Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 4 - Up in Flames - full transcript

When a crime scene is destroyed in an explosion moments after Carrie catches a glimpse of the room, her memories become a crucial piece of the investigation.

Excuse me.

Have we met?

- Never.
- Are you sure?

- I'm really good with faces.
- Me too.


- Totally timing yourself.
- Yeah.

So choosing this moment
to come over here and ask you out...

...epic fail, right?


Maybe not.

I'm Tom.

- Wow, really?
- Carrie Wells.

What's the location?

I'm on my way.

So Carrie Wells. Two questions.

Are you single?
And can I have your number?

Yes, and why don't I take yours?

Yeah, sure. Borrow a pen?

Don't need a pen. I'll remember.

- What do we got?
- We got a fresh one up on the fourth.

- Where's Al?
- He's coming in from the city.

He and Elaine were looking
at apartments uptown.

Al hit the lotto with her.
How do I land a girl with a trust fund?

- Try brushing your teeth.
- Right, so the vic is in apartment 4B...

...says the place is rented
to a Peter Forrest.

Hey. Sorry, tunnel was a mess,
what'd I miss?

Neighbours heard shots, factory
condo conversion, about 40 units.

Victim's on the 4th floor.

- We're headed in now.
- What are they doing here?

Mike, get with the building super.

Get a list of residents,
security footage.

- I'm on it.
- Nina, Roe, catch up out here.

Carrie, with me.

Folks, keep on coming.

You're going the wrong way.

- N.Y.P.D., I got a body up there.
- Doesn't matter, there's a gas leak.

- We're getting everybody out.
- Down the steps, guys.

You have a chance
to examine the scene?

No, they're on their way out
and so are you.

- Crime scene.
- You can examine...

...after we turn off the gas.
Hey, Joey, Kevin, help this woman out.

- Come on, guys, let's go.
- Yes, sir.

Clear out, everybody, get out of here!
We can't shut off the gas!


Turn around. Everybody, clear out.

Carrie, come on, it's gonna blow.

No joke. They can't shut off the gas,
we gotta go.

- I'm--
- Now!

Everybody out!

Come on, it's gonna blow!

Hey. What part of evacuate
don't you under--?

- You guys all right?
- Yeah, we're fine.

Looks like
we got a corrupted crime scene.

No, it's okay.

I got it.

There were powder burns
on his shirt.

No, he fell the other way, that way.

Yeah, that's it there.

The victim was lying
about 10 feet from the door.

He was shot twice in the chest
at close range.

There were no signs of a struggle.

And no forced entry.

- I think we got something.
- Hit me.

The 116th has been working
a string of robbery-homicides.

Similar pattern, upscale buildings,
no doorman...

...vics robbed at the front door.

- Anyone shot?
- This wasn't a robbery.

Well, he still had his watch on.

- Patek Philippe.
- Maybe the perp panicked.

Never made it inside.

You were in there for
like, what, 30 seconds?

Just under.

All we're saying is, this could line up
with the other pop and grabs.

See if it does, talk to the 116th.

And get with the Arson Squad.
This gas leak is pretty convenient.

Peter Forrest, age 42.

- Good-looking guy.
- DMV lists a home address...

...on Fifth Avenue. So, what's
our murder scene, second apartment?

We could ask the wife,
Allison Forrest, same address.

Lease has him as vice president
with Sims Bennett Brokerage

That explains the second apartment.

All those Wall Street guys,
total players.

Hey, maybe the guy just needed
a quiet place to, you know, meditate.

That what you call it now?

Did you say Sims Bennett?

Someone was shredding
Sims Bennett files.

There's an account label.

- Can you see what it was?
- My view's kind of blocked, it--

It looks like the initials H-H.

He's shredding when he gets it...

...maybe this H.H.
account's the reason why.

Nina, Roe, find me the wife already.

Carrie, Mike,
let's get over to Forrest's office.

Thank you.
That would be very helpful.

- Who's he talking to?
- My guess? District attorney.

High-profile victim, gas explosion.

We have all the resources we need.
Sure thing, counsellor.

We'll keep you in the loop,
thank you.

- Gilroy?
- Who else?

The guy grabs any case
might make the evening news.

Forrest sure lived the high life.
Isn't that Pebble Beach?

- Greens fees, what, 500 a head?
- Is that a Formula 1 fantasy camp?

Bailout dollars at work.

Detective, I'm Sydney Burrell.
I worked closely with Peter.

This is Gary Wright,
general counsel.

Did you work closely with Peter too?

Our policy is to have counsel
present for any legal enquiry...

...regarding an employee.

Yeah, our policy is to
find out who killed him.

And to that end...

...only H.H. account
we can find is Howard Hinkel's.

It was one of
Peter's oldest accounts.

Any reason it has something
to do with him being killed?

I can't think of any.

- Do you know where we can find him?
- Woodlawn Cemetery.

He died in 1878.

We've repped the Howard Hinkel
Endowment for decades.

Pretty cutthroat environment
around here, no?

Forrest have any rivals
for this corner office?

Nobody here resented Peter's success.
He earned it.

- What about outside the firm?
- Clients, people in his personal life?

We can't give out confidential
information about clients...

...without a court order.

- You understand.
- Sure. We understand.

So could you just supply us
with a list of personnel?

Of course.

Mr. Burrell?

I noticed from the photo
you and Peter go way back.

We're gonna do our best on this one.

Look, there was an incident
with a client about a month ago.

He was over-exposed
in the housing market.

Ignored Peter's advice,
really chased returns.

When the bubble burst,
he got hurt, pretty badly.

And he blamed Peter.

- He threatened to kill Peter.
- Sydney, wanna walk these guys...

- ...down to Personnel?
- Sure.

You got a name for me?

- Brezner. Issac Brezner.
- Thank you.

- Issac, we need you over here.
- Drape it like this.

Five minutes.

Yes, I threatened to kill Peter Forrest.
The guy lost me millions.

I threatened my assistant...

...when he wore Tommy Hilfiger
to my niece's bat mitzvah. So?

- Where were you yesterday afternoon?
- Front row at Stella McCartney.

- So you'll be in the pictures?
- I already am.

Check online. You should be
looking for a jealous boyfriend.

The number of girls
Peter was chasing?

He was a fixture at my show.

Brought his colleagues back
to meet the models.

Know how many times
I got them laid?

No, how many times?

You are aware
that the victim was married?

It's okay, honey, so was I.

Yeah, his alibi checks out.
He was front row at the show.

- Is that a fur suit?
- Yeah, I could imagine offing Forrest.

If I was his wife.

This operation's a trifle
loaded for you, huh, detective?

Okay. All right,
the wife just surfaced.

Al and Carrie are headed over
to her now.

Forrest sure liked his views.

He's not the only one.

I hear you and Elaine
are looking in the city.

Thinking about it.

I knew there was an uptown guy under
those trucker hats and bowling shirts.

- What bowling shirts?
- "Talent to spare," "Shut up and bowl."

Whatever happened to that one?

You gave it to a kid who scored
a six-bagger on his 1 4th birthday.

- Did I?
- Yep. July 1 7th, 1999.

- Old Galaxy Lanes on Erie Boulevard.
- It was a Saturday night.

I'm impressed.

- Wild guess.
- Yeah.

It's okay.

Not a bad thing.

What do you got?

Why do you have a rabbit
on your shelf?

Why, where should it be?
And it's a hare.

- It has hair?
- No, it's....

Look, until you agree
to move in with me...

- ...you've no right to question my decor.
- Now I'm in trouble.

I'm serious.

What do you think?

I think the hare looks really great
where it is.

- So Brezner's not our guy?
- No, it doesn't look like it.

Let's not say any more
than we have to at this point.

So that was the last time you saw
your husband? On Sunday?

I left for my conference
the next morning.

Where was the conference?

Hartford. The Hilton.

So you were separated?

Yes, he was living at the apartment
in Queens.

But we were patching things up.

We were even talking
about him moving back in.

Why'd you two split up?

Neither of us came from money.

I worked to pay the bills
while he got his degree and then...

...he did the same for me.

Then he got the job
at Sims Bennett...

...height of the Internet thing.

All the jet-setting, crazy hours,
sleeping around.

All of it.

But you guys were
working things out?

About three months ago...

...Peter came to me...

...and said he was really turning
his life around.

He'd started to take on charities...

...even went to therapy.

He begged me
to give him another chance.

So as far as you know,
there was no one else?

- Why are you asking me this?
- I'm so sorry, Mrs. Forrest.

We just have to consider
the possibility that someone...

...didn't want to see you reconciled.

Yes, okay. There was one.

She'd call here,
in the middle of the night sometimes.

I heard Peter yell at her
to leave us alone.

He told me
that he would take care of it.

Do you think that this woman...?

We don't know.

Wife's in the clear.
According to the conference director...

...Allison was moderating panels...

- ...morning of the murder.
- Maybe they were on the mend.

If Peter Forrest reformed himself,
I want more evidence.

I got some. Turns out
Allison was telling the truth...

...about those calls. They trace back
to the Sims Bennett office...

...extension of one Claire Hewson.

She was an assistant
in Forrest's department.

- Was?
- They let her go three weeks ago.

- Around the time the calls started.
- A saint. Back to wife, fires girlfriend.

And gives her two very good reasons
to want revenge.

It gets better. Hewson was picked up
on a DWI two days ago.

Arresting found her passed out
in a car. Check out the address.

Hunter's Point.
She was in front of Forrest's building.

Where he was killed
less than 24 hours later.

- How long was she in custody?
- Only a few hours.

Posted bail,
released the next morning.

So she got out in time to kill Forrest.

Police! We have a search warrant.

Ms. Hewson? Check the bedroom.

- I got a body.
- Clear!


She's dead.

- Two to the chest. Same shooter?
- Maybe.

We got a dead husband,
dead girlfriend.

- And a wife whose alibi checks out.
- Wife's rich. Someone does it for her.

- Her hygienist. They're all evil.
- Not when you brush.

Maybe this is
what put her over the edge.

"Dearest Claire, forgive me.
Be mine forever. P."

I don't get it, now he's proposing?

- I don't wanna say anything--
- Restores your faith in the unfaithful?

Well, Claire wasn't wearing the ring
so maybe she's not sold on the idea.

Follow up with the jeweller. Let's make
sure Forrest really bought this ring.

- Mr. District Attorney. How are you?
- Good.

Good to see you.

- Who's that? Gilroy?
- Boy wonder himself.

Al's pretty good with him.

Yeah, I can see that.

So we're thinking
from the note and the ring...

...Forrest is still at it with the
Hewson girl. Wife's alibi cleared.

We're following up
with the jeweller now.

We looked into the wrong account.

- Hold on a sec.
- It's okay.

- What do you have, detective?
- It wasn't H.H...

...on the file box
in Forrest's apartment...

...it was "H.Y.H." Come here,
I want you to look at this.

In Forrest's apartment, I couldn't see
that box of files he was shredding.

So I missed that there was a letter
between the two H's.

I'm confused.
I thought our crime scene blew up.

- No--
- Detective Wells was...

...able to examine the scene briefly.

- I see.
- Right.

So like I was saying, I think
we looked into the wrong account.

Will you give us a moment?

Can I talk to you?

- Why are we here?
- I'd rather keep...

...the scope of our investigation
at this point to ourselves. Until--

- Till?
- We're ready to present...

...coherently to our ADA.

Was I not being coherent?
Because I can speak slower.

Carrie, what you can do,
and how it can help...

...in terms of actually
building a case...

- ...from their perspective--
- Oh, my God.

Oh, my God,
you didn't tell them, did you?

They know you're a great detective.
They saw your numbers in Syracuse.

Why did you bring me in here
and not tell them what I do?

Because it's hard, at first,
for people to accept. You race up...

...haven't met Gilroy,
throwing out stuff...

- ...from left field--
- To help solve this, Al.

If I was the prosecutor,
I would wanna know that.

All Adam Gilroy wants is to
stand in front of a microphone...

...and assure
real estate developers...

...Hunter's Point is
gonna be Sutton Place.

I got it.

You have to hustle the front office,
that's your job.

But don't stop me from doing mine.

I thought you guys never
got into Forrest's place.

Yeah, well, I guess
Wells had a look around.

A look around?
And she's picking out file names?

What can I say? She's observant.

We wanna stop our kids from making
the same mistakes we did.

And we can make a difference,
one life at a time.

What do you got?

"Help Your Homeys. H.Y.H."

It's a charity that helps gang members
get on their feet after prison.

Peter Forrest set up their non-profit
status and managed their money.

One of his life crisis projects.

And Claire Hewson assisted Forrest
on the account.

Strange thing about your Homeys
account is that Forrest closed it.

- Where'd the money go?
- Maybe he had his hand in the till.

To set up a new life with Claire.

Stealing from ex gang-bangers?
A good way to end your old life.

- It's time we talk to the head homey.
- That's the fun part.

The guy who runs the charity
is doing 25-to-life upstate.

- Come again?
- Pablo Hortua.

He's in prison.

I got brothers coming to me saying:

"Pablo, I wanna change, you know?"

They don't have the means
to do anything.

So they're out there slinging
and bam...

...their asses wind up
right back in here.

Me and Ramon, we say to ourselves,
"Gotta break this cycle."

Maybe it's too late for us.

But for those other ?ses,
it's not too late for them.

- It's impressive.
- It's working.

Brothers are turning
their lives around.

And our boy, Peter Forrest...

...he was taking our operation
to a whole another level.

How'd you guys hook up with Peter?

We reached out to him after I read
about him and some cancer charity.

How he was using their money
to make more money.

To get respect money.
Money to make a change.

Money to lobby politicians.
I figured he could do the same for us.

And yet, your relationship with Forrest
ended recently. How come?

Couldn't come up
with time he thought we needed.

So he recommended we hire somebody
who could give us full attention.

So you moved
your funds elsewhere?

Peter got us a new bank, yeah.

You confirm Forrest did this?

- That the money's there?
- Man, what do you think?

Have Mike follow the money.

Make sure this bank transfer
happened the way they say.

- I'll bring her to you Sunday.
- If this was a dead end, I'm sorry.

If it's a dead end, you're fired.

So it checks out.
The Homeys funds are accounted for.

Forrest moved them
to another bank, didn't steal a cent.

So we're back to the wife.
See if there's another angle.

For all we know, there's
an overprotective cousin.

Not sure we need that.
I went to the jeweller.

Get this, Forrest isn't the one
who bought Claire that ring.

That's Marine Sergeant
Patrick Woodson.

He was Hewson's ex-boyfriend.

Salesgirl says he was
talking about how...

...he just got back from Afghanistan.
Was gonna surprise Claire with the ring.

So Sergeant Woodson comes home,
pops the question...

...finds out his girlfriend's
doing Forrest the whole time...

...he's been flying solo in Kandahar.

So he loses it. Kills her...

...drives cross-town
and pops Forrest.

One detail, Woodson was
dishonourably discharged...

...three weeks ago.
Pulled a gun on a superior officer.

From the airport
to the jewellery store, huh?

- I made up my mind.
- So then what, Patrick?

You proposed?

The next day, I took her to the park.

There's a spot by the pond,
it's where we had our first date.

I was gonna do it before I deployed...

...but God forbid
something happened to me.

I didn't want her to live with that.


So, what did she say?

She said she needed more time.

Time? Stand-up guy like you.
What's she need time for?

No, it was okay.

I didn't wanna rush her into anything.

- So Claire needed time.
- Yeah.

You knew something wasn't right.
So, what, you started looking into it...

...watching after her a little?

- No. I wasn't watching her.
- You were out in Jersey all week...

...playing games
at your mate's apartment.


How'd you find out she
had been seeing this other guy?

- What other guy?
- You were out in Jersey those two days?

- What guy?
- Anybody see you there?

Was your squad-mate at home?

You think I shot Claire?

No, we're just talking here, Patrick.

Not anymore. I want a lawyer.

So I talked to Woodson's squad-mate,
the one he's bunking with?

Kid works nights in Hoboken
at the C&H Ice Cream factory.

I love their sweet-cream.

Yeah, sweeter still, that means
Woodson's alibi sleeps all day.

Lousy alibi doesn't put him
at our murder scene.

Not that it matters,
but we got Forrest's watch.

In case you were wondering,
a Patek Philippe.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Also got this,
from the Arson Squad...

...saying the leak started
in the hallway...

...two floors above
Peter Forrest's apartment.

Two floors above the murder scene?

Why whack someone,
head up to start a gas leak?

- Doesn't make any sense.
- Yeah, it does.

The 911 call came in at 2:13 p.m.

At 2:19, the uniforms
were on the scene.

They were closed.

You think the fast response time
trapped our killer?

There's only one stairwell, right?

He goes up, got no way out.

So he starts a gas leak...

...uses the crowd to get out. Smart.

You and I were going into that building
while people were leaving.

I know.

- I don't see Woodson.
- Are you absolutely sure?

Move it along, everybody.

Oh, my God.

Move it along, everybody.

That doesn't make any sense.

Ramon Garza was there.

What? The guy from the charity?

Al, he walked right by us.

That's impossible, he's in prison.

I know he's in prison,
but I know what I saw.

He was there.

- Could you be mixing two memories?
- No. I saw him there, I did.

- He's behind bars, Carrie.
- I know that, but I saw him.

I hear you're liking the Marine.
How close are we?

Woodson's fading a little, Adam.

Lousy alibi, but nothing
puts him at either scene.

Thought we had prints
from the girl's place.

They were together,
he admits being over there.

- We have an alternative theory.
- Another suspect?

- Yes, we have another suspect.
- We're considering several--

Who would that be?

Ramon Garza.

And is this the same
Ramon Garza you interviewed...

- ...concerning the Homeys charity?
- Yes.

The Ramon Garza who is an inmate...

...at the maximum-security facility
at Ossining?

Yes. He was exiting Forrest's building
the day of the murder.

And you know this how?

Because I saw him there.

What is this, Burns?

Detective Wells remembers
passing Ramon Garza...

...as he left the crime scene.

I would say at the moment,
that makes him our primary suspect.

I'm supposed to tell my boss...

...that the guy we're looking at
is currently serving 25-to-life?

That's what I'm telling you.
What you tell your boss is up to you.

How about this? How about I don't tell
Mr. Fleming anything right now...

...and before we go to trial,
you come up with a real suspect.

That way we both keep our jobs.

Keep up the good work.

Have a good night, Halsey.
See you tomorrow.

Officer Halsey?

Hey, Detective Wells,
we met the other day?

- Oh, yeah. How's it going?
- Good, you got a sec?

Now's a little tough,
I got somewhere to be.

Please. Just, it'll only take a minute.

I just don't wanna have to drive
all the way up here again.

So you know Ramon Garza, right?

Sure, everyone does.
Regular Mother Teresa in there.

- Right. And you're C.O. number 046?
- Yeah.

Your sergeant, he told me you're...

...the one responsible for doing
the daily inmate checks.

A real privilege.

That the day before yesterday...

...you were the one who accounted
for Ramon Garza's cell check?

- If that's what the file says.
- Right.

No, it's just...

...do you actually remember
seeing him here that day?

I count hundreds of inmates.

Oh, I'm sure. No, I get it.

I was just wondering if maybe
there's a way, I don't know...

...the inmates
can game the system...

...you know, have one guy call out
"here" for another...

...when his name comes up?

It's not kindergarten. We put eyes
on every inmate. Verify it's them.


So Ramon Garza,
he was definitely here that day?

Where the hell else would he be?

Beats me. I was just....

Yeah, you're right. Okay.

Thank you for your time.
I appreciate it.

- No problem.
- Yeah.

Halsey got Ramon Garza
out of prison...

...drove him to shoot Peter Forrest
and Hewson, drove him back to prison.

If Garza got out of prison,
why would he go back?

Guy's doing life for murder.

All I know is he was back inside
by the time we got there.

Springing an inmate full-time
ain't easy, even for a guard.

So we're back to the Homeys?
The victim didn't steal their money.

- He did see their financials.
- Which might not have been healthy.

I got off with the DEA. This Homeys
charity was on the up and up...

...until Pablo took over years ago.

Now they're looking at them
for money laundering. Cartel.

So Forrest decides to do
something good with his life. Right?

Manage a charity account.

Only it turns out,
he's hooked into a criminal enterprise.

And when he tries to get out:

Dirty charities, corrupt guards.
How do we make that stick?

Go after the inmates. We don't
need warrants to toss their cells.

If we go to the prison, we'd be tipping
off guards who might be involved.

Okay, so we go at this Halsey?

As you've told me many times before,
my memory won't get us a warrant.

Not from Gilroy.

Gilroy's not running
this investigation.

I am.

Let's bring in Halsey.

So looks like our Mr. Forrest
was trying to clean up his act after all.


What is her deal with men anyway?

Okay, so two years ago,
Nina meets this guy...

...bond trader for Goldman,

We're talking restaurants in the city,
weekends in the Hamptons...

...cruises to

I mean, she fell hard...

...like "planning home
for the holidays" hard.

So when she goes by his place
one day for lunch...

...to get his shirt size
for a Christmas surprise...

...she gets her own surprise.

Guy's in there with two waitresses
from the Oyster Bar.

And he's doing a little bonding
of another kind.

- Just to, you know, put it in context.
- Yeah, yeah.

Our eyewitness puts you outside
Peter Forrest's apartment...

...day he was killed.

- I don't know who that is.
- You shot a guy you don't even know?

I didn't shoot anybody.

So you're telling us
Ramon Garza was the shooter?

Oh, yeah, we know you faked
the inmate count...

...drove Garza down here....

So if it was Garza that popped Forrest,
now is the time to say so.

You're gonna be
real popular upstate.

Former prison guard?

I got nothing to say.

I don't get it.
Why isn't he asking for his lawyer?

Or his union rep?

He knows all he's gotta do is
say the word...

- ...and we can't talk to him.
- Hey.

Got his phone records.
Nothing overt.

Bunch of calls to a foot doctor,
cable company, a few to his ex-wife.

How much did they pay you
to betray your badge, officer?


Yeah, up in Yonkers.
They got a couple of kids.

There you go.

Have Mike follow the money.

Make sure this bank transfer
happened the way they say.

I'll bring her to you Sunday.

I'll bring her to you Sunday.
Come on, she's perfectly safe with me.

He's not scared for his own life.


Hey, Dennis.

- How's it going?
- Great.

Yeah? You want something?

- Water, soda?
- I wanna get out of here, how's that?

That's fine by me.

You're a corrections officer.

You know all you have to do is ask
for a lawyer and we're history.

You know that.

So you want a lawyer?

Don't need a lawyer.


Where's your daughter, Dennis?

Is she safe at your house,
like your ex-wife thinks she is?

I don't think so.

I think she's in a lot of trouble.

All right, look,
we'll just get you a lawyer, okay?

If word gets out that you're talking--


I can't.

I can't.

They have Anna, my daughter.

They'll kill her.

I was supposed to get her back

...but they must have seen you
in the parking lot.

They got worried I'd talk.

They said I'd get Anna back
once you stopped sniffing around.

Oh, my God,
if Pablo finds out I'm in here--

Dennis, we're gonna get her back,
but you gotta help us out.

Who would they go to for something
like this? Another guard maybe?

No way.
He would have used one of his boys.

After you left, Pablo got a visit
from this kid, Ignacio.

I think from his charity.
I never seen him before.


We wanna stop our kids from making
the same mistakes we did.

And we can make a difference.
One life at a time.

- Ignacio Rodriguez?
- Yeah, maybe.

- Police! Freeze, Ignacio, down!
- Police!

Check the bedroom!


It's okay, we're here to help you.

You're safe now. I want you to put
your arms around my neck, sweetheart.

Okay, all right. Come on.

What's up, girlie?

Ramon Garza. You're under arrest...

...for the murders of Peter Forrest
and Claire Hewson.

- Need help with your investigation?
- No. I think I'm good now.

Let's see you run
your gang from solitary.

On the night of October 1 2th...

...I drove Ramon Garza
to the address...

...of Peter Forrest
in Hunter's Point, Queens.

I also drove Garza to the address
of Claire Hewson on October 11th.

He told us Garza sent him to dump
about a dozen guns into the Hudson.

We have divers at the site now.

Not to mention the other guards
he named, apparently on the payroll.

Nice job, Al.


Really good work.

You got a sec, detective?


I checked around.

Your friend Al called in
a few favours to bring you here.

So, what's the verdict?
Am I worth it?

I look forward
to working with you, detective.

- Hey.
- What did he want?

- I'm not sure.
- If you're not sure, that's not good.

Big city politics, right?

Who knows, maybe I'll get used to it.
You did.

So, what'd you decide
about the apartment?

What, 76th and Madison?
Got the park right there, the Whitney.

No, neighbourhood's
not really my style.

- Really?
- Looking for something closer to work.

More practical.

What was I thinking?

- Hey.
- Hey.

So you...

- ...figure it out?
- What, this love stuff?

- Yeah.
- Me?

Yeah, I'm out of this game.

Wow, that guy must've been
a real winner, huh?

Oh, man, wait,
did Roe say something to you?

Because I know
you can't remember my life.

Now, if you think about it,
and it's true and he really loved her...

...it's almost too sad.

Then don't think about it.


- You sure you can't stay?
- No, I gotta work early.

So, what do you do?

Are we really asking that now?

- You free on Friday?
- No.

- Saturday?
- Nope.

You sure there's nobody else?

Just me.




Right. You remember.