Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 13 - Brotherhood - full transcript

A routine investigation into a college student's death takes a disturbing turn for Carrie when a suspect makes a dangerous move to outwit her memory.

(music playing)

Where are you taking me?

To my room.

It's late, Jeremy.
I need to go to bed.

But I got
the penthouse suite.

There's champagne,

Jacuzzi in the living room.

Come check it out.

(music continues in distance)




Slow down, dude.

But you're so hot.


Come on, Mena.


I said...

...go slow.



Stop laughing.

Oh, crap. I think
my roommate's up there.

Miles, you gotta go, man.

Oh, my...
Are you kidding?

Miles! Wake up, Miles!


Oh, my God.

College. Good times for me.

Hacky Sack in the quad
and ultimate Frisbee?

Hey, kept the beer weight off.

Hmm. You ever have
a mullet?

I've had the pictures destroyed.

Vic's name is a Miles Novak.

He's 19, sophomore.

There was a party going
on outside his door,

- but nobody heard nothing.
- Who found him?

His roommate hooked up, brought
a girl back a little after 5:00.

They're going at it,
then boom, dead body.

Well, that'll ruin the mood.

I've got patrol
getting statements

from the students on the floor,

and doing a room to room search.

Any chance we get lucky?

Yeah, I'll get video
and the log.

The university president
is on the way over.

She wants to know if this
is an isolated event,

or if she should warn the student
body about a violent predator.

We don't even know what
we're looking at yet.

How'd she get to
"violent predator"?

It's all over Twitter

that there's a homicidal maniac
loose in the dorms.

Oh, well, if it's
all over Twitter,

- it must be true.
- It must be true. Ah.

All right.

Just a couple more
and he's done.

MLI has the time of death
between 11:30 and 12:00.

Was he killed in the room?

Yeah. Blood spatter
on the furniture,

stains on the floor,
and the lividity on the body

says that he was moved
to the bed

after he was killed.


The cause of death
was suffocation.

He was tuned up,
then asphyxiated.

Perp leave anything behind?

Hairs, prints?

Looking, but it's a
guys' dorm room.

I bet you it hasn't
been cleaned since 1992.

As far as we could tell, there's
nothing missing from the room.

Look at that.

Right above the collar,
left side.

Those are burns.
Looks like someone held

a lit cigarette
up to his neck.

Ligature marks?


He was tied up.

This poor kid was tortured.

Miles Novak.

He's a local from Briarwood.

He's a Mechanical Engineering
major on a scholarship.

Where are his parents?

Deceased. Car accident his
junior year of high school.

He filed for emancipation,
was making his own way.

Was there
an insurance settlement?

He's got $80,000 in a trust.

So money
could be a motive.

Maybe somebody
already in his life

who knows about the nest egg.

It's gonna be
a short list.

Students on his floor all said
Miles was socially awkward,

no close friends.

A real loner.
He have a job?

He did some IT work.

You know, fixed computers,
set up Wi-Fi systems.

But it was strictly
word of mouth.

Did you learn anything
from his desktop computer?

He favored RuneQuest
over World of Warcraft.

What about his roommate?

Uh, only helpful thing
he had to say

was that Miles had been
AWOL for three nights,

and the last time
he saw him,

Miles was already sporting
the stitches over his eye.

- From what?
- I checked with Student Health.

Doc that treated him
thought maybe he got punched,

but Miles wouldn't say.

After that,
he disappears for three days.

Who'd he have a problem with?
Where was he hiding?

All right, Miles' student ID
was used at a library

vending machine a half hour
after he died.

- We got a name?
- Yeah.

University HR
says he's Jack Brogan,

but I ran his prints
through ViCAP, and meet...

Jack Healy, of South Boston.

Parole officer lost track of him
two years ago.

Bank fraud,

identity theft, larceny,

and aggravated assault.

Sounds like a con man
who graduated to violence.

Yeah, a custodian in the
dorms could come and go

and nobody'd think twice.

Let's get eyes on
Healy's house, Miles' bank.

Carrie and I
will hit the school.


NYPD. Let me see your hands.
Get them up.

I figured you guys
would come looking for me.

HEALY: I'm telling you,
Miles and I were friends.

That might be
the biggest load of crap

you've tried to sell yet.

How'd you get a hold
of Miles' student ID?

He gave it to me.
Said he was quitting school,

and his debit account had
a few bucks left on it.

He talked to you
about quitting school?

What are you,
his guidance counselor?

We know your real name,
and we've seen your rap sheet.

Yeah, well,
that was all in the past.

Miles wasn't a mark.

I did not change my name
to start new scams.

I did it to change my life.

You cozied up to a lonely kid,

and you tried to steal
his college fund.

And you know what?

It's the way you hurt him
that makes me sick.

Well, it wasn't me.

And whoever did that to Miles better
pray I don't find them first.

If you want us to believe you,

you'd better give
us something, Jack.

'Cause right now the only
connection we see

between you and Miles
is you killing him.

Listen. All these entitled brats
around here

look at me like I'm dirt.

Miles was different.

We could talk.

He lost his folks.

I got kids
my wife won't let me see.

It was as simple as that.

All right.

So he tells you
he's quitting school.

Why? What was going on?

I don't know.

He came to me three days ago,
needing a place to crash.

Why was he hiding out?

He said his roommate
was bugging him.

I could tell that was bull,
but I wasn't gonna pry.

He mention trouble with anybody?

No, but I hadn't seen him
around much before that.

Why not?

He said he made some friends.

Found a place where
he thought he'd fit in.

Where? What were their names?

That was the weird thing.

He wouldn't tell me.

It was like he thought
I wouldn't approve.

Healy's alibi checks out
for the time of the murder.

He and another custodian
were unloading trucks.

You want to keep holding him?
Let's cut him loose.

We need to find out

about Miles' new
group of friends.

A student club,
something off-campus,

could it be work related?

Well, I'm not having any luck

IDing Miles' IT clients.

It was a cash business.
He didn't keep any records,

and the cell phone records
are a dead end.

Nothing on his computer?

No, he just used it
for gaming.

Miles was an engineering major
who did IT work on the side.

Where's his schoolwork,
his papers?

He's got to have a laptop.

Yeah, there's nothing about
a laptop at the crime scene.

My kid's never ten feet
from his.

And if it's the only thing
that was missing,

whatever's on it could be
what got him killed.

So, Tanya,

how's this thing work?

In Miles' bank statements

I got a receipt
for the laptop.

With that, I got a serial
number for the computer,

and with that, I got its
Media Access Control ID.

Whoomp... doomp... zoom.


It's... good job.

The ID lets me ping the laptop
like it's a cell phone.

Oh. Hello, Big Brother.

If it's turned on, and it's
logged into a WiFi network,

and its geotags
haven't been disabled.

Well, now it's less scary.

(both chuckle)

Is it working?

We'll see.

I'm scanning WiFi networks
on the campus.


New suit?


No. It's...

(computer beeps)

Got it.

Okay. That's the cafe
in the commons.

Sure is.

S... uh, thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank-thank you.

Okay, we're here.
So what next?

All I can tell you is that

it's signed in at that location.

Okay, great.

So, they've narrowed it down
to any laptop in the room.

MIKE: Well, how do
you want to do this?


(Carrie sighs)


Cool computer.
Is it new?


So you get a good deal?

Hey! Security! A little help!

Come on, man!

Ah, great. A track star.




Thought it would be a good idea
to commandeer a vehicle.

Nice. (grunts)

Mike, look at these.

Just like Miles.

It's not a multiple choice.

It's a simple answer
to a simple question...

what are those marks
on your wrists?

My girlfriend
likes to get freaky.

Hey, smart-ass,

that laptop makes you
my prime suspect

in the murder
of Miles Novak.

You're going to prison,
and when you get there,

freaky is going to take on
a whole new meaning.

Miles was killed
by a crazy maniac.

No, he wasn't, see.

This is your last chance.

What are those marks
on your wrists?

They're from zip ties.

I'm pledging a fraternity,
and-and last Saturday

all the pledges were tied
together and... educated.

Why did Miles have them?

Because he was pledging, too.

How physical
did this hazing get?

Hazing is illegal.

We-we were educated.

Right, right, right.
Which fraternity?

Omega Theta Rho.

Was Miles being hazed the
night that he was murdered?


You think twice
before you lie to me!

Really, really.

He was-he was... kicked out
of the pledge class

earlier in the week.

Why was that?

I don't know.

"Why?" isn't a question
I'm allowed to ask.

I am. Why did you have
Miles' laptop?

It was a mission.


We get notes slipped
under our door.

Complete the mission or
you don't make the cut.

And the night he got kicked out,
I got one.

It said, "Take Miles' laptop
and wipe the hard drive."

- When was this?
- Three days ago.

Three days ago. So, what...?

So, you're the guy
that punched him in the head.

- No, no, no, no, no!
- So, that's robbery and assault.

No, I didn't touch him.
I never touched him.

I just... I waited...

until he went to the bathroom,

and then I snatched it
out of his room.

And I held it
in case things got worked out

so he could have it back.

Who told you to do this?

The notes are anonymous.

I swear I don't know.

One last question.

What is it about
going to college

that makes some people
so stupid?

The M.E. confirms there
are injuries on Miles' body

that predate the murder.

So, they could be
hazing related.

What do you got
on the fraternity?

Omega Rho has a history
of trouble.

A couple pledges
got hospitalized last year.

So, if Miles ratted them out
for hazing,

it would mean criminal charges.

They'd want to keep
his mouth shut.

It tracks.

Miles gets kicked out
of the pledge class

and steals the
video to get even.

But then they take the laptop
and he gets spooked.

Doesn't go back to his room
for three days.

Maybe the murder was
just a blanket party,

like we had in
the service.

It just got out of hand.

Something soured.

He's telling Healy
about these new friends,

then he's hiding out
from those same guys.

The Omega Rho pledgemaster's
name's Colin Marsh.

His named popped
in a few bar fight incidents

that never went to court.
Should I roust him?

Let's see what Tanya finds
on the laptop.

They must have trashed it
for a reason.

Hey, uh, you know where
I can find Carrie Wells?

I'm Carrie Wells.

Oh, well, here you go.

Whoa, really?

- Carrie Wells.
- Okay.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

How about dinner, what?

How about you and me
have dinner?

Wow, wish those were mine.

Me, too.


Are those for me?

That is what
the delivery guy said.

Oh, my God.

Mystery man.

I wonder who?

We making any progress
on Miles' computer?

Yes. I found
mostly school stuff...

homework and papers... but I
also found an encrypted file

that Miles had a badass
128 bit password on.

Running a cracking program
that uses personal information...

birthdays, pets or whatever...
but it could take a day.

Or a year.

You know, he idolized
an inventor, Nikola Tesla.

I don't know if that helps,
but you could try.

Yeah, it'll narrow the
search parameters.


Okay, good.

- Carrie?
- Hmm?

(whispers): We don't know
each other very well.

No, we don't.

- Could I ask you something?
- Why are we whispering?

(normal voice):
Sure. Sorry.

Uh, do you think Roe
got me those flowers?


Yeah, we had kind of a
moment this morning.

(sighs) I...
you know, I wouldn't know.

- Could you find out?
- What? No.

I mean, I don't...
you want me to ask him?

I mean, like... detect.

(computer blipping)

We're in.

It's a video file.

MAN (on video):
Get up... get up...

That's Miles.

Oh, my God.

(men coughing)
You are scum!

(coughing continues)

Well, I think we found
our torturer.

Here's what I don't get:

Omega Rho's all
bluebloods and jocks.

Miles was a computer guy,
and by all accounts,

nerds are pretty cool
these days, right?

So why join that?

He's got no family,
no friends his own age,

he sees a close-knit
group of guys,

he wants to be
a part of it.

By pretending to be
something he wasn't?

Hey, everybody wants
to fit in, right?

(phone ringing)



Detective Burns.

- Hey.
- Wells.

You got a patrol shift?

No, I'm off-duty, actually.

I hear Vice is looking
for volunteers...

undercover sting.

Oh, yeah?
I already tried that.

Broke a John's wrist,
cracked two of his ribs.

It wasn't pretty.

Aren't you a charmer?

Yeah, well,
I'm thankful you noticed.

Actually, Wells...

you're hard to miss.

So, um...

that it?

- This?
- Yeah.


Come on. Come on!


Yes! You passed your
detective's exam.

Thank you! Thank you!

- Well, you're a good teacher.
- Yeah, I like to think so.

Which is why I'm surprised
you didn't score better.

I only missed seven quest...


Scores haven't been posted yet.

(clicking tongue)

Yeah, I know.

It's not what you think.

If you didn't cheat,
how do you know?

I missed them on purpose.


And why would you do that?

Because I have already taken
enough crap

for being too smart
in this boys' club.

If I showed everyone up
on the test,

it would've been like
putting a target on my back,

so I just, I played
a little bit dumb, you know.

- Tried to fit in.
- Mm-hmm.

You want me to talk to somebody?


No, it's a few questions.
It's no big deal.

Don't say anything.

All right.

If that's the way you want it.

Alumni party tonight.

Invite only.
That's your golden ticket.

Wow. Cool. Thanks.

What about me?

Sorry, man...
invites for hotties only.

Hotties only.

- Really?
- Really.

- Mmm.
- You want it?

- Nope.
- Come on.

Go together?

Take your stuff.
I don't want to see

your face around here again.

Are you frickin' kidding me?

This is the worst volcano
I've ever seen.

Did you hear me?

Yes, Pledgemaster.

You must be Colin Marsh.

Who are you?


Want to ask you some questions
about Miles Novak.

MAN (on video):
You are scum!

(men coughing on video)

Yeah, it's shameful.

I'm glad nothing on there
indicates that

Omega Rho was involved
in any way.

Says the man
behind the mask.

- It wasn't me.
- Those are your pledges.

- Who else could it have been?
- I have no idea.

Don't waste our
time, Colin.

You ordered a pledge to trash Miles'
laptop to destroy this video.

I didn't tell anyone
to do anything.

If Miles had linked
you to that video,

your college days
would've been over.

How did it feel knowing some
geek had you by the short hairs?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Did you worry that Miles
had made a backup?

Must've been eating
away at you

till you just had to go
find out for yourself,

and then what happened...
did you just lose it?

No, because everything you're
saying didn't actually happen.

Oh, see, I-I
think it did.

I think you killed him and I am
gonna spend every waking moment

haunting you until I prove it.

Look, can you get her
away from me?

I'm trying to answer
your questions.

Well, you're going to have
try a little harder,

'cause you don't know her
like I do.

When she says "every waking
moment," she means it.

I do.

Look, you-you've got it
all wrong, okay?

We hired Miles to do IT work
for the fraternity.

And a couple of the guys,
myself included,

we-we took a liking to him.

We decided to give him a shot.

I mean, it was obvious
how bad he wanted it.

I mean, he was our...
he was our friend.

Your friend?

So why'd you kick him out?

What? Okay...

Why'd you kick him out?

I'm just curious.

Look, I didn't
like doing it.

I didn't like doing it,

but he didn't have
what it takes.

What, a tolerance for abuse?

I saw the video,
I know it was you.

Miles' death had nothing to do
with me or the fraternity.

You should keep rehearsing
that line... for your trial.

You want to accuse me of murder,
I want a lawyer.

Let's bring him in
and interrogate him.

He's 22.
He'll break.

No. What he'll do is,
he'll call Daddy,

and we'll have a $500 an hour
lawyer shooting holes

in a case we can't make.

The video gave
him motive.

It meant expulsion and
criminal charges.

But we've got
no physical evidence

that puts him
at the crime scene.

I checked the security video
and the key card logs.

Colin wasn't there.

That security system
is beatable.

Maybe he used another ID.

Thought of that.

Witnesses across campus put him
at a Greek council meeting.

The future CEO supplies T-shirts
to all the houses.

Guys... my office.


Go ahead, Romeo.

She's waiting.

I'm a professional.

Nice flowers.

Why, thank you.

Why are you here?

I'm so glad you asked.

Miles set up a dummy
e-mail account

during those three days
he was lying low.

How did you find it?

He used his student ID

to log into the
library computers,

and I was able to
access their history.

What was he using
the dummy account for?

See for yourselves.

He contacted the DEA.

"I can give you
a drug smuggling ring.

But I need immunity
from prosecution."


Miles being on the wrong
end of drug dealers

would explain the torture
and the murder.

Timid kid with
a computer?

He just doesn't fit any
profile I can think of.

Got another theory?

I.C.E. finally
called me back.

According to their records,
Miles traveled to Toronto

last Saturday
and came back on Sunday.

A lot of cocaine moves
through that city.

Maybe the timid kid with
the computer wasn't so timid.

Yeah, and how
about this?

The billing address
on the plane ticket

was the Omega Rho
fraternity house.

Okay. Pledges as mules;

a fraternity house
as a distribution hub.

Now, there is a theory.

Yeah, we need
to search that frat house.

An e-mail and a trip to Toronto
isn't gonna get us a warrant.

- AL: We need more.
- CARRIE: You know,

I got more.


What? It's vampire rules.
They invited me in.

And if I happen to find a few
kilos of cocaine, I'll call you.

(dance music playing)

- Hey, hey, Flaming Volcano?
- Whoa!

- That looks dangerous.
- Yeah.

- Gabby, right?
- No...

I totally
remember you.

- No, no. No, you don't.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

We hooked up a couple times.

It was special.

I can say with
absolute certainty

it never happened.

But I feel
that I know you.

Your drink's on fire.

Hey, Colin!


How you doing?

What are you doing here?

Well... I'm just hanging
out, having fun.

I got kind of turned around
on my way to the bathroom.

- What are you doing at the party?
- I was invited.

What, you don't want me here?

You want to kick me out?

(sighs) Look, I've got
nothing to hide, okay?

We're all just trying
to have a good time.

Well, not Miles.

Miles isn't having as good time;
Miles is dead.

What do you want me to say?

"I'm sorry"?

You don't seem that sorry.

In fact, you don't seem like

you're missing your
friend much at all.

How should I be acting?


You seem a little
wound up there, Colin.

Is there something
you want to tell me?

Yeah. Leave me alone.

Aw, Colin. Come on!


Where are we at?

I checked the
frat's books.

There's a lot of cash moving
in and out of their accounts.

Could they be laundering
drug money?

It's possible.

- How about bad apples at the fraternity?
- Nothing.

According to campus police,
there haven't been

any drug busts involving
Omega Rho members.

Okay. So I got an "it's
possible" and a "nothing."

It's not gonna get us a warrant.

(phone ringing)

How's the party?

So, listen, everyone knows
the hazing video's out.

I suspect they're all
on their best behavior.

(partiers hooting)

With a few exceptions.

Listen, what if I could
establish a pattern of travel

of Omega Rhos going to Toronto?

I'm afraid to ask
how you'll do that.

I, uh...

I have my ways.

King of hearts.

(crowd groaning)

Everybody drinks.

Everybody drinks.

Another one.

Mm-hmm. Who's next?

Come on.

Eight of clubs.

Eight of clubs.

Eight of clubs.

- Look at that. Clubs.
- Wow.

Everybody, drink!

Shots all around.

Very nice.

Okay. Ace of diamonds.

Ace of diamonds.



(crowd groaning)

- You never miss.
- That's right.

Where'd you learn
to do this?

Bar I worked at
in Toronto actually.

It's a great city.

I was just up there
a few weeks back.

Oh, yeah?
What were you doing there?

We go up there to party.
It's only an hour flight.

Ah, well,
there's always good...

Hey. Hello again.

Hey, I'm-I'm-I'm
kind of busy right now.

Hey, let me get
you a shot.

Uh... no, I'm...

I'm good. I'm good.

Yeah, Gabby, let's
just get out of here.

It'll be like
old times, hmm?

(slurring): Do you know
where there's a...

Do you know where
there's a bath... bathroom?

Uh, yes. It's...


(indistinct radio transmission)

Ma'am, can you hear me?


Are you hurt?


I don't know.

Do you know

where you are, ma'am?

What happened?

I don't know.

I... I can't remember.



A badge detective
is not let you walk away from the DUI.

I'm telling you...

I haven't had a drink, OK?
I haven't.

With the circumstances
telling a different story,

- are you will cooperate...
- Why don't you try me?

Detective Burns,
Queens Homicide

can you give us a minute please?

- Carrie.
- What?

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm-I'm fine.

I'm fine.

What happened?

They must have drugged me.

At the party?



It's just a...
it's a black hole.

I don't know.

I don't know.

(knock on door)

(door opens)

Police department.

Search warrant.

Ah, it's cute.


Search warrant.

Good morning.

All right,
let's start in the kitchen.

All right,
I'm going to start upstairs.

Okay, this is the
last place I was

before things
got crazy.

I was in here.

What did you have to drink?

Only water.

I didn't see them drug me.

How the hell did I miss that?

Start with the last thing
you remember.

I started feeling dizzy
and-and nauseous.

(slurring): Do you know where
there's a bath... bathroom?

Uh, yes. It's...

I was trying to
get to a bathroom.

There are these holes
in my-my memory.

Places I can't...
I can't get to.

Focus on what you can see.

Build off of that.



(sotto voce):
Oh, God.

Why couldn't you just
leave it alone?

It was Colin who...
who drugged me,

but he was scared.

Scared of what?

He had a partner.

They dragged me to a van.

I, uh...

I-I fought him off,
and I made, I made it to my car.

Who was he?

I don't know.


Colin Marsh is MIA.

We find any drugs
at the frat house?

Couple of misdemeanor
bags of weed.

- How about Colin?
- We got the locals

sitting on his family's
place in Connecticut.

Tried tracking
his cell. No luck.

Come on. He's not Pablo Escobar.

It can't be that hard
to track him down.

Guys, four Omega Rhos
have admitted that they

went to Toronto with plane
tickets Colin got for them.

They admit to
transporting drugs?

Not yet.
Right now they're all saying

they were helping him
import T-shirts.

It's kind of tough to put
a crewneck up your nose.

Maybe not so tough.

There was a drug bust
last year at Newark.

Liquid cocaine from Honduras.

They soaked these
canvas tents in cocaine.

Now, I saw Colin lose it
on one of his frat brothers.

He was wearing a T-shirt
with a maple leaf on the front.

What if they soaked
the T-shirts in cocaine?

Maybe they sent Miles
to pick up a load of shirts,

he realized what was going on.

No. If he figured
it out up there,

there's no way that kid's gonna
risk bringing them back.

The DEA replied to his e-mail,
told him to call in,

but he never did,
so they don't have them.

Okay. So there could be
a bag stuffed with

drug-soaked T-shirts
just sitting

in the lost and found
at the airport.

Hold on a second.

How do you get the drugs
out of the shirts?

You rinse it in a mix of water
and industrial cleaner,

then you heat it up
to burn off the liquid.

The residual powder
would be pure cocaine.

What, I read.

Industrial cleaner.

Yeah, any kind of detergent,

Colin's working with a guy
at Dorner's Cleaners.

It's a, it's a dry-cleaning
service they have on campus.

Dry cleaner would be perfect.

Got it.

On Queen's Boulevard.

Frank Dorner, owner
and operator.

All right, I'll recheck the
security video from the dorms.

You know, I bet we can
place Dorner's van

near that loading dock
around the time Miles died.

So is Dorner working for Colin,
or Colin working for Dorner?

Only one way to find out.

You all right?

We're gonna get you out of here.



(coughing, choking)

Get... off me!

Go to hell!



I had it under control.

- I know.
- Yeah.


- Mr. Healy.
- Detective.

- Hey.
- Hey.

First time I ever came into
a police station voluntarily.

How can I help you?

Well, I was, uh,
I was thinking about Miles.

And I was wondering what,
what happens to his body

if no one claims it?

Well, he'll go
to potter's field.


Well, I was thinking about
other arrangements,

but I'm... I'm not sure
how to make it happen.

I can help you.

I mean, we could do
it together, you know?

Great. Thank you.


You know...

he deserved better.

Yeah, he did.

We'll make it happen.


What's this?

"Two can play at this game."

What's going on?

Don't ask me.

You got her the flowers.

But I didn't. I...

can't accept this.
Why not?

What's a girl gotta do?

Office romances,
they always end in disaster.

There's Busseto
dry cured salami,


Smoked duck.

I'm sure I'm gonna
pay for this later,

but we all have
our weaknesses.

Dorner's lawyer
wants to cut a deal.

DA is holding firm
at murder one.

Is Colin cooperating?

Yeah, he turned over six shirts.

Which might not have qualified
him for felony trafficking,

except for the two dozen shirts

our DEA friends found at Pierson
International in Toronto,

thanks to Miles.

So in the end, the rejected
pledge helped bring them down.

You know, I think Miles
would've like that.

If you can't join 'em,
beat 'em.

So you told me.

What? When?

I don't know. A while ago.

Hey, so Elaine's
at a seminar tonight.

You want to grab a drink?

You know, I'm-I'm, uh...

it's been a long day, I'm tired.

Rain check.

Wells. Hold up.

I've been looking for you.

- Why, what did I do wrong?
- You tell me.

You and Marston have
clear over 80%.

Marston's really good.

My ass.

Guy's been coasting

to retirement
since he got his shield.

He was barely scraping 40%
when he partnered with you.

And now we're solving crimes.
What's the problem?

He's taking all the credit,
you're doing all the work.

You know what?
You're right.

You're right, and I'm glad
someone's finally noticed.

He is lazy, and he's stupid,

and I don't understand how
nobody's done anything about it.

I'm going to.

No, what you're going to do

is make me really
unpopular around here.

I doubt it.

I'm gonna make you
my new partner.

You got a problem with that?



Hey, Burns.


Why you doing this for me?

Who says it's for you?



Hey, it's Carrie.

I just wanted to, um...

thank you for the flowers.

Yeah, you probably shouldn't
send them to me at work.

No, I'm not angry.

I'm hungry.

Dinner tonight would be great.

All right.
I'll see you there.