Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 7 - Road Block - full transcript

Carrie's investigation into the death of her sister moves forward, but her inability to let go may hinder the search for a missing infant whose father was murdered.

Excuse me, Carrie,
if you have those new contracts...

Yes, I have the contracts.

- Wonderful.
- Carrie?

Why do you have a drawing
of Jonathan?


- Jonathan.
- You know him?

- Well, of course, that's Jonathan.
- Jonathan who?


That's funny. I can't seem to recall.

I need you to try, Alice. I...


Let's think, okay?
How did you meet him?

Do you know where he lived?

Yes, well, right down...

By the street where...

You must think I'm awfully dizzy.

I want you to look at me...

...and I want you to see
if you can remember anything else.

- I remember his car.
- Great!

- That's great. What kind of car was it?
- A brown station wagon.

That was our car.

We had one
of those Country Squires.

That was all she could remember.
She shut down.

But at least I got a name.

- That's something.
- What?

This is coming from your mom,
that's all.

- She's been a little mixed-up.
- You weren't there. I saw her face.

- She recognized him.
- She thought you and I were together.

All right, what's your point?
I should just ignore it?

- He could be Rachel's killer.
- No, pace yourself is all.

I'm fine. I am.

- You sleep last night?
- Yeah. Tons.

- No, not really.
- Okay.

But, you know, I did have a dream.

I had a dream that you weren't being
paternal and overprotective...

...and you brought me those records.

Lists of every paedophile
and registered sex offender...

...in the Finger Lakes region
from 1975 to the present. Really?

Really. What else am I gonna do?
I gotta do something.

I feel like I'm this close,
you know what I mean? It's just...

If I could just see it. But I can't.

And it's giving me
a splitting headache.

The closer I get, the harder it gets.

I remember.


We'll get there as soon as we can.

We caught a body in East Elmhurst.

You wanted something to do.

- What do we got?
- Marshall Smith.

Package delivery guy saw blood
seeping under the door, called it in.

No call to EMS,
because he was already in rigor.

- Puts his death over 12 hours.
- Any word from the ME?

No, they're on the way.
Roe and Nina are canvassing.

- Stabbing.
- Looks like it.

- We have a weapon?
- No, still looking.

- Defensive wounds on the hands.
- What is that, a burn scar?

I don't know. Kind of looks like a brand
or a bad tattoo removal.

Pocket turned out. Robbery, maybe?

Not likely. I found his wallet and keys
in the bedroom.

If you smoked,
wouldn't you have an ashtray?

It doesn't smell like smoke in here.

So if it's not him,
he might have had company.

Could be Marshall knew his killer...

...and we might be able
to grab some DNA from the cigarette.

He's got a kid.

You're a psychic now too?

I've got a pail
full of dirty diapers, what do you got?

Wait, I remember something.

I remember that I just talked
to a neighbour...

...who said Smith was a single father.

Kid's name is Bianca.
Eighteen months.

They've lived here just over a year.
No sign of the mother.

There's no sign of the baby either.

Mike, check the roof and basement.
Roe, storage closets, garbage chutes.

Let's pray
this is the only crime scene.

Checked the storage space.
No sign of the baby.

We treat this as a kidnapping
till we know for sure.

Till we find the mother,
she's our suspect.

Have communications
put it over the air.

- I got it.
- No playpen...

...high chair. We know if the kid
was even here?

Neighbour said he heard crying
when he left last night.

- The mom could've taken her.
- Okay, thanks.

Turns out our boy
Marshall Smith has a rap sheet.

Mostly property crimes,
but he's clean for 14 months.

- Any kind of child abuse?
- Doesn't look like it.

Neighbours barely saw him,
said he was good, loved his daughter.

- You find anything?
- Other than this?

His cell phone number is 555-0138,
he works at JFK...

...555-0196, and he has a relationship
with Children's Services.

- You got that in a bedroom?
- Yeah.

Numbers are taped
to the back of the phone.

This one here
is for Children's Services.

Well, it's not labelled. Impressive.

No, no, I'm not a human phone book,
Al. I called the number.

- Maybe something was going on.
- Yeah.

If Marshall's mistreating his daughter,
maybe the mom took her to protect her.

You realize the hero of your story
is also a murderer.

I'm not saying
it's a heart-warming theory.

I'm gonna head to Children's Services,
see if I can come up with a theory.

I thought you were
a human phone book.

Well, I've got your number.


Sure, I can be over there.

I know. Trial, part six.

Okay, I've got the police here, so-
You too. Thanks. Bye.

- Sorry, crazy day.
- No. It's okay.

I can't believe Marshall's gone.
I saw him on Monday.

Do you have any idea
where his daughter might be?

- Any relatives, family?
- I would check Bianca's day care.

Marshall got childcare vouchers.
Here. Bunny Daycare.

-449, off Queen's Boulevard.
- Okay, great, thanks.

- You were in Afghanistan?
- National Guard.

Counselling troops
in Helmand Province.

- That's tough stuff.
- You do what you can.

Yeah. Did you know Marshall
had a criminal record?

Yeah, well, most of my clients
have criminal records.

- Look where we are.
- Good point.

- Any abuse issues?
- I worked with this guy...

- ...for 14 months, detective.
- It's Carrie.

He did everything I ever asked.

He got a stable job,
a good apartment.

- He loved his daughter.
- What about Bianca's mom?

I never met her. She disappeared
after she abandoned Bianca.

Okay. Any custody issues?

Marshall had full custody.
That's why he called.

He didn't know anything about being
a father, so I set him up with classes.

Okay. What about friends,
people he used to hang with?

Never met any.

Got any names you can give me?

- I'll check Marshall's interview.
- Thank you.

- I'll get it later.
- Later?

I've got to be at court.
If you don't mind.

I'm sorry. There's a little girl missing.
Do you think court could wait?

Look, I'm juggling 40 families here.

We're not talking about families.
We're talking about one girl...

...who is missing,
possibly injured or dead.

- Could you sit and answer?
- Don't tell me what to do.

I have worked in this system
for a long time.

- I've been a soldier and I know cops.
- You don't know any cops like me.

If you're not gonna-

- You want to talk to my supervisor?
- Yeah, I do.

- Sara Johnson.
- Great.

- Her number.
- Thank you.

Be my guest.

Get off me! I told you, I wasn't there.

Until you get a better alibi,
you're gonna deal with me.

- I am your worst nightmare.
- I'm sorry about your sister but l-

- Why'd you run?
- I didn't run.

- I have family up North.
- Why'd you run? Oh, really?

- What is going on? Shut up.
- I want to file a complaint.

If anything changes, give me a call.

Last hospital.
Nobody's dropped off a baby.

- Same for the churches.
- Dazzle me.

Tip line's set up.
I spoke to Missing Persons.

They're on standby.

Good. If the mom has her,
somebody's bound to spot them.

- Where are we on the mother?
- Nowhere.

Marshall and the baby
have been living there alone.

Social worker mentioned a day care.

- Yeah, Bunny Daycare.
- Talk to them.

I'm gonna pay a visit
to Marshall's boss out at the airport.

I hired Marshall.
Said he heard about us from a friend.

It was a low-level job,
but he seemed okay with it.

He say what friend?

No, but he told me he had custody
of his baby daughter.

Said he'd do anything, work whenever.
Swore he'd never be a problem.

- He wasn't?
- Not until three days ago...

...when he decided to punch
one of my employees.

- What was the fight about?
- No idea. I would've fired them both.

Marshall's worth three of those guys.
I suspended them.

- Who is this other employee?
- Jose Alvarez.

He claims he didn't instigate it.
I doubt that's true. Guy's got a temper.

I don't have a temper.
I got a Marshall Smith problem.

Guy's crazy.
I'm telling you, we're loading a truck...

...we hadn't said a word,
then the guy just pops me.

- Just like that, for no reason?
- Not that I know about.

I was with the guy all day.
We hadn't said anything...

...then just like that, he cracks me one.
I barely know this kid.

I find that hard to believe from a guy
who's been arrested for battery...

...and in a court-ordered
anger management class.

All right, look.

I'm not saying I didn't have issues
back then.

I ain't been in trouble for months.
Check that.

- Then what happened?
- Why are you asking me?

- How would I know?
- Yeah, we'll try to reach him.

You said you were with Marshall
before he attacked you?

Yeah, down at the lockers,
the break room.

Maybe he was pissed off that I took
the last can of soda from the machine.

All right, sit tight.

His boss said he saw Marshall hit Jose
as he was exiting his office.

Is it possible he waited for that moment
because he wanted his boss to see?

Think he wanted to get fired?
He worked his ass off to get that job.

- Doesn't make a ton of sense.
- I know it doesn't.

Not yet.

Bianca used to come here.
Marshall pulled her out two days ago.

- Why?
- A man claiming to be her uncle...

...came to pick her up.

- You say, "claiming to be"?
- I don't care who he was.

You don't leave here with a child
unless you have permission.

- What did he look like?
- Big, bad breath. Kind of a jerk.

Anyone else have permission
to pick up Bianca?

Nope. I asked Marshall if there were
any other relatives.

- He said no one.
- Any idea who watched Bianca...

- ...when you didn't have her?
- No, sorry.

These cameras working?

Got to do it.
Especially when you work with kids.

Can you give us the video
from that day?


We got any footage shows his face?

They aim the camera at the kids.
Worker's sitting with a sketch artist.

What about Alvarez,
the guy he fought with?

I'm already ahead of you.
She said he's not the guy.

Whoever it was, he tried
to kidnap her once.

- Maybe he was successful.
- We could go through the database.

I'm not sure this sounds
like a predator situation.

If the wife's our number one now,
I'm not seeing the paedophile angle.

Yeah, speaking of which,
wife's got a name.

Gee-Gee Harris. She wasn't
at her last known. We're still looking.

Hold on, go back.

There. That tattoo.

Right here.

It's the same one.

Same shape.

- Gang tattoo?
- Sure looks like it.

Maybe Marshall Smith
couldn't escape his old life after all.

- What are you gonna do if he files?
- I don't care if he files.

No, his alibi is crap, Al.

I can't keep covering for you
and you know his alibi checks out.

- He wasn't there.
- Says some 16-year-old at Dairy Queen.

He had scratches. He had mud on his
pants consistent with the crime scene.

- He's got a record for sexual assault.
- For trying to get to second base.

I know the litany, it doesn't add up.

What about Sarah Harridan?
She saw a man in a coat...

...100 yards away from
where Rachel was found.

- He had a yellow coat.
- Harridan's been discredited.

She admits to calling in dozens
of false tips. This has to end now.

Whatever happened
to doing whatever it takes?

- Did you sleep last night?
- I am close.

You're not this close.
It's over, Carrie. It's over.

As of this moment...

...I'm suspending
the Rachel investigation. It's over.

You can't suspend
a murder investigation.

- You can't do that.
- After 20 years, I think I can.

Please don't do this.

- I'm gonna find him-
- It's for your own good.

For our good.

I know what's good for me.

So we finally tracked down
Bianca's mom, Gee-Gee.

- Am I interrupting something?
- No, no.

I have a headache. Just-
So you found Bianca's mom?

Yeah, turns out we couldn't
locate her because, check this:

She's been in Rikers
under her real name...

- ...Angie Harris.
- On what charge?

She's awaiting trial for possession,
which eliminates her as a suspect.

- You want to sit in on the interview?
- No, you go ahead.

Gonna take another run
at the social worker.

She's got a list of Marshall's buddies.

- Maybe I'll find your tattoo guy.
- Good Luck.

Yeah. Hey, Mike.

Good luck to you too.

I'd rather be in jail
than be here with you.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this,
but Marshall Smith is dead.

And your daughter Bianca
is missing.

You guys are such liars.

We're gonna do everything we can
to find Bianca...

...but you need to help me.

Can you identify this tattoo?

Who cares about a damn tattoo?

What are you people doing
to find my kid?

I read your case report.

Last year you left your daughter
in the hallway of a dope house...

...while you got high.

So you wanna know what I think?

I think this is payback
for a drug debt.

I think that you owed
these guys money...

...so they killed Marshall...

...and they kidnapped your baby.

I had nothing to do with this.

You go to hell.

I need someone to blame.

You're looking at three
to five years for a drug charge.

Cooperate or you will see
just how easily I can change that...

...into 10 to 20.

Marshall used to work for a company
called Logan Security.

Lot of the guys that worked
there had that tattoo.

But these guys are scary.

Particularly that boss.

Look, you didn't hear this from me.

Hear what?


...please find her.

That's my little girl.

We'll do everything we can.


So the information
on Marshall Smith's associates.

- It's not much but it's all we have.
- Thank you.

- Cream? Sugar?
- Oh, that's unnecessary.

- But, black. Thank you.
- Consider this an apology?

I was inappropriate. Off the charts
inappropriate and I'm sorry.

Crazy day.

Me too.

I was out of line.

- What?
- It's just weird.

I never had a cop apologize
to me before.

Oh, I'm not a cop, exactly.

- Wow, I guess I am.
- Different kind of cop.

I can see that.

You really do care, don't you?

A little too much, sometimes, yeah.

I know the feeling.

Gets personal real quick, doesn't it?

Save everyone or the world ends.

I'm gonna find Bianca and
I'm gonna bring her back safe.

I promise.

I believe you.


...I'm really glad you called.

There's something that l...


Sorry... I forgot I have an appointment
with the Custody Review Board.

- These guys'll chew your butt.
- What did you-?

It was nothing. I wanted to say
I like your hair!

Keep it like that.

Good luck, detective.
Watch out for yourself.

We shot these
outside Logan Security.

Nine guys with the same tattoo...

...and that's just
who we saw coming today.

- Any of them have records?
- A bunch have felony convictions.

God forbid any has that baby.

Who hires a company
full of convicts?

Nobody, according to tax records.

This guy Aaron Logan
incorporated the place.

IRS claims it's been in the red.

And yet, he has the cash flow
to employ a small army of thugs.

Could be garden variety tax evasion.

- This guy-
- And we got a match.

This guy.
I saw him outside of Social Services.

Social worker was working
with these guys?

No. But she was spooked
by something. I thought it was me.

I was a little hard on her, but when
she saw this guy she just took off.

- Didn't want you to see him with her.
- No.

I should have stayed on her.
We gotta go see her, Al.

Dig up whatever you can on
this guy and our social worker.

Mike, stay on Logan Security.
Let's go.


Everything's cleared out.

She left in a hurry.

She wasn't alone.

She has the baby with her.

She's had her the whole time.

Rosario's neighbour confirmed
the baby was with her.

She even babysat the kid.
Said she told her Bianca was her niece.

She's been lying to us.
She's working with these guys.

- No way!
- Or she's gotten in their crosshairs.

I don't know why she took Bianca.
She had a good reason.

- We gotta find her to get that baby.
- Think she killed Marshall?

- No way.
- Just saying...

- ...some women get really baby crazy.
- Come on. Look at her record.

She's got commendations
from her time in Afghanistan...

- ...awards from social service groups.
- I did look at her record.

Brushes with the system,
drug charges.

Oh, please! A few joints when she
was 15. Been there, done that.

She's involved, okay?
We gotta consider her suspect.

- I agree.
- Would you listen to me for a second?

- I'm telling you she's not the type-
- I agree she's involved...

...but we don't know how.

Let's talk about that guy
who was outside her work.

The day-care owner confirmed he's the
same guy who tried to pick up Bianca.

What about Logan Security?

Roe and Mike went to go talk
to the owner, Aaron Logan.

- Maybe he'll give us a name.
- Moving on.

At this point,
we're not closing any doors.

Humour me.

Rosario's not the type?

So tell me, what type is she?

Tough. Moral. Committed.

She's on a mission.

Moving on...

No, just sounds like you know
something about this woman.

What I know is she wouldn't conspire
with some gorilla to kidnap a child.

- It's getting a little personal.
- No.

- It's not.
- It's personal, you can't do your job.

Where'd you read that,
Detectiving for Dummies?

You want to clear Rosario,
we gotta find her first.


Missed you last night.

I'm sorry. I should have called.

I just missed you, is all.

Look, you've been under a lot
of pressure lately.

You need a break.

Hell, we need a break.
Things are gonna get better.

See, that's just the thing. I don't...

I don't think they will.

Every case we work,
I think if I just push hard enough...

- ...I'll find answers.
- You usually do.

Not to Rachel.

And every day I try
and every day it's killing me

I know.

Crazy thing is she's kind of the thing
that's keeping me going.

- So when-
- We can talk about it.

I think, you did me a favour. I think...

...I need to get away
from all this tragedy.

I can't keep letting it in,
because once it's in, it never gets out.

I need places
that aren't crime scenes.

Al, I need people
that aren't victims or killers.

I wanna be around people
living normal lives. I want a normal life.

- What's "normal"?
- I don't know.

I have no idea, but I wanna find out.
I can't do it here.

Don't do this.

I gotta go.

I just-

I love you.

I love you too.

Aaron Logan?

- Who's asking?
- The police are asking.

I'm Detective Saunders,
this is Detective Costello.

Any idea who this is?

- I couldn't say. What's this about?
- Homicide and a missing child.

This guy was seen coming out
of your firm.

So you come here to my house?
In front of my kids? Get out of here.

Could have this conversation
at the station.

I don't know anything about
any murders or any missing kids.

What about this guy?

I couldn't say. I employ a lot of guys.
High turnover.

- You ask around my office?
- Yeah.

Nobody had much to say.

What's with the ink?

Every guy who worked for me
gets one.

Voluntary. It's a bonding thing.

You don't seem the kind of boss
to do company retreats and trust falls.

Also makes it easy to identify
my boys in case of a tragedy.

What business you in,
you can't use their faces?

Private security. It's dangerous work.

Run inside, girls.

Playtime's over.

- He never asked who the victim was.
- I'm telling you, this guy stinks.

I can feel it in my right kneecap.

Score another one for your patella,

Get this. Ex-partner of mine is an
investigator at the Southern District.

They've been looking
at Logan's company for months.

They think
he's been running small arms.

- Could be the link. He worked at JFK.
- Yeah, here's the best part.

A month ago, ATF took out what they
think was Logan's transport arm...

...a small airline out of LaGuardia.

He's stuck with merchandise
and looking to move it.

So he remembers Marshall Smith...

...who happens to work
for a delivery service at JFK.

He tries to pressure him into helping.
Marshall's not down with it.

You're right. That fight? He wanted
to get fired so he didn't have to say no.

How does Rosario fit in?

Maybe she was Plan A.

You know, she takes the kid,
Marshall plays ball.

If he doesn't, they go to plan B,
end of Marshall.

I told you she isn't working
with them, she's running from them..

I think Marshall knew he was
in trouble.

He asked her to take Bianca
so she could keep her safe.

Hey, we just found Rosario's
cell phone.

Pinged off in Duchess County
less than ten minutes ago.

- She's headed north.
- Yeah, but north could be anywhere.

She had a picture in her office.

She was with an older guy,
maybe her dad.

They were standing outside
of a bait shop. Something "beck."

"Rhinebeck Fishing Tackle."

Let's see if she's got family there.

My guy from the phone company
is saying someone else...

...ran an unauthorized trace
just before I called.

That's privileged info.
Who else has access to that?

People that pay money
for illegal information.

Like someone at a security firm.

They're coming after her.
We gotta get to her first.

- The Civic is Rosario's.
- I'm guessing the Escalade is not.

It's warm. They just got here.

Police! Don't move!

I'll deal with him. Go, go.

- Are you okay?
- There's a man. He tried to kill me.

Was there just the one?

- Yes.
- We got him. Backup's on the way.

- You're all right.
- I'm sorry.

I wanted to tell you everything today.
I saw that guy watching and I panicked.

It's okay.
Is that the guy who killed Marshall?

I don't know. He...

Marshall called me. He was desperate.

He just wanted me
to take Bianca for one night...

...so he could work out some problem
with these guys from the old days.

I got home with the baby
and realized I forgot her diaper bag.

So I went back.
I left Bianca with my neighbour.

When I got there, these two men
showed up. Marshall freaked out.

- He told me to hide in his bedroom.
- Then what?

They started fighting.
They wanted them...

They wanted him to help them
with guns or something.

And he said no,
and they started yelling and...

- I don't remember.
- I need you to sit down. Sit down.


All right, listen to me.

You know how you said
I was different from other cops?

- Sure.
- Okay, I am.

I remember things.

Like, everything.

- Everything?
- Yeah.

- For real?
- For real.

I know it sounds crazy,
but here's the thing. I think-

Most people can remember
more than they know.

You just can't access it
the way I can.

And I think if you just relax,
just breathe and relax...

...and let me help you,
what you saw that night...

...I think the memories will be there.

You just want me to relax?


I'll walk you through it. We can,
I don't know, remember together.

- You weren't in Marshall's apartment.
- No, I was.

I just- I wasn't there when you were.


Do I close my eyes or something?

I've never really done this before,
but sure, why not? Close your eyes.

- Okay.
- Okay.

We're in the bedroom, okay?

There's a bed, there's two nightstands,
diaper pail in the corner.

You really do remember.

Oh, yeah.

You said you were hiding

Yeah, I was...

I was crouched down by the bed.

Which side?

The right side.

Which means you could see the door.

Was it open?

Yeah, it was open a little.

Okay, Marshall was fighting
with some men.

What did you hear them say?

There were two of them. They were...
They were arguing about...

Look even if I wanted to,
I couldn't help you guys.

- I got suspended at work.
- You got kicked off...

...so you couldn't help me.

You forget what I done for you?

Where's your baby girl, bro?
Maybe she'd like to come with me...

- ...till you come to your senses.
- She's not here. She's with someone.

- Who? Who?
- Social worker.

You tell them about me?

Please. I can't get in trouble again.

Bianca doesn't have anyone else
but me.

- I can't. I don't want to remember.
- You can do this.

I know it's scary. I know. But it's just
the past and it can't hurt you.

I promise. You have to trust me.


All right, let's go back for a second.
Now, you said the door was open.

What do you see?


I want you to look harder.

Okay? You can do this.

Do you see the kitchen table?

Wait, yes. Yes I can.

Okay, all right. Now I want you to look
to your left and look up the wall.

What do you see?

- I see a mirror.
- All right, I want you to look closely.

Look right into the mirror.

Don't be afraid. Don't look away.
Just let go and see, okay?

I can see the man
who tried to shoot me.


He wasn't the one who killed
Marshall. It was the other one.

All right, all right.
Can you see his face?

Oh, my God, I can see his face.
Yeah, I can see his face.

Okay, this is great.
Could you pick him out of a lineup?



You did it. You did it.

- Was that okay, detective?
- Yes, you are amazing.

- And you can call me-
- Carrie.


Thank you.

No. No, thank you.

- I'm not a man you want to mess with.
- You were right, Mr. Logan.

Playtime's over.

I hear the social worker filed for
custody of Marshall Smith's daughter.

looks like she's got a good chance.

Oh, good for her.

How about you?

I'm good.

I feel good that I could help Rosario
remember something...

...she thought she couldn't.
That I could help her...

...I don't know, do what I do.

Headache's gone too, I bet.

- Maybe it is.
- Maybe there's a connection?

Five years you were a cop
in Syracuse.

Whole lot of witnesses
couldn't remember things.

Never did with them
what you did with her.

Not when you could have.
It was all too close for you then.

- Too personal?
- I'm just saying.

Now, this guy, this Jonathan, he's
the first real lead you've had in years.

And I know there's a part of you
that's clenching down on that so hard.

But it's okay to let go,
ease up just a little bit.

It worked for Rosario,
maybe it'll work for you.

Interesting theory.

About the headache.

Well, you know. I have my moments.

Of course, it could be the handful
of aspirin I took two hours ago.

Maybe I could ease up a little.

- Really?
- Yeah, sure, watch this.

- I'm gonna do it right now.
- Well, don't hurt yourself.

I'm gonna ease up for you now.

This is me easing up.

Like that. Oh, yeah.

You know, I could get used
to having the last word.

What is it?

Jonathan. The man in the woods.
I just saw his...

- I saw his jacket for the first time.
- What jacket?

The man who killed my sister.
I know what he looks like.

I know his first name.
And now I know...

And now I know where he worked.