Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 22 - A Man in the Woods - full transcript

When a murder occurs in Syracuse which mirrors the death of her sister, Carrie and Al travel upstate to confront the suspect. (Elias Koteas guest stars)

Previously on Unforgettable:

When I met you,
everything was about Rachel.

The day that really matters, that might
have the answer, you can't remember.

I've been in those woods a thousand
times. I've never seen that.

You weren't ready for it then.
Now you are.

I'm Detective Franks, Syracuse P.D.

- Found a body two days ago.
- Made an arrest?

Found him around the crime scene.
I just sent you a picture.

It's him. He killed my sister.

You take a nap?

No, just thinking.

We don't have to do this, you know.
We can turn right around.

Not after you charmed
Tina Burdosky...

...into giving you a full-size upgrade
at the airport.

- You played football with her cousin?
- Bronco Burdosky.

Best wide receiver Corcoran
ever had.

- Almost went to state finals junior year.
- Glad I didn't know you then.

I'm not sure I could have handled
Al Burns, high-school football star.

Yeah, you had enough trouble with
Al Burns, former football star.

Every girl still had the hots for you.

Hopefully, they still do.

Wanna know something funny?

One of the first things
I remember after my sister's murder?


I can still remember their uniforms.

Forty-five, 48, 27, 33.

Well, here we go.

Well, what do you know?
The Dynamic Duo.

- How you doing, Dan?
- Good.

Tell me I gotta call you "lieutenant,"
huh? And Carrie Wells.

- Who'd have thunk it.
- Hey, Dan.

Wish our reunion could be under better
circumstances, but come take a look.

Name is Becky Hartley, 1 4.

Bus left her off four blocks from home
after volleyball practice just after 6.

Her folks called us
when she didn't show.

A couple of bikers
found her the next day.

We don't have a full autopsy report.

But it looks like he got her
in the back of the head with a rock.

- And then drowned her in the water.
- As a matter of a fact, yeah.

- Any sign of sexual assault?
- No, none whatsoever.

Your suspect,
Sam Rhodes, where is he?

Got him at the station.
He's been cooperative.

- Hasn't asked for a lawyer.
- He has an alibi?

Said he was downstate on business.
We're checking.

- I wanna talk to him.
- Look, Carrie, I don't have a problem...

...with you guys coming up and digging
around a little in your sister's case.

But in the past
that's led to overly aggressive...

...and questionable
investigative techniques.

I don't want to see those repeated
in this investigation.

That is so impressive, Dan.
Did you practise that in the mirror?

You know, Carrie, you're not the only
one here with a long memory, all right?

Let's head back to the station, huh?

- He always had a thing for you.
- Talk about failing upward.

Play nice.

- Hey, Dave, how are you?
- Love what you've done with the place.

Turns out Rhodes was actually
on the force...

...for a couple years in the early '80s.

A uniform remembered seeing him
at the crime scene...

...day after the murder,
and we grabbed him.

Is that him?


How you doing, Sam?

You comfortable?

- I'm fine.
- Good.

Just holding you on the outstanding
warrant you've got from Pennsylvania.

What was it?
Trespassing or something?

- That's what you said.
- Gonna take a little time to clear that up.

Well, you know the drill. Right?

You had anymore thoughts about
Becky Hartley?

I don't know anything...

- ...about what happened to that girl.
- Yeah, you said that.

But you haven't said what the hell
you were doing at her crime scene.

I heard it on the radio.

I was just curious.

Really? Where did you say you were
two days ago?

I told you,
I had a couple of appointments...

...installing security systems
over in Columbia County. Austerlitz.

- I gave you the numbers.
- Burns.

- How's it going there, boss?
- They've redone the Erie Canal Museum.

- It's quite something.
- We've actually been working.

Been all over our pal Rhodes'
credit card and phone records.

Tanya whipped up an algorithm,
threw it in the pot. Success.

We placed him at the location of at least
two other unsolved teenage homicides...

...in the past eight years,
and we are working on more.

And this might help. We pushed a little
on that warrant out of Pittsburgh.

They want him for trespassing
near another crime scene.

- This is a creepy guy, Al.
- Keep digging. Thanks.

Nina, Roe, and Mike
have been looking into Rhodes.

Looks like this guy's been leaving bread
crumbs at homicide scenes for years.

I don't know, guys.
I need more to work with.

Get full forensics, get some DNA
on her hands or something.

- I want to talk to him.
- No. No, you can't.

- You're not getting anything out of him.
- But he's still talking to us.

Ask about some old murder,
he'll lawyer up in a second.

- Dan, can I talk to you?
- Yeah.

- Chief of CI, huh?
- I've had some things fall the right way.

- You know?
- Yeah.

I hear you're lining things up for the
top spot when Chet Dowling steps down.

- Where did you hear that?
- Chet Dowling.

Chief and I stay in touch.

Helped his nephew get his badge in the
Bronx last year. He's very appreciative.

He seems to value my opinion
a great deal.

You two still...?

Just colleagues, Dan.
It's a lot simpler.


- Okay, you have 10 minutes.
- Thank you. One of these days...

- ...tell me what you got on that guy.
- I got you.

- Sure you're okay in there?
- Yeah.

- Worried I'll try to blow his head off?
- Crossed my mind.

Well, it crossed mine too.

You know me, don't you?

September 1 4th, 1983.

That day mean anything to you?

Excuse me?

Addison Reserve?

The woods along Route 6,
by the ball fields.

- Ringing any bells yet?
- I know the area.

My sister, Rachel Wells...

...was murdered on that day,
in those woods.

Smashed in the back of the head
with a rock...

...and then held down
and drowned in 3 inches of water.

You were there, weren't you?

- No.
- Yes, you were. I saw you.

- I remember you.
- I thought she couldn't remember...

- ...anything about the murder.
- It's been coming back.

She remembers Rhodes.

I know you murdered my sister.

- I want to hear you say it.
- No.

You murdered my sister!

I saw you.

No, you didn't.



What's going on?

All right. I just got off the phone
with the DA in Pittsburgh.

The trespassing warrant that they had
on Rhodes, they're gonna let it go.

- I've got nothing to hold him on.
- You can't let him go.

I can't keep him. Want to get this guy?
Nail him for Becky's murder.

If you let him go, he'll disappear.
You won't get him back.

I'll put a car on him. We'll take the info
your guys gave us on Rhodes...

...linking him to past crime scenes.
Maybe we can get a warrant out of it.

We should check on Becky's parents.

They were pretty broken up the
first time. We'll get more details now.

- I'll come with you.
- I'll stay on the warrant.

I'm sorry, Will,
we just didn't have enough to hold him.

You told us you thought
that was the man.

Well, we still do,
but we gotta take our time.

Make sure
we're not overlooking anything.

Look, I know how difficult
this must be for both of you.

We just have a few more questions
about Becky, if that's okay.

Yeah? All right.

Were there any other men
who showed...

- ...an unusual interest in her?
- We've been over that in our minds.

- We can't think of anyone.
- Okay, what about boys? Boyfriends?

No, she's.... She was just starting
to get interested in boys.

There was no one.

Was she having any problems
with friends at school?

I don't think so.

Wait, there was one thing.

Becky's closest friend, Katrina,
they were inseparable for years.

And then about three months ago...

...Becky came home
and I could see she'd been crying.

I asked her what had happened...

...and she told me she
and Katrina had had a really big fight.

I couldn't get her
to give me the details...

...but she said that
Katrina had betrayed her.

She used really rough language.

I'm sorry,
could you excuse me for a moment?

- Hey.
- Hey. Got a warrant for Rhodes' house.

We'll head over there now, okay?


Look at this.

How far back do they go?

2004, '97, '93.

This guy has got stuff on dead girls
going back at least 20 years.

And the latest.

- Becky Hartley.
- AI.


- I knew it was him.
- Let's pick him up.

Guys, we just got word.

The patrol car that was tailing
Sam Rhodes, they lost him.

Got his name, his car.
Watching the airport, buses, trains.

Marston already lost him.

- If I'm Sam Rhodes, I'm six states away.
- Well, hello.

- Hey, welcome to Syracuse.
- And a lovely little hamlet it is.

Look, Rhodes is on the run.

But we found files tying him to a string
of murders going back 30 years.

- Still want him for Becky's murder.
- I'll get her forensics.

Becky was older than Rachel...

- ...but there are definite similarities.
- I'll just park myself in the lab.

- Do they have a lab?
- Of a kind.

Marston will show you around.
We'll talk to Becky's friend.

- See what they fought about.
- You two on the streets of Syracuse.

- Must seem like old times.
- Yeah, sort of.

You okay?

You haven't said anything
in almost an hour.

- That's a record, I think.
- Yeah.

I don't know, it's...

...more memories.

New ones about Rachel, that day.

I can see the sky,
I can see leaves, trees.

It's almost like I'm flying.

- So you've never seen this man?
- No, I'm sorry. I don't recognise him.

- Mr. Sadler?
- Sorry, no.

Do you think he's the one?

We don't know.

- You're Katrina, right?
- Hi.

- Have you ever seen this guy before?
- No.

You and Becky were good friends,

I heard you guys
had a fight about something.

We'll be in in a minute.

- Tell me what the fight was about?
- We were, like, super best friends...

- ...but then Becky just sort of changed.
- Changed how?

She got all judgemental about fashion
and stuff, which we both really liked.

And she got into camping
and gross things like that.

- And she started saying things.
- What kind of things?

Things at school.

Nasty things.

About me.

About sex stuff. Even though
she was the one who was....

- This is a difficult time, detective.
- Yeah. No, I understand.

Couple more questions?

Katrina, do you know if Becky
had a boyfriend?

Some older guy. I never knew his name.
She was all proud of it.

- Do you know what he looked like?
- No.

Do you know
when she started seeing him?

Few months ago, maybe.

I'm not mad at her anymore. I just....

Hey, thank you.

I appreciate it, okay?

Come on, honey.

Yeah, let me know what turns up.
That was Marston.

Based on Katrina's story, they're
canvassing Becky's friends again...

...see if we can find this guy
she was seeing.

- More memories?
- Well, yeah, because we're here.


I got a few memories of my own.

- We're home.
- Home.

Sounds nice.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Yeah, we're just a couple of gypsies,
aren't we?

- Maybe I'm getting tired of that.
- You did settle down for a while there...

...with your girlfriend
on the Upper East Side.

Till she kicked me out.

You seem to be doing just fine.

Could you live here again?

It would depend on why, I guess.

- On why?
- For what?

For a cheeseburger with bacon.

And those onion rings you dip
in stale ketchup...

- ...because it's been here since we were.
- I'm going to the bathroom.

Why don't you order us
a couple burgers.

Don't say a word.


Hey! You see a woman come through
here a minute ago red hair?

Yeah, she took off
with some guy in his car.

You know...

...if I get ahold of that gun,
you're dead.

If she's got her phone on her,
this should work.

Great, I've got her GPS locked in.
It looks like she's on Route 38...

...couple miles south of the city,
heading east.

- Looks like some kind of park.
- Addison Reserve.

He's taking her to the woods
where Rachel was killed. Route 38!

Get out.

Come on.

Remember this place?

That's where they found her.

Get on the ground.

- Kneel down.
- No.

- Kneel down. You do it.
- No.

You do it.

You were just a little thing,
just so high.

Do it.

Kneel down.

They told me you couldn't remember.

Around the precinct,
everybody was talking about it.

First, I thought it was a joke.

Because I told you to forget.

Forget you ever saw me.

Then when you came in two weeks later
for your follow-up, I knew it was true.

You didn't recognise me.

You saw me three more times
that first year.


Nothing. I started to think I was safe.

And then six months ago...

...that sketch started making it
around the police wire.

- Know that sketch you made?
- Why do you have a drawing?

I knew that you remembered.

But you still don't.

Not everything.

And until you do...

...I won't be safe.

Not from you.

I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna kill you, understand me?

I'm gonna kill you
like you killed my sister.

I didn't kill your sister.

My only crime, and it was a crime...

...I was in the woods that day
and I heard a young girl scream...

...and another little girl call out.

And finding her
and not knowing what to do.

Not doing enough.

Where are your parents?

Are you all right?

I took you away from this place.

I carried you away.

Do you remember?

Thank God.

- The field. Right?
- It's over there.

They don't use it anymore.

I put you down.

And I watched you walk away.

- Rhodes, on the ground now! I said now!
- No, Al!

He's okay.

She was still warm.

The guy who did it was out there
somewhere in the woods.

I was a sworn officer of the law.
I couldn't....

Why didn't you just come forward?

Now, there was this guy who worked
for Vice named Cromartie.

I was a part of a team
that was assisting in a raid.

This meth lab,
a big production, huge.

Stacks and stacks of cash.
Suitcases full.

And he picked me out right away.

Promised me a suitcase for myself
if I kept my mouth shut.

That day was my day off.

And I'm meeting Cromartie
in the woods.

Now, I knew if I phoned it in, your
sister's murder, it would expose us all.

Cromartie would make sure
I ended up in the bottom of a lake.

Okay, so you....

You may have saved my life.

Right? I mean, you picked me up,
you carried me out of there.

Why didn't you ever just tell me?

Why didn't you come and find me?

I don't....

Guess I just never knew
what you would remember.

I was ashamed.

That day was the end
of something for me.

I started drinking. I just....

Anyway, I washed out of the P.D.
within a year.

But I never, I never
stopped thinking of the killer.

And when another girl turned up down
near Elmira, I went to check it out.

Been following him ever since.

Bet I'm probably the only one in this
world who wants him as badly as you do.


- Remember this?
- Yeah.

- I remember you liked this place.
- I never liked it.

All right. Well, my room
is a couple doors down that way.

- Hey, you want a drink?
- Yeah.


You know, I think I remember...

...that you used this place
to seduce young rookies.

Is that how you remember it?
I seduced you?

That's exactly how I remember it.

Funny, I have a very distinct memory
of you making the first move.

Well, seduction is all in the setup,

And you set it up.

- Yeah, I did.
- Yeah.

Thank you.

For rescuing me.

You handled that yourself.

I mean always.

I feel like such an idiot.

I've just been wrong about everything,
and I just--

Carrie, it's okay.

It's okay.


I want to stay with you tonight.

Yeah. Of course.

- No, I mean I want to stay with you.
- I know what you mean.

Are these potatoes?

Breakfast potatoes? Yes.

Oh, and little green peppers
swimming in this viscous--

- Butter.
- Dairy country.

- Wisconsin.
- Oh, damn.

Is this coffee? Okay, thanks.

Here's your pal.

Marston called. They cleared his alibi
for Becky's murder.

I said I went willingly.
They got nothing to hold him on.

- You thought the more the merrier?
- We could use help.

- Hey, Sam.
- Hey.

- Lieutenant Burns.
- Hey.

- Sam Rhodes.
- Call me Jo.

So, Carrie tells me
you're an expert on our guy.

- I wouldn't say expert.
- What would you say?

I have a personal interest
in finding him.

We have enough personal interest
to go around in this case.

- What did you pick up?
- Here's the deal.

I looked at the results from the local ME
and compared them to Rachel's case.

There are some similarities,
but nothing determinative.

I found something interesting
when I did my investigation of Becky.

There's a fine powder
on the seam of her blouse...

...and also on front panel
of her jeans.

I did a quick analysis, and I came up
with quartz, feldspar and mica.

Granite. It's like quarry dust.

I used to work summers
splitting rocks.

- Up on Lime Ledge?
- No, out near Fayetteville.

Jordan Quarries,
Kavanaugh, those guys.

- Mr. Sadler?
- No. I'm sorry.

Katrina's family
was expanding their driveway.

So maybe our guy is a worker, met
Katrina and Becky around the house.

I can call the contractor,
get a list of workers.

See if any connect to the victim.

I'll get Mike and Nina
on the quarry workers.

In all these cases,
your sister's included...

...there's no evidence that these
victims were forced to the location.

So theory has been
that she knew her attacker.

- Do you know if Becky had a boyfriend?
- Some older guy.

She didn't tell me his name.
She was all proud of it.

This a very difficult time, detective.

Wait a second.

Katrina said Becky was having an affair
with an older guy.

Her stepfather would have met Becky
through Katrina, right?

He's a contractor. Explains the dust.

Katrina and Becky's friendship ended
right around the time...

...Sadler married Katrina's mom,
just a few months ago.

What if Sadler seduced Becky, dumped
her because he was getting married?

Becky, a child, didn't know what to do.
She took it out on Katrina.

- Right.
- It's a theory.

But before we take it to Marston,
we gotta come up with something more.

David Sadler, 56.

He's been basically around
Syracuse his whole life.

Worked as a handyman, in construction,
in a gun store. Very nice.

Got his contractor's licence
five years ago.

Was he here when Rachel
was murdered?

Wish I could tell you. There's
no street address from the early '80s.

Let me get deeper into it.

All these victims are within
driving distance of Syracuse.

- We need something definitive.
- You want definitive?

- You're on.
- Okay, how's this? Six months ago...

...Sadler's credit card was used
to buy two burner cells...

...from a store in Syracuse.
Both numbers only called each other.

One pinged off a cell tower on Burnet
Avenue a block from Becky's house...

...the other off a cell tower
around the corner from Sadler's.

The calls ended the night Becky
was killed. Coincidence?

That's enough to pick him up.

- Let's go get him.
- Let's get him.

We need to speak with your husband.

He's not here.

- Where is he?
- He just left.

- Alone?
- No, with Katrina.

- Why? What's wrong?
- Where did they go?

Camping up at Fillmore Glen. David
wanted Katrina to have a little break...

...from all the terrible things
that have been happening.

I'll call it in.

- We need to talk.
- What's wrong?

Yeah, the wife says
they've gone camping.

Fillmore Glen.

Just a few minutes ago.

He's got the girl.

This is all such a misunderstanding.

When David gets back, he'll be able
to explain it all to you personally.

- When was this photo taken?
- A couple weeks ago.

Katrina, she loves all those magazines,
you know.

- We had a professional do that.
- Becky just sort of changed.

She got all judgemental about fashion
and stuff, which we both really liked.

She got into camping
and gross stuff like that.

It's beautiful. So how often does
Katrina go camping?

You know, on the weekends,
whenever there's time.

She has all the camping gear?

Tent, sleeping bag, backpack,
all that stuff?

Of course.
Why are you asking me that?

It's just, when I talked to her yesterday,
I got the impression she hated camping.

"Gross stuff,"
I think, were the words she used.

Your husband didn't
take her camping.

- Yes, of course he did.
- No, he didn't.

You're lying to us.
He told you to lie to us, didn't he?

Ms. Sadler, please.
Your daughter's life may be in danger.

Do you understand that?

Well, he said that he would kill her.

- He said that he would kill her if I told.
- Where is she?

He said I should say
he was camping...

...and that if I said anything else,
he would kill Katrina.

I need you to calm down
and tell me where he took her.

- I don't know. I don't know.
- I'll call in an AMBER Alert.

Tell Marston to turn around,
cover the airports and the trains.

- Your husband, does he have a boat?
- Yes.

- Where does he keep it?
- He's got a storage place.

Dry storage up in Oswego.

If he gets that boat in the water,
it's just a couple hours to Canada.

Marston and his guys are south.

- They don't have a chance.
- Let's go.

You come along with us.
We need all the help we can get.

Glad you got that upgrade.

- Come on.
- Twelve miles.

If he's got that boat
in the water already....

There he is.

- You all right?
- Yeah.


We should fan out.

You all right?


Hey, you all right? Katrina.

Hey, hey. Sam? Sam?

Okay. Hey, you're going to be fine.
You're going to be fine.

- Sadler?
- We got him.

We got him, okay?

Sam, Sam. Hey.

How's your head?

Well, I'm only seeing two of you now
instead of five.

All right, thanks.

Well, they found a bunch of Becky's
clothes in the back of Sadler's truck.

- Good.
- Good job, guys.

It was nice working with you again,
Detective Wells.


What are you not telling me?

September 1983,
Sadler was incarcerated at Sing Sing.

He did two years there, '83 to '85.

He couldn't have killed your sister.

- I'm sorry.
- No.

- Wanna get out of here?
- Yeah, let's get out of here.

Al, can we make a quick stop
on the way?

- He say what he had for you?
- No.


All of his work, 28 years of tracking,
following, hunting this guy.

You never knew
you had a silent partner.

This RV.

Rhodes places this RV at a number
of the crime scenes, see?

I remember it. I remember it.

It was at the field the same day
Rachel was murdered.

It's a start.


Thank you, Sam.