Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 17 - Blind Alleys - full transcript

Al and Carrie are forced to the sidelines by a negotiator when the father of a suspect that Roe shot takes members of the Queens PD, including Nina, hostage in a desperate quest for justice.

[Gun shots]

Shots fired.

Alleyway behind 526 Baxter.

Get a bus.

Central, we've got a suspect down, gunshot wounds,
we need a bus, now!

526 Baxter

Roe, he's dead.

Roe, hey, Roe, listen to me,

He's dead, Roe,
there's nothing you can do for him.

- Ok.
- Calm down.

Did you see this man's gun? Roe?
I didn't have a choice.

Where is his gun?

Uh, no... He went, he went right down.
and I started CPR on him.

I need you all to stand back.
Do not come any closer, we're police.

Roe, did you see in which direction
his gun went?

I - I don't know...

- We're gonna find it.
- He... he had a gun!

We're gonna find it, Roe.

When I got to the alley,
I hear him running,

and I went after him,
and there was a light,

like a security light,
and I saw a flash

off the barrel of the gun,
and I shouted,

"Police. Don't move."

- Then he spun around.
- Yeah.

- Raising his arm, and it just...
- You did what you had to.

Yeah, what am I gonna do?

Guy had it coming, right?

Every cop in this room would
have done the same thing.

It's a solid story, and you
have got to stop telling it.

No statements.

No stories.

No stories,
not to me

or anyone else.

Do not screw around
with this.


...call your union rep

right now,

and have them
find you a lawyer.

Al already gave me the number.

I need your gun.

It's just procedure.


right, right, right.

They got
to run ballistics.

No, no, no, I...

Listen, kid,

there's no way around it.

That first time sucks.

But you're gonna get through it.


AL: Is he gonna sit
down with a counselor?

I told him to.

In that way that makes it
clear you hate shrinks,

or in a way that might actually
get him to do it?

Oh, you know,
a little bit of both.


Canvass all the witnesses?

Yeah, all the ones who
were at the scene.

Got some more possibles
coming in,

and Mike's running down
the 911 call transcripts.

Did you ever see the gun?


I-I was so focused on Roe.

Al, he said

he saw the gun...

I know he believes he saw it.

(knocking on glass)


Hey, sorry.

So, front desk called.

David Jacobs' father
is downstairs.

He wants to meet the cop
who shot his son.

Bring him up.

Right this way, sir.

Mr. Jacobs, this is
Lieutenant Burns.

I'm very sorry
for your loss, sir.

Yeah, I don't want
to meet anyone's boss.

I just want to talk
to the man who killed my son.

Mr. Jacobs,
we can't disclose information

about an ongoing investigation.

Someone has already disclosed
your side to the news.

They say my son pulled a gun.

Well, that's a lie.

David could never
have done that.

My son did
two tours.

He's got a Bronze Star
and a Purple Heart.

And comes home to what?

Shot by some cop who's lying
to cover his own ass.

Why don't we go to my office,
and we can talk about it.

I just want to file charges
against the detective

who killed my son.

All right.

Nina, will you take Mr. Jacobs
to Miss Johnson's office?

Of course.

Again, I'm very sorry
for your loss.

This way.

WOMAN: And the officer
said I could get 'em here?

Yeah, I'll take'em right now.

We'll have
you fill out some forms.

Betty, um, this is the father

of the man
who was shot last night.

His name's Clay Jacobs.

Officer Daniels,

will you
show Mrs. Gonzales

where to sign
the form, and I'll

be right back
to make her a copy.


Mr. Jacobs, it'll
be just a minute.

- Can I get you anything wh...
- No, what do you do here?

Uh, Miss Johnson will
take your information.

And do what with it?

All complaints are forwarded

to the Civilian
Complaint Review.

This is not a complaint.

I'm filing a murder charge.

The D.A. will take care

of filing charges once the
investigation is completed.

That's not our function.

And what is your function?

Well, what I do is make sure
that your specific issues

are heard and dealt with.

You're handling
me, aren't you?

What's going on?

No, we're fine, Officer Daniels.
No, we're not.

We're not fine.

Mr. Jacobs
is understandably upset.

Sir, please have a seat.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Everything is not gonna be okay.

- Sir, calm down.
- No! You people killed my son!

Sir, you need to calm down.

Put the gun down!

You put it down.

Drop it now.

Do it or he's dead.

You, get out of here.

All right.

You, get the door.

Get the door!


You stay here.

Sit by the window.

Get the vest off now.


Give him your vest.


I want your shoes off;
get them off.

Take them off,
then cuff him the chair there.

Come on.

Sit down, sit down.

I know, uh, Clay didn't mean

for any of this to happen.

I think, uh, the best plan

is for all of us,
including Betty and, um, um...


Hi, Dolores, I'm Nina.

I think the best thing is
for us to just try to remain

calm, right, Clay?

Why don't you, uh,

stack these chairs
against the door.

Stack them against
the door. Go.

Now, now, now.

She's engaging him;
that's smart.

Yeah, and he's
putting on the vest,

which is probably

a good thing; means he wants
to get out of this alive.

Or a bad thing.

Means he's planning
on engaging us.

Martin, Al Burns.

Yeah, I remember.

Nice haircut;
you here for a job interview?

New guy went overboard
with the razor.

This is Detective Wells.


Who's my guy?

Clay Jacobs, ex-marine.

His son was a perp.

One of my detectives shot
and killed him last night.

- Same detective he took hostage?
- No.

Well, that's a small
piece of good news.

What does the guy want?

Face-to-face meet
with the man who shot his son.

Well, that's not gonna happen.

Jacobs have family?

A daughter, Kim, 18.

Let's bring her in.

She's already on her way.

Let's keep her on ice for a bit.

- You are?
- Mike Costello.

I just talked to
the military liaison,

and this is all apparently
totally out of character

for Mr. Jacobs.

He nearly died
pulling two marines

out of a burning APC
in Fallujah,

and last year,
after he retired,

he started an outreach
program for burn victims.

Okay, so we'll wait him out.

Maybe his good sense
will prevail.

Not in my experience.

What is your experience?

Guy's a marine,
a man of action.

He's not trained
to wait things out.

It's in their blood;
they act.

Our job is to act first.

And how do the hostages
fit in to all of this?

You look in that room,

you see your colleagues,
your friends in jeopardy,

but your concern
is not gonna get

them out of there any sooner.

And believe me,
it might help get them dead.

You want your friends back?

Let me do my job.

Phone in the room work?

It does.

Good, let's get the man talking.

So, talk to me
about the son.

Roe... Detective Saunders and I

were working
a murder investigation

of a local drug dealer,

Leron Holmes.

We got a tip that David Jacobs was seen
fighting with him two days before,

so we brought him in.

Leron and I just had
this thing, is all.

Well, knocking out
a drug dealer's teeth,

that's-that's ballsy.

Even for an ex-marine.

It was personal;
we straightened it out.

We had his Marine Corps records.

He was medically
discharged, no specifics.

We figured maybe
he'd picked up a habit.

He denied it.

Well, if you weren't
buying from Leron,

what was the fight about?

Like I said,
it was personal.

It was personal for Leron.

I mean, you...

humiliated him
in front of his crew.

He was going around saying
he was gonna kill you.

Is that why you shot him?

Kill him before
he could kill you?

I mean,

if that's what happened,
just tell us.

I didn't kill anybody.

He said he was with his sister
at the time of the murder,

but he couldn't provide any
independent witnesses.

We had a DNA sample from hair
found at the crime scene.

I can go?

Yeah, you can go.

We were able to type David
off his soda can.

It matched the hair, gave us
probable cause to bring him in.

Get me a copy
of the case jacket, will you?

Come on.

Roe's story adds up.

The bullet was from Roe's gun.

The victim was shot
in the chest.

The angle of entry
was almost perpendicular.

What about toxicology?

David had no drugs or alcohol
in his system,

but his hands
and his clothes

were free
of all gunshot residue.

Certainly, he did not
fire a gun.

Roe never said he used it.

Well, even if you
just hold a gun,

I can often find
trace elements of residue

from the last time
the gun was fired.

Boy, the press is gonna
have a field day

with those lab results.

You know, the lab's been
awfully slow lately.

I'm not sure I got those
ballistics reports back

as quickly as I had hoped.

Buy us a little breathing room.

I'll look into it.


Ah, son of a bitch.

(phone ringing)

You should answer.

I don't feel like talking
to any cops right now.

They saw you disable the camera.

They just need
to make sure we're okay.

I don't really care
what the cops

are worried about right now.

Clay, you do not want
them storming in here.

Come on.

You're smarter than that.

(ringing continues)

Mr. Jacobs,

this is Lewis Martin...
I'm here to help you resolve

this situation.
Is there anything...

Everybody's fine.


(woman speaking
indistinctly on TV)

...D.A. to file murder charges

against the detective
who shot his son.

Hey, Al sent you home.

Would you leave?

CLAY (on TV): My son wasn't guilty
of anything, and a cop shot him.

And they don't even have

the courage to tell me

who the coward was who did it.

Miles, shut that off!

Guy doesn't know what
he's talking about.


My office.
Don't let it get to you.

What the hell are you
still doing here?

Uh, has anyone notified
Nina's family?

At least let me do that.

It's being handled.
Look, I know you want to help,

but this is the worst possible
place for you to be right now.

So go home...
that's an order.

Yes, sir.

Jacobs talking to the media is gonna
bring even more heat to this.

Where are we on finding
that gun?

Look, okay, we have circled back
to every witness

that was in that alley.

I mean, there are hundreds
of apartments

overlooking it,
and no one saw anything.

I don't know how it's possible,
but they didn't.

Maybe somebody did. I finally got
through all those 911 transcripts,

and mostly they're just
people reporting shots fired.

But there's this one call.

Anonymous. Great.

Yeah, it's
526 Baxter.

It's a building that
backs up to the alley.

They got a pay phone
in the lobby.

Male Hispanic rep...

He reported a police shooting.

How'd he know
it was a police shooting

if he didn't see anything?

♪ ♪

Wait a minute.

There was a shadow.

There was someone up above us,

on the fire escape.

Whoever it was, chances
are they saw something.

We need to get back
to that building.

Martin's got him
talking again.

which is why I am saying

we are both on the same page.

If this man shot my son
for no reason,

then he should be
brought to justice.

Of course.

If it's true, he will be,

just as soon as
we get by all this.

NEWSWOMAN: An NYPD spokesman
refused to comment,

citing the ongoing
hostage situation.

Does he have a TV in there?

MARTIN: Clay? Clay? Shut up.

...have confirmed that police
never found the gun Shut up.

David Jacobs allegedly...

I knew my son couldn't
have done it!

...before he was shot to death.



Don't even...

Put the gun down.

Clay, don't...

Shut up!

Clay? Clay?

Come on, you pull that trigger,

we are all dead.


(Clay grunts)



Shut up! Shut up!


What, are you trying to piss me off?

Clay, the game has changed.

All right?
You put a man down.

You know, they're gonna be
getting real anxious outside.

(phone ringing)

(ringing continues)

Why don't you get it.

Hey, this is Nina.

All right, we got
everything under control.

Anyone hurt?

Yeah, Daniels.

He has a head laceration
and possible concussion.

He did something stupid.

Nina, it's Al.

You all right?

Yeah, hey, Al, uh,
the rest of us are fine.

Clay, you listening?

Here's a chance for you
to show some good faith

and let the injured man go.

In return,
I can turn the power back on

- and give you food and water.
- I don't want food and water.

I want the man
who killed my son.

- What next?
- If he doesn't

let the injured man out,
we go in and get him out.

You call that
a negotiation?

He understands strength.

Unless we reestablish
a connection, we go in.


This isn't good.

He'll be fine.

No, he's not.

You keep telling everyone
outside how you want justice,

how your son was wronged.
He was.

Yeah, you keep
hurting people in here,

nobody's gonna believe you.

Just give them

Nice work, Nina.

That's one hostage out.

How about you
do me a favor,

see what you can
get from him...

layout of furniture, weapons,
hostages, everything.

Yeah, happy to help.

We got the daughter,
Kim Jacobs.

Yeah, let's go.

I'm gonna join,
if that's cool.

Go on. Go. Go.

I want to talk
to my dad.

I understand.

But before I
let that happen,

we need to talk about
what you're gonna say.

He's in a fragile
state of mind.

What he needs to hear
is that you love him,

you care about him, and you
don't want to see him hurt.

I'm thinking maybe it's better
if we record a message.

Be sure we get it right,
then we can play it for him.

What? No, no.

I want to talk to him,
not be some mouthpiece for you!

I understand, but he's
already hurt one person.

That's because you
people shot my brother!

Lieutenant, I'm gonna take
this one for a second.

Kim, walk with me
for a second?

Hi. Everybody's
pretty wound up

right now, and I understand
that you're upset, okay, I do.

Can I get you a
soda or something?


Take a seat. Please?

I'm Carrie.

That's a cool jacket.

Y... Your brother's?


David gave this to me
when he got home.

I wear it all the time.

It's all I got
to remember him by now.

Look, are you gonna let me talk
to my dad, or what?

If they think you can stop him
from hurting himself

or the people he's holding.

- Why is he doing this?
- Because he's in pain,

and that's all he can feel
and all he can see.

- You know what, I'm in pain, too.
- I know you are.

You mind if I ask
you a few questions?


When was the last
time you saw David?

Last night.

Did he have a gun?

No. All right?
David didn't have nothing,

and the cop who
shot him is a liar!

- That's the truth!
- Okay.

Give me a second, okay?

She's not gonna help us.

She doesn't believe
he had a gun.

We want to get Clay
out of that room

we got to find
that weapon.

- What if there is no wea...
- I know.

We got to
keep looking.

- Take Mike.
- Okay.

ROE (distorted, echoing):
Stop! Police!

(distorted gunfire)

You shouldn't be
touching that.

Ah. Sorry.

Um... I was just going
next door to the lab.

Uh, drug test.

you're not required.

Hey, I got

nothing to hide.

So, um, I...

heard the, uh, residue test
was n-negative?

Well, that doesn't prove
he didn't have a gun.


How are you doing, Roe?
Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, um...
(clears throat)

just worried about Nina is all.

That gun will turn up.

We'll get through this.

Yeah, yeah.

In the meantime...

do you have anybody to talk to,
close friends or family or...?

Only family's my mom.

She's down in Destrehan.

Oh, it's... up the river
from New Orleans.

She moved back

couple of years ago.

I-I don't talk to her too much.

She's not doing so hot,
so I just...

It'd be a tough way to check in.

Oh, yeah.
And, uh...

...my dad...

he's kind of M.I.A.
at the moment.

Pretty much all my friends
are across the street.

They're just
a little busy to talk, yeah.

Just so you know,
if you ever want to gab,

I've got
a half a box of Triscuits

and some amazing prosciutto
from Vespucci's

for just such an occasion.

You know, I always figured

one day I might
have to shoot somebody.

Even spent a lot of time

how that might feel.

You were doing your job...

you should
not feel guilty about this.



so Vespucci's
off Northern Boulevard?

The very same.

Might have to take you up
on that sometime.


Thanks, Jo.

(door opens)

It could've been any one
of these apartments.

(indistinct radio transmission)

No, it's somewhere.

He was outside smoking.

♪ ♪

What are you looking for?


The thing about

a phony ID, Mr. Juan... Smith,

is that you generally get

what you pay for, and
I'm guessing, what, ten bucks?

Look, I... I live here
for nine years.

I... I cause no trouble.

We-We don't care about
your immigration status, okay?

You called 911,
and you helped us out.

We appreciate it.

I just... I need to know
what you saw.

I saw a man run below me,

followed by another man.

The second man
shot the other one.

Then you ran
into the alley.

And that's when I went
to call the police.

Okay, the first man,
the one who got shot...

did you see a gun
in his hands?

It was dark.
I need you to think, okay?

This is really important.

You want me to say yes?

We want the truth.

It was too dark.

I-I don't know.

I... A junkie
took something

from behind the Dumpster
after you passed by.

What did he look like?

Black, muy flaco...


Uh, always
hanging around.

♪ ♪

Mike, I... I saw him.

I need to talk to the cop
who works this beat.

Thank you.

A stunning revelation
that casts serious doubt

on the detective
and his actions.


can I tell you something?

Of course.


...I've been, um,

playing the alley

over and over in my head...

...and, um...

...just seems like
the more that I do, the...

the fuzzier
my memory becomes, and...

...I don't know
if I'm remembering,

or... imagining,

and I can't tell
the difference.

Look, you've been under
a lot of stress, and now Nina...

Which is my fault.

No... it's not.

What this guy is
doing is crazy.

What you did was right.

You were defending yourself.

I don't know any more.


Maybe he didn't have a gun.


Everything is going to be okay.


Yeah, for Nina's sake,
I hope so.

Thanks, T.

You could announce charges
against Detective Saunders,

then drop them after Jacobs
releases all the hostages.

I don't care if
it's a lie. It's...

No. No, I understand.

D.A.'s not
playing ball.

Let me guess.

He thinks every hostage taker
will ask for the same deal.

Yeah, he's right.

We got him.

Jimmy D. He's a junkie,
hangs out in the back alley.

He was there, I think
he saw something.

- They're processing him now.
- AL: Nice work.

- You think he has the gun?
- MIKE: Well, we don't know,

but he'll talk pretty quick
when he realizes the crap

- he just stepped into.
- MAN: Sir!

Perimeter's been breached!
It's Detective Saunders, sir.

(knocking on door)
What's this?

I don't know.

Just-just stay cool, okay?

(knocking continues)

Who's there?

Detective Roe Saunders.

I'm the one who shot your son.

He said he was


Detective Saunders,

I'm ordering you
to move away from that door.

I'm unarmed.

Get in.

Oh, easy, easy.
Take it easy. I got no gun.

How do I know that you're really
the one who shot my son?

Tell him, Nina.

Detective Saunders worked
David's case.

Is he really the one
who killed my son?

It was in self-defense.

You killed my boy.
You want to die?

Huh? NINA: No! No!

- Do you want to die, Detective?
- Clay, don't!

Sit down!
(Nina sighs)

- You want to die like my son?
- Clay, no!

Sir, we believe
that your son killed...

Don't you lie to me
about my son!

(phone ringing)

We believe he killed a drug
dealer named Leron Holmes.

It's a lie.

(ringing continues)

We can end this.
Just give us the go.

- How much time do you need?
- Couple minutes.

You got it. Go.

You got about a minute

to tell me something
I can believe.

We went to your apartment

to arrest David,
and he ran from us.

That's a lie.


I brought the case file
with me.

Okay, it's all there.

Please, see for yourself.


Hostages coming out!



You okay?

There is a gun to Roe's head.

You guys go in there now,
he's dead.

Listen, to me.
You got to wait.

Let me work my witness.

Please, just give me
a little more time?

Stand down.

Thank you.

You play it out
with that junkie.

That gun doesn't turn
up, I'm going in.

All right.

Okay, Clay's got the case file.

Hopefully, looks over the facts,
maybe sees

why it went down
like it did.

You sure
you're okay?

What the hell was Roe thinking,
going in like that?

He was thinking
about you.

Now let's get
you check out.

We know you took something
from behind the Dumpster.

You should have
looked up, Jimmy.

The guy saw you
from the fire escape.

I don't know nothing
about no gun.

That's where I keep my,
you know.

No, we don't know.

My stash.
That's where I hide it.

I heard the shots.

I knew you guys would be
crawling all over the place,

so, I got it,
and I got the hell out.

You know you twitch
when you lie?

I'm telling the truth! Look!

You got a cigarette?

Gave my last two
to your guy.

What did you pawn today, Jimmy?


- What did you pawn?!
- Nothing!

You're twitching.

It's all lies,
that's all.

There's not a shred
of truth in there!

Those are David's own words.

He admitted getting into a fight

with Leron three days
before the murder.

No, no. Coercion. Now, come on,
I know how you cops work.

David's DNA
was at the murder scene.

It's-it's wrong!

Look, I know he was your son.

I know it must be hard
to admit that... No.

Shut up! Just shut up!


Mr. Jacobs... I came in here

because I wanted you to hear

what happened in that alley
and hear it from me.

I followed David,

he turned on me,

and I thought I saw a gun,

and I made an instant decision.

But the truth is,

even though I've replayed it
a thousand times,

the only thing I can say
with 100% certainty is

that I thought I saw a gun.

They may come through that door
any minute now,

and however all this turns out,
I want to say...

...I am sorry.

My son couldn't use a weapon.

My son could not
fire a weapon.

What do you...
what do you mean, he couldn't?


He was forward.

His squad was sweeping
a village for Taliban.

They got ambushed.

He took out two locals.

One of the locals
was a bystander.

And after that, David
just couldn't do it.

Couldn't fire a weapon.

And you know,
the Corps...

they were as patient
as they could be, but

what the hell good is a marine
who can't shoot, right?

So he was MD'd,


And you're telling me that my
boy came home and shot someone?

You're telling me my boy came
home and put a weapon on you?

And you see, he
couldn't have done that.

He could not
have done that.

It's impossible.

(crying quietly)

I'm so sorry, sir.

(phone ringing)



Mr. Jacobs,
look under the door.

Tell me when you have it.

What's this?

It's your gun.

I-I know this... what...
this is my gun.

What are you... what are you
showing it to me for?

Because it's the gun David used
to kill Leron Holmes.

It's the same one
he had in the alley.

It got David's prints
all over it.

There was no gun!

You-you told me
there was no gun!

Mr. Jacobs,
the gun was in the alley.

Your man

just confessed,
there was no weapon.

I don't want lies. Okay?

I'm sick of your ass-covering lies.
It's over!

If Detective Saunders confessed,

our hostage taker just
got what he wants.

When he comes down off
that high, he's gonna realize

there's two ways
out of that room...

in cuffs or in a body bag.


One for your friend,
one for himself.

So our options are, you know,

he kills Roe
and then he kills himself,

or you guys storm the room,

and Roe gets caught
in the crosshairs.

My guys know
what they're doing.

We have other options, okay?

We have his daughter,
Kim; she can talk to him.

She can make this better.

She believes her
brother is innocent.

What is she gonna say that Clay
Jacobs doesn't already know?

Martin, it's worth a shot.

She's useless.

If it was me...

Nice haircut.

New guy went overboard

with the razor.

Went overboard with the razor.

...I'd get her
out of here.

She shouldn't have
to look at this; let's go.

That's a cool jacket.

Your brother's?

David gave this to me
when he got home.

I wear it all the time.

It's all I've got
to remember him by.

Well, if you weren't
buying from Leron,

what was the fight about?

Like I said,
it was personal.


What if Clay is right?

About what?

What if David
didn't shoot Leron Holmes.

Can I have ten minutes?

Can you buy me ten minutes?

- Carrie, they just...
- Please.

Just ten minutes;
trust me.


Thank you.

Recognize this?

It's your dad's.

The one David had
when he was shot.


You know why we thought
David was guilty?

He was seen fighting with Leron.

Then Leron shows up dead,

and we find David's hair
at the crime scene.

Just a single hair.

A little thing.

Hair has a way of, um,

sticking around, you know,
to collars, pockets,

on jackets.

David gave you this jacket.

You wear it all the time.

You said so yourself.

Maybe you could help me
out with something, Kim,

because I can't get it
straight in my head.

David didn't do drugs...

the autopsy report
shows he was clean...

so why was he fighting
with a drug dealer?

Do you know why?

I don't know.

You knew Leron.


Were you dating him?


Did David find out?

I didn't know Leron.

Kim, listen to me.

We are running out of time.

They are gonna go in there
and kill your father.

Now you've already lost
your brother.

You don't want to lose
your father, too.

You don't.

I need you to tell me
what happened.

I need you to tell me
the truth.

When David came home
from Afghanistan,

he found out that I was...

running with Leron,

that I was using,

and got mad.

He went to tell Leron
to stay away from me,

but Leron just laughed
in his face.

That's why they were fighting.

Leron told everybody that
he was gonna kill David.

All right?

I didn't know what to do,

but I had to stop him.

I had to.

So you killed him.

And that's why David
had the gun?

He was trying to get rid of it,
to protect you, right?

David, he...

he never gave up on me.

When he came home,

and I was totally
screwed up into drugs...

...he didn't turn
his back on me.

He stood up for me,

and now he's dead.

And it's all my fault.

- It's not your fault.
- Yeah.


Listen to me.


you can make this right.

You can.

But you need to tell
your father the truth,

and you need to tell him now.


My son was a good man.

He didn't deserve to die
on the street like a dog.


you don't have to do this.

Yeah, I do.

For my son's honor.

For whatever's left of mine.


Daddy, it's me.



Daddy, it's me, okay.

So you can come out now.


get away from the door.

Listen to me.

This is all

my fault.

No, no.

I-I'm the reason...

I'm the reason...

that David is dead.

No, I-I-I...

Baby, I know they're
telling you what to say,

but you don't have
to lie for them, okay?

I'm not lying.

It was me.

I'm the one...


I took your gun.

And I shot Leron.

He said he was
gonna kill David.

I had to.

Daddy, please.

Come out.

I don't want you to die.

(lock clicks)

(indistinct radio transmissions)

ROE: I'm coming out
with Mr. Jacobs.

And Mr. Jacobs is gonna
turn himself in,

but I made him a promise,
and I need to make

good on it.
(Kim crying)

He wants to see his son.

What the hell
is your guy doing?

You heard him.

Arrest him, Lieutenant,

Detective Saunders, do you feel
you're being held hostage?

I don't believe so, no.

Then your work
is done here, Martin.

I have a suspect.

I'll decide
how to handle him.

Proceed, Detective.

♪ ♪

(sirens wailing in distance)


I thought you

could use something stiff.

You know, I better not.

I'm suspended.

You couldn't have known.

You couldn't have known
what was in David's head.

You just saw the gun,
that's it.

And then I didn't.

Memory can be, uh...

very tricky,

deceiving thing, you know?

Yeah, what do
you know about it?

It's always perfectly
clear for you.

That's not always
such a good thing, you know?

Well, saved my life.

Your gift, curse,
whatever it is.

All right, so then,
we should drink

to my whatever it is.

Come on, have a drink.

All right.

It's not like they can
double suspend me, right?

That's right.


What is in this?

Oh, you know, I got a guy.

You know, it's, um...