Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 8 - Lost Things - full transcript

Carrie and Al investigate the death of a public defender, only to discover that the killer has a larger plan which may lead to a second murder.

How you doing?

Help! Help!

Help! Help!
Someone call the police, please!

Help! Somebody help!

Found it.

It was behind the English muffins.

- Four twenty-five.
- No, the yoghurts are on sale.

Only the Tropical Medley.
Honey N'Oats are three for two.

That sign is very misleading.
It looks like everything's three for two.

- I'm sorry, where?
- I think I should get three for two.

- Yoghurts are on sale.
- No, I can't hear-- I'm on my way.

- I should call my manager.
- Scan these all again.

Hang on a sec.
You know what? No need.

Let me call you right back.

You got the orange juice for 6.95,
the frozen waffles at 3.80.

You got two paper towels at 2.80
a piece, your raisin wheat at 5.61.

You got triple-peach yoghurt at 4.25,
sorry, it's not on sale.

Your tile cleaner at 8 bucks,
your chicken breasts, 4.44 a pound...

...for 1 .87 pounds,
which gives you a grand total of...

- ...$42 and 31 cents. There you go.
- Forty-two dollars and 31 cents.

Will that be cash or charge, ma'am?

I'd like to write a cheque.

Twenty bucks. Keep the change.
Have a great day.

Just arrived on scene.

All right, let's get the lines up.

We'll take this building.
You canvass the adjacents.

Our perp forced his way in
through the rear...

...so we're looking for anyone hanging
around where they shouldn't be.

Good morning, Wells.
You running out of wardrobe?

You wore those jeans
like, what, five, six days ago?

No, I didn't.

True. But I made you think about it,
and that makes me happy.

Well, that's sad. What do we got?

Mary Hansen, 27. Legal Aid attorney.

A friend came by to go jogging,
found the body.

Time of death near 2 a.m.

Perp probably broke a back window
then left through the front door.

Blunt-force trauma?

Underwear removed.
Maybe sexual assault.

Let's try and get the ME
to make this a priority, okay?


I got a friend in Legal Aid.

A subpoena for her client list
will take forever.

I'll try to get something out of him
while we're waiting.

Woman who called it in
is sitting in an RMP outside.

We should talk to her.
See if there's a hotheaded boyfriend.

Well, there are two bedrooms.

One's all flowers and pillows,
the other one's sweaty gym socks.

- She has a male roommate.
- Yeah.

It's awfully early in the morning.
Where is he?

Archer, can I have a bag, please?
I've got fibre.

So there's no cameras in the alley
that might have caught our perp.

Any illegal backdoor cameras?

Not that I saw.
But because of the rain last night...

...there was a muddy boot print
in the concrete.

CSU's gonna lift it then photo it.

I got a fabric sample.

Maybe we hang around long enough,
we can pull together a whole outfit.

Hi, I'm Detective Burns,
this is Detective Wells.


You told the uniformed officer
you and Mary were going jogging?

When I got here, the door
wasn't closed so I went in and....

Any thoughts about
who we should talk to?

She have a boyfriend? Was there
an angry neighbour, client from work?

No. Not that I know of.

What about her roommate?
The big guy.

He got big socks.


They've lived together
about a year or so.

I don't really know him that well.

- And they were just roommates?
- She wasn't looking for anything else.

She told me recently,
she thought he was sort of into her.

Did she tell him
she wasn't interested?

I don't know. She moved in with him
because he made her feel safe.

With her job she thought
having a court officer around...

...a big guy like Kevin...

...he'd be able to protect her
if anything ever happened.

Do you know where
we might find him?

She threw a party last night for one
of our buddy's birthdays.

Kevin was out with a friend.
The guy showed up about 10:30...

...said Kevin had gotten drunk
and was sleeping it off in his car.

I never actually saw him.

What's this Kevin's last name?



Making any progress
on your sister's case?

Convenience store suspect?

A lot of dead ends.

You know, I keep trying to remember
the exact store.

I mean, I know I must have been there
with my mom.

Before Rachel's murder,
my memories aren't sharp, they're--

Just like the rest of us?

Yeah. I often wonder, how do you
mere mortals possibly manage?

We write stuff on our hands.

I'll get Nina on the dinner guests,
see if they can help.

- The roommate is 6'4".
- Well, there you go.

Drunk big guy with a crush?

That's a country song
with a bad ending.

Drives a blue Blazer.

- I'll get Roe to put out a Finest Message.
- Wait a sec. Did you say "blue Blazer"?

Don't bother.

He's around the corner.

Kevin McMillan.

- I'll 10-85 a slim jim.
- No, no, there's no need for that.

There you go.

- You Kevin McMillan?
- Yeah.

Come on. Come on.

Did you kill Mary Hansen?

- Mary?
- Did you kill her?

- Mary's dead?
- Did you kill her?

I don't know.

I don't know.

If you can't afford a lawyer, one will be
provided for you without cost.

Do you understand these rights?

- I would never hurt Mary.
- Just answer the question.

Do you understand these rights
as explained?

- Yeah.
- What happened to your hand?

I don't know.

Tell us about last night.

I was with my friend, Joe Williams.

We went bar hopping.

I had some shots at Lucif's,
and they hit me pretty hard.

And Joe took my keys...

- ...and that's all I remember.
- Joe drives you home, parks the car.

- You remember getting out of the car?
- No.

- What happened to her?
- We don't know.

- But you're sure she's dead?
- Yeah, we're sure.

Roommate's sticking to his story.

He blacked out, we woke him,
no idea what happened in between.

I took blood off his hands.
Looks like it's not Mary's.

He could have cut it
breaking that window.

I ran him through the system.

Pulled his Sheriff's Department

No record.
He's been a bailiff for three years.

Before that, security at Macy's
and assistant manager at White Castle.

- How far back you wanna go?
- I think slider cook is far enough.

Run a blood tox, so we can find out
how drunk he really was last night.

He gave me a list of Mary's friends,
some of their numbers...

...plus the cell for Joe,
guy he was with last night.

I'll track these. I also have her cell,
so I'll cross-check the numbers.

See if this Joe knows
how McMillan cut his hand.

- Will do.
- CSU got an opinion on what caused...

- ...the blunt-force trauma?
- We're looking for a weapon.

I got them checking dumpsters
and drains in a 10-block radius.

Our perp comes through
the back window...

...first-floor apartment,
middle of the night...

...Sex Crimes 101.

Yeah, but ME hasn't
confirmed rape, Al.

- So someone give me a motive.
- Before you change gears there, boss...

...that was my pal,
worked with Mary at Legal Aid.

One of her clients took a shine to her,
asked her out a couple of times.

She says she's not interested,
few days later...

...guy shows up at her place
at 2 in the morning.

- What happened?
- He freaked Mary out.

She asked her boss to reassign him.

What was she defending him for?

Thought you'd never ask.

Guy was charged with
attempted sexual assault.

Like those crescents. Good spin.

Yeah, S's help you generate power.

Yeah. And you stay low, that's smart.

- Thanks.
- Plus, you rack up points like that.

'06, I saw Xenakis lose to Bashir.
Gave it away on points.

So you here for a session or what?

Not really.
Like to talk about Mary Hansen.

That lawyer chick?

Come on.

You go to a girl's house nowadays,
it's like a federal crime or something.

It was 2 in the morning, Frank.

Yeah, well, it's romantic
in the movies.

In the movies it's Hugh Grant.
And it's still a little creepy.

She gave me mixed messages.
I was making sure.

How, by pounding on her door
and cursing?

I get emotional.

Like when you got emotional with
Annie Samit, broke her jaw?

Hey, I never touched Mary Hansen.

What is she saying?

She's not really saying much.
She's dead.

What happened?

Someone knocked her head in
last night.

Someone who could generate power.

Well, it wasn't me, okay?

How'd you get your raspberry
up there?

I got caught with a roundhouse
yesterday afternoon.

Anybody can verify that?

About half the guys in this place.

Anyone not an employee of yours?

Look, I didn't kill her.

I thought she was cute,
I asked her out a couple of times.

Next thing I know, she quits my case
and leaves me to some moron...

...who almost gets me sent away
for the rest of my life.

Yet here you are.

Two years probation.

Try St. Bartholomew's ER.
I was there all night last night.

I will.

I'm investigating a cold case,
the murder of Rachel Wells.

If a convenience store sells alcohol,
are they required...

...to provide a list of employees
to the State Liquor Authority?

They are. Okay, can you look
something up for me from 1984?

No, I understand.

If you don't keep records that long,
you don't keep them.

Okay. Thank you very much. Bye.

Your grandmother said
you went swimming every day.

Not everyday, but....

Where's Rachel's things?

Where's all of our stuff?

I thought a fresh start to
the school year would be a good thing.

The sweater. The blue sweater.

Our pencil collection.

The unicorn from the fair.
Those were both of ours.

Maybe we should go make dinner.

How about grilled cheese?

I don't want grilled cheese, Mom.
I want all of our stuff back.

- I'm sorry, honey--
- No.

I really appreciate you coming in,
Mr. Williams.

Oh, Joe, please.

I was in the neighbourhood.

It's so horrible,
what happened to Mary.

When I came to the dinner party,
she seemed really happy.

Now, we were told that you were out
with Kevin McMillan last night.

- Yes.
- From when to when?

Seven thirty to, I don't know,
about 11.

Kevin and I wanted to watch
the Giants game, have a few drinks.

We started at Art's.

The HD was messed up
so we moved to Lucif's.

How many drinks did Kevin have,
would you say?

I don't know.

I had three beers. He definitely had
more than that. He was pretty drunk.

- Do you know how he cut his hand?
- He smashed a glass on the table...

...after the Colts scored that field goal
in the fourth. It kind of exploded.

Did Kevin talk about Mary last night?

- No.
- How about before that?

Wait a minute.

You guys have the wrong idea...

...if you think
Kevin had anything to do with this.

Okay. Well, do you have any idea
who might of?

Look, maybe this is nothing...

...but Mary was joking
that she'd signed up for...

...some sort of dating service online.
I didn't think it was a great idea...

...but she said she had seen a few guys
already. She said they were nice.

Do you have any idea what service?

New York Connect? Connections?

Do you happen to remember
any of the names of the guys?

There was an Adam...

...and a Julian something. I'm sorry.

No, no, that's very helpful.

I flamed out on my Legal Aid lead.

Still, going to the house of a woman
you don't really know...

...and asking her out,
it's creepy, no matter what.

Even if it is, dude's got an airtight alibi.
Getting stitches at an ER in the Bronx.

So that's strike one.

Strike two, tox screen came in
on the roommate, Kevin.

Given his blood-alcohol level
this morning...

...he was more likely
to die of alcohol poisoning...

...than to walk to the apartment,
kill Mary and walk back to his car.

Want me to lay a weak bunt towards
third? Re-canvass the neighbourhood?

- See if we missed someone?
- I'd go to the opposite field.

Bring up all the open sex crimes
in the area.

See if we can find a pattern,
match the shoe print.

- This doesn't make any sense.
- What?

I'm looking at CSU's sketch
of the crime scene.

Based on the angle from
the hole in the window to the latch...

...and what they wrote here
for the distance between them...

...suspect would have had to have
arms of rubber to reach it.

This must be a typo.
We're gonna have to go back.

Blunt-force trauma?

Looks like maybe sexual assault.

There were soap stains on the floor.

And a dish towel by the door.

She was interrupted.

- What?
- Mary was washing the dishes...

...when someone knocked
on the door.

Her hands were wet. She wiped them
off as she went to answer it.

That forced entry,
it was all staged to throw us off.

Mary knew her killer.

Whoever it was,
she trusted them enough...

...to let him walk
right in the front door.

I've been on the list of Mary's friends
and I'm running background checks.

How about the subpoena
for her phone records?

Still waiting.
I'll cross-check his list when I get it.

You get input from the friend
who found the body?

I'm gonna talk to her again.

Given what she's been through, I might
not get full focus over the phone.

CCS got Mary's laptop working.

They're doing a complete
forensic analysis.

They find any evidence
of an online boyfriend?

Any weird PDFs that say,
"I'm coming to get you"?

No, but this might mean something.

Her browser history
showed a search at 1 :12 a. m...

...of the Fordham University
Sociology Department.

Six minutes later, she sent an e-mail
to Kevin McMillan saying:

"I need to talk to you ASAP.
Find me before you go to work."

Now, I know we're moving off
the roommate...

...but it's fishy
that he didn't mention it.

We woke him up and then
he came back to the office with us.

He never had a chance
to check his e-mails.

He's still in the conference room.

Go see if he knows
what she was gonna say.

Call Nina, give her a heads-up.

These are for you.
I was gonna bring them to you.

They spilled onto the counter.
I had to put them together.

- They may be out of order.
- Thanks.

You doing some research, huh?

Convenience stores
around Syracuse?

I'm just saying,
my uncle is a bigwig at EasyMart...

...if you need help with anything.

Well, I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

I don't know what Mary wanted
to talk to Kevin about. He didn't know?

No. How about Fordham University?
Does that mean anything to you?

- Fordham.
- Yeah.

She was all over
the Sociology Department website.

Got any idea
what she was looking for?

I have no idea.

But that's funny, there was a thing
at the party last night about Fordham.

Really? What kind of thing.

When Joe Williams came in,
Mary introduced him...

...said he was studying sociology
at Fordham...

...and doing research at the courthouse
on criminal trials and sentencing?

One of Mary's other friends
works in the prison system.

He started asking Joe questions
and Joe got...

I guess is the best way to put it.

What kind of questions
was he asking him?

Just about Joe's research...

...and if he'd been to some conference
in New Jersey.

I did think it was a little weird
at the time...

...but Joe looked like
he'd been drinking...

- ...and Mary changed the subject, so....
- Okay, what did Joe do?

He hung around for a few minutes
and then he took off.

Okay. Thanks.

I didn't volunteer anything.

Roe asked what you were up to
and I dodged it. So?

So now he wants to help?

Nothing wrong with that.
He's a good detective.

Yeah, Joe Williams.
Maybe he goes by Joseph.

Why are we circling back
to Joe Williams?

Apparently, he acted strangely at Mary
Hansen's party the night before.

I have talked to every Sociology

There is nobody at
the Fordham Sociology Department...

...graduate or undergraduate,
named Joe Williams.

So he lied about his r?sum?.
Crazy thing to kill over.

It wasn't a sex thing,
ME can't find any sign of an assault.

Looks like that was a setup too.

What I don't get is, the guy came in
here on his own accord to talk to us.

Why take that risk?

Wait a minute, you guys have
the wrong idea...

...if you think Kevin had anything
to do with this.

Do you have any idea
who might have?

He thought he was just coming in
for a routine interview, right?

When he realised his fake break-in
hadn't worked...

...and we were on to other leads,
he panicked.

Look, maybe it's nothing,
but Mary was joking about signing up...

...for an online dating service.

He made it all up.

Do you have any idea what service?

- New York Connect.
- New York.


The online dating service, the names.

There was an Adam, Julian....

He got it all off the walls.

We got this guy's address?

I got his cell
from the vic's roommate.

But that was the only contact info
we had.

Williams gave me his address
when I interviewed him. It was bogus.

- I checked it.
- He had a gym tag on his keys.

I couldn't see the name
but it had a barbell on it.

Leverage Gym.

Do you work out there?

Took a spin class.


Mike, take Nina and get on it.

Maybe they know where he lives
or we can canvass, find him nearby.

Wait right there for us, sir. Clear.




Joe was subletting
from the Braunsteins.

Yeah, can you tell us something
about Mr. Williams?

Yeah, sure. He paid in cash.
Gave a big security deposit.

- Certainly hasn't been any trouble.
- Looks like he was leaving in a hurry.

Look at this. It is consistent
with the fabric I found...

...by the back window
at the crime scene.

Oh, hey, Mike.

And that is the shape
of the piece that is missing.

I'll call CSU.

Take a look at this.

This is Detective Costello.
I need an A-run.

Yeah, prints, DNA. I'm trying to locate
a suspect, ASAP.

Joe Williams.
Consider armed and dangerous.

All right, thanks.

Owner of the gun range
says Joe's been coming in...

...two to three times a week
last couple months.

Any reason? Or just a love of bullets.

No, just to practise, far as he knew.
Rented guns, not always the same kind.

Can we lift prints?

This guy doesn't keep records
of who rents what when.

They got like a hundred rentals.

Let's chase that goose later.
Let's see what we get here.

- I found his application.
- Thanks.

Same address
he gave at the precinct.

Great. You run a credit check?

He gave a really big cash
security deposit.

What else can you tell us?

What did he do during the day?
He mention family?

I don't know what he did.
He was never around.

- Did he ever bring anybody over?
- Not that I saw.

- Did he get any packages or deliveries?
- No.

Okay, so he likes sports.

- Sure.
- Any particular team?


So we think Joe Williams
is from Buffalo.

Great. I'll talk to local up there,
see what they know.

How about another run at Kevin,
press him about his buddy?

Way ahead of you. Carrie and Roe
are on their way to talk to him.

This guy really worries me.
He's a loner.

He's created this new identity
for himself.

-I think he's got a plan.
-Which Mary interrupted.

Yeah, well, I don't think he's done.
Joe was taking target practise.

- Can I ask you a question?
- Can I stop you?

I guess not, technically.

You could choose not to answer, which
will make for an awkward conversation.

Go ahead, Roe. Knock yourself out.


- Like, everything in your life, huh?
- Okay. No, not everything.

I mean, up until I was 8,
I had a pretty good memory.

You know, my mom would joke
that I was like flypaper.

Things would stick
without me really paying attention.

And one day, I....

What? One day you...?

One day I just started
paying attention.

And since then, everything, yeah.


Why would Joe, if that's his name,
why would he wanna kill Mary?

We don't know, Kevin.
Hoping you could tell us.

I have no idea.

As far as I know, the only interaction
they had was when I was there.

He came over to the house
for a game.

And he would pick me up
when we'd go drinking.

Was Joe interested in Mary?

- They ever fight about anything?
- No. Never.

- He borrow money from her?
- Legal Aid lawyer. She didn't have any.

- How'd you meet him?
- Coffee shop down the street.

I was in line.

He gave me that story about being
a student and needing to do research.

- On sentencing?
- Yeah.

He asked if he could interview me,
if I'd introduce him to some people.

And that's it?

Yeah. He'd come hang out
at the courthouse, sit in on trials.

Talked to me and the guys about trials
we'd seen, how the courthouse worked.

Why you cleaning out your locker?

Figured I'd take a couple days off.
You know, the whole thing.

I let her down.

I was supposed to protect her.
And I didn't.

I'm having a hard time letting that go.

He's from Buffalo
and his name is actually Joe Williams.

No felonies. Just a DWI
and misdemeanour assault.

He didn't do any time. DA cut him slack
because of a family situation.

- Which was what?
- Father and brother were killed...

...in a factory explosion at...

...Donner Paints.
Big outlet up in Buffalo.

- How long ago?
- Little over two years.

According to the cops,
Reginald Donner ran a bad plant.

No inspections,
chemicals exposed to open air...

...employees with no training.

So, you know, these guys complained,
he just ignored them.

So when the fire broke out,
nobody was surprised.

Eight people died,
bunch of others injured.

Mary have any connection
to Donner Paints?

Not that I could find.

Okay. So his family dies
and he just goes loco?

Reginald Donner was charged
with multiple counts...

...of involuntary manslaughter,
criminal negligence.

But he got a really nice deal.
Two-year sentence and a fine.

I saw his schedule at the courthouse.

- His sentencing hearing, it's today.
- What time?

- It didn't say.
- Call them.

Mary died because she found out
he was lying about who he was.

And he thought
she might mess up his plan.

Williams got close to Kevin so he could
have access to the courthouse.

Al, he can walk right up to Reginald
Donner and no one's gonna stop him.

Hanging out at a gun range.

I doubt he's bringing a cake
with a file in it.

The hearing's after lunch.

They're about to have a shooting.
They need to shut that place down.

- We're not here to step on your toes.
- Well, how do you expect me to feel...

...when two Queens detectives show up
out of the blue...

...and tell me security for
my defendants might be compromised?

Like a concerned officer who wants
to keep a crime from happening.

- What's your name again?
- Carrie Wells.

Yours is Court Officer
Captain Lou Kestler.

If it's about number of letters,
you win.

All we're suggesting is you take
some additional precautions...

...to protect Mr. Donner,
in case we're right.

I installed all new metal detectors.
Advanced phase, state of the art.

It is practically impossible to get a gun
inside my building.

How's your guy gonna kill that CEO?
With a fire extinguisher?

I know, "It's practically impossible,"
doesn't mean "impossible."

What if you don't need to get a gun in?
What if the gun is already inside?

- What are you talking about?
- That's why Joe cosied up to Kevin.

It wasn't about getting
in the courthouse.

Kevin already has a gun
inside the building.

If Williams made a copy of Kevin's key
that night when he was passed out....

So now you're accusing one of my
court officers of incompetence?

Don't you think we should just check
Kevin McMillan's locker to be sure?

Oh, come on. Just think how satisfying
it'll be when you're right.

- What's wrong with you?
- It worked, didn't it?

Why didn't you just shoot him?

Doesn't prove anything.
He could have taken it home.

- He didn't.
- How do you know?

Because I know.

Al, I think he's got a uniform.

Hanger in a dry-cleaning bag.
Don't know how that proves anything.

She's right.
We need to secure your defendant...

- ...search this courthouse immediately.
- Based on what?

An empty hanger?
I am committed to the security...

...of everyone in this building,
but I'm getting tired of--

So he has a gun
and he's dressed like a court officer.


- I'll begin an evacuation and search.
- That's a wonderful idea.

- Minimise the chaos.
- Where is Mr. Donner?

Prisoner's holding area.
We have him secured.

Keep him there.
We need to find this guy.

Thank you, captain.

- Admirable self-control.
- Would have been like kicking a puppy.

A guy at the east door saw Williams
come in last night.

- Nobody saw him leave.
- We shot his plan to hell.

He got here, hid out,
must be hoping for the best.

Searched the fifth floor.
Almost done with four.

- An hour left until they're done.
- Hold up.

Eventually, he's gonna realise
we're evacuating the building, right?

Okay. You, Mike and Nina should
move from the search to the exits...

...be an extra set of eyes
on the people leaving.

Hopefully, he's got some
self-preservation instinct left...

...and he tries to sneak out rather
than opening fire on who's in his way.

No, listen. The whole time
Donner's been sitting in jail...

...Joe's been on the outside,
waiting, planning...

...trying to figure how to make him pay.
He is not gonna go quietly and--

Like I said.
Okay, so he knows we're here.

He's trying to get the hell out.
Which doors we got?

Got Mike headed toward the north,
Nina at the east.

I'll take the west side.
You go back to the main entry.

Hello? You're not enjoying this sound,
are you?

Joe Williams is obsessed
with Donner, right?

He's not trying to get out.

He wants everyone to leave
so he can get to him.

Get Al, have him meet me
at the prisoner holding area.

- All right. Is that it?
- Yeah.

Get back.

Open the door. Open the door.

- What the hell is this?
- You killed my father and my brother.

No, I didn't.

Everybody knew that factory
was dangerous.

Everyone told you to shut it down,
but you wouldn't listen.

Joe? I need you to put the gun down.

He killed my family and
now nothing's gonna happen to him.

Don't come any closer!

Okay. It's okay.

I'm gonna stay right here,
we're just gonna talk. All right?

Just gonna talk.

It wasn't supposed to go like this.

You mean Mary?

I just needed a couple more days.

I thought I could buy some time...

...but she said she'd had a feeling
about me for a while.

Fordham thing? She knew I was lying.
She was gonna tell Kevin.

So when she asked me to leave,
I panicked.

I grabbed her and she pulled away.
It was like she...

...ripped herself out of my hand.

And suddenly she's falling and-- God.

I understand you didn't mean
to kill her. It was an accident, I get it.

- I just needed a couple more days.
- Yeah.

You know, I read an article
about the fire.

Your brother died going back
into that plant to save someone else.

My-- My brother, he was amazing.

Do you think your brother and your
father would want you here, doing this?

- They shouldn't be dead.
- Hey, Joe? Joe.

Look at me. Joe? Look at me.

You're right. You are right,
they should not be dead.

But this guy, he's already taken
something very precious from you.

Don't let him take anything else.

There isn't anything else.

Let me ask you a question, all right?

- What date was his trial?
- January 27th.

- When did it end?
- March 3rd.

And what was the best vacation you,
your dad and your brother ever had?

We went fly fishing. In Canada.
When I was in high school.

It took a while to get to it, didn't it?



Memories are funny things.

Trust me when I say, the bad ones can
start to weigh down the good ones.

And if you kill him,
your good memories...

...that part of your family
you still have left...

...they will be harder and harder
to get to and, eventually...

...they'll slip away
and you will be alone.

And everything that mattered to you
will be gone. I promise you.

Put the gun down.

Joe, put the gun down.
He's not worth it.


Come on, come on.

Nice job.


I looked all over the house.

In the attic, in the garage.
In my mother's car.

But she didn't lie.
Rachel's things were gone.


And I decided in that moment...

...that I would never lose anything

So I sat down in my room...

...and started remembering
the way things were.

Where Rachel and I kept
our troll collection.


The unicorn she won at the county fair
that she said was half-mine.

Our mood-lighting scarf.

All of it.

Everything that had been
in the room.

Down to the last book she read.

Button that had fallen off the sleeve
of the last coat she wore. Everything.

Wells, it's like a novel almost.

It must be great.
I mean, I've seen you in action.

It must suck sometimes too, huh?

Yeah, sometimes.

And it hasn't helped
with Rachel's murder until now.

I think this man was
at the crime scene.

I remember his face.
I think his name was Jonathan.

Might have worked at a Stop and Fill
on Erie Boulevard.

But we don't know.

I don't even know if that's his name.

I do know this is the closest
I have come in 28 years...

...to solving my sister's murder.

I'll call my Uncle Sherman.
I'm sure he knows someone.

It's a long shot, but thank you.

Whatever I can do.


Hey, Roe?

The jeans?

You were close.
I wore them seven days ago.

And six before that.
And 13 before that. It was a Friday.


- "Master"?
- What?

You're just jealous.