Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 21 - Endgame - full transcript

Carrie arrives at a murder scene not knowing it was of Walter Morgan, her nemesis who held the clues to the death of Carrie's sister Rachael.

Previously on "Unforgettable".

Queens homicide.

Hi, Carrie.

You got a name, pal?

Someone will die in 16 minutes.
That's all you get.

That's it. 16 minutes.

- CARRIE: Why me?
- The great sociopaths like to go

head-to-head with the best.

His name is Walter Morgan.

He's an attorney,
but we can't touch him.

I called him.

I met him.
You're out of your mind.

I think we should loop Al in

on that little offer you got
from your

- new pal Mr. Morgan.
- I'd like to keep it quiet.

This is exactly what

this guy wants, to get
inside your head.

- He's doing what I want.
- He's playing you.

If this guy's

contacting you,
Carrie, be careful.

I don't want to offer him up
another victim.

What if he's trying to help me?

Then you're making a deal
with the devil.

Be seeing you, Carrie.

There are pleasures in life
it would be a crime to refuse.

Wine is one...

another is friendship.

When it's offered.

Hard to find a friend;

an equal to discuss matters.

Is that why I'm here, Walter?

You're looking for a friend?


Sorry, didn't mean to show
all my cards as once.

Not much of a hand at poker,
I'm afraid.

I prefer pool,
all about playing the angles.

You a hustler, Walter?

Oh, no.
Unlike you, I never gamble.

You're gambling now,
having me here your house.

I have nothing to hide.

A charming dinner companion
for a little information.

Pretty safe bet, I'd say.

What do you know about
my sister's murder?


It's not a virtue of mine.

That's okay.

It's one of mine.

What's your game, really,

What do you want?

You said it yourself.

I want you to need me...


...as a friend.

Shall we begin?

(phone buzzes)

Hey, Roe.

Hey. Afraid work's starting
this morning.

Oh, yeah? What did we catch?

We got a fresh one out
at an abandoned warehouse

on 516 Borden Ave.

516 Borden, 9:00. Come alone.

Um, what kind,
what kind of body?

It's a dead one, I think.
Don't quote me.

I mean, male or female?

It's a male.

Kind of hard to tell

with most of his head missing.

I'm on my way.

Oh, hey, you got a minute?

Maybe pick up a bagel
from that place on 23rd?

I haven't eaten breakfast yet.

It's the most important meal
of the day.

We got a shotgun
at close range.

Got one shell casing.

Security guard found him.
Had the good enough sense

to get outside
before he hurled.

$400 shoes.

What the hell was
he doing here?

We're lucky security
even noticed an open door

'cause nobody's used
this place in months.

Yeah, we got Mike
and Nina

circling the area.

See if there's any active
security cameras around.

Let's see.
Mr. Walter Morgan. 50.

Ooh, Park Avenue.

Should have stayed
home, Walter.

Let me see that.

You know this guy?

Where's Carrie?

Should be here
any minute.

All right, I want you
you do me a favor.

Call Webster, tell
her the victim's name.

Ask her to handle
the case personally.

Hey, is there something
I should know?

(indistinct radio transmission)

What's going on?

Walter Morgan's in there

with half his head
blown off.

Well, hallelujah,
I guess.

That's what I thought.

Who killed him?

Do we have to find out?

What do you think?

Shouldn't be too hard.

Guy like that had
a lot of enemies.

He had a lot
of friends.

Big Manhattan lawyer
getting shotgunned in

the ass end of Queens,

This case will get
a lot of attention.

What not even a bialy?

You got an appetite
after all this?

Eating's a natural function.
It's a part of life.

What do they say? In the midst
of life I am in death?

So in the midst of death,
how about a little cream cheese?

You don't know anything
about my sister, do you!

You know, in Louisiana,
somebody kicks,

they make a pot
of gumbo so big,

they eat off it
for a year.

S01 Ep21 - Endgame


Oh, how you doing?

I don't know.

I just can't believe it.

Did you tell Al?

That I kept investigating
Walter Morgan

after he told me we were done?

After I told him I was done?

- I'll take that as a "no."
- Yeah.

Do you mind if we just take
a look at this together?

You're still not convinced, huh?

Walter Morgan's whole life
was about games,


No, I'm not convinced.



You mind?


Sometimes the fingers swell
after death,

so you just really have
to tug.

Give me a second.

Okay. (grunts)

It's been there a while.

Is that what you were
looking for?

What are you doing here?

Where is Jensen?

He told me
about your conversation.

You threatened him, Carrie?

That was unnecessary.

What are you talking about?

After our time together,

I so wanted to help you.

But now I realize

I might be keeping my promise
at Jensen's expense.


Who is that? Is that him?

You need to calm down!

Is that him?! Jensen!

You made it all up,
didn't you?

There is no Jensen!

You don't know anything
about my sister, do you?!


I mean, he's wearing

the same clothes as he had on
last night.

And you would know that how?


I was at the warehouse
last night.

Look, this guy,

he said his name was Jensen,

he called me, he said he had

about Rachel's murder,

but he would only tell me
in person.

So I went to the warehouse
to meet him,

and Morgan was there.

He was alive when I left.

I was in and out in
five minutes.

Which doesn't make your judgment
going in there alone

- any sounder.
- Right.

Do you have

any idea who this Jensen is?

I have a phone number
that a guy called me from.

I'm doing a reverse search
to see if I can get an address.

Look, if you do locate Jensen,
let me know

because there's some DNA
under Morgan's fingernails

that might be the killer's.

Um, I will definitely
let you know what I find out.

Good luck.

AL: And we also believe he was
involved in the Benedict case.

But if we knew Walter Morgan was
Carrie's caller,

why didn't we just grab him?

All we had to make our case
were Carrie's memories.

Which we've relied on
for a lot less.

This guy's too connected:

a buddy of the Mayor,
the D.A.

Wasn't gonna be good
for any of us

to make allegations
we couldn't support.

MIKE: So there's nothing linking him

to Richard Simons, that guy in
New London, the hardware store?

There wasn't a thing,
forensic or otherwise.

Morgan is more a master of
psychological manipulation.

He rarely does
the killing himself.

He finds vulnerable people

prone to violence and encourages
them to kill.

Anything you want to add here?

No, sounds about right.

Okay, so, still, if
this guy's all you say,

then why wouldn't there
be more people coming after him?

Okay, we got security video
from the warehouse coming in.

Also put a rush on
the ballistic test

for the shotgun shell.

Good. I'll get everyone
the background

Carrie and I already
worked up.

And right now Morgan's secretary
is waiting for us

up at his apartment. Mike?



I can't believe
he's gone.

Walter was a kind
and brilliant man.

He helped my daughter
get into private school,

wrote the most
beautiful letter.

We know this must be hard
for you.

MIKE: Looks like he had himself
a little romantic dinner.

SECRETARY: It's a bit odd of
Walter not to have cleaned up.

He was unbearably tidy.

I don't think you know anything

about what happened
to my sister.

Good night.

Don't go!

You'll get a phone call.
His name is Jensen.

Could be good for us.

We should be able to pull some
prints off this,

maybe help us I.D.
the dinner date.

AL: Was he seeing
someone in particular?

I don't think so.

But he was having
a problem with a woman.

I don't know her name,
but he was concerned

she was stalking him.

He had me call
a security firm

to ask about
installing cameras.

Were they ever installed?

No, we hadn't gotten
around to it.

Hey, hey, hey.
I got gloves.

Sorry. (sighs)

Don't know
what I was thinking.

Thank you.

We'll get, uh,
CSU up here.

(cell phone ringing)

Excuse me.


All right, thanks.

That was ballistics.

They make the murder weapon
a 12-gauge shotgun

loaded with reduced-recoil
double-aught buck.

That's a...
that's a police round.

I have a duck guy in Mamaroneck.

I don't understand
the appeal of sitting

in a blind all day
with a shotgun

waiting for a bird
to fly by,

but you can't fault the results.

You know, I'm going to take off,
head back to the office.

I want to talk to Webster.

You guys okay
with everything here?

Did you get
a good look around?

Oh, yeah.

Remember everything.

All right.
All right.


Oh, I was just
about to call you.

- You get the prints back?
- Uh-huh.

They were a match to
Walter Morgan's background check

for the Kansas Bar in '86.

It's definitely him.

This doesn't make any sense.

There's also something else.

I found some DNA
under his fingernails.

Mine, right?

What's going on, Carrie?

He's framing me.

- For his own murder?
- Yeah.

I know it sounds insane,
and it's about to get worse.

This is the murder weapon.

- Where'd you find that?
- In the trunk

of my car... it's mine, too.

I need you to do

a residue test on my hands

to prove that I
did not fire that gun.

How did he get a hold

of your
department-issued shotgun.

I don't know.

I mean, I was at his house
for dinner

a couple of nights ago.

Maybe someone broke
into my car when I went

to the warehouse to meet Jensen.

Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

You were at his house?

He called me
to tell me he had a lead

in Rachel's murder... Jensen...
but he wouldn't tell me anything

over the phone, so I went there,
and now I just...

I realize he was just trying
to make sure

I was in the right place
at the right time.

You have to tell Al

that we have been
investigating Morgan,

that you were at his house,


I know.

I know, but I can't now.

I don't... I don't know
what's real anymore.

I don't even know
if this Jensen actually exists.

All I know is that
someone else was there

at the warehouse that night.

Now, maybe it's the person
who killed Morgan,

or maybe that person
saw me leave

while Morgan
was still alive, but I

got to find him, because
it's my only chance,

and I promise you I'll
come in as soon as I do.

I promise.

No one will believe
you killed him.

But I have to tell your people
about the DNA.

I know you do.

Just be careful.

I will.

Thank you.

They finally delivered
that security footage

from the building
next to the crime scene.

Oh, no.

Go on.

♪ ♪

(phone ringing)


Walter Morgan asked me to call...
about a dead girl in the woods.

You're Jensen.

He told you my name?

I'm not sure
this is a good idea.

No, wait, I-I really...
I really want to talk to you.

You're a cop.

Yeah, but no matter
what you say,

I promise you, none of this
will come back at you, okay?

I'm only doing this
because Morgan asked me to.

This isn't my thing.

Let's forget about it.

Listen, I-I know how much
of a risk this is for you,

okay, so maybe I can make it
worth your while.

- What do you mean?
- I'll pay you.

MAN (quietly): She wants
to give you money?

Very good. Ask for ten grand.

Ten grand.


516 Borden, 9:00.

Come alone.

You do anything
to make me nervous, I'm gone.


(cell phone chimes)

(engine starts)

She thinks
Morgan is trying

to frame her for
his own death.

So he got himself murdered
just to what, to punish her?

Or it wasn't him,

and whoever killed him
knew that Carrie

was an easy target
for a frame job.

You do a GSR test?

At her request.

It came back negative.

Of course, she's smart enough
to know that you can get

the same results
just by washing your hands.

Why'd she come to you, Jo?

Way I figure it,
I got maybe two hours

before I have
to call the captain

and tell him what's going on,

or we're getting

and sent to monitor
evidence rooms

all over this town.

She's been investigating Morgan
pretty aggressively.

What? When?

I'd say, ongoing.

Even after we came up empty
and I pulled the plug?


What do you mean
by "aggressively"?

- She meet with him?
- Twice.

Once for dinner and last night.

Last night?

He was shot last night.

How could such a smart woman
be so stupid?

- You knew about it?
- Some.

He offered her information
about her sister.

Of course he did.

Where is she headed?

Some guy named Jensen called

for a meeting
at a warehouse.

He's either the killer
or her alibi.

She's got to find him.

Look, if it makes you
feel any better,

I think she knows
how badly she messed this up.

It doesn't make me
feel any better.

I'm disappointed, Jo.

You should have talked to me.

It was about Rachel.



(hip-hop music playing)


How you doing?

Uh, question:

Were you here last night?
4:00 to midnight.

Okay, I'm looking
for one of your customers

who used the pay phone
around 8:00.

I get 200 customers
in here a night.

You want me to remember somebody
who made a telephone call?

How many of your customers
still use a pay phone?


All right.

Remember now?

Oh, yeah. There were two guys.

One comes in here all the time...
I don't know his name...

and, uh, yeah, I never seen
the other one before.

Was one of them kind of skinny,
slicked-back hair?

Yeah, slicked-back
hair, nice suit?


Tell you what.

You see either
of those guys again,

you call that number,
there's more money

- where that came from.
- Hell, yeah.

Nina. You get anything?

Carrie's deleted her
most recent e-mails.

If the answer to her address
request is one of them,

it's going to take a
bit longer to restore.

All right, stay on it.

Hey, boss. Hey, I got
a weird one here.

I mean, no weirder than anything
else that's happened today,

but, uh, when we ran our dead
guy's prints to I.D. him...

Yeah, they came back
to Walter Morgan. I know.

Yeah, but we also
got a second hit.

Seems the same prints

were found at the scene
of a sexual assault

five years ago in Utah.

Salt Lake cops
looked into it,

but Morgan was here running
a trial at the same time.

They concluded it
was a mistake.

Like I say, don't
know what it means.

It means something.
Stay on it.

Hey, Al, wait.

You got a second?


Listen, I got to say that I...

don't really know
what to make of this.

She's had my back

a dozen times.

She's solid.

But we're staring something

in the face here.

It's been nine years
we worked together, Al.

I trust you.

I trust your instincts.

Trust them
a little longer, okay?

All right.


I got it.

I have a duck guy
up in Mamaroneck.

♪ ♪

I don't think you know anything

about what happened
to my sister.

- I wish you'd trust me.
- Now, why would I do that?

Because we're alike.

We live in a bright world.

Clear, exposed, vivid.

They, on the other hand,
sleep through a night

of half-truths,
of shadows, unknowns.

We don't belong with them.

You don't belong.

What do I want?

I want you to realize that.

Good night.

Don't go.

You'll get a phone call.

His name is Jensen.

Thanks for dinner.

What the hell is going on?

I don't...

I think this guy
was working with Morgan

to get me to the murder scene
last night.

Is this your mysterious Jensen?

Yeah, I think so.

Well-well, how do you know that?

Short version is...

Walter Morgan told me that.

Was he alive
or dead when he told you that?

I didn't kill Walter Morgan.

And this guy was my
best chance to prove it.

Oh, man.
What are we gonna do?

I mean, we gotta do
something about this, right?

Don't ask me,
I just work here.

And not that it matters,

but we just got a match
on Carrie's prints

in Morgan's apartment.

Well... I don't care.
I don't believe it.

Okay, uh, Robert Jensen.

He's a P.I. out of Newark,
uh, mostly marital stuff.

His secretary's freaked.

As far as she knows,

Jensen was just helping Morgan
out with his stalker.

She did give us
a list of past clients.

Time of death?

Webster's saying 20, 22 hours.

Pretty close to Morgan's.

Anything on the murder weapon?

Uh, same shotgun as Morgan, too.

- What is this guy, a magician?
- It sounds like it.

What, so, what are you saying?
You think she did it?

No. I...

I am saying that we gotta
figure out how to handle this.

We got 11 ADAs,
and four TV stations,

and three papers
and gazillion bloggers,

all wondering what's up with
the Walter Morgan investigation,

and right now I don't
know the answer!

All right, look.
Enough, okay?

She's in there talking to Al.

We'll figure it out.

Yeah, you're right.
You're right.

Look, Al will know
what to do, okay?

I don't know what to do.

You should've come to me.

With what? You made me promise
to stay away from him.

If you'd told me about Rachel,

I would've understood a little bit.


You would've insisted
that I stay away even more.

For good reason,
it turns out!

You actually had dinner
with the guy?

- I know how bad this looks.
- Do you?

'Cause I've never seen anything
look quite this bad.

I know that if
I was anyone else,

you would have arrested me
by now, so thank you.

That's right.

But we're not
anyone else, are we?


Okay. What have we got?

I mean, claiming Morgan
killed himself to frame you

for his own murder is not
exactly a winning defense.

Al, I don't know
how he's done it.

But this is his game,

this is how he plays.

What's the point of a game

if you're not around
to know you've won?

Unless... he is.

MORGAN: Perhaps it's better
that you don't remember

what happened on that
day in those woods.

You haven't told me anything
I don't already know, Walter.

You haven't told me anything
that's not in the police report.

To live with that terror
every day, every minute...

What else do you know, Walter?

Have you read Robert Frost?

"Stopping by Woods
on a Snowy Evening."

"And miles to go
before I sleep."

He was a little like you.

No time to dawdle, and
"a little in love with death."

That's like you.

There was a poem.

I wasn't getting it at the time.

"And miles to go
before I sleep."

He's not done.

Not by a long shot.

He wants to see
if I can beat this.

Did he leave any clues as to how
a dead guy isn't actually dead?

I can figure this out,

but I need to be on the case.
I need to do my job.

All right,
but it's all our jobs.

And there three
detectives out there

who would lay down
their lives for you,

and you left them in the dark.


So... you seriously think
Morgan could still be alive?

Yeah, I do.

Wait, o-okay, then...

who the hell does Webster
have in her freezer over there?

I-I'm here to help,

but the facts are the facts.

Look, I know this is

an impossible situation
for you guys, I do.

All the evidence
points towards me.

I lied to you guys.

But I'm telling you right now,

I didn't kill anyone.

Not Jensen, not Morgan.
He's framing me.

I don't know how, but he is.

Which is why I'm
giving you a choice.

Sit this one out,
or forever hold your peace.

I'm in.

Me, too.


Thank you.

Okay. Nina, get the case file

and the crime scene
photos to Carrie.

Mike, let's put out
a Finest Message

on anyone matching
Morgan's description.

And Roe, see if Webster's come
up with anything on the body.

All right, where you going?

To tell the DA this
investigation is ongoing,

and we have no solid suspects.


at... at Morgan's apartment,

you picked up that glass

on purpose, to get
your prints on it,

to cover your tracks, right?

Like you said,
the facts were adding up

and they weren't
looking so good for me.


Ah... that was clever.

You don't have to
babysit me, you know.

Oh, no, I'm not.

I was just, you know, going
through some old case files.

Mm-hmm. Did Al tell
you to watch me?

Like a hawk.


You know, just so you know,

me and Roe had a plan
to break you out.

Thanks, Nina.

I prefer pool.

All about playing the angles.

You son-of-a-bitch.

What? You got something?

Oh, yeah. I got something.

Hey. All right,
what do you got?

I don't know.
Where do I start?

Um, I'm gonna say
"the beginning""


So you know that strange
thing in Salt Lake,

where the cops thought
they'd recovered

Walter Morgan's
fingerprints five years ago

at the site of a sexual assault?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But Morgan had an alibi,
he was here in New York.

Right. So I snooped
around a little.

It turns out the only other lead
the police had in the case

was the name of a guy
the victim met at a bar,

named John Fox.

But since they only had a name,
and someone else's prints,

- it was a dead end. Right?
- Wrong?

Well, I took the name
"John Fox""

and just for the fun of it,

I ran it through a multi-linked
recursion sorting program

with all the other information

we put together
on Walter Morgan.

Known associated, past clients,
school teachers, etcetera.

And it turns out...

Are you ready for this?

Oh, you had me at
"recursion program."

Turns out Walter Morgan had
a client named John Fox

25 years ago in Kansas.

But not just any client.

Fox was the last
client Morgan had

before he folded up his practice
and moved to New York.

Wow, um...

I'm excited,
but I don't know why.

Here's why.

This is the Kansas DMV photo
of a 16-year-old John Fox.

Threw a little face-aging
software at it,

it's the same program the Feds
use on photos of missing kids.

Same photo, aged 30 years,

in which John Fox looks
an awful lot like...

- Walter Morgan.
- Walter Morgan.


All right, the arms on the
bodies at the warehouse

were placed in
a very specific pattern.

We thought they might be
pointing at different objects

in their surroundings,

but we couldn't find
anything that made sense.

So I'm thinking...



So the body at the warehouse,


One of his arms was placed at

a 55-degree angle,
the other at 50 degrees.

Jensen, in the van.

One arm at 13 degrees,
the other arm at five.

Which gives us...

A phone number?

You try calling it?

Not yet. It's too soon.

I'm-I'm not ready... for him.

See, he wants to prove

that he and I are alike,

that we both live
outside of society.

So what's he going to
try and do?

Separate me from society.

And if you're wanted for murder,

he becomes the only
one to turn to.

We have to convince him
that he's succeeded.

That I've been abandoned
by my own people.

You and Tanya, you were right.

John Fox traded places with
Walter Morgan 25 years ago.

Now, Fox is done
with his old life,

he's ready to start a new one,

and he wants me to
be a part of it.

But he's got to know
you'd never go along with it.

He's thinking if
his plan succeeds,

you'll have no other choice.

I just got off
the phone with the ADA.

They-they know that we are
circling on somebody,

and they want to know who.
I didn't know what to tell them.

Tell them you're
arresting Carrie Wells.

Local police hunt

one of their own tonight,

as homicide detective
Carrie Wells

is now officially
the prime suspect

in the shotgun murder of

Manhattan attorney
Walter Morgan.

The search for Wells began here,

on Skillman Avenue
in Sunnyside, Queens...

Okay, I say go for it.

REPORTER: ...when detectives
arrived to take her into custody.

According to witnesses,

Detective Wells used a back
alley to make her escape...

(cell phone ringing)

REPORTER: ...discovered early this
morning in an abandoned warehouse

in Long Island City.

Police are not releasing...

Hello, Carrie.

Great to hear from you.

You sure she's okay going in?

It's the only way.

Morgan's got to believe she's
alone, or he'll be gone.

Anything yet, boss?

No. No contact,
she hasn't seen him.

She's got him.

She sees him.

Okay, all right,
we got that, Al.

Where is he?

Not sure.

Somewhere out
in the middle there.

I lost her.

I'm moving in.


I'm sorry, I
have to go now.

It's a splendid
view, isn't it?

I'll take your weapon.

It's just a

It's like my little
prank just now;

it's more habit
than anything else.

Dead man can't
take chances, right?

Still nothing.

I got her.
I got her.

She's talking to someone.

Is it Morgan?

Who's she talking to?

I can't confirm.

I'm going closer.

You did so well, Carrie.
I'm proud of you.

You were right.

Minute they found Jensen's
body, they came after me.


So you see now, right?

It's impossible for you
to stay with them.

I'll go anywhere with you.

I just, I want to get
out of this city.

Do you really mean it?


I planned it all.

It'll be a new life, you'll see.

It-it will be a rich one.

at's odd.

There's no maintenance
scheduled to the bridge today.

Oh, Carrie.

You really know
how to hurt a guy.


I lost them.

I don't have a visual.

So what now, Walter?

Oh, I always had a
contingency plan.

It involves you

and a stirring
little suicide note,

if I may take any credit.

And then what,
you just disappear?

Shed this skin, take on another?

Is that it?


How many lives
can John Fox live?

Well, we've done our homework,
haven't we?

What was so bad about being you

that you had to take
someone else's life?

You can't imagine.

And I hardly took it.

Walter and I had
a mutual agreement.

A generous monthly stipend.

Heck, he never wanted
to be a lawyer, anyway.

That was him at the warehouse
that night, wasn't it?

The real Walter Morgan.

I invited him
from Kansas City, yes.

It was a delightful reunion.

Walter took in a few shows.

He had a grand old time.

Till you took his face off
with a shotgun.

Things change.

I was hoping

you'd change.

I really was, Carrie.

Lock up traffic.

Lock it up now.

We would have been so matched.

So suited for each other.

No, see, I did my time
in your world.

Too bad we didn't meet

back then; you might have
had a chance.

I was a real mess.

Just like you.

Okay, enough.

Get over there.



I want to know
one thing.

Did you ever really know
anything about Rachel's murder?

Anything at all?

You'll never know.


Good-bye, dear Carrie.



You tell me
what happened to Rachel!

Tell me!

I can't hold you. You have to let go.

- No!
- You have to let go of him!

He's right, you know.

Be seeing you, Carrie.


AL: Harbor North's been
dragging the river.

They haven't found Morgan,
but they will.

I don't know, I just...

I guess I'll feel better
when we have a body.


Hey. Speaking
of dead bodies,

I think we got the story
worked out finally.

Um, you-you go ahead.

No, you go ahead.

Nah, I think you should.
I think you should go.

We think it
goes like this.

Way back in Kansas,

John Fox was a
very brilliant

and very miserable
young sociopath,

when he came upon an equally
unhappy young lawyer

named Walter Morgan.

Morgan and Fox were about the
same height, similar build,

which is why Fox
must've decided

to use the resemblance
to his advantage.

Whatever deal he offered Morgan,
we have bank records that show

that he's been making payments
to his Kansas account

for the past 25 years.

Couldn't have said it better.

So Morgan...

our Morgan... was paying off Fox

as part of a long-running
identity swap?

All those years,
he does whatever he wants

under an assumed identity.

And then when he's ready
to disappear,

he just murders Fox, aka Morgan.

Which is why the body
checked out as Walter Morgan

and why our victim was
conveniently missing his face.

Only, he made one mistake.

He couldn't know Fox would
commit a sex crime in Utah

and leave his prints behind.

None of this explains

how he knows anything
about Rachel's murder.

I think you and I both know
he probably didn't.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me, Detective Burns?

Thought you might like
to see this, sir.

Yeah, what do weot?

Found it with Jensen's
body in the van.

I was vouchering it
and it started ringing.

Only one number in here.


(line ringing)


Hello. Who is this?

Who is this?

Carrie Wells,
Queens Homicide.

This phone is evidence
in a murder investigation

involving Walter Morgan.

Oh, you mean Detective Morgan.

I've been trying
to reach him all morning.

I-I'm sorry.
Who am I speaking to?

I'm Detective Franks,
Syracuse P.D.

I've been working with
Deputy Chief Marston.

Your Detective Morgan
contacted us

about a case we have up here

involving an abduction
and murder of a young girl.

Um, is-is this a cold case?

No, ma'am.

We found a body two days ago.

Can you tell Detective Morgan

his information
was right on the money.

We got the guy.

You made an arrest?

We're talking to him.

Found him hanging around
the crime scene.

Morgan said
you might be interested,

so I just sent you a picture.



It's him.

He killed my sister.