Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 6 - Friended - full transcript

Carrie and Al's investigation into the murder of a hard-partying heiress takes an unexpected turn when they discover that the woman apparently didn't exist until 18 months earlier.

My sister was murdered in '84,
so he'd look a lot older now.

Okay. And nothing in the sex offender
registry? Fugitives...?

- All right. Well, thank you for trying.
- No luck, huh?

I promise this won't take longer
than if we stopped for a cup of coffee.

- As long as I can get some here.
- I'm warning you, she's out of it.

A few days ago she thought
I was Carol Burnett. The hair.

Carrie, we weren't sure you were
gonna make it out today.

I'm sorry I'm late. Hi, Alice.

So? How was it?

How was what?

Al, you look great. You two
should go on vacation more often.


- Alice, where did Carrie and Al go?
- Vermont.

They rented a cabin in...
Where was it?



Morrisville. It was beautiful.

The leaves, so many colours.

I don't give a damn about the foliage.
Did you decide?

- Are you two moving in or what?
- Oh, no.

Al and I are not-

Having sex? Please.

- Alice.
- Well, it's ridiculous.

They're together a year and a half...

...running between each other's
apartments, paying two rents.

Which is why Al and l
are apartment hunting now.

Yes, we are. Excuse me.

You keep dragging your feet like this,
he's going to move on.

We've got something, honey.

But if you want to stay...

Al and I will come back, okay?

Go catch some criminals.

- Mike, what do we got?
- So far just the car.

Local warehouse security guy
called it in.

Found it on his morning rounds,
5 a.m.

Engine running.
Wasn't here at the 2 a.m. patrol.

- Who's the car belong to?
- Registered to Harrison Publicity.

No body?

Looks like somebody was dragged,
from the bench...

...to the rocks and into the water.

May turn out not to be a homicide,
but if and when a body shows...

...I don't wanna be the jerk
who let the scene be compromised.

We'll get some divers in the river,
see what they find.

- Look what was hiding in the rocks.
- A Louboutin. The Mercedes of shoes.

Meaning it goes with the car?

Meaning no one would
willingly leave it behind.

Our Cinderella got an address?

No, but Harrison PR does.

Kelly? Come on in.

Doesn't look like PR firm.

Harrison has the lease,
but Kelly pays cash.

- What's her last name?
- I never asked.

Who pays their rent in cash?

Drug dealers, strippers, escorts.

This about last night?
It wasn't a big deal.

What happened last night?

She got into some
kind of fight with a guy.

Neighbour called me.
I came up, knocked a few times...

- ...they calmed down pretty quickly.
- Thanks.

So, what do you think?
Look like a struggle?

Or someone who couldn't decide
what to wear.

This is Kelly Latimer's apartment.

New York's number one socialite,
famous Texas Latimer.

Oil money.
What the hell is she doing living here?

Probably spent the family fortune
on clothes.

She's gotta keep up
with Ashley Phillips.

She used to be number one.
Apparently they hate each other.

- According to?
- Gossip magazines.

You can't buy milk without
passing them at the checkout stand.

The amount of useless information in
your brain, ever worry you'll hit a max?

By the way, it's not that useless.
Check out the blogs.

Lot of back and forth
about where she is.

- Worried fans?
- Not that worried. Listen to this one.

"Kelly Latimer missing.
Ding dong. Is the bitch dead?"

With friends like those...

These blogs are nasty.

I mean,
Kelly's accused of being over-eager...

...wearing the wrong designer,
social climbing.

Couldn't do anything
without being judged.

- I feel sorry for her.
- I don't. Comes with the territory.

Plus, she's got like 10,006 friends
on Frienderz.

Don't have room for all of them
on the board.

Make room for Ashley Phillips. She's
the one fuelling this smear campaign.

Think our prom queen
could've had anything to do with this?

According to Citysmear...

...their fights have
already gotten physical.

Ashley pushed Kelly
down a flight of stairs...

...at some fundraiser because
Kelly showed up with Ashley's ex...

...who is now Kelly's boyfriend.

Maybe that's who
she was fighting with.

- Name's Dean Mark Claman.
- The writer?

I read his memoir. Amazing. About
how he escaped from a Thai prison.

Had him on false drug charges.

Maybe they weren't false.
Maybe he's still dealing.

Kelly paid her rent in cash.
She could've gotten involved.

Some of these websites think
this whole thing is a publicity stunt.

I wonder.

Whether she did it for publicity?

That whole world is about publicity.

This is a very rich girl...

...and she's living in a studio apartment
the size of a closet in Queens.

And all those magazine pictures?
There's not one in that apartment.

Only these, pictures of her
alone in a photo booth.

We have a complaint report
from the 4th Precinct in Manhattan.

Kelly Latimer was robbed
outside a club two weeks ago.

Had some fancy necklace stolen.

- Rough couple of weeks.
- Or not.

Still don't have a body.

For all we know, she could be holed up
in a five-star resort somewhere.

Mike, what do we have
on the PR firm?

They handle a lot of these people.
Laurel Harrison...

...the president and CEO...

...named Trendspotter of the Year
by Stylemonger Magazine.

Okay, till Kelly calls in from Cabo,
we treat this like a homicide.

Mike, you and Roe
check out Harrison PR...

...Carrie and I'll take the boyfriend.

You okay
about what happened this morning?

Yeah. I...

Yeah, I guess I didn't realise
how much I've missed her.

I hope I could go back
with you sometime.

How would Elaine feel about that?

She'd be fine,
given the circumstances.

"The taxi made its way
off the Triborough Bridge...

...onto quiet streets
blanketed in snow.

They wouldn't stay white for long,
but on that Christmas Sunday...

...I realised I was finally home."

Mr. Claman? Dean?

- Just a second.
- Mr. Claman.

Mr. Claman,
talk to you for a second?

- You think I did something to her?
- Timing's kind of suspect, no?

Fight with your girlfriend
same night she goes missing.

Why would I hurt Kelly?

Maybe a good subject
for your next book.

- This one's about a drug arrest.
- You should read it.

That was in Thailand,
and they were trumped-up charges.

Anywhere you think
she could've gone? Family? Friends?

I don't think she has any friends...

...beside the groupies,
and definitely not her family.

They cut her off without a dime
till she was 25, she said.

What about after the break-up?

Nothing. I left and went to a friend's.

- Ashley Phillips.
- Your ex.

Yeah, I just wanted to talk to someone.
Look, it's been, what?

Twelve hours.
She's gonna show up.

How'd you get that scratch
on your chin?

A cut from shaving.

I overslept this morning
and I was rushing to get here.

Like I said,
I can't deal with the drama.

Laurel will just be a second.

- Some bottled water?
- No, we're good, thanks.

- Yeah?
- Got the records from Kelly's cell phone.

Last call was at 2:15 a.m.
to Harrison PR.

Boyfriend's alibi is
that he was with Ashley Phillips.

Trying to confirm, I'll let you know.

- All right.
- Check it out. Twitter.

No more
"Ding dong, the bitch is dead."

Now it's all,
"We pray for Kelly's safe return."

You still think this is a PR stunt.

- Working, isn't it?
- She'll see you now.

Kelly's last call was to here
at 2:15 this morning.

We're all just praying she comes back,
safe and sound.

One minute.

Thank you, Vanessa.

Love you more. So sorry.

Trent Gorney, the promoter,
he's opening his new lounge tonight...

...and I guaranteed
celebrities and press.

But staying busy is good
for me. Keeps me from falling apart.

Why did Kelly Latimer call you
last night?

You know
you were the last call she made?

Oh, my God.

- What did you talk about?
- I took the call.

- At 2:15?
- lt was an early evening.

And I was at some stupid event.

Zeke said she sounded upset.

I called her the minute I got home
but it went straight to voicemail.

Know what
she was upset about?

Have you seen the blogs?

All these online attacks.
She takes them so personally.

I tell her not to read them, but...

Your client Ashley Phillips is
responsible for some of that, isn't she?

You ever hear her make any threats?

All the time.
But Ashley would never...

I mean, none of those posts
are actually written by Ashley.

It's the hangers-on who wanna
feel like part of the scene.

We're ready to go.

Is there anything else I can help
you with? My schedule's a little nutso.

Yeah, I was wondering...

...something like this,
anything Kelly would do for...

Publicity? That's not a dirty word
around here, detective.

But, no. I've engineered
quite a few stunts in my life.

But this isn't one of them.

I tried to get to Ashley
through her lawyers but-

Let me guess. She's too busy
getting ready for a big night out.

These people are unbelievable.

One of their own goes missing, and
they're focused on this club opening.

Which is why we should go.

- Where?
- To the opening.

All of our players will be there, drunk,
without their team censoring them.

We don't have to say
who we are.

- You mean undercover?
- Yeah. I used to be pretty good at it.

The boyfriend knows us.
We talked to him.

We don't know if he'll be there.
We'll be dressed up, it'll be dark.

Come on, we passed as
a 20-something couple with my mom.

Who's a little memory-challenged.
Us clubbing is different.

I wasn't suggesting we go clubbing.

- I'll just ask Nina.
- Yeah.

Chelsea! Hey, Chelsea!

Hey, Lindsay, over here!

Art! Art, over here!

- I don't think my assistant RSVP'd.
- Not on the list, not getting in.

Listen to me, my- Trent!

Hey! Oh, my God, this is amazing.

It's been a few years. We met at
the opening of Hyperion, July 2007.

Total downpour.
I was with Kate Moss.

She had on
these amazing leather pants...

...and you saved them
with that giant umbrella of yours.

Yeah, great to see you.

It's like a super power.

I got it from a picture
off one of those blogs.

Hey, isn't that Ashley Phillips
and her publicist?

Wonder what they're arguing about?

Maybe Ashley's wearing a dress
from last season.

Well, let's go find out, then.

It was, like, really special.
My grammy, she's so old school...

Excuse me. You're Ashley Phillips,
right? And you're Laurel Harrison?

I'm Carrie, this is my colleague Nina.
We're developing a show...

...about society girls, Celebutantes...

...and I know the timing is a little weird
with Kelly Latimer's disappearance.

Please, this whole
gone-missing thing is total garbage.

Ashley's just not used to
not being the centre of attention.

I get it.
Come on, she stole your boyfriend.

He probably needs a shoulder
to cry on.

And take back Kelly's sloppy thirds?
No, thank you.

Oh, good. That's good to hear.

We were concerned
about likeability.

Oh, my God. Ashley is so likeable.

So those rumours that you were
together with Dean last night...?

What? Oh, my God, where did
you see that? Nothing happened.

He was upset.
They had literally just broken up.

I'm buzzing. Sorry, the boss.

Police have been notified.

A homeless guy found her.
Saw her in the water.

Stopped at 3:12,
approximate time of death.

That's weird. It's a Rolex.
It's not supposed to stop.

It's probably a fake,
since she's a fake Latimer.

Actually, all the Latimers are fake.
Oil money? Texas? They don't exist.

10,000 friends
and nobody knew who she was.

And neither do we.

Anything from
the Missing Persons Database?

It's hard without a name.
I checked with the Bureau.

Ran her through
facial recognition. Nothing.

Autopsy report. Whoever she was,
she had water in her lungs.

So she's alive when she hits the water.
Any toxicology?

Blood shows significant levels
of alcohol, Vicodin and Xanax.

I think we gotta look at
suicide here, boss.

Boyfriend and publicist both said
she was really emotional.

Bad break-up, no mercy on the blogs.

Anyone who's gonna invent
a whole life...

...gotta be a little screwy
to begin with.

I disagree. We have no idea
if this girl was suicidal.

And the drag marks by the bench?
She drag herself into the water?

And the car was still running,
by the way.

Gonna kill yourself,
you're not thinking about saving gas.

Where her body went into the water,
two feet down.

There's 787 bridges in the city.

Wanna off yourself,
there are better places.

- There's the lacerations on her face.
- She was knocked around in the river.

No. I say go back to the boyfriend,
they fought.

Yeah, but Ashley corroborated
his alibi.

Doesn't mean anything.
They could've been in on it.

Maybe someone found
she wasn't who she said she was.

Maybe someone from her real past
caught up with her.

Look, we don't know anything
about this girl.

I think...
I think the way we figure out...

...how her life ended
is to figure out where it began.

I agree. Let's find when our
Jane Doe became Kelly.

Photos, employment records,
whatever's out there.

Seven hundred eighty-seven
bridges, huh?

Really? because I got 786.

Spuyten Duyvil Railroad Bridge.
Reopened in '92.

Seven eighty-seven. You're right.

I'm in complete shock.

And then I find out she's not even
who I thought she was?

So you had no idea?

No, I had to find out
from the Huffington Post.

This has never
happened to me before.

- Page Six again
- Call back.

So when you dealt with
her apartment, car...

I had her driver's licence.
I'm not the DMV.

- Of course.
- What about strangers?

Anyone you didn't recognise?

Oh, my God. There was this guy.

Totally accosted Kelly at Hyperion,
Trent's other club.

She said he was some random
stranger, had him tossed...

...but she was totally freaked out.

Maybe a security camera
picked up something.

No, with clientele like that,
Trent doesn't allow it.

Too many privacy issues. But paparazzi
might have caught something.


This is the first record we have
of Kelly Latimer...

...the day she quit
waitressing at the Full Moon diner.

There's your boy Trent,
from the club.

She looks so innocent.
Hard to believe it's only 11 months ago.

Maybe Trent met her at the diner.
They get a big after-hours crowd.

- We get a r?sum? on her?
- No, manager didn't have one...

...but he said she worked there
seven months. I don't know before that.

As far as we're concerned,
Kelly Latimer was 18 months old.

Maybe if we figure out
what happened to her 18 months ago?

I don't know. She could've had a lifetime
before that to be...

...disappointed or terrified or...

Whatever it was that drove her
to become Kelly.

You know, even if you
throw your past away...

...there's always something
you hold on to.

Let's take another look
at Kelly's apartment.

They broke into Kelly's apartment.

They stole everything.
Paparazzi, man.

- Probably auction it all off on eBay.
- We're just gonna look around.

What exactly are you expecting
to find here?

I don't know.
I'll let you know when I find it.

- What is it?
- Wait a sec.

She has a snow globe.

It says "Mountain State."

Kelly's real name is Leanne Farley,
from Huntington, West Virginia.

Went missing 18 months ago.

Her husband Joe Farley filed a missing
persons report with the local police.

- Husband?
- Not a loving one.

Arrested twice for beating her.
One time she ended up in the hospital.

- She never pressed charges.
- She was too scared.

You got a mug shot of this guy?

Mike got this from
Laurel Harrison's photographer.

Guy who was stalking her.
Same guy.

It's the husband.

Police! Get your hands up!

- You're under arrest.
- For what?

Well, possession for one.

From the looks of it, solicitation.

Your boss misses you, Joe.

All of a sudden,
you tell him you need a vacation.

- Two weeks turn into three.
- A little sightseeing in the Big Apple...

...murder your estranged wife. Brilliant.

Put it all, hotel room included,
on your credit card. Even more brilliant.

How did you find her?

- I didn't kill her, okay?
- Just answer the question.

Neighbour saw her picture in some
celebrity magazine with the name...

..."Kelly Latimer."
Latimer's the name of her first dog.

So, what, you Googled her...

...found out she's at Hyperion
Thursday nights-

She wiped out my bank account,
15 grand, then took off.

Yeah, I'd be pissed too.

So you confronted her and
when she wouldn't give the money-

She gave me the money.

Look, I didn't even know she was dead
until you guys showed up.

Wanna know where I've been?
Ask the hotel bartender.

Been there every night.

Hotel like that, a soda costs what,
like 10 bucks?

You'd tear through
15 grand pretty fast.

So who's paying the bill, Joe?

- Were you blackmailing your wife?
- What? No.

Jethro, we got you on possession,
solicitation, you're screwed.

So if you tell us what really went on,
we might soften the hit.

Or not, and we add your wife's murder
to the list.

You got a motive,
you're an angry spouse with a record.

She gave me 150,000 okay?

Plus, she promised 10 a month.

That's a lot of interest on 15 grand.

Why would I kill her and ruin that?

Latimers don't exist,
so where'd she get the cash?

One of her fancy friends?

It'd take a really close friend
to lend you that much money.

I don't think she had any.

Boyfriend Dean has got
a history of dealing.

There was no drugs found
at her apartment, no paraphernalia.

So how does a fake heiress
come up with all that cash?

You kidding? It's like five carats.
He could get tons for that.

It was special, though.

Like, my grammy, she's so old school.
It was like her "bride prize."

You kidding? It's like five carats.
He could get tons for that.

It was special, though.

Like, my grammy, she's so old school.

- Hey, Mike.
- Yeah.

Kelly's robbery.
You got that complaint report?

- Yeah, it's right here. Why?
- No reason.

Your whole Kate Moss story?

I should've known.

Too many details.

People always do that
when they're lying.

- Did you know Kelly was lying, Trent?
- That was a shocker.

Looks like she lied
about her robbery too.

Report said it happened off Vandam,
around the corner from your club.

- Rough neighbourhood.
- Yeah, it would seem so.

Cartier watch, Tiffany locket,
Dior brooch...

...all reported stolen from in or around
your club in the last five months.

I know,
we've got some security issues.

One of our hostesses was
borrowing 20s from the cash register...

...every night, bouncer got caught
snooping around the coat-check-

An awful lot of detail, Trent.

You wanna know
how I think it all goes down?

Lot of young girls in your club. Rich.

Trust funds are okay, problem is...

...daddy won't let them
get their hands on the cash.

Of course, if you have
Grandma Charlotte's watch...

...or Aunt Lauren's locket
or a rented Harry Winston necklace...

...who knows
how much those are worth?

All you need is someone
to arrange it. Right?

I don't care about fencing
sweet 16 gifts, okay? I don't.

I care about a dead girl.

This is the first photo
of Kelly in New York.

Farewell dinner at the diner.

What was your toast?

That she was the hardest-working
heiress I'd ever met.

I'd come in 2, 3 in the morning.
She was always there.

That beautiful smile.

Kelly Latimer of the Texas Latimers.

Tell me about the necklace.

She told me it was a family heirloom.

Was I mad when I found out
it was a rental job?

Sure. But I would never do anything
to hurt Kelly.

What about the people
you sold it to?

They don't care.
They paid 150K, they got a deal.

Okay. Does anyone else knew
about this?

Few days after our robbery...

..Dean came around asking
all these questions.

I think he suspected something.

When I found out
where Kelly came from...

...the life she'd lived,
it all made sense.

She just wanted to be loved.

That's all.

If Dean found out about the necklace,
he probably found out about her past.

- Felt betrayed, angry.
- Angry enough to kill her?

You know, I did something
like this once.

I mean, I didn't pretend to be rich
or anything but...

About five years ago, I was travelling
through Northern California.

Stopped in this small town,
it was beautiful.

I met this guy.

You know how you go to a bar,
a guy asks you your name...

...and for fun, you say,
"I'm a stewardess called Wendy"?

- You were Wendy?
- No, I was Kate.

I thought it was gonna be
one night.

And then we really liked each other.

Maybe I was just trying to prove
something to myself, that I could...

...be normal, have a normal relationship
and normal life.

So, what happened?

Were you in love with him?

I don't know. No.

- No?
- lt was nice.

I wasn't a cop, I wasn't chasing
a killer, I wasn't me.

Kind of got to take a vacation
from myself, you know?

And then I realised
I'd dragged this really...

...decent guy into a lie
and I didn't...

I didn't know how to tell him
so I just...


But if he had found out...

I don't know.

And you think maybe Dean found out
about Kelly and couldn't handle it?

I think Dean is all about Dean.
I don't know what he'd do.

I think he'd probably
just write a memoir about it.


Through the endless miles of Queens,
as if on whispered feet-

Triborough Bridge.
Quiet streets blanketed in snow.

They wouldn't stay white for long,
but on that Christmas Sunday...

...I realised I was finally home.

- Dean's memoir is set in 2009.
- Okay.

December 25th, 2009
was not a Sunday.

It was a Friday.

So I got the day of the week wrong.

And, Dean,
that's not all you got wrong.

See, I've been to Southeast Asia.

That's just one of 12 inconsistencies
in the first 60 pages.

This isn't a memoir, it's fiction.

It's not.

That cut on your face from shaving,
maybe that's fiction too.

Maybe the truth is you got it
from dumping your girlfriend's body...

- ...in the East River.
- What? No.

So, what, Kelly needed money...

...threatened to expose
your book as a lie.

Kelly's the one
who wasn't telling the truth.

- You did know about her past?
- No.


- I figured it out.
- When?

The night she was murdered?


Leanne. Whatever. She was acting weird
after the necklace was stolen.

Didn't even seem upset.

I started asking around, ended up
with Trent. Told me to talk to Kelly.

That's when she told the truth.
That's what the fight was about.

It was a lot to digest.

Who she was...

...that she was married.

But I didn't kill her.

You lied in your book.
You lied the first time we talked-

I was with her the night before,
I knew that the building guy heard us.

And you were right,
I didn't cut myself shaving.

She scratched me
when I tried to leave.

She was so upset.

She knew I made that stuff up
in my book.

She didn't care.

But when she was honest with me,
I couldn't be there for her.

I couldn't do the same.

What difference did it make
if her name was Kelly or Leanne?

When she needed me,
I wasn't there for her.

Oh, I'd say. You were with Ashley.

You guys break up
and you go running to your ex...

...who just happens to be the person
who hates her most in the world.

You don't get it.

What don't I get?

I want my lawyer.

Dean, you may think you need
to protect yourself.

It's not about me.

I want a lawyer.

It's not about me.

Please, this whole gone-missing thing
is total garbage.

Ashley's just not used
to not being the centre of attention.

And he probably needs
a shoulder to cry on right now.

And take back Kelly's sloppy thirds?
No, thank you.

You're right.

It's not about you.

I hope you've brought us here
for a reason.

My client had to rearrange
her entire schedule.

How you doing, Ashley?

We haven't see you since, what,

Yeah, "reality producers."
You guys were good. I mean it.

It's part of the job.
You were good too.


You know, the whole celebutante rival,
hating Kelly Latimer?

- It's just part of your job, right?
- lf you have a question, ask it.

How do you do it?

Act like you hate her,
trash her in the press?

- What do you mean?
- How do you do it day after day...

...to someone who was your friend?

Either explain what you're after-

We tracked yours
and Kelly's cell phone location...

...for the past couple of weeks.

These are from last Sunday afternoon.

Four hours, both your phones
pinged off the exact same tower...

...from 60th and Lex
all the way to Coney lsland.

If I didn't know you were enemies,
I'd say you were hanging out.

What were you and Laurel arguing
about in the club before we came over?

- I don't remember.
- You seemed pretty upset.

Your friend goes missing,
she's probably dead.

Your publicist says to you, "No worry.
No tears. Not a drop of concern.

The show must go on." Right?

That whole gone-missing thing,
that was garbage.

That was your line. It was good.

So good that Laurel texted you
right after to tell you how good it was.

- This whole thing was an act.
- We're done here.

- lt was an act, just admit it.
- This is ridiculous.

Don't touch me.

Of course it was an act.

Laurel invented
this whole Kelly-versus-me thing.

She kept saying it would
create buzz for both of us...

...and we'd get really famous,
like Kardashian famous.

And we did.

But it wasn't worth it.

We could never be seen together.

She was my best friend.

When Dean told me
how much she was hurting...

...I couldn't call her. I couldn't go to her
when she needed me most.

I wasn't allowed to.

I'm sorry, Kelly.

Best friends? I thought Ashley stole
Kelly's boyfriend?

No, apparently Ashley and Dean
were just for show.

But Ashley and Kelly were real.
That's why Dean went to Ashley.

He'd just had a fight with Kelly, wanted
her best friend to take care of her.

Ashley couldn't go to Kelly because
they were supposed to be enemies.

- So she called Laurel?
- Right.

She told her she was worried about her.
Laurel said she'd check in with Kelly.

I said I'd check in...

...but I was working. I was
just trying to get her off the phone.

I couldn't hear what Ashley
was saying, it was so loud.

Hear the part about
Kelly not being Kelly?

I didn't believe a word of it.

It was just Ashley tearing Kelly down,
once again.

We understand that you have
to spin things for the press.

That's business. We get it.

But we know that Ashley and Kelly
were best friends. We know that.

Is that what Ashley told you?
Such a drama queen.

Now that she's dead,
they're best friends.

Makes her look good.

You didn't talk to Kelly that night,

No. I told the other guys,
Zeke took the call.

Don't you guys share notes?

We've taken up enough of your time.
Thank you for coming in.

Do you mind if we hang on to Zeke
for a few minutes?

Just wanna ask him
a couple questions.

Not at all.

Zeke, Zeke, Zeke,
always in the background.

But I think you know
exactly what's going on.

That's what makes me
a good assistant.

We looked into you a little.

In the last five years,
three of the people you've worked for...

...ended up being sued,
arrested or worse.

But you just walked away,
clean as a whistle.

Just lucky, I guess.

Thing is,
I don't believe in luck. Do you?

Not really.

There's a reason
you always land on your feet, Zeke.

You got a good way of protecting
yourself, don't you?

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Let me enlighten you.

Trent told me you and Laurel arranged
for him to fence Kelly's necklace.

See, I thought it was Kelly's idea.

But it's getting real clear
who's calling the shots around here.

Look, Laurel was trying to help Kelly
pay back her crazy husband.

- I was just doing my job.
- You should put that on a T-shirt.

Wanna know what I think?

I think Dean didn't know
Kelly's real identity.

I don't even think
her best friend knew who she was.

But Laurel, well, she's a pro.

She would've done her homework.
I think Laurel created Kelly Latimer.

Made up this whole "it" girl
feuding story.

Even hired a little crook like Trent
when Kelly needed cash.

Then one day Kelly decides she wants
the world to know who she really is.

Only problem is that's gonna expose
the truth about Laurel too.

Look, I don't know anything.

You said you took Kelly's
phone call that night.

It was the last call she ever made.

Zeke, if you got a way
to protect yourself this time...

...I'd definitely use it.

She just left.

I recorded the phone call.

Let's hear it.

You two again?

We found someone we like
for Kelly Latimer's murder.

He was following her to clubs
for weeks.

We caught him back at the crime scene.
It would help if you could come lD him.

- Of course. I'll try.
- Thank you.

I don't understand. Is the guy here?

The person who killed Kelly?


We know you were here with Kelly
the night she was murdered, Laurel.

No, I wasn't.
I had no idea where she was.

So you never talked to her
on the telephone?

I've told you a million times,
I never talked to her.

That's really interesting because
we got this from your assistant.

Hey, honey, I'm at an event.
What's going on?

Dean and I broke up.
I told him about me.

- You what?
- Don't be mad, Laurel, he figured it out

What did you say to him? Kelly,
did you tell him about the necklace?

I'm so sorry, Laurel.
I can't live like this.

Oh, my God. Do you understand
what you just did?

You understand what'll happen?

I don't care. I'm sick of pretending.

I won't do it anymore. Please, Laurel,
help me. You're my friend.

- Where are you?
- At the river...

... in the park,
where Dean and I always go.

Stay there. I'm coming right now.

Zeke didn't take her call, you did.

Zeke recorded it.

That doesn't prove anything.
So I told her I was going to meet her.

Doesn't mean I actually did.

That's true.

But the thing is, we found
a hair underneath her fingernail.

And I have a feeling when
the DNA results come back...

...it's gonna match yours,
and that will prove something.

I didn't wanna hurt her.

I just...

She was sitting right here...

...going on and on...

...about Dean and Ashley
and how much she loved them.

She was gonna go off, start a new life.
She had a life here, I gave it to her.

She passed out.

I felt her pulse.

She'd taken so many drugs,
she was practically dead already.

And I thought...

You thought
it would solve all your problems.

She had everything
that anyone could want.

- And she wanted to die.
- No, she didn't. She wanted a friend.

Since when did we have DNA
from under Kelly's fingernails?

We didn't. I made it up.

- You lied?
- Yeah, I'm good at it.

You know,
I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.

- For what?
- The Kate thing.

Yeah, I should never
have told you about that.

- No.
- No, it's- I'm sure it freaked you out.

- No
- lt freaked you out.

- lt freaked you out.
- lt didn't freak me out.

It just made me realise
how long it's been.

Nine years.

Sometime you'll tell me about
all these lives you lived.

Oh, or not.

Kate was just someone
I needed to be at the time.

I never thought I'd say this,
but I'm okay...

...with where I am right now,
you know?

And that's why I'm gonna ask you...

...not to come
and see my mom with me again.

But you might have a chance
to be with her again.

It's not who I am anymore.

It's not who we are anymore.


There's that.

You sure you're not related to her?

Yes, I'm sure.

Excuse me, Carrie,
if you have those new contracts...

Yes, I have the contracts.

- Wonderful.
- Carrie.

Why do you have
a drawing of Jonathan?