Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 5 - With Honor - full transcript

When Al's ex-partner is gunned down and the investigation reveals he may have been a dirty cop, Carrie must decide how to support him without getting too close.

- Come on, Carrie.
- It's okay. We're still in this.

It might help if you aimed more
for the gutter.

Moyer, stop breaking her balls.
She's new.

She's no competition.

Ignore them. You're doing great.
You can still pick up the spare.

I know what to do,
it's doing it that's the problem.

Forget the score. You're here to meet
friends. You're part of the family.

Don't rub it in.
And by the way, I'm here...

...because a human arm can only be
twisted so far before permanent injury.

Lane 7.

- Focus.
- Here I go.


- Bring it home, baby.
- Yeah.

I did it.

Hey. Obviously, you guys are doing
pretty well.

I want you to keep keeping score,
but stop cheating.

It's embarrassing.

So, Carrie, this guy teaching you
the ropes?

Yeah, you know, it's not like Syracuse,
which he likes to remind me.

Al Burns, big-city cop. Love it.

Okay, here we go.

His first six months, when he was
working Homicide in the 116...

...I swear, he thinks the BQE
is a sandwich.

It was one time. Can you believe
I put up with this guy...

...as a partner?

- Oh, you put up with me?
- Yeah.

For real, without Jim, six months,
I would have been back in Syracuse.

Plus, he let me sleep on his couch
when my sublet fell through.

- Al says you're the real deal.
- Really?

Yeah. They could use
some murder police in the 117.

- Get your numbers up.
- We're doing just fine.

Hello? Am I the only one bowling?

Dodge Durango,
licence plate RQD-760.

Jim, is that your truck?

- Yeah. Yeah, hell. That is me.
- Your lights are on.

I'll go with you.
I'm jonesing for a smoke.

Don't whine if I got a strike
on the board.

- Yeah, in your dreams, brother.
- Just saying.

Was I wrong?

- Good guy, right?
- Yeah, he's a great guy.

And he seems to really like you.

You sound surprised.

No, I'm not. I'm happy for you.
You've made a really good life here.

Shots fired.

- Go, go. Move, move.
- I'm on it.

Go. Call it in.

We got two officers shot. Call a 13.

- It's okay. I got you. Lay back.
- Help Kelly.

Al's with him.
Kelly's gonna be fine, okay?

Oh, God, Jim.

Hold on.

Hold on.

Did anyone see the shooter?

Hold on. We'll get you some help.

Just breathe. Focus on breathing.

Somebody get him a damn car!

Oh, hey. Chaplain called their wives.
They're on their way.

They're stabilising Moyer.

And Kelly?

Al's in with him now.
It doesn't look good.

Carrie, is Al okay?

Al's okay. He's fine. It's a couple of
detectives from 116. Kelly and Moyer.

- Jim Kelly?
- Yeah.

We just had dinner with him.

We got it.


Come on. Come on. Come on.

No, no.

Oh, please, no.

I can run to your place,
get you a shirt.

It's okay. Stay with Sue.

I should be with her,
but knowing you are...

No, I can stay with her.

I should get on this.

There's no way this was random.
This was a hit.

Hold on. It's okay.
We'll get you some help.

Just breathe. Focus on breathing.

Somebody get him a damn car!

Kelly's car lights, they weren't on.
That was just a lie to get him out.

Have Roe follow up
with the bowling alley.

We need to lD the person
who phoned it in. How's Moyer?

In surgery.
We won't be able to talk to him.

I'll run Kelly's files. See if anybody was
paroled or had a beef with him.

Maybe he was looking at our shooter
for another crime.

Mike, this is the only case we work on
till I say different.

Yeah. We're gonna find him, Al.

- I'm sorry.
- lf there's anything you remember...

Yeah. No, of course. Absolutely.

So we got paint residue off the car.

Shooters were driving
a silver something.

So all I need from you
is a vehicle type.

Nina, guy who reported Kelly's lights
were on...

...called it in to the snack bar.

Girl there couldn't make age
or ethnicity.

Let's call Mike.
Get an emergency dump on the phone.

Got it. It's the right taillight
from a 2009 Escalade.

All right, let's get an APB out
on the car.

That SUV was not at the bowling alley
when Al and I arrived.

I don't care where he worked,
it falls under our jurisdiction!

Al's never gonna give up this case.
Kelly saved his life.

Back when they were partners.
They wanted pizza.

So Al goes in to get a couple slices
just as the place is being held up.

Perp gets the drop on Al,
but Kelly was right behind him, boom.

- We're keeping the case.
- That's great.

- Listen, you need to change your shirt.
- I will.

You need to do it now.
You're freaking people out.

Hey, patrol found the SUV.

Okay. I'm on way, ETA five.

Plates come back to an address in
Yonkers. Owner reported it stolen.

- Getting any prints?
- Looks like the shooter wiped it down.

- Could've been more than one perp.
- CSU found shell casings from one gun.

No, the gunshots and tyre screeches
were simultaneous.

Hard to drive that fast
and shoot at the same time.

Our shooter, he had a driver.

So we're looking for two killers.

Hey, maybe they used that
to wipe it down.

These are from the snack bar
at the bowling alley.

And the receipt says
they're from last night.

- lf they had that in the car, then-
- One of our killers came inside.

Order 197.

If might help if you aimed
a little more for the gutter.

Moyer, stop breaking her balls.
She's new here.

Order 195.

Ignore them. You're doing great.
You can still pick up the spare.

Order 196.

I know what to do,
it's doing it that's the problem.


I saw him.

I saw one of the guys.

Theo Walker, a.k.a. Zippy.

What kind of genius comes into a room
full of cops before shooting them?

It was crowded,
thought he could blend in.

Age 18, took three drug collars
in the past two years.

He's no rocket scientist.

Zippy's name doesn't pop up
in Kelly or Moyer's cases.

He does street-level
hand-to-hand sales.

Maybe he was trying
to make his bones.

Guys, got an address on him.

- Police! Show us your hands!
- Get down!

Come on!

- Hey, freeze, freeze, freeze!
- Where you going, Zippy?

- I'm not Zippy!
- That's Malcolm! Zippy's brother!

- Where's your brother?
- Get off me!

Al! Al!

- When's the last time you saw Zippy?
- His name is Theo.

- What did he do?
- We wanna talk to him.

- You busted down our door to talk?
- Hush. Hush.

- You work for the city?
- I taught fourth grade. I'm retired. So?

So I'm sorry about all of this, okay?

It's just we need to find Zip-

Theo. He's in trouble. If we don't
find him, his life could be in danger.

He uses this address for mail.
I kicked him out.

- Why?
- Because he was dealing.

I didn't want him dragging
his brother down.

You know where Zippy works,
any of his friends?

He works around here,
for a dealer named LeShawn.

- LeShawn got a last name?
- I bet he does, but I don't know it.

We'll check with Narcotics.


Slow down, slow down.

All right. All right. I'll carry it out.

This thing's heavy.

Internal Affairs showed up
with a warrant.

- Taking Jim's files, his computer.
- What the hell?

- They say why?
- Not to me.

- Are you okay?
- Why are they doing this to us?

- I don't know what they're doing.
- All right.

You in charge here?

- Who are you?
- Al Burns, Queens Homicide.

Lieutenant Willard, lnternal Affairs.
You have business here?

- Mrs. Kelly just lost her husband.
- I'm aware of that.

Tossed her house?
This how police treat their own?

- Detective, you wanna cool down?
- We're investigating Kelly's murder.

If the reason lnternal Affairs is here
affects our investigation...

...we need to know.

The details of my investigation
are not available to you at this time.

They think Kelly was dirty.

LeShawn Doyle.

According to Narcotics,
LeShawn got to town six years ago.

Started with Carlos DeMao
up in the Bronx.

Now the major player
in Queensbridge.

Controls almost all the corners.

No way LeShawn took over a territory
that big without dropping bodies.

Suspected in murders,
but nobody can make a case stick.

There's a connection. Guy's not
taking out cops for no reason.

There is.
According to the DA's office...

...Kelly and Moyer were looking
at LeShawn for a double homicide.

Couple of corner boys
got gunned down.

Well, both victims worked
for LeShawn's rivals.

We're thinking this guy ordered a hit
against the cops investigating him.

Kelly and Moyer collared somebody
else. LeShawn's been cleared.

According to the DA, he was.
Go back to the investigation.

Look at Moyer and Kelly's files,
interviews, notes.

There's gotta be something.

Boss, Kelly's case files
have been restricted.

Okay. We all know lA's been sniffing
around Jim Kelly.

Good luck to them. Jim was my friend.
I want the guys that killed him.

I'm not scared of lA. I don't give
a rat's ass about their investigation.

Anyone who does
is welcome to leave.


There's a connection
to LeShawn Doyle, let's find it.

I'll be at the hospital.


How are you doing?

Moyer's up and around.
I'm heading over there.

That's great.

But you, how are you doing?

How do you think?

It's everywhere.

Apparently lA was down in the garage
last week wiring up Kelly's car.

They're whispering about it in there.

- Jim didn't deserve this.
- I know.

- I'm not wrong about this.
- I know.

You remembered
it was a '69 Skylark up on the lift?

- Yeah.
- Not a '68 or a '70?

It has different grill work.

A couple of cold ones down here.

Kids would've gotten away
if you hadn't been there.

Well, lucky I appreciate
a good Buick.

Really? This place?

I thought Joe's, but Foley was talking
about the garlic fries last week.

People are gonna find out eventually.

Maybe by then we won't care.


Hey, Al. Fancy meeting you here.

Hey. You look great.

Nice outfit.

- Who's the lovely one?
- Carrie Wells.

Patrick Burns. Al's dad.

My, my, my.
What are you doing with this loser?

- Pat.
- Hi, Julie.

You remember Julie Ann?
Julie, you remember my son?

- You got 20 bucks?
- Can you wait in the car?

- They don't take-
- Can you wait in the car?

- Go home, would you?
- Come over and check it out.

I'm living in Salt Springs now.

- Yeah, how's that treating you?
- Not so good. It's got mosquitoes.

You got 20 bucks? I'm a little short
right now. If you don't mind.

That's a good boy.

I really miss you.

But, you, oh, boy. You, I love.

- Say hello to your mother. Your mother.
- Go home.

Did you talk to Al?


No, I mean, I tried.

Yeah, well,
reality can be an ugly thing.

- Do you think Kelly was dirty?
- What do I know?

- That was the son of a bitch?
- Goes by the name Zippy.

- You ever see him before?
- No. He better hope I never do.

We think he was sent
by LeShawn Doyle.

The dealer from Queensbridge?

- You liked LeShawn for that double?
- Yeah, but only briefly.

Wound up collaring
some low-level punk for that.

- Wound up collaring himself.
- What do you mean?

We found our perp OD'd on
the same junk he stole from his victim.

The gun matched the double.

- Could LeShawn think he's a suspect?
- There's no way.

His lawyer was all over us to clear him.
LeShawn knows we moved past him.

Can you think of any reason
why he'd have a beef with you?

Al, I'd never even met the scumbag.

And I'm pretty sure
that Kelly never did either.

There's another thing.

- You hear about lA?
- You know that there's no truth to that.

They're wrong, but lA doesn't
jam people up for no reason.

And if that reason has anything to do
with why Jim was killed...

We talking alone here?

- It's just between us.
- Come, I know.

Allegedly, some guys from my squad,
they lifted cash from a scene.

The victim was a scumbag.

It was a public-service homicide.

How much they take? Allegedly?

A hundred, 150.

But Kelly had nothing to do with it,

He's the most honest cop I ever met.

As soon as I get out,
I'm gonna kick some ass.

I'll save some for you.

All right.

Hey, how's Moyer?

Tough guy. He'll pull through.

- How about you?
- How about we don't talk about me?

Moyer isn't liking LeShawn for this.

Then he's in the minority.
Roe talked to Narcotics.

And both Zippy and LeShawn were
seen together just before the shooting.

All roads lead back to LeShawn.

What's he doing here?

- Burns, I need to talk to you.
- Okay.

In private.

there's no easy way to say this.

If Jim Kelly gave you something
that belonged to him to hold on to...

- ...now would be the time to tell me.
- Like what, exactly?

If you're in possession
of any evidence...

...and you fail to disclose that
to me...

You refuse to share anything
that could aid our investigation...

...then barge in
and accuse me of obstructing yours?

I understand you had a history
with Kelly.

And I respect that loyalty.

But I have seen a lot of good men
go down because of loyalty.

You threatening me?

Take your shot, Willard.
I'm an open book.

Easy, Burns.


Jim never gave me a thing.



This isn't coming from me.

Affairs believes that Kelly was tipping
off LeShawn Doyle on drug raids.

- He was leaking Narcotic's tac plan.
- No way.

Jim wouldn't have access to those.
He was Homicide.

We're seeing him log in
with a stolen password...

...to gain access to the system.

You've been digging
into his finances.

You know.

Kelly's in debt up to his eyeballs.

Because Sue has cancer.

They maxed out their insurance.

You explain to me how he pays
the hospital bill in full, 27 grand cash.

I don't know, but I know Kelly.

He never would have gotten into bed
with a scumbag like LeShawn.

Not even to save his wife?

You didn't know him like I do.

Detective, have a good day.

I'm supposed to pick out a casket.

Hopefully the department will still pay,
given what they're saying about Jim.

I need your help, Sue.


I know you and Jim were having issues
after you came home from the hospital.

Damn cancer. I wish I hadn't beat it.

No, don't talk like that.

Jim recently came into some money.

Used it to pay off your medical bills.

Any idea where he got it?

Jim handled our finances.
I have no idea.

Sue, please.


I need your help to clear Jim's name.

What does it matter?

Clearing his name
isn't gonna bring him back.

I'm not gonna let people tell lies
about him...

...when he's not here
to defend himself.

You're a good friend.

But don't stick your neck out
for Jim.

He would have done the same for me.

No, I'm saying,
you shouldn't stick your neck out.

Jim was a good husband.

If he was doing something wrong,
he was doing it for me.

- You don't think Jim...?
- I don't know where Jim got the money.

The bank owns this house.
Our credit cards are all maxed.

But the last several months,
Jim was more and more on edge.

- He was working on something.
- What?

He was bringing files home with him.

- Did lA get them yesterday?
- No.

Jimmy hid them too well.

But you know where they are.


Maybe it's not what it looks like.

This looks a lot like crack.

And this is the tactical plan for a raid
against one of LeShawn's dope houses.

Kelly stole it from the database,
just like lA said.

- Al, we don't know-
- What?

That the guy was dirty
as a subway toilet?

Sure we do.



Thanks, Fern.

You were right.

Traced the Skylark
to a chop shop in Montreal.

- I got this.
- Okay.

You know what? Let me get it.

It's okay. Hey, really.

He wasn't always like that.

You should've seen him
when I was a kid.

I thought he was a movie star,
an astronaut.

President of the United States.

Then the business went south.
Booze made it worse.

Yeah, it always does.

Guy had everything.

Looks, brains,
love of a good woman.

The best.

I'm sorry.

Not a question of sorry.

I trusted the man.

I loved him, made myself into him.

- He's inside me, you understand?
- Yeah.

But I don't care. It doesn't matter.

I love you.

How can you?

Because I do.

I owe you for the beers.

No. No, you gotta let a girl buy you
a drink every once in a while.

- Now, that's hard.
- No one said it was gonna be easy.

Zippy's dead.

Narcotics detectives
from the 116 caught up to him.

Detectives Franco and Cantone,
when did you see the suspect?

We were working our usual B&B.
Subject approached us to make a buy.

I recognised him as the suspect
in Detective Kelly's murder.

Did you try to arrest him?

He resisted.

Well, Zippy won't be rolling over
on LeShawn.

Have Ballistics rush the test.
Could be the gun that killed Kelly.

They really unloaded on him, huh?

That's what happens
when cops find cop killers.

Hey, Mike.
Come here and look at this.

Al found all this stuff
in Kelly's house.

- These are the files that Kelly stole?
- Al told you?

Yeah, well, we go back a ways.

These are the narcotics arrests made
in the 116 over the last six months.

- See anything wrong?
- Look like they're doing good.

Except right here.

Almost seven months, only two arrests
in this area he marked off.

- ls that LeShawn's territory?
- Yeah.

So LeShawn's dealers
are getting a free pass.

His rivals are arrested or killed.

I think LeShawn
is working with dirty cops...

...but I don't think
Kelly was one of them.

The two detectives,
the ones who shot Zippy.

What are their names?

A couple of guys out of the 116.

- R. Franco and A. Cantone?
- Yeah, yeah. Franco and Cantone.

Okay. Their names are all over
these files, circled on every single one.

- Kelly was looking at other cops.
- Why he stole the password.

- He didn't want anyone to know.
- We gotta tell Al.

Let's just make sure I'm right
before we get his hopes up.

How we gonna do that?

Man, you kicked out my taillight.

Don't worry, LeShawn.
Just gonna hold onto this.

All right.

- How long we supposed to keep them?
- As long as it takes.

- Here's to the newest kid.
- Yeah.


- Can I buy you guys a drink?
- No, maybe I should buy you a drink.

This is on behalf all of us at the 117.

Hey, can we get another round here,
please? Thank you.

Got supermodels on the job.

No, actually, I'm a Homicide detective.
Carrie Wells.

- Rick Franco.
- Yeah, yeah. Queens Homicide.

- Tony Cantone.
- I know. Good to shake your hand.

You guys really did us a solid
taking out Zippy.

- Scum like him, good riddance.
- Yeah.

LeShawn, you got him freaking out.
We collared him for Kelly's murder.

Yeah. I don't follow. LeShawn Doyle?

Yeah. We got this tip that he was the
one who gave Zippy the hit. Thank you.

So the guy we got
is just the shooter?

There are other people involved.
LeShawn's ready to make a deal.

He's gonna name names.
All thanks to you guys.

Drink to that, right? Cheers.

All right, I can't stay. I gotta go.

- Take care, all right?
- You too.

Oh, looks like somebody's desperate
to reach you, buddy.

We thought it was the best way
to handle it.

- Moyer, how you doing?
- I'm good.

You picked up LeShawn
for Kelly's murder?

No. No, we detained him
on a traffic violation.

Then why are 20 guys calling to ask
why we're offering him a deal?

- Because it worked.
- What worked?

We were testing a theory.

I lied to two detectives.
Told them we were flipping LeShawn.

If you're getting calls, they're trying to
find out if LeShawn is flipping on them.

Wait, what other detectives?
What is going on?

You were right.
Kelly wasn't on the take.

He was investigating two cops
who were. Narc guys out of the 116.

Franco and Cantone?

Kelly figured out that they were helping
LeShawn corner the drug market.

They would take drugs from other
busts, give them to LeShawn to sell.

That crack, that was from one
of LeShawn's dealers.

He was getting it tested
to see if it matched the stuff you found.

That's what got him into all this.

He never said anything to me.
I'm supposed to be his partner.

He kept me in the dark too, Stan.

Jim wasn't the type to point a finger
at cops. Not unless he was sure.

So if Cantone and Franco discovered
that Kelly was on to them...

They may have asked LeShawn
to kill him.

Hey. So Zippy's phone wasn't used
to call the bowling alley.

The lab lifted another set of prints
off the gun. You were right.

- Zippy had a partner.
- Jerome Dixon?

Goes by the name of J-Dog.
No address on file.

- Want me to put in a want card?
- No.

We need to find J-Dog ourselves,
keep him alive.

You said you talked
to this Zippy's brother?

Malcolm. He wasn't much help.

I knew my older brother's friends,
where they hung out.

If I thought one of them were
responsible for my brother's death...

We gotta get this guy in a room.

you remember Detective Burns.

And this is Detective Moyer.

- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, sure.

So Malcolm wants to make a statement,

J- Dog dragged my brother into it. Zip
didn't know he was gonna shoot a cop.

I'm afraid it's a little too late
for Zip now.

If there's anything you'd like
to tell us, now would be the time.

Hold on. How do you know
what Zippy knew about the shooting?

He told me.

They were laying low, Zip and J-Dog,
and I was bringing them food.

- Zip and J-Dog were together?
- Yeah.

And if Zip would've just stayed put,
he would've been safe.

Where is J-Dog right now?


...nobody else has to die.
Just tell them what you know. Okay?

There's this condemned building
down in Maspeth.

J- Dog's in there.
Least he was yesterday.

I can show you on a map.

Malcolm said they were camping out
on the far side.

- Good. Let's go get this son of a bitch.
- Stan, cool it.

I mean it.

Malcolm confessed
to hindering the prosecution.

Didn't even ask for a lawyer.

Grandmother said Detective Moyer
promised he wouldn't face charges.

- Al didn't say anything about a deal.
- I guess he promised her no time.

Old lady trusted him, since he used to
coach Malcolm in the athletic league.

you remember Detective Burns.

And this is Detective Moyer.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah, sure.

Malcolm introduced himself to Moyer
like they'd never met before.

Moyer did not correct him.

Well, who knows.
PAL was a while ago, no?

When did Moyer get time
to make a deal with anyone?

- He was with Al. Pull up his file.
- What's the matter?

It was Moyer's idea
to bring in Malcolm.

And Malcolm just knows
where J-Dog is?

- Moyer's file. What am I looking for?
- He worked in Narcotics?

Hold on.
Yeah, before he joined Homicide.

He ever work with Franco
or Cantone?

It doesn't look like they were assigned
to- Oh, my God, 2001.

Moyer was Cantone's training officer.

I want you to keep keeping score,
but stop cheating. It's embarrassing.

So, Carrie, this guy teaching you
the ropes?


- Al Burns, big-city cop. Love it.
- Here we go.

The first six months,
working Homicide in the 116...

...I swear he thinks the BQE
is a sandwich. Remember?

It was one time. Do you believe I put up
with this guy...

...as a partner for five years?

- Oh, you put up with me?
- Yeah.

Owner of a blue Dodge Durango,
licence plate RQD-760...

...your lights are on.

Mike and Roe are at that bar, but
there's no sign of Franco or Cantone.

That's because Moyer is working
with them. He's leading Al into a trap.


It's Franco and Cantone.

- How did they know we were here?
- Get backup. I'll get J-Dog.


If they get to him first,
they'll kill him.


J- Dog, listen to me.

Zippy's dead. The cops who killed him
are coming here to kill you.

- Put your gun down. Let me take you in.
- You'll kill me.

You can't testify if you're dead.

I need you alive.

- How do I know you ain't lying?
- What choice do you have?

If you stay here, you're a dead man.



Slide your gun to me.

Hands up. Hands up. Turn around.


Stan Moyer?

He's here?


Al, where are you?

We're out of time.

Al, I need help over here.

- Police! Drop your weapons!
- We're police too. Easy.

- Got a man down. We're on the job.
- Not for long.

You're under arrest
for the murder of Detective Kelly.

Coming out. Hold your fire.

Hold your fire.

How did you know?

Oh, you know, this memory thing
of mine comes in handy sometimes.

Get up.

- Kelly deserved better.
- Let's go.

He had better.

Okay, why are they having a wake
at a bowling alley?

I don't know. It's what Jim wanted.
He loved this place.

I wanted to apologise.
The 27K in cash was from his boat.

Kelly sold his boat
to pay the hospital bill.

- You go through Kelly's duffle?
- Yeah.

Funny thing, that duffle just appearing
like that at the house.

Yeah, I guess.

Point being, Kelly was clean.

We made a mistake.

- Anything I can do?
- There is.

Tell it to his widow.

Nice turnout.

He was a good man.

- A good detective.
- Yeah.

Movie star, astronaut.

- I got a feeling I don't wanna go there.
- Well, I got a feeling you already have.

No, you should be proud.

You did good.
You came through for him.

I lost faith.

You never did.

No. I had faith in you.


Buy you a beer?

So, Wells, I'm having this problem
with my 8-10 split.

I mean, I'm hitting the pocket, but
I think I'm getting too much headspin.

You have any thoughts on this?

As a matter of fact, yes, I do.


To Jim Kelly.

- Jim Kelly.
- Jim Kelly.

- Jim.
- Everybody, good job.

Bottoms up.

Come on. I'm gonna show you.
So the 8-10 is kind of tricky.

You might wanna move a couple boards
out and get more hand behind the ball.

Either that or it's your spin.