars.

All right, you're going

to need to add more pumice to
the dryer to scuff these up.

Are you listening to me?

Otherwise, they will not look real.

Any 7-Eleven clerk will
know these are phony.

Maybe I should test
the magnetic ink levels.

Yeah, maybe you should
make yourself useful.

They have...

Caught this guy trying to crash the party.

What should we do with him?


You just picked that card.

Could you be more dumb?

The blueberry's over here.

- Ow!
- Bad Carrie.

Hey. I have a perfect memory.

Why not use it to help a little girl?

Her brother is picking on her.

Joan of Arc, Marie Curie,
Florence Nightingale...

they were all tormented younger sisters

and they all turned out fine.

- Fine?
- Mm-hmm.

Burned at the stake,

radium poisoning, influenza...

Not so fine.

Are you ovulating?

- What?
- Well, I'm just asking

because sometimes an
increased estrogen surge

can create a heightened maternal impulse.

Okay. I'm not ovulating

and I'm not... maternal.


Bet Al wants kids.

Okay, what are you talking about?

What, what?

I'm just trying to figure out

why you and Al are not together.

Why are we having this
bizarre conversation?

Yeah, okay...

What are you... what are you doing?

That's my manure shovel.

You know, every time

you and Al are in the same room together,

I need a cold shower.


Speak of the devil.

Hi, Al.

Okay. I'm on my way.


Something's going on with Jay.


- I'm not ovulating.
- Hmph.

Sorry for dragging you into this.

- My sister's ex-husband is missing.
- Since when?

Last night.

Evan didn't show for
his custody visitation.

You're an uncle?

They share custody of a dog. A Pomeranian.

I'm sorry. Come again?

Look, I know it sounds ridiculous,

but Natalie's a CPA, super levelheaded.

I've never seen her freak like this.

I just want her to know

that we're all there for her.

I pinged, uh, Evan's cell
phone to the Carlton Hotel.

I'm sure it's nothing.

I'll go find Natalie.

You brought me all the way down here

to use my overtaxed superpowers

because of a dog?

- Man.
- Whatever.

You owe me.


Here's a recent picture of Evan.

Thank you so much for helping.

I know this seems insane,

but I'm positive there's something wrong.

He has never missed a custody visitation.

If it's important to you and your brother,

it's important to us.

Look, Nat,

you divorced Evan for a reason.

I mean, the guy's a pretty flaky guy.

He's a musician, so, yes,

but two things he never screws up on:

arriving on time for his gigs,

and visiting Derek Jeter.

Derek... Jeter?

Jeter's the Pomeranian.

Of course he is.

Evan's in room 2424.

Okay, let's go.

The divorce was really rough on Evan,

so he's kind of undergone

- a personal makeover recently.
- I have your bags here, sir.

Uh, sir?

He took a day job...

Room 14.

... driving a truck.

I think he's...

working really hard to win me back.


Getting his act together.

Can't play in a band forever.

This is gonna get awkward

when we barge in on
Evan with another woman.

Or another Pomeranian.

Jay, keep her out of here.


This is Lieutenant Burns.

I need CSU on site

here at the Carlton Hotel.

We have a gunshot victim, DOA.


Single gunshot wound in the back.

The body's still warm.

CSU thinks this happened
in the last hour or so.

And no wallet, no keys.

Are you sniffing?

This lingerie has not been worn,

which is strange.

Not as strange as you sniffing panties.

What's it doing here?

All of this feels staged.


Evan registered for the room this morning.

Paid for it with his credit card.

Well, guy checks into a hotel

at that time for one reason.

Anyone see him with a woman?

No, but this is a busy hotel.

It's a perfect place for a nooner.

So maybe a prostitute robs Evan,

something goes sideways,

she shoots him, flees the scene.

Simple robbery homicide.

Or not so simple.

Evan and I were divorced,

so he was free to do whatever he wanted to,

but him being here makes no sense.

I know this is hard,

but can you think of any other reason

why he would be registered

in this room this morning?

I know what this looks like.

But... Evan was a musician,

he liked girls,

girls liked him back.

He didn't need to pay anyone.

He barely had any money.

The truck driving job only
covered his rent and food.

Evan was wearing a, uh, lanyard

with an ID in it in the photo

- that you showed me.
- Yeah, he always wore it.


Yeah. I know this is
gonna sound really weird,

but... I gave him

the lanyard to wear around his neck

so he wouldn't flake out

and forget his work ID.

And he told me he'd wear it everywhere,

just to prove to me how responsible he was,

so I would take him back.


Oh, hi. How's Jay doing?

Okay, given the circumstances.

How, uh, how's your leg holding up?

So far so good.

I never thought the plow
pose would injure me.

I never thought of you as
a "namaste" kind of girl.

Andre and I ended up in the bedroom,

and everyone knows the
plow pose enhances...

All right, you know what?

I don't need that... visual.


All right.

Now, the ballistics guys

are doing more tests,

but the bullet is, to
say the least, unusual.

It's a caliber unique to an
Indonesian assault pistol.

There was a take-out bag
with an Indonesian flag on it

right outside of Evan's hotel room.

There's got to be a connection.

The... Indonesian flag?

That memory... it's in there?

Mrs. Furst's third-grade classroom.

Right above Emily Hubley's desk.

Flags of the world poster.

Okay, okay, okay.

Okay, okay.

Half orange, half yellow,

white dragon?


- Oh, why do I even try?
- Sorry.


Here's the gun,

a Pindad PS-01.

That is an armor-piercing bullet.

I mean, even I couldn't get my hands

- on one of those if I wanted to.
- Well, ballistics guys say

that there's not a gun store

within a thousand miles

that would carry anything for this.

Why does a prostitute need heavy ammo?

She wouldn't.

Jay, no one would blame
you if you needed some time.

Evan's hotel room was
opened at 6:45 this morning.

Nobody else

entered with a key until you and Carrie.

What about security cameras?

Nothing on any of the floors.

Still waiting on the
security tapes from the lobby,

but there's a back entrance.

Let me guess: no camera there?

You got it.

And nobody in the hotel
puts Evan with a woman.

Carrie thinks there might be a connection

to a Indonesian restaurant.

Run Evan's credit cards,

see if you can link him to one.

Already in the works, boss.

Got the subpoena.


What's up?

I'm kicking the Evan Rusk
investigation to the 17th squad.

No, you're not.

Jay's one of us, Eliot.

Yes, and I'll make sure
the case is at the top

of the 17th's priority list,

but Evan ended up in a
hotel room with a prostitute

and was murdered.

That's for the homicide division...

Okay, Eliot. U... use
your imagination here.

All right? E... Evan's keys,

his lanyard, his trucking ID...

all stolen.

His truck might be missing, and

hijacking across state
lines is a major crime.

The issue with a truck hijacking

is that you need an actual hijacking.

So where is this truck?

- W...
- I have it, Eliot.

You are a long way from
Washington, Francis.

Well, you know, sometimes my work brings me

to America's second most important city.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Special Agent Frank Simms,

United States Secret Service.

Oh. Yeah.

Lieutenant Al Burns,
Detective Carrie Wells.

I'm sure they're also curious
as to what you're doing here.

Oh, I'm taking over Evan
Rusk's murder investigation.

- Secret Service?
- On what grounds?

It's a local crime.

Well, Rusk's murder is part of an ongoing

counterfeiting investigation.

You see? Major crime.

Thank you, Francis.

Frank is fine; you can call me Frank.


No, you know,

this isn't over.

I'm gonna find out who authorized

this big-footing of my case.

If you have any questions,
Eliot, you can call my boss.

Oh, he's gonna play the POTUS card.

The president of the
United States of America.

You want his cell number?

- I got it.
- No.

Okay, well,

Evan Rusk transported

a pallet of currency-grade paper

used exclusively to
produce the new $100 bill.

There's not only one
but three "holy grails"

of counterfeiting the new hundred.

The first one...

Currency-grade paper

with an embedded holographic strip.

The second is magnetic ink

that registers on the Federal
Reserve Bank counting machine.

And the third

is valid serial numbers

from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

I read your Homeland Security memo


"The New Hundred

Anticounterfeiting Measures."

Well, it's nice to know someone

doesn't only read our
memos, but remembers them.

I'm impressed.

Don't be; it's genetic.

She was born with a freaky memory.

Well, there's only one way

into the cargo area of the truck

without using explosives.

The driver's swipe ID.

Evan's missing lanyard.


Right again.

And no one

has ever stolen even one sheet

of U.S. currency paper.

Until today.

Here's another truck hijacking.

Same M.O. as Evan's murder.

Hotel killing.

You know, based on these photos,

and the fact that you're here
with your panties in a twist,

I'd say the magnetic ink

is also missing, am I right?

Someone's acquiring your holy grails.

What about the valid serial numbers?

That, I'm afraid, is
on a need-to-know basis.

Oh, he did not just...

Oh, yes, he did.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing

has confirmed no breach of serial numbers.

I have now fulfilled

the Homeland Security mandate

for interdepartmental cooperation.

Well, I guess you don't want to hear

about our Indonesian connection?

You found some link to Indonesia?

I mean, I could talk to you

about the Indonesian link,
but you have to include

Major Crimes in your investigation.

That way we can all
accomplish what we want here.

Can I have my hundred first?

You, my friend,

are having a very difficult time

keeping track of U.S. currency today.


You'll never see your money again.


I followed up on Carrie's Indonesian lead.

Get a hit?

Actually, Jay found that Evan

had a credit card charge
from two weeks ago at Medan,

an Indonesian restaurant
on the Lower East Side.

Nice job.

I'll let the special agent know.

You know,

Simms had quite the reputation
when I was back at the Bureau.

- Yeah, you knew him?
- Of him.

His scouting report said he
was the biggest player in D.C.

since the Clinton administration.

What's your point, Murray?

I'm just saying, where there's smoke...

Good intel.

Appreciate the heads up.

I see you made yourself comfortable.

The crew I'm after...

Crew we're after.

Jenny Shaw, graphic designer,

likely the papermaker.

Kristen Green, the engraver.

Olivia Waring, the electroplater.

And finally,

Sophie Dietrich,

the intaglio printer.

All art school grads.

All went off the grid
about four months ago.

Really? This is your
team of counterfeiters?

They don't look like killers.

Well, your pretty partner
doesn't look like a cop.

Hey, what's her deal, by the way?

Let's get back to the case.

What is the connection

between these hot girls?

They met on the darknet.

We think their hotness isn't a coincidence.

We believe they're seducing men like Evan

in order to gain access
to the materials needed

to manufacture counterfeit bills.

That's why, uh, we've given the operation

the code name "Mata Hari."

Hmm. Hold on.

Why would four women with
no previous criminal records

all decide to start forging

the most difficult U.S.
currency to counterfeit?

That stolen pallet of currency-grade paper

is worth $72 million.

Is that enough "why," Lieutenant?

My guess is, one of
these girls was with Evan

at that Indonesian restaurant.

Think it's worth a look.

Okay, how did you know that security camera

was hidden behind a Balinese puppet?

Well, it seemed like the best angle,

and that's where I would've put it.

You're something.

You've known me for six
hours and 42 minutes,

and you're just now figuring that out?

Okay, so I showed you
my Indonesian connection.

Now it's your turn to show me yours,

and don't tell me it's
on a need-to-know basis,

or I'll hit you with my rice balls.

All right.

We believe a major international player

in the fraudulent currency market

is making his way to the United States.

An Indonesian trader.

So there's a ticking clock
on this whole operation,

and your Charlie's Angels
counterfeiting crew,

they've only got a little bit of time

to get those valid serial numbers.

Which plays into my hand.

And by "my hand,"

you mean "our hands," right?


I've been scanning through the
restaurant's security footage

for two hours; no sign of Evan.

Yeah, you two took your sweet time.

I got you some balls. Coconut rice.

Give them to your new partner, Simms.

He could use a pair.

You're just jealous because he's friends

with the president of the United States.

- Hey.
- You're wearing a new tie.

Well, yes, I have a fresh one.

- Doesn't everyone?
- Have some balls.

Hey, guys, it's Evan.

Well, we can't see her face.

We can't ID her.

Poor guy's being worked.

This is getting us nowhere.

Might be getting you
nowhere, but I saw that tattoo

in the hotel today.

Jay, zoom in on it.

You find this normal?

No, I find it exceptional.

Tattoo is of an Indonesian

radical group, The Red Door,

responsible for a series of bombings

and assassinations in their homeland.

Real anti-Western types.

Did you see the woman's face?

No, I think, I think
the door closed before...

The divorce was really rough on Evan,

so he's kind of undergone a
personal makeover recently.

He took a day job driving a truck.

I have your bags here, sir.

- Uh, sir?
- Room 14.

Yeah, I saw her face.

Pulled these from Interpol,
suspected Red Door members.


Jay, stop right there.

Go back three. Go back, go back, go back.

There. I am willing to bet anything

that we are looking at Evan's murderer.

That's Padma Jindal.

Her file says that,

uh, Padma's family was killed

by pro-Western forces
when she was a child.

Now she's the spear end of the Red Door.

Report doesn't say anything
about counterfeiting.

So what's an assassin from
the Red Door doing in New York?

And what does she need
counterfeit money for?

I got an idea.

I'm taking it to the darknet.

It's been four hours and nothing.

I could have 25 specialists in Washington

trolling the darknet and trying
to make contact with these people.

But you didn't have the
Padma Jindal connection.

Until now.

We've made contact.

I posed as a seller

of valid serial numbers.

Teased them I had a contact

over at the Bureau of
Engraving and Printing.

The counterfeiters are pushing
a meet tomorrow morning.

This totally tracks with your intel

about the Indonesian money buyer.

You think your 25 specialists

could've scored a meeting this quickly?

Even a blind pig finds a truffle.

Who you calling a blind pig?

You know what, I'm gonna

- get a cup of coffee.
- Do you have an operations plan?

Well, procedure is, we send someone in

to meet the counterfeiters

and give them a proof of concept...

a valid serial number.

When the number comes up
clean, we arrange for payment,

a second meeting, and tail
whoever comes to the meeting.

I don't think Padma or the other operatives

would risk exposure.

They'll probably send an intermediary.

I can have an undercover operative
up here from D.C. in 24 hours.

You already have an
undercover operative: me.

- No, too risky.
- I can't believe

I'm saying this, but Al's right.

This is a Secret Service op.

This is what we do.

All right, you guys get one shot

with these girls, okay? If you scare them,

they disappear, that's it.

You don't get your ink or your paper,

and we don't help Jay find Evan's killer.

Carrie, with all due respect,

you're a local cop.

I mean, you're a brilliant one, for sure,

but there's no way you
have time to learn enough

about counterfeiting to go undercover.

Try me.

The Liberty Bell inside the inkwell

doesn't change from copper to green.


Uh, there's some nice texture

on Ben Franklin's
shoulder; this one's real.


Okay, this is just pathetic.

The backside has the front

of Independence Hall, not the rear.

- Fake.
- All right.

This one's amateur stuff.

What about this one?

Watermarks are cold-pressed after inking.



Did you take one of those
online memory courses?

- No.
- Hmm.

I'm a walking online memory course.

Honestly, I have HSAM.

It's Highly Superior...

Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory.

- Yeah.
- Wait a minute.

Only five people in the world have that.

Six, and you really think I'm that special?

I think you think you're that special.

All right, try me.

Give me a day, month, year.

January 5, 1998.

It was a Monday.

Opening arguments at the Unabomber trial,

massive ice storm in Canada,

and Brock Steele awkwardly
tried to pet my thigh

throughout the entire screening

of The Titanic, 194 minutes

at the Syracuse Megaplex.

Okay, how... how do I know
you're not just making this up?

Well, you can look it
all up on the Internet.

- Except for the Brock Steele part, yeah, well.
- Brock Steele thing?

You got some mind on you.

Yeah, sometimes it's a curse.


All right.

Eight hours till the meet.

I think I'm ready.

I think you are.

All right, see you.

She just took my real hundreds.

All right, well, your guy said...

Last time... my guy's name is Jay.

- Jay...
- Thank you.

... got the word from the Mata Hari crew.

Madison Plaza, 90 minutes.
We're gonna meet Carrie there.

You can give them all the
cute code names you want.

These women have killed
three people that we know of.

And Padma's a wanted radical.

You're concerned about
solving a federal case.

I'm concerned about my
partner's well-being.

She's not in danger.

The counterfeiting crew needs
thousands of serial numbers

to cover what... $72 million in bills?

Carrie's gonna give them one.

They're gonna need her
alive to get the rest.

We're gonna monitor her cell signal.

Put a tracking device on her.

No tracking device.

Carrie's dead if they find a GPS on her.

Standard federal procedure. Nonnegotiable.

I don't care what your
federal handbook says, okay?

We do undercover work all the time.

I'm telling you, these people
will try to sniff out a sting.

This is Carrie's life we're talking about.

Well, that's exactly why Carrie
needs to do this by the book.

My people are gonna handle
surveillance at the plaza.

My people as well.

No, your people are gonna
hang back at Major Crimes.

No, we're all working
together on this one, Frankie.

- Oh, geez...
- Unless you want to call my boss?



Mayor of New York.

Think of him as the POTUS
of the five boroughs.


I know you're busy.

No, no, it's not a problem.

You're gonna get whoever did this, right?

Look, my team?

These guys, they're the best.

And now, Al and Carrie have

got my back, which means
they got your back, too.

I wish that made me feel better,

but that doesn't bring Evan back.

No, it doesn't.

But it might be the starting point

to help you get on with your life.

I just wish I hadn't been so stubborn.

I'm such a control freak.

And I was always waiting
for the perfect time.

Perfect time for what?

To tell Evan that I changed my mind.

And that I wanted him to come back.

You know, Nat, Evan called
me a couple weeks ago.

He told me

that he was working really hard

to become the man that you
always wanted him to be.

The lanyard?

You know what he said?

He told me that, uh,

that he had a lot of hope,

and that hope made him happy.

Sounds like Evan.

Get who did this.


Have I ever let you down?


Thanks, Jay.

- Now, as a reminder...
- "Reminder," really?

I know, I know! I'll give
them one valid serial number,

arrange payment, and
set up a second meeting.

Then make your way back to us.


Got it.

Take this burner.

Anything seems off, you call my cell.

Carrie has the one and only

emergency number she needs... mine.

Here you go.

All right.

You'll be back with us soon.

Thank you.

You'll do great.

See you in a bit.

Good luck.

You guys on her?

She's moving, but her tracker's off-line.

This is what you do?

Come on, guys, move it.

I got her phone.

Get her in!

Close it up.

She has to be in the step van
they used to block the camera.

I will use every tool in
my arsenal to find her.

You lost her. I'll find her.

Well, it'd be a hell of
a lot easier to find her

if she was still wearing a tracker.

The only reason she's alive right now is

because they didn't find it on her.

Guys, we got something.

These four step vans
all exited this location

within three minutes of Carrie's abduction.

Broadcast an alert

for all vans matching that description.

Have them stopped and
searched until we find Carrie.

There's about a thousand vans that look

- Get it over the air right now!
- ... exactly like that in Manhattan.



Well, this isn't

a very nice way to start
a partnership, ladies.

It might affect my Yelp review.

Is she clean?

She's clean, no bugs.

Didn't draw a tail after we grabbed her.

I hope you have a valid
serial number for me.

If I don't call my associate,

you won't get your serial numbers.

You know, I'm not sure I like
the way you conduct business.

I'm not in the business of trusting anyone.

Particularly someone I've never met.

Serial number.

Untie me, and I'll give you one.

Does anybody have a pen?

Thank you.

Can I use your hand?

I'll give them one
valid U.S. serial number,

arrange the payment,

and set up a second meeting.

You know, you really
should have more faith.

I have faith you're gonna
give me all the numbers now.

Give me my money and I'll
give you the serial numbers.

How about give me the numbers and you live?

Your whole operation falls apart

without me.

How about you wire the money,

I give you the serial numbers?

We get it at the same
time, and we both win.

I'll wire it.

But if my numbers don't
show up at the same time,

I'll kill you.

Here's the wiring information.

I'm gonna need to call my associate.

Can I borrow a phone?

Send the numbers to this Web address.

Hurry up.

It's Carrie!

Jay, try to get a trace.

Keep her on the line as long as you can.


Roy, are Carl and Darcy around,

or can you talk?

Uh, "Carl and Darcy."

No, it's just me.

What's up?

I need you to send those, uh,

items we talked about.

Now? But I thought we needed...

Just do it for me, Roy,

within an hour, and you'll be

on your way to Barbados,

first class.

It's gonna take some time.

Come on, come on. Carl and Darcy are gone,

but my supervisor's still on the floor.

Uh, it could take an hour.

Not a minute more, Roy, okay?

Send the numbers to "emerald-five-


Damn it!

- What? What?
- Didn't have Carrie on long enough

to triangulate the call.

See, I would supply her
with the numbers, but...

They'd kill Carrie one
second after they had them.

Which means we have less
than an hour to save her life.

"Carl and Darcy," what's that about?

I don't know. It's some kind of code;

she's leaving a trail of
bread crumbs to find her.

The problem is, I don't
have the memory she does.

Carl's an old partner of mine.

Darcy's his wife.

All right. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Carrie met 'em once,

when I dragged her to
a barbecue in Bayonne.

Right across the Hudson.

Bayonne's a pretty big area, Al.

Uh, what about, uh, Barbados...
does that mean anything?

She won a contest in a bar in Syracuse,

maybe ten years ago.

Two tickets.

Wait, we got snowed in.

We actually flew out of Newark.

Hold on... flight path to Newark Airport

cuts right over the docks of Bayonne.

Okay, let's roll.

We have 57 minutes to get to Jersey.

28 minutes left.

I hope your associate
comes through for you.

He always does.

Let me see the final proofs.


We have flawless proofs...

and soon we'll have their
valid serial numbers.

But I'm afraid we're gonna have to

renegotiate your cut.

I thought the Red Door

was the defender of the oppressed,

not the oppressor.

Uh, the tattoo...

on the back of your neck.

I saw it in a New York Times article,

May 2010,

"The Red Door Closest to the West."

You don't understand the
struggle of my people.

You're right, I don't,

but I do know that killing her

won't help your cause.

She called me "Roy""


On the phone, she called me Roy.

Why'd she call me Roy?

Something about the two of you.

Any Roys you guys have in common?

It's got to be personal.

Come on, channel Carrie.

There's a fireman named Roy.

He lived in a converted garage

in my building when we first started...


Figures as much.

Wait... garage.

Jay, Murray,

we're looking for a corrugated
aluminum garage door,

the kind that rolls up.

It could be a warehouse
or an old firehouse.

We're running out of time. Fan out!

Look for a corrugated garage door

and then see if you can spot the van.


get rid of these four.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

I'm just saying...

I wouldn't.

See, y... y... you got a problem here:

this money is garbage.

Y... you need them to fix this,

this is never gonna fly.

I... I can teach them.

That way you don't get pinched,

it doesn't trace back to me,

and then you can kill them,
do whatever you want with them,

but right now you need them.

These bills have to be aged,

so where's the dryer?

Do what she tells you!

Let's get to work.

Jay... there's an orange garage door.

Roy was a crazy Syracuse fan;

he painted his door orange.

I don't know what you're
talking about, Al, who's Roy?

Track my phone, Jay.

Okay, keep the line open and I'll find you.

Wait for backup, Al.

No time.

No. Al, Al! Wait.

Just keep tracking it.

Hey, open up!

All right, you're gonna
need to add more pumice

to the dryer if you
want these to look real.

You got to scuff them up more.

Right now any 7-Eleven clerk would know

that they are phony.

Maybe I should test
the magnetic ink levels.

Yeah, maybe you should
make yourself useful.

They have...

Caught this guy trying to crash the party.

What should we do with him?

- Kill him.
- Wait.

He's my associate.


How'd he get here?

You think she showed up at the plaza alone?

You were supposed to be more careful.

You're no better than the
people who murdered your family.

What do you know about my family?

Everything I do is to honor them.

Murdering innocent people
doesn't honor anybody.


Look around!


the numbers.

Roy doesn't have them.

I do.

Then he's of no more use to me!


KB56450000 through KB56454999.

I just gave you 5,000

valid serial numbers. Check them.


Do you have the rest of the numbers

in that head of yours?

Lower your weapons and
I'll give you 3,000 more.

Come on.

All right, we got to hit
them hard when we go in.

All eyes on Carrie and Al.

The signal's coming from another block up.

069999, that is 20,000.

Just 5,000 more.

Someone's breached the garage.

Clean this all up,

then torch the place.

Federal agents! Let me see your hands.

Where's Padma Jindal?

No sign of Padma Jindal.

Where is the intaglio press?

We just made the plates

and the proofs here; she's
printing somewhere else.

All right, she's probably printing

where she's meeting her buyer.

We got to move, people,

or $72 million goes flying out the window.

And Evan's killer.

There's a card missing from this board.

I... it was right on here.

It had a number:


That's not a currency serial number.


That's a tail number.

Come on.

Remarkable work, Padma.

Our friends in Jakarta
will be very pleased.

Were you careful to enter the country

without tipping the authorities?

I was extremely careful.

Our people can use these
weapons against our true enemy.

The president of this arrogant country.

However you want to use them.

I'll take the money now.

You don't care much about the cause.

My entire cause is on the pallet.

Then our struggle deserves
the guns and the money.


Drop your weapon!

- Cover me on three.
- I'll go.

- No, I'll go.
- Three.

Hold your fire. Let me see your
hands, let me see your hands.

Drop your weapon.

- Get down on the floor.
- All right, hold it right there.

Get down!

New York gets her first.

Plenty of charges to go around.

She's all yours, Jay.

You're under arrest for
the murder of Evan Rusk.

What do we do with all this cash?

Ah, it's so beautiful.

A shame it has to burn.

Acts as a deterrent to the bad guys.

You are an unbelievable
pain in the ass, by the way.

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.

- No.
- Yeah.

Because you just might be in Washington.

Are you trying to
recruit me, Special Agent?

I don't need to recruit
people to have dinner with me.

- See if you can remember this number.
- Oh, well.

You seem awfully confident
that I'm gonna call you.

I'm just overly confident
that you owe me money.

You'll get your money back.

You trust me, don't you?

Not one bit.

Hello. Simms.

I don't know if I made this
clear, but he annoys me.

You made it crystal clear.

That guy...

- Really?
- Come on.

- What?
- Word on the DC streets...

total player.

When I first met you, you
had the same reputation,

so it seems like I have a type.


I need you to throw the
money on the pile there.

What money?

The stack you swiped at the hangar?

Don't have a stack.

Throw it in, or I'll arrest you.

With handcuffs?

You will not arrest me.

Try me.

Want to go to Mexico?


- Mexico.
- Mexico.