Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 3 - Check Out Time - full transcript

When a hotel maid is accused of murdering a guest who she says tried to rape her, Carrie takes matters into her own hands to uncover the truth, threatening Al's investigation.

- You ready for me, Walter?
- Take that, Carrie.

Is that all you got?

Take a look. What do you think?

I wanted to get the eyes.

Ticktock, my love.


- Okay, that's how you want it.
- All right, I'm on my way.

- I gotta go.
- Now?

I'm about to be brilliant.

We gotta stop meeting like this.

Can't come back here.
It's a crime scene.

I have to change the flowers.

Vic's Brett Langley, 42.

One of the housekeepers found him
at 9:30 this morning.

Head of Security, Tom Martin,
called it in.

Licence has a Connecticut address.

Corporate credit card,
Bingham Pharmaceuticals.

- Robbery?
- Nothing apparent.

Is this thing the murder weapon?

Late 20s, post-surrealist.

What, a person
can't have an interest?

ME puts the time of death
between 7 and 8 last night.

Weird. There's no papers, no files.

Don't think he was here on business.
Checked in with a personal card.

He's in a robe. Maybe here
on another kind of business.

Could've come out of the shower,
surprised someone.

- Adjoining rooms?
- Yeah, locked...

...unless you book it as a suite.

- Looking for Detective Burns.
- Yeah.

Tom Martin, head of Security.
Whatever we can do to help.

I'm gonna need to see security video
from hallways, elevators, lobby...

- ...all entrances and exits.
- Of course.

Any idea who's been here
in the last 24 hours?

Our swipe-card system identifies
and time-stamps...

...all room entries.

- Anything?
- Nobody's entered last night...

...except for one of our housekeepers,
Maria Ortiz.

7:14 p.m., doing turndown.

She scheduled to work today?

She didn't show.
It's not like her, really.

Here's her address
and phone number.

- Okay, Maria Ortiz, let's find her.
- I'll send a car to her house.

Make sure they talk to everybody,

Like so many hard-working women,
my client was attacked by a man...

...who thought he could do
whatever he wanted.

- Al.
- Is she admitting she killed him?

When Maria Ortiz
was sexually assaulted...

...she fought back, with deadly force,
to defend herself.

Ms. Ortiz,
why didn't you go to the police?

Ms. Ortiz did exactly the right thing
in coming to me first...

...as is well known to you all,

I have a proven record of defending
society's most vulnerable.

- I'm honoured...
- Guess we found her.

... this brave woman has chosen me
as her advocate.

Yeah, I'm looking
for Charles Mangano.

Sketch artist.

I work out of the 117.

Security footage
from Martin's office.

We got Maria Ortiz leaving
Langley's room, night of the murder.

Looks like her shirt's ripped.

- Let's go pick her up.
- Not so fast.

Confession, footage.
You waiting for a sign from God?

Her lawyer is Debi Moser,
whose passion for defending...

...is exceeded
only by her passion for publicity.

She knows how to use it.

The press conference, the confession,
she wants us to move quickly.

That way she controls the narrative.
Rape victim strikes back.

- DA's nightmare.
- lf that includes a confession, fine.

Except I gotta try this case. If the jury
buys self-defence, she walks.

Okay, well, that was the lab...

...and the murder weapon came back
positive for Maria Ortiz's prints.

If it walks like a duck...

Maria Ortiz is lying. I'm not sure
about what, but she's lying.

I'm sorry, am I missing something?

Guy tries to rape you, you get away,
call the cops, right?

When a reporter asked why she didn't,
she couldn't answer.

She froze completely.

I didn't pick that up.

You were looking at the lawyer.

What I don't understand is
how did she get to Moser?

I don't know,
maybe she saw her on Regis.

- So what?
- All right, let's do our homework.

Let's be sure we have
the whole story.

Maria Ortiz. What do we have?

Not much. According to the lNS,
originally from Dominican Republic...

...got her green card in 2010,
worked at the Ely for 20 months.

- Lives out in Corona, 37th Ave.
- Tough area.

And the victim?

Langley ran Legal for
Bingham Pharmaceuticals.

Lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.
No wife, no kids.

Generous compensation. Sweet life.

Greenwich, Connecticut.
That's pretty far from Corona, Queens.

Let's find out how far.

All right. That was Moser's office.

- Ortiz will talk to us.
- Great.

- Unless you're working on something.
- No.

No, I had a little breakthrough.
The man in the woods.

I thought I might talk
to a sketch artist.

Gonna use someone
from the department...

...Mangano's the best we got.

But you gotta know,
it's gonna get around.

I can handle it.

Once again I'm doing
the N.Y.P D.'s job for them.

Oh, well,
we'll send you a thank-you note.

You okay, dear?

I've informed my client
she's under no obligation to talk.

This meeting is a courtesy...

...we're extending to our friends
in law enforcement.

Ms. Ortiz will say as much
or as little as she likes.

You're up.


I'm Carrie Wells.
This is Detective Saunders.

What happened last night?

I went to the room around 7:00.

This was to do turndown service?

I knocked.

There was no tag on the door,
no answer.

So I went in to do my work.

He came out of the bathroom.

He had on his robe. It was open.

I said "I'm sorry,"
I didn't know he was there...

...and I went to leave.

He said, "Don't go."

I'm thinking
he wants me to finish my work.

So I go to the bed.

He grabbed me.

We can stop, dear.

I wanna say.

He pulled at my shirt.

I tried to push him away,
but he hit me here.

I ran.

He grabbed me again and I hit him.

He fell right away.

Maybe I should have stayed
or called a doctor.

I'm sorry he died.

Yeah, I can see that you are.


...had you ever met Mr. Langley
before last night?

Nope. We're done.

I made the scope of this interview
very clear to the DA.

Wanna win on self-defence, better hope
she can repeat that performance.

Look, Detective Wells, was it?
This woman was brutally assaulted.

Showing presence of mind,
she dared to resist her attacker.

Which may be the reason
you didn't find her on that floor.

Pace yourself, counsellor.
Save something for closing arguments.

I've enjoyed your company.
Have a nice day.

Hell of a strategy.

What kind of strategy is that?

A good one, if the jury
buys self-defence.

Yeah, unless they don't.
That was Nina.

Turns out Ortiz and a boyfriend
were fired from her previous hotel...

- ...three years ago.
- Why?

Allegedly stealing a laptop
from a guest room.

Maybe Langley did interrupt
the robbery.

Either way, Gilroy's getting us
a search warrant for Ortiz's place.

You know, I'm guessing
that's your computer.

Handsome boy.


As far as I can tell, there is nothing
here that connects Ortiz to Langley.

There's no photos, letters or lingerie
hanging in the back of the closet.

There's no high-tech to speak of.
Computers, cell phones, iPods.

If she is stealing,
she must be fencing the stuff.

And spending the money on what?

Not home improvement.

I don't know. You go to a hotel,
right, you take something.

A bar of soap, an ashtray,

You work at one,
I mean, not even a towel.

Maybe it happened like she said.

There's three families
living in this house.

Hey, Al.


All right. I'm on my way.

Langley's work. Drug company.

We're all in a state of shock,
I think you can understand.

Brett was with Bingham
for over 10 years.

Here we go.

We haven't touched anything,
as you requested.

Of course, certain documents
are confidential.

Of course.

So this woman, Maria Ortiz,
you don't recognise her?

No. I mean, yes,
I've seen her on the news.

But when you say "recognise"...

We assume Mr. Langley was involved
in litigation on behalf of your company.

Maybe as a plaintiff,
witness, relative.

I can check for you.
Are you doubting her story?

- Should we be?
- I don't know.

When this happens,
we all have questions.

Anyone have any answers?

No, not really.

- Not really?
- Well, it's just, it makes you think.

Did you miss something?

I remember, several years ago...

...and I'm sure this is unrelated...

...but there were complaints
to Personnel Department.

Several of the support staff
felt that he was...

...I don't know, a little inappropriate.

We talked to him. That was it.

- Could we see those complaints?
- Absolutely.

I'll need a court order.

Privacy concerns.

Excuse me, what are those?

Oh, the Legal Department
has a softball team.

Brett helped to organise it.

He got gym bags for everybody...

...and then some.

Hey, Joey.

Joey T.!


- I'm innocent.
- Of what, Joey?

- Crap.
- Who you running from?

Put that down. What's this?

- Fujis. From New Zealand.
- We don't care about fruit.

- Tell me about this.
- What?

For starters, how is it...

...this guy checked in
with this bag yesterday...

...15 hours later, he's dead,
and you're holding it?

- How should I know?
- You tell them what they wanna know.

I didn't kill anybody. I found this thing.
In the Dumpster around the corner.

- When did you come across this?
- Last night, late. After midnight.

- They pick up the garbage at 5:15 a.m.
- Was it empty?

Yeah, totally.

What about my apples?

Property of the city
of New York, Joey.

We know Maria Ortiz didn't grab
Langley's gym bag.

She wasn't carrying it in the video
leaving the room.

I got CSU all over it
looking for prints.

It doesn't look like Maria
stole anything from her last job.

A couple left
their computer in a coffee shop...

...but reported it stolen
out of their room.

No charges,
but the hotel dumped her.

Okay, guys.
That room connected to Langley's?

It was reserved
under the name Alan Richards.

You do some digging...

...you find out Alan Richards
is a former Navy SEAL.

Now does freelance corporate security
for, among other companies...

...Bingham Pharmaceuticals,
where the victim worked.

- Coincidence?
- That's what I thought...

...till I had the hotel send me these.
It's from the camera in the lobby.

Okay, right here.
Every time our boy Langley leaves...

...there's Richards.
It's the same coming back in.

They were following him.

His own company was following him.

Lesley, Bingham's first concern...

...is and always has been
the health and safety of the consumer.

Langley's a true believer,
that's for sure.

Yes, so does every drug
in the market.

But why did it take a lawsuit
for these risks to come to light?

FDA went through
their approval process.

This Stemblar's been linked
to dozens of cancer deaths.

Langley headed up Bingham's defence.
For that job, you want a true believer.

Once the patient's physician
has outlined the risks...

...it's really up to the patient
to decide.

- The simple fact is that...
- I'm gonna take these, okay?

Sure. But you've already seen them,
so, what's the point, right?

Oh, my God. It learns.

I got a call from Charlie Mangano.

He said you got him working up
a sketch. Who is it?

Nothing related to this case.
Something personal I'm working on.

- Lesley, I'd have to-
- Enough of this.

Why use their own security guy...

- ...to follow their number one lawyer?
- This might help.

I've been going over
Langley's credit-card records...

...and there's parking charges
in an office building...

...owned by a plaintiff's lawyer
named Leonard Diskant.

He takes on big pharma companies
like Bingham all the time.

Maybe Langley was changing sides,
Diskant was his guy.

That was the ME.
They finished Langley's autopsy.

Turns out he had surgery
for colon cancer...

...but looks like he was clear of it.

Brush with cancer,
that'll make you rethink your life.

I'm thinking he was trying to flip,
turn against his own company.

We got a drug company, a gym bag
and a Dominican housekeeper.

What's the connection?

- I say we ask her.
- Can't question her, she's got counsel.

- Just gonna talk to her.
- That'll bite us.

- I wouldn't.
- I know you wouldn't.

- Carrie.
- I'll be careful.

Hey, Maria.

- Sorry to bother.
- We're not allowed to talk.

I know, I just wanted to return these.

We took them during the search.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Is that your son?

You don't have to answer that.

What's his name?


Do you mind me asking
what happened?

How he was hurt?

An accident in my country.

A car in the street, you know.

I'm sorry.

The guy was rich, a powerful man.
He didn't care.

He just drove away.

- You believe that?
- No.

I couldn't do anything.

He needs doctors
his whole life now.

I still ask myself,
how could he do this...

...to this angel boy and not care?

You believe in devils?

Sometimes I do, yeah.

Maria, the world is full
of powerful people who don't care.

If things happened differently
than you said at the hotel...

...I don't care what your lawyer
told you, it will come down on you.

Not them. You.

And they won't care,
and they won't protect you.

You should go now.


If you need to talk to someone,
you call me, all right?

- Thanks again for returning those.
- Sure.

You know what's hardest?

I was holding my son's hand
when the car hit him.

Why? Why didn't I get hurt?

I don't understand.

I know.

We found the security guy, Richards,
the one who was next to the victim.

He admits that he was following
Langley, but he didn't kill him.

He ate at the Moore Street Grill...

...from 6:30 to 10, his alibi checks out
with the restaurant.

- Did he take the gym bag?
- He says no.

CSU's taken a bunch of prints off it,
but so far, no matches.

What about Diskant,
this lawyer Langley saw?

He says Langley was desperately
looking for some kid...

...who was related to an old lawsuit
against his own company.

To see if one of their drugs
caused a birth defect.

So Roe was right,
he was switching sides.

That's what Diskant thought.

He gave me the name
of the kid's mother.

A Lauren Garber.

- Yeah, she's coming in.
- There she is.

Detective, don't mind me dropping in,
but that seems to be the way you roll.

I brought you something.
It's a copy of the Constitution.

Somewhere in there it says
something about self-incrimination.

You had no right
questioning my client at home.

It wasn't a custodial interrogation,
I was simply talking to her.

So now you're a lawyer.
Okay, Perry Mason, just know this:

You can't use a word
of what she said to you.

Well, and this is just a suggestion,
maybe you can.

Talk to her again outside
my presence...

...or without my permission and I'll sue
this whole department for harassment.

I'm having lunch
with the deputy mayor on Friday.

Maybe I'll mention it.

I'm- Yeah, I'll just wait in here.

- What happened to careful?
- I don't do careful.

What else don't you do?
I told you not to question her.

I wasn't questioning her,
we talked about her family.

- Al, listen to me
- You listen.

You're on a team. If you're trying
to get fired, there are easier ways.

You wanna fire me, go ahead. You
dragged me into this, I'm trying to help.

Talking to a suspect
without counsel?

Maria Ortiz has a story.

I don't know if she's innocent
or guilty or what it is...

...but there is something else and that
lawyer is stopping her from telling.

- You have to trust me on this.
- Okay.

So you talked about her family.
How is her family?

She has a son back home.
He's crippled, possibly brain-damaged.

- What's that have to do with anything?
- I don't know. Something.

I don't know.

Well, that's a start.

Excuse me,
I'm looking for Detective Burns?

- Yeah.
- I'm Lauren Garber.

- You wanted to talk to me?
- Yes, Ms. Garber.

If you still do interviews,
I could use your help. This way.


I told Mr. Langley I wasn't interested
in getting involved in a lawsuit.

And I couldn't help him find the boy.
I'd given my son up for adoption.

- Why did you give up your baby?
- At the time I wasn't married.

I was right out of school.
It seemed like the right thing to do.

The child was healthy?
Any medical problems?

No. He was quite healthy.

- What about his father?
- I'm sorry?

The baby's father,
did he agree to the adoption plan?

Yeah. Yes, he and I weren't a couple.
It was just brief.


- So you still in touch with him?
- No.

I don't know what that
has to do with this.

Well, it's just that Brett Langley
seemed intent on finding your child.

If he couldn't get
what he needed from you...

- ...he likely went to the child's father.
- We're looking into Langley's death.

- lf this child's father is involved...
- Believe me, he's not.

How can you be so sure?

I'm sure.

You're sure because Brett Langley...

...was the child's father, right?

He was looking for his own son.

Brett was taking my deposition.

He was handsome and successful.

I was a little scared and lonely.
More than a little lonely.

- But it didn't last.
- lt was one night.

Brett freaked out about the lawsuit.
I told him he didn't have to worry.

When I knew I was pregnant,
I told him.

I could have went after him for money,
but that wasn't my style.

I left the city,
dropped out of the case.

When I put the baby up,
I didn't name a father.

And then he shows up
on your doorstep.

He was like a different guy.

He was all about apologising
for that night.

There was no lawsuit.
He just wanted to see his boy.

And you were willing to help?

He told me about his cancer treatment,
his radiation therapy left him sterile.

He said he wanted to see
the only child he'd ever have.

I gave him the name
of the adoption agency I used.

There's no way this has anything
to do with his murder, right?

Cancer did change Langley's life.
He was looking for his son...

...but Bingham thought
he was about to jump ship.

So how is Maria involved?

Langley and Ortiz were desperate.

- Maybe that's what connects them.
- Got them.

Sandra and lan Smith,
the ones who adopted Langley's kid.

How old was Jake
when you got him?

Two days old.

He was so small and pink,
almost magenta.

What'd you know about Jake's
birth father, Brett Langley?

Nothing. We didn't wanna know.
We felt better that way.

Jake's our son.
That's all that matters.

But when the agency contacted us,
they said that...

...because Mr. Langley hadn't been
informed of the adoption...

...we might wanna cooperate
with him.

We met with him a few times,
agreed on a visitation schedule.

We were supposed to meet once more,
but he didn't show.

Then we heard
what happened. Terrible.

Do either of you know Maria Ortiz?

- From the newspapers.
- What a story.

That business about rape.

I kind of feel
like we dodged a bullet.

He seemed like
such a good guy too.

But I guess you never know, do you?

- Right.
- I'm sorry.

- Let me take him upstairs.
- Let me help you.

- That's fine. I got him.
- Oh, I love kids.

- Hey.
- She's fine.

How was it for all of you?

Langley just showing up like that?

It was hard. It was hard for all of us.

Even Mr. Langley.
You could see the regret.

- I need to grab the monitor.
- Sure.

Sandra, I know you and your husband
don't wanna lose your son.

How could we lose him?

If you and your husband are
obstructing a murder investigation...

...you will both go to jail.

That duck in your bathroom,
it's real cute.

Did Langley give it to you
or did Maria Ortiz?

How long have you known Maria?

- l...
- How long have you known her?

A few months.

We found her right after
we met Brett.

What do you mean, "you found her"?

It was lan's plan.

Brett told us right up front
that he wanted joint custody of Jake.

It was hard for me to hear,
but lan went a little crazy.

Brett was such a big lawyer,
and he hadn't been informed.

Ian said if we took him to court
there is no way we would win.

We thought if we could do something to
make him seem unfit to be a father...

Where Maria comes in.

We'd met Brett at his hotel
a number of times in his room.

One time, Maria was there, cleaning.
She really took to Jake.

So we got to know her,
really went out of our way...

...even brought her home for dinner.
She fell in love with our little boy.

- Do you know about her son?
- Yeah.

She understood
how helpless we felt.

You had her accuse Langley?

- And you offered her money.
- Thirty thousand dollars.

- All we had.
- You knew about her son.

You knew how desperate she was.
How could you?

I couldn't.

I told lan that was no way
to fight for our little boy.

And he agreed.

I didn't know
until I saw it on the news.

We didn't wanna lose our son.

My guess is Langley figures
what they're up to...

...confronts Maria, things get out
of hand, head gets bashed in.

But Maria's terrified,
lan sends her to Moser...

...with the self-defence story.

Impoverished maid
versus corporate lawyer.

Maybe the plan was kill Langley.
Smiths keep their kid.

Nope. No way.
Maria would never go for that.

I'm saying, people have done
a lot worse for 30 grand.

Either way, I think we got enough.

- I'll notify Gilroy. Let's get Maria.
- I'll go.

I wanna do it.

I know you were hoping
this might break another way.

Yeah, I definitely was.

- Where's Ms. Moser?
- I don't know.

We called her. I'll try to find her.

She said she would be here.

Maria, I'll find her. I will.


The DA wants to find the payoff
from the Smiths.

Well, Maria didn't get a payoff.
She got caught.

He thinks if we find money
going to her, it'll seal his case.

In her house
there was a cash-transfer receipt.

I mean, if she did get any money,
she would've sent it home to her son.

We'll check the wire-transfer offices
near her place.

See if she unloaded a bundle.

Yeah, yeah, I'm on 57th Avenue.

Maria was at a wire-transfer office
out here on September 19th.

But she only sent 500 bucks.

According to the clerk,
that's her usual.

- Good try. Come on back.
- There's something else.

I know this sounds crazy,
but the time stamp...

...on this receipt says 7:36 p.m.

- That ring a bell?
- Time of the murder. That can't be.

Maybe someone else
sent the money.

I showed the clerk her picture.
She lD'd Maria. She's a regular.

She said that there's
a 45-minute line that time a day...

...which would take you back
to 6:45 p.m.

She's gotta get back
to the hotel in Long lsland City...

...bus, rush hour. There's no way
she gets back in time to kill him.

All right.

I don't get it.

We all saw Maria coming out
of Langley's room.

- lt was time-stamped.
- Wait a second.

I never saw that video.

This way, sir.

- You can't come back here.
- But I have to change the flowers.

You can't come back here.
It's a crime scene.

But I have to change the flowers.

Replay that.

The flowers are different.

When we got to the hotel...

...the florist was trying to change
the old flowers. They were roses.

Roses would've been there
the night before...

...when Brett Langley was killed.

These are sunflowers.

So where are the roses?

This video isn't from the night
of the murder. It's been doctored.

Only one guy's had access
to this video...

- ...since the night of the murder.
- Our helpful head of security.

- Looking for Detective Burns.
- Yeah.

Tom Martin, head of Security.
Whatever we can do to help.

Your client was just arrested.

- Where were you?
- She lied to me.

- She's indefensible.
- ln the court of public opinion, maybe.

In any court. She conspired
with these Smith people.

Maria didn't kill Langley.

- She wasn't even there.
- What are you talking about?

She has a rock-solid alibi.
We know that.

- Then why would she confess?
- Oh, come on.

You know the story.

She trusted someone.
They betrayed her.

The question is,
are you gonna betray her too?

You know, I checked you out.

Quite the superstar.
You were, what...

...a coed, showing up all those
Mayberry cops in Syracuse.

I'm sorry about your sister,
by the way.

Robert, my researcher,
is bit of a superstar too.

- They never found the guy?
- No.

You still looking?


Well, if you ever need help,
I specialise in lost causes.

Then don't give up on this one.

We believe Tom Martin's the guy.
Maria Ortiz wasn't even in the room.

- Well, thanks for letting us know.
- You should thank us.

Somebody was gonna turn up
Maria's alibi.

- You trying to make me look bad?
- All right, get this.

Martin's telling our tech guys that
his server at the Ely crashed last night.

Lost at least two days' worth
of security footage.

- That's convenient.
- He was extremely apologetic.

Any way to prove he altered
the video without the original?

Without original footage,
what Martin did is seamless.

So, what's the theory?

- He's running a rape scam?
- Yeah.

But he doesn't care about the kid,
it's strictly cash and carry.

Might explain Langley's gym bag,
the one the homeless guy found.

- Maybe the money was in the bag.
- lf Martin tossed it...

...maybe we can match his prints.

No. His prints are on it,
but he knew that.

That's why he grabbed it
so quickly in the alley.

Did I mention I'm hating this guy?

Trying to understand why
Maria would protect him.

Hey, maybe they're in love.

Maybe she owes him. I was looking
at her green-card application.

- Guess who turns up as her sponsor.
- I'm done with this.

I wanna talk to her for real.

- This time I'm coming.
- Mike, Roe...

...get me anything on Martin.
I wanna bury this guy.

I'm sorry, Maria. Are you okay?

Listen, we can help you...

...but we're gonna need
your cooperation.

Before my client cooperates,
I need stipulations met.

Easy, Miles.
Big words are for little lawyers.

I was informed
you recused yourself.

You were misinformed.
Happens to the best of us.

And to you.

Detectives. Ms. Ortiz.

Let's get down to business.

Maria, we know about the Smiths,
we know about Tom Martin.

We know you weren't there
when Langley was murdered.

But I need you to admit
that your confession wasn't true.

- lf I do, what happens?
- You didn't kill anyone.

The police know that.

If you help them, I will make sure
you're treated fairly.

Ian Smith asked me
to tell a terrible lie.

I didn't want to, but he told me
about the lawyer, Langley...

...and how he would steal Jake
from them.

I mean, I loved that boy.

I couldn't let another rich man
ruin the life of a child.

- You understand?
- Yeah.

So they offered you money?

I tried to think of it
as payment for my son.

I told Tom, because I was scared,
it was so terrible.

And he told me
we could get even more money.

More money from the Smiths?

No, from Langley.

Two hundred thousand dollars.

Enough to care for my boy, Jose,
for his whole life.

Tom made a video of me
running from the room.

We would show it
if Langley didn't pay us.

It would ruin his name
and he'd never be with Jake.

So Langley agreed to pay?


He was supposed to meet us
with the money, but he didn't show up.

I was relieved.

But Tom, he was so angry.

He told me to go home,
he would take care of it.

- Tom went to the hotel room?
- Yes.

And then he called me.

Langley had changed his mind.
He refused to pay him.

They got into a fight
and Tom killed him.

He said I should still say
Langley tried to rape me.

I said, "No, please,"
and he said, "l have the video.

They will know you were there."

I let him hit me.

He told me to call you.

That if I kept saying
over and over that Langley raped me...

...it was all I had to do
and I'd be all right.

I didn't want to, but I couldn't stop.

He told me I would go to jail,
that he would make sure...

...that I would
never see my son again.

I thought he cared about me.


Hey, Tom.

I can't believe
I'm looking at you right now.

Oh, my brave girl.

Didn't it work
the way I told you it would?

I saw it on TV,
the cops screwed up.

As long as you stick to your story,
they got nothing. Nothing.

And we got 200 grand and a future.

- You got the money?
- Of course I got the money.

I told you, we can't use it right now.

- It's too soon.
- I need the money for Jose.

- You promised.
- What are you talking about?

It's not enough,
she has to get him to Langley.

If he threatens her, we're going in.

Look at you.

You're so beautiful.

What's the matter?


Just I think about that man
all the time.

- Yeah, I know. Me too.
- Just a few more minutes.

- Come on.
- So stupid.

- Got his money.
- She's fine.

- Are you ever sorry?
- No, I can't allow myself.

I gave him a chance.
He was yelling at me.

Screaming right in my face.

- I shut him up.
- Shouldn't have.

What do you know about it?
You weren't there.

Do they know you weren't there?

No, they couldn't know that.

- Is that why they let you go?
- No.

Where were you?

- You never told me.
- At home.

No, you weren't.
I called your house...

- ...right after I did it. Remember?
- That's it.

If anyone saw you, Maria,
if they even think...

...you weren't there,
it all comes down on me.

- lt was wrong. I'm sorry, Tom.
- What did you do?

What did you do?

Get your hands off her.

You did great.
You did really great.

I know my rights.


- You got enough on lan Smith?
- Yep.

Thanks to his wife.
He confirmed, went without her.

What about Maria?

We'll probably drop the extortion.
She'll still do time for conspiracy.

She's lucky.

I guess.

Detective Wells and I are developing
a nice working relationship.

You should probably
keep it that way.

You got a sec?
Something I wanna show you.


Isn't this the part where
the experts say to run and scream?

Where are we?

Al, what is this?

Figure you could use
privacy now and then.

Come here, sit down.

Little something extra.
It's the newest SSP.

Suspect Sketch Programme.

All right.

As you remember more details,
you can keep adjusting it.


Thank you.

I was out of line today. Sorry.

That's okay.

Still lousy at that, aren't you?

- At admitting I'm wrong?
- Pretending to admit you're wrong.

Oh, was it the "sorry"?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Yeah, that was
pushing it a little, huh?

Look, I know you think
you're only doing this for Rachel.

Being police again is just
something you gotta put up with.

But think about
how it went down with Maria Ortiz.

We never would have gotten
to Tom Martin if not for you.

And there are thousands like her.

People you need
a certain kind of eyes to see.

You know, Maria said something
that made me think.

All these years, I thought
I couldn't remember because...

...of what happened.

But it's not just that Rachel died
or how she died.

I think...

I think it's that I lived and l...

I don't understand why.

It's not like Maria's son.
That was an accident, it's chance.

No sense to it.

But this guy let you live.

Maybe he wanted you to.


Stick to it.

Out there, in here.

You'll figure it out.