Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 2 - Heroes - full transcript

When a young boy witnesses a murder, Carrie must put aside the memories of her sister's death to help him lead the police to the killer.

Place your bet. Wheel turns.

No more bets, please. No more bets.

Oh, look at that.

- Hit me, right?
- No, stick.

Stick? I have 14.

- Stick.
- You told Eleanor to take a card.

- She had 18.
- Just trust me on this one. Just stick.

Stop being so paranoid. She's not
trying to cheat you out of cookies.

- They're not good for your blood sugar.
- My blood sugar is just fine.

Oh, really? It's fine?

This morning, it was 223.

Yesterday, it was 220,
245, 262 and 250.

- That's not so fine, Mr. Wanamaker.
- Got you.

Hey, thought you were starting
your new job today.

- She's concentrating.
- She's counting cards.

Hey, don't be such a sore loser, Keith.

- Did you say anything to your mom?
- No, not yet.

Twenty-one! Blackjack!

- Twenty-one.
- Blackjack!

Okay, I'll be right there.

- Excuse me, miss, can I help you?
- I'm with homicide.

- Sure you are.
- She's with me.

This isn't Syracuse.
People dress the part around here.

I told you I don't do pantsuits.

- How's your mom?
- She's good. Come by and see her.

- She always liked you.
- I don't exactly remember it that way.

- So, what have we got?
- A couple. Joel and Ann Seiferth.

- Each took one to the head and chest.
- Who called it in?

Woman who works for the husband.
Came by.

Nina got her statement.

- Hey, Mike.
- Detective.

- Any witnesses?
- It's Forest Hills.

Everyone's at work
trying to pay off houses.

Or fix them up.
Looks like they're doing construction.

Still working on it.

- The ghost whisperer finally showed.
- That mean we can go home now?

So where are we at?

Well, ME puts time of death
about two hours ago.

We spoke to the security company.

Alarm system was off
and no forced entry.

- Someone they knew?
- Could be the construction crew.

- Lunchtime.
- Middle of the day.

The door could have been unlocked.
Signs of a struggle.

Husband's got a bruise on his cheek.

- No jewellery and all the TVs are gone.
- Got tech. Cell phone.

Bag the hands. Get them to the lab.

If the husband tried to fight the killer,
we may be able to get some DNA.

- Where's the kid?
- Oh, Max Seiferth, 7 years old.

Schedule says he had T-ball.
Children's Services is on it.

That's a kid
who's gonna hate baseball.

Start with anyone
who's had access to the house.

Day labourers, plumbers,
nannies, housekeepers.

And let's talk to the kid.

What is it, Carrie?

Here we go again.

Two victims, one male,
one female, 79.

Two victims, one male,
one female, 79.

The tarp. It moved.

Wait a second.


I don't think he's at T-ball.

Hey, it's okay, Max.

Joel and Ann Seiferth.
She was an anaesthesiologist...

...at St. Michael's and Joel
owned a string of Gym Bams.

Who would want to kill
a Gym Bam guy?

- A what?
- Yeah, it's a kids' gym.

You know, ball pits, trampolines,

- My sister does parties for the twins.
- What do we have on the gun?

Nine millimetre. Ballistics are pending.
No prints.

- DNA?
- Doesn't look like we got any.

- Access to house?
- Talked to the contractor.

Trying to run down day labourers.
They haven't been there in months.

Family ran out of money,
put the thing on hold.

An anaesthesiologist run out of money?
Aren't they loaded?

Not if they're not working. I spoke to
HR at St. Mike's. Ann's been on leave.

What about Max? Anything new?

He was home sick. He's got two living
relatives. An aunt and an uncle.

Ann's sister Liza, her husband Erik.

- She's on her way in, he's out of town.
- Know if he saw anything?

He's in shock. Hasn't said a word.
Either way, let's keep this low.

No one needs to know
there might be a witness.

Okay, Mike, get on the financials.

If money was tight,
let's find out how tight.

- Nina, Roe, check out St. Michael's.
- On it, Al.

- I'm gonna go talk to Max.
- You sure?

Yeah. I'm fine.

whatever happened to your sister?

You can tell us. It's okay.

Let's get her some more juice.

The baby got raw oyster stew.
What you have.

Oyster stew?


I'm gonna sit down next to you,
if that's okay.

Oh, you should watch this part.

It's funny.
It's when steam comes out his ears.

It's not funny. You don't have
to watch this because they put it on.

You can watch anything you like.
What time is it? 3:47.

You could watch Phineas and Ferb.
You could watch Naruto.

You could watch Bakugan.

No wait, Bakugan's on at 4:30.

You have any video games?

What kind of video games
do you like?

"Angry Birds."

- "SmackTalk!"
- "SmackTalk!"?

"SmackTalk!", that's...

What is that?

There's a hamster named Smack.
He records what you say.

Makes you sound weird.

That sounds cool.

My mom lets me play when I'm sick.

Hi, Max. I'm Elaine.

I'm Dr. Margulies,
with Children's Services.

Carrie Wells.



So Max and l, we were just talking
about video games. Right, Max?


can I talk to you for a minute?

Could we get him some juice?

I'll be right back, okay?

I was just getting him
to open up in there-

Look, I know you're new here.

Let me start over.

I'm Elaine.

You know, Al's Elaine.


- Well, it's nice to meet you, Elaine.
- You too.

So I'm sure that you did things
very differently in Syracuse.

Here we prefer to have
a mental health professional...

...during interviews with children.

- Okay. Sorry.
- No, it's okay. It's been ten years.

Nine, actually, but you know,
who's counting?

- Sorry.
- No, it's, hey...

A lot has changed, I'm sure.

And you just got here.
Which Al is so happy about.


- Hi.
- You two have met. Good.

I didn't realise the rotation was off
with the long weekend, so...

I've already broken a rule, but now
I know. Tell me once, I never forget.

So I've heard.

- I'm Max's aunt. Where is he?
- Max is right in here.

He's being very quiet, but he's okay.
I'll take you in.

- Yeah.
- I didn't realise.

- I didn't.
- What?

- That she was on the case.
- It's fine.

You have a girlfriend.
Didn't realise she was a shrink.

- I know what you're thinking.
- What?

Psychology's a waste and talking about
feelings doesn't make you feel better?

- Okay, no quoting me on the job.
- So many rules here.

And by the way, I agree with you.
Shrinks never did me any good.

I'm not in it for the free therapy.

Want to know
why the wife wasn't working?

Wrongful death lawsuit, 19-year-old kid
went in for routine surgery...

...and never woke up.
Seiferth was supervising.

It wasn't Ann's fault. The patient
had an atypical anaphylaxis.

It's a rare allergic response
to anaesthesia.

The body goes into shock.
Completely unforeseeable.

- The hospital didn't see it that way.
- I tried convincing them.

As head of the department, I need Ann.
She is one-

Was one of our best people.

But the patient's family are longtime
supporters of St. Michael's.

They demanded that she be suspended
pending a full internal enquiry.

Crazy thing is, the panel
just came back with their report.

Ann was cleared and planning
to come back next week.

Interesting timing. I imagine the family
must not have been too happy.

Look, right after the surgery,
emotions were very raw.

In these situations,
families wanna blame someone.

What about people in the hospital?
She have any enemies you know of?

No. Everyone loved her.

Yeah, she's a tough act to follow.

Thanks, guys.

I don't know if this is anything,
but I keep going back to it.

Ann and I have known each other
forever. We went through residency.

I was at her wedding.

But in the past few months,
she and Joel started having problems.

He gambled. Sports, I think.

I have no idea how bad it was
or what he owed, but...

- She mention who he owed it to?
- No.

God, I wish I had asked.

Okay, thanks. We'll call you back.

Joel was in it up to his ears.
Must be the sports book.

If this is a front for gambling,
it's genius.

- Yeah. Detective.
- Hey.

Sorry to bother you.
We just have a few more questions.

- Olivia called it in.
- When he didn't show up...

...I knew that something was wrong.

I tried to close today
but we have three parties.

I couldn't reach everybody
on my own.

Joel would have laughed.
He was all about the kids.

Seems like you really cared
about him.

He was an amazing boss. He'd totally
just take you under his wing and...

- You know about his gambling?
- ls that what you think this is about?

- Did you ever hear any names...?
- No. I mean, sometimes I'd find him...

...in the back online, stressing
about some team that was losing.

What about payments?
Was he ever late with payroll, vendors?

Nothing major. Business was good.

He'd even open up his gyms to schools
and birthday parties for needy kids.

Tika, honey, we're at a gym.

You're not playing
on the phone right now.

But I just want to get
to the next level.

Cell phone.

There was a hamster named Smack.
He records what you say.

He was home sick that day.

When he's sick, he's allowed to play
with his mother's phone.

- Okay.
- Okay, we dumped this phone for calls.

Henry said the last activity
on the phone...

...during the murders
was a game called "SmackTalk!"

- lt makes you sound like a gerbil.
- A hamster, actually.

Okay, so the question is,
in hamster world...

...what does this sound like to you?


Gunshots. He recorded the murder.

Wait, wait a minute.
But the phone was found downstairs.

Okay, so he's upstairs,
he's playing "SmackTalk!"...

...he hears something going on...

...he comes down the stairs
to check it out...

...sees what he sees, and in the
shock of it, he drops the phone.

Which is why it was found
at the stairs.

Where he had a direct view...

...to the kitchen
where the bodies were found.

- He kept playing the whole time?
- No. See, that's the thing.

"SmackTalk!", you touch the screen,
it records for 45 seconds.

He saw the killer.
We gotta talk to him.

Dr. Margulies said they'd prefer
to have a psychologist present.

Right. Is that a department thing?

I think it's up to
the individual case worker.

Yeah, that's what I thought.


- There are many tours available...
- Thanks.

Diving is a year-round
activity with...

Hey, Max.

Do you mind if l, sit down?

Dive operators
provide all the equipment.

So I got that game you were telling me
about, "SmackTalk!" And it's cool.

It's addictive, actually.


There are over 150 sites available...

Max, is that the game
that you were playing-?

Liza, I'm home.

Max? What's going on in here?

- Max? Max?
- Max? What's going on?

What are you doing here?
What happened?

Nothing. Relax.
He was fine minutes ago.

You just stay away from my nephew.

- I was just asking him-
- No more questions.

- Look, l-
- Get out.

Get out!


I'm going.

I'm telling you, when his uncle walked
into the room, Max was terrified.

Except the uncle
was on a business trip, no?

Three hours away.
He could have easily driven back.

- How about a motive?
- Maybe he borrowed money.

Maybe Uncle Erik is the husband's
bookie, for all we know.

- You know lndia's Palace?
- Takeout place.

Someone from the victim's house
called there every Friday.

- I mean, every Friday night.
- They like curry?

No, they love to gamble.

Friday night's when you place
college sports bets.

I dabble.

It's like, "I'll take chicken
and ten points on Ohio State"?

I've heard stranger.

- Roe, take Carrie, check it out.
- What?

- You dabble.
- No, what about the uncle?

- Nina and Mike will check him out.
- No.

Listen. This kid could be living
with his parents' murderer.

Isn't it possible his parents are dead,
this is the guy he's gonna live with.

He sees him first time since the murder
and he freaks out?

- How very Dr. Phil of you.
- Okay, find me something.

A motive maybe, a weapon,
I'm all over it.

- Carrie, could you-?
- Have said something? No.

These are complex situations.
You should have waited-

- Waited for Elaine?
- She asked to be present.

- Because she doesn't trust me.
- That-

She's determined she's dealing
with an unstable detective...

...who's so messed up that she would
detonate the first chance she gets.

She never used the word "detonate."

All right, truth.

What'd you tell her about me?

What? Nothing.

Okay, maybe I might
have said something...

...about your paranoid
persecution fantasies.

And, oh, yeah, she knows
about that time at the bus station.

Al, I'm telling you.

I saw that kid.

When his uncle walked in,
he acted like he was afraid.

I'm not making this up
because my sister was killed. I'm not.

We'll stay on the uncle.
No more unannounced visits to Max.

Fine, fine.

And it was a train station in Utica...

...in a phone booth. Remember those?

Do I look like a guy who knows
his sports? I am from lndia.

Ever hear of Jimmy the Greek?
He was from Ohio.

And you're from Jackson Heights.

Why was Joe calling here
every Friday?

- He liked my parents' food.
- lf you don't do sports book...

...I guess you got no interest
in a tip on the Alabama-Florida game.

What do you know about football?

Alabama, total yards per game
versus AP teams 221...

...versus BCS-ranked teams, 167.2.

- Completion percentages-
- Who are you?

It's a really good tip.

- Okay. Maybe I knew him.
- How much was he into you for?

By the time he got to me, he was
already on his ass, no cash at all.

He was giving me goods,
watches, cufflinks.

A couple weeks ago, he shows up with
100 grand and wants USC over Arizona.

Where'd he get the money?

Well, that's the thing.
I told him not to go to this guy.

Honestly, Arizona kicks
that field goal in sudden death...

...my first thought
was about Joel's kneecaps.

- Sami, a name?
- What about my tip?

What you got on Alabama-Florida
this weekend?

- Line's got Florida a six-point dog.
- Except the real dog:

Alabama's quarterback.

Oh, come on. That's my tip? The guy
is fast-tracked to win the Heisman.

The guy is from Tacoma.
He can't play in the heat.

He's one and 12 since high school
if it's over 90 at kickoff.

Seven interceptions, only four
touchdowns, 16.2 passing rating.

And FYl, it's supposed to be over
100 in Tuscaloosa this weekend.

Okay, fine. But this never left my lips
because if it comes out...

...that I gave him to you,
I won't have lips.


Kunis. Tom Kunis.

I talked to Carrie.
She won't see Max without supervision.

I said it was foolish
to let her near that boy, and now-

We don't know what happened.

- Because I wasn't there.
- Because you weren't there.

Maybe it was the uncle
who frightened him.

Okay, you really believe that?

Her experience makes Carrie
the right person to talk to him.

You're not supposed to defend an
ex-girlfriend to your present girlfriend.


There's a reason
Carrie and I didn't work.

I just wish she wasn't so pretty.

- Yeah, Mike.
- Turns out the uncle has a gun permit.

So I followed up with my buddy.

- It's a Beretta Px4, 9 millimetre.
- Same as the murder weapon.

- Carrie and I are talking to him now.
- Great.

What did I tell you?

- Mr. Newsome.
- Max is inside with my wife.

- We finally got him to eat.
- We're not here about Max.

We just wanted to ask you
about a gun you purchased.


- What about it?
- Now you have a child.

So we'd like to see it.
Make sure it's secure.

It's secure, okay?
It's not even in the house.

So where is it?

I lent it to a friend.
His neighbourhood had burglaries.

- How convenient.
- Vance Williams, Orange, New Jersey.

- You wanna ask him?
- What made you purchase a gun...

- ...in the first place?
- To protect my wife.

Two years ago,
she was being harassed.

That seems kind of extreme, no?

I mean, most people,
they just go to Human Resources.

- We're done. I'm calling my lawyer.
- Look, Mr. Newsome. Mr. Newsome.

She's a paralegal.

She's at Claman and Somerstein
in the city.

Nina, see what you can dig up
about that gun.

- Hey, Mike?
- Yeah?

Cable guys, they normally wear
those big old belts, don't they?

- Usually.
- Yeah, I thought so.

- I got this.
- No.

You can't...

Hey, buddy.

- You mind if I talk to you for a second?
- What's up?

I'm with N.Y.P D., actually.

I was just wondering if I could see
what you got in the bag there.

Drop it!



Mr. Kunis.

Detective Saunders,
how you doing?

- You bringing me new talent?
- Yeah, I'm not that flexible.

This is Detective lnara.

This guy a friend of yours?

- Never seen him before.
- And you're not gonna see him again.

He tried to take out a witness
in Flushing.

- Didn't go well for him.
- That's too bad.

We know you don't get your hands dirty
and Joel was into you for 100 grand.

Two hundred, actually.

Then he and his wife turn up dead
in their own kitchen.

I read about that. A shame.

We didn't see eye to eye
on payment schedule...

- ...but Joel and I were good.
- He paid you back?

- Two hundred grand.
- Where'd he get the money?

Hey, as long as it's green,
I don't ask any questions.

But I'll tell you this.

The whole thing almost made me
believe in true love again.

- Yeah, how is that?
- The wife.

She came in
and hand-delivered it herself.

To Kunis? Why would she do that?

Didn't trust him
not to gamble it away.

But 200 grand, where'd she get that?
She hasn't practised in months.

- They can't afford TVs.
- She's a doctor.

She could be dealing drugs
or selling scrips.

Maybe Ann was the target?

And now Max is because
Channel Six news leaked the story.

I put them in a hotel.
Where are we on the uncle?

Well, he's got a DWl from
freshman year at Stony Brook.

- And he's got parking tickets. That's it.
- I don't like him for this, Al.

I mean, who hires a hit man
to shoot up his own place?

- What about that guy?
- He's still a John Doe.

Van was stolen.

We got a trace out on the weapon.

- Hey, Nina.
- Spoke to the aunt's former employer.

Newsomes did file a harassment suit
years ago.

We got the gun back from the friend.

Preliminary results from ballistics
are negative.

- I'll let you know when ME has a final.
- Thanks.

- Looks like Uncle Erik's story pans out.
- This lady came up with $200,000.

Let's find out where she got it.

- Sit down with the trauma guys yet?
- Later today.

It's not like
I haven't been here before.

You need anything, let me know.

Actually, I'm down to one these days.


If you want, Johnson's down a guy
on that floater they picked up.

I just started,
you're trying to get rid of me?

Just want to make sure you're okay.

Anything new?


It's the same.

I remember being with Rachel's body,
I hear a noise, I turn, l...

...see a man standing over me,
can't see his face.

I'm stuck.

You'll get unstuck.

That's why you're here.


Thank you for this.

Okay, you guys may dress
better here...

...but the coffee
is just as bad as Syracuse.

I got the report.
Uncle's gun is not the murder weapon.

While there,
ME wanted me to see something.

That's the body of our hit man.
Take a look.

- Nephrectomy scar.
- Translation?

Guy sold his kidney.

How do we know
it wasn't kidney disease?

I asked. Apparently,
that would show up in both kidneys.

This guy, other one's clean
as a whistle.

Anaesthesiology. I went drugs,
but of course, organ harvesting.

ME says that people pay upwards
of 400 grand cash for one kidney.

Red market. Money at stake.
Lot of desperate people.

The whole van thing, sloppy.
Guy wasn't a pro.

So who hired him?

Someone who knew him
from that world.

Knew he needed money.

That's it.

Gym Bam. They have photographs
of birthday parties on the wall, right?

One of the birthday dads,
he had this exact same scar.

Call over there.
See if they can lD him.


A year I can't find work.

We were going to lose everything,
you know? Our apartment, everything.

- Did you know Dr. Seiferth?
- No, I don't think so.

Oh, Dr. Ann. Yes, of course.
She's an angel.

Daniel's birthday party...

Her and Mr. Joel gave it to him
after my surgery.

It was a beautiful party.

Look, I'm okay.

It's like it never happened.

Mr. Banico, you're not in trouble,

I just want you
to give us some information.

Where did you have your surgery?


Everyone stay down and be quiet.

- Office, paperwork.
- Got it.

Step back. See your hands.
Drop the scalpel.

- Get those paramedics in here.
- I want my lawyer.

- You're gonna need one.
- Check it out.

No patient files. I found a phone bill.
Every other call is to St. Mike's.

The clinic was in Regal Park. That's the
medical staff we lD'd from the bust.

- They were calling this hospital.
- I'm sorry.

I don't recognise
any of these names.

The only thing I can think of is that
we recently merged with All Saints.

It's an inner-city hospital.

And we took on a number
of their physicians.

- You met Dr. Raker.
- Yeah, the one who replaced Ann.

Yeah. He's great.

Some of the departments had problems
with r?sum?s not checking out.

Think we could get a list of doctors?

Anyone whose expertise
might lend itself to harvestings.

Yeah, of course.

Let's have my secretary
get you that list.

I'm home, Liza.


What's going on in here?

Max, what's going on?


I'm home, Liza.


I'm home, Liza.

Beautiful plane, Dr. McCardle.

It's my one extravagance.
I keep her out at Teterboro.

Yeah, when I was a kid we used to have
a family friend take us up for rides.

- You ever take Max up?
- Yeah, I did actually.

We all went up to the Cape and back.
He loved it.

- Oh, yeah, sure. A little boy.
- Big boys too.

- I'm heading out tomorrow.
- But you're gonna miss the memorial.

Yeah, I know.

It's been crazy with the merger.

I promised my wife
that I'd take her to Virginia Beach.

That's a shame.

You and Ann were so close.

We talked to the staff and patients.
None of them can lD McCardle.

- He never stepped foot in the place.
- We get a warrant, toss his condo.

Something will shake out.

You know, judge,
search warrant, evidence.

You guys do that here?

Actually, it goes judge,
probable cause, search warrant.

And we can't bring
what's in your head to a judge.

How about motive?

Okay, once she paid off her husband's
debts, she wanted out.

That would be in line with what Banico
said. Friend's surgery was cancelled.

- There was no anaesthesiologist.
- So McCardle killed her?

- Didn't plan on killing her.
- Head of anaesthesiology...

- ...makes house calls with a Beretta?
- No, an organ smuggling network does.

Okay, so, what, he goes over there
to tell her she needs to keep doing it?

Right, and she says no, she wants out.
She threatens to go public.

Husband walks in, hears
what's going on, McCardle shoots.

Gotta shoot the wife.

And he knows about the gambling,
so he gives them each a shot...

...in the forehead,
makes it look like a hit.

Fact is, even if he's involved in all this,
we still can't tie him to the murders.

Max can.

- You should get in there.
- Me?

I thought I was the one who wasn't
allowed to be around children.

Our suspect's on his way to Virginia.
We need that testimony.

- I'll talk to Elaine.
- No, no, no. I'll talk to her.

My fault, my job, okay?

How's it going in there?

Well, as you can see,
it's gonna take some time.

Which, I understand, we don't have.

- Al says you have a suspect.
- Yeah.

- How sure are you?
- Very.

But we need Max to lD him.

- Look, Elaine, I should apologise-
- No, I should.

When Max had his episode,
I assumed that you'd said something.

That was inaccurate and unfair.

Carrie, he's in a very,
very delicate place.

I know.

I've been there.

- I'm in the room with you?
- Absolutely.

Hey, Max.

Do you know what I always hated?

There were no good superheroes
for girls, you know?

I mean, can you think of any at all?
Even one?


Super villain. Doesn't count.

- Wonder Woman?
- Wonder Woman. I'll give you that one.

But she's kind of boring, no? I mean, l
always thought she was kind of boring.

My sister and l, we used
to make up our own superheroes.

It was pretty cool. Like, I could...

I could run super fast
or I could see with super vision...

...or I could hear with super hearing.


...I always got the bad guy.



Well, there was this one time...

...when I didn't
and that was pretty awful.

What happened?

I don't know. It's like...

All my superpowers, they just...

...went away and I was really scared.

Did someone die?



My big sister.

I loved her.

And I cried all the time.

You did?

I want my mom and dad.
I don't want them to be dead.

I know.

- Did your powers ever come back?
- Yeah, they did.

Did you get the bad guys?

Most of the time.

Today I need your help.

You okay, Max?

You just take your time.

That's him.

Which number?

Number three.

Good job.

Hey, l...

- I'm sorry.
- You were-

You were just doing your job.

He's so young.

Maybe he'll forget.

I hope so.

And just because
I'm not here as much...

...it does not mean I've forgotten you.

I'm still gonna come
and visit you all the time.

Yes. That would be nice.


You know I love you very much.

All right.


I love you too.

Just for a second.

Here. Okay.

See, I told you.